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Nick Wright: LeBron James has already passed Michael Jordan as greatest player | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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What will it take for LeBron James to pass Michael Jordan as the GOAT? Nick Wright and Cris Carter join Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss.
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Nick Wright: LeBron James has already passed Michael Jordan as greatest player | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED




26-May, 2017

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Do you agree?
KimberCustom21911 3 kun oldin
No. Nick Wright is a flat out liar. Lebron does NOT lead MJ in steals per game nor blocks per game as he said he did
Q Zanoria
Q Zanoria 5 kun oldin
Hells nawwwww
Lil Chris
Lil Chris 16 kun oldin
Even tho James pass mj points mj still the best
Corry Donaldson
Corry Donaldson 22 kun oldin
Goofy8907 22 kun oldin
Please don't have Nick Wright on anymore ever I'll have to unsubscribe if you don't
Montwez Thomas
Montwez Thomas 3 soat oldin
It take a small whiteboy, with a huge nose to get yaw to hear the Truth. SMH hard!
Kevin 12 soat oldin
Only person with worse judgement is his wife
Montwez Thomas
Montwez Thomas Kun oldin
Skip lien!
Rico Heads
Rico Heads Kun oldin
This is when I stop listening to dumb people from everybody who's never seen Jordan play live let me just tell you something there were a lot of Hall of famers who succumb to not only this man's will but his intimidation didn't even show up think about that today you have Hall of famers competing against each other today you have Hall of famers who call each other out Mike was that man nobody called out Mike nobody tried Mike Mike change the game because he was the best that's why we're having this conversation right now is because everybody who you're trying to compare to Michael Jordan grew up trying to be like Mike I'm so happy to be one of the few people to live in the era of Mike's Michael Jordan Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson
ChillyWilly007 3 kun oldin
"one game to decide your life..." Gimme the most cutch killer every.. MJ
James Douglas
James Douglas 3 kun oldin
I disagree with you Chris Carter
Soggy Wiener
Soggy Wiener 4 kun oldin
No he most definitely isn’t better than mj
In My Humble Opinion
I want whatever Nick Wright is smokin'
jaytok7 4 kun oldin
How about a reality check for you bron bron and MJ fans.. 1. John Rogers 2. MJ 3. Lebron "ohh no"
Reggie R2
Reggie R2 5 kun oldin
Lebron didn’t have more steals.
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 5 kun oldin
Still lost to the warriors with his lebrons super team. Then said to the cavs, i am taking his talent to the lakers. That is only best thing lebron is good at. leaving the team twice now. No body wants to play with him, cause they think he is going cry to management get the traded like he did to Wade his best friend.
Thrilla Cartel
Thrilla Cartel 5 kun oldin
How many lines of coke did this guy sniff 😂😂😂
ali probro
ali probro 5 kun oldin
If u jump ships to win how u great
munnygetmoney 5 kun oldin
8:00 Is he crying? Nicki stop screeching, you sound like Barney Fife. 3sCompany face.
munnygetmoney 5 kun oldin
6:13 is why you hate Nicki
Black Mamba
Black Mamba 5 kun oldin
LeBron best ever ✋ down
munnygetmoney 5 kun oldin
Nick Wright made the team in high school but they only gave him a warm up shirt.
Brian T
Brian T 5 kun oldin
Do American's pronounce cement (sa-ment) or is it like (See-ment)
Tyrone Cunningham
Tyrone Cunningham 6 kun oldin
The game has changed...the extra steps these guys take to the basket would have been called, traveling, the high carry on the crossover would have been, carrying, no hand checks or forearms to the lower back or bodying up a player. these guys for the most part are getting free shots because the defender has to give you space. Lebron is good but most of Michaels points came from 2 pointers and tough defense and Lebron came into the league 3yrs. earlier than Michael. Different era...Different rules. Mike was the best in his era...Lebron is the best in his era.
Julius Tjahjadi
Julius Tjahjadi 6 kun oldin
Silly nick..maybe you need to grow your hair to think more better about the comparasion.. So what if the GOAT have more losses in NBA finals??
jeff cordova
jeff cordova 6 kun oldin
Nick and Shannon are bronsexuals.
West Side
West Side 6 kun oldin
Nick is the worst on tv
A Singh
A Singh 6 kun oldin
Came to see skips reaction. Nick knows nothing about basketball lol Jordon is goat.
Kilu BlackaOTM
Kilu BlackaOTM 6 kun oldin
Does FS1 issue Drug Test ? Nick Wright seems a bit off .
Rawlewin Chapman
Rawlewin Chapman 6 kun oldin
Ppl act like nick not talking facts. ..
Tom Yu
Tom Yu 3 kun oldin
He does not.
Kevin Odom
Kevin Odom 6 kun oldin
How much lebron paying nick wright?
Michael Xavier
Michael Xavier 6 kun oldin
Nobody formed a All star team to beat Jordan, they did for LeBron.
christo halaris
christo halaris 6 kun oldin
MJ if not the greatest of all time. Definitely the greatest winner of all time.
David 6 kun oldin
Lebron has a defeatist gene and crumbles in crunch time. He’s mentally weaker and passes out to avoid failure. Those characteristics alone would not want your life to depend on Labron. Oh and he got swept in the finals and scored 8 points in a finals game. He’s the Peyton Manning of the NBA. A very good conference finals player. As most would take Tom Brady over Manning; I will always take Jordan over Labron.
Ralph Gonsalves
Ralph Gonsalves 6 kun oldin
Dr kevorkian
Dr kevorkian 7 kun oldin
The B word ... damn homie
Dwight Rucker
Dwight Rucker 7 kun oldin
if we're talking about accomplishments blah blah blah. But if we're talking about accomplishments blah.
Please Rewind
Please Rewind 7 kun oldin
Everyone underrates the 2011 Mavericks team.
Jay staynice
Jay staynice 7 kun oldin
nick is like a 10 year old begging people to believe him...greatest 6 year run?..how about if jordan didnt retire he would have 8 rings
Jay staynice
Jay staynice 7 kun oldin
lmao they try so hard..skip chilling..they screaming and yelling..haha..jordan cant be passed by someone who is 3-8
K Adams
K Adams 7 kun oldin
Hey Nick, Lebron: 1 scoring title,6x All Def MJ: 1 Def poy,10x scoring title, 9x ALL Def, 3x steal champ ( another Nick lie ) only 2 people have ever won Def and MVP in the same year and the other one aint LeBron and Nick is talking about the greatest six year run ever huh? That's a blatant full flat out lie
Moe Boutari
Moe Boutari 7 kun oldin
I love how nick talks about lebron's ability to guard all 5 positions as a talking point for LBJ defense over MJ. MJ was a much better defender he was a 10 time DPOY compared to LBJ one he won the scoring title way more times than LBJ, he averaged more PPG in his prime than lebron did in his, he only averaged 1 assist less threw out his career despite the fact that lebron is supposed to be a much better playmaker. He averaged a better FT percentage and hes not far off in 3 point percentage even though he came from an era when the 3 ball wasn't as important. Nick is a complete embicil how can he say LBJ had the best 6 year stretch.in basketball history when the guy hes trying to discredit won 6 championships in 7 years and the reason it wasn't 6 consecutive was because he had retired to play baseball.
Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson 7 kun oldin
Nick is tarded. How is it he is on TV?
Bo Jack
Bo Jack 7 kun oldin
Skip.. hey Skip.. can you here me?? YOU THE STUPIDEST WHITE BOY ON EARTH AND IN NBA MEDIA HISTORY!!! Hey Skip, and stupidest ain't a word and im white so please GTFOH!!!!!!!!!!
Bo Jack
Bo Jack 7 kun oldin
Bo Jack
Bo Jack 7 kun oldin
crunch Time
crunch Time 8 kun oldin
let me first say Jordan and kobe is my two best player on the court but off and on the court bron is the goat
Rolando Angeles
Rolando Angeles 8 kun oldin
Nick Wright is high on drugs go to Philippines we give you lesson and probe hu is the Goat 😂😂😂
Quitan Wilson
Quitan Wilson 8 kun oldin
Jordan the greatest ever stop saying Jordan not the best
Michael Cosme
Michael Cosme 8 kun oldin
I hate Nick Wright.
Mr. Blessed Jackson
MJ has a higher career scoring average and was all NBA defense 9 times. MJ was Mr. Clutch and won all 6 finals. Lebron hasn't had the best stretch of basketball in NBA history because he didn't win those finals. He will always be the RUNNER UP, lol. Not to mention Lebron is always being compared to Michael for a reason.....duh, because MJ is the BEST!!!
Mr. Blessed Jackson
That rat looking Nick is crazy. Jordan is way better! I love how everyone ignore Lebron's record in the finals
howell villanueva
howell villanueva 8 kun oldin
nick doesnt know how to count 6 losses da?
DM 1522
DM 1522 8 kun oldin
The Bulls were the Warriors of the 90’s Shannon