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Nick Wright: LeBron James has already passed Michael Jordan as greatest player | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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What will it take for LeBron James to pass Michael Jordan as the GOAT? Nick Wright and Cris Carter join Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss.
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Nick Wright: LeBron James has already passed Michael Jordan as greatest player | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED




26-May, 2017

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Do you agree?
TheScooterBros 3 oy oldin
Michael Richardson
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Nope!
Chick Hearn4ever
Chick Hearn4ever 5 oy oldin
Alejandro Medina
Alejandro Medina 7 soat oldin
6:12 Skip looked shooked af😂
Bill Fipp
Bill Fipp 7 soat oldin
This is ridiculous, let me ask one question, if Jordan in his prime was playing a game across the street from LeBron playing a game, who would you go watch? Personally I can watch highlight reel after highlight reel of Jordan or for that matter Bird or Magic and yet one reel of LeBron bores me to tears, he's just a big guy that can play decent basketball. Honestly, if you put him up against Wilt, it would be LeBron that would wilt. I don't think LeBron is even in the top 5, no matter how many points he scores or rings he might get.
Italo Discacciati
Who da Fock is lebron???
Cal Z
Cal Z 3 kun oldin
Listen to legends Kobe in GOAT conversation...Nick is a hater.. Lebron needs 6 rings to pass Kobe.. 7 to pass Lebron.. not happening.. uzvid.com/video/video-o0TjVb_-RW4.html
Yazeed 4 kun oldin
Ray Allen taught you that. boooom on ur face Skip lol
Zachary Boone
Zachary Boone 4 kun oldin
Oscar Robinson? Dismissed
caveman Yogi
caveman Yogi 4 kun oldin
6:21 young man sit in your place loolool
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega 7 kun oldin
"sement " hahahahaa....CEMENT !!!
Nicholas Ruiz
Nicholas Ruiz 7 kun oldin
Nick gets paid to create silly debates.
One Punch Taco
One Punch Taco 7 kun oldin
The video was cut off there in the middle of Nick's argument becuz skip peed his pants becuz he wasnt able to argue any facts back lol
Christopher Renshaw
It's obvious to anyone who had a brain Michael Jordan is better it's six Ring's to 3 not even close
Stewart Callaway
Stewart Callaway 9 kun oldin
I came here to just say no
YARK 9 kun oldin
The best point guard: Magic Johnson/Oscar Robertson The best shooting guard: Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant The best small forward: LeBron James/Larry Bird/Julius "Doctor J" Erving The best power forward: Tim Duncan/Kevin McHale/Malone or Barkley The best center: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar/Bill Russell/Wilt Chamberlain
The Darkfrost
The Darkfrost 9 kun oldin
LeBron is the most complete player ever. He is the most perfect basketball player to ever live, he can do everything on the court. MJ is the best Shooting Guard, the most clutch and the killer instinct, and if I had to have one player take that final free throw I would take MJ over anyone. But to lead a team and make them great? LeBron. To lead a team? LeBron. To hit that game winning shot (not free throw) LeBron.
Igor Kamalov
Igor Kamalov 10 kun oldin
That thumbnail Nick Wright looks like he is possessed!!! Exorcism needed asap!))
Joseph S
Joseph S 10 kun oldin
Once Lebron retires they're finished..
Neon Adobo
Neon Adobo 10 kun oldin
I hate Nick Wright.
SRG Corrupt
SRG Corrupt 11 kun oldin
Chris Carter is the best because he is unbiased
terrorofsesameST 12 kun oldin
Nick never had the makings of a varsity athlete.
Malcolm Gonzales
Malcolm Gonzales 13 kun oldin
Jordan was able to do more than Wilt, Magic, Kobe, Duncan, and LeBron with less help. Period. Russell and Kareem did more, but then again both of them had more help. Russell had an all-star lineup of Celtics players and Kareem and all-star lineup of Lakers players.
Martin Lorenzo
Martin Lorenzo 13 kun oldin
Psychologically is where Kobe greatness lies and relates to all who want to be great in their field. He will always be remembered. Memo to all lebron fans: Once lebron retires he will be forgotten! However, Kobe's legacy will live on because of his will to win. Broken finger,Achilles, winning without shaq, resilience to starting all over after shaq left, and winning those championships with hard work and dedication to his craft. That is how you will know who was greater. Kobe>Lebron!
Jayson Melendez
Jayson Melendez 14 kun oldin
All they play is the stat game and they try to make it seem like Lebrons a way better player but when we look at mid range shots LeBron beats Michael by a tenth of a percent and steals goes to Michael Bc he lead the league in steals unlike LeBron
Jayson Melendez
Jayson Melendez 14 kun oldin
Being a versatile defender doesn’t mean ur good defender LeBron won one defensive all nba compared to Jordan’s 10 and he said LeBron has more steals 😂 Jordan also led the league in steals
Brandon McCarthy
Brandon McCarthy 15 kun oldin
Lebron passed Jordan long ago.
Project Orion
Project Orion 15 kun oldin
Nick Wright is an idiot.
EZ SLIDE 15 kun oldin
How does Cris Carter start off with saying Jordan is better but makes points against Jordan and for Lebron by the end of the segment.
Marcus Peters
Marcus Peters 16 kun oldin
We have documented games for mj and LeBron... Russell and the cap don't have highlight tapes like they do that's why the discussion is different. The eras are pre-live broadcast games and broadcast games. That's why the discussion is different you got to see mj do it as it was happening (the same with LeBron).
Itz Phxntom
Itz Phxntom 16 kun oldin
nick isnt a lebron fan. hes his son
neosapiens 16 kun oldin
Hahahahahaha! LMFAOOOooOoOO Blocks: *MJ* POINTS: *MJ* (10 scoring titles vs 1) Steals: *MJ* (3 titles vs 0) Handle: *MJ* Finishing: *MJ* (at the rim OR finishing the game) Dunking: *MJ* Guarding 1 through 5: *MJ* Leadership: *MJ* Shooting: *MJ* Post moves: *MJ* DPOY: *MJ* (1>0) Buzzer beaters: *MJ* Killer mentality: *MJ* Improving every summer: *MJ* Footwork: *MJ* FMVP: *MJ* (6>0) Ping passes: *MJ* Chips: *MJ* (6>3) Finals record: *MJ* (100% vs 33%) PER: *MJ* Playoff PER: *MJ* Smoothness: *MJ* FT%: *MJ* Dunk contests: *MJ* Ringchasing: Bron Bronze medals: Bron # of elimination games: Bron Cramps: Bron 8-point Finals games: Bron Finals Losses: Bron (6>0) Finals Losses by a SWEEP: Bron (2>0)
Joseph Alhambra
Joseph Alhambra 16 kun oldin
Nicks sucks. Is he a millenial? I wonder he is paid by Lebron. He is blasphemous in basketball history.
SeeingThings123 16 kun oldin
Ughhh he saying it like “SEMEN-T” 😖
Slumped 17 kun oldin
You can say that Jordan is the greatest, but YOU CANNOT SAY Lebron isn’t 2nd of all time.
Rudy Cooper
Rudy Cooper 16 kun oldin
He isn't, 7th best player of all time
jay hill
jay hill 17 kun oldin
Who’s the best? All stats aside all accomplishments aside. With an eye test who is the best? It would be Jordan. He was the better defender, He was the better scorer. He’s was the better leader. LeBron is better at assist and rebounds. Swap size, make Jordan 6’8 250 make LeBron 6’6 195 and you can’t tell me LeBron would have the same stats. Because for the first 8 years of his career he didn’t have a jumper. But he was 6’8 250lbs guard. Jordan was a more skilled player than LeBron his whole career. LeBron’s size bought him time to develop a jumper. No NBA player has looked at LeBron and said he’s the best player I’ve ever seen. Because skill for skill he’s not he’s just big. That’s it. Take away his size and he’s an above average player. Jordan’s skill set would have allowed him to be great no matter what size he was.
L0r3n2 17 kun oldin
Just looking at Nick Wright makes me ashamed of being human I mean I'm terribly depressed and insulted.
Irrelavxnce 18 kun oldin
Someone fire skip
Fair Game
Fair Game 18 kun oldin
Wtf is wrong with nick???
Koolkid_99 19 kun oldin
u can’t say that russell played in a less competitive era and simultaneously say mj is the goat. yes russell played against potatoes, but mj never played against the warriors, never against a god team
mali poha
mali poha 19 kun oldin
This nick wright guy looks like that octopuss from spongebob
David Yvonne
David Yvonne 19 kun oldin
there s a Thing callled defense too....
Benjamin Sarmiento
Benjamin Sarmiento 19 kun oldin
I love how they keep saying he can guard all 5 positions. So can everyone else but how effective is he ...
John Schow
John Schow 20 kun oldin
And why is it a sin to think anyone is better than Jordon?
John Schow
John Schow 20 kun oldin
Nick makes a good point.
ali amoezedi
ali amoezedi 20 kun oldin
Nick is almost cryin bruh
Clausell Williams
Clausell Williams 20 kun oldin
Lebron will never surpass jordan
Ladarius Stevenson
Ladarius Stevenson 20 kun oldin
LeBron is better as a player but Michael Jordan legacy is better
Kamelody 2330
Kamelody 2330 22 kun oldin
I THINK NICK IS RIGHT,, LEBRON ALREADY PASSED JORDAN, MJ 0 losses in Finals , LeBron 6 losses, LeBron has more losses, he win ,
Balthazar Xavier
Balthazar Xavier 23 kun oldin
"i think he's God disguised as michael jordan" larry legend
Kriss Odd
Kriss Odd 23 kun oldin
Going up 3 dont win u anything ray allen thought u that 😂😂😂 nick killing me
Jonmichael Talbert
Jonmichael Talbert 24 kun oldin
I forgot that winning 6 finals and not losing one is worse than making 8 straight finals and you only win three. Stop it that is a ridiculous argument. The toughest team Lebron ever went through to get to the finals was a worn down Celtics team...
dave Sears
dave Sears 25 kun oldin
Why would nick Wright say LeBron gets more steals that's just flat our false.
Dej Chung
Dej Chung 27 kun oldin
Poor skip! 3 on one!
queen bee
queen bee 28 kun oldin
This guy Nick is a joke
Cooper Hunt
Cooper Hunt Oy oldin
Rings don't matter that much, if at all. If that were the case Robert Horry and K.C. Jones would be better than MJ, LeBron, and Kobe. To me LeBron gets the nod as the GOAT by a hair. I get that he didn't win a championship until he teamed up with Wade and Bosh, but MJ didn't win anything until Pippen got there. LeBron has taken historically bad players and teams deep into the playoffs and sometimes the finals. Must most importantly, LeBron is just a better all around basketball player than MJ as he's averaged more assists and rebounds per game throughout his career. Not to mention LeBron can play any position on the court and dominate offensively and defensively, which is something MJ couldn't do as well
Quitan Wilson
Quitan Wilson Oy oldin
Steven Garcia
Steven Garcia Oy oldin
All I want to know is if Jordan was the same physically as Lebron , who ya picking ?
Jerome Yudiet
Jerome Yudiet Oy oldin
Well LeBron's got 6 losses in the Finals with 2 of them being swept and the other 2 was by way of CHOKE so.. yep lebron has surpassed MJ.,coz MJ has none of those🙄
Ronny Mannheimer
5:00 Nick stunned like a boxer before going ko. What a psycho fan
David Ferguson
I like LeBron and there's no denying he's one of the greatest athletes of all time. But just in my opinion the Game 6 ending with Ray Allen is his legacy in a nutshell. Great but not clutch like Jordan and lucky to have teams with a Rat Allen or Kyrie
John Rafael Sytin
9:30 MJ didn't go against a team like the Warriors, his team was the warriors-type team.
Henry Van Dellen
3:30 anybody see Skip geek out for a second. 😂
Gio .aguayo
Gio .aguayo Oy oldin
Kobe and jordan would have never lost a finals with lebron's miami heat team
Rodney Daumer
Rodney Daumer Oy oldin
Nick wright is on lebrons nuts so bad its rediculous, just like he said who would you rather take to win one game for your life. Im sorry lebron fans im taking jordan thats obvious
Mr. Madhatter
Mr. Madhatter Oy oldin
Jordon would not be able to beat the warriors team lb had to face.
James Jimenez
James Jimenez Oy oldin
so what i heard was that they forgot that lebron got swept last season....
Ian Azura
Ian Azura Oy oldin
Lebron passed jordan on no. of sweep
Dylan Courtney
Im sorry I love Skip and I really respect his opinions. But he straight up has permanent blinders on when it comes to Jordan
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah Oy oldin
Michael Jordan the goat
Twan Cole
Twan Cole Oy oldin
6 for 6 not the best run
1000 vids no subscribers
They should do this every so often but with SAS and max too
Tyrone Smith
Tyrone Smith Oy oldin
Has everyone forgotten the LeBron want the whole league to retire number 23. Even during that time LeBron was wearing a different number. So for me LeBron himself recognize that Jordan is the greatest.
many winner
many winner Oy oldin
The folks of the 80,s & 90,s never saw anything like MJ .. he was definitely the best ... UNTIL lebron showed up , and people start to compare the two players.. for me I still thought MJ is the GOAT ..until the 2016 finals when lebron was 3-1 down to the best team in NBA HISTORY (73-9 ) ..and he needs to win 3 consecutive games 2 of them at golden state ..and dam he did ..that ring alone equals at least 3 of the 6 won by the second best player of all time
Joel Driver
Joel Driver Oy oldin
LMAO...this dude has lost his mind. Yeah nevermind that Lebron choked his balls off against Dallas and San Antonio and completely disappeared in those series and nevermind that he's now 3-5 in the finals and got swept. Jordan never even played in a game 7 and was 6-0. Jordan was literally the greatest scorer in NBA history and has the all time leading scoring average at 30.1. He also was a much better defender than Lebron and if you combine the defense with the clutch play down the stretch in 4th qtrs. where he seemingly always made winning plays over and over that's where he truly separates himself. Lebron will never catch Jordan and the comparisons really need to stop. No way in a million years Jordan ever would have gotten swept in the finals like that.
Julius Woodard
MJ has way more accolades and accomplishments in a shorter timespan. LBJ can never catch up. His stats are going to be more because he's played 600 more games and 6 years over MJs career and still playing. Not that impressive.
Thomas Savelli
lebron hasn’t even started the season and he’s already the greatest laker to ever live lol feels bad
Chris Breezy
Chris Breezy Oy oldin
Micheal Jordan is more accoplished but LeBron is greater -Bronsexual logic
Log Mar
Log Mar Oy oldin
Did this guy forget Michael was blocking centers?
washburn11000 Oy oldin
FYI. This video is 100% false...go look up "Nick Wright Exposed" and you will see why
Chris Stevens
Chris Stevens Oy oldin
This clown is something else. One game to decide your life am I the only one who knows that Jordan went 6-0 in the finals.
eduard van zweeden
American sport commentators are big mouth statistics peddlers
victor naga
victor naga Oy oldin
CC...always soft on Nick
Nick probably write romance fan fiction about him and LeBron. #IShipThem
Sports Sidelined
Because I Sawled it
Sports Sidelined
Who’s Oscar Robinson?
Mistah Unknown
Dikembe Mutombo
Hm Mike had more block and Steals,....
Skip brings up the most trivial details, Bogut should not even be in this conversation, lebron would destroy Bogut on the drive
It's a Joy to have Joy back
Collin Johnson
This episode is LEGENDARY the best televised Sports show...
Real Medz
Real Medz Oy oldin
Nick is really dunce we dont even know stats
Real Medz
Real Medz Oy oldin
Mj is way more skilled and better!
Isaiah Flemister
So I looked it up n he's right so if he is statistically better in every thing except free throws how can some body say Michaels better ..a better winner (more rings)...fine he's more clutch (more made clutch shots ) fine I agree but if he's better in every other category ..three point field go rebound assist ..how can u say he's better ..,u can argue emotion all you want .." mj a killer..assassin..mentally tougher..didn't wanna be a opppnent friend" whatever u gon say that doesn't make him better that's all emotion ..statistics don't lie bc that what u used to say Jordan was better than everybody else so don't change the criteria now just bc lebron statistics are now better .🤷🏿‍♂️... n btw winning isn't a individual statistic rings are tribute to the team so should not attribute to whose the best player maybe the greatest winner for the people who care about that
Lonnie Crenshaw
If lebron said that michael is goat and better than him nick would say "thats laughable" and proced to argue with him about it
PERRY Oy oldin
the hand-check rule makes Lequeen unqualified to compare with MJ
Mistah Unknown
What hand-check rule? Despite that rule, hand checking still exists today. It has always been part of the NBA. You could literally go back to the 2018 ECF and you'll see guys hand-checking LeBron. This video I'm linking you pretty much covers the myths of hand-checking starting at the half-way point: uzvid.com/video/video-qPBz3_Jgd-U.html&t=11s
Dylan B
Dylan B Oy oldin
A lot of people bring up finals losses but then you just got to think what about Jerry West??? Didn't he not win a finals at all or maybe he won one finals but he's the logo for the NBA.... like this because you don't win as many finals as some other guy doesn't mean you're not better than them....LBJ>MJ
epoy hoda
epoy hoda Oy oldin
But 10x leading scoring champion lebron only 1x champion scoring champion
dualShock Oy oldin
When skip says timeout. So ready to criticize LeBron even though he was right lol. So funny 😂😂😂😂
Kareem Pringle
Going up three doesn't win u anything, Ray Allen taught u that.....TALK THAT TALK NICK
bible study and more
Mj best shooting guard Curry best point guard Lebron best small forward Anthony Davis best power forward almost Shaq best center
G Jackson
G Jackson Oy oldin
bible study and more facts except the point guard part
Rafii Guasp
Rafii Guasp Oy oldin
Isn't it crazy how u can have better stats then some1 else, and still not be better then them? Lol
DVO XO Oy oldin
You see the thumbnail? You know you’re dealing with a lunatic in this video