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Nick Wright: LeBron James has already passed Michael Jordan as greatest player | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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What will it take for LeBron James to pass Michael Jordan as the GOAT? Nick Wright and Cris Carter join Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss.
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Nick Wright: LeBron James has already passed Michael Jordan as greatest player | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED




26-May, 2017



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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Do you agree?
1misanthropist 9 kun oldin
Lebron ain't even in the top 10. Go home, Wright. You're high.
stevencolby49 2 oy oldin
Watch John Stockton beats Michael Jordan one on one,very good video.
No. Nick Wright is a flat out liar. Lebron does NOT lead MJ in steals per game nor blocks per game as he said he did
Q Zanoria
Q Zanoria 3 oy oldin
Hells nawwwww
Mas 7 soat oldin
Nick wright is an idiot.
David Driggs
David Driggs Kun oldin
Skippy, jordan owes everything to Pippen, Jordan would have never won without Pippen!
Mister Paradise
Mister Paradise 2 kun oldin
After listening to Nick Wright on radio for a few months, this is the first time I've ever him on video. I hate him even more now.
Fortnite_noobz XXX
Fortnite_noobz XXX 2 kun oldin
Lebron ain’t the goat
Jimmy Dennis
Jimmy Dennis 2 kun oldin
Jordan is the best lets stop talking about this it was funny at first but now dumb people are starting to think LeBron is the best. LOL Jordan=G.O.A.T.
Cobra The Gamer
Cobra The Gamer 4 kun oldin
Nick Wright been waiting for this all his life 😂😂😂
Adrian Brown
Adrian Brown 4 kun oldin
The bad boys and showtime lakers will smash the 2015-2016 warriors💯
Thomas Kazanas
Thomas Kazanas 4 kun oldin
sea ment? cement??
Westbrook Russell
Westbrook Russell 5 kun oldin
And magic way better than Jordan
Westbrook Russell
Westbrook Russell 5 kun oldin
Lebrons 1. Westbrook 2. U lie. Numbers don’t
uhmz1212 5 kun oldin
Its funny how they be like lebron did this micheal did that. After all those comparison micheal won lebron didnt. They both had great teammates and great moments. In the end its a teamsport but as a teamplayer you make or break a team. Micheal made a team! Lebron still chasing this feat!
uhmz1212 4 kun oldin
+The Rap Business Good points of wich i dont know the answer. But i do want to adress a discussion between skip and that other dude. Where they spoke about mj and lebron teaming with allstars. Skip at one point mentions le bron teamed with people who were allstars before he came. While mj joined a team without allstars who became all stars while teaming with mj (scottie) but after he didnt play with mj he didnt become an allstar. But as you mentioned its a team performance so why only mention micheal? I guess cause its a combination of individual skill and elevating the team. Ofcourse the only people who can answer this last question are the people they played with. Then you need to consider these victories. Same with the guy who won 11 times! Wins arent everything in a teamsport but what did this individual contribute besides individual ball talent to make this team winning? A team player at times also have deflated statistics so who knows some guy who isnt mentioned might be the goat 😅 Anyway hope it made any sense. Been a nice discussion.
The Rap Business
The Rap Business 4 kun oldin
+uhmz1212 more than decent but just to throw a spanner in your argument, did MJ really make his teammates better though? And when we speak of a team sport, how come Jordan's teammates are never mentioned except Scottie? Have a good day yourself sir. 👊
uhmz1212 4 kun oldin
+The Rap Business good arguments but still lebron isnt capable of making a team winning. A great player doesnt just performs as an individual but allows his team to elevate with him. So lets say individualy lebron is better then micheal but as a complete player or contribution towards a team micheal outperforms lebron. Cause he didnt end being just an mvp but he made his team the best! In the end when you play a teamsport your teamcontribution is one of a players greatest feat. Now i dont want to play like a mr know it all but dont you think i have a decent argument here? Have a good day!
The Rap Business
The Rap Business 4 kun oldin
The problem is people talk about MJ from 1991 and downplay 1984 to 1990. As with Bron, it they basically critique him from High School. As for great teams, that is questionable, Bron's teams from 2003 till 2010 were trash at best, but he carried them. There's a reason he was back2back MVPs cause the NBA couldn't believe he took those scrubs to 60 win seasons, especially with the Big 3 in Boston being the beast in the east.
Eric Maye
Eric Maye 5 kun oldin
Skip is the goat !
JustinTheBest99 6 kun oldin
LeBron is no where near the better defender or scorer as MJ ever was.
dude! 6 kun oldin
Lebron won't pass Jordan. Michael is the standard.
Gelle Ntumbudi
Gelle Ntumbudi 7 kun oldin
Skip always talks about clutch
Vivek Venugopal
Vivek Venugopal 7 kun oldin
Nick is like the loser that got picked last for everything growing up. Such a clueless idiot. Such a fugly punchable face to boot
Jason Schnur
Jason Schnur 7 kun oldin
This guy is a clown. He simply proves that millenials don't realize that sports existed before they were born. Lebron is an above average player. He is definitely in the top echelon of his sport. He is special. He is not better that Michael Jordan. He isn't even better than Magic Johnson, if one simply compares stats and puts the politics aside. This guy is what passes for an analyst these days? Embarrassing.
MAZINGER Z 8 kun oldin
Jennifer Jackson
Jennifer Jackson 9 kun oldin
When did Jordan face a team with the 2 ND 3rd best player in the league on the same team
Mark Collins
Mark Collins 8 kun oldin
The pistons team do ur home work
Mugen 9 kun oldin
*this video is Golden ! ahahaha*
Rowell Mason
Rowell Mason 10 kun oldin
Lebron will give up Jordan never gave up...I think if we had a time machine and Lebron and Jordan were playing for the championship everyone would know who would win the series..Jordan was an assassin and everyone knows he wouldn’t tolerate losing
HonestTruth 11 kun oldin
I cant believe it but have to agree with skip. When Kareem went to the lakers without Magic, there were times when he missed the playoffs or eliminated from the playoffs. Magic did become that star to bring them up to a new level. I would say the difference between the Kareem-magic argument and Michael and Pippen; what also makes Michael so great, is Magic was already a star coming into the league. Pippen had to be developed into the player he became which part is Michaels doing. We cant be certain based on stats and draft that Pippen was gonna be a superstar. Magic was a great great player in college and had that expectation going into the league.
MJ JACKSON 12 kun oldin
Greatest basketball is definitely MJ. He never lost any game unlike LeBron
Michael Littlejohn
Michael Littlejohn 13 kun oldin
Nick is a bronsexual
John Clements
John Clements 13 kun oldin
its is true jordan never really faced any great teams in the finals
Smurfie 14 kun oldin
Michael Jordan is just a big ball hog
Yvans 14 kun oldin
Lebron didn’t make the playoffs this knock it off troll 😂😂
rahulbosebose1 15 kun oldin
Sound even more stupid after this year. 😁😁
Vincent Vincent
Vincent Vincent 16 kun oldin
Who gives a better head to LBJ this one or shannon? 😂😂
sgfsr jhgnh
sgfsr jhgnh 16 kun oldin
Wouldn't say LeBron is greater than Jordan, would only say he is alot more capable than Jordan
sgfsr jhgnh
sgfsr jhgnh 13 kun oldin
+Wope Villey exactly, people get impressed by Jordan the wrong way, it's about how he changed the world and how special he was. LeBron is great but doesn't have as much influence like Jordan did. I also agree that LeBron's has much stronger ability to change the game on the court. Looks like Jordan had more wins but that's because other teams are using the wrong way to play, they expect to outscore a team that has Jordan by keep playing isolation, while modern teams like Spurs and Warriors play like a team, also guards right now are much better than they used to be (thanks to Iverson and MJ) , so defensively it's not really hard to lock down the guards in the 90s, but locking down players like Derrick Rose or Stephen Curry really is something. So still, Goat is Jordan, but for the best player might have to give it to LeBron.
Wope Villey
Wope Villey 13 kun oldin
Its something you can't say but you are actually right, LeBron's ability is way better than Jordan. Make better decisions at clutch time, Jordan's clutch performance would be a disaster if he was playing in the zone defense era, guess Kobe is a great example. LeBron can make his teammates alot better, better three pointer, better player in transition, can defend very skilled guard in his prime which Jordan really couldn't do and could also defend centers, much better at reading the game and so on. the only thing Jordan is better probably is his mid range and free throw. Despite LeBron's ability I would still see Jordan as the Goat because he has way more influence to the world and inspired more people. when you are not the best in history but most people still see you as one, that means you really did something special.
Yvans 14 kun oldin
The only thing lebron can do better than Jordan that’s passing and rebounder wich is normal lebron is 6’9 and Jordan was 6’6. Jordan is a better offensive player, better mid- range, better in a post, better left hand finish, better understanding the game (because lebron can’t play off-ball), better defender, more clutch.... and I probably forget other things. Lebron will never be better and greater than MJ. He is a top 5 player that’s it wich is amazing 😂
Hsiang-Hung Huang
Hsiang-Hung Huang 16 kun oldin
I'll choose Jordan
John Napolitana
John Napolitana 17 kun oldin
Nothing against Lebron the east was very weak for some time that's why comparisons have been made if the east wasn't so weak these discussions wouldn't take place
John Napolitana
John Napolitana 17 kun oldin
Nick Wright is out of his mind saying that he wants to believe it in his own heart but it's far from the truth AirJordan is by far the greatest of all time
Voshon Porte
Voshon Porte 17 kun oldin
Ray Allen taught you that 😂😂😂😂
N8ve Jay
N8ve Jay 15 kun oldin
Skips face when he was told
Michael Chappell
Michael Chappell 18 kun oldin
Shut up
lus sella
lus sella 19 kun oldin
Nick and Skip should debate more often.
Ultra Magnetic
Ultra Magnetic 20 kun oldin
Nick Wright and Shannon Sharpe: Both glued to Lebron’s nuts
Marc Belanger
Marc Belanger 20 kun oldin
Can’t stand this dude lol
captain_crunch 21 kun oldin
Damn will this GOAT conversation between Lebron vs MJ ever end?
Geno Bourn
Geno Bourn 22 kun oldin
Nick is delusional!
Phillip Uranus
Phillip Uranus 26 kun oldin
Damn I wish I was born like a thousand years from now when they have the technology to fully replicate both MJ and Lebron at the prime ages and peak physical conditions so that I could watch them play 1v1 and witness Lebron absolutely demolish Jordan putting this idiotic debate to its miserable death once and for all...
J.B Cooper
J.B Cooper 27 kun oldin
Cris carter dont know whos side to be on.
F1nalB0zz 27 kun oldin
id like to make a time machine to take lebron and his miami team to take on the bad boys pistons... RIP
Samuel Pippens
Samuel Pippens 27 kun oldin
Why do Nick don't say how lebron James pass Michael Jordan in point when most of his points came from laid up and dunk. Michael Jordan made a lot of jump shots and fade away shots and cannot shoot free throw. But he is the goat
Samuel Pippens
Samuel Pippens 26 kun oldin
It's hold up for people who are not blinded by lebron James I mean choke James. Michael Jordan alone with other players not counting lebron James is one of the most killers ever lebron James on wish he was like or better than MJ. If he was that great why is he worrying about how many tripper doubles or rebounds. This guy doesn't even play defense and this is not me this is what everyone sees. Passing a person in a category doesn't make you great. Be yourself and stop trying to be like Mike. Mj never worry about stats his game was to destroy you. And lebron James keeps talking about he is the most tired person. How he doesn't play defense so how is he so tired. Michael Jordan won defense player 9 times to lebron 0 and he is the most tired player. Learn basketball. Because you go alone with everyone else. I ref for over 30 years I see more than the players see .
J.B Cooper
J.B Cooper 27 kun oldin
+Samuel Pippens im tryna tell you dude that argument wont hold up with anybody, not even mj fans that actually know the game. I could poke so many holes in your illogical statements but i dont feel like typing that much
Samuel Pippens
Samuel Pippens 27 kun oldin
It's the truth his biggest problem is to pass every one which shows how dumb you are. Passing people don't win championships or get to the finals
Samuel Pippens
Samuel Pippens 27 kun oldin
It's the truth blind witness
J.B Cooper
J.B Cooper 27 kun oldin
Your argument is ridiculous
Ax D
Ax D 27 kun oldin
Lebron doesn’t play defense case closed
Noah McNaughton
Noah McNaughton 29 kun oldin
8 straight finals 3 wins over great competition greatest all around player ever a win over arguably the greatest team ever and coming from 3-1 down against them 12 straight years of being the best player on the planet has 32000 points 8000 rebounds and 8000 assists the only player to do so combine that with great defense with the ability to guard 1-4 and some 5's. 4MVP's and he should have more. 12 straight all nba's (nba record) many great performance's under clutch like game 6 2012 Boston, game 5 07 against detriot game 4,5 and 6 against Golden state and many more he also averages more points assists rebounds and shoots a better percantage from 2 and 3 in elimination games in the playoffs than micheal jordan or Kobe and he has more game winning or tying shots in the last 5 seconds of playoff games than kobe bryant and micheal jordan combined lebron defintely has his failures in the clutch but his success far outweighs his failure if you want to just say well Mj is 6-0 and Lebron is 3-6 so he can't be the GOAT then that is completely disrespecting the competition that lebron ahs played against in the finals compared to MJ's in 8 of the 9 finals LBj has played in he has played against at least 3 Hofer's in their with most being in their primes and MJ never played against more than 2 and in most of his finals played against only 1 he also had scottie pippen and Phil jackson the greatest coach ever for every single one of his finals and lebron has played in two finals in which Zydrunas ilgluskas and matthew dellavodova were his second best players in 07 and 2015 so just saying 3-6 to 6-0 is not enough to make MJ the Goat not saying at all that there is not a case for MJ being better than lebron but you have to come up with a more detailed argument than just comparing their finals records.
Hop Off
Hop Off 29 kun oldin
0:37 Soooooooo much cap Nick done lost his mind🤦‍♂️
Phillymade 1996
Julius Erving is so disrespected when the goat debate he was mike before mike
Yvans 14 kun oldin
Doctor J is icon but we can’t seriously talk about him on this debate they have too many great players who are above in the hierarchy of all time great.
Bosniak Warrior
Oh how well this video aged
MunknJet Oy oldin
Sbm LilPookie
Sbm LilPookie Oy oldin
Definitely one of nick Wright's greatest segments 💯💯
Milto 22
Milto 22 Oy oldin
This video has become classic, I believe this was the first video I watched of this show xD
Charles Charles
Shanty Shack he's crazy Jordan is still better than everybody on the Jordan is better than every last one of them guys on that team even though that's it wasn't created yet if you ask me Jordan is better than everyone on that team
Charles Charles
I can answer that for you send it every last one of them
Neon Adobo
Neon Adobo Oy oldin
I hate Nick Wright. How can you know every stat yet be so uneducated about basketball?
nomar manuel-munoz
This video aged poorly
alexander ranniello
How hilarious does this argument look now in 2019....... Nick Wrong is laffable
Seeside Summerhouse
0:35 the point Shannon starts listening
LeeTravius Mckay
Nick had a high pitch voice back then 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Andrew Stasen
Andrew Stasen Oy oldin
Scared to look at skip at first
Norman Lauron
Norman Lauron Oy oldin
This is kinda getting sad to watch... Debate has been over for awhile now. No way Lebron ever catching MJ. Keep reaching Nick and Shannon. It's pretty embarrassing, really. SMH.
He doesn't play defense though. Like for years he hasn't played defense
Lawrance Foaeva
If you play one game like you said , it’s not even close . Lebron struggles against Kobe
PJay Barrameda
nick wright wishes his head looks like 1 one lebron's balls
Trader865 Oy oldin
Does Nik wright have any analytic skills?
CPoppaB1tch Oy oldin
Has lebron led in scoring and received defensive player of the year in the same year? Or Lead in scoring and 200 steals 100 blocks same year? Oh back to back
jsong21 Oy oldin
Hubie brown called MJ the great one in 89 while doing commentary of a game. Enuff said
Bobby Jordan
Bobby Jordan Oy oldin
3 vs 1
John Jones
John Jones Oy oldin
Nick Wright is permanently disqualified from talking about greatest of all time. He already made the case that Duncan is better than Kobe using best player on multiple teams, MVPs, Championships, and Finals MVPs. If Duncan is better than Kobe, using Nick Wright's argument, then Jordan is way better than LeBron. Using that same argument.
Ted Josiah
Ted Josiah Oy oldin
Jordan made the game global without social media
Zach Licon
Zach Licon Oy oldin
Jordan had competition WTF
6:03-6:07 that voice omg haha
Joseph Johnroe
So before Jordan had ever made the finals, before he ever even got close to a championship, Skip admits Jordan was already the greatest to him. Kinda discredits his argument of 6 for 6 because as he said, he had already made up his mind.
David Bernal
David Bernal Oy oldin
I hate people bring up championships like bro micheal would have never won one championship with Scottie Pippen Also Bill Russell is the Goat if you wanna talk about championships
Dave Barista
Dave Barista Oy oldin
Duh... MJ never went to game 7. It's stupid just to compare their stats only. NBA in 90s were tougher and brutal than soft 2000. MJ would average 40 PPG.
Ryan Green
Ryan Green 27 kun oldin
Dave Barista the bulls never went to a game 7 because they had 2 of the best players on the court
Emilio Avila
Emilio Avila Oy oldin
Dave Barista not 2000’s, the 2010’s. the 2000’s was a very tough era defensively, the 2010’s not so much.
Ron Swanny
Ron Swanny Oy oldin
3:12 for when white people need to use the n word
Jose lorenzo Barrinuevo
Nick stupid
Jason Jia
Jason Jia Oy oldin
LeBron dickriders are the most obtuse and delusional people in the world. They see any type of criticism against LeFlop and they dismiss you and call you a hater. Stats don't tell the whole story, they never do, especially when the game back then was vastly different than it is now. MJ changed the game, what exactly did LeFlop change?
Swavey too Wavy
Michael Jordan team was the warriors back in the day that’s why lol
David Bernal
David Bernal 15 kun oldin
Adam Norell You take lebron out the cavs the cavs wouldn’t even go to the playoffs
David Bernal
David Bernal 15 kun oldin
Adam Norell They would made the playoffs without Jordan
Andrew Hemsley
Andrew Hemsley 15 kun oldin
Damn right, they were the warriors of the ‘90s cuz of one player, Michael Jordan.
Adam Norell
Adam Norell 27 kun oldin
+David Bernal He is what made the team a "warriors team" in the first place, don't get it twisted
David Bernal
David Bernal Oy oldin
Swavey too Wavy Bruh that’s what I’m saying like people hate on lebron saying he needs an all star team to when a championship however Jordan had an warriors team in the 90s
Rommel Arguelles
"God disguise as Michael Jordan" -Larry Bird. period.
Rommel Arguelles
even the great Larry Bird knew MJ is going to be a phenomenal basketball player.
Ted Josiah
Ted Josiah Oy oldin
And that was before he won a championship.
NIK Oy oldin
Nick should have no platform.
Jeremy Aber
Jeremy Aber Oy oldin
funny coz he missed the playoffs this season
D D Oy oldin
Such a nice video. So much humor! I like the debate too because they're both so extreme that nobody's being the victim against an idiot 🤣🤣 they're both victims and offenders to each other
Dan Jr
Dan Jr Oy oldin
Skip is the only sane guy in the room😂😂😂
Savon X
Savon X Oy oldin
😂😂😂... this is even more hilarious now 3/5/2019
Dan Jr
Dan Jr Oy oldin
Ironman Oy oldin
Hey nick! R u born today or yesterday?
The Original Don Dotta
3 championships will never be better than 6 championships!!! Nick you sound fruity how much your on LBJ's nuts!!! Not mention Jordan 10time scoring champ with 9 times 1st defense in the DREAM TEAM ERA!!! Best collection of talent all time and always been best player on the court!!!
Atl Native
Atl Native Oy oldin
I like Mike
YA Boi
YA Boi Oy oldin
Nick is so retarted
synQ FG
synQ FG Oy oldin
what does lebron do better than mj beside rebound at pass?
synQ FG
synQ FG Oy oldin
actually nick you're wrong jordan averages more points steals & blocks higher per & ft % lmaoooo learn yo facts bum
Dabest69 Oy oldin
I wonder what LeBron James did to skip in the past, it’s like he hate LeBron James no matter what.
Silver Alms
Silver Alms Oy oldin
Nick wrong not right
Clint Fowler
Clint Fowler Oy oldin
This is the most laughable argument ever.... Lebron doesn't guard anyone
23Dataminer Oy oldin
Haha. Lebron´s statistics. The king of traveling and floping. Oh yeah. His statistics are of great importance to me. :)) LeBron GOAT? Not even as a joke.
ESHWIbaby Oy oldin
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 LeBron is trash
Lord young
Lord young Oy oldin
Anybody else here since Lebron ain’t gonna make the playoffs 😂
iCED hyper
iCED hyper 7 kun oldin
Lord young me😂😂
Naturalborn Solider
I’m just going back every day laughing because all the LEFRAUD narratives end this season
Phil Ohlrogge
Phil Ohlrogge 9 kun oldin
+IJ IJ Wilt best Player? Lmaaaaooooo 😂🙃... Lebron is arguably the second best to ever play the game... They would have easily make the playoffs if he didn't get Injured
IJ IJ 9 kun oldin
+Phil Ohlrogge They were one game ahead of 10th seed the west was stacked pls dont make any excuses that just sounds miserable. They did not have either wilt or mj so for sure they did not have the best player ever.
Phil Ohlrogge
Phil Ohlrogge 9 kun oldin
+IJ IJ They were 4th seed and had a healthy LeBron, and a Healthy Lebron is the best Player to ever play the Game... So they wouldn't have fallen down
TheSaint622 Oy oldin
Carter is so on point. MJ is the GOAT. 100% winning percentage in FINALS. I'm not great at math. But an A+ beats a D- any day. Lets teach our kids real math and not editoral type journalism especially when you have stats to go off of.
TheSaint622 Oy oldin
Carter is on point.
TheSaint622 Oy oldin
TheSaint622 Oy oldin
Nick Wright is on the LBJ camp. haha What a joke He lost the game against the Grizzlies today. I need a job with this channel. Hire me.
Jay Smooth
Jay Smooth Oy oldin
Stop comparing them He will never match Jordan's greatest, he's the 3-6 in the finals MJ is 6-0. Comparing Bron to Kobe would be more reasonable. Jordan was the better shooter too. LeBron is an all time great probably the best of this generation but he's not better than MJ.
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