Nike - Dream Crazy

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Lebron James PS4 controller
The best ad ever
iCasian16 5 soat oldin
This is the best ad ever every time I see it I watch it and I watched it more than 10 times and it's still inspiring and i dont get why people hate it.
Remy Reyes
Remy Reyes 6 soat oldin
This video gave me chills
hefftatious 7 soat oldin
Wearing my Air Max's right now and never been more proud to
Halilemin Sezer
Halilemin Sezer 14 soat oldin
Nike sponsorship means you are a steroid abuser lowlife
Shadow 23 soat oldin
Nike can suck my big dick
Shadow 23 soat oldin
Fuck this video
Mikkel Andersen
Mikkel Andersen Kun oldin
Believe in yourself
DRACO FURY 13 Kun oldin
Jermiah 50
Jermiah 50 Kun oldin
Football is the best sport🏈🏈🏆
chaspin Kun oldin
Free kolan kapernick
madtortuga Kun oldin
Everyone's talking about the controversy, and I'm just like "LeBron isn't to be basketball player on the planet that's Michael Jordan, oh wait did he go to space again?"
madtortuga Kun oldin
I don't care who's narrating, this is a great ad
StudLoverBoy Kun oldin
Still buying products cuz no one is gonna change my opinion on products I buy
Myron Gonzalez
Myron Gonzalez Kun oldin
what's with him wearing that late 70s pervert flasher trench coat?
pinksoldier123 Kun oldin
Whether you agree with colin or not, or like him or not, you have to admit that this is one of the best inspirational ads ever. It has good ideas that show that anyone can be sucessful.
Kerellos Bekhet
Kerellos Bekhet Kun oldin
best AD ever ❤
Hush Whisper
Hush Whisper Kun oldin
I'd like to show you a video I made in 2010. I found this on Google Earth, that year. Before and after that year its out of focus. Please help me tell others. But only look at this IF you believe in God. uzvid.com/video/video-BYD2irfjc38.html
Alexei Kun oldin
*this will go down as legendary* 👊🏽
Riccardo Di Stefano
Michael Delaney
Michael Delaney 2 kun oldin
Colin capernick dis respects this country he kneels when he here the national anthem he is dis respecting all of my family that have died in war and everyone one who puts there life on the line for our country I was wearing Nike for a long time but I switched now I’m not supporting someone who would kneel for the national anthem
Zeze Squad YT
Zeze Squad YT 2 kun oldin
Before you know it, Filaz gonna be coming up with an ad too!
Collidify 2 kun oldin
heard that? dreammm crazy
Luis 2 kun oldin
Under Armor Ad > Nike Ad
Sean Brooks
Sean Brooks 3 kun oldin
🗣 I like dat motivational 💪🏿💪🏿✊🏿✊🏿
iiOfficer_Kamii Justice
I wont picture me wearing chipper jones jersey anymore, I picture him wearing mine...I got made fun of he said I wouldnt make the team because I was in 6th. But I will prove them WRONG....because 'is that crazy enough?'
Ian Sherman
Ian Sherman 3 kun oldin
Freedom of speech
demogorilla 4 kun oldin
Fuck you
Isaiah Robinson
Isaiah Robinson 3 kun oldin
demogorilla no fuck you
Bsbsv Vvxvxxb
Bsbsv Vvxvxxb 4 kun oldin
I love nike
Miss Paulina1PSuguitan-SLSO LLopez
Miss Paulina1PSuguitan-SLSO LLopez
And that is a jack and poys halleh ney satay
Miss Paulina1PSuguitan-SLSO LLopez
Wanna go intriguing. Self-Righteous. Agreeable? Comfortably Needs, Encompassablé une Kathan huandua, Beckoningly a batter's game a reach of shame in same. THINK IT. LOOKS BUBBA. TALK BUBBLES DASHES BAUBLES. A TECHNIQUE RATHER THEM A COLOUR3D SEENS SEAMS. BLKHWKS DE MOMMES DE WORLD BLACKISTANAO. Monde ÜNEomneilles
YellowHornetJP 4 kun oldin
“Down, down with the traitor that dares to defile The flag of her stars and the page of her story! By the millions unchained, who our birthright have gained, We will keep her bright blazon forever unstained!” (Part of YOUR anthem)
Lil Bink
Lil Bink 5 kun oldin
Khanx6 5 kun oldin
Who comes back here, time to time to get MOTIVATED ✊✊
jae1k2 5 kun oldin
david wilson
david wilson 5 kun oldin
thatguyTdog 5 kun oldin
This is the greatest commercial NIKE has ever made
Lakers Highlites
Lakers Highlites 6 kun oldin
That's perfect😱😆
Azim Azlan
Azim Azlan 6 kun oldin
i watch this everyday
alana tabarez
alana tabarez 6 kun oldin
Jay Remey
Jay Remey 6 kun oldin
Regardless of what you think of Nike or this whole situation *this ad is fucking dope*
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 7 kun oldin
How are those sweatshops nike?
Ammar Hakimi
Ammar Hakimi 7 kun oldin
Who's that guy in the thumbnail?
trashcanmatt 7 kun oldin
Sujay 8 kun oldin
Nike just killing the ad game lately.
GODZILLA 123 8 kun oldin
Dam great commercial till Colin was in it
Murat Yurttas
Murat Yurttas 8 kun oldin
Jackson Stewart
Jackson Stewart 8 kun oldin
This is a song toward dem stupid black people who kneel during the anthem-Oh why do I pay to see your black ass play for we are the payer and you are the player Oh why'd o we stand and you don't give damn because we are America and you are retards For if we come pay to see your black ass play you must stand up or go your separate black ways
Jackson Stewart
Jackson Stewart 8 kun oldin
Bro some girl is not going to be able to make a high school football team as a linebacker
Cold Gaming
Cold Gaming 8 kun oldin
Adidas better tho
Eva Anderson
Eva Anderson 9 kun oldin
When I saw this ad, I actually thought I was gonna cry😭😭😭😭
9AGK 9 kun oldin
Best ad ever
furqon lanang
furqon lanang 9 kun oldin
This company has so many stories
Max Kessler1405
Max Kessler1405 9 kun oldin
Live is stange
Free soul
Free soul 10 kun oldin
Random Things
Random Things 10 kun oldin
I wanna touch a cloud
TheNamesDitto 10 kun oldin
This ad put me to tears. Great ad.
Markus Ramone
Markus Ramone 10 kun oldin
Why not an NHL Player
Jason 11 kun oldin
*best* ad of 2018
abandoned circus
abandoned circus 11 kun oldin
Leaves a football contract for a higher paying Nike contract. “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” Fucking poser.
Nihar S.M
Nihar S.M 11 kun oldin
If this isn't inspirational I don't know what is
Jake Weidaw
Jake Weidaw 12 kun oldin
Almost the best ad expect for the Colin kapernic part
Francisco Rios
Francisco Rios 12 kun oldin
Who would win in a fight serena Williams or Ronda rousey (considering serena has a really good amount of training for the fight)
Potaleia 0000
Potaleia 0000 12 kun oldin
Eu gosto muito de futebol eu do o meu melhor
Potaleia 0000
Potaleia 0000 12 kun oldin
Me patrocina por favor
Angelo Fattorini
Angelo Fattorini 12 kun oldin
Where are my physically fit white boys out here?
FX_GAMER 679 12 kun oldin
I hate Colin capernick but this is a good message
jian iron
jian iron 12 kun oldin
44 days left.Just do it.
Miss Estee
Miss Estee 12 kun oldin
My Dance teacher at my school, is using the back round music of this dance to make a dance for our recital
liam Borkgren
liam Borkgren 12 kun oldin
Respect for the brand even more now
The g.o.a.t
The g.o.a.t 13 kun oldin
This is the most motivating video I have seen and it’s a Nike ad
irinabeauty 13 kun oldin
Goosebumps all over me. Thanks for the inspiration.
DemonRiolu 13 kun oldin
how is serina williams the greatest athlete ever ?
Santos Josiane
Santos Josiane 13 kun oldin
visite o site da nike e ver o que tem em destaque apretailer.com.br/click/5be2fca76c42606b711c1982/144694/216649/subaccount
Aaron Tan
Aaron Tan 13 kun oldin
0:35 self bookmark
Hii Andrew
Hii Andrew 13 kun oldin
I listen to this when I wake up, go to work, at the gym, and before I go to sleep. So much INSPIRATION #DreamCrazy
Dreamville 4life
Dreamville 4life 13 kun oldin
Jack P
Jack P 14 kun oldin
Kaeppernick doesn't deserve to be in an ad with these idols, justify your fat Nike check for which you claim is about injustice. Spineless man.
Brad 14 kun oldin
People find any reason to hate each other. Sure Kaepernick kneeled for the national anthem but his intention was to protest police brutality against African Americans, not disrespect war veterans. And before anyone says intention doesn’t matter, it means everything in this situation because he literally came out and said why he was protesting. I have several family members who have died or are veterans of war and I can even see this. And the people who are for the kneeling are just as bad because they’re generalizing that every single person against Kaepernick’s protest are racist, fat rednecks who have nothing better to do than insult the liberals. Honestly, politics has fucked this nation over, it’s just divided us into smaller and smaller groups and creates hostility.
B33M 14 kun oldin
time to bleed
edembadro888 14 kun oldin
Best commercial ever!!!!
Grant Lester
Grant Lester 14 kun oldin
This add makes me angry. I’m having to do a literary analysis on it in class
Pandaboy 3457890
Pandaboy 3457890 15 kun oldin
What did Colin Capernik sacrifice?!
A Cooper
A Cooper 15 kun oldin
An ad I love. #DREAMS CRAZY
Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt 15 kun oldin
I love everything about this Accept Colin kappernick
FakeRei 15 kun oldin
Usain Bolt do you mean except?
LUSTRUM NOSY 15 kun oldin
Virat Kohli=====PUMA Sorry NIKE
Nguyễn Viết Quang Nam
love this so much !!
Aditya Pratap Singh Dixit
Kiarasch Zolfaghari
Kiarasch Zolfaghari 16 kun oldin
Oliver Harrison
Oliver Harrison 16 kun oldin
Why are you protesting dreams?
Paras Lakra
Paras Lakra 17 kun oldin
Why tf am I crying 😭!!??
Wassam Bin Israr
Wassam Bin Israr 17 kun oldin
Guys watch this it is about Nike and why it is a shit company All are different videos uzvid.com/video/video-Yvkf88eSTrI.html uzvid.com/video/video-CCrUZuyZHyk.html uzvid.com/video/video-gAg3uMlNyHA.html
Titan Nation
Titan Nation 16 kun oldin
No one gives a shit
Milana Grier
Milana Grier 17 kun oldin
I don’t care what you think about Nike
Jolina 17 kun oldin
That was beautiful
MinT 18 kun oldin
Ninja cutting onions. I'm not crying, you're crying.
tfboys四葉草 18 kun oldin
Its a really meaningful ad💙💙💙
Jerry Stanhope
Jerry Stanhope 18 kun oldin
:18 pure focus
Welcome Back
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