Nike - Dream Crazy

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Tibido 17
Tibido 17 8 soat oldin
I love this vido but I also hate it because I know even if I dream crazy I will never be good enough to do it. I want to ride in the PBR but I know I will never be good enough and I want to start on my football A-Teem but I can only start on B-Teem and well only win 1 game so being good at things I love is impossible but this vido says its not so I love it and hate it.
Old_man_esco 8 soat oldin
Brandon Bogert
Brandon Bogert 9 soat oldin
I dream of a america where we respect our soilders
H3X axertrix
H3X axertrix 17 soat oldin
What’s that song. The piano song in the backround
Kristjan Kun oldin
My dream is to become a professional athlete.
1spitfirepilot Kun oldin
BelizeanQueen 3 kun oldin
R E S P E C T! #nikebestadever #brave #standwithnikekneelwithkap #buynike
MrFasikaH 3 kun oldin
Looks like the NFL had to cough up a lot of money. Arbitrators estimate team owners had to pay him $50 to $80 million dollars. As it turns out, the only ones doing anything illegal were the owners who colluded to keep him out because they are adolescents like most of white Amerikkka who cannot even stick with the subject of his protest, police brutality. Kap is now an iconic figure of this era while those against him ended up on the wrong side of history. Ain’t it great?
Cassondra Arnett
Cassondra Arnett 4 kun oldin
Someone explain to me why there was controversy behind this ad, it seems like any other inspirational commercial I've seen.
Victor Sierra
Victor Sierra 17 soat oldin
Because of Colin Kapernick
Audrey Lachney
Audrey Lachney 4 kun oldin
Isaiah bird
JKA EDITS 4 kun oldin
Jonathan Esparza
Jonathan Esparza 4 kun oldin
Greatest Nike ad ever
Jon Neiderer
Jon Neiderer 4 kun oldin
Timmesha Carter
Timmesha Carter 5 kun oldin
I absolutely have stood by Colin from the very beginning! He's able to voice and represent on a national level what's on my mind and what I speak even when people do not listen to my words...to me! I've always known there are many others who feel this way and get ignored so, for him NOT to hide or cave when things became thick just shows he's a man of character, strength, honor, justice, moral....I can go on and on. Colin is to be applauded, rallied behind and supported for his diligence in taking his media coverage of a simple action for what he believed in and making a grand, resolved declaration that demands changes in the way African Americans/Blacks are treated and publicly protests for equality and justice for people of color. Why continue or even "stand" to support something (in this case the national anthem) that he/us/we can clearly see in many forms on a daily basis that doesn't actively and wholely represent African Americans/people of color? Others that spew hate towards us verbally, physically, institutionally, covertly and overtly one-on-one all the way to the highest levels (as history and current times prove) are clearly throwing stones and hiding their hands (sometimes hiding) because we are preyed upon, hated, beat, taunted, ignored and killed with the help of legalities yet, condemned when we speak out and refuse to show loyalty to this country's anthem and those that support it when those same entities refuse to show support, respect and equality to us as breathing human beings! This ad is very inspiring and I'm glad Nike chose Colin to deliver. I also hope Nike didn't just beam and jump at an opportunity to feed and chose Colin and this fight as a marketing strategy to further promote their brand by appealing to their minority patrons! Yes, my comment is very long and strong so, like it or not I'm glad I took the time to type and post this which I feel passionately about.
GingerStarburst 5 kun oldin
My dream is to get a scholarship to the computer animation program at Chapman University. WhenIi told my parents, they laughed in my face and told me I'm not good enough, even if I'm just 13. I'm gonna prove them wrong.
BrickMaster 5 kun oldin
Colin Kaepernick 🙏
Queen Empress
Queen Empress 5 kun oldin
Don't hate Nike because they just get it, and then back it up and just do it.. Go NIKE!!
Jesse Eby
Jesse Eby 5 kun oldin
brewski2554 6 kun oldin
decapitate nike
kleeamd82 6 kun oldin
Talk about the heroes on FLIGHT 93! That’s the type of bravery & courage one should be inspired by & aspire to. Not a punk ass bitch like Colin!
kleeamd82 6 kun oldin
NEVER have given any special extra attention or credibility to celebrities & NEVER WILL. Only “star” that has ever earned my respect are people like Jimmy Stewart, who was so patriotic that he enlisted & saw active duty as a fighter pilot in WW2 & fought alongside everyday men. As well as Clark Gable. And also the people who dedicated their talents to the USO like Bob Hope & Orson Welles. If I hold ANY admiration for a celebrity, it would be those I listed above. Show me a celebrity today who went & enlisted & fought alongside our brave soldiers in any recent conflict. GTFOH with your “bravery” & “courage” Colin. It doesn’t take those qualities to play football. When you become a fighter pilot serving in active duty like Jimmy Stewart did, them give me a call Colin! Otherwise you’re a pussy!
kleeamd82 6 kun oldin
NEVER have bought a Nike product & don’t ever plan to
Keegan Smith
Keegan Smith Kun oldin
+M M shut up monkey
M M 5 kun oldin
+kleeamd82 aw, poor bastard got his feelings hurt. Why are you repeating everything I am saying? you're like a little baby LOL, instead of making a proper comeback, you just decided to copy me.. get your own comebacks & stop repeating everything I say. Anyways, nobody gives a shit about what you have to say, nobody cares if you bought nikes before or not, just like how nobody cares if your mother is dead or alive.
kleeamd82 5 kun oldin
M M got bored after reading the first three words u wrote & didn’t read any further because what u think means as much to me as the toilet paper I wipe my ass with
M M 5 kun oldin
+kleeamd82 what do I think about? You are the one who is expressing his worthless opinion. I never said anything other than nobody cares about your worthless life. No need to get triggered over the truth.
kleeamd82 5 kun oldin
M M equally as much as no one cares about what you think lol.
Schneider W
Schneider W 6 kun oldin
This might be the most powerful ad Nike has ever created.
Daniel Kay
Daniel Kay 6 kun oldin
hi how are you im doing good
Code Back
Code Back 6 kun oldin
My uncle laughed at me when i said i wanna go to alabama i used it as motivation
Elizabeth Figueroa
Elizabeth Figueroa 6 kun oldin
When America defends racism more than equality, when it looks at an ad that represents people that come from different struggles and walks of life living their dreams in the face of adversity, and try to protest it and say it’s wrong and evil. I love this country but the mentality is completely skewed. This is a great ad and very inspirational. So many people want to put blame their problems on other people, and minority groups are so easy to pick on but these people face their problems head on without pointing fingers, this is the American dream, nothing is handed to you, you have to fight for it.
La Sal
La Sal 6 kun oldin
So when can I get on the juice! I’m ready to win and gain a Nike endorsements!
Green Irish
Green Irish 6 kun oldin
You all miss the point, Nike could care less about all this. They just want money. If Trump was popular with their target audience you’d see his orange face on the side of a shoe.
Darrell Barton
Darrell Barton 7 kun oldin
Retarted horseshit !
Darrell Barton
Darrell Barton 7 kun oldin
I will never buy any nike product again or watch Nfl again ! Real Americans salute our FLAG !
Lord Lazy
Lord Lazy 6 kun oldin
+training800YT you shut up racist
Lord Lazy
Lord Lazy 6 kun oldin
Why would anyone salute a racist flag, I'd rather kneel for justice
Lorenzo Nino Greco
Lorenzo Nino Greco 7 kun oldin
Fucking you
Jack Guy
Jack Guy 7 kun oldin
Is it crazy enough to dream of stopping sweatshops in Asia?
Prajna Priyadarshini
"Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. "
Harsh Valecha
Harsh Valecha 8 kun oldin
Best ad I've ever seen. Watching racist trump supporters get angry makes it even better.
Johnny J Grant
Johnny J Grant 8 kun oldin
People be hating, this helps me so much
Winston Smith
Winston Smith 8 kun oldin
He is a sellout. He is a millionaire ex-football player with 2 white parents and he didn't write any of the things he said in this ad. He hasn't done anything to actually help race relations in America. I'll never understand why people love him so much, I guess just because his kneeling made him popular.
Izzy Herico
Izzy Herico 8 kun oldin
This is the most inspiring ad I'd ever seen.
georgia koutsotoliou
hasin ashraf
hasin ashraf 8 kun oldin
One of the few videos I downloaded from UZvid and this is the only ad in that collection.
Nintendo Studio
Nintendo Studio 9 kun oldin
This add would have been the best add ever with colin
Skux Tha Mista
Skux Tha Mista 9 kun oldin
Why is his hand cut off in the thumbnail
Andrew Man Gaming
Andrew Man Gaming 10 kun oldin
I love this ad it is great I wear Nike everyday and will continue too. I also Like Colin kaepernick I have always liked him a big reason being I am a 49ers fan and Liked him as a player he was a good QB in my opinion he had a better nfl career than QBs like EJ Manuel, Jonny Manzel and Brandon Weeden. And those QBs where 1st round picks. And I like his protest I don't have a problem with it at all let the man stand up for what he believes in like Martin Luther King Jr. Alright that is all I got to say. I don't Keapernck like most do. I actually support him.
Meininger102 10 kun oldin
Can we realize what we’re doing here? Forgiving a murderer, forgiving a hitman. Why can’t we forgive an nfl player? Can we just forget his past for some time, and watch the commercial? I admit what he did was disrespectful, but other things were let up much easier. What makes Colin different?
Winston Smith
Winston Smith 8 kun oldin
Well, mainly because he is a sellout. He is a millionaire ex-football player with 2 white parents and he didn't write any of the things he said in this ad. He hasn't done anything to actually help race relations in America. I'll never understand why people love him so much, I guess just because his kneeling made him popular.
Jacob Kiwanuka
Jacob Kiwanuka 10 kun oldin
Just bought nike shoes too
Vestibene Outlet
Vestibene Outlet 10 kun oldin
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Dylan Chapman
Dylan Chapman 10 kun oldin
Yeah I bet the little kids in India that make pennies a day working for Nike have crazy big dreams. Fuck Nike
Ian Talley
Ian Talley 10 kun oldin
The world need more of this
tru OG
tru OG 11 kun oldin
Kap for president
Eleanor Devine
Eleanor Devine 11 kun oldin
This video was posted on my birthday
Melida de la Concepcion Solano Chavez
literally just saw the video and cried, it inspired me so damn much.
Craig Pena
Craig Pena 13 kun oldin
intelligence wisdom
intelligence wisdom 13 kun oldin
Nike = 50¢ shoes for $200. You think they care about you?
Darryl Williams
Darryl Williams 13 kun oldin
Never another single nike purchase ... ever.
Mauricio Alanís Ávila
Maxirific 13 kun oldin
4TheRecord 13 kun oldin
Nike, shit product by a shit company.
Lamont Hicks
Lamont Hicks 14 kun oldin
After beating a brain tumor..
govindraj prabhu
govindraj prabhu 14 kun oldin
Trey Terronez
Trey Terronez 14 kun oldin
Agree with everything except that Serena Williams is the greatest athlete ever LMFAOOO
M M 5 kun oldin
what's funny is that the greatest athlete ever was in the same ad.. Lebron James.. Best basketball player of all time, and funny thing is that when he was younger, he was better at football than he was in basketball. that's how crazy athletic he was, he would be the best in most sports.
Christian Valdivia
Christian Valdivia 15 kun oldin
Keprineck isnt disrespecting the flag, the flag is already being disrespected before the game, by laying it down on the football field before the superbowl. No one even cared that keprineck kneeled during the national anthem, until trump convinced all those dumb Trump supporters that it is a big deal. We didn't even have a national anthem until 1945, and back in the day, the players stayed in the locker rooms during the national anthem. I still don't understand how " idiot Trump" can convince all these people that kneeling is disrespecting. People kneel when they pray, purpose, salute to a king. As long as he doesn't have a sign on his back or yelling during the national anthem then hes not disrespecting anything
Christian Valdivia
Christian Valdivia 15 kun oldin
I couldn't of made a better commercial
Mobile Gaming Express
Man I don't appreciate what Kap did but this commercial motivates me to work hard.
Roy Harper
Roy Harper 16 kun oldin
I am such a sucker when it comes to videos like this. Gets me so inspired
Nsgolf18 Highlights
Nsgolf18 Highlights 16 kun oldin
Kaepernick stupid but I’ll still buy Nike products
용대포 16 kun oldin
100번 찍어서 안 넘어가는 나무는 없지만 100번 찍기도 전에 쓰러진 삶은 수도 없이 많이 봤다.
Tr0ll MiX
Tr0ll MiX 16 kun oldin
I started off my basketball season with 2 points per game after seeing this ad I dropped 21 the next day, Thank You Nike
Nas Jr.
Nas Jr. 11 kun oldin
Well keep killin it
Edward Lalonde
Edward Lalonde 14 kun oldin
Yeah no
Martin Le
Martin Le 16 kun oldin
why would nike do this to us
FlamingSkull of souls
Shadow Melody
Shadow Melody 16 kun oldin
what was the whole problem about this?
Ahmed HD
Ahmed HD 17 kun oldin
Fuck White people🙏🏼..White people made the racism 💔
Dream Edge Pictures Official
Next level ad
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 17 kun oldin
Imagine Curry signed with Nike. This ad gon be so much better
junalyn miss
junalyn miss 17 kun oldin
Martin Luther King!!! Nelson Mandela!!! COLIN KAEPERNICK!!!! youre the TRUE HEROES OF THIS WORLD!!! FIGHT ON! FIGHT RACCISM!!! JUST DO IT!! Say NO to Violence
Ahlem El ouahabi
Ahlem El ouahabi 17 kun oldin
WOW ( i have no words)
turboguppyman 712
turboguppyman 712 17 kun oldin
🤞🤞🤞cross those fingers this plays at super Bowl
anonymous 17 kun oldin
haha man if the homecoming queen sacks you you know something's wrong not just with america but with you
ZIZI’s WORLD 18 kun oldin
Sweatshops ??????
JoeAceJR 18 kun oldin
Believe in socialism, even if it turns America into Venezuela. ✔ Just do it
ItsBaggy 18 kun oldin
he sacrificed nothing , he kneeled and disrespected the flag and the people who fought for you to be able to be free. talking of the army , how about Patrick Daniel Tillman and all the others who left the NFL to join the army , he sacrificed he life for his country, he sacrificed everything .
Lord Lazy
Lord Lazy 6 kun oldin
+ItsBaggy He knelt to protest police brutality, it doesn't matter that you're a triggered snowflake, you can hate him all you want but do not lie about the reason he's kneeling
ItsBaggy 6 kun oldin
+Lord Lazy I'm not mad , I just think he could've done it it in a better way. if someone knelt in any country people will be annoyed . there are many reasons why I disagree with kneeling , from the motive to the impact it has had on others . I Honestly think he did it for attention, let's be honest, he's a shit player .
Lord Lazy
Lord Lazy 6 kun oldin
Literally every country's had people sacrifice their life for it, US isn't special, stay absolutely mad you right-wing snowflake
ItsBaggy 8 kun oldin
+jason j yeah sure , the flag millions of people die for means nothing
jason j
jason j 18 kun oldin
Fkuc u and your flag stupid ass
Anıl Gürbüz
Anıl Gürbüz 18 kun oldin
When i wacth this commercial . It's getting me goosebump . Amazing work and best commercial all the time .
Catholic Spaniard
Catholic Spaniard 18 kun oldin
The ad itself is great and it's message is magnificent. It's a shame that it is clearly political.
MadakiNomaroishi 19 kun oldin
product made with child slave labor 🙄🙄🙄 thinks they have a moral high horse to ride
shantanu drew
shantanu drew 19 kun oldin
Thanos:Believe in balancing Even it means sacrificing half the population of the universe
Mike Malone
Mike Malone 19 kun oldin
Superbowl used to be a great event until the players tried making racist political statements using their jobs. And NFL let them so, no I don't watch any more NFL anything, boycott the advertisers where I can, and after the horrible, anti-law enforcement halftime show by Beyonce', I don't follow or purchase anything from the performers on the Halftime shows. All the racist in America can follow them if they want to, but I refuse to! This last elections, Texas voted that no tax dollars can be used to build professional sports facilities, so from now on NFL will have to pay for their own facilities used for their racial demonstrations. And when Nike signed on Collin K as their "ideal" they lost me forever!
DabbaYabbaDo 19 kun oldin
First 25 seconds: Kids with no legs, hijab, surfer. Let’s face it, people that buy Nike but it because they want to fit in. But you’re a day late and a dollar short if you’re still on the Nike train cause Adidas is where it’s at now.
Conor 19 kun oldin
Just do it!!
Zechairah McKenzie
Zechairah McKenzie 19 kun oldin
What’s the song!?!?!?
Brandon Rossano
Brandon Rossano 20 kun oldin
It was good til they showd kaepernick
Aaron Phelps
Aaron Phelps 20 kun oldin
Would have been a great commercial if they had left out that loser at the end.
Sabba Sarishvili
Sabba Sarishvili 21 kun oldin
Of all the motivational speakers I've ever heard, these 2 minutes might have been the most insprational !
A-Maze Ink
A-Maze Ink 21 kun oldin
Charlie Rocket brought me here again.
Free Uyghur!
Free Uyghur! 21 kun oldin
More than 3 million innocent Muslim Uyghur people men, women, old and young have been locked in concentration camps or so called re-educational camps by the Chinese government in East Turkestan since 2016 to indoctrinate the Uyghur people. What goes inside these China’s concentration camps is terrifying and outrageous. Please spread the news and raise awareness of China’s 21st century holocaust and ethnic genocide against the innocent Uyghur people. Free Uyghur! Please SAVE Uyghur!
Free Uyghur!
Free Uyghur! 5 kun oldin
training800YT are you favor of mass murder? Your heart is corrupted..
I garden because I have to
Politics killed sports.
FlameV1 22 kun oldin
Stupid ass muslim
XXXTENTACLES 22 kun oldin
Katrina Robertson
Katrina Robertson 22 kun oldin
So Nike, who pays its foreign employees about 20 cents per hour to make their product, is paying some guy a million dollars to speak out against injustice and oppression. Um yeah Nike, you should rot in hell. Why not let you corporate execs live for 2 years on your employees salaries. Pigs
Wolfsschanze 22 kun oldin
Yes guys,let's put a muslim woman and a disabled interracial kid but not a straight white man.Nike logic.
Wolfsschanze 22 kun oldin
One?All big brand commericals got diveristy in them!There are no straight white men in commericals in anymore,they are extinct!
Kanysha Taylor
Kanysha Taylor 22 kun oldin
why do you need to bring up race? this video is about achieving dreams and believing in yourself, anyway there are millions of commercials out there with only straight white men in it, I think one video without that wont kill you.
Rudolph Garrison
Rudolph Garrison 23 kun oldin
gives me the chills every time
LaughTooHard 23 kun oldin
I recognize the voice, and deleted you again, Nike.
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