Nike - Dream Crazy

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eddie bear
eddie bear 3 soat oldin
America is up in arms for the wrong reasons, it should be over featuring Alphonso Davies over Christian Pulisic.
Isaiah Silverstein
Isaiah Silverstein 3 soat oldin
Nex Superne
Nex Superne 4 soat oldin
I think it’s natural for blacks to kneel to the White Elites and beg for help it’s what they’re taught. Black slaves were bred for physical strength by the Alpha Blacks in Africa for centuries. Like beasts of burden their ability to think for themselves was bred out of them Kaepernick and blacks that kneel for help can’t be blamed as anti American. It’s just their nature. Other minority races here are doing well on their own. As other minorities weren’t bred to be helpless. Nike using the Kaepernick incident to make money is genius from a corporate viewpoint. But in my opinion morally wrong. It’s helps the blacks here in America. As it’s obvious blacks are unable to do it on their own, do to their weaknesses that was bred into them over the centuries. We should be more understanding to their ignorance and inability to raise and support their own children and lives, They are begging for help from the white Americans. We should be sympathetic to them. They have been incapable of doing it on their own for 150 years since they were freed. Trump is correct for being angry at Nike for exploiting helpless Americans for money. It’s sad that a white company can still blatantly take advantage of minorities such as myself for money...
Comank 6 soat oldin
Really Nike? You really fucked us now.
Jacob Faught
Jacob Faught 6 soat oldin
Why do you have chapstick in there be is dishonorable to our country and my family, my grandfather was in world war 2 and my brother is in the marines.
Jacob Faught
Jacob Faught 6 soat oldin
Capernick stupid auto correct
Dharma Reyes
Dharma Reyes 6 soat oldin
Amazing video. I don't want to call it an ad.....it's a story of love for ALL people.
Quaztry 7 soat oldin
I liked this ad. Because, this makes me think about my future...
Senyorty 7 soat oldin
My school was in this
Marsela Toma
Marsela Toma 8 soat oldin
So inspiring
Franky Carrillo
Franky Carrillo 8 soat oldin
Love it!
Sarah Gosman
Sarah Gosman 9 soat oldin
this ad was the most inspirational video i have ever seen. f off racist trump supporters you cant beat collin kaepenick
It’s me
It’s me 12 soat oldin
That girl with the nike scarf tho
Knights 2828
Knights 2828 12 soat oldin
Good add...can’t believe I’d say that. The news is
EvelynSelena Vlogs
EvelynSelena Vlogs 12 soat oldin
My cousin is in this commercial
jpatzi123 13 soat oldin
What is playing in background music.
KFC3 14 soat oldin
Where the fuck is lacrosse?
Shital Raj Karki
Shital Raj Karki 16 soat oldin
Chris A
Chris A 16 soat oldin
How about the dreams of nike's east asian sweatshop workers? Funny how everyone's forgotten about them. uzvid.com/video/video-M5uYCWVfuPQ.html
shinpaku 123
shinpaku 123 17 soat oldin
Garbage ad the only thing colin kaepernick would be good for is a new addition to the muppets he’s got the perfect face for it and he’s black so they’d be more “diverse” he’s just a crybaby cause the coaches knew he was trash
Mitsie JC
Mitsie JC 17 soat oldin
America is so racist that protesting racism is considered "anti-American"
Sheikhsy Zubair
Sheikhsy Zubair 17 soat oldin
Could someone pls explain the controversy with this ad? So big that trump has seen it too
Khushal Badhan
Khushal Badhan 18 soat oldin
Serena Williams is a brat. She stands for nothing.
abdullah aLatani
abdullah aLatani 19 soat oldin
Best ad ever ❤️❤️
George Blisson
George Blisson Kun oldin
Michael JH
Michael JH Kun oldin
This ad is amazing. It speaks truth. 10/10 Nike
GusPlays Kun oldin
I like Adidas way more than Nike, but I’m being inspired by this.
Sasha W
Sasha W Kun oldin
Does anyone know the song playing behind the video?
Rodrigo Aceves
Rodrigo Aceves Kun oldin
Absolutely beautiful! I can not find any more ways to express myself, this left me speechless and with superb feelings.
عدنان السقاف
الي جا من عمر حسين
Mr.stretch Kun oldin
I’m actually dropping a like fr
ديموقراطي و  حر
This ad is very motivational. thank you Nike. Thank you Conil for believing in your message.
lupowins Kun oldin
Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?!
John He
John He Kun oldin
I love that people are "boycotting Nike". I went to the Nike Store and got these nice ass pants that retailed for 75 bucks for 20. Some tees were 8 bucks. Only making me happier lol. I've always sided with Kaep and I still will.
Tony Landers
Tony Landers Kun oldin
I don't understand the controversy surrounding this ad. It's simply the most inspiring ad ever.
I love bhadbhabie and more
To all the people who do #boycottnike grow up please!!! Up here hating on a commercial!! Colin/Nike did so good with this commercial and I applaud them!! This was very well made!! *"Believe in something even though it means sacrificing everything"* that one was deep but I love that❤ this makes me love Nike even more❤
Scorpius Jones
Scorpius Jones Kun oldin
Amazing ! Time to check out Nike again, well done ✌
Kailyn Stewart
Kailyn Stewart Kun oldin
Good ad But the only reason I hate it is because Kapernicks in it.
Charlie Rocket Jabaley
It was such an honor to be in the most culturally pivoting ad campaign of all time with Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, Serena Williams, and all of the other amazing athletes who aspired to become bigger than just sports!!! #justdoit #nike #dreamcrazy
ryan aj
ryan aj Kun oldin
I was buying nike just because it looks good, but now I'm proud for doing this
Me Myself
Me Myself Kun oldin
can i buy nike shoes with my *EBT* card?
kaleb osborne
kaleb osborne Kun oldin
Ryse X Savage
Ryse X Savage Kun oldin
Let's go Shaquem Griffin!
some body
some body Kun oldin
Do not care what they say... Just do it ✔🖤
Din Cha
Din Cha Kun oldin
Love this ad!
я Hajji 분쇄하는 Bárbara
Fuck Nike. Fuck the NFL. Fuck that Osama Bin Laden with a stupid big assed afro looking motherfucker.
Rachelle Wilson
Rachelle Wilson 22 soat oldin
God Bless You!
ayman ah
ayman ah Kun oldin
Picture obj wearing yours!!
بن رفاعي
بن رفاعي Kun oldin
#وحوش_الملوخية #نم_نم_نم_نم #عمر_حسين
ahmhmd1990 Kun oldin
Best advertisement ever 😊
Am Kun oldin
Woow, I don’t know why Americans are mad on this guy, then they say we have a freedom speech.. mans need equality and y’all just mad fockin Americans “ im arab btw “
rodiiskurd Kun oldin
I dont understand either they over react to much
Coolz Kun oldin
Just do it ❤️
lizzie anissua
lizzie anissua Kun oldin
My fave ad😍😍😍😍
marz e
marz e Kun oldin
Izaiah Truss
Izaiah Truss Kun oldin
Izaiah Truss
Izaiah Truss Kun oldin
flint lock
flint lock Kun oldin
Screw Nike, I am never buying anymore of you products
Paul Charles
Paul Charles Kun oldin
Henry Desmet
Henry Desmet Kun oldin
I’ve literally watched this ad everyday since it’s been released
Abdulelah Ibrahim
AbdulMajeed Ghareeb
Nike. You just earned a new fan. I don't care whether your goal was business related or not. I really liked your braveness.
Walid Mh
Walid Mh Kun oldin
Paul Charles
Paul Charles Kun oldin
Eluid Kipchoge broke the world record last weekend!!
Tarheel Kun oldin
If this don't get your butt out the bed in the morning to pursue your dreams, just lay there and die.
Paul Charles
Paul Charles Kun oldin
This is my daily pick me up...who needs drugs!
Alexander Schmidt
Kaepernick's kneeling is a right sign. The reaction to this just shows how stupid racist and ignorant American people are. The so called Patriotism is so stupid. In the 10's and 40's this Patriotism was the reason for 2 world wars
Jeremy Gibbs
Jeremy Gibbs Kun oldin
Good ad by Nike
Amahle Kun oldin
People... Just Do It
freddie junior
freddie junior Kun oldin
When I heard about this ad and colin, I thought the criticism was that it was all about Kapernick. But having seen it now, its not even about him. 99% of the vid does not even include him or be about him. What a pathetic excuse from very pathetic people
j turner
j turner Kun oldin
Every time you hear of police office die in the line of duty send the name to nike. Let them know how low their spokesman really is!!
Paul Charles
Paul Charles Kun oldin
Thanks Amber...hope you get life!!!
CretchaW O
CretchaW O Kun oldin
-Hey! Et si on choisissait Keapernick pour représenter notre marque? -T'es fous on s'expose à de graves polémique! -Justement ce qui soutiennent sa démarche achète nos produits, ce qui sont contre achète nos produits pour les brûler en vidéo! -Putain t'es un génie, let's do this. Quelques mois plus tard les actions de Nike on grimpé de plus de 30% un niveau jamais atteint par la marque. Bravos les gars et bon courage aux enfants qui vont faire des heures supp pour pas que vous marchiez dans la merde pieds nu.
Jane Kihm
Jane Kihm Kun oldin
So this is what they’re talking about .. L🖤VE IT!♥️
Matthieu Bienvenu
This ad includes some very toxic messages. These are some of the words you can hear: -“don't try to be the fastest runner in your school or the fastest in the world, be the fastest ever” -“if you have only one hand, don’t just watch football, play at the highest level” -“don't just become a tennis player become the greatest athlete ever” But what if people try and fail ? What if they ended being 2nd ? You can be very persistent, and focus, and worthy, and still don’t make it to the top. I want my children to try their best, to learn, to grow, no matter what their results are. Nike is right when saying that “dreaming big” is great, but they’re so much wrong in focusing so much on those who did succeed. Try to picture what children will remember looking at this clip. What will they think after their team loses ? After their efforts remain vain ? I’m quite sure they’ll feel unvalued. We shall our raise our kids to be proud of themselves no matter the final result as long as they tried their very best. What do you think ?
Rachelle Wilson
Rachelle Wilson 22 soat oldin
I think with proper guidance they will learn that you don't win every time but you get back out there and keep trying. That being the best takes trying the most and never saying never. Enough platitudes. Just Do It! Yet, another platitude. lol It is not toxic to encourage excellence.
Paul Charles
Paul Charles Kun oldin
Don't ask if your dreams are crazy....ask if they are crazy enough!!
Dayum that gave me chills
Desmond M
Desmond M Kun oldin
This Nike ad truly inspires the world. The impact maybe either for or against depending on the way you look at it. It brings out a true expression of freedom of speech. The act of sacrifice doesn't just have to be seen as an act of service in the line of duty as a service person. But rather the willingness to do something by any good citizen regardless of how big or small for a step to make a better tomorrow. And that's sacrifice. You may sacrifice for your family, for your children, for a friend, for a community, or even for a stranger an act of love and peace so that an issue can be addressed or for liberation and unity or just giving an helping hand that's sacrifice. The sacrifice of war has its share of debate. Justice doesn't not discriminate against which side we are on. The Nike ad speaks volumes of the global brand it is. Colin believed in something and acted peacefully. Nike motivated the world by empowering peoples of all walks of life, race, culture and creed. All athletes, peoples of special abilities, people who don't feel beautiful and wanna drop some kilos, people who may be battling cancers, mental illness, depression, oppression, suppression and limitations. To just believe and keep believeing and do whatever it takes to succeed, and to make it happen in ones life whatever it is....Just Do it..Peace and Love..God bless NIKE.
Steve Moses
Steve Moses Kun oldin
Am I the only one? I have watched this ad more than 15 times! This is beautiful, “Yeah, that’s more like it.”
BadgerUKvideo 2 kun oldin
This is going to upset all of those anti-Free speech Americans. I can taste the Republican tears. Love it.
Gaboo Lera
Gaboo Lera 2 kun oldin
I love the things that Nike dose no matter what others say this is one of the best ads I’ve ever seen in my entire life and before ever game I play I promise you. You best believe I’m watching it. #NIKE #JUSTDOIT
LUSION 2 kun oldin
Wow this hit me hard
Game Master
Game Master 2 kun oldin
Whats the instrumental?
Amia Nguyen
Amia Nguyen 2 kun oldin
Thank you :)
KadenHartClips 2 kun oldin
I’m not buying anymore Nike!
Elsaed Pecaj
Elsaed Pecaj 2 kun oldin
This advert honestly speaks levels 💯
Paul Charles
Paul Charles 2 kun oldin
Anybody that thinks that anthem is worth singing and that flag is worth standing for after what happened in Dallas needs their head examined...#IMWITHKAP!!
C. Haddad
C. Haddad 2 kun oldin
I Love Nike!
EddieVsTheWorld 2 kun oldin
Just do it ! I WILL
Dave LoBo
Dave LoBo 2 kun oldin
Fuck you racist facist liberal pigs
Bonnie Kun oldin
We're the racists?
Ben Eskew
Ben Eskew 2 kun oldin
Never buying Nike again Democrats
Average at Everything
Inspiration 🤩
Leanne Mo
Leanne Mo 2 kun oldin
For me and my friends, *New Balance* shoes are the bomb. They usually fit and feel like custom orthotics. I can be active for hours with *no aggravation to my low back, knee, or foot injuries.* Seriously. I haven't bought Nike shoes (or clothes for that matter) in years. Awesome active wear that wicks away moisture and looks great, often costs less than Nike too.
Brady Alan
Brady Alan 2 kun oldin
The one ad I never skip.
Mike Palmiotto
Mike Palmiotto 2 kun oldin
its ok
Tsar Nicholas II
Tsar Nicholas II 2 kun oldin
Nike doesn’t give a shit about you all they see is money
아니힐링 2 kun oldin
First time I'm putting an ad in a playlist
Jaxson York
Jaxson York 2 kun oldin
I’ve never been inspired by and ad before
Thomas Donaldson
Thomas Donaldson 2 kun oldin
Give me a break
The Gamer Siblings
The Gamer Siblings 2 kun oldin
inspiration at it's best
Classicc Cardinal
Classicc Cardinal 2 kun oldin
I really don't see how people would burn their Nike shoes, just because of something like this. Colin Kaepernick is an American Hero, he made Trump and other right wingers show their hypocrisy and their true colors.
Weeb Destroyer
Weeb Destroyer 2 kun oldin
*Just disrespect everyone who died for your freedom*
Paul Charles
Paul Charles 2 kun oldin
Wish you would die for OUR freedom!!
Cheikh Bathie Dia
Cheikh Bathie Dia 2 kun oldin
I love nike until this ad😍
TLbailey 2 kun oldin
Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. #JustDoIt 堅持信念,即便這代表你得犧牲一切。
Garth Stewart
Garth Stewart 2 kun oldin
As a Veteran I have one thing to say to Nike and Kaepernick: THANK YOU!!! (I want to admit however that sweatshop labor is still a worthy topic of debate)
Rachelle Wilson
Rachelle Wilson 22 soat oldin
Thank you!
Joseph Abdelrahman
Joseph Abdelrahman 2 kun oldin
Damn, that shit was powerful
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