Nipsey Hussle’s Funeral Procession Ended In Fatal Shooting

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The rapper was laid to rest after thousands gathered for a Celebration of Life ceremony in L.A. to honor Nipsey’s legacy.
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12-Apr, 2019



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Fikrlar 2 719
S 5 soat oldin
Rip nipsey russle and a big shout out to my nigguh jussie smollet
SHOTBYWRIGGZ 5 soat oldin
White people lying to make us look bad
SHOTBYWRIGGZ 5 soat oldin
SHOTBYWRIGGZ 5 soat oldin
this is all lies. The Media just wants these white people to think something bad happened. No shots were fired. dont listen to fake media platforms like this one
Black 16 soat oldin
B.s. y'all try to make that shooting sound like it was connected to the funeral or near by. Tricknology at its finest. And a got a sister up there with the bs. Fck y'all.
Frankie Mendoza
Frankie Mendoza 18 soat oldin
That’s what happens when you want to gangbang in Los angles and think because your a rapper now shit you’ve done is in your past and forgotten I don’t know why people think this man was innocent or a saint he was a gangster gangsters get killed it’s sad yes but hey you live by the sword ⚔️ you die by the sword
Dre real
Dre real Kun oldin
Lies!!! Lies!!! The media is lying! The shooting had nothing to do with Nipsey's Procession!!!!! I was there!
Dre real
Dre real Kun oldin
Complete bs and propaganda I was there the shooting had nothing to do with Nipseys Procession, and the shooting happened miles from where the procession was even happening. Stop believing the media and its bias lies.
lasoco dunida
lasoco dunida Kun oldin
He did good thing for his community then they kill him and still hunting his death body 😱 that's why the rest rappers doesn't do their community shit 🤔 Thanks to God I am not black Americans 😂 y'all stay ignore for ever😂
Meuang saliphiw
Meuang saliphiw Kun oldin
Why would he shoot nipsey if he knows he is gonna go to jail.
D Ma
D Ma Kun oldin
Why do Americans start with the ethnicity of a person “a black woman” “a white women” etc, it’s very mind boggling
Because racism is very REAL out here in California. SAD that in 2019 were still referring to nationalities as colors......SMH
Angel Cruz-Ortega
Angel Cruz-Ortega 13 soat oldin
I don't get it too much neither 😆
J. M.
J. M. Kun oldin
I blame the cops man, if they had just been out there shaking down everyone who looks like a gang member and stopping random cars and searching everyone this would have never happened... .oh wait, nevermind, my bad.... #becarefulwhatyouwishfor
Annette Harrison
Annette Harrison 4 soat oldin
Never mind ignorance
SharkTank Enterprise
The media faker than NASA #sweatergod
Lorena Garcia
Lorena Garcia 2 kun oldin
RIP to nispey hussle
Diamond G.
Diamond G. 2 kun oldin
The shooting nothing to do with Nipsey. Click Bait
Victory Praise
Victory Praise 2 kun oldin
FAKE NEWS. The shooting happened in a neighborhood & LAPD Released a statement that it WAS NOT Connected to Nipsey’s Memorial or Procession. Also, Nipsey was laid to rest Friday.
E Annette Lawson
E Annette Lawson 2 kun oldin
First XXX now Nipsey😭
Service Tech
Service Tech 2 kun oldin
Lamborghini $ 500k Rolls Royce $400k Jewelry $ 250k Bullet proof vest.... priceless 😂😂😂😂😂😊
DAV 3 kun oldin
You should just all grab a gun and go out and kill every gang member and shitheads. That think their tough gays.... Try it it would be a better world 🤔🤔🤔🤔
11pakegmail.com 3 kun oldin
The shooting had nothing to do with nippsey procession
BigBubba8410 3 kun oldin
Well tell the liberals to stop promoting violence
Makenzie Abney
Makenzie Abney 3 kun oldin
Striving Pastor Altruist
Why where they saying to kill white people
stuffandotherstuff 4 kun oldin
Dudes death low key had me trippin though and I didnt even know dude at all. His women's speech almost had me tearing up. He didnt deserve that bullshit he deserved way more than that. And his kids did to. RIP nipsey hussle man dude was a king for real
stuffandotherstuff 4 kun oldin
No see. That shooting and senseless violence was actually the government trying to make them look bad. Or no it was the white man it's all the white man's fault cause nipsey was trying to help an area riddled with black on black violence. However all those black people shooting people Every single one was actually set up by the CIA and evil white men!!! Its not that black people can make their own decisions see. We want to say that black people are indepe dent and capable however whenever they shoot each other they're not actually making their own decisions it's the white man making them Shoot each other. No way that nipsey was killed by a black man. The. Black people shot up the funeral NOPE.dont worry you domt have to take any responsibility. Kids from the burbs and other black kids who have no idea or really any education. Or knowledge but have watched UZvid before said it's a conspiracy!!! If you've watched UZvid conspiracy videos youre a genius!!! You know the secret info no one else does cause you watched a video made by some random person who also has no education or any inside knowledge. But dont worry. Since you've made money before it proves education doesnt mean anything. And since education means nothing clearly in situations where you actually need first hand experience or knowledge. Just watching a couple UZvid videos and imagining youre in the streets makes you an authority on EVERYTHING!!!! Little. Dumb. Ass. Bois. LDABs. That's what we should refer to these UZvid scholars as. What they are. Just laugh shake your head an say little dumb ass boi...
Chad Onan
Chad Onan 4 kun oldin
Black folk need to quit killin each other WTF is wrong with you people? RIP Nipsey you were a star that burned out way to soon!!
PUGZIE 4 kun oldin
ℂ𝕒𝕟 𝕨𝕖 𝕛𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕤𝕥𝕠𝕡?
Linda Atieno
Linda Atieno 4 kun oldin
So who ever marries Lauren will always see her late ex’s tattoo. 🤷🏻‍♀️ the minute we die, the owner of your soul comes for you. May he RIP
Cammdc 1
Cammdc 1 4 kun oldin
Just showing how much of upstanding citizens they are, and showing how much respect for others lives they have... that's all
Denilson Varela
Denilson Varela 5 kun oldin
Rest in peace Hassle🕊🙏🏿🐐......TMC🙏🏿
Justice Young
Justice Young 5 kun oldin
Mustafa Nawabi
Mustafa Nawabi 5 kun oldin
Brother Nipsey wasn't killed because of an argument brother Nipsey was assassinated, he was making a huge difference he would have solved the drug crisis affecting the African community. CNN getting it wrong again? it does not surprise me.. He was very talented and "WAS" a rollin 60's member which is why he was so crucial to his movement he was a role model to the youth specially the African youth he was very dedicated to his cause he didn't up and leave after he made it like other so called Rappers do. He stuck to his community let's carry his legacy and even in death he is bring people together and now it will become a national cause. May Allah(God) be pleased with you my brother and may he give you the highest rank in heaven you will be missed but inshallah your legacy will live forever.
Keina Coleman
Keina Coleman 5 kun oldin
8 miles away from the procession
Mustafa Nawabi
Mustafa Nawabi 5 kun oldin
this is exactly what brother Nipsey did not want....
panda_03 5 kun oldin
It is so sad af 😢
NileshR12 5 kun oldin
So sad. May he RIP
Terry Davis
Terry Davis 5 kun oldin
Ukieman Serg
Ukieman Serg 5 kun oldin
Why these artists look like thug drug dealers?
Michelle Jackson
Michelle Jackson 5 kun oldin
Crazy because every morning when I wake up...he's on my mind...
Jay Woods
Jay Woods 5 kun oldin
That was a isolated incident I was not on the route.. B U L L S H I T
Vincent Lopez
Vincent Lopez 5 kun oldin
Oh the black culture.
a Day with Dan ASMR
This shit got me fucked up
JustMeandMyWife 6 kun oldin
Um there was no female who was shot! A fat dude was hurt no blood! The some old nigga who was sitting up didn't look too hurt either! But a female?? Prove it!!
LiliSimon 6 kun oldin
Everyone is saying he lived that life and that life killed him, but still, it is sad to see someone so talented die so young. rip
O G 6 kun oldin
represents the gang culture it's nice that he's gone
Living in *1984*
Living in *1984* 4 kun oldin
O G your dumb
Meandanitoo 6 kun oldin
Why does everyone think that anytime someone dies that they have an automatic pass to heaven? Because they loved/liked the person? From whence come these lies? Not from the bible. Not from the Authorized King James 1611. Nipsey Hussle (not his real name) was an idol. Thousands worshipped at the feet of this false god, just as they worship at the feet of "Hova" and "Yeezus" and every other evil celebrity. Everything he represented was blasphemy against the Holy God of the bible. From fornication, to the multiple tatoos, and his support of the false healer Dr. Sebi (whose products can run up to a few hundred dollars and heals no one) there was nothing Christlike or godly about him. Did he live a holy, self denying life and repudiate sin? Do any of the so-called celebrities? No, they don't. Then what makes anyone think that they are going to heaven when they die? The bible teaches that heaven is a PREPARED place for a PREPARED people. That preparation begins ON THIS SIDE OF LIFE. As hard as this may be to hear, Nipsey Hussle, along with a multitude of others WAS NOT PREPARED TO MEET HIS MAKER. It does not matter what "good" deeds he did. The bible says that ALL of our righteousness are as filthy rags (see Isaiah 64:6 AKJV 1611). The fact of the matter is that man is a sinner. Everytime a man without Christ exercises his will he sins. People need to wake up. This life is SHORT and eternity is LONG and hell is a place where the selfish finally get what they want: to be left utterly alone by God. No, everyone does not go to heaven when they die. The bible teaches that MANY go to hell Matthew 7:14. Only those who do the will of God go to heaven. Hollywood is the realm of the devil and the celebrities are his vassals. They are leading the young and the old down to the same pit of perdition that they are heading towards singing about sin and fornication and murder and glorifying themselves, and influencing people to do things they may never have thought of doing. Stop believing their lies and open your eyes to the Truth that is only found in Jesus Christ. Hell is not the place to find out you have been wrong. Once you get in, you NEVER get out. the-sanctified-christian.blogspot.com/2018/02/you-need-blood.html
Ayisha Dubois
Ayisha Dubois 6 kun oldin
His soul is not rested peacefully people need to understand that. Thats why everything they do for him ends in violence. He's not well rested it was unexpected.
ev dev pac
ev dev pac 6 kun oldin
he say my life hahaha .. your life what ! in the world you have biiiiiiiig money ok ok . the end your lose
Tammy Howard
Tammy Howard 6 kun oldin
They took a real man because ppl just can't handle someone tryna be good I'm sure he was far from perfect none of us are but I think he was working towards it.....Rip Nip
Tiana Shepherd
Tiana Shepherd 6 kun oldin
Wtf 🤦
an in
an in 6 kun oldin
Why is that they kill the good people easily?
No Name
No Name 6 kun oldin
When did we start to normalise gangbangers life styles ?
hosse aa
hosse aa 6 kun oldin
This is why i don’t want my brother to become famous. Because every famous rapper get killed these days. Im happy we still have Juice and all of the others. Rest in paradise Nippsey
liberty justice
liberty justice 6 kun oldin
Lol blacks are the most violent low iq group on planet earth. I regret they are allowed to live with us.
Mayme Clayton
Mayme Clayton 6 kun oldin
What a screwed up generation!!!
Annunaki Annunaki
Annunaki Annunaki 6 kun oldin
disgusting to fake a funeral with kids and all.....just like biggie's funeral wasnt no funeral at all, this is the same. This isnt a mother who just lost her son. its all fake. and the erason why they do all this is gruwesome..look into it youngster they are playing you!
Annunaki Annunaki
Annunaki Annunaki 6 kun oldin
all BS all scipted and this dude plays along with it....this is how they keep the black community down; they keep killing one another...
Jentry Haskins
Jentry Haskins 6 kun oldin
Who wrote that for the lil boy? Nips mom? They sound identical.
xxxtentacion 6 kun oldin
"Only those prepared to die, will find eternal life" #LONGLIVENIP
William Doubleu
William Doubleu 6 kun oldin
Black on black crime. Black lives DO NOT MATTER!
Farabi Tnt Pixel Official
This is just like XXXTENTACIONS DEATH!!!
Kin J
Kin J 5 kun oldin
Not the same...the only similar thing is they both got shot
Nia Miller
Nia Miller 6 kun oldin
RIP 😭❤️🙏🏾
K'MAN 215
K'MAN 215 6 kun oldin
Joshboy future
Joshboy future 7 kun oldin
Can somebody please tell me all the great things that this guy done for his community and the world? Everybody's acting like this guy was a modern-day Martin Luther King but for my understanding all he did for real was open up a community center all the other shit was just having a clothing store to make money and saying fuck Trump because he doesn't like the president. If there's more to the situation I would love to know about it
Anthony Curanaj
Anthony Curanaj 7 kun oldin
Lil waynes son .... and sorry but ain't no heaven for those guys
Jay Blaze Aka Grandmaster Jay
This shooting had nothing to do with Nipsey. The media should be ashamed of connecting this shooting to his procession. The police have even stated it had no connection. I guess they couldn't find any other way to make an otherwise overreported memorial story interesting.
Jeremy Sokol
Jeremy Sokol 7 kun oldin
seriously. ...the whole city of LA was going to just stop doing what they do? this was a nice guy good Samaritan rapper....not the second coming of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour
ray hanes
ray hanes 7 kun oldin
A king was assassinated..ofc more bodies gonna drop. And they gonna continue to drop.
Shenyae T
Shenyae T 7 kun oldin
Black dudes just won’t stop killing each other. They love violence. I see no hope for the black community.
Ian Folmar
Ian Folmar 7 kun oldin
Keith Neidhart
Keith Neidhart 7 kun oldin
Good job!! Keep shooting each other! Savages can’t even be civil at a funeral!!! Keep up the good work and remember AIM SMALL MISS SMALL!🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫
Steve Houghton
Steve Houghton 7 kun oldin
Lola Bay
Lola Bay 7 kun oldin
Aww so so sad poor little children 💔😢💔😢
Tenu Bekele
Tenu Bekele 7 kun oldin
Stupid jealous idiot man took his life from his children shame on him
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith 7 kun oldin
Where is black lives matter?!?! Oh that's right, they don't think they matter, or are worth rioting, and violence over unless a white man does it. Hypocrisy at its finest...
Demetrius Cottrell
Demetrius Cottrell 7 kun oldin
He might have done good things but he still represent the colour blue
ResearcherOne 7 kun oldin
Let's celebrate someone's death by killing others! Nipsey's album spoke for themselves, full of violence, fornication, drug use. his music destroys the psyches of impressionable people, black people.
Pirates Fate
Pirates Fate 7 kun oldin
Gang banging is bad mmkay...
Johnny Bendana
Johnny Bendana 7 kun oldin
These jiggaboos are out of control.
G. W.
G. W. 7 kun oldin
Fkn media foul🤨nothn 2 do wit this
Blue Collar Sportz Betting
Fake news
Santos Capone
Santos Capone 8 kun oldin
No respect. 😐
Cynthia Myles
Cynthia Myles 8 kun oldin
this has nothing to do with the funeral...yall reaching and the gangs are preaching and praying together and y'all mad about it.
Mr Good
Mr Good 8 kun oldin
Hardcore lifestyle and culture.
riikerman 8 kun oldin
Why do murderers listen to the dead dude's music?
John Holms
John Holms 8 kun oldin
I be of chubakin, concubinal ancestry.
John Holms
John Holms 8 kun oldin
Nah, wha chu be tawkin bout. Gangsta fo rill!!
hi youtube
hi youtube 8 kun oldin
Shopping 🛒 shopping center.😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😞😎
ygg von
ygg von 8 kun oldin
Rest up.nip💔💔😢😢🙏🙏
Jen Friedeck
Jen Friedeck 8 kun oldin
God don't like ugly
riikerman 8 kun oldin
Yea, maaaaan, the ancient Jewish god killing people for complaining of hunger is considered ugly.
Danyell Thomas
Danyell Thomas 8 kun oldin
This is such a shame African Americans will never stop killing each other but they get mad when other people kill our people I don't understand it I don't think they do either. They need to bring back the death penalty for people like this but they won't for some reason even if they did it would not change how African American people are just so hateful against their own race it is so sad God bless us all
Elementsage 8 kun oldin
So whats the solution to black on black violence?
Hop Along Johnny
Hop Along Johnny 8 kun oldin
No! They couldn’t have been black shooters, this never happens!
James Moran
James Moran 8 kun oldin
Old text she wrote months before, why would she write this months before the shooting .
G singh
G singh 8 kun oldin
yet still nothing will change , sad .
Kidane Tower
Kidane Tower 8 kun oldin
That has nothing to do with Nipsey. Shootings happen every day in California. This is just another attempt by the media to step on Nipseys legacy
visionary 8 kun oldin
Is that raekwon the chef behind her?
Kenneth Greenleaf
Kenneth Greenleaf 8 kun oldin
robert bogert
robert bogert 8 kun oldin
Since when was being a gang member like some sort of holy act?? No let’s be real ! This dude is getting mad props from all circles as a community leader and so fourth right? But check it ! Gangs destroy communities PERIOD!!!!! They rob and shoot the innocent they tag up neighborhoods with horrible graffiti. They scare parents into keeping their children at home to be safe and they murder each other for the corniest shit and brig drugs and drug addicts to a community ! Now! Having said all that this nipsey hussle was a proud crip right? So again when is being a member something inspiring? Wtf ? Who the fuck are we fooling GANGS DESTROY COMMUNITIES nipsey hussle was a gang member ! Living in the fucking twilight zone I swear ! Peace ✌🏻
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