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No Jumper feat Tay K & Blocboy JB - Hard (Official Music Video)

No Jumper
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Stream/Download - nojumper.lnk.to/HardAY - The first single from No Jumper Records gets a music video. Blocboy JB joins forces with Tay K for the "Hard" visual. Look for much more dropping soon
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27-Iyl, 2018

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No Jumper
No Jumper 2 oy oldin
subscribe to this channel bc when we hit 2 million we're going to Dave & Busters
Hypocritical YT
Hypocritical YT Kun oldin
diego saenz
diego saenz 2 kun oldin
Pi si me it a mi también te quiero mucho más fácil para iwowowo
Sylvain Aime
Sylvain Aime 3 kun oldin
Sylvain Aime
Sylvain Aime 3 kun oldin
Chris_k.0rg __xDXD
Chris_k.0rg __xDXD 48 daqiqa oldin
I showed this song to a truck Now it’s a Lamborghini
Shayleen Mac
Shayleen Mac 2 soat oldin
Jail is very hard
Generasi Sawojajar
Generasi Sawojajar 2 soat oldin
1:15 R.I.P Acoustic Guitar
Javaris Council
Javaris Council 3 soat oldin
Free tay k
Dolan Pls
Dolan Pls 7 soat oldin
Alaysja Jackson
Alaysja Jackson 8 soat oldin
If tay k in jail how he do this song im confuses.
Joanne Ortega
Joanne Ortega 9 soat oldin
Cruising with chopstick!!!
Andy Do
Andy Do 10 soat oldin
math was very hard
Braebarian Stings
Braebarian Stings 10 soat oldin
Adrena Taylor
Adrena Taylor 11 soat oldin
I played this song my parents took me to adoption center
Mario Blanco
Mario Blanco 12 soat oldin
This song is hard
N8 13 soat oldin
Kanye west
N8 13 soat oldin
Fuck I meant Kanye’s weaaysb
N8 13 soat oldin
Very cool man I love it canyea
Vincent Hoang
Vincent Hoang 14 soat oldin
Joey trap anyone?
Pekas Boo
Pekas Boo 14 soat oldin
Oh hell naw my guy winked...fuck that bro...
CAN we have 500 sub with no video ? Please
Me when i have a song in my head
Telmo Diogo
Telmo Diogo 16 soat oldin
darkboy is tay-k 47
Just Another Normie
Just Another Normie 19 soat oldin
Fuck vegetables and squash, we only fuck with beef
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez 19 soat oldin
@adam22 you're such a dick rider man I think you're one of the most boo boo ass people that tried to step foot in the industry you went from bikes and all of a sudden got onto little pumps pencil dick and now all of a sudden you want to be a part of the rap scene you're like 50 years old going into 60 and you're acting like you belong in this generation get the f*** out
K Lar
K Lar 21 soat oldin
I wonder if he does the race to recreation time. So stupid. And for all of you saying he will get out, your just as dumb as he is. Little boy never getting out.
Bryces T1D vlogs Green
#1:you was on some opp sh*t #2:she thought it was my cock but my Glock very hard
Afrikaantjj Kun oldin
My pillow very soft
Ava Blackwell
Ava Blackwell Kun oldin
Wow um he’s black but apparently he is paper? I don’t get the intention of this video
Ava Blackwell
Ava Blackwell Soat oldin
Yaki Alvarez
Yaki Alvarez 10 soat oldin
bc he couldnt be in this video??? lol
Emanuel Mendez
Emanuel Mendez Kun oldin
man this go into your hard vibes 🚨
Aura Plugaru
Aura Plugaru Kun oldin
best song ever
Andy do
Andy do Kun oldin
How did he record this in jail?
LUKEYCURlS — Kun oldin
This is making want to play for nite but I remember I’m a default boy
Miles Lomprey
Miles Lomprey Kun oldin
Get the hell out nigga Tay k beat that race.
ruthless Kun oldin
DaRk KhOaS AbOLiShEr
This is actully hard.
Reggie Singleton
That nigga bloc boy must got some jolly ranchers in his mouth when he rap
Clay DaFortniteAndSwagMan
Animating the shoot dance is very hard
FrenzyBoi Kun oldin
I'm surprised a drawing can shoot better than me
Shane Armstrong
Shane Armstrong Kun oldin
How tall is blockboy JB really
DJDYEEZY 12 Kun oldin
BustNuts Mcgee
BustNuts Mcgee Kun oldin
Did this nigga just say school is very hard I'm fucking deceased
Shoop dae Woop
Shoop dae Woop Kun oldin
1:16 when you get 2nd place in fortnite
squid pupper
squid pupper Kun oldin
"School was very hard"i huess thats why you cant rhyme
Dephy Kun oldin
1:27 probably the smoothest shoot
El Paso Banks
El Paso Banks Kun oldin
Tay k look like that kid from the into the spider verse movie
heat games1204
heat games1204 Kun oldin
On me Bb look like the turtle franklin
Riley Anderson
Riley Anderson Kun oldin
2:09 damn who she?
B FoCuz WholeHood
#FREELILTAYK #VeryHard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👽🖖💯💯💯Lit Did they thing if #Boss
rob evaro
rob evaro Kun oldin
This song VERy HARD!! I be listening to this while team roping🐄🐎
LuvLuv Kun oldin
Tay K's voice is hot
Tyshawn Williams
Yea Umm
Yea Umm Kun oldin
1:28 when u clap a squad in pleasant with no shield
Naji Jones
Naji Jones Kun oldin
Wow that was so good Tay k
Naji Jones
Naji Jones Kun oldin
Wow that was so good Tay k
shawn게임 마니아
Free tayk
THE REAL EZ 2 kun oldin
Old coryxkenshin
Patrick star
Patrick star 2 kun oldin
Wonder why tay k wasn't there???
SGTSayz 2 kun oldin
That nigga don’t wanna be free 😂
Daniiell 2 kun oldin
Fortnite Gamer
Fortnite Gamer 2 kun oldin
Yonnia& Nari
Yonnia& Nari 2 kun oldin
Free Tay K
The Names L
The Names L 2 kun oldin
Shmurda Should Have Done What Tay K Did.
Silent Chaos
Silent Chaos 2 kun oldin
why does tay-k always rap about school. in this one hes like "school was very hard" and in murder she wrote he says "rip em like some homework" its funny as fuck
Deathstar creater
Deathstar creater 2 kun oldin
that KK part in my last comment it was supposed to be Tay k
Deathstar creater
Deathstar creater 2 kun oldin
KK says she thought it was my cock but my Glide very hard I think it should be the other way around like she thought it was my glock blue my cock very hard what do you think
Awsomesuperangelgirl Awsome
This is my new shit omg I love this song
Valkyrie 777
Valkyrie 777 2 kun oldin
the one hit wonders create another banger tear
Dragonball 300000
Dragonball 300000 2 kun oldin
You know what else hard? The dick up his ass from bending over to get the soap
Nydia Mozee
Nydia Mozee 2 kun oldin
Cruisin down a Nigga block wit the chop stick rock star
Nicke VLOGS 2 kun oldin
Tay k last resort is suicide hate to say this but he has no future since he's doing life in prison and I assume that he won't be eligible for parole I his love music but he commited a serious crime at the age of 18 I hate seeing tay k locked up in a prison jump suit he had an awesome career coming his way and he threw away. I'm sorry to all his fans that I said this
Queenaka Leelee101
Queenaka Leelee101 2 kun oldin
Free sticky free pimpy
BobbyEntertainer 2 kun oldin
This beat very hard
Marchal 72
Marchal 72 2 kun oldin
Des français?
Queenaka Leelee101
Queenaka Leelee101 2 kun oldin
And why they got tay k looking like a bum
Queenaka Leelee101
Queenaka Leelee101 2 kun oldin
Look at them eyebrows lol but song is hard and tay k part is hard
Charger Left 4 dead
I wish I could do all of this in school :(
Lil Кашель
Lil Кашель 2 kun oldin
Big Baby Tape лучше зачитал
Ranger Ryley
Ranger Ryley 2 kun oldin
The concept is dope but damn those animations were ugly as fuck, do they not know better animators or were they too cheap to hire one?
cuf is cool
cuf is cool 2 kun oldin
I don't even like blockboy but his verse was hard asf 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Infamous the God
Infamous the God 2 kun oldin
Jaden Boss
Jaden Boss 2 kun oldin
Isaiah Trejo
Isaiah Trejo 2 kun oldin
This shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aiden Henry
Aiden Henry 2 kun oldin
Nexus OvO
Nexus OvO 2 kun oldin
This should be platinum What high school is this I wanna yo there and say bloc boy and Tay k was basically here
Bad Man
Bad Man 3 kun oldin
That wink at the end💀
Ильягу Нагдимаев
Если тебя посадили в тюрягу на 40 лет и ты не можешь записать клип на свой новый трек, пусть тебя нарисуют хуле
Caden Will
Caden Will 3 kun oldin
Definitely don’t free him
kJ Ak47
kJ Ak47 3 kun oldin
She said it was very hard
Marie Prophet
Marie Prophet 3 kun oldin
75 speed
Mike Ford
Mike Ford 3 kun oldin
Mike Ford
Mike Ford 3 kun oldin
Dillon colon
Dillon colon 3 kun oldin
Adam 22?
Queenaka Leelee101
Queenaka Leelee101 3 kun oldin
This song is very hard
Replayz 6
Replayz 6 3 kun oldin
This made me shoot my pillow because it was soft
EndOfGaming YT
EndOfGaming YT 3 kun oldin
Bro jail is very hard :l :shrug:
GG GAMING 3 kun oldin
When you find a Skull Trooper “I’m a shoot a lot”
hector_da_supreme X
Tay k is making me sweat and melt
Chris551154 3 kun oldin
This makes me colorblind so I can’t see back people
Fuze 3 kun oldin
Brady Maylow
Brady Maylow 3 kun oldin
Shoot shoot shoot shoot
Brady Maylow
Brady Maylow 3 kun oldin
I’m joking
james fields
james fields 3 kun oldin
When they say they better at yu in smash
2 oy oldin
YG - Suu Whoop
7 oy oldin
Drake - Nonstop
2 oy oldin
After You
5 oy oldin