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No Jumper feat Tay K & Blocboy JB - Hard (Official Music Video)

No Jumper
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Stream/Download - nojumper.lnk.to/HardAY - The first single from No Jumper Records gets a music video. Blocboy JB joins forces with Tay K for the "Hard" visual. Look for much more dropping soon
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27-Iyl, 2018

tay kblocboy jbno jumperadam22hardtay k hardblocboy hardno jumper records



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No Jumper
No Jumper 6 oy oldin
subscribe to this channel bc when we hit 2 million we're going to Dave & Busters
Terryjames Townsend
Terryjames Townsend 11 kun oldin
Ok we us waiting
Luis Colon
Luis Colon 13 kun oldin
This beat is hard nigga
brayden helton
brayden helton 16 kun oldin
yall ever go
Time Is infinite
Time Is infinite 21 kun oldin
No you bald boy
Time Is infinite
Time Is infinite 22 kun oldin
Crack bloc boy jb and fart 💨 on it 💩
I Am Nessie
I Am Nessie 3 soat oldin
When I see my crush my dick is *very hard*
JoozieBeats 5 soat oldin
Was Tay-K working on this and didn’t finish it because he went to jail? Because tbh I don’t like Blocboys part I wish Tay-K did the whole song. His chorus was fire af.
King Smoove
King Smoove 5 soat oldin
This shit is very trash
JayDog 1407
JayDog 1407 6 soat oldin
Tay-K never coming out dude
crustyspace9 7 soat oldin
hold up so we just gonna ignore the fact that tay k had a glock in his pants at school?
Ethan Kennedy
Ethan Kennedy 9 soat oldin
english very hard
Wolfy Dude
Wolfy Dude 11 soat oldin
Tay-k's part is the best
nathan jeffrey
nathan jeffrey 15 soat oldin
fire af
NooB 16 soat oldin
This song was pretty hard!!!!
Ender Wolf
Ender Wolf 19 soat oldin
One of the hardest rapers
Savage Vlogs
Savage Vlogs 21 soat oldin
Who is blast this in February 2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lil Tray
Lil Tray Kun oldin
For all the retards tay-k made a song already with that lyrics call opp shit goofy ass niccas
scorpion 81
scorpion 81 Kun oldin
Tay k when *HARD*
Jamir Mccoy
Jamir Mccoy Kun oldin
Rad reeling Is a goat
2:07 tayk was kicking VERY HARD
ItzYe Panda
ItzYe Panda Kun oldin
Jumper where dat Dave and Busters though.
Lilliam Pumpernickel
When you come back and her clothes are off
Daniel Norona
Daniel Norona Kun oldin
Why does tay k and comethazine sound similar? 🤔🤔🤔
Womaru Dignity
Womaru Dignity Kun oldin
5,6,7 сук на мне, они все hoe
Аа Паа
Аа Паа Kun oldin
Выпустил трек в тюрьме
Kobe Bahnmuller
Kobe Bahnmuller Kun oldin
lol free Tay-k. Why? He shot somebody dead...
Žîllå Kiłł Niggāś
Free Tay-K
Dash 2 kun oldin
1 2 3 тейпи варит доуп
Viki Petrovic
Viki Petrovic 2 kun oldin
T Kay - jail is very hard
Shakur Flowers
Shakur Flowers 2 kun oldin
Lit you do go hard
young mafia
young mafia 2 kun oldin
2:10 clasic
Your gay
Your gay 2 kun oldin
Who still listening??? 🔥🖕😂
ManLike Derek
ManLike Derek 2 kun oldin
aint no such thing as a good rap video without an Asian thot in it
Zachary Long
Zachary Long 2 kun oldin
Bicth I very hard
Gagne Mage
Gagne Mage 2 kun oldin
Раз, два, три Tappy варит доуп пять, шесть, семь сук на мне они все хоу.
Lotif 3 kun oldin
Someone excited
Alpha1Epsilon2 3 kun oldin
Blocboy ruins everything
Anonymous Spartan
Anonymous Spartan 3 kun oldin
Come on , you know king shooters version go hard 🔥🔥🔥
JustDunlap 3 kun oldin
Look up Tay-K “ Opp Shit “ that’s the original of this song
SkyeKingdom 3 kun oldin
school was very hard.. nigga was like in 8th grade lol
josh melgar
josh melgar 3 kun oldin
1:53 Me when the teacher thinks I'm going to the washroom, but I'm really 'bout to screw my pet hamster.
John Stephens
John Stephens 3 kun oldin
Adam in chem lab whipping it up
Teezy Mizzy
Teezy Mizzy 3 kun oldin
All the dislikes are from the cops
JmansFragments 3 kun oldin
this so dumb harddd but this lyrics man i cant rock wit
Alan Gonzalez
Alan Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
Tay _k looks gay
jacob riggs
jacob riggs 3 kun oldin
Blue Spider-Boy
Blue Spider-Boy 3 kun oldin
How shit you have to be, to get outdone in a song by a 15 year old boy Tay k washed Blocboy jb
Dänkki 3 kun oldin
Tay K - Prison life ft. 6ix9ine, Bobby Shmurda.
JDNT GAMING 5 soat oldin
Remix ft. Kevin Gates
Datwolfbruh Kun oldin
Prod. by Bill Cosby
Deruzzi 4 kun oldin
appearing in a music video *very hard*
adam padilla
adam padilla 4 kun oldin
Kelly McK
Kelly McK 4 kun oldin
Noise song
Kenny Morris Jr.
Kenny Morris Jr. 4 kun oldin
I like you
jayden bagley
jayden bagley 4 kun oldin
Free tay k
XXXGG Pride 4 kun oldin
He look likes a boondocks animation
Trolling Peeps
Trolling Peeps 4 kun oldin
I think the Jb was a terrible choise for this song
KPLIITZ 4 kun oldin
Low key he is a good rapper
XxrystonxX XxrystonxX
Life is very hard at Martin high school if u didn’t know that’s the high school I go to and that’s the high school he’s supposed to be at if he wasn’t in jail
sheizreal maye
sheizreal maye 5 kun oldin
she thought it was my cock but my glock very hard
Rafael Flagg
Rafael Flagg 5 kun oldin
Trump was really hard!!!!
Earl Dunn
Earl Dunn 5 kun oldin
BlocBoy ruined the song
Billy Diesel
Billy Diesel 5 kun oldin
Can get a producer name adam? Jeez the description of your videos is corporate as fuck.
janae martin
janae martin 5 kun oldin
This song is gay when he says hard
semir bajramovic
semir bajramovic 5 kun oldin
Stop doing the shoot my God bruh chill out
DON'T PLAY 5 kun oldin
Wish Tay k was the principal at my school 🚔:2019😂🎶💯
Datwolfbruh Kun oldin
Oh so you want to be assaulted and murdered?
Zainoid 123
Zainoid 123 5 kun oldin
Opp shit was better without blocboyJB
Sedate r2rsde
Sedate r2rsde 5 kun oldin
This goes hard
DieLit GG
DieLit GG 5 kun oldin
why the tay k animation look hella derpy
Wild Card Gaming, Music And More
[Insert Shitty Rapper] But Good
Marquander Tyler
Marquander Tyler 5 kun oldin
Free Tay k
Datwolfbruh Kun oldin
Keep tay k
Jack Berdine
Jack Berdine 5 kun oldin
School was very hard. School was very hard?
F R 5 kun oldin
1:28 brandon ingram
D AGBOY 5 kun oldin
Better than queen, ye and micheal jackson whole dicography
Suicide If you try to let go
Rip you apart
Rico Swavey on FB
Rico Swavey on FB 6 kun oldin
Bullets aim fart
Ramiro Alvarez
Ramiro Alvarez 6 kun oldin
Lil yay
idk wut u sayn
idk wut u sayn 6 kun oldin
Lit af
Maxwell Jacobs!
Maxwell Jacobs! 6 kun oldin
I forgot about this song
Thegamer 59
Thegamer 59 6 kun oldin
Every like = 1 🍕 🍕🍕
Arman Peirce
Arman Peirce 6 kun oldin
Wait a sec at 0:46 guy in back of the room is awake, moving to the beat, but at 0.47 he is asleep
DeadZxne123 6 kun oldin
Karl Rose
Karl Rose 6 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Lil' Nepatiz
Lil' Nepatiz 6 kun oldin
That lady was indeed foolish to belive it was my male reproductive organ but it was actually my small concealable weapon
koz kid
koz kid 6 kun oldin
How did tayk record this
Matthew Bresnahan
Matthew Bresnahan 6 kun oldin
Apparently it wasn't HARD to illustrate Tay-K
Zubz squad
Zubz squad 7 kun oldin
The song makes me wanna go to school and say when will tay k be free on the stage with the microphone
Anthony Turner
Anthony Turner 7 kun oldin
2019-2020 Gang where u at?
Anthony Turner
Anthony Turner 7 kun oldin
Crips On Dah rise Now that i think about it(hella rappers that's crips Wanna Come up)So ig Tay K Started a trend
Anthony Turner
Anthony Turner 7 kun oldin
Why all the good Rappers That Drop Heat Gotta be locked up,Fuck the Murder nigga He Murdering The Beat too Bitch I Bump his Shit more than Youngboy tf?😣💯💀💪😈🔫
what's popen news
what's popen news 7 kun oldin
He'll yeah
Cutie 7 kun oldin
This song goes hard
zeroEXE 7 kun oldin
not the original.
Chemical BassBooster
who is the girl at 2:12 whts her IG
Michael Scoggins
Michael Scoggins 7 kun oldin
Free tay k
Datwolfbruh Kun oldin
Keep Tay K
Grape Toast
Grape Toast 8 kun oldin
0:42 on the last day of school and the bell rings
Bailey SMITH
Bailey SMITH 8 kun oldin
Free tay k
Datwolfbruh Kun oldin
Keep tay k
maximilianmus Jr
maximilianmus Jr 8 kun oldin
He found a new way to escape prison
Tbh-iNoDaWay -onGawd
One day i listen to this before school then i once again listened to it in class at lunch someone was sneak dissin i went to him like why u sneak dissen he was like u soft i screamed BITCH IM VERY HARD the lunch aid heard me and started walkin over quickly but when he got over there it was already over after i said i was hard he pushed me i swung on him and choked that nigga the lunch aid then dragged me to the office😂
bandup trey
bandup trey 6 kun oldin
bruhhhh shut the fuck up
Ernest McGhee jr
Ernest McGhee jr 8 kun oldin
No cap tay k rlly hard tho
Greg Hudson
Greg Hudson 8 kun oldin
Med Bangs
Med Bangs 8 kun oldin
free tay k
Datwolfbruh Kun oldin
Keep tay k
KleinerShark 8 kun oldin
Most underrated song?
Alex Fernandez
Alex Fernandez 9 kun oldin
Follow my insta alexxf1919 💯
Mike Torrez
Mike Torrez 9 kun oldin
School is too hard I only got a 4.0 GPA
RtC Saifye
RtC Saifye 9 kun oldin
0:40 me when i see my teacher in public
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