North Koreans Try American Thanksgiving Food (2018)

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In this video North Korean defectors try a special Thanksgiving meal prepped by chef Ryan Phillips of Ryan Smokehouse in Seoul. They feast on a smoked turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, mac and cheese, stuffing, cranberry sauce and homemade sausages with airforce veteran Sky Muhammad.
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A big thank you to Ryan Smokehouse
Go try some of their fantastic bbq!
-Fb page: tiny.cc/ryansmokehouse
-Instagram: tiny.cc/ryansmokehouse_ig
송파구 올림픽로 12길 17
-Phone number: 02-420-9669
Chef Ryan Philips:
If you want to help North Korean refugees in South Korea, please check out:
TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees) - Helps NK refugees get a private education (which is often necessary for good jobs and also not cheap). Please visit: tiny.cc/tknr
Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) - LiNK brings North Korean refugees to freedom and safety through a 3,000-mile rescue route through China and Southeast Asia, and works to change the narrative on North Korea by bringing more focus to the North Korean people. Please visit: tiny.cc/liberty_in_north_korea
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18-Noy, 2018

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Digitalsoju TV
Digitalsoju TV 13 kun oldin
Eunhee from this video went from knowing zero English 4 years ago to giving a Tedx talk very recently. Quite amazing! Check it out if you're interested: uzvid.com/video/video-ps4Iy8VBxYc.html
Damnationization 9 kun oldin
I liked her in the video the most. She appears very intelligent and happy. :)
GlassTopRX7 9 kun oldin
Those plates aren't American sized, great video.
don trotter
don trotter 15 soat oldin
I just found these videos and i am so happy that they have found safety and a measure of happiness in a free country. good luck to them all.
Tania Souf
Tania Souf Kun oldin
North koreans are beautiful & have such polite manners, dont forget they are taught to act lol but when they are free from their own country they ain't lying. You can see it in their faces, joy, peace & happiness
Jerokhna Kun oldin
Thanksgiving has slowly become more of a global holiday (different days but still there) and is about getting together with family and friends and celebrating the things we have and the people in our lives. Wholesome message followed up with very wholesome and filling food.
Terry Barela
Terry Barela 2 kun oldin
How dare that ugly Korean call us American bastards...hope she chokes on the turkey. .OPEN your eyes. .lol
David Huber
David Huber 2 kun oldin
You see this and try to explain to me how all Americans are rude, self centered and ignorant. This has to be one of the best videos I have ever watched on UZvid. The cultural divide between our two nations is a vast divide but this boils down to good people helping out good people. The kindness, hospitality and the goodwill of my fellow citizens are the reasons I am proud to be an American.
Mike The Gamer
Mike The Gamer 2 kun oldin
green bean casserole with ham chunks? I think I about to be sick.
Uncle Putin
Uncle Putin 2 kun oldin
mashy potato lol
GoukenslayWAO 2 kun oldin
lmfao american thanksgiving looks like someone fishing in the bargain bin in a grocery store. all the "dishes" if can call any of them dishes look lack luster
Ryan 3 kun oldin
We really are just american bastards
Brian Sanchez
Brian Sanchez 3 kun oldin
Yumi cute tho
angellliccdd 3 kun oldin
I just thought of a food special you could do. What about North and South Koreans trying "Soul Food" for the first time?
angellliccdd 3 kun oldin
When Minho mention not liking potatoes so much because he had to eat them a lot, I can understand what you means. Growing we had to eat a lot of beans, ( Lima, black eyes peas etc..) What I called them back them and still today is Black eyed peas and giddy up rice. I still love rice, but rarely if at all eat beans of any kind.
Horace Ball
Horace Ball 3 kun oldin
Are not us Americans very very lucky and very very blessed? Great video with great people.
a random user
a random user 3 kun oldin
I've been wanting to watch this ever since the NK's try BBQ video, good work!
Larr 3 kun oldin
I'd been eating the whole time... Those plates are too small for Thanksgiving. Lol
Dalion Heart
Dalion Heart 4 kun oldin
I felt so disgusted in our society, the moment that man said that out of all the things he has discovered after escaping North Korea, he's most thankful for being indoctrinated in western mythology and fairy tales. That is absolutely heartbreaking. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
Kai Thongsavanh
Kai Thongsavanh 4 kun oldin
Food looks great but...where are the Brussels sprouts? Roast those in the oven with a little honey balsamic glaze, serve with some crumbled bacon and you’re all set!
Yaoi LovER
Yaoi LovER 4 kun oldin
I see you editor over there playing your MGS games! lol
Yaoi LovER
Yaoi LovER 4 kun oldin
before I watch this......you didn't tell them the..ya know..truth about the holiday, right? lol
Coffeeology 4 kun oldin
This goes out to Ryan. As a Texan THANK YOU for sharing our BBQ culture with them.
Robert Punzell
Robert Punzell 4 kun oldin
so I guess I'm missing something these people are from North Korea right now or they now live here and were from North Korea?
Digitalsoju TV
Digitalsoju TV 4 kun oldin
The intro explains it all
FMichael1970 5 kun oldin
1 aspect these folks forgot to include...Alcohol - as in beer, bourbon, scotch. rum, tequilla, etc. etc...
Digitalsoju TV
Digitalsoju TV 4 kun oldin
Who drinks tequila on Thanksgiving? 😰😰
Zachary Snyder
Zachary Snyder 5 kun oldin
Thank God these great people got out of North Korea. What a nightmare they have been through but now they are free. It's terrific.
M C A 5 kun oldin
mashy potato
Rikki Chadwick
Rikki Chadwick 5 kun oldin
I wish you would upload more videos i love your channel! 🖤🖤
101Proof Please
101Proof Please 5 kun oldin
Wait...the chef is Texan, and no pecan pie? WTF
i3su _
i3su _ 5 kun oldin
These videos make me want to learn Korean so I can listen to more of their stories
mike losinger
mike losinger 5 kun oldin
Love all of these videos, they make one more appreciative for our country. I already appreciate this country greatly, but it's good to be reminded from time to time. One little gripe I had this video, and I do mean little, was that in my opinion he should have gone with an apple and peach pies. They are much more of an American traditional pie, especially at thanksgiving, much more than a pumpkin pie...which is just a squash. For them to have the utmost American thanksgiving experience...apple and peach pies. 🤙🏻
CueBall69 6 kun oldin
I'm not American, but that food is my dream Turkey, macaroni cheese (as we call it in Britain), stuffing, sausages and rolls 👌
Toby Atterstrom
Toby Atterstrom 6 kun oldin
“These are my grandmothers yeast rolls” boy stop playing we all know that’s King’s Hawaiian Bread
Julian Jackson
Julian Jackson 6 kun oldin
This is what groundbreaking journalism is. Huge ups to you. Not the garbage propaganda put out by DPRK 360 here made by Aram Pan or the Pyongyang crap out out by Jaka Parker. That is garbage pro North Korean propaganda. They want to disprove what these actual North Koreans said, that they can’t afford ANY of this back home and that most people aside from the rich were starving and still are
lonhuey 7 kun oldin
This is beautiful. The true meaning of giving thanks. It reminds us of what we should be thankful for.
JusticeShldRule 8 kun oldin
---I'd eat anything on that table except that nasty Green Bean Casserole. I HATE Funions
Grannaidh Seanamhair
Loved this!! Those people there (& all like them) truly sacrificed a lot for freedom & they did it so young! They understand the true meaning of freedom. People around the world who have had relative freedom all their lives can appreciate freedom but not like ones who have been forced, one way or another, to live without it. As much as I appreciate it, I know I can't like those people. I pray to God I never have to live without it. I'm glad the chef made actual normal Thanksgiving food & not some weird fru-fru gourmet crap nobody ever heard of like on a vid I saw of Irish ppl tasting thanksgiving food. It made me mad some stupid American wanted to show off instead of making authentic stuff. It was completely different like if Taco Bell would claim it's food is actual authentic food just like they have in most homes in Mexico.
Don Purciful
Don Purciful 8 kun oldin
I am glad these folks get to see Real Food and Convey that Americans do Love them Hope they find Jesus and Live a Happy Wonderful Life with Freedom. May they also be able to go back to the former North Korea and re-invent and give new brith to their country. Long Overdue.
Mr Fancy Pants
Mr Fancy Pants 8 kun oldin
Great video buddy. You should have asked them what they thought about "Gangnam Style." Haha! But really, that looked like a special dinner and I'm glad you shared one of our American traditions with those fine people. Hopefully we can get NoKo out of the 16th century and into the 21st sometime soon.
Tim Nkl
Tim Nkl 8 kun oldin
This video really got to me . It made me have to clear my throat and look to see if anyone was watching me lol . It’s awesome those few got out of North Korea , but so many never make it and many more will die in some of the worst ways imaginable . Great video and god bless you and those that made it out of N.Korea alive .
Benjamin Rodriguez
Benjamin Rodriguez 8 kun oldin
Are they near a horse pasture? I hear a lot of neighing going on
Bennie Leip
Bennie Leip 8 kun oldin
Sooo irritating to watch this because nee means no in my language and here it means right 😆 confusing
Digitalsoju TV
Digitalsoju TV 8 kun oldin
SAKVIII 9 kun oldin
That Metal Gear reference LOL
Matthew Califana
Matthew Califana 9 kun oldin
That eagle Freaked me Out , WTF !
윤시정 9 kun oldin
iron story is like movies. he is cool boy i always cheer you on. happy new years. 2019 good lukc your life and enjoyed your way~~^^
nemesisslr 10 kun oldin
Thanks for these videos, its very eye opening to see the facts about NK.
jstrahan2 10 kun oldin
Green Bean Casserole? Blecchhh!! That would never come even close to our Thanksgiving table. And where's the pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and cranberry sauce? It's not a real American Thanksgiving unless you have those items.
hoodnibor 10 kun oldin
That an American Thanksgiving those Plates are way too small. An American
G W 11 kun oldin
Very cool. Wish I could have joined them.
Bill Harmes
Bill Harmes 11 kun oldin
What a group of courageous wonderful people the north Koreans are. I'm so glad they are free.
Jeremy Cline
Jeremy Cline 12 kun oldin
This was wonderful, thank you.
ashton cap
ashton cap 12 kun oldin
The "american basturds" got me lol