North Koreans Try American Thanksgiving Food (2018)

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In this video North Korean defectors try a special Thanksgiving meal prepped by chef Ryan Phillips of Ryan Smokehouse in Seoul. They feast on a smoked turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, mac and cheese, stuffing, cranberry sauce and homemade sausages with airforce veteran Sky Muhammad.
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A big thank you to Ryan Smokehouse
Go try some of their fantastic bbq!
-Fb page: tiny.cc/ryansmokehouse
-Instagram: tiny.cc/ryansmokehouse_ig
송파구 올림픽로 12길 17
-Phone number: 02-420-9669
Chef Ryan Philips:
If you want to help North Korean refugees in South Korea, please check out:
TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees) - Helps NK refugees get a private education (which is often necessary for good jobs and also not cheap). Please visit: tiny.cc/tknr
Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) - LiNK brings North Korean refugees to freedom and safety through a 3,000-mile rescue route through China and Southeast Asia, and works to change the narrative on North Korea by bringing more focus to the North Korean people. Please visit: tiny.cc/liberty_in_north_korea
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Digitalsoju TV
Digitalsoju TV 2 oy oldin
Eunhee from this video went from knowing zero English 4 years ago to giving a Tedx talk very recently. Quite amazing! Check it out if you're interested: uzvid.com/video/video-ps4Iy8VBxYc.html
Aly Upde
Aly Upde 9 kun oldin
Maybe it was cut out but I would’ve wanted the story of Thanksgiving told to anyone before they participated in a Thanksgiving meal. That way they could understand and appreciate it a bit more.
Chelley 85
Chelley 85 Oy oldin
Digitalsoju TV love the eagle and flag at freedom time. Yes nobody realised how good we actually have it!
Damnationization 2 oy oldin
I liked her in the video the most. She appears very intelligent and happy. :)
GlassTopRX7 2 oy oldin
Those plates aren't American sized, great video.
howard weitzell
howard weitzell 6 soat oldin
Too bad we can’t get many more people from the north involved in some Thanksgiving Day feast...they need to eat!, and get a better picture of us bastard Americans👍.
D T Kun oldin
I love how he's explaining the food they're all like "hmhmm." "ohhh" "wow" "ahh" and etc
deathtoreligion Kun oldin
Now this was cool...MUCH better than the mexican food vid...
Douglas Williford
Douglas Williford 2 kun oldin
They didn't comment the gravy. Everything else was quite touching.
Douglas Williford
Douglas Williford 2 kun oldin
+Digitalsoju TV Just about what it was for, not about whether they enjoyed it.
Digitalsoju TV
Digitalsoju TV 2 kun oldin
They did talk about gravy several times :)
Jerry Yarbrough
Jerry Yarbrough 3 kun oldin
I always have mixed emotions when I see this type of video. On one hand I am glad that they are experiencing an American meal but I am always saddened by the knowledge that they have family and friends that are still in the North. They have been told that we are evil and the cause of their suffering, and suddenly, they are experiencing the bounty of one of our holidays. I would imagine that they are overwhelmed by the experience.
Clandestine Merkaba
Honestly, this is the kind of content that makes me appreciate humanity and feel like it's all worth it.
Drick Lorenz
Drick Lorenz 5 kun oldin
Great video...
Greg Kleinfall
Greg Kleinfall 5 kun oldin
Really enjoyed this video but I busted out laughing when I saw the caption at the end "claps in American". I didn't know there was such a thing as American clapping. Anyway, my best wishes go out to these young people. May their North Korean countrymen get to taste the same freedom someday soon.
Paragoti 6 kun oldin
[claps in German]
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness 7 kun oldin
They gave them dessert plates instead of dinner plates.
Shadow 7 kun oldin
*snickers in american*
forgot to thank GOD , JESUS FOR FOOD??? 💐!!!
Digitalsoju TV
Digitalsoju TV 7 kun oldin
That's like someone being offended you didn't thank Allah for your last dinner. Not everyone in the world is Christian...
knownchild 8 kun oldin
Mike Solomon
Mike Solomon 8 kun oldin
I do love to meet people like you ! So much to learn LOL THANKS !!may your future blessed keep smiling
Vyom Bhavsar
Vyom Bhavsar 8 kun oldin
ahhhhh oohhh ohhh ummmm ahhh
Kar Dengl
Kar Dengl 9 kun oldin
I’m hungry
Jim Green
Jim Green 9 kun oldin
Two of the foods on the table I've never eaten as part of Thanksgiving--mac & cheese, and the sausages. The blonde Korean understands the original meaning of Thanksgiving--thanks to God, which, sadly, is an embarrassment to a good portion of American citizens.
Charles Guinn
Charles Guinn 9 kun oldin
What? No Yams or Sweet Potatoes.....? They would have loved to taste them as well ! These videos are GREAT, the BBQ are the best IMO. As they were all talking about what they're grateful for, watch the guy in the Orange pullover 'smack down' on that T-Leg ! LOL Priceless
Digitalsoju TV
Digitalsoju TV 9 kun oldin
We're thinking of doing this as a yearly series with different food each time :)
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 10 kun oldin
Unrealistic, there is no grandma to force everyone into clearing 3 full plates of food before leaving the table
pam dix
pam dix 11 kun oldin
The plates are way too small for Thanksgiving!!! Enjoyed the video!
matt kilty
matt kilty 12 kun oldin
Who says pretty tasty at 7:29???
johnnymcblaze 12 kun oldin
That's americans for you. You call any other nationality "bastards" and they get angry and want an explanation. But we start laughing.
Ericka Cisneros
Ericka Cisneros 12 kun oldin
Im so glad that they escaped and are now happy
Pat H
Pat H 12 kun oldin
lied, LIED, all lied, fake news... N.Korea is one of the greatest country where great minds are born daily. People are well fed... to death, and wealth is spread equally and happily among the people. This propaganda video was made to bad face and ridicule the greatest leader and the most profound political party of ALL: Communism. American bastards are just being jealous. Teeheee.... Hope you all got the sarcasm.
Brook53 74
Brook53 74 13 kun oldin
No "BAKED" mac n cheese, yams, or collard greens??? Not a THANKSGIVING spread😑
Tristan Causer
Tristan Causer 16 kun oldin
North Koreans definitely don't know what a food coma is unless your Kim. Kim would know because he's the only North Korean not being starved.
Jake Ifraimov
Jake Ifraimov 16 kun oldin
Addicted to watching Koreans eat American food. XD
Ryann :D
Ryann :D 16 kun oldin
“Freedom is great” I love this.
Kevin Spolarich
Kevin Spolarich 18 kun oldin
Lmao he told North Koreans he was starving right now that's a pretty bold statement
Brian Goldstein
Brian Goldstein 18 kun oldin
she speaks very proper English... love it
Bad Mother Fucker
Bad Mother Fucker 19 kun oldin
This Thanksgiving coming up my family and I decided to celebrate a more traditional way...We are going to make a huge feast and have a celebration for all of neighbors and people who "think" we are friends then we are going to shoot the men rape their woman and take all of their land that their families have owned for hundreds of years.YaY the real Thanksgiving!
Hum Noy
Hum Noy 20 kun oldin
You know in north korea we call it bbc too hahaha
anthony s.
anthony s. 21 kun oldin
7:05 LMAO y’all are fools for that.
robert bingenheimer
robert bingenheimer 21 kun oldin
This what Thanksgiving is about sharing small talk great company and a wonderful cook these people enjoy it so don't hate n Korea just hate little Kimmy god bless
Charles Hughes
Charles Hughes 22 kun oldin
I couldn't be married to that one lady,she don't know when to shut up,good grief
marriedandcrazy04 24 kun oldin
We make our Turkey's deep fried and (sometimes) cajun style. When I make one I bake it with Italian seasonings and butter rub. Oh! BTW, leave off that green bean casserole. 🤢
Vernon Gamble
Vernon Gamble 25 kun oldin
what was he doing putting the cranberry in the roll? was that turkey $100 per slice? he was doing too much!
Loony Crustacean
Loony Crustacean 26 kun oldin
So i learned something new today, Nay means Yes in Korean i'm guessing. Sounds like he's saying a big old fat NOPE to me XD. Such a monotone NAY
cj222100 26 kun oldin
She says she speaks English just a bit, then proceeds to speak it perfectly. I'm jealous, I wish I could speak other languages that well!
sean berthiaume
sean berthiaume 27 kun oldin
That lil' kim jung un mthrfkr evil sob!
Gary Correia
Gary Correia 27 kun oldin
I really like Minho. He's a good guy.
nimitzopsoi 27 kun oldin
That lady is sittn in the middle like she misses her dear leader. Also the other lady could have left the 'American bastard' part out. Where was she going with that?
Digitalsoju TV
Digitalsoju TV 27 kun oldin
Um no, I think you're being overly sensitive here. It was said tongue in cheek and not maliciously. It's the whole irony about eating with an American and American food when she was taught to hate them growing up.
☺smylyface☺ 27 kun oldin
I was expecting a typical foreign people try American food video. This brought tears of joy to my eyes. This was amazing to see. Thank you.
Jake Sprunger
Jake Sprunger 27 kun oldin
Where the fuck is the salad and green beans bitch chef?
Red Rain
Red Rain 28 kun oldin
I had to see this after watching Irish people react to "American" food.
Janewski11 28 kun oldin
This was the typical Thanksgiving dinner, except for one thing....the mac and cheese. We never had mac and cheese, we had corn pudding, which is much better (in my opinion) than mac and cheese. Don't get me wrong, I like mac and cheese, but corn pudding is better. We also never had green bean casserole, but then again, the food choices for Thanksgiving were dependent on each families preferences. My family typically had sauerkraut, which we placed on top of the mashed potatoes, then added corn to the top of the potatoes, then added gravy. It was all mixed up on your plate, and we all loved it. We also had cranberry sauce, which we typically ate at the end of the meal. Back then, like typical Americans, we ate so much that we could hardly breathe. I can't help but wonder....Asians think that all Americans are fat, which a lot of us are, but if those Asians had access to the foods that we eat every day, would they be fat also? The fact that they never had access to the foods that we eat, and in the quantity that we eat, they don't understand why a lot of us Americans are fat. If they were born and raised in the US, they would understand why so many Americans, myself included, are fat. There is so much cheap food here, that it's hard to keep one's weight down. While most Americans want to eat healthy, there is so much temptation here to eat junk foods....or at least, eat too much of the good foods.
David Park
David Park 28 kun oldin
99% of the vids that have North Koreans in it are fake..
David Park
David Park 28 kun oldin
This is fake.. North Koreans my ASS!!
Sky Muhammad
Sky Muhammad 26 kun oldin
Based on what evidence?
Carter Gates
Carter Gates 29 kun oldin
[snickers in American]
flyback 2me
flyback 2me 29 kun oldin
This is really cool. 🙋🙏
ben harris
ben harris Oy oldin
I loved the subtle claps in American. To funny. Great to see they learned that Americans ain't so bad lol.
son ki-kyun
son ki-kyun Oy oldin
Come to the South, their appearance is no different from the southerners.
PASTEx Oy oldin
For those who can't see it this is propaganda. If you are a USA Patriot, Christian and believe North Korea is evil, then you will enjoy this. Remember, the truth lies in the middle, I would worry about these teachers and their organization promoting possibly false beliefs about religion and politics softly in a food experience. If we don't have the North then we create a Chinese Military front line and a potential WW3. So many nations commit human rights violations we just don't worry about as a nation until we need to politically. Ryan's smokehouse may be being manipulated by this propaganda organization so please don't boycott him. USA is not always the white hat hero.
Digitalsoju TV
Digitalsoju TV 29 kun oldin
Dumbest conspiracy theory I've ever read. The sad thing is you actually thought long and hard about this, but couldn't even do basic research about our channel. Go back to school
Cliff Campbell
Bastards? HA! Shows how much the dprk knows. My parents were married for a year before I was born. Oh, if eating potatos is blowing her mind now, wait until she finds out that there are over 3000 different kinds of spuds.
Pipe Tunes
Pipe Tunes Oy oldin
So you didn’t explain how white Europeans decimated the native Americans......at all.....
The Life of Jenelle Williams
Never seen anyone clap before a meal. Lol
Kevin Pippin
Kevin Pippin Oy oldin
I pray that all the people of North Korea can have meals like this
doro626 Oy oldin
Best video ever was when you guys gave a North karena barbeque I think and they shed a tear it was so delicious.
PanzerIV Oy oldin
you forgot the booze
Cheeziswin Oy oldin
You guys are really the top people in this kind of niche video thing of people not from America trying out American things. There's plenty of videos like this that just don't have accurate representations of what the food is like, half the time with food I've never heard of before.
Monse Esparza
Monse Esparza Oy oldin
Literally almost crying XD
True Patriot
True Patriot Oy oldin
You CAN NOT having a Thanksgiving meal without sweet potato soufflé - They're missing out so big not having this! Great video though!!
jamnjam Oy oldin
Love from Texas to everyone!
Naresh Mushahary
I hope all North Korean will get such kind of freedom I will pray
Daniel robles
Daniel robles Oy oldin
They all just naturally started saying how rare the foods were and how thankful they were to have it. It’s how we should do thanksgivings. We have forgotten how great our everyday life is in America. No matter where you live or what you have. USA
Alexander Howell
About time we see them eat an American Holiday meal. Good cooking chef
Patrick EH
Patrick EH Oy oldin
What's with the miniature dinner plates? LMAO
Stan Yiu
Stan Yiu Oy oldin
Love doesn't always bring the world together...but food does. Everytime.
chivalryalive Oy oldin
Before or after you frighten these young people with warnings of the "Turkey coma" you should point out to them the sleepiness effect that a person feels after eating such a meal as this is caused by the natural L-tryptophan within the turkey... (however this compound is not only present in turkey but other poultry as well.) The tryptophan triggers the production of serotonin in our bodies which is a "feel good" hormone within our brains. This sensation combined with the habit of eating the unusually large amounts of food during our "Thanksgiving Day" feasts causes the body to work hard to digest all these foods within us. These factors, combined with the sugar-high of the sugar rich deserts we consume increases the insulin in our blood to help our bodies intake all the glucose (sugar) and amino acids (like tryptophan) into our bloodstreams. This crosses the blood /brain barrier producing serotonin, a neuro transmitter, and causes sleepiness. (I'm not a biologist, the way in which I present this information may be flawed. Please speak up to correct me if I state any errors.) MOST IMPORTANTLY THOUGH... -- I'm very glad that everyone at the table had such a good time sharing this feast together! :-) My compliments to the chef! :-O
Daniel Park
Daniel Park Oy oldin
Hi there my name is Daniel and I live in Surrey, B.C., Canada. Yes I have met Robert Park from San Diego, California.He went to North Korea on December 25, 2009 and stayed 43 days in a North Korean prison. I am the only person whoknows Robert well. I heard the phone conversation at his apartment in November 2009. If I come back to Seoul I wouldgo to Ryan Smokehouse. danpark1974@gmail.com I am good friends with Pastor Bill Majors who lives in Seoul. He is from Stillwater, Oklahoma. He speaks Korean excellent. He came to Gwangju, South Korea in 1982 for Youth with a Mission. billmajorskoreayoutube
I really enjoyed this video. It puts my own world into perspective and helps remind me that things are very different around the world, and shows me what I truly have to be grateful for. Plus, I love seeing people try something for the first time and smile!
Kyles B1
Kyles B1 Oy oldin
Such a beautiful moment between all of them! So happy they’re in Korea...blessings to all y’all! 😊
Horace Ball
Horace Ball Oy oldin
Which chica is hottoer...the red head or the black haired gal.....please vote....my vote is for red.
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown Oy oldin
Honestly..I double tapped through this pretty quickly trying to find where the dude explains the history of Thanksgiving so that Koreans don’t just think it’s a fat American holiday and must have missed it? Don’t get me wrong, everyone stuffs their face on Thanksgiving but I was hoping he’d actually educate them about one of our holidays...
Elby Brook
Elby Brook Oy oldin
This was amazing.
jackielynne76 Exaxtly
Awwww such Beautiful people they are as they are giving thanks in their own choices ❤️❤️❤️ how Beautiful is that 🥰
jackielynne76 Exaxtly
I know I know...it's not so bad to boot have eaten may as a choice...but to not have eaten meat because it just wasn't available because it wasn't allowed...that makes me very sad...These people do not know what they are missing and it makes me sad...But they still seem very humble individuals and I have respect for them for that alone...❤️❤️❤️
magik Oy oldin
They also eat dog in North Korea
jasiel delgado
Prefer the one on one format
Trevor Reilly
Trevor Reilly Oy oldin
I thought about this for a min and realized that what my family would call a weak Thanksgiving is ridiculous for others...makes me feel a bit bad for others....I bet this food was great but at my house here in Maine we would have that and corn, turnips, a winter squash, carrots glazed probably, pearl onions, and peas on top of what they had their...and then to get into the snacks and deserts...that more of a competition to see who can bring the most and best stuff....
Jordan Francis
"You don't know what you have until it's gone" bottom line period
Jays adventures
Holy shit. American bastards? Fuck You kim
remytron83 Oy oldin
Swap the casserole for greens and we have a dinner.
Lemon Lover
Lemon Lover Oy oldin
People from North Korea are always told that the Americans started that war, and that we want to take over the World, so everyone hates the U.S., which is the opposite. We have tried to keep Democracy alive in the world , and keep Communism from spreading. We know freedom is better than a Dictator! Now, they know how miserable living under a Dictator is! Most of the country is hungry, so sad!
Kelly Greene
Kelly Greene Oy oldin
That’s so sweet, she said I heard Turkey goes good with gravy! It really does show the culture shock, because in the US you would never think of having a Thanksgiving bird with mashed potatoes without gravy!!! So happy they got to experience that and that they are safe in South Korea 🇰🇷!
EMR80 Oy oldin
Interesting video makes me think how you should appreciate some things in America.
Sonya Goughnour
Love this so much. May you and your families, always know freedom.
airoxiv Oy oldin
i donated to TNKR because of this video. thank you for helping me find them!
The telegraph covers the subtitles so I can't tell what they are saying most of the time. Too bad, I'd love to know what they are saying.
valkyria Oy oldin
heliopyre Oy oldin
damn. Iron IS a badass nickname
Kpopluvr94 Oy oldin
The waiter 😍
Ahmad Nieves
Ahmad Nieves Oy oldin
This is what Diggle does when Arrow is on break.
Lindeman08 Oy oldin
I don't know why but the "like a frog trapped in a well" comment really hit me hard.
Arachnicution Oy oldin
My god poka dots is a talker.. I'm glad thier all happy here.
Batman Oy oldin
" the American bastards are now my angels ".... I like that part.
Batman Oy oldin
You guys really need to do videos of Koreans/Korean chicks try Dominican Republic and Puerto Rican food.
Haven Oy oldin
These videos make me so happy honestly.
Kathie Crocker
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