NYT: FBI Worried Donald Trump Was In Russian Employ After James Comey Firing | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Michael Schmidt, Washington correspondent for the New York Times, talks with Joy Reid about new reporting that Donald Trump was the subject of an FBI counterintelligence investigation after an inquiry was opened out of concern that Trump was a threat to national security, working for Russia to hinder the investigation of 2016 meddling.
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NYT: FBI Worried Donald Trump Was In Russian Employ After James Comey Firing | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC



12-Yan, 2019



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Rabs Ian
Rabs Ian Oy oldin
Hahaha just lately Trump thanks msnbc for reporting that nbi found no russian collusion. ..but people here are still hoping for it, awesome...
Garrett Johnston
They should give his job back good man Russia is Russia never change Trump needs to be friends with comedy He looks like a good man .
IMA RUSSIAN 2 oy oldin
Hoow many times in his career did comey cover for the clinton frauds?
American Patriot
American Patriot 2 oy oldin
Funny how the liberal media is so concerned about Russian collusion when they help Russia and Americas adversaries by causing in fighting between the President and the Congress. Divide and conquer is an enemy’s first tactic before an attack.
Rob D
Rob D 2 oy oldin
Alec scott
Alec scott 2 oy oldin
Jay below says about waiting until Trump isn't President... That's two whole years!! The damage this Boss of the Trump crime family can do at the Kremlins bidding will be astronomical!! Not only will America be on its knees and full of chaos, but if he withdraws from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Europe and the world will be in chaos!! ALL TO THE ADVANTAGE OF PUTIN AND RUSSIA!! Trump after Helsinki already hinted Putin will move into Estonia and Latvia!!This shutdown, which he said he'd take the blame for (BLACKMAIL) is causing hardship for millions of people!! CHAOS IS WHAT PUTIN WANTS AND WHAT PUTIN WANTS PUTIN WILL GET!!
Dennis Burbank
Dennis Burbank 2 oy oldin
amanda clifton
amanda clifton 2 oy oldin
when you're trying to reach the word count on your essay..... she is literally saying the same thing over, and over in different ways, lol.
Milko Way
Milko Way 2 oy oldin
Fill the blanks to restore the name "RUSSIA".... R_S_I_
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy 2 oy oldin
CBS News Recommended channel for you but if u want the "real world" version U.S. charter schools tied to powerful Turkish imam CBS News 39K views
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy 2 oy oldin
Maher: Trump won because of PC liberals uzvid.com/video/video-y3-uNxmNj5o.html im done when you're dead
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy 2 oy oldin
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Shawn AB
Shawn AB 2 oy oldin
Trump is working for somebody. He sure not working for United States. Impeach Him. Open Government up.
paul thomas
paul thomas 2 oy oldin
Conservative woman are so much more attractive than liberal women and smarter I should say as well
whoRwe02 2 oy oldin
Opinions. It is more likely Mr James Comey broke espionage laws. Mr Comey will face judgement from his former colleagues and the existing related government laws will be his hardest clash to set Mr Comey an enemy, a traitor or a spy and a servant serving a political party. It is predicted Mr Comey will face a trial for his own freedom or go to jail.
transam2002ws6 2 oy oldin
I know Rachel is mad she took that day off. She loves the juice bits.
james raj
james raj 2 oy oldin
Mr Comey Leaker.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 2 oy oldin
Dan Richardson
Dan Richardson 2 oy oldin
Trump keep shooting his self in the foot with his lies, only time he don't shoot him self in the foot is when he's reloading.
Alberto Delgado
Alberto Delgado 2 oy oldin
Do all of you want to really fix the problem ! Represent.us
Salnsd 2 oy oldin
You liberals think that just because Trump has lied about nearly everything that somehow he is lying about Russia too.
Alberto Delgado
Alberto Delgado 2 oy oldin
Salnsd represent.us
Alberto Delgado
Alberto Delgado 2 oy oldin
What a laugh we have just about all our representatives bought out by lobbyist and foreign identities !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We don’t have anybody up there representing the United States or it’s people what a sad state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you FBI for pointing one of many problems we have in the United States with both parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mgb gt
mgb gt 2 oy oldin
R Dm
R Dm 2 oy oldin
Lets look into the clinton/Russian connection,who sold our uranium to the Russians,gave away military secrets/technology to other communist countries....mmmmm,something smells like a rat,oh yea its msnbc
Sword of ManticorE
You liberals all have trump derangement syndrome. If you buy this msnbc fake news crap, you deserve to waste the rest of your lives listening to these morons.
WeAll SeekTheSame
I’m no “fan” of the President nor his speeches or tactics.. But I am a big fan of common sense.. Donald Trump can be accused of being a lot of unsavory things, but “anti-American” is not one of them, and to accuse him of working “against” American, Naïve at best... Real evidence though has come forth that atleast 1 American President was knowingly involved in working against American interests, and it seems that President was the one behind those same accusations against trump... Common sense folks, this is not complicated. If this went on in your “office” or company you’d see it immediately.... It works no different in the high office of GOV
blue4me43 2 oy oldin
Traitor Evil mentally sick old trump will bring down Putin and the GOP's Senate mainly Mitch McConnell and Linsey Gramm, When he goes to Prison with his Family.
Michael Draheim
Michael Draheim 2 oy oldin
Trump compromised, The Steele Dossier checks out.
Terry Oesch
Terry Oesch 2 oy oldin
Yep you really got him now urgent breaking lies poor homeboy comey do al, you Nancy boys think this is going to be some kind of transvestite parodies if they keep on giving trump Russian blow job's
One Happy Marsupial
Well? The tea party and middle class apparently wanted this? I said this at the very start before trump ran for office. The 1% are sitting next to this man. He is one of them. I’m a Democrat and I’m more traditional in constitutional rights than most republicans. The answer to this whole entire ethics/%1/swamp creature illness in our country will be handled only in one way and one way only. The matter of the wealthy elite will only get worse until this is done? As well as pc racism. Are you ready??? Do you want the solution??? Here: An Amendment of constitutional fortitude or relationship that grants either incentive or greater penalty for any business attempting to pocket all of the dividends with or without IRS employees consensus survey on cost/standard of living. The margin of tax for said company/owner will directly vary in on how much the worker/human being/us citizen is integrated to better stability. If penalty is issued then the high taxed monies will go directly into state infrastructure etc.. The reason and fair conscience application of said incentive amendment is for the following: All countrymen of our country are subject to national defense as “In God We Trust” so the lives given both in death/service/ yet to be honored by countrymen/family to guard our nations corners and lines including those businesses/owners. Until this type of law or of greater impact for countrymen is passed? We will only see trump disease of America get worse and worse.
Gaius Julius Caesar
The extreme left-wing socialists have their fingerprints all over the Democrats and MSNBC. With a misinformation campaign rivaling that of the Communists in the old Soviet Union and the current Chinese regime. Cockroaches enjoy the sewers along with scurvy little spiders just like their brethren the modern day filthy unamerican treasonous anerican communists. And they both fear the Light immensely. 👌 Uh oh ! The white supremacist sign ! Right ! LMFAO.
Will 2 oy oldin
Trump is a traitor!! Trump supporters are so stupid and ignorant
Alberto Delgado
Alberto Delgado 2 oy oldin
Will represent.us
Alberto Delgado
Alberto Delgado 2 oy oldin
Will If Trump is a traitor what about the rest in the two parties that we have that are doing exactly the same? Both parties accept lobbying from every nation in this world (legal bribery). Who do you think is representing you ?
Dolly Jelinske
Dolly Jelinske 2 oy oldin
Is the investigation closed or still open? What is the outcome?
libsrtraitors 2 oy oldin
You people in the media really think we're all that stupid? James comey was involved in the cover up of the Oklahoma city bombing
david b
david b 2 oy oldin
do you know what the best part is back in 1983 Ted Kennedy to leave Democrat was actually working with Russia to have Russia agenda on American TV and try and take down Ronald Reagan there's documentation but you guys don't see it you don't want to sit and you could care less cuz you hate Trump that much will guess what presidents has been set and nothing has been done that dude's going to get a walk no matter what
Lynette Danley
Lynette Danley 2 oy oldin
“Tomato-tomahto, potato-potahto...” #45 Worked for...Worked with... Worked under the direction of...🇷🇺 Mueller’s NOT calling the whole thing off. Nor should he or we.🗣🇺🇸
John Mclaughlin
John Mclaughlin 2 oy oldin
Paul Page
Paul Page 2 oy oldin
Trump is obstructing the Russia investigation because he’s covering up for the Russian government that could implicate trump himself to the criminal conspiracy to defraud US voters during the 2016 election. Trump’s obstruction is part of the criminal conspiracy( “collusion”.
Paul Page
Paul Page 2 oy oldin
David Cay Johnston has said many times that Donald Trump is not a loyal American who would sell his country out.
Michael Archuleta
buuuuuuuulshit.... The global news network is turning onto tabloid tv...STAND YOUR GROUND PRES TRUMP!!! STAND YOUR GROUND!!!!
arthur taylor
arthur taylor 2 oy oldin
This witch hunt probably cost us 5.7 billion already.
bob bitchen
bob bitchen 2 oy oldin
orange man bad
vshah1010 2 oy oldin
"So suspicious". Yet, Strozk and Page texts were not suspicious! Loretta Lynn meets Bill Clinton on a plane and then does not recuse herself and decides not to prosecute Hillary Clinton even with alot of evidence of criminality. Also suspicious. Alot of people need to be investigated and imprisoned starting with Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, and many others.
Debi Aguilar
Debi Aguilar 2 oy oldin
My goodness you are liars msmbc/fakes news. people stop watching these liars that are trying to divide us bringing twisted truths basically lying to your face....
Stallson Purpose
Stallson Purpose 2 oy oldin
his foot is on the gas for chaos
Trish Mac
Trish Mac 2 oy oldin
Pot calling the kettle black.
Douglas St.Quintin
You guys should do to Trump what the Russians would do if they found their President to be compromised.
jack flash
jack flash 2 oy oldin
Trump is in bed with the Russians. Either through financial ties or the pee pee tape. Yes there is a possibility it may be both. Regardless Putin owns him.
Michael O’Neil
Michael O’Neil 2 oy oldin
You idiots don’t even realize what the FBI just admitted to.
Yo-yos Tenbucks
Yo-yos Tenbucks 2 oy oldin
Too-toowon 2 oy oldin
Si ms
Si ms 2 oy oldin
Purr Fect
Si ms
Si ms 2 oy oldin
LOL these idiots are all out of material.
Donovan 2 oy oldin
After WWI, Benito Mussolini of Italy said he wanted to make Italy great again, like it was during the Roman Empire. Italy; switch sides, abandoned its allies and aligned itself with Nazi Germany, blamed minorities for problems, embraced Fascism & Nationalism and burned news papers. Donald J Trump said he wants to MAGA. Under Trump; the United States has abandoned our allies, aligned ourselves with Vladimir Putin of Russia, blames minorities for all the problems, embraced Fascism & Nationalism and calls news station Fake News. What could possibly go wrong.
james jamerson
james jamerson 2 oy oldin
Hmmm, why would the President of the USA invite Russian officials into the Oval Office and tell them that he fired the head of the FBI so the pressure is off? Why does he hide the transcripts of his private meetings with Putin from everyone?
KBJones 2 oy oldin
Dearest American government, please do not give this traitor in chief any money for a wall, he’ll only use it to pay down his debt to Russia.
Biff Blowhard
Biff Blowhard 2 oy oldin
Trump is clearly working for Putin to pay off all those Russian loans he's gotten thru the years. Putin clearly scares the orange one cuz he usually never plays loans back... just just files bankruptcy like the 8 others from the past.
All serpents you have no more Authority here I am commanding you to leave
watch the Helsinki press confersence with Putin after their 2hr talk. Trump looks absolutely shaken and submissive!
Null 2 oy oldin
Trump is the dumbest fake President we've ever had.
Donna Keizer
Donna Keizer 2 oy oldin
New song 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶. I can’t GITMO satisfaction, 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵
rleb blco l
rleb blco l 2 oy oldin
FBI Investigated Whether Donald Trump Was Secretly Working For Russia---ON THIS PRESIDENCY! THE PRESIDEN! AS A FIGURE IN THE WORD!! it's the smallest figure there is! in the World of state figures! al; Europeans, Asian! an even South America! are! if not greater! they are in some cense! a lot more responsable! ad les impulsive or craziness on them than trump! are in fact bigger in moral statue! than trump! He is getting the USA! in SHADOW IN THIS WORD!
vlad estevez
vlad estevez 2 oy oldin
2:30 Isnt he actually talking about some prostitutes and a golden shower ...." Trump Russia " thing? I think that is why he fired him .... LOL ... MAGA... sorry I m super baked.... I THINK ACTUALLY COMEY SAID THAT THERE WOULD BE A 99% CHANCES THAT MELANIA TRUMP WOULD THINK IT IS FALSE OR SOMERANDOM B.S. LIKE THAT? loooooooooool.... build the wall
Deacon 2 oy oldin
The only anti American group that puts out more lies than MS13NBC is CNN.
florian eimer
florian eimer 2 oy oldin
In the secret Putin-Trump meeting in Summer 2018, Trump got the order from his boss to give him the Kurds territory untill Chrismas 2018. So Trump gave the order to leave Syria immediately in December 2018.
outdoor fun
outdoor fun 2 oy oldin
Trump keeps winning so the only thing the lunatic left can do is keep bringing up fake Russia stories. Talk about braindead dumbasses.
Walter Melon
Walter Melon 2 oy oldin
The Great Donald J Trump is bringing down the deep state on a global level and the corrupt democrat party and the fake Mockingbird Media. Exciting times indeed.
MrMojoRisinn 2 oy oldin
Apparently the cold war never end and Russia is the winner right now...
Ray 2 oy oldin
The entire Trump family is disgusting.
Jewel Airmid
Jewel Airmid 2 oy oldin
Im glad to finally hear they were actually doing something to investigate criminal, corrupt, adulterer, 6 x bankrupt, pervert, pathological liar, POS Trumpty Dumpty Now get this traitor out of our WH and stop letting him waste our money!
Silence DoGood
Silence DoGood 2 oy oldin
Please run this story. And stop the lies!!!! uzvid.com/video/video-ePlUAMRYIyI.html
Teri Browning
Teri Browning 2 oy oldin
TrumpDog. Is. The. Biggest. FOOL. Brain. Dead. Something. Is. Not.Right. when Talking. He. Jast. Like. Child I am. Seriousl. That. Not. Good.
Yes I’m Blessed
I’ve often wondered why Comey felt that he had two choices with Hillary Clinton when it came to speaking out about this stupid email non-scandal and felt he HAD to come out with it but felt differently about trump and his treason. Yes, treason. Comey didn’t want to “influence the election” with that. Why the double standard? And why is trump still in office, able to cause this government shutdown, ruining people’s lives? Why haven’t republicans stepped up to the plate? Because they are as corrupt as the wannabe dictator himself. They are every bit as evil. Normally, I would have been disappointed Rachel wasn’t here but not when it’s Joy! They’re both awesome!
Sandra Serrano
Sandra Serrano 2 oy oldin
trump does'nt care for anybody else, but his family, and getting more wealthy
ma ra
ma ra 2 oy oldin
It's time to demand Trump submit to a DNA test. It's more than likely that his DNA is more similar to people born in Moscow than to those born in any part of the U.S. There's little doubt he has less native American DNA than any real American.
Mercy Sakes
Mercy Sakes 2 oy oldin
Train tracks 🤪
Dirty Sock
Dirty Sock 2 oy oldin
Joy Reid sucks.
Persephone White
Persephone White 2 oy oldin
Declassify the steel dossier
tom Dobyns
tom Dobyns 2 oy oldin
This is sedition. Bill Gates needs to arrested and charged. MSNBC is Microsoft NBC. CNN is owned and run by Ted Turner.
suzy q
suzy q 2 oy oldin
*"It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled."* Once we get Mueller's report, will we be willing to accept the facts, even if they don't support our initial opinion, or will we all just run right back to our "team's" corner, as ready as ever to duke it out?
Keith Mc
Keith Mc 2 oy oldin
I can see how the FBI would be concerned about Trump. Secret meetings with Putin and supporting Putin's fictions are classic signs of a turncoat.
Donald Ducko
Donald Ducko 2 oy oldin
Sam McCormack
Sam McCormack 2 oy oldin
The real crooks own the left stream media outlets so its no wonder they tell BS stories.
Mark W
Mark W 2 oy oldin
Trump and 3 of the 5 of his offspring is the reason women should have the right to choose.
Paula S
Paula S 2 oy oldin
And does MSNBC still believe in The Boogey-Man?
Blunt smoking Monkeys
Replace obstruction of justice with Treason very good your welcome
Levon Culbertson
Levon Culbertson 2 oy oldin
Trump will go down as the goat when it comes to modern presidents. liberals just slow af on it and believe the corrupt liberal media. It takes time for these things to play out, so In the years to come you will see how trump did good for the people and took power from the evil big government. Do not be fooled by these outrageous claims by a completely biased media that has evil merits. Trump is an American hero. Look at France right now, if Hillary was elected the states would be in a similar state. Hillary and Merkel and macron had plans of global governance that trump has stopped by being elected I believe.. Do you really want socialism and open boarders ? I think not. He may have actually saved America from being destroyed forever for a new world order. Also stop hating on white Americans, its racist. Love all races. Its like feminism, you just further the problem by being more polarizing. It does not work.
Rich Pasquin
Rich Pasquin 2 oy oldin
MSNBC and CNN equals FAKE BIAS NEWS paid by deep state.CNN is destroying America,traitors to our country !!Soros spent 13 billions against our country.Clinton stole millions,what foundation,please.
Andi amo
Andi amo 2 oy oldin
Facts: Hillary Clinton was mentored by a KKK grand cyclops. Bill Clinton passed the 1994 Crime Bill which resulted in mass incarceration of minorities. MSNBC would tell you this but they're admittedly not a "news" network. They're a political propaganda machine for the left. www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/right-turn/wp/2013/06/03/msnbc-denies-it-is-a-news-network/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.c52bf97b8bfc
Parlor Music
Parlor Music 2 oy oldin
Wow, two years later the powers that be are just catching on to what should have been obvious from the start. I think this shows that there is no one in government that should be there. From Trump and Pelosi on down, they are incompetent and have no intention of working for the good of the nation or of the American people
Kevin M
Kevin M 2 oy oldin
to have this open racist working at msnbc is disgusting.
Kevin M
Kevin M 2 oy oldin
other than lack of evidence you nailed it. read the entire nyt report. btw there is actual docs proving dems worked with russia to stop Trumps campaign.
K C 2 oy oldin
all these desperate rantings and ravings by the democrats only go to prove how out of thier minds they really are ...with all these crazy lunatic wild accusation and finer pointing going on here they can't be trusted to be in control because they are so out of control they have obviously gone mental ...
K C 2 oy oldin
Democrats are like spoilt rebellious children who want to misbehave and need to dealt with the same way you deal with out if control children who refuse to behave ..
K C 2 oy oldin
MSNBC is perpetuating a hoax on the citizens of the United States
Wiki Trop
Wiki Trop 2 oy oldin
Donald trump the best president of the world we can america great again!😎
Douglas Hill
Douglas Hill 2 oy oldin
Lock Him UP
Ron Ryan
Ron Ryan 2 oy oldin
Maiyanna 2 oy oldin
After voting twice for Obama, I feel sick to my stomach after seeing the corruption his administration has left behind.
AllThatFall ShallRiseAgain
Arrest the president. 5 CFR 2635.702 - Use of public office for private gain.
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