Ocasio-Cortez fires back at ex-Democrat: New party, who dis?

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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is fighting back against criticism from her own party. CNN's Jason Carroll finds a new report says Democrats are looking for ways to reign in their newest member. #CNN #News



12-Yan, 2019

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dicpher0805 lithical
dicpher0805 lithical 26 daqiqa oldin
She'll be red handkerchief doorknob if she don't play ball
The Package Inspectors
The Package Inspectors 49 daqiqa oldin
CNN is going after, O-C. and T. G. Why?
Zod Soat oldin
Conservative Dems need to go. They are worse than Republicans.
La Bruja
La Bruja Soat oldin
Get ready for them to try to bring in the big guns. They are going to try to set her up. Don't be surprised if they try to accuse her of doing something disgusting.
Caden Young
Caden Young 2 soat oldin
Wow, CNN trying to make her look irresponsible or unpredictable. She is very predictable: her loyalty is with her district and her beliefs, which she’s made very clear. Mentioning the marginal tax rate without pointing out that it kicks in at $10mil makes her seem irrational too.
fightrrrrr 2 soat oldin
This bitch is a fkn retard and so are u if u like her. Dumbass cunt
Alex Morse
Alex Morse 2 soat oldin
she is the future of politics
Harry Holida
Harry Holida 3 soat oldin
new generation = changing times. Move over ole' goats, fresh blood is in town.
Phantoma3 3 soat oldin
The Moderate Dems who are complaining about AOC are the same pathetic losers who gave us Trump. I want AOC to help primary any moderate Dem who comes up for re-election. All Moderate Dems GTFOH.
Maximus Orion
Maximus Orion 3 soat oldin
Let's not forget the fact that Thanos won that last war.
Daniel afg
Daniel afg 4 soat oldin
as a far right individual an have been since 2008....Most liberals in power are not stupid. they are just immoral and have Anti- american/pro isreal/pro EU plans for the US. They hate nationalism and hate the traditional nuclear family and christianity. i give credit when due. Hillary is slick, pure sociopath. but very intelligent as well as shcumer, pelosi. Obama in my opinion was bright but a puppet. he has a good heart but nothing he did was his thoughts or ideas. That happens when policitcal candidates come out of nowhere like he did in 2007 with LOTS of money for campaigns. I do belive he had good intentions but was controlled by zionists. that being said This women SAny COrtez is Really Really really DUMB. like a child memorizing a script. delusional as well. VEry very very low IQ. she is being used as bait and switch. bring in an extrmeme radical to make soft communiosn aka socialism seem rational and more accepted. mark my words.
Daniel afg
Daniel afg 4 soat oldin
2019- a bad tinder hoe is a political figure,
Honey West
Honey West 4 soat oldin
She's kicking ass. Men cannot stand powerful women women.She's the change we've been waiting for.The White House wants her to shut up.She's going to get louder😉.
bennino2204 4 soat oldin
Corporate Democrats, Neocons, and shills are done. The Progressives are the future.
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips 4 soat oldin
The republicans are pumped right now 😂😂😂
_myth5 media
_myth5 media 4 soat oldin
America doesn't need any "center left" folks in Congress either Ms. Walsh. That's what Hilary Clinton is. Look what the result of that was. Either you are a progressive or not.
Steve Ash
Steve Ash 4 soat oldin
Give her speaker of the house! Nancy you got computision!!!
Sad Brit
Sad Brit 4 soat oldin
You if Joe Lieberman isn't careful he's going to end up in the same place as mr. Crowley
R B 4 soat oldin
Oh Please! Cortezz is the option of the dumb 13 year old girl who has no fucking idea about anything but that she can and will save the world anyway. Her tipping point social media campaign fooled all the other NewYork liberal females and now they are going nowhere because of it.
NoPayments 4 soat oldin
Crazy broads
Thomas H.L.
Thomas H.L. 5 soat oldin
She's too left for the liberals..... nuff said
souris verte
souris verte 5 soat oldin
cheers progressives 2020
Ro Ma
Ro Ma 5 soat oldin
Ocasio Esta loca
Razor8472 5 soat oldin
Oh Cortex, you just keep getting dumber and dumber every day. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Alan Jeffrey
Alan Jeffrey 5 soat oldin
Shut this ignorant idiot up
Todd Noble
Todd Noble 6 soat oldin
Step up to the AOC glory hole with their mouths wide open!!!
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 6 soat oldin
EXACTLY!!!!! They don’t understand where her loyalty lies bc she is there working for The People not Wall Street the banks and the military.
mnagy1972 7 soat oldin
Go AOC go!!
csxcobra csxcobra
csxcobra csxcobra 7 soat oldin
Rodney Mills
Rodney Mills 7 soat oldin
HAHAHA Even CNN is siding with AOC. That's cool. They do look juvenile. She has the stuff of a future senator.
Mister Drummings
Mister Drummings 8 soat oldin
What does "New party, who dis?" even mean? Who talks/tweets like that? The woman is grossly incompetent. Apparently, to her followers though, this makes her brilliant. smh
DrAL00isin 8 soat oldin
Notice all her promises depend on the government confiscating wealth and resources from other people, and creating generations of dependent people who won't be contributing anything to society. That is what is immoral, and is the definition of an oppressive government that will openly discriminate against the people and take away human rights.
Christopher Barksdale
Chris Hedges is right The Democrat Party is ruled by elitist collage graduates Cortez did not attand Preferred University's who's scholmates work on wall street.
Hera Hagstoz
Hera Hagstoz 10 soat oldin
See this is the idiocy keeping the Democratic Party back from true innovation and success during elections or while passing legislation. Ocasio-Cortez is being bullied by her own party for being exactly who she says she is and being true to the people who like what she represents. They chose her over the tired, old, middle of the road conservative Democrat. In juxtaposition to this, we see a similar situation happening with Trump and the Republicans, yet they understand that even if he is not the classic, uber polished Republican candidate, he must be fiercely protected by them, to a fault. He was once a Democrat, contributing to campaigns and yet has become a golden icon for the Republicans; they understand completely that he is their very own temperamental golden egg laying goose, they put up with his embarrassing, obnoxious honking because he is almost Midas-like for the right wing agenda. In fact he is a perfect example of how much hypocrisy is not only acceptable in the Republican Party, but how it is actually an essential quality that is required for ascending to the highest leadership roles within it. I see Trump as the purest distillation of the modern corporate Republican. He is at once their most hypocritical and most transparent leader. Much like Ocasio-Cortez, Trump is who he says he is and unapologetic about it. The difference is in the motivating forces behind them; Trump acts selfishly, Ocasio-Cortez acts with a fierce altruism for the people. You rarely see this sort of dismissive nitpicking of their own by the Republicans, even when the individuals truly deserve it; for example Congressman Steve King, who is now being reprimanded publicly (I think for being too inconveniently honest and blunt in his beliefs on race and such for them to currently ignore, perhaps he is the whipping boy for their frustrations with Trump) and the sexual predator/child rapist candidate, Roy Moore, who recently lost in Alabama. They got away with being themselves in the Republican Party for decades without any problems or fear of reprisal and even could depend on a strong defense by their party. Ocasio-Cortez being belittled by Pelosi or shunned by the old guard is exactly why she was elected. Progressive Democrats are sick of how the moderate Dems seem to behave as though all is business as usual and are constantly allowing their values to be watered down and compromised by their need to pander to the all powerful Republican majorities of the recent House and current Senate. Republicans understand the value of uncompromising support and not being afraid to take a stand (or throw a destructive tantrum in Trump’s case) to achieve the goals they desire and crush the opposition. It makes them seem like bullies but at the same time “strong” leaders because they typically get what they want, even if they are walking neon signs of hypocrisy getting their base to fight against their own best interests in the most basic Machiavellian ways. At least they are straightforward with their selfish needs and ruthless tactics. Democrats have become the abused spouse, walking on eggshells and fearful of angering the group that basically stole their self esteem, allowing themselves to become victims of gaslighting tactics which they have started to inflict on their own constituents who have become increasingly disenchanted and apathetic. I think Ocasio-Cortez upsets the applecart by not being a simpering, toe the line representative. She is not fearful of speaking truth to power or of being the lone voice of dissent in an otherwise oatmeal bland, out of touch, and overly self critical party. Stop shooting yourselves in the foot Democrats! Stop throwing your own under the bus at the first hint of scandal or questionable behavior; yes I am thinking about Senator Al Frankin who was also a fearless speaker and a unique talent to boot. We should have let the voters decide instead of allowing the opposition to cry foul and immediately sacrifice a much needed voice of reason to the dustbin. I think Frankin was setup and wounded by a rightwing attack, however he was ultimately finished off by his own party. It seems as though they were trying to maintain this extreme sense of purity in upholding shared progressive values but it was inherently misguided and further weakened the party by showing it was willing to cut off its nose to spite the face. Republicans expressing fake moral outrage watched this happen and secretly celebrated the cult of blind political correctness. Hey Democrats! We don’t elect you to be constantly negotiating a demoralizing ceasefire when we really would appreciate you all to take difficult stands and not compromise the values and needs of your constituency. Ocasio-Cortez is the future of the party. Don’t treat her as some sort of aberration when she is so clearly exercising her duties and agency while being an inspiration for millions of citizens. She embodies the sort of progressive energy the party desperately needs and she needs all the support and wisdom of her elder statesmen to be the wedge which finally ends the shitty patronizing attitude and extremely dangerous political stranglehold the rightwing has always represented. Hey! Chuck & Nancy! Stop carpooling at the podium and trying to use logic and platitudes to negotiate with lunatics who could care less. I think the Regressives see the potential in this new upstart and are once again snickering while her own party does their dirty work for them. All evil geniuses have henchmen they can kick around and abuse. People like Pelosi fall right into this trap and I personally think it’s time for this kind of self-immolating political behavior to take a backseat or we risk all the hard won gains of the last election. Give Ocasio-Cortez the green light to carve out a new pathway for our country and the Democratic Party. We literally don’t have time anymore for this juvenile, petty, fearful bullshit. Full steam ahead to a progressive and inclusive party!!!! Dancing and singing are welcome! “The horizon leans forward giving us space to place new steps of change” M. Angelou
Empyrion Videos
Empyrion Videos 10 soat oldin
Good on her. American politics need to change.
Louisforum1 10 soat oldin
Democrats are having a Cientarian midlife crisis.
rod long
rod long 11 soat oldin
This is the future of the Democrats, that's why I can't stand them anymore.
Deena Akila
Deena Akila 11 soat oldin
This is the girl who compared a man asking her politely to debate on politics to Catcalling. Just a reminder lmaooo
mch live
mch live 11 soat oldin
There is an amount of wealth that is obscene. How much more than 10 million a year should anyone need to have?
BENDEK09 11 soat oldin
I'm sick old people
Cheydinal 12 soat oldin
Whenever I have a new phone and somebody sends me a text, I always ask "New party, who dis?"
MJC919 12 soat oldin
Maybe the democrats will assassinate her like they did to the Kennedy family.
Shane Thomas
Shane Thomas 12 soat oldin
Fuck that ...country over party. ...no one likes the old dem gaurd... they're all taking bribes to not represent their constituents. The PEOPLE, who she represents, only want dems like her.
Brian Heck
Brian Heck 12 soat oldin
taxing 70 % of ANY income is straight fucking theft. She’s a moron
latinpa4ny 12 soat oldin
The truth is AOC is actually a real progressive who actually represents people and not in their washington bubbles like joe L. By the way, since JOE L. Lost his last election race, he has become a lobbyist for chinese phone company ZTE. Way to represent the people Joe 👎 lol
latinpa4ny 12 soat oldin
Why are we listening to this fool joe liberman? He is a fake demacrat and a loser, not to mention why he left the dem party. We need to stop listening to fake non progresives washington eleitest like joe L.
mdc nitro
mdc nitro 12 soat oldin
CNN / Corporate News Network is an effing joke !
Ronald Sherrill
Ronald Sherrill 13 soat oldin
Respect her and praise her.
john davis
john davis 13 soat oldin
Octavia-Cortes is a genius. The commentators here are dumb and dumber.
SuperBullies1 13 soat oldin
Love it Ocasio-Cortez... keep pushing the once great party of Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Clinton to the far left, assuring it of that meaty 20% vote share. You go... SOCIALIST-DEMOCRATS.
Siegfried Braun
Siegfried Braun 13 soat oldin
Nothing better than in-fighting to keep the Conservative agenda rolling along! Keep '(de)volving', Dems!
Robin Strajt
Robin Strajt 13 soat oldin
How do you solve a problem like Maria? Maybe you don't.
Chaz Bennett
Chaz Bennett 14 soat oldin
She just beat #3 Dem in a PRIMARY. She serves Her Constituents not Corporate Masters
sooha1 14 soat oldin
ctwoscan 14 soat oldin
Tax the rich. That's ok. I'll just put most of my money in an offshore tax haven. Then I'll watch as the legislature creates numerous loopholes to counteract this ridiculous idea. My tax account will use everyone of them. I'll end up paying less than 20%. Then the middle class will end up paying as usual. The rich will get richer, the poor will stay poor and have no incentive to work and the working middle class will live paycheck to paycheck. Gotta love it. America. Land of the free.
Kai Rodriguez
Kai Rodriguez 15 soat oldin
Progressives are foolishy idealistic in thinking right now is the time for democratic socialism stances. Put down your pipe and wake up, radical left being the voice of the party hurts our chances in 2020
Ron TOLBERT 15 soat oldin
They don’t no where her loyalties stand??? I’m guessing with the people
Denise Dye
Denise Dye 15 soat oldin
You go girl😂😂😂
eric5280 15 soat oldin
How about the Democratic party allow democracy to reign.. stop trying to shove an establishment agenda down our throats.. There's a reason AOC was voted in!
AJS,jr AJS,jr
AJS,jr AJS,jr 15 soat oldin
Another disgrace to our country.
Dave Dave
Dave Dave 16 soat oldin
donnie the Wussy Grabbing Birther, unqualified and unfit fake president is a traitor and will end up impeached and going to jail, hopefully he will be a lot poorer after it's all over. His crime family is in big trouble and hopefully they will go to jail first. I'm all for building a wall if we can put donnie on the other side.
Dave Dave
Dave Dave 16 soat oldin
When AOC is upsetting Rep and moderate Dem's you know she's doing a good job. A hip, young, intelligent, progressive leader with tenacity. She will be attacked constantly, but she is quite the counter puncher. She is a possible future speaker of the house.
Yello Duzzit
Yello Duzzit 16 soat oldin
Did this bitch just say, "where her loyalties lie" ??? WIT THE PPL, WHERE THEYRE SUPPOSED TO BE!?!!!!!
Mister Jackson
Mister Jackson 16 soat oldin
Joe Lieberman cannot be trusted. He turned his back on his own running mate! Anyone remember that?
Don Puma
Don Puma 16 soat oldin
AOC a go-go. take no prisoners girl. JuJo Lieberman is the past
Godstrumpet2010 16 soat oldin
AOC is about to demonstrate the power of fame in politics. Like Donald Trump shocked both parties by leveraging his fame to snatch the presidency from the many candidates in 2016, AOC is bold and popular enough to shift the Democratic party agenda. If Dems don't figure this out soon, they will look around and have 20 or 30 more young progressives in Congress just like her. MESSAGE TO DEMS: LISTEN TO AOC. She has captured the voice of the people.
40 Block Studios
40 Block Studios 16 soat oldin
Love it...this idiot alone will destroy the other idiots on the far left and then dry up and blow away..Cortez who?
yaahme 17 soat oldin
Laughing at LibTards...AGAIN...BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
ABC ABC 17 soat oldin
No Margaret Thatcher
Raymond Pasillas
Raymond Pasillas 18 soat oldin
The biggest problem is this girl is to young and doent know what the hell she is talking about. There should be an age limit so congressman can live life and learn the economy.
erzan 18 soat oldin
She is amazing, you go AOC!
John Sorzano
John Sorzano 18 soat oldin
Work with the team? She’s for the people
Lindsay Connors
Lindsay Connors 19 soat oldin
Umm, she's VERY important. And "You better recognize!!!"
H S 19 soat oldin
She’d bankrupt this country. Tax income at 70% Free healthcare for all? Free education for all? These are lovely ideas but who will pay for all these things?
Deaf And Destruction
Deaf And Destruction 19 soat oldin
This chick is insane. And totally full of shit.
Joe agado
Joe agado 20 soat oldin
Es una idiota
Sabrina Arturis
Sabrina Arturis 20 soat oldin
That is why we love, she is actually fighting for what she said she would " what a concept " . The democrats complaining are old timers that think that everyone should fall in line with the establishment!
A KNIGHT 21 soat oldin
Jack James Babey
Jack James Babey 21 soat oldin
Blimey. The Democrats get a media-savvy popular new Congresswoman [AOC being one of many] and they just shit their pants and wonder how to shut it down. Someone tell those dusty old fucks it's time to change..
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson 21 soat oldin
AOC 2020, just fucken do it.
rache 21 soat oldin
Sucks Mossad Dick
Alta Pedroza
Alta Pedroza 22 soat oldin
Yeah everyone is afraid because she's full of energy, she's for the people, she's not being bought and she's more than ready to light a match under the old folks in Washington. I say, "about time!"
Golgotha_Mythos69 23 soat oldin
Funny that CNN is happy to report on this divisive horseshit, but not so much the actual POLICIES she's pushing for, which is *the entire reason* establishment Dems fear her. Imagine that, policies that actually represent what America wants rather than the super wealthy! So why are they mad at her again? Oh right.....CNN can't report on THAT. "Cut to Trump again...Cut to the prescription drug commercials. Keep those ratings up. FUCK informing our viewers!" Watch TYT, folks. Wakey, Wakey!
MAVR 23 soat oldin
Her loyalties are with the people! As they should be. The establishments loyalties are with their donors!
longtail4711 23 soat oldin
She will work with the team when the team starts working on things for The People and not corporate interests. She has NO loyalty to the Establishment or any reason to support it. They didn't pay her campaign bills. She's only doing exactly what they're all doing, going out there and representing her donors and supporters who got her elected -- all the average American citizens who pooled their money together independently. This is the start of the death knell of the Democratic Party in its current incarnation.
martin graham
martin graham 23 soat oldin
Alexandria is crazy and belongs in a mental hospital. MAGA!!! Trump 2020!!!
EtchedInStone 23 soat oldin
I think she's someone we need in Congress. Fuck Lieberman and fuck Pelosi.
Soothing Voice Man
God, these establishment democrats are so clueless. Nancy pelosi is a dried up old cunt. That whole party needs an overhaul.
Ragnar Bertin Kolstad
With Sanders and Pelosi backed by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Kamala Harris any real democrats should be optimistic. How any patriot still can defend voting republican in Your next election is beyond Me,but Your political environment confuses the hell out of Me anyway. It would be nice if You avoided a selfabsorbed collusional con man this time. Just sayin ...
Soothing Voice Man
These dumbass establishment democrats still haven't learned the lessons from the 2016 election. AMERICANS ARE SICK OF YOU CORPORATE SHILLS! THEY WANT CHANGE! If they run joe biden in 2020, they're gonna lose again.
Flynn Zero
Flynn Zero Kun oldin
AOC is an empty head offering no value.
Joey Murillo
Joey Murillo Kun oldin
She's very predictable. Her policy views are made pretty clear.
Larry The TRUTH
Larry The TRUTH Kun oldin
Write down the name of every dem who doesnt back AOC , PRIMARY all there ASSES OUT. Those corporate dems arent working for you the working class. Corporations dont make you money , YOU make them money so if you love the boot on your neck then keep voting from those corporate dems. Hillary would have FUCKED you as well . Ask the people in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Ohio .
robert9ish Kun oldin
The longer the Democratic Party clings to "Super Delegates", the longer the GOP's Electoral College will entrench itself. Get rid of both.
MrAramis02 Kun oldin
Lieberman, huh? Yeah i remember that dude. He is the reason we have the ESRB ratings on our video games since Mortal Kombat
daya prem
daya prem Kun oldin
AOC=Dem's Sarah Pallin
robert9ish Kun oldin
I'm loving seeing all of the corporate hacks get exposed in the MSM. I recently unsubscribed to this channel, among others. I'll watch the occasional guest, but the establishment shills on corporate media have all become so cowardly and sensationalist. If they call themselves "News", I want that. Not a fucking glossy magazine show full of speculation... All of it stinks to high heaven and, frankly, they've all become a bore and a chore to watch. Personally, I think AOC is good medicine. This conversation is long overdue. Both Parties need to be held to account for crony capitalism in Government.
Mark Edgette
Mark Edgette Kun oldin
People only like Cortez because she promises free stuff how fucking silly is that? But there's a sucker born everyday.
monkeyliberty86 Kun oldin
jim kuan
jim kuan Kun oldin
Share the wealth. And eventually everyone dies. But hey we got to have a last day celebration, right?