Ocasio-Cortez fires back at ex-Democrat: New party, who dis?

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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is fighting back against criticism from her own party. CNN's Jason Carroll finds a new report says Democrats are looking for ways to reign in their newest member. #CNN #News



12-Yan, 2019



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docbar 2 soat oldin
How does that 40 million dollar NOTHING BURGER TASTE CNN?!?!
Michael Bolton
Michael Bolton 4 soat oldin
Ive never heard a politician being talked to like this.
Coonhunter #1
Coonhunter #1 8 soat oldin
New Yorkers should be really ashamed for electing this nut job. She's stupid AF.
NateTheGreat1997 9 soat oldin
AOC= Alexandria Ocasio Castro
Tamie Mt7
Tamie Mt7 11 soat oldin
You kick ads Alexandria! May All the power of Heaven go with U!!
JonKingPromotions 13 soat oldin
She is trash. She will be set straight pretty soon.
J Rangel
J Rangel 16 soat oldin
Hope she can stay safe.
Custom Video Solution
Custom Video Solution 16 soat oldin
Just when we thought Trump was finished in 2020, along comes AOC to "lead" the Democrat Party. So now Pelosi and Schumer have to deal with Trump, AND AOC. This is pay per view!
wordpressobsessed 16 soat oldin
AOC is Trump's golden ticket for 2020.
paula huerta
paula huerta 18 soat oldin
She is HOPE... she is FUTURE... Hard for the dinosaurs but they cannot solve our problems that is CLEAR. We need fresh minds to help the planet!
Paul Xheka
Paul Xheka 21 soat oldin
Tyler Campbell
Tyler Campbell 22 soat oldin
Basically we have it good don't make waves AOC..I love her..Exposing corruption
JK Grey
JK Grey 22 soat oldin
Seditia Rose
Seditia Rose Kun oldin
Hello! Go for it! Stir up the shitpot girlfriend!
Mitchell Lee
Mitchell Lee Kun oldin
Her dumb and stupidity made trump easily 2020 .
ALON ZADOK Kun oldin
She talks weird
Michael Frith
Michael Frith Kun oldin
When are the Dems going to quit lieing to there voters. How could anyone believe Trump colluded with Russia with zero evidence but ignore the fact that Hillary sold uranium to Russia and Bill was paid half a million right after! How does someone sell nuclear materials and get a half million dollar payoff, then accuse someone with zero proof of colluding with those same people? How can you label all Trump supporters rascist yet your very own democratic politicians are painting themselves black in honor of a racist play mocking black people. How can you label Trump a bigot because of normal guy talk and poor choices in his past involving consensual intimacy, many of the Democratic politicians have been found guilty of rape and even more of there supporters have been found guilty of pedophilia along with rape. How can you support AOC new GREEN DEAL, when she drives or is driven in a gas guzzler, flies in planes all the time, doesn't donate or help homeless people and neither do her family or her supporters. If it's so great for us, why does she not follow her own beliefs. Seems kinda hypocritical to passionately promote something you don't do or believe in! Then again CNN and it's puppet affiliates arent real journalist anyway. It's more for entertainment, and drama, scandal and sex will always sell more than morality and truth. Besides being a real journalist is overrated anyway lol. Who wants to hear actual facts these days?
Michael Frith
Michael Frith Kun oldin
Why doesn't she drive an electric vehicle instead of her gas guzzler SUV?? Why does she constantly fly back and forth from Cali to NY??? Why doesn't she have solar panels at home? Why doesn't she donate money to homeless people?? How can she expect voters to vote for her GREEN DEAL when literally none of her family, contributors nor her employees actually live green. How can you push something and be so passionate when you don't even live that way. It's like a Catholic priest preaching marriage before intimacy, even though hes sleeping with young boys. She's a total hypocrite. The only thing that comes from socialism is total government control. Massive inflation, massive labor shortage, massive fuel increases and total government dominance. For a party that supported Kneeling on the field to protest police injustice, why would you want 10x more government, which includes police with more power than ever!!!! She's either completely brainless or lacks any morals and is being paid millions to push this propaganda for some rich elitest white guy. We all know at the top of the Dems pushing all this is rich white elites.
Luke Skywalka
Luke Skywalka Kun oldin
Shes trash and will go back on her word in the blink of an eye not to mention shes probably backed by the cartel tell me how tf u even mention 70% and continue your life bc your backed by a organization that wouldnt feel or contribute fuck off cortez shes against a prospering american
Tyler Picard
Tyler Picard Kun oldin
No real talk. Just fluff as always
StraightLaxin 88
Stupid bitch
oldrrocr Kun oldin
Don't criticize AOC for doing her job - and speaking out against the fat cats taking kick-backs.
Andy Pettit
Andy Pettit Kun oldin
You think those fat cats owe you something?
Ana Maldonado
Ana Maldonado Kun oldin
That’s the only old man democrat in Congress that i have seen openly criticizing , again is oooold. Whatever Mrs Pelosi said was already clarified so...and some media stopped trying to make them enemies too, so good. And she is still polite or politically correct with almost everyone, more with those who deserves it, no wonder others hate her. More important I don’t see her as a “know it all” I see her as a humble young woman that wants to learn
L.Douglas Thomsen
It's easy to see that Nancy Pelosi and especially Acacio Cortez are completely insane! There is nobody home when you knock at their doors! Nothing in the Cabasa! Who is this idiot Joan stating that AOC is a breath of fresh air, are you mad??!!
Jo G
Jo G Kun oldin
I approve of New Yorkers. Nice choice.
F B 2 kun oldin
@4:04 "I think she has matured, that's a condescending word so I'd like to take it back." My god this is what the left has become; So afraid of free speech because it might trigger someone... Trump 2020!
David Parker
David Parker 2 kun oldin
AOC is entertaining due to her incredible ignorance.
David Nilsson
David Nilsson 2 kun oldin
70% tax for people earning AT LEAST 10 million dollar annually! Still can’t understand how the American people don’t help each other to bring such a woman up and getting the hypocrites out of the whitehouse that’s get influenced by money.🤨😃
123 666
123 666 2 kun oldin
All same shit ?
Jason Meadows
Jason Meadows 2 kun oldin
AOC is a retard and anybody backing her are the same
Prof. Dina Reyes
Prof. Dina Reyes 2 kun oldin
AOC thank you for making DEMOCRATS LOOK STUPID!
Jj Lopez
Jj Lopez 3 kun oldin
I like AOC I believe the woman has a beautiful mind we need to let do her job.
Walrus 2 kun oldin
No she doesn't
Richard Mallett
Richard Mallett 3 kun oldin
The only people dumber than AOC are the fuckwits who try the impossible role of defending her. All they have is “she is changing the conversation”. Yeah, she is changing the conversation to what the fuck is going on these days!
Richard Mallett
Richard Mallett 3 kun oldin
CNN would put an absolutely ridiculous title like this 😂 what a fucking stupid network. They got don lemon holding a sign that says nigger like “does this offend you” lmfao
Carlton Fisher
Carlton Fisher 3 kun oldin
I say passive eugenics for the people that want America to be communist/socialist. Cheap solution, drown em. We got some "good" old boys in San Quinton with nothing to do....
Barbara Snow
Barbara Snow 3 kun oldin
There isn't a whole lot of time left for moderation on this planet any longer. Evil is showing up big time in every corner of our scared earth. Greed must be defeated, or it will be the end of humanity. It's time for drastic measures. Not the same shit different day. It's time to stop being afraid of change. Go with.
Raimond Mathew
Raimond Mathew 3 kun oldin
Its amusing how you people supporting this stupid AOC 😂
Raimond Mathew
Raimond Mathew 3 kun oldin
+happy joe Did I told you I am a trump supporter or shit? 😂 Trump is dumb agreed and this mediocre piece of shit is dumber than him. I have listened to her talks a quite lot times and it seems like she is pretending to be smart at things she do have zero expertise
happy joe
happy joe 3 kun oldin
Trump? It's amazing how you people fall for such an obvious crook.
LittlepigStore, LLC
Sounds to me like AOC is putting country ahead of party! Shame on her. Lol
Q Ables
Q Ables 3 kun oldin
AOC is a retard just like the fake news idiots at CNN who are trying so hard to glorify her with this garbage story.
friedrich nietzsche
THE LEFT IS FUTURE, THE SOCIALIST,S IDEOLOGY!!! And Alexandria she play two Games, "Socialism" with the Capitalist,s Ideology!!!
jdengsky1 3 kun oldin
even CNN fake news is bashing aco. she really pissed a lot of rich people and politicians
breeze big man
breeze big man 3 kun oldin
She learned on the job she's only been there a few months ocasio-cortez is nuts she's a fake y'all need to talk about something real get
william willie
william willie 3 kun oldin
AOC is like move over little dogs the big dogs here
BIG Stick
BIG Stick 2 kun oldin
william willie::: NAZI's had the Tiger tank Big Dog.. America had the Sherman little dogs.. YOu still have numbers big dog get's taken down. So as far as politics, it's in shambles due to the last twenty five years of bull shit fed to the public. DjT 2020
Jacqueline Larsen
Jacqueline Larsen 3 kun oldin
Her loyalty is to Islam and Islam only
Marcellino Sananto
Marcellino Sananto 3 kun oldin
Russian troll bot
Charlescites 4 kun oldin
This is hilarious 😂 😆 😝!!!!! She’s clueless and if you support her...then you’re blind just like she is. And Bernie is a Democrat. He’s was independent for a short stink but realized he was going nowhere as an independent. Now he’s going nowhere as a Democrat!! 😆
Keith Caldwell
Keith Caldwell 4 kun oldin
You go girl I wish you was old enough to run for president hey why not just passed a bill so she will be able to run for president she would tear Trump's butt up
BIG Stick
BIG Stick 2 kun oldin
Right!! FUcM!!
Jesus Barrera
Jesus Barrera 4 kun oldin
This bimbo needs to stfu. If you love socialism so much go live in fucking Venezuela
budsodalsky 4 kun oldin
I think it's time for a simple Math, History, and simple logic test (If you are going north, and want to go the opposite direction, which way do you go?) before you can apply to run a country. Astronauts have to qualify, race drivers have to qualify, if you have no gray matter and can't perform simple logic or math or know A DAM THING about history (aka communism fails) then you have no business being on a voting ticket. Period.
Buffalo D
Buffalo D 4 kun oldin
I stand with the judge, America is great because of our legal system but the Muslim organizations in the USA are trying to exploit our Government system like they have done in other counties that they took over and now they are doing the same here in the USA. It is a known fact that Muslims do not like how we live in the western society so when someone challenge or when people voice out their concerns they will call it racial profiling because they are Muslims and good people like Judge Pirro and others will be rebuked. The Muslim are staring a race war and it will not matter what race you are, they are getting the blacks against the whites and once that is over with they have us right in their hands. I do not listen to anything that Omar puts out because she and the other ISIS human disposals when they ask for forgiveness repent or second chance, those are hardcore determined terrorists, Islam and the Quran is full of hate, violence and hypocrisy.
Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera 4 kun oldin
Anyone who supports a loser like her,can count themselves as a bigger Loser.She's a pathetic socialist,scrapped from the bottom of the barrel by her punk ass handlers.
zurdo z
zurdo z 4 kun oldin
she's smart and has them running for cover
william merten
william merten 4 kun oldin
She is a hired actress who was cast for the part of congressman.
k m
k m 2 kun oldin
You're clearly retarded. Look at it again without being bias..dumb ass
Mark Sutherland
Mark Sutherland 4 kun oldin
Jorge Gustavo Ortiz
Ms Pelosi, you are fighting against a hypocrite bigot in the white house while you become one and start behaving as one yourself. Your dismissal of AOC and the green new deal is going to hount you until you pay for it on election day. Only then you will ask where is that "whatever they call it" to support it. You are not the only woman in congress and certainly not the best protective of other women in this country as you are sold as so many other Republicans are. Attacking Ilhan Omar and AOC for making common sense comments and for presenting new projects is not what we put you in office for. Get your shit together...
Ray Gallegos
Ray Gallegos 4 kun oldin
Matthew Gervese
Matthew Gervese 4 kun oldin
AOC said "I think like, like, like, I think you know, like I think" she's so smart.... barf!
Luna GEM
Luna GEM 4 kun oldin
How To Deal? Let Her , Otherwise Your Behind the Ball. Embrace This.
MegaLBreezy 4 kun oldin
She looks and behaves like that crazy Kathy girl on fox news. Buwahaha!!
A M 4 kun oldin
Facts don’t care about feelings Alexandria ughh it hurts to hear her,
A M 4 kun oldin
I’m a Latina too 35 lawyer, inmigrant from South America, Socialist is a bad word for me, AOC is clueless please help her because she is the best thing could happen to trump
thes oner
thes oner 4 kun oldin
She doesn't want people to have jobs but she wants people on welfare so she has more power and gets richer so she can fly private and tell u that u should fly she is the worst
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
What are the democrats afraid of, the socialist agenda?? That is what they preach for many years. Afraid of the leftist. She is just taking the mask off
Adankam 5 kun oldin
Pretty confused as to how saying “who dis” isn’t childish lmao.
Julie K
Julie K 5 kun oldin
I'm so glad this woman isn't blonde. We already get enough flack!! lol
A M 4 kun oldin
O love your comment
Berks87 5 kun oldin
She is the face of the democratic party. Meanwhile in a city near you, her poll numbers have dropped 30 points since taking office. Lol, you libs are funny. www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/03/19/aoc-approval-rating-falls-after-amazon-deal-collapse-as-trump-hammers-democrats-over-socialism.html
Peg Leg
Peg Leg 5 kun oldin
I love this girl. Hope the Dems vote in a bunch more just like her.
Linus Thunderhorse
Linus Thunderhorse 5 kun oldin
"They wonder if she's going to work with the team" well the team keeps screwing over and belittling their constituents sooooo... looks like the "team" needs rethink with whom they need to work.
Zeph Orac
Zeph Orac 5 kun oldin
Trump is the most fascist leader the world has seen since Franco in Spain. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it's probably a duck. Donald Trump's rhetoric has stoked antisemitism and hatred www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/oct/29/donald-trumps-rhetoric-has-stoked-antisemitism-and-hatred-experts-warn
ultron0001 5 kun oldin
I love AOC! She's dumb and hot and the new darling of CNN and with all the rope they're giving her to hang it'll be a hoot to watch it all crash n burn (like everything else they push) she can't get out of get own way and dems are so lost and without direction that they can only try - like poor Anderson Cooper did - to put on expressionless faces and somehow defend the girls buffoonery. It's really comedy at its finest!😂😂 All these propaganda networks are a joke but CNN is the most fckd up nonsense I've every heard. Besides AOC, of course.
Terry Meadows
Terry Meadows 5 kun oldin
AOC is truly a case of Adult Onset Cranialrectumitis.
Crissy 5 kun oldin
Stupid, condescending, arrogant bitch. Sounds like a complete idiot, but thinks she is God's gift to mankind. GTFOH
Tim Elsen
Tim Elsen 5 kun oldin
She's the DARLING of the coming huge voter grass roots turn out up set of the political world. An inspiring breath of fresh air, should help get the cob webs out.
Seth B
Seth B 5 kun oldin
Reign her in or drive her out. I remember when we had Czechoslovakian, Hungarian, Romanian, Bosnian refugees straight out of communist regimes moved into my neighborhood in the 1970s, 1980s & 1990s. These people would fight over the last dozen eggs not realizing there were another 1000 dozen eggs in the back of the store. Some of the Bosnians would PISS on food they could not afford to buy, so no one else could use it. The Czechs, and the Slovaks were hilarious, and very SMART resourceful people. Czechoslovakia was so much of a communist nanny state that ONLY the town welder could buy a welding machine, so they made their own welders from scrap wire. Thee these guys were totally entrenched in a black market economy, because breaking all the commie nanny state laws was the ONLY way to survive in those countries. People like Ocasio Cortez are too young to remember this generation of refugees from socialism. A 70% income tax? Corporations won't close down. The rich won't pay.. THEY WILL LEAVE THE USA COMPLETELY! 70% of $0 = $0. She is pissing into the wind.
Richard Church
Richard Church 5 kun oldin
Dems, get rid of this joke she is a threat to America
Gus Gambatese
Gus Gambatese 5 kun oldin
Yea...enthusiasm...she just cost NYC 25 million jobs. Good job!
ISRAEL QUITO 5 kun oldin
I think etics show you the right thing to do when people make laws to be correct in a society,that's the right thing to do in that specific society,morality applies only in one specific individual or family,or group of families;but when that is bigger like in a whole society,is when morality becomes ethicsc,and ethics is the morality of the whole community,not for somebody or for some family(in this case if the mayority of people are more worried for whatever reason that is the morality of that specific community,and they are right),this is my point of view,but i know that morality changes according to the groups that make it up!!
ISRAEL QUITO 2 kun oldin
I will correct the comment!!
ISRAEL QUITO 2 kun oldin
It wasn't on purpose,i just said what i learned in college,it was not a comment that i should have made in public,and i know that she knows lot of things,i really think she is a brave,intelligent and beautiful woman!!
Chuck Johnston
Chuck Johnston 5 kun oldin
You are so small minded trying to talk about your own short Cummings. If you have ever seen her question people in hearings,there's no way with you could make the case for your message. It seems that you are ignorant of the facts and scared of a little brown woman who is so much intelligent than you. Your ignorance is so obvious.
congapilon 5 kun oldin
Turn her loose.
Alessandro Fusari
Alessandro Fusari 6 kun oldin
She is interesting (so is Bernie) and has ideas that, if planned with expertise, could work but her political persona is a bit too populist and is attracting a toxic fan base, just like Bernie (they remind me of the 5 Star movement in Italy, just with a bit more of facts). I would prefer it if she was more pragmatic and less anti-establishment, maintaining her progressive agenda
Alessandro Fusari
Alessandro Fusari 5 kun oldin
+Chuck Johnston I don't want her to change her agenda. I want her to be more pragmatic (let the right ignore facts) and not to direct hate towards people who have contributed to the affirmation of the centre-left (the right is the enemy, not those who are less left wing than you). Bring change not hate. She could just present herself as a successor of the liberals, just more radical.
Chuck Johnston
Chuck Johnston 5 kun oldin
Playing the game of the past and moving to the middle when the right wing has jumped so far to the right has not changed a thing AOC is a great new thing and it's time for us to stop being afraid the rich will hurt us. If you think that the wealthy are going to on their do the right thing then just hold your breath and see what that will get you. Every since Reagan the working class has taken it in the ass.
ultron0001 5 kun oldin
That's a very articulate (and desperate) excuse to make it seem like she's not a moronic wing-nut
District Six
District Six 6 kun oldin
They are all scared of losing their privileges and how they have ripped off and lied to the American Tax Payers
big Lbo
big Lbo 6 kun oldin
ron taylor
ron taylor 6 kun oldin
Who We were going to Run Who *WE* were going to run *WE* were going to run. uzvid.com/video/video-rsObPEj9ZAY.htmlm47s
Daniel 6 kun oldin
How many times a week does she need her mustache to be lasered off?
Crissy 5 kun oldin
Probably the same amount of times she needs her teeth filed down.
Emilio Nazario
Emilio Nazario 6 kun oldin
Love ocasiocortez
Cat Ed
Cat Ed 6 kun oldin
She’s what politics need. Love her.
robert hughes
robert hughes 6 kun oldin
These politicians are laughing at the SHEEPLE...
zeke iel
zeke iel 6 kun oldin
Simple, Human, Optimistic! Straight out of the Theranos playbook! She even has a Indian Manager/Promoter! She probably has Elizabeth Holmes as a consultant!
0xc1d3 6 kun oldin
Lol Cocksmoker Anderson cooper sitting back saying wtf is this crazy girl saying on live TV?!?
laughing Polion
laughing Polion 6 kun oldin
I smell indictment $800,000 where is her boyfriend where's his banking account oh she's going to talk oh she's going to Spill the Beans about dog walking they know what they're talkin about now we got another liberal who's going to talk or do time what's good for the goose it's good for the Democrat giddy up
laughing Polion
laughing Polion 6 kun oldin
She wants to bake cakes and muffins talk about the Smurfs and do you think the world is really flat how is that going to work for our windmills. 😳😳👭👭😳😳
Eric Pelote
Eric Pelote 6 kun oldin
She is bringing fire !!!
Robert Scott
Robert Scott 6 kun oldin
Aoc? We all knew her as deep throat Cortez! Stupid bitch still cant keep her mouth shut!
Beau 6 kun oldin
She's the best. Reigning her in means reigning in the majority of the party. We are done being placated! Corporatists had their day, we are done with their shit!
Chuck Johnston
Chuck Johnston 5 kun oldin
I agree it is about time for the richest country in the world to start letting the working people make a living and not go bankrupt if they have medical problems. Why are we the only country in the world to ignorant to figure out how to give people health care at a reasonable cost. Every one else in the world does it with better quality and half the price than we do now. What a bunch of failures and the worst thing is people are dying because they can't get their medical care.
Dovahkiin Dragonborn
TRUMP 2020.
John Cortazal
John Cortazal 7 kun oldin
AOC and others like her must be stopped. The dems are turning into the brown shirts of the 40s. The writing is on the wall -- the past is prologue.
Chuck Johnston
Chuck Johnston 5 kun oldin
What the fuck are you talking about. If anyone is turning into the brown shirt party is the trump party. They already gave up their own standards and will never admit that they are following a pycodic conman.
Ronnyqt 7 kun oldin
Subtitles had a seizure in this vid
Birtha Butt
Birtha Butt 7 kun oldin
Total puppet. This woman is such a complete simpleton. Keep talking lady... Give em enough rope.
keaulana1 7 kun oldin
I left Venezuela for this? Communists are following me .
adolfofito97231 5 kun oldin
keaulana1 look up to Maduro ? When did I say that! you are the idiot comparing her to that scum. And believe me buddy I travel enough around the globe
keaulana1 5 kun oldin
adolfofito97231 maybe you are. When someone looks up to Maduro. There is something wrong. Get a book and some education dude. Travel, that might help you.
Crissy 5 kun oldin
adolfofito97231 6 kun oldin
keaulana1 dumb .
Lucien Morningstar
Lucien Morningstar 7 kun oldin
Lets just see what she (AOC) can do for her district in her 1st term period as a congresswoman and let her people show their regret later on.
Nickyma 5
Nickyma 5 7 kun oldin
Crissy 5 kun oldin
Bullshit. She does not speak for me or the majority of Americans.
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