Odell Beckham Jr. Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Odell Beckham Jr. goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at the new Nike store in NYC, and talks his brand-new Air Force 1 utility shoe, starting out as a sneakerhead at a young age, and hooking teammates up with his own football cleat.
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19-Noy, 2018

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The good stuff
The good stuff 9 soat oldin
$uicideboyz episode
marshall urrutia
marshall urrutia 14 soat oldin
Obj money
Jermaine's Jukebox
Jermaine's Jukebox 20 soat oldin
OBJ scoping tha phatty at 7:16 😂
Alessandro Paoli
Alessandro Paoli 21 soat oldin
The song in the intro?
NorthridgeOG 21 soat oldin
My suggestions for guests: Tom segura Max Holloway Jon Jones
Jared Oran
Jared Oran Kun oldin
I bet after he scanned his phone he didnt pay one dime for all those shoes. Got that Nike athlete discount
IOneTwoFarQ 1
IOneTwoFarQ 1 Kun oldin
We need a Bhad Bhabie episode
Noteman 3 kun oldin
Social stupidity.
Noteman 3 kun oldin
Okay. Who cares?
A 3 kun oldin
I love this man lol
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 3 kun oldin
Do one with lil mosey right now!!!!
Bobba Rockersons
Bobba Rockersons 3 kun oldin
Niggars and shoes
Dankaf420 know_ur_meme
I actually got Kyrie 5 fly traps
Maxime Broet
Maxime Broet 3 kun oldin
what's the music at the beginning pls ?
Clara Gilbert
Clara Gilbert 3 kun oldin
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poop 3 kun oldin
OBJ's utility AF1 is ugly af
SupSupSup 3 kun oldin
2:11 can somebody explain what is going on this confuses me so much
Blackie Bitch
Blackie Bitch 5 kun oldin
He's got a sexy ass voice, like it's so smooth and deep 😍
LittyCarBoi 5 kun oldin
Complex: *sponsored by NBA19* Also Complex: *brings NFL player on*
Rennie Chavez
Rennie Chavez 5 kun oldin
Khalil Mack episode💪🏽
Stephen Stephenson
Stephen Stephenson 5 kun oldin
Odell goes air force 1 shopping.
Sarim Hy
Sarim Hy 5 kun oldin
Get Mark Wahlberg on this joint. That fool is a huge Jordan fan. I wanna see what type of kicks he’ll buy
Super Sick
Super Sick 5 kun oldin
Miss the old complex vids now it’s all sneaker shopping and everyday struggle it’s kind of getting boring
Cole Feroleto
Cole Feroleto 6 kun oldin
7:27, When Odell realizes he has to actually pay for the shoes and contemplates why he did this
Javi 6 kun oldin
Those Vaporfly’s ugh 😫
they gotta get Julio Jones on Complex.
Michael Ferraro
Michael Ferraro 6 kun oldin
Odell Beckham.... pffft whatever Giants are never going to win with this guy the same way no one win with TO. No one won with chad Johnson or randy moss. Greatest catch in the world! Really? Dallas won the game.
Hgd Vgff
Hgd Vgff 7 kun oldin
Is it just me or OBJ look high⛽⛽
ProFox Gaming
ProFox Gaming 7 kun oldin
How much ronaldo and neymar spend compared to him
TripleGaming 3
TripleGaming 3 7 kun oldin
Can u pleas do Jayden smith
Young Money
Young Money 7 kun oldin
He seems boring..🤔air force 1 some of the dopest shoes for real🔥🔥🔥🔥
Peter Møller
Peter Møller 7 kun oldin
So sad XXXtentacion never made this show
SYOR 7 kun oldin
Academy is the shit. Love that place.
Dj Cail
Dj Cail 7 kun oldin
Why his hair blue ?
Money Bagg
Money Bagg 6 kun oldin
I'm mean the giants blue soo ...
Bryan Gonzalez
Bryan Gonzalez 7 kun oldin
Odell’s a bitch but I got respect for him he did cook my nigga JNorman a couple of times
Money Bagg
Money Bagg 6 kun oldin
how's he a bitch I'm just curious
Lazy Klay
Lazy Klay 8 kun oldin
Kenny the jet smith should take notes on how odell handled the getting shoes as a kid question lol
Reliable Rants
Reliable Rants 8 kun oldin
Joe is so fuckin awkward lol
Fernando Baez
Fernando Baez 8 kun oldin
Do me
Fernando Baez
Fernando Baez 8 kun oldin
Do me
celawee 255
celawee 255 8 kun oldin
Evan charis
Evan charis 9 kun oldin
what's the name of the nike store? is it nike flagship ?
Barry 9 kun oldin
This show lame
Le Beautiful
Le Beautiful 9 kun oldin
Glad to see my man Odell out here doing it big.
Always Cubing
Always Cubing 9 kun oldin
Why did he have to buy his own pair of shoes for retail?
Evelyn O'Flaherty
Evelyn O'Flaherty 9 kun oldin
Why do all expensive shoes look so ugly and wild..?
phillyspecial 80
phillyspecial 80 9 kun oldin
Odell is a punk. Needs an attitude check.
Crafts3636 Crafts
Crafts3636 Crafts 9 kun oldin
Loud and obnoxious😏🤐
Sheridan Powell
Sheridan Powell 9 kun oldin
i wish he could be my big brother
Jason Kerns
Jason Kerns 9 kun oldin
The 95 million dollar man Odell Beckham jr
Ameen Mir
Ameen Mir 10 kun oldin
Can someone find me his jacket?
gamejr84 10 kun oldin
Nice george micheal earring.😂😂
Ethan Wilson
Ethan Wilson 10 kun oldin
I’ve been waiting forever
Avuyile Kutta
Avuyile Kutta 10 kun oldin
Brenton !!!
Dazza 10 kun oldin
He needs a grooming kit 🤣
BiG CC 10 kun oldin
Why would he buy Nike shoes when he just said Nike will send him whatever shoes he wants? I don’t think he bought any of those shoes.
total chaos
total chaos 10 kun oldin
obama need some new besides dress shoes.
Jarod Moodley
Jarod Moodley 11 kun oldin
Is *OBJ* in'a " Bad Mood " or something ???? 'Cause it seems as if he ain't feelin' this interview OR UNLESS he's just speaking the way ALL ATHLETES speak when dealing with the press !?
Sock Monkey
Sock Monkey 11 kun oldin
my kid microwaved raman without adding water. that head is reminiscent.
BIGDADDY 2oh9 11 kun oldin
Yo hit me up I'm 12 and where size 11
CindyProper Lee
CindyProper Lee 11 kun oldin
He’s beautiful
FRANK GARRIOLA 11 kun oldin
He really bought his own shoe that he had on
Estafador del Amor
Estafador del Amor 11 kun oldin
Damek 12 kun oldin
You can find best deals and promotions on my facebook group, i would like invite all, enjoy ! :) bit.ly/2QnHCmP
Greg Kosinski
Greg Kosinski 12 kun oldin
I feel like everybody missed how cringe the Pakistani guy is during the Hadid interview.
CON_1 RunYew
CON_1 RunYew 12 kun oldin
Do lebron
Ethan Brooks
Ethan Brooks 12 kun oldin
this shit is getting sooo boring. Its the same shit every episode. "Ya, my favorite shoes when I was a kid were the Jordan 1's"
Jovanni Guillen
Jovanni Guillen 12 kun oldin
This nigga joe sound like mr nightmare
A 12 kun oldin
Warren Sapp was right
61sasquatch 12 kun oldin
For a major Baller he seems real.
Mini Ninja
Mini Ninja 12 kun oldin
That's the next shoe I'm going to buy same with the gold cleats
Mini Ninja
Mini Ninja 12 kun oldin
Go Odell Beckham
Deanay96 12 kun oldin
you should talk more about the shoes they actually pick, it's the most intersting part and it goes by entirely too fast haha
Ethan Graham
Ethan Graham 12 kun oldin
make a vid with juju smith plz
LØRD MCD 12 kun oldin
Did he say "For my guy"? O_o
MaLo NiNo
MaLo NiNo 12 kun oldin
Saw the thumbnail and thought it was sada baby only detroit fam will know what i mean
Alex Cerrato
Alex Cerrato 13 kun oldin
We need a James harden episode
ERRON 317 13 kun oldin
Kendrick Lamar
brew2199 13 kun oldin
Am I the only one who noticed at 7:05 . For "my guy". Then bought the whole rack for his "guy"
Cristian Nieves
Cristian Nieves 13 kun oldin
Steph curry 30
Steph curry 30 13 kun oldin
Kyrie irving 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Marquise Chavis
Marquise Chavis 13 kun oldin
OBJ is so chill calm when he’s not playing football. We need more of him like this on the field also.
Cesar Sifuentes
Cesar Sifuentes 13 kun oldin
Anders Shitpost
Anders Shitpost 13 kun oldin
u have no idea how annoyed i am at this cretin pulling his face in the thumbnail
toni dp
toni dp 13 kun oldin
O-Kay 13 kun oldin
Do this with Kylie Jenner!!!
Jonny Lindos
Jonny Lindos 13 kun oldin
You know damn well he didn't pay for no sneaks haha
Marcy Marc
Marcy Marc 13 kun oldin
Now do one with DAVID Beckham.
SMG SUQAD Sameer Marcus and Grace
We need lbj,Kd,and sc
ImEddieee Boa
ImEddieee Boa 13 kun oldin
We need a LeBron ep
Chi Chi Vinson
Chi Chi Vinson 13 kun oldin
Jaylon Smith with the Dallas I wanna see his sneaker choice
Jordan Boyd
Jordan Boyd 13 kun oldin
This nigga didn't know wat academy was lol
The WJH 14 kun oldin
You'd legit get lost in that store😂
Raman Malkania
Raman Malkania 14 kun oldin
call virat kohli
Dominic Strawberry
Dominic Strawberry 14 kun oldin
Flimse 14 kun oldin
you should do Tekashi 6ix9ine Oh, wait he in jail
peter lorenz ventura
Odell doesn’t even need to buy those shoes but for the sake of the show he did 😂
Jessica Carrasco
Jessica Carrasco 14 kun oldin
We need hasan minaj
J Delgado
J Delgado 14 kun oldin
Obama episode
C. 14 kun oldin
SourceRGS 14 kun oldin
Wait... Why did Odell buy the shoes? Could of just shot Nike a message and would of had the shoes at his house the next day. For free! Lmao okay.