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Hi guys!!! Soooo what's the tea on the new Urban Decay Naked Cherry collection?! Is she a hit or a miss? Find out on todays review/demo!
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7-Okt, 2018

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Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina 3 oy oldin
Vote for me, E! Peoples Choice Award! Vote up to 25 times a day! pca.eonline.com/?source=social-eentertainment&cmpid=twitter-organic-biolink#vote/cat37
Destini Ollison
Destini Ollison 3 oy oldin
Lol I literally just paused the video and voted 25x
Lionqueen24_7 3 oy oldin
I just submitted my 100th vote!!
Zebrina Kelly
Zebrina Kelly 3 oy oldin
I voted again today. 25x's I tried voting more but it wouldn't allow me. 👀
Zebrina Kelly
Zebrina Kelly 3 oy oldin
Yes 25x's a day. 👍
Askare Bast
Askare Bast 2 soat oldin
Final look very beautiful. No matter the product Jackie makes it work
Aly' _aa
Aly' _aa 2 kun oldin
u make me smile
Marva Houpe
Marva Houpe 3 kun oldin
So freaking beautiful!!!😍😍😍😍😍
honkyadditive 3 kun oldin
I wanna get this but I ain’t paying $83 for it 😭😭 damn why’s everything gotta be so expensive In Australia.
Desiree Aponte
Desiree Aponte 5 kun oldin
wow i love you! i just got the palette today and ofc i had to look up for ideas anywayss i saw your vid and i was like idk her and i clicked it and wow. no words!!! also you're freaking gorg
Jillian Rogers
Jillian Rogers 9 kun oldin
Love this look. Will try... Lol J love me some you. That's my opinion😂
Uncle Eddie
Uncle Eddie 13 kun oldin
Jackie Aina, You Better Murder Us Wit Dat Damn Silver Girl. (!) Make It Work For Us------! DON'T BE SCARED OF CHROME WITH CHROME HAIR. DON'T BE SCARED OF CHROME WITH CHROME HAIR GIRL! 💖
Memi 14 kun oldin
Been in a bad mood all morning. Watched some Jackie videos = problem solved! Definitely subscribing. I loved this video!
Carissa Campbell
Carissa Campbell 17 kun oldin
You have a perfect eye shape tbh. I love your makeup tutorials so much Jackie!! Keep doin what you doin girl
Tyanna You
Tyanna You 19 kun oldin
Hello Jackie, can you do a colour-pop vs. black opal Foundation Stick review?
mariah 23 kun oldin
i really wanted to like this palette but i wish it was more reds, purples and browns than pinks
Simblr Fi life
Simblr Fi life 23 kun oldin
When u ran put of primer and u broke so u spending time getting ur make skills up for when u can get primer again
Johura Khatoon
Johura Khatoon 27 kun oldin
Who read the title in jackie ainas voice??? 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻
Valerie Mendez
I got to try the palette, and that cherry color, eyeliners.
MadameRouge93 Oy oldin
I really enjoy how respectful you were in this video.
Hailey Xoxo
Hailey Xoxo Oy oldin
Is it just me or does she remind me of mylifeaseva??
Yvonne Oy oldin
You CRACK me up!! LOL!
Ultravioletx1 Oy oldin
Wait why are they discontinuing it?? 😞
Rat Bird
Rat Bird Oy oldin
Omg I’m going to recreate this flawless beautiful look that you have created
Swim Bae
Swim Bae Oy oldin
Hunny! GREAT quality camera xx
Bathesheba Beautiful
I love the look. I love that you make products work. That's what "havin skills" do! Make things work. So work it girl!!!👀💋💄🤗
Jasmine Kirby
Jasmine Kirby Oy oldin
Confused as to why people don’t like big fluffy lashes! I’m here for it
tara d.l
tara d.l Oy oldin
lmfao “deviled eggs” 😭
Sophia Louise Page
I loved when you said "let people enjoy things!" Truth!! I actually love you!! You are so beautiful, smart and talented at make up, addressing issues and multi tasking. Like honestly 😂 I love how you're speaking out on bleaching and upliftment but aren't going wild with all the hate about the white people that are using darker make up. You're really sending such a grown, morally correct message.. You're amazing!
Plain Jane
Plain Jane Oy oldin
I love you Jackie!! Ty 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒
wcf2011 Oy oldin
I was watching this during my lunch and that Tamara clip almost made me spit my fried rice on my screen. Thanks Jackie LOL! I said that like we're friends, but for real Thank You lol!
KenzieRaee27 Oy oldin
Lol we both went OOOOOOOO together when she put that lid shade on 😂😂
Charlotte Bac
Charlotte Bac Oy oldin
You always make me laugh so hard omg, LOVE YOU
Miss C
Miss C Oy oldin
my fav concealer on you love. i want this eye shadow palette.
Ally Oy oldin
Currently binge watching Auntie Jackie!
darlene wilson
I appreciate your thoughts and opinions. Thank you 🙏🏻
Seng Yeng Yang
Naked Cherry looks like Naked 3's darker, emo sister if that makes sense lol. Love you Jackie!
Q Tip
Q Tip Oy oldin
Guys i'm looking for a good pink palette to use instead of using blush like I have been. Any suggestions?? so far im looking at venus XL or cherry.
Emer2010Gency Oy oldin
Maybe it's the colout correcting of the video but the shades that went into the crease all look very dull compared to pics of the pallette or is it just me?
stepgirl305 Oy oldin
.....just baaaarely on the CUSP of being the leader of the Ashe Nation.........Jackie!!! Funnier every time I watch.
Lexx Ghost
Lexx Ghost Oy oldin
If I want a pink. Bitch better be PINK.
nini lhf
nini lhf Oy oldin
Excuse me and this collectiin comes with the big cherry??
Nii FaReal
Nii FaReal 2 oy oldin
Can we get the link to those lashes tho 🤔
Amber Jones
Amber Jones 2 oy oldin
Alison Stephens
Alison Stephens 2 oy oldin
Why does it upset me so much that none of the shades have the name cherry in it lol
shaiines 2 oy oldin
Les couleurs de cette palette sont juste wahou . Jolie look !
Nicole Burton
Nicole Burton 2 oy oldin
You are absolutely awesome!! Nuff said.
Yazmin García
Yazmin García 2 oy oldin
Can we make a petition to get urban decay to rename their shadow to DEVILED EGGS 🍳 😂😂😂 Jackie they should run their shadow names by you, how are you not a creative director?? Love you!! 💕💕💕
Hillary Rogers
Hillary Rogers 2 oy oldin
*Watches for 20secs...SUBSCRIBED.
Carrotftft Gt
Carrotftft Gt 2 oy oldin
I feel like the palette could’ve gone deeper
ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ᴍᴀʀɪ
I also remember when lipsticks had more product. XD
Makeup by Orivate
I literally did the same look with the naked cherry palette on me and I was expecting the same result but it doesn't look as awesome on me as it looks on you!!! I need your skin tone!! give it to me ASAP!!!
Josalund Mosses
Josalund Mosses 2 oy oldin
you are awesome...im trying to do me, so let me see howyou help me...loud laugh hahahahahaha
Gabriela Garcia D
The real tea here is WHY were you at the UD HQ? 👀😁is there a UD x Jackie Aina collab coming our way?! Xoxo
evelyn cazares
evelyn cazares 2 oy oldin
I love you. You changing all the names in the palette is hilarious and put a smile on my face. :)
ella nella
ella nella 2 oy oldin
LoL Jackie has the best and most fun and funny makeup videos. "Bang bang". I love you Jackie.
Dani Asare
Dani Asare 2 oy oldin
Is she a model or what
sweetpyramidgirl 2 oy oldin
If you are darker or caramel skin toned don't buy this palette. I'm quite light skinned black woman and the colors is too light. I bought it in Sweden and they recommended this palette and guaranteed it's better than Anastasia but it's not. Get huda beauty or Anastasia
Bessem Besong
Bessem Besong 16 kun oldin
sweetpyramidgirl I’m dark skinned (NW55) and this palette looks stunning on me, I always get compliments,maybe you just don’t know how to use it.
Princess Chloe
Princess Chloe 2 oy oldin
21 Jackie
Luna Searles
Luna Searles 2 oy oldin
Have you reviewed the Huda Jewel Palette yet? I hope you do! I'm dying to try that green one, but I want to see what it looks like on our skin tone.
ItsChiv 2 oy oldin
Hey jackie , Where can i purchase that lid space please? Thank you in advance Fellow Woc
saffron fields
saffron fields 2 oy oldin
I just have to say that I ain’t that girl (subscribed!) and I LOVE your joy and energy, Jackie. You keep it fun and fresh as beauty really should be. I’m stalking that subscription bell all day. 🛎
Katie Maher
Katie Maher 2 oy oldin
Seriously Jackie you make me smile during the whole video, I love you gurl
Sophia Howell
Sophia Howell 2 oy oldin
Super pretty
China Smith
China Smith 2 oy oldin
Love this look 😍
Faiths_Face 2 oy oldin
That song she's singing at 9:19 is my cousin melanie durrants song it's called bang bang. Check it out!
Melanie Pamela Grave Cifuentes
She’s so funny , I love her 😍😍😍😍😍
Kyla Lafferty
Kyla Lafferty 2 oy oldin
I love how there’s not even a cherry red in this eyeshadow pallette
Jax 2 oy oldin
I love these kinda colors on black girls..it just looks awesome on darker skin tones
honeycaramel13 2 oy oldin
Jax I agree.
Jonathan J-Stylez Heath
I love your reviews, Jackie.
DerekSami VanDusen
Okay, I subscribed and hit the bell.........😁
Marisa Ford
Marisa Ford 2 oy oldin
Deviled egg 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Connie Francis
Connie Francis 2 oy oldin
Very very pretty girl
Gretchen Mollenkopf
Jackie you look stunning! ♡♡
CRGlamInspired 2 oy oldin
Your eye look is gorgeous, and you are even more gorgeous! Right, bullet lipsticks used to have a lot more product! I just love watching your videos, after watching I feel like I’m in a better mood!💜
Annat McCarthy
Annat McCarthy 2 oy oldin
Life changing hack: you can buy MAC pumps, they fit the Estee Lauder foundation bottles! You're welcome x
Rosie Boiser
Rosie Boiser 2 oy oldin
oof with that outro you’re really callin me out 😩
Bernadette Ioanis
lmfaoooo i swear if i was still in school....I would have never gone to class.
April A
April A 2 oy oldin
Jackiejackiejackiejackie love your get pumped song 😊
Melissa Beltran
Melissa Beltran 2 oy oldin
I’ve totally been binge watching Jackie’s vids! I just love her!
Brianna Cruz
Brianna Cruz 2 oy oldin
Girl they should have called you when nameing and making this palette hahaha
Manoucheka Bernard
I like Jackie you are so beautiful
Susan jimenez
Susan jimenez 2 oy oldin
3:24 was the quietest moment this channel has ever experienced. Jackie was giving us asmr realness, and idk if I was ready for it.
Sydnei Hall
Sydnei Hall 2 oy oldin
I was not checking for this palette, but after seeing the look you created, I just might buy it!
Jessica Lindly
Jessica Lindly 2 oy oldin
I would hire Jackie to name eyeshadows
Christen Mourey
Christen Mourey 2 oy oldin
Looks a little bit muddy in the crease?
I can’t hear Bang Bang without singing that song. 🤣
Felicia Joseph
Felicia Joseph 2 oy oldin
😂😂😂😂 you then renamed the colors 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂😂
Theresa Aubry
Theresa Aubry 2 oy oldin
Love the Peachy-Pink color ..... 👀💋
PieceOfToast 2 oy oldin
I dont even know how to make my makeup look symmetrical on my face
Aaronetta Hillman
There is a pump for this foundation...
Takara Robinson
Takara Robinson 2 oy oldin
deviled eggs lmao
Wang Frankie
Wang Frankie 2 oy oldin
Every time I watch your videos and I see the eyeshadows you use there’s this voice inside my head that screams “I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW”
Kanika Haggins
Kanika Haggins 2 oy oldin
That clip of that lady screaming has me hollering 😂🤣🤣🤣
Kanika Haggins
Kanika Haggins 2 oy oldin
I thought I was the only one that didn’t like the name devilish like huh? I don’t even go to church like that and I was still like umm okay 😅😂
hippotrot123 2 oy oldin
I get that UD didn’t wanna have a bunch of red shades, since the Naked Heat palette had so many, but “Cherry” is kind of misleading, it’s so pink. Why not Naked Watermelon? Why not maybe some more purples for a black cherry look?
keakers 2 oy oldin
That hair color is EVERYTHING!!!!!!
emilys153 2 oy oldin
Estee Lauder does FINALLY have pumps for the foundation!😊
Penelope J
Penelope J 2 oy oldin
I love this look!!
Inkstars Art
Inkstars Art 3 oy oldin
I voted for you! I was so excited to see you on there. Also work the concealer! If they tell you no, put twice as much lmao.
madam lyné
madam lyné 3 oy oldin
i like the way you do your eye looks jackie..
Jessi H
Jessi H 3 oy oldin
13:01 got mee
Marissa Maxfield
Marissa Maxfield 3 oy oldin
Your look is soo pretty! I think you're amazing and I love your videos ^_^ keep being fabulous