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Check out the main title for Cartoon Network's NEW SHOW, OK K.O. by creator, Ian Jones-Quartey!
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OK K.O.! | Main Title | Cartoon Network




9-Mar, 2017

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Lyrics: O.K K.O.! You fight til the end! You were my best friend! LET'S BE HEROES!!! O.K K.O.! LETS START THE SHOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Muhammad Zahin Zaki
I like this intro i see this vid i hear 10,0000000000
JMJ021 11 kun oldin
I will say that this show is better than SU in terms of hiatus status and villains.
JMJ021 11 kun oldin
My favorite intro to a show, tbh. It's simple and catchy.
niloufar masoumi
niloufar masoumi 12 kun oldin
PinkBomberPPG 13 kun oldin
I fricking love this
Ryan Nixon
Ryan Nixon 14 kun oldin
This op was storyboarded by the creator of Gurren Lagann, a pretty lit show.
TKO Toons
TKO Toons 21 kun oldin
OK KO!!!
Maddie Jean
Maddie Jean 23 kun oldin
Ok CN, *THIS* is *EXACTLY* how you get fans hooked to the TV screen. *THIS* theme song is how you hook fans in!
Luzy the Love fury
Luzy the Love fury 23 kun oldin
1: this song is my ring tone 2: I showed myself How to play this on the flute
Chisom Odoemene
Chisom Odoemene 23 kun oldin
TheBigSpino 25 kun oldin
What is your outro music's title please answer
Mr Sharky
Mr Sharky 25 kun oldin
I'm only 13, I have a tattoo of this shows character Dendy!!!! It means so much that I am a fan of OK KO.
Mr Sharky
Mr Sharky 25 kun oldin
I actually saw an ad for this show on UZvid and I thought it was made by the same person who made Steven Universe
u want doubleD
u want doubleD 26 kun oldin
The only good running shows Steven universe and Ok Ko
Жанат Шаукилова
etaN Slip
etaN Slip Oy oldin
0:01 - 0:20
This is a bop.
Silent Immortal
Tbh after watching that Crossover Nexus. This show literally gave me hope for cartoons again.
Forever piece
Forever piece Oy oldin
der vater von k.o ist sowas von ein abklatsch von escanor
PurpleTiger Oy oldin
I was listening to this and then I realized the video was muted. *It's ingrained in my brain*
Chris Smalls
Chris Smalls Oy oldin
This show is like a revival era for Cartoon Cartoons.
Venus. Tea
Venus. Tea Oy oldin
Now we need an update on the intro with Professor Venomous ;3
Benjamin Anderson
This show is AWESOME!!!!!! I love this show! I hope a feature film is in production! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
monica carrasquero
Kucingshoppe Ipoh
my favorite show yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Speed the Speed
Anime sound and feel I'm down.
imdb88 Oy oldin
That's it?
Ford Focus
Ford Focus Oy oldin
weirdoandrew Oy oldin
A good cartoon.
Too short, gonna need a full version of this bop
Aluminum lion
Aluminum lion Oy oldin
The intro has like a disco beat I like it
Tito Habif
Tito Habif Oy oldin
Looks so Gainax that it makes it more awesome.
陳建君 2 oy oldin
The lucky dragonite !
Yes the world was a disco ball
John Peacekeeper
John Peacekeeper 2 oy oldin
This is Adventure Time's latest successor. That's a big weight, but I think they can pull it off.
MultiRobotnik 2 oy oldin
This animation looks like a PS2 cutscene.
Christopher Okrent
Who’s ready for cross over nexus (which has characters ok ko, Ben 10, garnet from Steven universe and raven from teen titans go
Venus. Tea
Venus. Tea Oy oldin
Christopher Okrent I’m not a huge fan of cross overs, but I think this one might be cool!! >:D
Serperior 5
Serperior 5 2 oy oldin
This intro is amazing!I just wish it was longer!
ruby khan
ruby khan 2 oy oldin
Aww some
Katie Cook
Katie Cook 2 oy oldin
Love the video.
Ree 3
Ree 3 2 oy oldin
So sick! A great return to format!
I AM THE㞮 KING 2 oy oldin
Türkler tembel mi yoksa bana mı öyle geliyor az film yapıyorlar da neredeyse hiç bilim yazmıyor İngilizce'de olmayan bir film İngilizler yapıyor
Vincent Ly
Vincent Ly 2 oy oldin
KO K.O.! Let's Be Heroes = Mucha Lucha
CutieKitty 2 oy oldin
im tired of finding the comercial of ok ko so i will know WHAT TIME WILL IT SHOW AT WEEKDAYS
Is Faek
Is Faek 2 oy oldin
This and Johnny Test are better than Teen Titans Go
Johann Hardy
Johann Hardy 2 oy oldin
So OK KO takes place in Virginia...
Eve Bezzina
Eve Bezzina 2 oy oldin
this is my theme boi
MyYoshiWhat 2 oy oldin
I love this theme song because it is mostly instrumental.
isnawati rasjid
isnawati rasjid 3 oy oldin
That is why shelby sing this song in :gar's bodega
The Moth
The Moth 3 oy oldin
Its sad that im addicted to this opening song
OK K.O. Yes Litton Entertainment and TTG No
Resident Gamer
Resident Gamer 3 oy oldin
farhana hussain
farhana hussain 3 oy oldin
Honestly this is just catchy
TwitchyTopHat 3 oy oldin
Just watched My Hero Academia and wow I can see the inspiration It's basically a My Hero Academia for the youngins lol
sofie arta
sofie arta 3 oy oldin
Bebe cura
Bebe cura 3 oy oldin
I Like The New Showing Craig Of The Creek
OK K.O. Yes Litton Entertainment and TTG No
Nadie 3 oy oldin
Que corto
Briana Stewart
Briana Stewart 3 oy oldin
I hate the show but love the spng
Michael Morales
Michael Morales 3 oy oldin
Nalyn & P-Kan
Nalyn & P-Kan 3 oy oldin
Weird!(type by daughter)
KIRB KAYRA ATEŞ 3 oy oldin
Shorter than gravity falls
Flamingo Funtime :P
I feel bad for this cartoon, because the teen titans go! Aliens took over the cartoon network
Łeøn Sk
Łeøn Sk 3 oy oldin
Like disco earth 0:01
Łeøn Sk
Łeøn Sk 3 oy oldin
In 0:00 good intro
Tombee 123
Tombee 123 3 oy oldin
This is a really good intro!
MiraculousLadybugYes EddsworldNo VGCP TGPP
This is totally better than Steven Universe!
mari tp
mari tp 4 oy oldin
Resident Gamer
Resident Gamer 4 oy oldin
I dont watch ok ko so dont get mad That guy with the bird claw for a hand looks like hes gonna yell Objection!
violet parr
violet parr 4 oy oldin
Love the song
Efekaan aslan
Efekaan aslan 4 oy oldin
Türk varmı
Rushie Cat
Rushie Cat 4 oy oldin
I've only seen a few episodes but I love this show Also what is the green haired guy with the x eye named? He wasn't in the ones I seen
Popcorn productions
i listen to this everytime xd
Lps Rocks
Lps Rocks 4 oy oldin
I... Love this intro!!
Acrail GD
Acrail GD 4 oy oldin
I seriously can't get enough of The Ok K.o theme I CAN'T
Nameless 18
Nameless 18 4 oy oldin
Mariana Mora
Mariana Mora 4 oy oldin
I love this opening its so lit.
This Is Audrey'sWorld
I love this show cause of its deep meanings and it’s story lines with in it. There’s times where it’s goofy and times where it’s sad. Also, the animation design is so amazingggg! If only there were more CN shows like this..other than The amazing world of gumball and we bare bears...
This Is Audrey'sWorld
Also Steven Universe😊
parnesian parrapio
This shows theme reminds me of anime l. Don’t question me.
Jack Casto
Jack Casto 4 oy oldin
Ok ko is stupid as unikitty
chochlate and vanilla
So basically amererican version of my hero academia
BoomBang 3 oy oldin
chochlate and vanilla no?
amanda lazo
amanda lazo 4 oy oldin
The theme song reminds me of sailor moon idk why
Katrina Devilline Does Gacha
Anybody came here from PyschoPieO? Or just here to listen to the song? Just me, mk.
Retro Fanatic
Retro Fanatic 4 oy oldin
That...was awesome
ShadowTheWolf AJ
ShadowTheWolf AJ 4 oy oldin
The person who composed this is the same person who composed the music for Shovel Knight... Or... as what I know him for... thE COMPOSER FOR PETZ CATZ 2
XianlucaX 4 oy oldin
I love the art style :D
Brayden Childers
Brayden Childers 4 oy oldin
See, cartoons these days still have diversity and unique things to them, and this is amazing
Angel Cookey
Angel Cookey 4 oy oldin
0:05 our Enid
Just a Stan
Just a Stan 4 oy oldin
When I try to be cool
Siggi Braga
Siggi Braga 4 oy oldin
Gabe Hutcherson
Gabe Hutcherson 4 oy oldin
lydia adjei
lydia adjei 4 oy oldin
Hai Yau Yip
Hai Yau Yip 4 oy oldin
Yoanna Gimenez
Yoanna Gimenez 4 oy oldin
Me gusta
Yoanna Gimenez
Yoanna Gimenez 4 oy oldin
Wolfina Playz
Wolfina Playz 5 oy oldin
It reminded me of goku
CartoonFan18 5 oy oldin
Spongebob is K.O. Patrick is Rad Sandy is Enid Mr. Krabs is Mr. Gar Miss. Puff is Carl Plankton is Boxmore
Nebby And The Cosmog Revolution
*Good Anime Doesn't Exsi-*
T.K. O
T.K. O 5 oy oldin
OK K.O. Monster
11 oy oldin