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It’s time to look old! Special thanks to the Uncle Drew movie for sponsoring this video!
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Don’t miss Kyrie, Shaq, and the rest of their crew of NBA all stars channel their old-man alter egos when Uncle Drew hits theaters on June 29th.
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4-Iyn, 2018

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the galaxy game
the galaxy game 4 soat oldin
You grandpa
Nathan Hahn
Nathan Hahn 5 soat oldin
Kadusa 5 soat oldin
cody is awesome
Super Sayian Savage
Super Sayian Savage 6 soat oldin
That shot was nice
Bilog Miranda
Bilog Miranda 6 soat oldin
Ty likes cool trick shots!!!!!
Prodigy Prime
Prodigy Prime 6 soat oldin
What the heck. you cant even tell witch twin is witch because of the make up. but i think the one on the left is Cory and the one on the right is Cody, correct me if i'm wrong.
Tyler Swinney
Tyler Swinney 6 soat oldin
Corey looks like bad grandpa
Andy Thompson
Andy Thompson 7 soat oldin
That makeup job is INSANELY realistic. I actually didn’t recognize them in the intro until he got up and did the trick shot. Lol
Sneh Shah
Sneh Shah 8 soat oldin
Gabriella C
Gabriella C 8 soat oldin
Justin Tugade
Justin Tugade 9 soat oldin
Joshua Durnan
Joshua Durnan 10 soat oldin
cory aged way better
Clem4Vlogs 10 soat oldin
Yall look so cool and realistic
Dylan Kellogg
Dylan Kellogg 10 soat oldin
Unkle drew
Dr.Gaming23 11 soat oldin
John wick
Vince Easy youtube games
נויה בן יחזקאל
Ty looks good in white tho
Nele De Bolster
Nele De Bolster 12 soat oldin
age better out of the twins
Nele De Bolster
Nele De Bolster 12 soat oldin
Beth Hollis
Beth Hollis 13 soat oldin
Coby aged better
Saraa Alaa
Saraa Alaa 14 soat oldin
Santiago Rendon
Santiago Rendon 14 soat oldin
Rong Zhou
Rong Zhou 15 soat oldin
Old habits die hard
Garan Hynek
Garan Hynek 15 soat oldin
Your brother
LoLmast3rJam 16 soat oldin
Why does Cory look like Stan Lee
susan birch
susan birch 16 soat oldin
Drunk santa
Adventures Through Storytime With Alan
Coby aged better
Will Webb
Will Webb 17 soat oldin
Ty looks like an old man
Komal Jagwani
Komal Jagwani 17 soat oldin
Cory aged better
Chris Fugate
Chris Fugate 18 soat oldin
awesome my son thinks
Aponte Yorlihander
Aponte Yorlihander 18 soat oldin
Para mí que esos tiros son puro photoshop
Josh Giannini
Josh Giannini 18 soat oldin
Cody aged better
ASHRAFUL ALAM 19 soat oldin
Abraham Lincoin
Kayla Witwicki
Kayla Witwicki 19 soat oldin
Thehandofdiablo 1711
Thehandofdiablo 1711 20 soat oldin
Cory aged better
The JC Gaming Channel - JCGC
Little bit like Santa and Jon wick
Christian Blanco
Christian Blanco 20 soat oldin
I am team coby but Cory aged a lot better mostly because he has glasses on
NeliGaming909 20 soat oldin
John Wick
Leonid Vuniqi
Leonid Vuniqi 20 soat oldin
Soca blett
Rinus Render
Rinus Render 21 soat oldin
Ty could be Conor Mcgregor in old 😂
Mary De La Cruz
Mary De La Cruz 21 soat oldin
Tyler you look like Moses
Alvin Leander
Alvin Leander 21 soat oldin
Nathaniel Gventer
Nathaniel Gventer 21 soat oldin
Cody is so good at being old
Snortable Silver
Snortable Silver 21 soat oldin
Doesn’t Cory look like Stan lee
LG Basig
LG Basig 22 soat oldin
hahah Cody is so cute.. this challenge is so expensive.. your so amazing. this video so entertaining💪👍
archit sachdeva
archit sachdeva Kun oldin
Jehu Pattiasina
Jehu Pattiasina Kun oldin
ty in start your trick shoot is so cool
Devansh Rathod
Devansh Rathod Kun oldin
Do trick shots with tom Brady 🐐
tokiko tsukada
tokiko tsukada Kun oldin
Why don't you play or become a basketball player
Abhijay Chauhan
Abhijay Chauhan Kun oldin
I have to say that's some fantastic makeup But Cody looked the most natural
Benjamin Harbour
Anuj Kumar
Anuj Kumar Kun oldin
The first one was awesome
dougray Bain
dougray Bain Kun oldin
dougray Bain
dougray Bain Kun oldin
dougray Bain
dougray Bain Kun oldin
dougray Bain
dougray Bain Kun oldin
Ty looks like a cavwman
Jared Evaristo
Jared Evaristo Kun oldin
Older Clark Kent
Anikan Yasuke
Anikan Yasuke Kun oldin
Generic uncle drew👎👎👎
Catherine Etheredge
CORY🧓🏼🧓🏼definitely aged better
Jessa Royo
Jessa Royo Kun oldin
I love dude perfect
dutty swienstein
Why don't you guys just play basketball... You could be legends
Braden Humphrey
Braden Humphrey Kun oldin
Do a video with Kyrie Irving.
************** Kun oldin
cody looks like red forman from that 70's show
Tianna Kelller Vasquez
The people may get old but the trick shots dont
Naruto Gaming
Naruto Gaming Kun oldin
Honestly just do a dunking montage and I’m satisfied
Mia Blount
Mia Blount Kun oldin
Uncle drewwwwwwwwww
Peyton Hiltz
Peyton Hiltz Kun oldin
Uncle drew
IAmWildFox_ZF Kun oldin
One of the twins looks like Harrison Ford
IAmWildFox_ZF Kun oldin
Ty is the only one who looks probly how everyone think he'd look when old, plus he looks like the old type of man who still works out and is actively involved in events
Michelle Hartfiel
Marcus Styles
Marcus Styles Kun oldin
wow!! really like their moves even if i can do it 😂😂 its like they dont get old.
Minecraft Penguin
3:18 floss
Paige Austin
Paige Austin Kun oldin
Yuli hargreaves
Yuli hargreaves Kun oldin
Omg you Have floss I Can do it floss! And it is 2018? And fakeeee old
Jennifer Wu
Jennifer Wu Kun oldin
ty 1st best garret 2nd best coby 3rd cody 4th cory 5th
display games
display games Kun oldin
Jennifer Wu
Jennifer Wu Kun oldin
dude perfect like old.o
Chantele Gilbert
Play basketball
robert prejean
robert prejean Kun oldin
Ty looks like uncle drew
Kevin Montresor
Kevin Montresor Kun oldin
Ty always does the toughest shots
Junior Brain
Junior Brain Kun oldin
Don't matter the age
Angel Spikes
Angel Spikes Kun oldin
Cory aged better
Travellers Point
Ur better than nba players and curyy
Dcurly143 Kun oldin
Coby aged better
carlmathew delacruz
This Vid Was Epic!!👈😎
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith Kun oldin
1 of them was definitely fake
Emmanuel Gibson
Emmanuel Gibson Kun oldin
So...uncle drew 2
SuperDshimmy-Roblox and more
Ty looks like deadpool
DerickYT Kun oldin
Tyler cosplay slegdehammer from fortnite season 5
Lukas Occhio
Lukas Occhio Kun oldin
Amy Hale
Amy Hale Kun oldin
My name is drew
joselito solis
joselito solis Kun oldin
Ty has a lebron 15 shoes!?!?!....i'm a big fan of lebron james btw
Rajeshwari Rao
Rajeshwari Rao Kun oldin
Ty looks like Luke skywalker. Like if you think so.
Soujanya P
Soujanya P Kun oldin
Ty looks like Kane Williamson a New Zealand cricketer
Jennifer Resimo
Jennifer Resimo Kun oldin
Garret i think is purple older
DominikW02 2 kun oldin
Why aren’t these guys in the NBA?!?!
fedex delivery
7 kun oldin