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In the aftermath of tragedy and Jamal's discovery, it's time to cash in... On My Block season two drops March 29, only on Netflix. Starring Jessica Marie Garcia, Sierra Capri and Jason Genao.
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On My Block: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix




12-Mar, 2019



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Netflix 8 kun oldin
And here's what you've all been asking me for!
King Jaden TV
King Jaden TV 12 soat oldin
No i want luke cage back
BLOBFISH Vlogs 15 soat oldin
Thank you
Julia Leiva
Julia Leiva 17 soat oldin
+Netflix yeah
peachy & cakey
peachy & cakey Kun oldin
harmoni melodi
harmoni melodi Kun oldin
Netflix can you please suggest to On my Block writers that Jamal get a girlfriend? He seems left out when the group is coupled off. Thanks.
Sasha Lenox
Sasha Lenox Soat oldin
Is it just me who thinks omb s2 looks better than stranger things s3 ?
Mason Otene
Mason Otene 2 soat oldin
Too much to watch on the 29th but I know what I’m starting with
kim m
kim m 4 soat oldin
Do you love him Does he love ya Did hi said to ya Wha are you talking that 😂😂
ARTHUR MORGAN 4 soat oldin
Hopefully we'll get to see Monse mother again and continue with that storyline as well. I would hate this season to just be about Ruby getting over Olivia's death.
Turkz 5 soat oldin
Bye Olivia
Sonicopi 5 soat oldin
So no ones gonna comment on the thumbnail? And the placement of his right hand? Aight
niya sky
niya sky 6 soat oldin
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OLIVIA DIED........ OR DID SHE GO BACK HOME???? confusion
uwu occacion
uwu occacion 6 soat oldin
Taylor Austin
Taylor Austin 6 soat oldin
They better promote the hell outta this unlike the way they did with One Day at a Time.
Lucy Apple
Lucy Apple 6 soat oldin
0:58 and 1:29 😂
Meme Master
Meme Master 7 soat oldin
oh my god yasssss March 29th is gonna be such a good dayyy
BenoTookYaGirl 7 soat oldin
That other bitch died
LeonardoGaming- LG
LeonardoGaming- LG 8 soat oldin
Onyx Norris
Onyx Norris 8 soat oldin
WHY DID OLIVIA DIE WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT TO RUBY at least they kissed before she died😭
loldream 9 soat oldin
Ruby is Alive Cesar and Monse are together Olivia isnt Here Jamal is Rich tuff
boothang chona
boothang chona 10 soat oldin
I feel bad for Oliva bc she got shot while her parents were calling her thats the only part that got me😭but Bruhh i had to be tortured and waited for this trailer for a year
Chyna Rivera
Chyna Rivera 10 soat oldin
Might as well just release it early TF I CANT WAIIIIIIITTTTTTT
Agustin Miranda
Agustin Miranda 11 soat oldin
Wheres Olivia? And is she dead for good?!
Kristina Ortiz
Kristina Ortiz 11 soat oldin
Drake and josh
Kristina Ortiz
Kristina Ortiz 11 soat oldin
Drake and josh
Kristina Ortiz
Kristina Ortiz 11 soat oldin
Drake and josh
idk 11 soat oldin
0:55 - 0:59 💀💀💀
Sierra Johnson
Sierra Johnson 11 soat oldin
How come i didn't see this already
Xxxaaxxx Xxx
Xxxaaxxx Xxx 11 soat oldin
Omb4L Jamal Monse
Franco Antonio
Franco Antonio 11 soat oldin
Ohh shit
Llama 1122
Llama 1122 12 soat oldin
0:58 Bitches be bonkers That should be a T-shirt
ramlay Alz
ramlay Alz 12 soat oldin
I more excited for this then stranger things
Magic and Eden
Magic and Eden 12 soat oldin
did he say it to youuu
zmantv 2k
zmantv 2k 12 soat oldin
1:29 me waking up my younger brothers
Ahmad Harb
Ahmad Harb 14 soat oldin
if you see in the backround of all of them on 0:07 its her ceremony
Shaku 14 soat oldin
Wakey wakey *BIATCH*
XxLunaBlueXx Gacha Life Queen
*0:59* the grandma *Bitches Be Bonkers* I'm Dead 😂😂😂
stupid hoe
stupid hoe 14 soat oldin
does anyone else think Jamal is annoying asf or is that just me
SS's World
SS's World 15 soat oldin
So we know Ruby’s alive 😂
Jan Michael Vincent
Jan Michael Vincent 15 soat oldin
rise and shine biiiiaaaatttttcccchhhhhh
Jan Michael Vincent
Jan Michael Vincent 15 soat oldin
at first i hated olivia and now that maybe shes dead, i kinda feel bad for her
renizzle t
renizzle t 15 soat oldin
Finally watched it! Really good series!
Zeus 15 soat oldin
Okay cool but y’all better start filming season 3 RIGHT NOW oh and Make it 22 episodes or something NO ONE WANTS 10 NO MORE!!!
Taylor Dillon
Taylor Dillon 15 soat oldin
Ok so Olivia is dead
Klara Reksa
Klara Reksa 16 soat oldin
Cant wait
Lishanny Rome
Lishanny Rome 16 soat oldin
0:59 “bitches be bonkers” 😭😭💯 I LOVE IT !
wed I
wed I 17 soat oldin
Yassss I hated Olivia racist girl
wed I
wed I 11 soat oldin
Shanese Lewis Shes a trump Supporter and she said all mexicans are gardeners and steal there jobs
Shanese Lewis
Shanese Lewis 11 soat oldin
how was she racist?
Daniel Meza
Daniel Meza 18 soat oldin
Olivia died
valicorn müller
valicorn müller 18 soat oldin
Already waiting for season 3
CarelessBeam 18 soat oldin
Bro I think the reason why ceaser was all beat up is because monses dad found out that they were together and put his police training into action and broke his arm and beat his ass
Sydnee Williams
Sydnee Williams 20 soat oldin
0:07 look in the back of the memorial they’re standing in front of , olivia’s picture is back there , she dead😭😭 .
Metro M
Metro M 20 soat oldin
“Bitches be bonkers” 👌🏾
mafalda 20 soat oldin
monse is so gorgeouss
Bradigans D
Bradigans D 21 soat oldin
Song: Thutemose Run wild
haley marie
haley marie 22 soat oldin
march 29th. that friday night, no one text me because imma be binge watching this. *no one was gonna text me in the first places, i just wanted it to look like i actually have friends*
People: I can't wait to see the next On My Block trailer! People after watching the trailer: SO amazing omg! Netfilx in Official trailer: So.... Olivias dead.
Pedro Vlogs
Pedro Vlogs Kun oldin
0:07 on the picture right next to monse leg is Olivia and ruby but ruby is right there so this proves Olivia is dead
Jordan  Beal
Jordan Beal Kun oldin
ok this might be crazy oliva is not dead. I watched the teaser and I saw them at a funeral but I don't think it's hers. I know she is not in the first two trailers but that's the point of surprises. I think she's either back home or something or just in the hospital and I think at 1:07 she comes back.
Delilah Montalbo
Ruby:Did he say it to ya? Girl: Why are you talking like that? Jamal:Why are you?
RylieMoon 10
RylieMoon 10 Kun oldin
Jamal with AirPods 1:17 lmao 😂😂😂
Maddie Haddie
Maddie Haddie Kun oldin
Thank god ruby is Alive
Leilani Rubio
Leilani Rubio Kun oldin
Idk all I gotta say is bitches be bonkers
Segregateyourselves S
Stupid movie
Rahina Akua
Rahina Akua Kun oldin
I fucking love jamal
JD EXPERT Kun oldin
I'm really hoping Olivia's alive, just as Ruby got the girl of his life she dies that can't be right.
King Savage
King Savage Kun oldin
I hope they do enough seasons to go through their whole high school career that would be dope🔥
Psn is Azn-Rice247
😄😄😄😄😄😄 Yasss Cannot wait for season 2!!!!! 🤗
Osani Wright
Osani Wright Kun oldin
who else believed in jamaal ? ✋🏾❤️
Dank Sanchez
Dank Sanchez Kun oldin
thunder Kun oldin
bitches be bonkers
Jade Duckervil
Jade Duckervil Kun oldin
I was about to say where’s Oskar 🤣
Gula Rednose
Gula Rednose Kun oldin
I bet Olivia is bed ridden. Wouldn't mind if she actually died, but heh.
Gamergirltv 21134
Who else when they saw then walking down the stairs and peeped monse and Caesar
Terragamerz the 8th hoe-cage
LMAOOOOOO they did the fake latina girl dirty
kayleena pollan
kayleena pollan Kun oldin
Who ever thumbs this down fuck off
Alyssa Alexander
0:55 Ruby and Jamal got me weak
Lorena Sousa
Lorena Sousa Kun oldin
Só vem 2 temporada.
deboneah Vradenburg
cottoncandy brat
Everybody get in here monsey pissed.
Equal Kun oldin
We need Olivia to survive. Plzzzzz
Eclipse Alpha
Eclipse Alpha Kun oldin
I like how everyone is ignoring OLIVIA.
Janesa Lynn
Janesa Lynn Kun oldin
Wakey wakey biatch
AGAP_ Fate
AGAP_ Fate Kun oldin
Who cares about olive
AGAP_ Fate
AGAP_ Fate Kun oldin
This is lit
Entertainment Forever
Nice and beautiful :) Watch "HELL BOY-2019" OFFICIAL TRAILER. uzvid.com/video/video-p97jCu53NUU.html
LishAnn Alexandra Bethea
ok i came on a hunch like just thought out the blue to see if there wasnt anymore radio static and im so happy but why did no one tell me this was here im pissed *pauly d voice* and sooo excited theyre back .
kyel williams
kyel williams Kun oldin
Wait so it wasn’t ruby it was OLIVIA OH NO
BaSiC Alayah
BaSiC Alayah Kun oldin
This comes out on my cousin's birthday and I might not be able to watch it!!!😭😭
Stephanie Johnson
Omg I can’t wait !!
MogulJetz Z
MogulJetz Z Kun oldin
Ruby and jasmine for season 2 💕😭
TJ TCH Kun oldin
Horrible marketing
Kianna Francis
Kianna Francis Kun oldin
Well I didn’t see Olivia
appienouri 34
appienouri 34 Kun oldin
10 dayssssssss 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 okay i cant wait
Marcus Adams
Marcus Adams Kun oldin
I knew ruby was alive
GABBY J Kun oldin
I’m petty sure Olivia’s dead because in the beginning of the trailer they were all in mostly black and there was a grave right behind them and I think that is Olivia’s grave
Lit Kun oldin
JLO 2 kun oldin
I think Ruby is gonna join the Santos with Cesar .
Li Pate
Li Pate Kun oldin
JLO No I don’t think he is but Spooky is gonna have insane respect for Ruby cos he took a bullet for Cesar.
Isabelle Lewis
Isabelle Lewis 2 kun oldin
Asian_Boio 2 kun oldin
So its true ruby is practically alive, but how about Olivia, in the first trailer rubys mom was shown really sad when they looked at the picture of olivia therefor probably meaning shes dead, but if so how is ruby, some sort of transplant maybe? Who knows, it just doesn’t make sense why would olivia die if ruby was clearly injured way more
freeridge_stan 2 kun oldin
I’m like the only one who’s gonna miss Olivia😂😂. She made ruby happy 😢
Lil BabbieKay
Lil BabbieKay 11 soat oldin
Noooo I will too 😭😭
journey 2 kun oldin
yay thanks for this trailer netflix ! now stranger things season 3 trailer! :)
Taylor Lawson
Taylor Lawson 2 kun oldin
bitches be bonkers
L Swogs
L Swogs 2 kun oldin
Nba Jael
Nba Jael 2 kun oldin
Im shhookkkkkk
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