Osaka Japan Street Food Tour! Dotonbori Food Guide

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I went to the Dontonbori area of Osaka Japan and tried out the delicious street food there. This is where takoyaki was orignated and the home to osaka's version of Okonomiyaki also known as japanese pizza.
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12-Fev, 2017



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Roxa S
Roxa S 17 soat oldin
Hi Mikey. I have visited Japan twice but have never stated at a ryokan. Have you ever stayed at a ryokan.
Ash { quirk purifier BNHA}
I'm Canadian but was born in Japan...no regrets the food is awesome even though I have to wear a uniform in school lol
Joshua Andrews
Joshua Andrews 2 kun oldin
14:00dude should be in a starburst commercial
Sortaboring 3 kun oldin
my dream is to go to Japan, try all the amazing food, and do the Mikey Chen head shakes after eating each dish
BrutalTurtle 4 kun oldin
puru puru puruin
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez 6 kun oldin
OK The What
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez 6 kun oldin
The The The The k
Sam Aston
Sam Aston 8 kun oldin
I saw you at the airports
Dary Kuy
Dary Kuy 8 kun oldin
I will find this food when am in Tokyo
D Salty
D Salty 8 kun oldin
I wonder if that's the same Kani Doraku that Anthony Bourdain ate at during No Reservations. 💜
Roneykaith Palmaria
You honestly deserve ALL THE VIEWS AND SUBSCRIBERS!!! You’re the best in the food vlog world
Tip Aly
Tip Aly 10 kun oldin
That cotton candy reminds me of those tri-colored popsicles from when I was a kid.
Reynolds Colton
Reynolds Colton 10 kun oldin
One thing I could never stand about Japanese street food is the liberal use of mayonnaise.
RocketSauce 13 kun oldin
Everytime he has food in front of him, I go "DON'T TALK JUST EAT IT!!!"
Sunnie Sunshine TV 호주 선샤인
omg, your video make me very hungry Have a lovely weekend.
Beluchi Okeke
Beluchi Okeke 14 kun oldin
1:36 say worddd parents always say no😂
guesswho'sme 14 kun oldin
17:15 Wow fantastic baby 😁
Colleen Plaza
Colleen Plaza 14 kun oldin
Mike-Eze 14 kun oldin
Yakuza 0 made me want to go to Osaka
Anushka Khasnobish
Anushka Khasnobish 15 kun oldin
Hey such an awesome video.. is there anyway you can list the food items and the restaurant names?
twee tak
twee tak 15 kun oldin
wow osaka is too crowded! Why you didn't try the steak skewer? It was the best hehe
Drusille V
Drusille V 17 kun oldin
I had the same experience first time eating takoyaki. I thought the katsubushi were alive and I freaked out!
sun flower
sun flower 19 kun oldin
very random / I'm a woman type of question - 14:15 - are you wearing 2 winter jackets? hm...creative.... lol...instead of let's say - sweatshirt or sweather 2 jackets...lol!
doku dayo
doku dayo 21 kun oldin
You should Try Imazato Washoi Ramen in Osaka. It's the most delicious ramen in Osaka in my opinion.
idk 22 kun oldin
the way he describes it makes me hungrier
xenia lewis
xenia lewis 23 kun oldin
Hate the idea of sharing sauce that hundreds of others have dipped from. Obviously someone is going to double dip 🤮 other than that it all looks super tasty. Love this channel
Travis K
Travis K 24 kun oldin
Xion Memoria
Xion Memoria 24 kun oldin
Purin is the Japanese pronunciation of pudding, so you were right on the money with that one!
Jason Huang
Jason Huang 24 kun oldin
Amin Limbu
Amin Limbu 26 kun oldin
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 26 kun oldin
Honestly so addicted to these videos
Mce 1863
Mce 1863 28 kun oldin
Why do I watch food videos when I’m hungry.
Dark Fragment
Dark Fragment 28 kun oldin
shaner193 r
shaner193 r 28 kun oldin
Yeah... So.... Why is that thing in the corner moving on its own at 10:25... 😂 Love you Mike! Keep up the videos.
Chen Tao
Chen Tao 23 kun oldin
shaner193 r sure thing haha!
shaner193 r
shaner193 r 24 kun oldin
Chen Tao haha thanks for the information!
Chen Tao
Chen Tao 24 kun oldin
It’s dried bonito flakes used as a garnish to give it a nice umami kick. It’s very thin shavings of a type of small tuna fish and the heat from the dish is warping it.
Dakcota BE
Dakcota BE 29 kun oldin
Yeating is the bomb
Dominus Ghaul
Dominus Ghaul 29 kun oldin
Love watching your videos while I am eating. I'm pigging out on $30 worth of Butter Chicken, garlic naan bread and tandoori chicken wings from my favorite Indian place.
Lama vid
Lama vid Oy oldin
Oh my god Ranma 😂😂😂
Tomsawyerspit Oy oldin
Ohhh man that mochi ice cream is killing me.
Tomsawyerspit Oy oldin
At 9 dollars, that's why parents usually say no !
Narutos Blood
Narutos Blood Oy oldin
Why tf is it moving
Xingyu Jiang
Xingyu Jiang Oy oldin
1:02 Me too !! and when my mom give me one I was too scare to eat that ball of goodness XD
Nicole Hermosa
Total cutie with the cotton candy 😍😍😍
Reece Clark
Reece Clark Oy oldin
I’m surprised at how much English text there is in Japan. I guess they want to make it really easy for English tourists
Abhi Pokhrel
Abhi Pokhrel Oy oldin
its not a good idea to watch this at midnight when youre starving
John Narciso
John Narciso Oy oldin
You remind me of Jackie Chan. More videos please! Thank you!
Michael Dunmore
"Until we yeet again"
steve thompson
Man I get so hungry when I watch you dude...how come you don’t weigh 400 lbs
Dunno Gt
Dunno Gt Oy oldin
Im a vegetarian watching this in 2019...
Irtivas Ahtra
Irtivas Ahtra Oy oldin
I do love watching your video. Looking at those foods, made me hungry 😂😭
Fish of mind Let minnow
Jacky Chan's son adventure
Rudy Klobas
Rudy Klobas Oy oldin
How is this dude not obese??
Kela12 Oy oldin
1:35 the most relatable thing Mike has ever sad lmao
Benji King
Benji King Oy oldin
N Ryan
N Ryan Oy oldin
i just wanna travel and eat with you
mynamesnotdan Oy oldin
id love to go out there on an empty stomach and just graze all day long
crunchy eggs
crunchy eggs Oy oldin
am i the only person who despises green onion/scallions
Jenny And Alex
YUM!!! Can't wait to follow in your footsteps 😋
Hafiz Bin
Hafiz Bin Oy oldin
15:31 subtitle - "I dont know what porn is, i'm going to find out"
Caine7ify Oy oldin
Ukyo Kuonji approves
Wonder Queen 陳真善美
omg!!! Thanks for telling food guidance
Juliet Capulet
Love your blog and those bits of references! I totally thought about the Ranma 1/2 girl too lol
shehesheha Oy oldin
Hi Mike! If you remember, could you please share the name of the places you visited?
Calef Armenta
Calef Armenta Oy oldin
:D IG: Kaylove_0103 LA Foodie ;)
CrackedStar 99
It's almost midnight here and my mouth watering like niagara fall... and I feel pathetic, thank you
Suparna Nandi
Suparna Nandi Oy oldin
Yes i watched Ranma 1/2 . And the girls name was Ukiyo if i remember it correctly and she claimed that she's Ranma's fiance
Jason Leaf
Jason Leaf Oy oldin
The melon pan with the green tea ice cream What flavor was the cookie crust
Jason Leaf
Jason Leaf Oy oldin
+MP B melon bread is a sweet bread with a cookie crust over it with a melon like design cut into it
MP B Oy oldin
Cookie crust? It was just the crust of the melon bread.
Nad Nad
Nad Nad Oy oldin
Im getting hungry and hungry while watching this. 🤤🤤🤤
Adnan Hussain
Adnan Hussain Oy oldin
What were those things on top of the octopus balls at 0:56 .... It was moving 😨😨
MP B Oy oldin
Adnan Hussain Really thin dried fish flakes. They’re very thin and delicate and when the steam rehydrates them, they expand or unfurl.
Cristian Mancillas
10:10 that guy added a really nice twist to those "Japanese pancakes"
G. E.
G. E. Oy oldin
Ranma 1/2 yesssss!
Flower Pot
Flower Pot Oy oldin
I used to like to think I'm eating clouds while eating cotton candy! Never had some again after the _intense_ sugar rush I had maybe a decade ago...
Flameboi Leone
I love the food
Frank Writez
Frank Writez Oy oldin
Is there a way I can have you show me around japan? Lol
Zoe Moonlight
Zoe Moonlight Oy oldin
*Me* oh no I didn't get enough sauce! *them* don't double dip! *me* *already double dipping* huh?
Superman04p Oy oldin
Yo Mike..... if you're serious about bringing a second stomach to Japan.... Ill volunteer now to "ride with" and be that 2nd .....lol... just sayin...
BreezyBri_23 Oy oldin
UKYO!!! 😍😍
Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda
That crab is holy crab.
YOWA NOWA Oy oldin
The pancake at 11:10 area why does it keep moving?
MP B Oy oldin
Adnan Hussain Really thin dried fish flakes. They’re very thin and delicate and when the steam rehydrates them, they expand or unfurl.
Playmaker Oy oldin
0:58, don't bring yourself down, when I was six I used to think Ramen was jellyfish tentacles
pachiiharu 2 oy oldin
i was literally thinking the same thing about the girl from ranma when you where eating the okonomiyaki lmao
Øshane D. kurosaki
Good video bro really opens up my taste buds
jieutsiotieung 2527
I love his confidence
Cats Are The Best
when i was like 5 or 6 i was eating cotton candy while watching television and when i tasted it i was so disgusted??? i just started hating cotton candy and since then i havent eaten cotton candy):
IchBinFett 2 oy oldin
12:33 perfect creampie
Danny Thomas
Danny Thomas 2 oy oldin
Why can’t u double dip in your own food
MP B Oy oldin
Only the sauce because it’s in a communal bowl.
Michael Hummel
Michael Hummel 2 oy oldin
He yeets alot of stuff in this video.
Michael Hummel
Michael Hummel 2 oy oldin
I probably gained like 16 pounds when I was in Japan 😂
Chelsea Divel
Chelsea Divel 2 oy oldin
5:40 I guessed it was pork and it was!
Kendal Takeshita
Kendal Takeshita 2 oy oldin
Literally was in Dotonbori today🔥🔥
Christal ene
Christal ene 2 oy oldin
Wow street foods in Japan, ❤
Steve 2 oy oldin
I’m going to japan
Jack G.
Jack G. 2 oy oldin
I’m so hungry for Asian food rn
Abbey Ross
Abbey Ross 2 oy oldin
I’m soooo hungry watching this...
waasure 2 oy oldin
lmao he got so many weird looks by people in the streets
ARandomPerson 2 oy oldin
I ate so many of the foods he ate when I went in March
Divyansh Rawat
Divyansh Rawat 2 oy oldin
Damn your reactions are priceless
CLASHEM CZ 2 oy oldin
Wow i love japan
eva rosario
eva rosario 2 oy oldin
can you send me some food
AnnaAndMaya 2 oy oldin
We made a video on Osaka as well! If you’re interested please check us out as well!!
IlIllIllIIlIlIlIllIIlIlIllIlIIIllIlIllI IlIIlIlI
An octopus through reasoning can figure out how to open a jar by itself and has the ability to to figure out an alien mechanism quite fast, its like eating dogs who also sometimes cry when owners are injured, they might be tasty but definitely something you should not be proud of eating.
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