Over Complicated Life Hacks: Hot Glue Edition

Household Hacker
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This is Over Complicated Life Hacks, Hot Glue Edition- where we’ll provide you with unconventional solutions to common problems using HOT GLUE! From a DIY fly swatter to making your own sandals, our complicated hot glue methods are sure to satisfy.
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8-Iyl, 2018

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Household Hacker
Household Hacker 12 kun oldin
😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 Over Complicated Life Hacks | The Series: goo.gl/itjVXh You Can SUBSCRIBE By Clicking Here: goo.gl/wtLmDd
kingo 6 kun oldin
Zoro my channel is tiring it 😊
Airlittle 2.0
Airlittle 2.0 6 kun oldin
I need an over complicated way to find the date!!!
Ardour Jimin
Ardour Jimin 8 kun oldin
Why would you make a chocolate keyboard key? Wouldn’t the chocolate eventually melt and why would you eat something that was on your keyboard where a bunch of bacteria and germs are?
ton321 8 kun oldin
Yes, you can fire them up, lighter fluid will work with a match, be quick.
ton321 8 kun oldin
it was intended as such, now you will appreciate it much more knowing that.
King20times 2 soat oldin
You trolling
RK800 3 soat oldin
Poti 225
Poti 225 8 soat oldin
You know that keyboard hack? So, the thing is, when he finished the life hack the letter Y was the one replaced with chocolate. The T was there... :)
Elizabeth Beauregard
i can't tell if this is satire
RK800 3 soat oldin
Poti 225 Its even dumber
Brittany Montes
Brittany Montes 10 soat oldin
I love this series, the narration is the best. ❤️😭
Poppopcorn 12 soat oldin
" I'm so lonely :D" I can relate
The Badass Chicken
The Badass Chicken 13 soat oldin
I wonder if being hit with that glue chancla would hurt
lucia figueira
lucia figueira 14 soat oldin
hol a
chole dragonlake
chole dragonlake 15 soat oldin
“Your Instagram machine” IM DEAD This guy earned a new subscriber
RK800 3 soat oldin
chole dragonlake HELLO FELLOW SSO PLAYER
Waffles Corgi
Waffles Corgi 15 soat oldin
Chlo'e Schimdt
Chlo'e Schimdt 16 soat oldin
Hot glue is toxic. Do not put thing who was in contact with the glue in your mouth thxx
Alex _shack
Alex _shack 18 soat oldin
Can’t you just got glue he Brocken part of the shoe back to the original way
Thiago Rissato
Thiago Rissato 18 soat oldin
Carmen Eugenia
Carmen Eugenia 19 soat oldin
“Your broken flipy floppy “
Dj Vampire
Dj Vampire 20 soat oldin
that sandal makes me mad just replace the velcro you can even use hot glue to do that if you want
marwa 17 soat oldin
Dj Vampire that’s not very overly complicated of you
derpy hooves
derpy hooves 21 soat oldin
*How to give your guest adhesive poisoning*
Rosalio Gonzalez
Rosalio Gonzalez 23 soat oldin
Tbh i feel like all this os useless
Axolotlz 20 soat oldin
Geez its a joke
failing hard
failing hard 23 soat oldin
This is quality content
It's like troom troom but honest about the uselessness
danijel124 Kun oldin
This is such a waste of hot glue...
CPAU78 caw caw
CPAU78 caw caw 14 soat oldin
danijel124 That's the point
Alyssa DaShrub
Alyssa DaShrub Kun oldin
I have so many problems with this and it’s perfect 😂😂
Half-Hearted Animations
For the second one, imagine when it gets hot
Kittykatgamer 3000
Kittykatgamer 3000 16 soat oldin
Half-Hearted Animations
‘We’re gonna replicate it in hot glue!’ You could just hot glue the strap back to the shoe XD (I know it’s a joke)
Çàñdy Kun oldin
Who would wear them off brand ugly ass shoes
Metztli Navarro
Metztli Navarro 18 soat oldin
Çàñdy a
Early Pasta
Early Pasta Kun oldin
I thought this was like the onion channel I thought these hacks were jokes.
Henry Perry-Friedman
Henry Perry-Friedman 18 soat oldin
Early Pasta they are
Faulty Salty
Faulty Salty Kun oldin
I want to eat cereal but all I have is forks
GamingBacon97 Kun oldin
I wonder how much money he spent on glue XD
SadxGemini ;-;
SadxGemini ;-; Kun oldin
Why is no one appreciating how he just casually added in on how lonely he is
Aweegee 18 soat oldin
Why is nobody commenting on his casual socks and sandals
CheryKitty mcknight
on the shoe part you could have glue the top part back together
Logan Hull
Logan Hull 2 soat oldin
I mean. What's his name again?
Cicero Bully
Cicero Bully 12 soat oldin
Potato Chan :3
Potato Chan :3 20 soat oldin
It was a joke a joke and the slides were velcro
Merple Turple
Merple Turple Kun oldin
CheryKitty mcknight you do realise this is mainly meant for a joke. but yes, you're right.
Boba Kun oldin
It's like troom troom and mr.gear had a child.
• flavorlesslollipop •
This is like troom troom, but male, and... smart...
• flavorlesslollipop •
TheJw1358 I know, I'm just saying that because he used some unnecessarily advanced terms
TheJw1358 Kun oldin
• flavorlesslollipop • no it's dumb as hell!
ColourCuber {Sky}
the amount of r/woooosh in these comments are hilarious
[CS] Deuce
[CS] Deuce Kun oldin
ColourCuber {Sky} ifkr
Lunar Panda
Lunar Panda Kun oldin
Lmao thats one hell of a phone case
potato 56
potato 56 Kun oldin
The t broke off then he takes the y off and leaves it away yet he put the t back on
Min Yoongi Hugs
Min Yoongi Hugs Kun oldin
Hot glue waist 😭
oops i forgot my name
waste* And also: yesss Min yoongi is such a cutiee
MonoTwo robot
MonoTwo robot Kun oldin
“We figured 7 feet would suffice for quick test so I stood atop my ego dropped the phone to the ground” this is why I watch these videos😂😂😂
I Am Shrood
I Am Shrood Kun oldin
What keyboard is that?
SlashBat Kun oldin
By the end of the keyboard one the Y was the lost key instead of T 😂
Double Chin Aleks
I love how self aware this is
Cherreem Kun oldin
I hate when my laptop is on 3%,but my charger is in another room I could just use my legs to walk there,but I'm sure there is a much,much simpler way to do it
Cicero Bully
Cicero Bully 12 soat oldin
Make a charger out of hot glue
IDK king
IDK king Kun oldin
Cherreem you can hire someone. But you have to pay them 50$ an hour
Muffinpie 123
Muffinpie 123 Kun oldin
Now you have the ugliest case in the world!!! 😂😂😂
mlp Sonic Flash
mlp Sonic Flash Kun oldin
When if ya don't have that!,it's simple, GET A POPSOCKET😡😡😡
Chara346 Meep
Chara346 Meep Kun oldin
mlp Sonic Flash r/wooooosh
Gracie C
Gracie C 2 kun oldin
When are you gonna do a face reveal?
SlashBat Kun oldin
Gracie C you know the guy that shows his face in like a bunch of videos. I kinda always just assumed that was him
Gracie C
Gracie C Kun oldin
What do you mean???
SlashBat Kun oldin
Gracie C isn't he the guy in the videos with a soft face? Or is that a friend? I never really thought about it and just asssumed it was him
Kerene See
Kerene See 2 kun oldin
Who in the world wears socks with sandles?
misusify Kun oldin
Gracie C
Gracie C 2 kun oldin
Kerene See me
Trash Can
Trash Can 2 kun oldin
Is this 5-minute crafts?
MoonshineO9 2 kun oldin
Trash Can I think so
alpha 2 kun oldin
Where can I buy that handheld 3D printer
Diamondices Kun oldin
alpha dollor tree😉
Lily *insert creative name*
Or just glue the strap back on 😂
Vickkayyz 2 kun oldin
Lily *insert creative name* 😂😂😂
Tania Martín
Tania Martín 2 kun oldin
i love how he lost the t key but at the end he was missing the y key lol
Gracie C
Gracie C 2 kun oldin
Tania Martín they sent the T key to him and then he pulled off the Y key
Haya 563
Haya 563 2 kun oldin
who else came from Ryan Yerrow's channel
Mary Macaroons
Mary Macaroons 2 kun oldin
Even the keyboard key ask why?
Bleeding games
Bleeding games 2 kun oldin
your not preventing the chocolate fro burning if the jug is sitting in the water, its suppose to be the steam heating it
Bleeding games
Bleeding games Kun oldin
Teagan 17 nope, have some free education 😁
Teagan 17
Teagan 17 Kun oldin
Bleeding games aah. I thought they were the same name, different ways.
Bleeding games
Bleeding games Kun oldin
Brayden Yonts and your just wrong. To double boil the correct way is: One pot of boiling/simmering water, place bowl on top of pot to sit above the water without touching it. We learned that he'll early in trade school, it is basic knowledge, it's about direct contact and the boiling temperatures of water creating the steam
Bleeding games
Bleeding games Kun oldin
Teagan 17 no, I am a qualified chef, there is double boiling, which is heating am object using the steam off a pot of water underneath, and there is something that is similar called sous vide, but that is French for under vacuum (or close to that) which is poaching something at 75 degrees in a food grade plastic bag the has been vacuum sealed so it won't float and I's a method of slow cooking but that's completely different to slow cooking. I'm a qualified chef
Teagan 17
Teagan 17 Kun oldin
There is different ways to double boil
A Random person
A Random person 2 kun oldin
Peasant I use chopsticks for my cereal
Lee Angus Santos
Lee Angus Santos 2 kun oldin
Can you make a condom using hot glue? Jk😂😂
Chara346 Meep
Chara346 Meep Kun oldin
Sarah Mcclelland r/wooosh
Grace P
Grace P 2 kun oldin
That's flex tape 😂😂
Sarah Mcclelland
Sarah Mcclelland 2 kun oldin
Lee Angus Santos no just buy them
Towel Head
Towel Head 2 kun oldin
this is good satire
RetroWizard64 2 kun oldin
Who Owns One Spoon???
*HELGA* * 2 kun oldin
why would you not just use the hot glue to stick the flap back on the shoe for the first one
Audrey Rasmussen
That would work better, but it wouldn't be as fun though....
squarerooto Kun oldin
because thats what peasants do
Rice 2 kun oldin
BluueMoonBae Bluue
BluueMoonBae Bluue 2 kun oldin
That's not how it works sry
Saber-Toothed Tiger
Lol I like this a lot
meme queen al
meme queen al 2 kun oldin
When you go from a helpful hacks UZvid channel to a comedic one
Baked potatos
Baked potatos 2 kun oldin
This whole comment section is r/whoosh
Sunglasses Dude
Sunglasses Dude 2 kun oldin
Is that hot glue food safe or do I need another life hack for that
Dayson Boon
Dayson Boon 2 kun oldin
Just apply another layer of glue over it
Turtle in a tux
Turtle in a tux 2 kun oldin
Troom troom who?
Tyler McD
Tyler McD 2 kun oldin
Sooo... "Classic 3d pens?"
Doodle Plays
Doodle Plays 2 kun oldin
One problem...how am i supposed to charge my phone I get its a joke but still😂😂
Jeremy Kintana
Jeremy Kintana 2 kun oldin
All these people linking to the r/woooosh subreddit need to stop trying so hard, jesus christ
Drons_ e
Drons_ e 2 kun oldin
Why all those people can't understand that this video is a joke? That's why people call americans dumb, lol.
Chara346 Meep
Chara346 Meep Kun oldin
Drons_ e these arent only Americans tho
Sunglasses Dude
Sunglasses Dude 2 kun oldin
Why can’t you understand sarcasm? That’s why they call Drons_ e dumb, lol.
Unmljkmgtgt Ferrara
By the time you finished the case your phone would have been overheated and maybe burned
Britty's Journal
Unmljkmgtgt Ferrara this is a joke
Hey Its Jasmine
Hey Its Jasmine 2 kun oldin
Please tell me this is a sarcastic video
Jeff Jefferson
Jeff Jefferson 2 kun oldin
Read the title.
TV RTA 2 kun oldin
I stood atop ego
Dylans215 2 kun oldin
pls only use that Ryobi giga glue gun, ive seen it before but i want more
k -chan
k -chan 2 kun oldin
The sarcasm is real
April Girl
April Girl 2 kun oldin
But you still don’t have your t t for your keyboard
Kayla Clevenger
Kayla Clevenger 2 kun oldin
itfemail 2 kun oldin
Lost "t" key, replaces "y" key with chocolate....LOL
Lunibruniful 2 kun oldin
Saw that lmao
Mathew Studios
Mathew Studios 2 kun oldin
He said drawl out it’s (draw)
Saale Maripuu
Saale Maripuu 2 kun oldin
I have so many quiestions about this video.
peri dot
peri dot 2 kun oldin
A news paper works just as well
Jacob Toogood
Jacob Toogood 2 kun oldin
I'm not sure if this is a joke or not 🤣🤣😂
Galaxy Grr
Galaxy Grr 3 kun oldin
I can't believe how many people think this is serious.
Lili M
Lili M 3 kun oldin
Oh oh I have an idea how about you just buy new sandlas
Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ
That moth didn't fly
Ava Combs
Ava Combs 3 kun oldin
Ok, won’t the chocolate melt? It would get on your fingers and ruin your keyboard. If this video was a joke, it’s ok.
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee 3 kun oldin
Chara346 Meep
Chara346 Meep 3 kun oldin
Ava Combs r/wooosh
SniperNator 3 kun oldin
Ava Combs THAT was the only indication you thought that this video may be a joke?! Not all the wasted hot glue and obvious jokes that indicate this is a joke?
Alex Sherfield
Alex Sherfield 3 kun oldin
Did he say “stood atop my ego”
Zer0trix Gaming
Zer0trix Gaming 3 kun oldin
Is this guy trolling?
Sydney :3
Sydney :3 3 kun oldin
Yes 😂
Red Ripple
Red Ripple 3 kun oldin
Zer0trix Gaming no
Daniel Sabbagh
Daniel Sabbagh 3 kun oldin
vaper wave
vaper wave 3 kun oldin
Is this guy stupid
star Strudels
star Strudels 2 kun oldin
No u are
Chara346 Meep
Chara346 Meep 3 kun oldin
BrUhITZ ŚÆķá once again, r/wooosh
Jar of fermented semen
Do you have down's syndrome?
fdfxd2 3 kun oldin
Are you illiterate? Read the title
47 117
47 117 3 kun oldin
1k likes on this comment and i'll delete fortnite
am I a wig??
am I a wig?? 2 kun oldin
47 117 delete it please.
Chara346 Meep
Chara346 Meep 3 kun oldin
ryleigh anderson god damn, so many people are missing the jokes... r/wooosh
star Strudels
star Strudels 3 kun oldin
Pls delete it
ryleigh anderson
ryleigh anderson 3 kun oldin
47 117 you won’t
I 3 kun oldin
Hot glue doesn't dry... It's a thermoplastic, it just cools down and gets solid.
I 3 kun oldin
Chara346 Meep Stop whooshing me :/
Chara346 Meep
Chara346 Meep 3 kun oldin
I r/woosh
Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ
I'm the same way
*Sραcεγ* 3 kun oldin
You must be fun at party's..
That random Guy
That random Guy 3 kun oldin
The first one.... why didn’t you just glue the sandal together ( edit : i Didn’t read the title sorry)
Chara346 Meep
Chara346 Meep 3 kun oldin
That random Guy r/wooosh
I 3 kun oldin
That random Guy Because they are overcomplicatef life hacks!!!
douwe veenstra
douwe veenstra 3 kun oldin
The phone case works really well actually, but the only problem is friction
Lunibruniful 2 kun oldin
douwe veenstra the problem with everything is friction :(
Leah 17
Leah 17 3 kun oldin
i stopped taking this seriously after the spoon
sqiggle doodles
sqiggle doodles 2 kun oldin
Leah 17 It took you that long? R/woosh
Chara346 Meep
Chara346 Meep 3 kun oldin
Leah 17 you shouldnt have in the first place, this video is a joke-
Extreme Waffles
Extreme Waffles 3 kun oldin
one question. who is we?
POTATOBOI 2.0 3 kun oldin
Will wax paper work with these too?
Kohai Slytherin
Kohai Slytherin 3 kun oldin
POTATOBOI 2.0 no, because wax paper melts.
EASYHAXSTER 3 kun oldin
Bye the way ppl, DON'T use glue gun to make knife or spune or forkes. Because glue have some v veryyyy toxic things thads not ment to be eatend. Glue= (30% water)( 20% ordiol) (40% glykose)(10% plastik)
Chara346 Meep
Chara346 Meep Kun oldin
Darrius Johnson wot?
Chara346 Meep
Chara346 Meep Kun oldin
EASYHAXSTER it means the joke flew right over your head, thus thw woosh sound.
EASYHAXSTER 2 kun oldin
Lunibruniful XD yes there maight be people out there, trying to do thos things .
Lunibruniful 2 kun oldin
Thanks. Some people might actually do these things lol
BLACK PINK 3 kun oldin
EASYHAXSTER learn English😂😂
SK 101
SK 101 3 kun oldin
imagine wearing that hot glue slippers right when it's still hot, your feet would look like it got crushed by a waffle maker
Dominique Merrett
Dominique Merrett 3 kun oldin
Viewtiful Josh
Viewtiful Josh 3 kun oldin
Poor Man's 3D Printer.
Ben menudo
Ben menudo 3 kun oldin
Don't know if its a good thing this wasn't clickbate but ok
strawberry cream .
strawberry cream . 3 kun oldin
couldn’t you just glue the strap back on the sandal rather then making a bootleg glue shoe?
Chara346 Meep
Chara346 Meep 3 kun oldin
strawberry cream . r/wooosh
Umitalia nyan
Umitalia nyan 3 kun oldin
strawberry cream . Over complicater
Underwater Kiwi
Underwater Kiwi 3 kun oldin
The video having overcomplicated life hacks is literally the exact point
star Strudels
star Strudels 3 kun oldin
No its gule life haxks lol good point tho
Katie no
Katie no 3 kun oldin
Stan Darsh
Stan Darsh 3 kun oldin
What’s the matter? Glue gun broke? that’s okay! Just hot glue the pieces back to- oh, wait...
Stan Darsh
Stan Darsh Kun oldin
Chara346 Meep Just got glue the world back t-.... wait a second, that’s where our problem starts...
Chara346 Meep
Chara346 Meep Kun oldin
Stan Darsh *the world no longer has any meaning*
Stan Darsh
Stan Darsh 3 kun oldin
Dean and will What if they’re broken?
star Strudels
star Strudels 3 kun oldin
Stan Darsh lol use ur 20 other glue guns
Cail Stearns
Cail Stearns 3 kun oldin
Kinda windy in this comment section, thank God I nailed down my glue gun.
Sun Rising Anims
Sun Rising Anims 3 kun oldin