Over Complicated Life Hacks: Hot Glue Edition

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This is Over Complicated Life Hacks, Hot Glue Edition- where we’ll provide you with unconventional solutions to common problems using HOT GLUE! From a DIY fly swatter to making your own sandals, our complicated hot glue methods are sure to satisfy.
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8-Iyl, 2018

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Household Hacker
Household Hacker 7 oy oldin
😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 Over Complicated Life Hacks | The Series: goo.gl/itjVXh You Can SUBSCRIBE By Clicking Here: goo.gl/wtLmDd
Macaron 3 oy oldin
Got a broken sandal? MAKE A NEW ONE OUT OF HOT GLUE! Person: Why don’t you just glue the strap back to the shoe..? HOT GLUE SHOES
SKL potemkin
SKL potemkin 3 oy oldin
+N00BMANO_o _ this sarcsm . wow ¡ fucking kids of today dont understand humor!!
listen boi my first love story
do people not get that the title says "Over Complicated Life Hacks"
ana Rsgux
ana Rsgux 5 oy oldin
Love you♥♥♥♡♡♡♥♥♥
A human
A human 5 oy oldin
If it's over complicated doesn't that defeat the purpose of life hacks
Pikachu fan
Pikachu fan Kun oldin
Noice QWERY keyboard
Our Country
Our Country Kun oldin
Why the hell does everyone use that hot glue? Super glue exists.
Jarrad Kertész
Jarrad Kertész 2 kun oldin
I'm not impressed. Why u no hav BIRKENSTOCKS!?
Jarrad Kertész
Jarrad Kertész 2 kun oldin
Does your rifle have no barrel? Forge one, with hot glue!
Our Country
Our Country 2 kun oldin
Hot glue Hot glue Hot glue Hot glue Hot glue Hot glue
CommieHamiHa 2 kun oldin
6:12 - I see you play the trumpet.
Belle 3 kun oldin
he could’ve just fixed the shoe with hot glue 😂
Zahar Azlan
Zahar Azlan 3 kun oldin
I felt pity for the bug he squashed but then I remember on one episode he had a butt load of fake bugs in his drawer. lmao
unicorn peacesign
unicorn peacesign 4 kun oldin
You’re wrong everybody’s going to No those wort $500
BeefPapa 5 kun oldin
5:24 that commentary = 🔥
Random Stuff In Oregon
This is just Mr. Gear with a voice over.
Our Country
Our Country 2 kun oldin
Most under rated comment ever XD
Anony Mous
Anony Mous 8 kun oldin
How many shrooms do you eat before making each video?
Drāno 6 kun oldin
FreddyGamer 508
FreddyGamer 508 9 kun oldin
the cereal part almost killed me
watch for my ocean eyes because I have a bellyache
1:44 🤣🤣 I actually do have plantar fasciitis
Water9826 Bottle
Water9826 Bottle 9 kun oldin
The sarcasm is strong in this one
David Lai
David Lai 10 kun oldin
basically 5 minute crafts
MyuTwo 10 kun oldin
3:57 Wait, I thought the letter T was lost 🤔
TheMade31 10 kun oldin
Illuminati: *stay where you are*
ForDaLols 10 kun oldin
Uh oh i accidentally made some napalm by spilling gasoline on the glue
Latin Doll
Latin Doll 10 kun oldin
7:49 Story of my life 😂
FBI OPEN UP 10 kun oldin
When the chocolate melts into your keyboard you Yell ваш гей
arianna 10 kun oldin
not able to let your animal in because your door is closed
dank memes
dank memes 10 kun oldin
6:44 is that the spoon from night before Christmas
Henry Gageyan
Henry Gageyan 11 kun oldin
i have the same spoon in the cereal one
SlizaBoi 13 kun oldin
HHH: *leaves to make spoon* Me: “what is he doing back there?” HHH: *makes hammer noises* Me: “I’m not waiting this long for cereal. I’m leaving”
Kirk Cross
Kirk Cross 14 kun oldin
At least you didn't do that to an ALPS keyboard... ;)
GalacticUniverse 14 kun oldin
5 minute crafts where you at
The Brick /thestopmotionguy
Our Country
Our Country Kun oldin
Milk makes it better
Our Country
Our Country Kun oldin
TheGreat Caterpillar
The Brick /thestopmotionguy really? The "too many emojis to get attention/ someone will notice me with these emojis?" Bruh. The things people do for likes
xXMinecraft28Xx 16 kun oldin
Make lots of money! Step 1: Buy a hot glue gun and some glue Step 2: make a hot glue gun out of hot glue. Step 3: Return hot glue gun!! *or you can do this with a 3 d printer
super me
super me 16 kun oldin
Why just dont hot glue your flipflops
super me because that’s to easy and humans hate doing easy things.
hey your gay
hey your gay 13 kun oldin
Cuz then it wouldnt be complicated
Snazzy !
Snazzy ! 14 kun oldin
CAN YOU HEAR THAT? the sound the wind makes
imma bitch who loves celery
basically zombies
basically zombies 15 kun oldin
Dekoider 16 kun oldin
the flyswatter hack wasn't even that bad xD
I have a dig bick You that read wrong
Everyone needed this
Star Shine
Star Shine 16 kun oldin
This is painful to watch
Brandon Wan
Brandon Wan 16 kun oldin
3:56 wait... I thought the T key was missing, not the Y key Edit: corrected the time stamp
Lavender Studio
Lavender Studio 16 kun oldin
You got hot glue but no extra spoon Lmao “I’m so lonely”
Pastmast3r 2076
Pastmast3r 2076 17 kun oldin
This is satire right?
Ryan Park
Ryan Park 11 kun oldin
Obviously. Did you even read the title?
Ellie Heaton
Ellie Heaton 15 kun oldin
no? he’s just being helpful don’t disrespect his art like that
Jesse Wiesenthal
Jesse Wiesenthal 16 kun oldin
Mirkapleir 17 kun oldin
You mean every life hack?
sans undertale
sans undertale 17 kun oldin
xGiberish 17 kun oldin
The amount of people who believe this is real worries me...
Juuso Lindström
Juuso Lindström 17 kun oldin
Not working fake
Karen Woodbridge
Karen Woodbridge 16 kun oldin
+Juuso Lindström read the title you fuckwad
a loser who likes math but cant be succesful at it
+Juuso Lindström thats the joke. Hes making fun of life hack chanels 😪🙄
Juuso Lindström
Juuso Lindström 17 kun oldin
Sorry for saying but they dont work
VAL A MELHOR 17 kun oldin
Katie Ngo
Katie Ngo 17 kun oldin
This seems like a low-key HowToBasic kind of video with its sarcasm behind it
Toasted Ham
Toasted Ham 17 kun oldin
Im amazed how a lot of people cant get it this is a joke just by the title.
Eclipsee 17 kun oldin
Some proof these are just trash ;) your welcome #1 why not just got glue the shoe back together? It will last as long, if not longer and the whole hot glue shoe, it will cost less glue, and you can still wear it out. #2 how do you loose a whole key from your keyboard? It’s not like it’s just going to pop off it’s kinda hard to take it off. Also why chocolate? Like what’s the point it’s just going to fall off because it’s not plastic and will melt. #3 I can legit go to the dollar store right now and get a phone case. It costs 1$ and is still less than using all of this glue to make an ugly case. #4 since when do you only have one spoon and you have to be some kind of sick fuck to eat cereal with a slotted spoon. If you don’t have enough clean spoons then just clean one. Not that hard, it’s faster than brushing your teeth. You will have to wash the spoon anyways after putting hot glue chemicals all over it. #5 those holes are pretty big... it would probably just fly through it.
Rachana Baditha
Rachana Baditha 8 kun oldin
You must be REAL fun at parties!
A Gray
A Gray 11 kun oldin
Eclipsee r/woosh
GirlGamer21 15 kun oldin
Lol dumb
Zander 17 kun oldin
You are a genius man! A genius! Seeing ppl like you correct these idiots is what gives me hope humanity may not be coming to an end, thank you for your service!
ms. stealyourpurse
ms. stealyourpurse 17 kun oldin
No shit
Neri 4x4
Neri 4x4 17 kun oldin
So... The iphone got turned into a Nokia... Nice
I’m so darn glad that my name isn’t too looong
Is this just a shitpost channel now
Elaine Lovins
Elaine Lovins 18 kun oldin
“Break me off a piece of that key kap bar” That’s when I knew this video deserved a thumbs up😂😂
Hermila Heart
Hermila Heart 18 kun oldin
Charles Mcmurray
Charles Mcmurray 18 kun oldin
Is this the screenrant guy haha
Kamryn 18 kun oldin
“it will protect your phone from drops, impacts, and mumble rap tracks” LMAO
Seok- Jin
Seok- Jin 18 kun oldin
Common core math be like-
клубничка вик
Проще было склеить порванный тапок клеем...
scar89 18 kun oldin
3:56 Look! The "T" magically reappeared, but now the "Y" is gone.
NoProblemCuber SRB
NoProblemCuber SRB 18 kun oldin
#1 or, let me think....... *XOU GLUE THE PART THAT SNAPPED*
Simple Daphne
Simple Daphne 18 kun oldin
Instagram machine😂😂😂
Devil Suchomimus
Devil Suchomimus 18 kun oldin
What I watch at 2 am
Isaiah Candelaria
Isaiah Candelaria 18 kun oldin
The amount of money spent on the glue sticks you probably could have just bought a phone case and new slippers lol
Chelsea Johnson
Chelsea Johnson 18 kun oldin
But but he coulda just glued the strap down
˚•wøah cøla•˚
That’s the point..
Mystical Awakening
Mystical Awakening 18 kun oldin
Yeah but that wouldn’t fit with the word “overcomplicated”
Gavin T
Gavin T 18 kun oldin
Akbar Mahmood
Akbar Mahmood 18 kun oldin
o holy frick i don't have another spoon TIME TO USE GLUE GUN
ცɛrry ცʊnny
ცɛrry ცʊnny 18 kun oldin
*Troom Troom is quacking*
this daring young man on the flying trapeze
That "quacking" just made this comment 1000× better.
Francisca Sued
Francisca Sued 18 kun oldin
I’m so lonely 😹 im dead
100,000 subs with no videos challenge ?
The sarcasm in this video is beautiful
Shelby Yoon
Shelby Yoon 19 kun oldin
it’s sad cuz no one watching this is actually gonna do any of these “hacks”😭
static eratic pinata
I Like To Research Grapes!
*Goes to shop to buy a 15 pound glue gun.*
Laffayette America’s favorite fighting Frenchman
*Troom Troom has left the chat*
Evgenii Nalpin
Evgenii Nalpin 19 kun oldin
this video makes me depressed
iiCoralFloral Roblox Videos Every Day!
Troom Troom is quaking Edit: Omg. Why does this comment have 34 likes?
Kawaii Gotcha Kitty
Kawaii Gotcha Kitty 20 kun oldin
I was just mad and somehow this made me smile, thank you????????
Jackie is Waifu
Jackie is Waifu 20 kun oldin
You wore SOcS W Ith SandAl (le edit of century ; thanks for the likes,never got 33 likes before owo)
Freddy C
Freddy C 20 kun oldin
2:21 I thought those were eggs! 😂
Gabrielle Uy
Gabrielle Uy 20 kun oldin
I saw this months ago, yet people are still getting whooosh-ed 😂 Please read the title!!
Devi Ong
Devi Ong 20 kun oldin
Is it just me, or does it looks like an NCT lightstick? (The thumbnail)
Nyaoxyclean 20 kun oldin
I love how a Velcro Sandler Broke at the seam
BluTheLynx :DD
BluTheLynx :DD 20 kun oldin
MAKES PERFECT SENSE (also I think this channel is supposed to be ironic)
ExcessGryphon 20 kun oldin
hehe *I'm so lonely! :D*
Dahyun uwu
Dahyun uwu 19 kun oldin
ExcessGryphon 20 kun oldin
Mon Dome that was a part from the video but thank you!
Mon Dome
Mon Dome 20 kun oldin
ExcessGryphon hope u get some company soon <3
69 subscribers without a life challange
troom troom in a nutshell
Domino Not Pizza
Domino Not Pizza 21 kun oldin
Loses T key and replaces Y key *expanding brain picture inyensifies*
Daniel Price
Daniel Price 21 kun oldin
If hot glue gun doesn’t work you aren’t using enough. If it’s getting ridiculous apply duct tape.
You Know Who It Is
You Know Who It Is 21 kun oldin
Pikachuzaver 21 kun oldin
Troom Troom 2.0
Samantha ChRiStY
Samantha ChRiStY 22 kun oldin
Ahh yes just like troom troom but better
i'm already Tracer
i'm already Tracer 22 kun oldin
Trom trom?
i'm already Tracer
i'm already Tracer 19 kun oldin
On m'i ermo dmub
Henny 19 kun oldin
@i'm already Tracer I’m morer dumb
garfield kart
garfield kart 20 kun oldin
+i'm already Tracer im more dumber btw im canadian
i'm already Tracer
i'm already Tracer 20 kun oldin
+Henny no, and don't be sorry I'm more dumb
Henny 20 kun oldin
@i'm already Tracer sorry I’m dumb
Initial 1890
Initial 1890 22 kun oldin
When he said “isn’t it obvious hot glue!” I thought he would glue the yea but overcomplicated life hacks so makes sense he made dat
Jeffrey Kassir
Jeffrey Kassir 22 kun oldin
9:16 he didn’t swallow because of the glue in his mouth
Jeffrey Kassir
Jeffrey Kassir 22 kun oldin
8:56 level 35 boss... that’s how mafia works
E D G 19 kun oldin
I miss grampa...
PanCAKE ZzZ 23 kun oldin
You know ya shuldve just glued the sandal.
PanCAKE ZzZ 22 kun oldin
+Jeffrey Kassir r/woosh
Jeffrey Kassir
Jeffrey Kassir 23 kun oldin
PanCAKE ZzZ you know that swaps the point
saltie 23 kun oldin
C00lBoss987 23 kun oldin
Wait... you lost the T key but in the end you had the T key but lost the Y key?
jwbays_kids !
jwbays_kids ! 20 kun oldin
Y did that happen? Ok ill stop 😞
Nicole Pancakezzz
Nicole Pancakezzz 22 kun oldin
obviously 🙄
Edgy Boi 420
Edgy Boi 420 23 kun oldin
Some of these r completely useless
e gibbers
e gibbers 20 kun oldin
Edgy Boi 420
Edgy Boi 420 23 kun oldin
+Natsu Dragneel who u callin kid weeb
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel 23 kun oldin
Dats the point kid
Montana Marheine
Montana Marheine 23 kun oldin
Is this sarcasm or a r/woosh
Hey ho Its Oof
Hey ho Its Oof 24 kun oldin
0:30 -or just glue it together again but no, 5minutecraft logic-
Slein Fox
Slein Fox 23 kun oldin
Yeah I know right
Etihw_White 24 kun oldin
*instagram machine*
AmericanRX 24 kun oldin
So legit. :D
Faealle 25 kun oldin
why does everyone gets this recommendation? i've already seen it smh
69 subscribers without a life challange
then dont click on it or click the three dots then click not intrested
Unknown Villager
Unknown Villager 25 kun oldin
It's funny because the sandel thing is actually a 'life hack' according to 5 minute crafts
Finn Ziegler
Finn Ziegler 25 kun oldin
This is five minute crafts in a nutshell
Francesco Olivieri
Francesco Olivieri 25 kun oldin
Wouldn't had been easier to glue the old sandle...(?)
Cheshiretes Official
Zoey Neal
Zoey Neal 25 kun oldin
Francesco Olivieri it’s ok
Francesco Olivieri
Francesco Olivieri 25 kun oldin
+Zoey Neal woosh to me, sorry
Zoey Neal
Zoey Neal 25 kun oldin
Francesco Olivieri that’s what this is OVER COMPLICATED LIFE HACKS can you read?
Cheshiretes Official
We all need help....
Mateus Dias Romano
Mateus Dias Romano 25 kun oldin
Brando_gaming 25 kun oldin
You could have use the hot glue gun to fix the sandal!
The Lun
The Lun 22 kun oldin
Sophie Mather
Sophie Mather 25 kun oldin
Brando_gaming r/whooooosh
Pojan {*_*}
Pojan {*_*} 25 kun oldin
Erin Picken
Erin Picken 25 kun oldin
jesus christ.
Erin Picken
Erin Picken 25 kun oldin
But you could just- oh. Never mind.
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