Over Complicated Life Hacks: Hot Glue Edition

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This is Over Complicated Life Hacks, Hot Glue Edition- where we’ll provide you with unconventional solutions to common problems using HOT GLUE! From a DIY fly swatter to making your own sandals, our complicated hot glue methods are sure to satisfy.
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8-Iyl, 2018

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Household Hacker
Household Hacker 4 oy oldin
😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 Over Complicated Life Hacks | The Series: goo.gl/itjVXh You Can SUBSCRIBE By Clicking Here: goo.gl/wtLmDd
Mekeo Gaming
Mekeo Gaming 14 soat oldin
Got a broken sandal? MAKE A NEW ONE OUT OF HOT GLUE! Person: Why don’t you just glue the strap back to the shoe..? HOT GLUE SHOES
SKL potemkin
SKL potemkin 20 kun oldin
+N00BMANO_o _ this sarcsm . wow ¡ fucking kids of today dont understand humor!!
listen boi my first love story
do people not get that the title says "Over Complicated Life Hacks"
ana Rsgux
ana Rsgux Oy oldin
Love you♥♥♥♡♡♡♥♥♥
A human
A human 2 oy oldin
If it's over complicated doesn't that defeat the purpose of life hacks
rainbowroad the killjoy
The phone one is an actual hack I've seen and it makes me want to scream.
Jakob Messingham
Jakob Messingham 3 soat oldin
Lol that double boiler is kinda pointless cuz it’s sitting in the water
XKingNightX 19 soat oldin
Every time he says "trace" scream IM ALREADY TRACER!
Unbound GT
Unbound GT 20 soat oldin
Only 300iq people would think about glueing the shoes together instead of making a new one
Carson Reaves
Carson Reaves Kun oldin
I my favorite shoe is now the glue shoe
PRGME7 2 kun oldin
Where's the next episode
Freya Yang
Freya Yang 3 kun oldin
wow 100% GENIUS😂
Morgan Bedford Davis
Wait If you want to replace the T then why you replace the Y and find the T?
Khiya's Life
Khiya's Life 13 soat oldin
Because it stands for UZvid... I'll go now
__x Nobody
__x Nobody 3 kun oldin
Morgan Bedford Davis Lol I noticed that as well
Minajla Ibrahimi
Minajla Ibrahimi 4 kun oldin
5-minutes crafts has there weave snatched
dumb bee
dumb bee 5 kun oldin
"In your reflection you'll see a ghastly sight. Just go ahead and ignore that." *_is no one gonna talk about that or-_*
Spicy 6 kun oldin
The dislikers clearly don’t understand the words “Over Complicated”
Mr. Tiitus
Mr. Tiitus 6 kun oldin
3:55 how did the missing key go from T to Y?
Emma Giguere
Emma Giguere 4 kun oldin
Did u watch the rest of the vid?
White Noise
White Noise 4 kun oldin
Cause "Y's" are for Pussies !!
Ryan Ford
Ryan Ford 6 kun oldin
Mr. Tiitus I thought the same thing
Kristina Busch
Kristina Busch 7 kun oldin
Was I the only one who heard the cereal is expired and he ate it?! 😱
Kristina Busch
Kristina Busch 7 kun oldin
Thank god your not like troom troom! They are like "use pink glitter and sparkles to make your phone case!" I HATE when they do that!
Not Deodat Lawson
Not Deodat Lawson 7 kun oldin
In the keyboard hack, you lost the T key, then when it's all done and in the 'late night gaming snack thing' part it's missing a Y key instead (3:58 and 4:03)
Kristina Busch
Kristina Busch 7 kun oldin
Ikr! I saw it too!
Surasa Wandenoor
Surasa Wandenoor 7 kun oldin
Glue your sandal strap instead of making the psychiatric asylum ugly version.
_Davey7_ Kun oldin
+Surasa Wandenoor sounded pretty serious to me
The Daemonium
The Daemonium Kun oldin
+Surasa Wandenoor - oh shoot, i Just got r/doublewooooosh - ed
Surasa Wandenoor
Trying to sound like Einstein on vid about a strap sandal?It was a comment for fun ...well You must be no fun and a big oaf to be around.Fortunately,internet is designed for You.
The Daemonium
The Daemonium Kun oldin
_Davey7_ 5 kun oldin
oml. read the title please before you try to sound like Einstein
Kayeu Is Trash
Kayeu Is Trash 7 kun oldin
So helpful!
some one
some one 8 kun oldin
*This is really usefuln't*
Pumped up default skins
On the first one why not just hot glue the strap to the sandal?
Corn field
Corn field 5 kun oldin
bellathefo 7 kun oldin
*over complicated*
some one
some one 8 kun oldin
Kerry Shanahan
Kerry Shanahan 8 kun oldin
"Double boiler" a.k.a Bain Marie... Ugh
Fed Nahuel
Fed Nahuel 8 kun oldin
why im watching this shit?
Ultagamer 8 kun oldin
5-minute crafts in a Nutshell
Snomes 8 kun oldin
Anything's better than that hellspawn of a channel.
WolfyOnline 8 kun oldin
*I'm so lonely!*
KodiakG07 9 kun oldin
I just want to know how much money this man spends in hot glue
Rexavia Stewart
Rexavia Stewart 9 kun oldin
Some of these are low key dope 😂😂
Rexavia Stewart
Rexavia Stewart 9 kun oldin
+Genesiz YES!! I was hoping somebody got it 😂😂😂
Genesiz 9 kun oldin
*was that a pun*
Doomsday 9 kun oldin
@4:09 Somehow the y is now missing
Kennedy and Shyann show
Or you could use the hot glue to glue the shoe back together
Angelique Reyes
Angelique Reyes 7 kun oldin
That's too simplistic for overcomplicated
Crooked Desk
Crooked Desk 9 kun oldin
whoa I can't believe he didn't think of that! they should make a joke out of it lol
clemente aranguiz
clemente aranguiz 9 kun oldin
Where's the Food?
Where's the Food? 10 kun oldin
Yeah but that's no fun
Eggan 10 kun oldin
How do u turn it on?
Silver Flame
Silver Flame 10 kun oldin
Leinard Gabriel L. Reapor
what is this male version of troom troom????
Payton Allen
Payton Allen 10 kun oldin
boi this is satire
Sleepy Dog
Sleepy Dog 10 kun oldin
whoa, a slotted spoon
Logan /Solgaleo Champion
Eskobyte 10 kun oldin
might wanna lower the letter count, there was two "read more" so no you didnt get anyone
SpaghettiSpirits 11 kun oldin
I did the keyboard one and these are actually really fun if you’re bored and have a lot of hot glue
Verum 11 kun oldin
This fits so perfectly into that layer of irony where it's so subtle some people will completely miss the joke.
Vaisente 11 kun oldin
anybody knows the model of the keyboard used on the chocolate key "hack"?
Socks and hot glue sandals. That's all I have to say.
Eskobyte 10 kun oldin
gucci, take notes
I have no creative Youtube name so here I go
Lmao isn’t it unhealthy to eat out of glue? XD
Jane Ferraz
Jane Ferraz 12 kun oldin
I've seen these on the real not joking 5 minute crafts video. The exact same crafts. Lol
It's a group of freebooters who operate on the principle of, "If it gets clicks, it's worth doing." In other words, what more could you expect from them?
Kawaii CatKween
Kawaii CatKween 12 kun oldin
Sadism _
Sadism _ 8 kun oldin
Kawaii CatKween i cant find my comment but you replied r/woosh when i was obviously being sarcastic
Kawaii CatKween
Kawaii CatKween 9 kun oldin
+TheTheninjagummybear i know >_< its stupid
Have you ever seen a Troom troom video? They do this shit and intend it seriously.
Sadism _
Sadism _ 12 kun oldin
LIKE? WoNt ThE cHoColaTe just MeLt this a incredible wast of time and effort and is really stupid OmG 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😑😑😑🤔🤔🤔😲😧😲🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Kawaii CatKween
Kawaii CatKween 12 kun oldin
honestly these dumb people probably are going to take you seriously brace yourself for replies like "omg ikr such a waste"
GabeTheGrump 12 kun oldin
I worry about people’s intelligence that think this wasn’t s joke video
Jane Ferraz
Jane Ferraz 11 kun oldin
Haha. They believe it because the same hacks are shown on the real 5 minute crafts. Haha..even the ugly sandals.
Carlminion 12 kun oldin
Space cadet themed keyboard. Nice
Just a person
Just a person 12 kun oldin
Some people are taking this seriously
Ke'Iolani Brooks
Ke'Iolani Brooks 12 kun oldin
Ok the keyboard one is pointless Because 1: ocd people would get triggered, 2: every computer user knows that chocolate will ruin you keyboard because it will melt 3: why would you eat that, it has touched probably a lot of bacteria. And the spoon: 1: if you only have one spoon out of the entire house, don’t invite someone over. 2: if you have more GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUTT AND WASH THEM LIKE THE REST OF US 3: a hot glue spoon will just fold in and bend and spill everything everywhere. 4: it’s probably why you may have no friends because you’re to lazy wash your dishes. The only useful ones are the shoe and the flyswatter The shoe can work if you fill in the entire bottom. And the flyswatter will work if you make smaller holes in the mesh. The phone case is semi useful. 1: you right, it’s ugly, but it can actually protect your phone from getting cracked. 2: but you can’t use the home button unless you cut that part out.
Bryce Ham
Bryce Ham 10 kun oldin
I have no creative Youtube name so here I go
This is a joke vid
Lili Davies
Lili Davies 11 kun oldin
its. a. fucking. joke.
Kawaii CatKween
Kawaii CatKween 12 kun oldin
Sadism _
Sadism _ 12 kun oldin
Poor poor child
Jane Ferraz
Jane Ferraz 12 kun oldin
I don't think it was chocolate. But Brown resin. Unless it's a prank..? Maybe the whole video is meant as a joke.??🤔
Alexamburr Mintdosia
The whole thing was a joke
Diego Villarreal
Diego Villarreal 12 kun oldin
YES IT was a joke
pandamoneum cray
pandamoneum cray 12 kun oldin
It's a joke
Jane Ferraz
Jane Ferraz 12 kun oldin
I would never wear the sandals. 😝haha. Ugs!
Kawaii CatKween
Kawaii CatKween 12 kun oldin
Gamer Russell
Gamer Russell 12 kun oldin
The Gamer
The Gamer 13 kun oldin
da fuck is da first won
Do you mean "one"? Are people really paying that little attention in class now that they don't know how to spell their numbers?
Kiritsune 13 kun oldin
Hot glue. Hot glue. Hot glue. Hot glue. Hot glue.
Curly J
Curly J 12 kun oldin
When your significant other leaves you for another.... turn to hot glue
Matthew Mugo
Matthew Mugo 13 kun oldin
3:30 good idea but why chocolate
erstaz 11 kun oldin
+Matthew Mugo free chocolate.
Matthew Mugo
Matthew Mugo 11 kun oldin
+erstaz because it will melt
erstaz 12 kun oldin
why NOT chocolate
Jan Pütz
Jan Pütz 13 kun oldin
My grandma hates my houseshoes only because there are a few (ok many) holes in them. I'll definitly try the first one out.
AMD K 13 kun oldin
Sadism _
Sadism _ 12 kun oldin
Hes making a pun, how oblivious can you be?
Leah 12 kun oldin
AMD K think he was saying key cap
Account Dracula
Account Dracula 13 kun oldin
the key cap one was just AWFUL
hamizannaruto 7 kun oldin
What you mean? It will be a great midnight snacks!
It was supposed to be awful.
Tomi 13 kun oldin
Chocolate key...wat 😑
Bastian 13 kun oldin
RAZ0229 13 kun oldin
Wilton Carter
Wilton Carter 13 kun oldin
I love that you made a mumble rapper diss
Mad _ Hatteret
Mad _ Hatteret 13 kun oldin
Wait- was this a joke or..?
erstaz 12 kun oldin
hm lets use basic common sense, judging by the title overly complicated life hacks its clearly a joke
Lily Sweetie
Lily Sweetie 14 kun oldin
That keyboard one pissed me off
Mr.RattyRay 13 kun oldin
How? And it’s all a “Joke”
Faster Dragon
Faster Dragon 13 kun oldin
Lily Sweetie
Lily Sweetie 14 kun oldin
It's obviously a joke duh
Lily Sweetie
Lily Sweetie 14 kun oldin
Flippy floppy
Dom GamesYT
Dom GamesYT 14 kun oldin
Socks... Sandals... No.
Scrub 14 kun oldin
is that really your only complaint about this?
JuggaloSupreme 14 kun oldin
Yeah I'm really going to put meltable chocolate on my keyboard, and have fun watching it melt or break apart every time it's touched.. chocolate into my keyboard. No thanks! That one isn't over complicated, it's just stupid. (And yes, I know these are not serious)
JuggaloSupreme 7 kun oldin
+mia binet - True...it can be over complicated AND stupid I guess...
mia binet
mia binet 7 kun oldin
JuggaloSupreme It’s over complicated because you could have just ordered a new key or used it without the key.
smile it's just a game
Yeah the rest of these would at least have a cool result but the keyboard one was just really nonsensical
I do covers
I do covers 15 kun oldin
7:07 is it just me or did his voice really crack😂😂😂
Sadism _
Sadism _ 12 kun oldin
I do covers its just you
N00B GT 13 kun oldin
It's you
Oso 14 kun oldin
I think it's just you
smile it's just a game
Shoulda called it *Over complicated and time consuming projects that will possibly result in burns*
apathy is best quality
So, just overcomplicated
Tia Stro
Tia Stro 15 kun oldin
Yknow wut he funny things is about the shoes The fact that u can use the glue gun Nonon not to recreate it To fix it
Emily Coles
Emily Coles 15 kun oldin
“You’ll see a gastly sight, just ignore that” 🤣 I’m dying
Araiguma Kiruno
Araiguma Kiruno 15 kun oldin
Like SlivikiShow,but without cat, Ukrainian accent and easy lifehacks
Melissa Wight
Melissa Wight 16 kun oldin
Troom troom called they want their overly complex life hacks back that aren't actually life hacks
claire 16 kun oldin
The first one though why didn’t you just hot glued the scene back on
ArsonGamer 14 kun oldin
Not a virus I promise
twice and blackpink fan
Is the damn hot glue gonna poison you?
Death Soul
Death Soul 16 kun oldin
Are you "How to basic"
ArsonGamer 14 kun oldin
He's anything but basic
Veronica Salinas
Veronica Salinas 16 kun oldin
Won’t the chocolate keyboard key melt like umm your fingers and the keyboard gets hot...😑🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Sadism _
Sadism _ 12 kun oldin
LiKe WoNt ThE ChOcOLaTe JuSt MelT OmG 😧😧😧😮😮😮😲😲😑😑😑🤔🤔🤔🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
ArsonGamer 14 kun oldin
How tf does that work No, solid chocolate doesnt burn your finger
Niels ugilt Thomsen
Niels ugilt Thomsen 14 kun oldin
The Klefki Authority
Yeah fun fact about hot glue it's hard to use and it takes forever to melt it
RDS815 17 kun oldin
nice job taking the piss lol
Bandito Rules
Bandito Rules 17 kun oldin
Hot Glue Condom
Miguel Calderon
Miguel Calderon 17 kun oldin
Does anyone else see what it appears to be someone giving a handjob on this channel logo?
L a n g o
L a n g o 17 kun oldin
First you need to do. *_HOT GLUE_*
Crispy Bacon
Crispy Bacon 17 kun oldin
dammit that sarcastic voice of yours matches how sarcastic the vid is
Boxnox Boy
Boxnox Boy 18 kun oldin
is there a over easy life hacks? Probably. Also happy Halloween 🎃
Victoria Jaques
Victoria Jaques 17 kun oldin
Austin Cook
Austin Cook 19 kun oldin
You get a Spoon like that in the County Jail.
virus killerism
virus killerism 19 kun oldin
Basically a 3D printer on the cheap.
Muhammad Raiyan
Muhammad Raiyan 19 kun oldin
7.1k instagrammers that steals his contents disliked this video
mekopopo 22
mekopopo 22 19 kun oldin
the sandles why would you not just use the glue to fix the old broken shoe
Aisha Shaikh
Aisha Shaikh 18 kun oldin
Insert name here
Insert name here 18 kun oldin
The thumbnail.
Yunicorn Plays
Yunicorn Plays 19 kun oldin
mekopopo 22
mekopopo 22 19 kun oldin
+Satan 7734 what???????????
Satan 7734
Satan 7734 19 kun oldin
r/whoooosh ?
Raniel Sean H. Bautista
This is youtube content
TheMovieGuy 19 kun oldin
I'd actually use the sandler's one
Samuel Tasmaly
Samuel Tasmaly 19 kun oldin
I like how your choice of words, it makes the video more entertaining
Layla 20 kun oldin
Wow, NCT’s lightstick looks great in that thumbnail
SERN 20 kun oldin
Hot gorram glue.
SERN 20 kun oldin
Instagram machine. 😂
Phoebe Aurum
Phoebe Aurum 20 kun oldin
Nitinニティン 20 kun oldin
Haha sarcasm at it best
Inefable Theo
Inefable Theo 21 kun oldin
Fkn UZvid!
Sadism _
Sadism _ 12 kun oldin
Inefable Theo what kind of comment is this
Zoi Andersen
Zoi Andersen 21 kun oldin
Lovin the extreme sarcasm!
SKL potemkin
SKL potemkin 20 kun oldin
me too
y e e t
y e e t 21 kun oldin
Should I be concerned?
Random Commenter
Random Commenter 21 kun oldin
I can't tell if this is serious or not.
Cassie Sego
Cassie Sego 20 kun oldin
Ik thats what i thought
Random Commenter
Random Commenter 20 kun oldin
+Dallas Barker thanks lol
Dallas Barker
Dallas Barker 20 kun oldin
Random Commenter it’s not
Bella 21 kun oldin
Oh hello 5 minute crafts! 😂
Celebi 21 kun oldin
Those checker socks are amazing tho
Wade-Potato 22 kun oldin
Hot glue is a desiese
Wyatt Pousson
Wyatt Pousson 20 kun oldin
Wade-Potato so is your spelling
Imba Largo
Imba Largo 22 kun oldin
You guys are pretty stupid and cheap
Sadism _
Sadism _ 12 kun oldin
But seriously how ironic is this
Sadism _
Sadism _ 12 kun oldin
Francesca Pia Poppa
Francesca Pia Poppa 19 kun oldin
Megan Busick
Megan Busick 20 kun oldin
Rock Candy
Rock Candy 20 kun oldin