Overwatch Animated Short | “Reunion”

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An explosive train robbery gives McCree the chance to settle some unfinished business with a few former associates in our latest animated short: Reunion!
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2-Noy, 2018



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david wilegus
david wilegus 2 soat oldin
Still no lucio short after 3 years, really disappointing.
JohaAngrybird 4 soat oldin
You’d Think she was going to say (oooohhhh s**t) but she was going to say (oooohhhh shoote) what a disappointment 5:40
Luke Barroso
Luke Barroso 5 soat oldin
Thank you meky
brewcha 9 soat oldin
rewatching this and I only just noticed the dainty way BOB opened up the crate at 3:06 😂 The little motion of surprise when the crate was referred to and then the careful push of the button.
Nunuk Rusdiati
Nunuk Rusdiati 14 soat oldin
Nick Harter
Nick Harter 16 soat oldin
Was that mercy?
Diskest 17 soat oldin
That pie looks better than irl pie
Wulfrvm 19 soat oldin
mesa prime access lookin fresh
Myrian Thompson
Myrian Thompson Kun oldin
The time In there looks like HIGH NOONNNNNN
A random boi that likes Trailmakers
I want that apple pie so badly
Jean Kirschtein
Jean Kirschtein Kun oldin
McCree is such a badass
B. O. B.
B. O. B. Kun oldin
5:50 really hoped that Ashe woke up next to McCree 😞
Fours4ken :D
Fours4ken :D Kun oldin
When will people ever realized that its HIIIGGGHHH NOOon. So don't challenge MCree idiots..
R.Y.N.O VII Kun oldin
McCree: Yeah, I wouldn't drink the coffee. Always tasted like boiled dirt. Also McCree: 0:46
HeyIts_JamsBee Kun oldin
I ship Mccree and Ashe, i dont know why tho.
shrine 21 soat oldin
Prolly because they have history and Ashe keeps a picture of her and McCree on her motorcycle
Some Wetback
Some Wetback Kun oldin
All the animation budget went into the apple pie
Hacker-of-fandom 01
That pie tho. I never wanted a slice of apple pie more in my entire life. Jesus
Ryan Lowry
Ryan Lowry 2 kun oldin
6:33 Alexa got up grades
BountyFlamor 2 kun oldin
Blizzard really do like their juke boxes
emtuu 2 kun oldin
7:50 tf2 could sue you for the discliplinary action sound
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim 8 soat oldin
But it’s a stock whip sound
Cherry Dagal
Cherry Dagal 2 kun oldin
Its high noon mcree
Mario Cardenas
Mario Cardenas 2 kun oldin
Just wanna say ashes bike has a picture of her and macree on it
StoneyGames 2 kun oldin
god i love these shorts
ICDisney 19
ICDisney 19 2 kun oldin
*This town ain't big enough for the two of us*
Toni 3 kun oldin
Jesus christ it was High Noon
CapKhi 23
CapKhi 23 3 kun oldin
Insert Old Town Road here:
CapKhi 23
CapKhi 23 3 kun oldin
Insert Country Road here:
Quartz Skull
Quartz Skull 3 kun oldin
If there one thing Blizzard does better than valve it's their animations
Angelo Salas
Angelo Salas 3 kun oldin
5:43 Cool guys LOOK at explosions.
Tom Adebowale
Tom Adebowale 3 kun oldin
Is that mercy?
SnowyLicious 4 kun oldin
If there was a overwatch movie they had to incorporate a vast amount of Culture from different country
DapperSpirit 4 kun oldin
Two characters: *hate each other* Fandom: I SHIP IT!!!!
zaza a
zaza a 4 kun oldin
That white girl is Athena
Ethan Magdaleno
Ethan Magdaleno 4 kun oldin
1:50 I just noticed the dude has a Queen of Blades tattoo
Pasta Boi
Pasta Boi 4 kun oldin
_I wanna give Ashe the _*_payload_*
Dorin O
Dorin O 4 kun oldin
What business What Business
anonymous the very much anonymous
Mcree y u no finish ur pie?
Mustafajr _XD
Mustafajr _XD 5 kun oldin
4:41 "It's twelve o'clock"
Broken Pieces
Broken Pieces 5 kun oldin
A. Love the pie animation, god it looks good! B. Where are the employees of the diner? C. If there aren’t any, how is that pie in such perfect fresh condition?
Nessinby 4 kun oldin
For B McCree probably went in there and cleared out the diner before the video started. Hence the dishes still being full. Either that or the diner is abandoned and he baked it himself.
Luke Barroso
Luke Barroso 5 kun oldin
What is the song in the beginning
Meky 5 soat oldin
Pale raider .. heavy horses
CapsLockKeyon 6 kun oldin
The simple fact the clock struck noon...
Ismail Nisar
Ismail Nisar 6 kun oldin
Lightning Mccree
Cheron Sobers
Cheron Sobers 6 kun oldin
6:51 if u go to ohnickel watch his video on how overwatch use to look before you’ll see that at 3:28 I think the robot there looks a lot like Iris
Boba Time
Boba Time 6 kun oldin
5:04 guess he isn’t hitscan after all
HuginAndMunin 6 kun oldin
that robot lady's got the booty @ 6:45
KRS Studios
KRS Studios 7 kun oldin
Mccree is the next Clint Eastwood
Jem CLOUD 7 kun oldin
This Red Dead Redemption 2 looks great.
Emperor Constantine 1.
I’ve always wondered...is Ashe an albino? What, with her extra pale skin, white hair and red eyes?
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim 8 soat oldin
Raging_Bolt_HP 420360
High Noon Jhin VS Mccree
star bust
star bust 8 kun oldin
Well this is just if the event of mass cowboy in the west happen in 2100 than the 1800s
KTT BlueBerry
KTT BlueBerry 8 kun oldin
Wow that great soundtrack what that song at 4:54
FisherFishMan 9 kun oldin
The Shorts are like the only good part about overwatch, I could watch these things for hours but I cant even bare to play overwatch for 1 full match, what a weird shift in quality haha
Frequin Nasty
Frequin Nasty 9 kun oldin
So that's how you get Ashe to move the payload!
ailsas stuff
ailsas stuff 9 kun oldin
The pie looks horrible and it probably took up half the animation budget
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim 8 soat oldin
Nicholas Howard
Nicholas Howard 9 kun oldin
When u realize that Ashe is commander shephard
Beyond the Limit
Beyond the Limit 9 kun oldin
So... You just need to press a button and the payload moves? And here we are, stacking on the payload, while fighting other people, just to see who can move that thing with brute force? smh
Alexander Bourre
Alexander Bourre 9 kun oldin
A overwatch animeted series would be dope
mei main
mei main 9 kun oldin
_train falls off track, crashes, and barely misses him_ *casually eats pie*
Megalon73 9 kun oldin
Everybody loves a "Western" character for sure. If you love westerns figures. McCree you will love for sure.
Roki Todd
Roki Todd 10 kun oldin
So when is the next short coming out - -
maximilianmus_59 59
maximilianmus_59 59 10 kun oldin
*drops grenades* UOF
deathslasher 301
deathslasher 301 10 kun oldin
who is that ia girl?
Dat Vk
Dat Vk 10 kun oldin
McCree is a racist
austin G
austin G 11 kun oldin
McCreee turned into Author Morgan!
Serena Martin
Serena Martin 11 kun oldin
Omg this had so many cowboy movie cliches! Even the tumbleweed! XD But it was still awesome! And that pie, dude!!!! How did they get it so well animated?!
jiaqi shao
jiaqi shao 11 kun oldin
McCree: say hi to the monkey for me Athena: Lucio?
PinkyPlayz YT
PinkyPlayz YT 11 kun oldin
WHY do the characters have such perfect TEETH
Laurie Cormier
Laurie Cormier 11 kun oldin
So was that mercy
Good Username
Good Username 12 kun oldin
I don't like how she treats B.O.B, poor boi.
Lucas Silva
Lucas Silva 12 kun oldin
👌nice cinematic, blizzard.
Ethan Eggeman
Ethan Eggeman 13 kun oldin
Jotaro, what are you doing?
Logan Kale
Logan Kale 13 kun oldin
Lol Ashe the pale rider
Daniel C
Daniel C 13 kun oldin
Athena dummy thicc
quit oK
quit oK 3 kun oldin
Echo lol
בננה תמר
בננה תמר 13 kun oldin
we need that sniper guy in the game
John Chris
John Chris 13 kun oldin
What’s the first one called?
dragon born
dragon born 13 kun oldin
That pie tho
[ Discontinued Channel ]
I’m having trouble believing that pie wasn’t just filmed in live action.
raeanne fabricant
raeanne fabricant 14 kun oldin
He's obviously talking about Winston monkey scientist Winston's both of those
Austin Bailey
Austin Bailey 14 kun oldin
So who’s the new girl and why isn’t she playable ??!
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim 8 soat oldin
She is. She’s literally the first DPS in the selection screen
KevinGame3 14 kun oldin
2:07 reach for the sky
xXx reaper xXx
xXx reaper xXx 14 kun oldin
Hey Jeff can you add recoil adjustment in custom games and buff mei i just put her on hard mode and she was SO easy
CrimsonDX 15 kun oldin
And now I want some pie.
Ambrose Asylum
Ambrose Asylum 15 kun oldin
Evertime i watch this the pie makes me starving
Michael Senter
Michael Senter 15 kun oldin
I don't think Athena is the next hero. I think this is very early into the Overwatch timeline. Athena was destroyed after this and turned into AI.
Beyond the Limit
Beyond the Limit 9 kun oldin
Maybe you're getting it wrong? Echo appears here, not Athena
Thicc Lasagna
Thicc Lasagna 15 kun oldin
iVe GoT tHe HoRsEs In ThE bAcK
A random guy On the internet
Am I the only one who is annoyed that Mcree didn't say "Its High Noon."
That weazel
That weazel 15 kun oldin
Wow.. Rockstar finally at last doing dlc for rd2
Hewgodooko -
Hewgodooko - 16 kun oldin
Metalfanrog 16 kun oldin
It’s high noon!!
Richard Hutchinson
Richard Hutchinson 16 kun oldin
Still waiting 5 million years for another short
quit oK
quit oK 3 kun oldin
Lol yep
Kit Cat
Kit Cat 16 kun oldin
I need the music
StarlightCookie 13 kun oldin
The song at the start is called pale rider
Gloryrush gaming
Gloryrush gaming 16 kun oldin
It’s high noon
_The_ _Person_
_The_ _Person_ 16 kun oldin
"Last change MCcree, toss out your weapon!" "Alright Ash, here it comes" *Grenade Throwing" "OHHHHHH SHOOT" *High Noon Grenades" My favorite, part
Jaiden toy reviewer Yay
Does he mean Winston
donald watson
donald watson 17 kun oldin
buff dva either self healing or buff her ult
Beyond the Limit
Beyond the Limit 9 kun oldin
I don't think this is the place for that, to be honest also d.va is fine
donald watson
donald watson 17 kun oldin
you can give dva a buff because y'all are letting reaper walk all over people like either give her self healing or make her ult stronger so it can break Batista infinite
Ammar Rayyan - ROBLOX
The details of this is 100,000,000%
Hymw 17 kun oldin
I would buy this game but only to see more of these and make sure there are more of these in the future.
Stᴉtchᴉe 17 kun oldin
is that robot ghosty girl Athena ?
Sasha Bosch
Sasha Bosch 18 kun oldin
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