Parents Take A Lie Detector Test With Their Kids

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"Did you really meet my dad at the grocery store or was it at the booze cruise?"
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Lie Detector animated
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Lie Detector
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16-Sen, 2017

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Bodie Buckby
Bodie Buckby 4 kun oldin
Just saying that polygraph machines dont work correctly...
Anita Stephenson
Anita Stephenson 4 kun oldin
Son:have you ever had an affair..... Polygraph guy:........... Son:....... Dad:.............. Polygraph guy:telling the truth
Dino Playz
Dino Playz 5 kun oldin
The black guy he is make. Me cringe cuz he acts like a girls he’s like *YEaH dUH*
PlesantGamer 5 kun oldin
That one gay girl is so cringe I hate her
Nicholas Merillat
Nicholas Merillat 5 kun oldin
:son, do you love me? :father, yes lie detector say LIES
AdmSyfq 6 kun oldin
1:12 kenny.exe stopped working
LPS Blossom
LPS Blossom 9 kun oldin
The dad:”IMMA NERD,WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME???” Lmao he’s a nerd imma Tom boy!
Spicy Cat
Spicy Cat 10 kun oldin
DaReal _Taqy
DaReal _Taqy 11 kun oldin
This is how you trick someone *Read more*
Crni Operativac
Crni Operativac 13 kun oldin
Vibrator wtf
bubbles 8218 for life
Lolllllll sooooooooo funny
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 14 kun oldin
Why do I relate to the dad so much
Qwerty Underpants
Qwerty Underpants 14 kun oldin
Lie Detectors only detect heartbeat Criminals are able to get away from lie detectors because most of them are calm
Friskca da siken
Friskca da siken 16 kun oldin
Kenny the dad though XD
Left Shark
Left Shark 16 kun oldin
Fun fact! If you dont lose youre virginity before 18 you will live with regret youre whole life! And you will be cucked by youre wife and she will have sex with a guy who did have sexual relationships before 18 because women think thats hot.
Animal Youtube
Animal Youtube 17 kun oldin
"Don't tell this to your brother"
Shaisy combination Shadow & Daisy
I want to do this to my parents I want to know if I'm the favorite child
Mxffin RBLX
Mxffin RBLX 20 kun oldin
*do you have a favorite son* *no* LIE *is it me* *yes* TRUTH
Gricel Vega
Gricel Vega 20 kun oldin
I knew it perents always have favorites.
mariposafria 21 kun oldin
I love John the test administrator. He's great.
GAME NATION 21 kun oldin
why the stripy shirt person every time?!?!
Sam S
Sam S 21 kun oldin
Greg, You can’t have a favorite son, Because the One put all your faith in will hurt you the Most!
Alan_Walker Fan45
Alan_Walker Fan45 21 kun oldin
Adam's dad. "Be more specific." Adam. "Oh i dont think i dont want to be more specific." 😂😂😂😂😂😅
Anna Marie
Anna Marie 22 kun oldin
2:40. Dad:im a nerd what do you want from me? 😂
Shadow Parrot 123
Shadow Parrot 123 23 kun oldin
The father and the son
Shadow Parrot 123
Shadow Parrot 123 23 kun oldin
1:12 lol
Sava Gelic
Sava Gelic 23 kun oldin
Omg its the guy from shane's video
So Its Me
So Its Me 25 kun oldin
tumblr life
tumblr life 25 kun oldin
The guy look like he doesnt get payed enoughy ya'll
Not Claptrap
Not Claptrap 25 kun oldin
I love Kenny, he was so funny
kashmirekisses Y2K
kashmirekisses Y2K 25 kun oldin
i watched the pass videos of them and i KNEW my gaydar went off for a reason with the girl omg
Corey Watson
Corey Watson 25 kun oldin
Let's get personal
Aesthetic Jimin
Aesthetic Jimin 26 kun oldin
The Possible GD
The Possible GD 26 kun oldin
Short hair don't care
Tuva Forssblad
Tuva Forssblad 27 kun oldin
OMG!!! Kenny is so cute!
suck my middle toe
suck my middle toe 28 kun oldin
You're mama such a liar She said she loved you *Dab*
Luis Macher Lim
Luis Macher Lim 28 kun oldin
Don’t show this to your brother
Amir Guerouate
Amir Guerouate 29 kun oldin
1:56 😆 I’m dying of laughter
GhostSeal 20
GhostSeal 20 29 kun oldin
Tae Beach
Tae Beach Oy oldin
😂😂😂 Stephanie and Sonia is Making me Laugh A LOT.
Janes Eggos
Janes Eggos Oy oldin
Isn’t that the same dude that tested the Dolan Twins?
Aliyu Audu
Aliyu Audu Oy oldin
hahaha....Dad:dnt show this to your brother!
DevXstudios Gaming
Do you have a favorite son? That’s a lie, is it me? yes,don’t tell your brother...
Jazmin Beaumont
1:46 i love this guy
bobbobosso Oy oldin
That face at 0:45 tho😂
Tsun Tsun xD
Tsun Tsun xD Oy oldin
I only heard lie detectors are made by hackers O_O
crispy boi
crispy boi Oy oldin
3:10 is she lesbian? Or it is just a freind? Just saying cuz I dk
Aaliyah Mipanga
The dad lol 😂
DaKitty OfLove
*s h o r t h a i r, d o n t c a r e.*
GETREKT Oy oldin
Yay Adam And His Father Backkkk
Melon Master10
Melon Master10
Same with Adam!
Melon Master10
That black guy with glasses is so cute!!!
0:45 here face doe
skeleton guy
skeleton guy Oy oldin
2:22 that song tho with that backround
Harris Mazhar
Harris Mazhar Oy oldin
Roland is a girl
Belinda McCarthy
WolfGirl YT PH
I really love it when there are effects on the boy and his dad xD
Aishath Shaayaan
son: Dad. Dad: yes. son: do you think I'll ever find love? Dad: Yes. the man there ruining the moment: NOT TRUE Son: come on Dude!! THE DAD FACE!!! XD LOL Son: DO YOU THINK I'LL EVER FIND LUST?
Alejandro Gonzalez
Wow That Happened
Ski Killer
Ski Killer Oy oldin
Don't show this to your brother.xD
Fady 2 oy oldin
Hey dad, do you have a favorite son? *INTENSE THINKING* No.
Fady 2 oy oldin
Is it me? *INTENSE THINKING* yes.
Fady 2 oy oldin
"is Kenny your real name" *INTENSE THINKING* yes.
Han Nguyen
Han Nguyen 2 oy oldin
Math Espi
Math Espi 2 oy oldin
I know the guy with the computer
CREAMY GAMING 2 oy oldin
0:22 damn Stephanie is 🤪
rachel steffens
rachel steffens 2 oy oldin
Why the hell at 0:46 the daughter was wearing the lie detector!!
Your friendly Doge
Are all of them gay?
Holly Bevan
Holly Bevan 2 oy oldin
*im a nerd, what do you want from me?*
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 2 oy oldin
The Dad's reactions are cuteee ahaha
Whitefang 73005
Whitefang 73005 2 oy oldin
You consider your mum as your best friend? God thats just sad
zooinaroom 2 oy oldin
is s
PerryDaBud 2 oy oldin
Stephanie is soooooo pretty I'M IN LOVE RIGHT NOW >O
DjDogYT 2 oy oldin
1:49 I love this part
xxSquidlingYT xx
xxSquidlingYT xx 2 oy oldin
i love when it zooms in when its personel questions its funny XD
babygirl42809 2 oy oldin
I consider my mother my best friend oh hell no that sentence would have got me socked😂
Gamming Candybear
"Is Kenny your real name ?" *dives into space* "Yes"
King Kaiden
King Kaiden 2 oy oldin
1:47 "Do you have a favorite son?" "No." "That's a lie." "Is it me?" "Yes" "That's true." "Don't show this to your brother"
Pennycakes YT
Pennycakes YT 2 oy oldin
*looks at the thumbnail* Ayyyy I see what ya did there 👌🏻
Kendall Lambert
Kendall Lambert 2 oy oldin
1:11 me during class
Logan and Sharon mickle
When you did the personnel questions you used one of the looney tunes music I think
Michael Chen
Michael Chen 2 oy oldin
The music in the background tho
FluffNuff 238
FluffNuff 238 2 oy oldin
Son: do you think I’ll ever find love? Dad: no Son: ~depression~
Hasper Hernandez
Hasper Hernandez 2 oy oldin
1:10 is keny yor real name (Silence) Look at thiz photo graph
Aryawnna Christman
“I’m a nerd what do you want from me”
Roblox Videos
Roblox Videos 2 oy oldin
“I’m a nerd what do u want from me”
fran gabri
fran gabri 2 oy oldin
"Dont tell your brother about this.."
Manawa Kapoor
Manawa Kapoor 2 oy oldin
0 22 what the heck is that laugh
isabell giviana
isabell giviana 2 oy oldin
He said "don't tell your brother" lol I'm deeeed
Carl 812
Carl 812 2 oy oldin
2:22 has me dying
Alexis Leonard
Alexis Leonard 3 oy oldin
Don't show this to your brother
The Toxics
The Toxics 3 oy oldin
Son : dad do you think i would ever find love Dad : *lies* Yes Guy : not true Son sad af
Valentin Vazquez
Valentin Vazquez 3 oy oldin
That Mexican girl is weird
Prettygurl Mimi
Prettygurl Mimi 3 oy oldin
hello world
hello world 3 oy oldin
Son: do you think I'll ever find love? Dad: yes Lie.
Cristian Rodriguez
my half sister always calls me adoptada which means adopted in spanish she even wrote it on my christmas present so i wanna ask my mom
All Things Christmas
We found out that my father is a loyal husband and I’m his favorite son