Parents Try School Lunches

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"Seriously-this is what they give at school?!?"
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5-Apr, 2016



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No Name
No Name 13 daqiqa oldin
Good thing I have nothing like that at my school and it’s actually good
Treyton 40 daqiqa oldin
coolto thebad
coolto thebad 50 daqiqa oldin
My school they make Blueberry corndogs
Brayden Halcomb
Brayden Halcomb Soat oldin
Damn these parents need to become grateful that their kids are actually getting food because a lot of people don’t have the same opportunity to have food
Shaila Morales
Shaila Morales 2 soat oldin
When i eat lunch i dont even eat ot and my parnts dont know what we eat the rice is cold and dry ewww...
Astria 19303
Astria 19303 9 soat oldin
This reminds me of how me and my friends where convinced on it the meals was a chickens heart. Like to the point of blood and veins just microwaved and thrown on a plate.
thereal shookith
"it taste like beige" quote of the year
SpillTheTeaStudios ._.
The milk at my school has a 50 percent chance of being spoiled
Jade Wu
Jade Wu Kun oldin
This is why l skip lunch
khadiza ali Shumaiyah
Ngl in England the school food isn't even that bad like I don't know what you guys get.....
Ihave kripplingdepression
I have very low standards on food so I would still eat these.
Keira - Home
Keira - Home Kun oldin
Now I feel grateful for my school It is wayyyyyy better than this school
JayJay Kun oldin
i umm like a lot of the um lunches at school..
Foustical Kun oldin
whenever they have chips it says whole grain on the bag. For Doritos it says reduced fat
Halo_ODST rookie
Hmm my school has good food everyone likes it
Anagha KULKARNI Kun oldin
I never had school lunches. There’s only a canteen in which you use money to buy from. If you want. But you can just get homemade lunches and whatever you want. So he :)
Riya Rao
Riya Rao Kun oldin
out school has very nice food. They have sun-dried tomato pesto pasta, perogies with caramelized onions, honey digon chicken, and so one for the main meals. We also . have drinks, ice cream freezer, soft serve, parfait, fruit, and veggies. You can also get whatever sandwich you would like from the sandwich line. Even a grilled cheese!! The only problem is that it is over priced...
Aniyah Christy
Aniyah Christy 2 kun oldin
Our hot dogs are green
Sirish 2 kun oldin
The Salad Is The Thing They Sell In Panda Express
knife_ okie
knife_ okie 2 kun oldin
My school food is not so bad ...the burgers and crispitos and chicken aren't so bad where I'm at
Marybelle Vasquez
Marybelle Vasquez 2 kun oldin
Parents :how do kids eat this Me:we don't eat it
ImKirbyyy 2 kun oldin
Lmao Lunch at school in germany is great tho
Isabella Pandaway
Isabella Pandaway 5 soat oldin
ImKirbyyy same in Switzerland aha
Wendy Varbelio
Wendy Varbelio 2 kun oldin
This is why i don’t eat the school lunch.
Thanujan Thavaratnam
My school actually had good food
Rуспех 2 kun oldin
In my school, there are some REAAALLY nice Hot Pocket-like food
Alberto Delos Santos
I almost throw the samosa to a teacher because it tasted so so so sour and salty but i thought it was spicy.
jerry cao
jerry cao 2 kun oldin
Now they know our pain. MUHUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Ursua Thias64
Ursua Thias64 2 kun oldin
Better than my school
Mags Richardson
Mags Richardson 2 kun oldin
My school lunches are actually pretty good but I always pack my lunch anyway
Emmanie MarieTV
Emmanie MarieTV 2 kun oldin
Kane Mining
Kane Mining 2 kun oldin
*Gordan Ramsey comes in* WHAT IS THIS TRASH
Fil DaCosta
Fil DaCosta 2 kun oldin
At my school, the lunch lady’s are delusional about the food saying it is the most delicious food ever even though in us students point of view it looks like crap on a plate.
Real Aesthetics
Real Aesthetics 3 kun oldin
The Dad pissed me off. Ahhhh
Martinjo Fx
Martinjo Fx 3 kun oldin
I would rather eat my ass
Roco Fox
Roco Fox 3 kun oldin
My classmate was eating a meatball and chewed on something simulair to an iron nail
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez 3 kun oldin
Bruh just tell your children to bring there lunch from home
MeLz_n _GaCha
MeLz_n _GaCha 3 kun oldin
Well in my country, our canteen food is NOTHING like that... NOT EVEN CLOSE BUT WORSE. They don’t even have fast foods... and the to get access to the foods u need money... FIRST WHY DID WE EVEN PAY FOR FOOD IF WE HAVE TO PAY IN SCHOOL ANYWAY??!!!
Not_ A panda
Not_ A panda 3 kun oldin
The meatballs look good the ones at my school are like a rectangle
Chocolate king.
Chocolate king. 3 kun oldin
My school lunch is worse I would not eat this even if I was homeless
sierra franklin
sierra franklin 3 kun oldin
i have teriyaki chicken nachos and pretty decent food at my school
Lene Olmanson
Lene Olmanson 3 kun oldin
Why is my school lunch worse than this!?
Junior 17
Junior 17 4 kun oldin
U know its really wrong when she doesn't wanna give it to her DOG
Candy Productions
Candy Productions 4 kun oldin
Alayna Adam
Alayna Adam 4 kun oldin
Go London mates
Aum Meid
Aum Meid 4 kun oldin
Once my vegetables were floating in a pool of oil
Fortnite 4fun
Fortnite 4fun 4 kun oldin
The guy is so picky with the milk tho
Eden Swinnerton
Eden Swinnerton 4 kun oldin
This is gourmet compared to my school. Lucky !
allie disponette
allie disponette 4 kun oldin
eeww the thumbnail pic like hunty fix ur face
Silverpredator 12
Silverpredator 12 4 kun oldin
My school has good lunch
Turtle Lord Vlogs
Turtle Lord Vlogs 4 kun oldin
if Gordon Ramsay tried this he would shout at the top of his lungs and prob sue them
Madiz 4 kun oldin
America Lunch - rubber/cardboard -bounces -no taste Edit: at my school anyway
DiamondX Gamer
DiamondX Gamer 4 kun oldin
They just criticize food and throwing it away not knowing that theres thousands of children that need food
Nigel Noyes
Nigel Noyes 4 kun oldin
At my school, all the kids just bring leftover pizza and take out.
Millylilymisty Sub to pewds
At my school we get pizzas burgers slushies and cakes lmao
King Apple
King Apple 5 kun oldin
A Buzzfeed video that doesn’t cause mass controversy? Ha, you wish. Edit: This is why so also bring my own seasonings to school...make it taste at least like edible plastic
coconut pie
coconut pie 5 kun oldin
ayeee.. the PICKUP STICKS??!! Anyone familiar with that? oh.. is it just me?
Jasmine Rivera
Jasmine Rivera 5 kun oldin
Now stop having us eat this!
Legendarygaming Xxx
Wow my school is much better
a channel with 10000 subscribers
This is why i eat crackers instead
Something Special
Something Special 5 kun oldin
Waffle Nation
Waffle Nation 5 kun oldin
Looks like a scrotum
mowityHD 5 kun oldin
Thats why i dont eat at my school
Brandi BadGirlie
Brandi BadGirlie 5 kun oldin
We have potato soup and it taste like Jason's Deli
Dyt Youtube
Dyt Youtube 5 kun oldin
My lunch taste like cardboard
ThyTheGamer 424
ThyTheGamer 424 5 kun oldin
This is a great representation school lunch is TERRIBLE
SavageBeast 7143
SavageBeast 7143 5 kun oldin
U know what i also f%$ing hate that kids (me) we all eat horrible lunches and the teachers eat the best food in are face
Chris Cabrera
Chris Cabrera 5 kun oldin
Bro so true if gorden went in there he would shut them down
Nicholas Gloria
Nicholas Gloria 6 kun oldin
you know that the lady with the lip stick ate all of the school lunches when she was in school.
Bella Kelly
Bella Kelly 6 kun oldin
School lunch is GROSS 😝
Killer Bot678
Killer Bot678 6 kun oldin
My school lunches are nice and I’m not TP
TSVETTI VlogS 6 kun oldin
*GROSS ;')*
Ruby Holland
Ruby Holland 6 kun oldin
Lady: *moves fork with meat on it* *meat moves* Lady: *eyes buldge* Lady: what is this it moved is it rubber?
Fake Paul
Fake Paul 6 kun oldin
0:12 I thought she ate her child
Ubb_Wreked you
Ubb_Wreked you 6 kun oldin
I have the meetbals at school
Sophia Stanton
Sophia Stanton 6 kun oldin
This is why I don’t talk about my school lunch with my parents 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Thanh Le
Thanh Le 6 kun oldin
My scholl lunch is pretty good acsualy
ღMia Playz ღ
ღMia Playz ღ 6 kun oldin
There barely eating it there just playing with it 😂
michael football
michael football 7 kun oldin
Dang my school had much bette food
Yeet Bois
Yeet Bois 7 kun oldin
Dudes my lunch at school made me puke 4 times
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 7 kun oldin
They’re exaggerating so much
Zubair Akhtar
Zubair Akhtar 7 kun oldin
In my school we have nice food
S A 7 kun oldin
Wow are they seriously complaining that the free foods that their kids get are not as good? Schoolkids here have to actually buy lunch . A full meal costs them too much and side foods sold here arent healthy or filling -_-
Ey3dontkn0w 7 kun oldin
At least make Gordon eat it.
prorsuskyle 7 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay should try school lunches
Jules 7 kun oldin
my mom claims the food is fine. pizza= thick TOOOOO cheesy cardboard salad= 99% dressing 1% lettuce bread= practically gum noodles= worms ALL FOOD= nasty af
Amanda Foell
Amanda Foell 8 kun oldin
I've been in Puerto Rico most of my academic life so I don't remember those lunches. We ate traditional Puerto Rican food on school.
cupcake yum
cupcake yum 8 kun oldin
That food is kinda better theb mine
Celeste Chaperon
Celeste Chaperon 8 kun oldin
Im in middle school and that looks amazing comapre to what i eat my milk is always rotten
Chris You Suck
Chris You Suck 8 kun oldin
This is exactly the reason why i make my own lunch...
Pi YT 8 kun oldin
Imagine Gordon Ramsay made school Lunch food
Denise Gutierrez
Denise Gutierrez 8 kun oldin
1:09 my face when I do not like the school lunches
Your Welcome
Your Welcome 8 kun oldin
You should be thankful, in Malaysia there is no such thing as free food
Jojo Seamons
Jojo Seamons 8 kun oldin
In England the school food is great!
GLENN TURLICH 8 kun oldin
Hah you guys are wusses I eat that everyday
Luna Thegachgamer
Luna Thegachgamer 8 kun oldin
Umm one of my lunches HAVE MODDED MEAT
Siaroara 9 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay has entered the chat
Aleen’s Crazy life
In my school it always has Jaír and the pizza and every food has some plastic inside .-.
The wolfy Gamer
The wolfy Gamer 9 kun oldin
Dang this stuff looks good compared to the TRASH my school gives us THE CHEESE IS SO FAKE THAT IT BUNCES CAN STAD UP ON ITS OWN
I’m a dead meme
I’m a dead meme 10 kun oldin
I thought school lunch wasn’t edible
Babixz Peach
Babixz Peach 10 kun oldin
*how do we eat this?* In the primary school I used to go to if you didn't like your lunch it was either get in trouble by a teacher then your parents will get called or be like me and wait till the teacher didn't look and shove it in a bin then run
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