Password with Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Ellen team up against Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell in the game Password.
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Password with Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon




4-Fev, 2015

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Fikrlar 3 106
Kristen Hergenhan
Did someone fart at 6:08
jennellia raymond
The lighting did not do their skin justice
Justin Heller
Justin Heller 4 kun oldin
liking just for the dance at the end
Lil murph
Lil murph 4 kun oldin
Micheal g scott
FlowerGirl 19
FlowerGirl 19 5 kun oldin
Steve is the best
Agustina Aguirre
Agustina Aguirre 8 kun oldin
OK. This is great. so funny
Sophie Sewell
Sophie Sewell 9 kun oldin
omg reese saw the soprano one!
molly tsanadis
molly tsanadis 9 kun oldin
Steve Carrell out here looking like a full course freaking meal
The Philosopher
The Philosopher 10 kun oldin
Wow, Ellen looks rough in this video...
Maria ortiz
Maria ortiz 11 kun oldin
Steve looks like Andy from Ellen is it just me ?
leane 11 kun oldin
lmaoo reese witherspoon have so much facial expressions
Osama Khan
Osama Khan 12 kun oldin
I would have said "hinnata" for blush. XD
Elena de Kort
Elena de Kort 15 kun oldin
For joint i would have said together after Jimmy said weed
Shakayvia Dean
Shakayvia Dean 15 kun oldin
5:57 was so funny
Maddie Holt
Maddie Holt 16 kun oldin
Jimmy and Ellen together are my favorite 😂
Daniel O’Ray
Daniel O’Ray 17 kun oldin
Why did they not introduce Steve as regional manager of Dundee mifflin scranton
Boy Chivet Entertainment
no scam donationforasd.blogspot.com/2018/12/no-scam-please-read-this-title.html?m=1
poke digger 1
poke digger 1 18 kun oldin
*elen* call *Jimmy*booty😂😂🤣
Scout Romantica
Scout Romantica 15 kun oldin
poke digger 1
poke digger 1 18 kun oldin
Steve plays gru
angellique c
angellique c 18 kun oldin
Can someone tell Steve it's spliff not spleef
major600 20 kun oldin
I can't look at Ellen anymore without seeing Odo from Star Trek: DS9.
Andrew Skelton
Andrew Skelton 20 kun oldin
Jimmy and Ellen should occasionally swap host each others shows
Billie Krasniqi
Billie Krasniqi 22 kun oldin
That intro of Reese was so Legally Blonde!! 💁🏼‍♀️
Nilesh Wable
Nilesh Wable 23 kun oldin
What's is the word he said on 4:07
Marian Ventura
Marian Ventura 25 kun oldin
My marvel addicted as* would have said tony stark...
prof. m.h.m
prof. m.h.m 26 kun oldin
Reese with her spoon 😂😂 good actor like bdwy
Flavio Correa
Flavio Correa 26 kun oldin
Bryant Butler
Bryant Butler 27 kun oldin
Staged af
Sajeel Hasan
Sajeel Hasan 28 kun oldin
Reese Cheated!!!! She saw it in the first round
Kayla Wilson
Kayla Wilson 29 kun oldin
4:23 not a brand deal sis 🤪😪😂
Elena K.
Elena K. 29 kun oldin
i JUST realized: Reese's. REESE Witherspoon..
Jameson Harry
Jameson Harry Oy oldin
I luv J1mmy F4lcon so much!
Good Khan
Good Khan Oy oldin
Jimmy is actually annoying when he acts dumb.
DinnerBells Oy oldin
Reese ages like a fine wine.
TBD Forest
TBD Forest Oy oldin
I love Jimmy and Ellen lol
Poppa Smalls
Poppa Smalls Oy oldin
Ellen looks like a corpse
XIFOZ Oy oldin
Am I the only one who thought of elbow when Joint came up
Julie Harden
Julie Harden Oy oldin
I would have said "hooter" as a clue for joint.
jamvt.mp4 Oy oldin
This is very chaotic in comparison to the original password from the 60s 😂
Lacey Tipton
Lacey Tipton Oy oldin
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Oy oldin
The look Ellen gives at 6:42😂😂😂
Faith Broughal
Only watched cuz of Ellen 😂
Nikola Matic
Nikola Matic Oy oldin
But... the point thingy showed 6:6... That's a tie.
Kissani Senthilkumar
Reese cheated
Alba de la Fuente
What did Steve said at 4:07 ?
Lun Oy oldin
Ellen is so smart & competitive
Whiistling Winds
Jimmy should have said "knee" with the same voice he said "weed" it would have been an easier win smh
Destiny Robles
2:15 who are the judges? 😂😂
Hannah Lopez
Hannah Lopez Oy oldin
She cheated! She cheated! (akeelah and the bee sister voice)
Devesh Chaudhari
2018 Anyone
dangolfishin Oy oldin
Am I the only one who thinks Ellen looks sick?
those guys need to up their make-up skills
old gregg
old gregg Oy oldin
When are they gonna have Rami play a game
Ted Zhu
Ted Zhu Oy oldin
They need to enforce not leaving the cards face up when they put it on the table.
Kishor Mahat
Kishor Mahat Oy oldin
is it fixedone
F2 STUDIO - Flair Fotografy Studio
Why not jus say shy..
Przemyslaw Szymankiewicz
Funny, Ellen is the best
Text Stories
Text Stories Oy oldin
For “blush” why didn’t they just say embarrassed :/
liz scott
liz scott Oy oldin
Omg I like Reese Witherspoon, but lord her facial expressions are so annoying here
Jamie Ziegler
Jamie Ziegler Oy oldin
jimmy and ellen would make amazing friends
Radha Vasam
Radha Vasam Oy oldin
Radha Vasam
Radha Vasam Oy oldin
This is totally staged, :)
jfour2zero Oy oldin
For joint I would have said “doobie” lol
coolizh01 2 oy oldin
This is the fakest thing I’ve ever seen
C. K.
C. K. 2 oy oldin
This HAS to be the best “Panel/Players” they’ve had-to-date. #Fantastic
N pcr
N pcr 2 oy oldin
For some reason the first thing I thought of was "joint" checking account
Mr7omah4wk 2 oy oldin
What was the diss?
xX Clueless xX Conor
The whitest game of password ever
Olivia Bennington
lick lickerson
lick lickerson 2 oy oldin
whats with the lighting theres like a gray scale or something Edit: nvm there just getting really old
S K 2 oy oldin
Lets be honest she cheated on the second one. As she already saw the answer
LEO Vienna
LEO Vienna 2 oy oldin
Are we going to ignore that it was a draw?
Jami LeAnne
Jami LeAnne 2 oy oldin
Anyone else lose it at "splEEff"?
Judy Brodie
Judy Brodie 2 oy oldin
Wouldn't it be great if all the talk show hosts did a group show ?
E.R Bahian
E.R Bahian 2 oy oldin
Gosh i love you so much jimmy and ellen like without even winning that game!!!!im a huge of yours.im from the philippines and you two always set my day.most specially ellen hahahahaha i love you more ellen less than jimmy but i wanted jimmy to take on a date LOL!!!!!
Keira Cottreau
Keira Cottreau 2 oy oldin
Arnav Vaidyanathan
Ellen is the BEST
buckyswolf 2 oy oldin
i want ellen to be my aunt and jimmy my uncle. Imagine the Christmas jimmy: what do you want for Christmas? me: Sebastian Stan. And Harry Styles. ellen, from behind: let me make some calls. jimmy: HEY!
Unoficialo 2 oy oldin
A spleef?!?!
Jacopo Luci
Jacopo Luci 2 oy oldin
Outro song? Thanks
Abby Adler
Abby Adler 2 oy oldin
I only clicked because of Steve carrels
Mrs D
Mrs D 2 oy oldin
This is my fav password!
Humna Anis
Humna Anis 2 oy oldin
Me wondering why didn’t they just say “arthritis” for that last one 😂 but then again, medical students mind work different than normal people 😂
Owen Abbey
Owen Abbey 2 oy oldin
Ellen should be everybody's grandma and why do I feel like Jimmy cheated in the last one
Sai Subhash
Sai Subhash 2 oy oldin
These games should be longer. 😁
annajeehee 2 oy oldin
Men think about sex all the time - that’s the reason he got that
Catharine ThePaleoShack
Lol!!!! The two most competitive hosts in the world on one team. 😂
Marwin Mundin
Marwin Mundin 2 oy oldin
1:29 watch the hand
Raymona Martin
Raymona Martin 2 oy oldin
If everyone on that show can hear the narrator saying what the password is, they're cheating
Raymona Martin
Raymona Martin 2 oy oldin
+Nellie K. Adaba well how come Steve Higgins can hear it but they can't hear it
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba 2 oy oldin
They can't hear it.
Michelle 2 oy oldin
If Ellen did actually beat the bejeesus out of Jimmy, this video would have 50mil views easy.
Crimson Barrel
Crimson Barrel 2 oy oldin
What in the blueberry clusterfuck is "spleef?"
Ice Bird
Ice Bird 3 oy oldin
That was the best ending 😂 Also Steve and Reese look like such a cool mom and dad here 😂❤️
edward Vanegas
edward Vanegas 3 oy oldin
Wow... at the end a quick shot of the band and wow.. a silver haired Doc Severinson playing the trumpet...
Ghost Hippie
Ghost Hippie 3 oy oldin
really bad lighting
Aditya Nahata
Aditya Nahata 3 oy oldin
pause and look at Reese on 1:33
bigsmokiee55 3 oy oldin
Reese Witherspoon. What a lady 😍😍😍
Rakibul haque
Rakibul haque 3 oy oldin
3:08 She saw the answer!!
kuuun Zzzzi
kuuun Zzzzi 3 oy oldin
i love the ending music , could anybody tell me what that was? the jazz one .
Lavanya Bedi
Lavanya Bedi 3 oy oldin
You know you are a medical student when you thought of shoulder or knee for joint 🤦🏻‍♀️
M K 3 oy oldin
4:15 listen closely when he tells Steve to say cover-girl really 😑