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Claire Saffitz takes on another challenge, this time to recreate the tastes of the rainbow... Skittles, Gourmet-style.

Check out Claire's Instagram: instagram.com/csaffitz/
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Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Skittles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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5-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 11 388
Zekoo 2 soat oldin
You should have made one massive rainbow skittle. You missed out!
JayLeePoe 10 soat oldin
This feels like you're filling the requests of eccentric hipster billionaires, "food wench! I require a rich man's candy! create for me this unique creation!"
Kyle Armstrong
Kyle Armstrong 11 soat oldin
buster what are you doing
Angel Cole
Angel Cole 15 soat oldin
It's pronounced car-nooba wax...just saying.
skate boarder
skate boarder 17 soat oldin
Commit suicide
Ayan Blaze
Ayan Blaze 19 soat oldin
What have I learnt from this series? Listen to Brad.
Bosnian Unicorn
Bosnian Unicorn 21 soat oldin
omg so we were in class and my ela teacher was trying to pull something up and every time she clicked the link it would come to this video 😂😂😂
Lizzi Papp
Lizzi Papp 21 soat oldin
OMG. I bought that concealer! It had good reviews at the time I bought it. Used it once, or tried to rather, and tossed it. It was only like $4.
Paige DeVetter
Paige DeVetter Kun oldin
Jack Dog
Jack Dog Kun oldin
Shoulda just compressed some sugar
SparkyRaegun Kun oldin
I feel like Brad is literally Jim from the Office and I'm living for it, he's beautiful and husband material.
Mute Stingray
Mute Stingray Kun oldin
Does Brad wear anything else?
hello yous
hello yous Kun oldin
i need to go dentist from watching this claire i want to eat you
Teairra Kun oldin
William Raszl
William Raszl 2 kun oldin
i really wanted to see how brad felt about the final product
William Raszl
William Raszl 2 kun oldin
brad is my favorite and I would love a cooking show with Claire and Brad exclusively
Rebekah Blankenship
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Anmar Alkaram
Anmar Alkaram 2 kun oldin
It’s cool how you study it because alix from tasty just looks at it and go’s with the flow
_whitewolf 000
_whitewolf 000 2 kun oldin
such a waste of food.....
Phoebe-Deebs 2 kun oldin
Can I have your extra skittles?:(
Delmore Saorsa
Delmore Saorsa 2 kun oldin
CompressionMan is hilarious
Anxiety Miguel
Anxiety Miguel 2 kun oldin
JOSEPH BRIDGES 2 kun oldin
... :( Now im craving skittles.
Ben Graham
Ben Graham 2 kun oldin
Why is this still in my recommended
mia mt_c3p0
mia mt_c3p0 3 kun oldin
Kurikat 3 kun oldin
how does she look 29 but has grey hair?
futasupastah 3 kun oldin
How many of these concepts she attempts and then quits so they don't become a video. Each of these seems like really long mission to accomplish.
crazy youtuber man
crazy youtuber man 3 kun oldin
ok now please make lays chips
James 3 kun oldin
Brad is so loud obnoxious & RUDE
Caitlin Rogers
Caitlin Rogers 3 kun oldin
It annoys me that so many videos throw in ads for Amazon.
Samwan Hugusawt
Samwan Hugusawt 3 kun oldin
I thought she's Sara from Buzzfeed just because of the thumbnail really looks like Sara 😍
Lyla Adkins
Lyla Adkins 3 kun oldin
There not _normal_ skittles, There _GORMET_ skittles :3
HNK 808
HNK 808 3 kun oldin
9:55 hilarious 🤣😂🤣😂
Angela camargo
Angela camargo 3 kun oldin
16:56 they look like pretty pattys
Gabriel Barros
Gabriel Barros 3 kun oldin
it could be like The Office but with pastry chefs
EVILBUNNY28 3 kun oldin
Wow that's actually very interesting... American skittles has different flavours to the UK ones! In America you have it as Red: Strawberry Orange: Orange Yellow: Lemon Green: Green Apple Purple: Grape Here in the UK we have it as: Red: Strawberry Orange: Orange Yellow: Lemon Green: Lime Purple: Blackcurrant Food laws in the UK are obscenely strict and as a result all colourings and flavours have to be natural if they want to avoid heavy taxing.
Matt Marzula
Matt Marzula 3 kun oldin
I thought that I was wasting time when it took me 20 minutes to make a large bowl of caramel popcorn. Now, I don't feel so bad. That's my takeaway.
Titanium Alloy
Titanium Alloy 3 kun oldin
This is why skittles are made in factories because it literally took this person a week to make them but it takes a factory like a few minutes if even!
Ginger Jack
Ginger Jack 3 kun oldin
Nah man, that's not how you make skittles. You got most of it right, but the coating process isn't right. You use a tumbler, get some white sugar syrup, tumble, and then add powdered sugar. Repeat this step after 20 mins or so with each colored batch. Think of it like a law breaker layer. That's how they do it on an industrial scale.
sweetncool 3 kun oldin
I want a guy like brad :D
Dragoon z
Dragoon z 3 kun oldin
Omg first thing wen I clicked on this video and there was an add for a horror film and it scared me half to death I jumped and turned off my phone.
Emily Gilbey
Emily Gilbey 3 kun oldin
Wait American Skittles are different flavors to British Skittles??? Our purple are blackcurrant and green are definitely still lime!
Steadystone21 4 kun oldin
In the UK green is still lime 🍋
John Estrada
John Estrada 4 kun oldin
Green Apple is still an abomination to humanity
Frau Hikari
Frau Hikari 4 kun oldin
alright UZvid, here i am... enjoying this tho, not gonna lie
Endercrine 4 kun oldin
I find this lady oddly adorable and I'm not totally sure why. It's not to say she is ugly, but she just isn't a woman I'd traditionally find adorable. ='D
khaniri naftali
khaniri naftali 4 kun oldin
between 13.14 and 13.15, those eyes when the director says so sad
Androth 4 kun oldin
easy challenge. you could only improve on a skittle.
peas carrots
peas carrots 4 kun oldin
i have no idea why im watching this but i love how hes like UH YEAH? TASTE THE RAINBOW CLAIRE
But Reeses Pieces are better.
duck boi
duck boi 4 kun oldin
I saw a comment saying they are getting braces so they can't eat candy Well guess what when I was four I got a small spacer then it got took out when I was 7 then a month later a got a huge spacer
Bradley Beyer
Bradley Beyer 4 kun oldin
Not sure how I ended up here, but I love it.
K Bunnies
K Bunnies 4 kun oldin
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Monica Alvarado
Monica Alvarado 4 kun oldin
Brad always givin her that friendly support........
Shaquaequae llama
Shaquaequae llama 4 kun oldin
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown 4 kun oldin
u know i really dont like these videos but i watch all of them
graciela vila
graciela vila 4 kun oldin
I wonder if she watched that 2.0 show on TV....
David Field
David Field 4 kun oldin
Well I have a new found respect for skittle makers
22ItsMaddi E
22ItsMaddi E 4 kun oldin
2:26 - just the way he said " uh yeah.. You gotta taste the rainbow Claire " that cracks me up
CaptainAwasome 4 kun oldin
Make them Prussian blue
VicRules666 4 kun oldin
It looks like these people just mill about doing nothing all day.
Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho 4 kun oldin
I finally ( after a few months) had to click on this video.
I Want To Die
I Want To Die 4 kun oldin
I’m only watching because she’s so beautiful, this makes me want to die, I’ll never get a chance with her.
09nob 4 kun oldin
you can't improve upon Skittles they are delicious.
Stefani Garcia
Stefani Garcia 4 kun oldin
I absolutely LOVED this video!! What a process!!! Loved hearing the science behind it as well!!
Julia Cote
Julia Cote 4 kun oldin
Is she related to Sarah from buzzfeed?
mediocreatbest 5 kun oldin
My daughter and I will make this one day!
Neomist 5 kun oldin
The fact that she has some gray hair makes me like her even more.
Kyla Perante
Kyla Perante 5 kun oldin
Why does everybody hate Grape? Grape is actually my favorite flavour and second is Green Apple, next is Orange, then Strawberry, then Lemon.
Farah Syahirah
Farah Syahirah 5 kun oldin
The girl looks like sara from buzzfeed but with long hair
Charlee Knight
Charlee Knight 5 kun oldin
When I saw the skittles bags at the beginning I died ❤️❤️❤️
Jenny Wang
Jenny Wang 5 kun oldin
Brad: "uh yeah. taste the rainbow claire" Me: OMG YOU'RE PERFECT PLEASE MARRY ME
Brenna Claire
Brenna Claire 5 kun oldin
You should try to make gourmet water. DO IT
Jim Bob
Jim Bob 5 kun oldin
that kitchen is very female dominated. i can sense the lack of masculinity through the screen
Jim Bob
Jim Bob 5 kun oldin
hi everyone i'm claire, i'm a feminist looking chick with weird highlights who probably has no boyfriend and i do candy stuff
floofeh llamas
floofeh llamas 5 kun oldin
where was the grape flavoured one? and where was the S on the top?
TheBongGamer 5 kun oldin
Stephanie B
Stephanie B 5 kun oldin
Omg I miss when the green skittle was lime it used to me my favorite one and it was sooo good and I remember when they changed it to green apple I was deviated
Shawn Besabella
Shawn Besabella 5 kun oldin
Make Hamburger Helper.
dayton lebar
dayton lebar 5 kun oldin
this is a pretty neet idea for a youtube channel.
aby august
aby august 5 kun oldin
I made taffy...no she made dragons beard candy
- ! floppy toastr poppi ! -
Make me some!
Kavstar23 5 kun oldin
11:39 Was I the only one that was laughing at this bit? Specifically 11:43 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Princess Evey
Princess Evey 5 kun oldin
She's really pretty
Megan Louise
Megan Louise 5 kun oldin
In the uk the purple skittles are blackcurrant and the greens are still lime
H S 5 kun oldin
I swore she was gonna say " Grape, which is *disgusting* "
MAKE 0UT H1LL 5 kun oldin
*C O M P R E S S*
garrett ingle
garrett ingle 5 kun oldin
We want the og green skittle back
Mich Mu
Mich Mu 5 kun oldin
I ship Claire and Brad😂
alex -
alex - 5 kun oldin
I love Claire’s laugh. It’s so contagious
Mellama YT
Mellama YT 5 kun oldin
Lmao you two just standing in the freezer like its nornal 😂
Elynnor Bragg
Elynnor Bragg 5 kun oldin
Skittles only smell like a flavour, but are not taste like it smells
fifi fitz
fifi fitz 5 kun oldin
KingReese 5 kun oldin
She’s so cute 😭😭
gwendolyn r
gwendolyn r 6 kun oldin
All skittles are the same flavor
CoolCats 6 kun oldin
For the recipe skip to 15:23
Tahmid Rashid
Tahmid Rashid 6 kun oldin
Just buy 1 dollar pack Skittles
Patrick Byrne
Patrick Byrne 6 kun oldin
Eh you gotta come to Oakland
Patrick Byrne
Patrick Byrne 6 kun oldin
Marshawn Lynch lol
That was great!! Would love to have tasted them.