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Claire Saffitz takes on another challenge, this time to recreate the tastes of the rainbow... Skittles, Gourmet-style.

Check out Claire's Instagram: instagram.com/csaffitz/
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Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Skittles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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5-Iyn, 2018

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Claire Saffitz
Claire Saffitz 2 oy oldin
Skittles might be my favorite episode so far because everyone got involved! Watch for cameos from all your favorite test kitchen editors.
Ramon Almodovar
Ramon Almodovar Kun oldin
i love you ...
Richard Black
Richard Black 2 kun oldin
caire you are hot af. i wish i could taste your juicy booty
josh mack
josh mack 5 kun oldin
It's amazing watching you work through the process... you can really see how much you learned by experimenting and solving the various problems you ran into.
Tommygunstudios 5 kun oldin
Brad best Cameo
Mignon Buchanan
Mignon Buchanan 6 kun oldin
Whenever Im not in my “best mood,” your videos are usually able to bring on a good transition! I love your down-to-earth personality & humble persistence! Thanks Claire!!! [*no creepiness involved♥︎×°]
The guy with the red hat
Every one says they love brad. I'm liking clare more 😘
Josh Sumner
Josh Sumner 3 soat oldin
Wayyyyyy too much work for what you get out of it
RayRae 559
RayRae 559 3 soat oldin
I fell in love at "OG Skittle"
leoric21 4 soat oldin
I love channels that try new things. When you start a video with "we are going to try something different" I will usually watch it even if i am not well versed in the subject. That being said, most. round candies are rounded in large tumblers. thoses with candie shells (M&M's, skittles, etc) are usually made in layers corn syrup then a layer of some wax then a color for like 2 or 3 layers sometimes the wax or syrup is already colored, but that is very rare. I learned that from Unwrapped hosted by Mark Summers What I didn't learn from Mark Summers is why strawberry candies don't actually taste like strawberries and what strawberry flavoring is made of. I WILL NEVER EAT ANYTHING STRAWBERRY FLAVORED AGAIN! DON'T GOOGLE IT!! IT WILL RUIN YOU FOREVER!!! thanks for the video
WorBlux 4 soat oldin
Grape maybe could be done with a concord concentrate sold for wine-making.
Faith Valentine
Faith Valentine 5 soat oldin
My whole mindset: What they did with all those Skittles😐😲😮😦😧😯😛😋😌
amysocool7 6 soat oldin
gizzard2025 6 soat oldin
Red skittles are my favorite and their cherry
gizzard2025 6 soat oldin
Excuse me but red is cherry
Mary Watson
Mary Watson 6 soat oldin
This is Cutie Ringo Joy
love how committed your are
Robert MacKinnon
Robert MacKinnon 7 soat oldin
I ate A 50 oz bag of skittles and then was really stupid and had a beer for the first time. I puked the rainbow all over my friend's table. Needless to say I don't drink and probably never will.
Winter Silence
Winter Silence 8 soat oldin
But what about grape? :(
Lewis Casey
Lewis Casey 8 soat oldin
One thing skittels don't have geletine in
toketsupuurin 8 soat oldin
Panning is a standard candy making technique for making a shell. Why on earth didn't you use it?!
davine holsey
davine holsey 9 soat oldin
I think she did closer to a mento than a skittle . Skittles also have a polish like resin on its shell 🤷🏾‍♀️
Omaya Abdul
Omaya Abdul 12 soat oldin
Shane Dawson voice: Bon appetite baby.
tomatocan 12 soat oldin
so,...how do i get a job like this?
Jimmy White
Jimmy White 12 soat oldin
The only thing I don't understand about this series is...what makes something "gourmet"? Skittles are amazing, and you just did them different?
Thania Silston
Thania Silston 13 soat oldin
New sub 👍 😊 great job
Al Fa
Al Fa 13 soat oldin
You almost made dragon's hair !
Just Kathrine
Just Kathrine 14 soat oldin
romannwilson 15 soat oldin
is it just me or does she look identical to sara rubin from buzzfeed ???
Saved Patriot
Saved Patriot 17 soat oldin
Abbie Xx
Abbie Xx 18 soat oldin
In England the green skittles are still lime and the purple ones are blackcurrent flavour
saverio sassetti
saverio sassetti 18 soat oldin
imagine going out with your friends beiing like "ugh this project is taking so long, it's the second week already" so they ask what are you doing and you have to answer skittles with a straight face
Xnexogen 18 soat oldin
These are not skittles these are taffy drops with a coating.
Mark Pocock
Mark Pocock 20 soat oldin
Huh. I didn't know the green skittle in the US was changed to apple. Still lime here in the UK.
Juan Carlos Gutierrez
Juan Carlos Gutierrez 23 soat oldin
13:08 Damn that was just rude
Kamikaze Dust
Kamikaze Dust 23 soat oldin
When you already knew everything they said about the skittle at the beginning because of your weird hobby of analysing your food as a kid
/:\:/:\ 23 soat oldin
Skittles are just skittles Why change them
Caterina Piva
Caterina Piva Kun oldin
Lil Xan would love these
Serenity Kun oldin
"going into week two? it's so sad" the look Claire gave that woman oh my God same
Amber Keller
Amber Keller Kun oldin
I’ve never really noticed all the details. I just eat em.🤷🏽‍♀️
slimeman03 Kun oldin
Red skittles aren’t cherry? MY LIFE IS A LIE
Cat Gamer Cat Lvr Games
Where’s the grape?
i love the reaction of 'jesus christ what are you doing???'
brittany dummett
What a waste..... of sugar 😂
Carter Benoit-myer
Your amazeing
Kiel Haymon
Kiel Haymon Kun oldin
Why is she doing this? Skittles are like a dollar.
Nevin Craft
Nevin Craft Kun oldin
10:20-10:30 The lemon is really good... And the lemon is good because. (Two different flavors
Sayedurrr .R
Sayedurrr .R Kun oldin
i wanna re watch this eating skittles
Carlie Robinson
Carlie Robinson Kun oldin
YOU are using PAM
CharlieHotel2 Kun oldin
How old is this woman? It's so conflicting cause she looks like shes 20 but she also looks like shes 35.
Khalil Khalil
Khalil Khalil Kun oldin
Anything I make I worry if it’s a hazard or just plain poison
Yeezy Kun oldin
These people are scientists...
grant dandeneau
grant dandeneau Kun oldin
cool show. this is my first time watching it. i am going to subscribe. i do feel bad about all that food waste =(
Mr Bulldops/Sam
Mr Bulldops/Sam Kun oldin
But grape isn’t a skittle flavour
Flaming Shadow 513
Man, why are your friends so meeeean??
Thomas Kaldahl
Thomas Kaldahl Kun oldin
as a person who never likes cooking, this video makes me begin to like cooking
Mila Rose
Mila Rose Kun oldin
I think Brad is really attractive 🤤
Black Raven03841
Lime is better than green apple
flyygaltima Kun oldin
“Going into week two. So sad.” You’re sad Carla 😒 lol
Notpoop Kun oldin
The guy is right it is very fine compressed sugars and they also use wax on the coating.
olski klapot
olski klapot Kun oldin
This is so longgg
Jillian Henriques
Δημήτρης Γκουλγκουντίνας
I really wanna make these now
Samara Majeed
Samara Majeed Kun oldin
edible slime
Isabel Markov
Isabel Markov Kun oldin
This is so fun to watch
Omar Shawosh
Omar Shawosh Kun oldin
I hate skittles
chila 02
chila 02 Kun oldin
Wow so much plastic...
Glenn Lawrie-Smith
After watching about 15 of these episodes, I am wondering how you are not all diabetic and weighing over 400 pounds? But I find these amazing.
why is this in my recommended
Chloe Williams
Chloe Williams Kun oldin
This is the coolest job ever
Genesis Kravitz
Genesis Kravitz Kun oldin
To make skittles by hand is equating the effort of the machines that make them. Any outcome close enough is a feat. So well done!
xoxomandysveaas Kun oldin
i love brad
Squilly 2 kun oldin
Brad is the best
Taylor Freeman
Taylor Freeman 2 kun oldin
Not one of them washed their hands 😂
Tyler 2 kun oldin
13:56 that's what she said
Generic And Unfunny
JustABaby_ Green
JustABaby_ Green 2 kun oldin
“Watch were you point that thing*
Seth Mueller
Seth Mueller 2 kun oldin
what did you do with the example skittles?
David Asene
David Asene 2 kun oldin
There's something inherently beautiful about a competent individual.
ArmyCrab 2 kun oldin
saw your tits get leaked on 4chan nice
Melanie Romo
Melanie Romo 2 kun oldin
Try hostess cup cakes!!!
Kails Elizabeth
Kails Elizabeth 2 kun oldin
This was so stressful to watch 😂😂😂
Vaporjams 2 kun oldin
I quit skittles when they took my lime away.
DustyTV 2 kun oldin
It made me nervous because of all resources she wasted
Junior Quarshie
Junior Quarshie 2 kun oldin
What did the green ones used to taste like O.o
Sophie 2 kun oldin
he said “watch where you point that thing” 😂😂😂
Take that Gold!
Take that Gold! 2 kun oldin
I love sour Skittles and the original. :3
Manny V
Manny V 2 kun oldin
Iain Ballas
Iain Ballas 2 kun oldin
Now I want skittles. Thanks.
Shamir Bidaisee
Shamir Bidaisee 2 kun oldin
im gonna try this
Luli Toons
Luli Toons 2 kun oldin
For me, "gourmet" is just a cheesy name for rich people's food
Mark Paligar
Mark Paligar 2 kun oldin
Rogue has a pretty nice job.
Annie-May Clements
Annie-May Clements 2 kun oldin
Okay but I could watch these videos allll day long
skunkspit 2 kun oldin
Oh God please bring yogos back
Navraj Gill
Navraj Gill 2 kun oldin
I can really trust my chef when they're chubby. I don't know I can trust this "chef"
Overpowered Pretzel
Poor Americans, green ones are still lime over here
Elīza Gurgone
Elīza Gurgone 2 kun oldin
Started watching this and ran to kitchen to pick up my skittles bag
Ethan Mulberg
Ethan Mulberg 2 kun oldin
Don't know how I got here, but she's a cutie!
your only jig-maker
I don't have 3 friends lol
Lopie 2 kun oldin
I’m about to go buy skittles for the first time in 8 years bc of this video. The nostalgia!
Jade Da Glampire
Jade Da Glampire 2 kun oldin
“Err yeh! Taste the rainbow Claire!”
Let's Talk Abt
Let's Talk Abt 2 kun oldin
I think she accidentally made dragon’s beard candy the first time. ACCIDENTALLY!
Jacob O'Leary
Jacob O'Leary 2 kun oldin
take a shot every time brad says compressed sugar
darkkiller6007 2 kun oldin
the original gangster skittle
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor 2 kun oldin
To get the candy coating on in the factory they used a tumble dryer sort of thing. Not sure what it's called though.