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Claire Saffitz takes on another challenge, this time to recreate the tastes of the rainbow... Skittles, Gourmet-style.

Check out Claire's Instagram: instagram.com/csaffitz/
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Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Skittles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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5-Iyn, 2018

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Patrick O'Brien
Patrick O'Brien 18 daqiqa oldin
That's where the compression comes in
Nikita Tucker
Nikita Tucker Soat oldin
Now I feel like I'm watching a satisfying vid
greefordpardo 7 soat oldin
Make Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Dai-Chi Tran
Dai-Chi Tran 17 soat oldin
are you trying t make dragon beard candy?
Mewimeow S
Mewimeow S 18 soat oldin
6ix9ine is quaking
Livi's World
Livi's World Kun oldin
I love watching Claire and Brad in the same video.😂
Mvntal Kun oldin
It would be cool if you tried making gourmet Brookside Dark Chocolate covered Blueberries!
Alwaysintosomething TG
Make jolly ranchers please.
Cosmo Keller
Cosmo Keller 2 kun oldin
4:17 killed me. His reaction 😂
Will Dayble
Will Dayble 2 kun oldin
omg i love your hair
Adriana Perez
Adriana Perez 3 kun oldin
What I’ve learned from this video: compressed sugar makes everything better
Jasmine the golden leaf
........ Grape?😂 Still, i love how brad was always right😂😂😂
Jasmine the golden leaf
I'd eat half of that bowl before she could reach for one😂 i need fruit candy control ( NFCC) That should be a disorder😂😂😂
Jum Laroco
Jum Laroco 4 kun oldin
I think it needs more Wourder?
Keri E
Keri E 5 kun oldin
She forgot grape
adam watson
adam watson 6 kun oldin
U should make crunchies
Allison Duranceau
Allison Duranceau 6 kun oldin
Can you do M&Ms next? I know it probably is easy but I would still like to see it tried
C S 6 kun oldin
Skittles screwed themselves when they made lime into disgusting green apple
I hope somebody ate all the rejected candies. I usually get my dad to eat all my rejected baking 😂
Carolina Mendes
Carolina Mendes 6 kun oldin
Brad loves you
Xavier Lauzac
Xavier Lauzac Kun oldin
Carolina Mendes he’s married with kids.
Sophie K
Sophie K 7 kun oldin
Brad’s a parent now!!! Omg lol I didn’t know
Darth Turtle
Darth Turtle 7 kun oldin
Grape best.
Aspen DeMonaco
Aspen DeMonaco 7 kun oldin
You should try to make mike and Ike’s
Katie 7 kun oldin
Did they really need that many skittles at the beginning
Julie Rebecca
Julie Rebecca 8 kun oldin
lime is better than green apple
Nat Jobo
Nat Jobo 9 kun oldin
I love this! It shows the whole trial and error of baking which is a part of the process! great content guys :)
Megan Chipps
Megan Chipps 9 kun oldin
please try to make Little Debbie Banana Marshmallow Pies!!!
christian Ortiz
christian Ortiz 9 kun oldin
Gourmet pockey
Olivia L
Olivia L 9 kun oldin
What about warheads
Thomas Underhill
Thomas Underhill 10 kun oldin
Goldfish _
Goldfish _ 11 kun oldin
Make gummy bears or gummy worms 💙
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 12 kun oldin
Why does everybody hate grape flavored candies, they’re literally so delicious
animeloverforever fan
“Uh yeah, taste the rainbows Claire” :’) Brad is funny
Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean 12 kun oldin
I love Molly.
Umar Ehsan Abd Hamid
gj, professor claire
Emma Pr
Emma Pr 13 kun oldin
Wow British skittles are *SO* much better
Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams 13 kun oldin
how are three freinds supposed to help you if you have no freinds
MrProjekt2012 14 kun oldin
I love Claire ☺️
Pepperoni pizza man
Pepperoni pizza man 14 kun oldin
10:27 why lime it was 2018 when this video was made so keep it up to date and just make it green apple 🍏 all natural it would be just as hard to make as the others
Alyssa Weisman
Alyssa Weisman 14 kun oldin
She looks like Jamie
Rubi Rice
Rubi Rice 15 kun oldin
SarahBear795 16 kun oldin
What I've learned is that this planet does not deserve Gabby.
OvaltineForLife 16 kun oldin
y'all should watch some Lofty Pursuits
billybareblu 16 kun oldin
Should have just bought/made a confi style panner to add the coating.
Cheelyn Wang
Cheelyn Wang 17 kun oldin
Isn’t it supposed to be apple not lime?
sahalanimation 17 kun oldin
"hey everyone, I'm Claire.." .. gets me everytime.
Bryce Wilson
Bryce Wilson 17 kun oldin
It sounds like she said modified pornstar
Zaki Abdul
Zaki Abdul 17 kun oldin
Why has Claire never eaten anything in more than a decade and no more than once? Ily xxxx
firegamer 18 kun oldin
*make me skittles...*
Vaudsnitchy 18 kun oldin
can anyone else just. smell the skittles through the screen
ChronicCrow 18 kun oldin
dude they got rid of the lime ones?? I know this is maybe an unpopular opinion but the lime ones were the only ones I liked. I haven't had skittles since high school and I guess I won't be again...
ChronicCrow 18 kun oldin
dude they got rid of the lime ones?? I know this is maybe an unpopular opinion but the lime ones were the only ones I liked. I haven't had skittles since high school and I guess I won't be again...
t o n p è r e
t o n p è r e 18 kun oldin
she was so confident in the beginning
Umaibo 18 kun oldin
Nosy Egg
Nosy Egg 19 kun oldin
Those aprons are beaut
AutumnsReign 19 kun oldin
I wanna know how much sugar cost AND weight they go through in a DAY, WEEK, MONTH & YEAR.
S J 19 kun oldin
tamakikawaii 20 kun oldin
13:14 I would love to see how long it takes you.
Xavier Lauzac
Xavier Lauzac Kun oldin
tamakikawaii she’s not mean.
Preston Britton
Preston Britton 20 kun oldin
Pleasant Grittiness? That's my band name.
Lauren Kate
Lauren Kate 20 kun oldin
Starburst unexplainable juicy...:)
Jesse Klein
Jesse Klein 21 kun oldin
my favorite part of this is brad😂😂😂
wyn 21 kun oldin
All the stuff wasted xd
noah curoe
noah curoe 22 kun oldin
she actually went on to use the airbrush again in the future haha
Aberkadaber !!!
Aberkadaber !!! 22 kun oldin
She should make Mike and Ike’s
betterdays when
betterdays when 22 kun oldin
Those colors or dyes are what's killing you.
gzerox2 22 kun oldin
The gelatin and butter really lost my interest. Lotta my family eats skittles because they don’t have those, but this ‘gourmet’ skittle is chuck full of animal product
Finbar Quinn
Finbar Quinn 22 kun oldin
Brad is harsher than I would have thought
Chase Greene
Chase Greene 23 kun oldin
Hello Claire. It's Me and my friend, Jennifer would like to request an video about how to make gourmet sour the patch the kids EYE CATCHING
Cindy Luna
Cindy Luna 23 kun oldin
you should try to make the chinese lucky candy or fortune cookies
golden default
golden default 23 kun oldin
Never say OG ever again your not young
Runna 7
Runna 7 24 kun oldin
Can you make gourmet dehydrated water
Clay_creations_45 25 kun oldin
Do sour patch kids
Nicholas Avila
Nicholas Avila 25 kun oldin
“This is gross” really got me 😂
Nicholas Avila
Nicholas Avila 25 kun oldin
Shrek Baby
Shrek Baby 25 kun oldin
Crush: I’m back on the dating market, but I don’t know anyone that’s my type Me: 6:38
c. crna
c. crna 25 kun oldin
I want skittles now
Fynn K
Fynn K 26 kun oldin
Who else comes to the comments when their video freezes...
keefegirls22 26 kun oldin
4:14 / 4:36 Both of those outside reactions to the “taffy” were PRICELESS
luke kelleher
luke kelleher 26 kun oldin
Please do m&ms
Galliano 26 kun oldin
Kat looks like Olympia from BirdBox. Lol
Mads97415 26 kun oldin
I was that kid in school that would eat everybody’s grape flavored skittles since no one liked grape flavored😂
VidEffects HD
VidEffects HD 26 kun oldin
How about air heads?
Semper Ludens
Semper Ludens 26 kun oldin
Brad is always right, even if it's nonsense.
animefreak5219 27 kun oldin
i love the effort of trying to crack the mystery!
Jarred Gilbert
Jarred Gilbert 27 kun oldin
She gave Brad so much crap about everything he said but he was right about them all hahahaha
ItsBreezy05 27 kun oldin
6:57 That’s what she said 😱👀
Shirobuta _
Shirobuta _ 27 kun oldin
I love this series! Keep up the good work Claire!
Martine 05
Martine 05 27 kun oldin
I’m eating skittles while watching
BookObsessed 28 kun oldin
Lol Green apple is literally the only one I eat out of the bag. I MIGHT eat the strawberry. But probably not. So really when I buy a bag I’m wasting money. Unless they sell a bag with only green apple ones.
little chef
little chef 28 kun oldin
The Taffy was like slime when you stretched it
ShaimaIsAQueen Hussein
I can’t believe she does not like the purple skittle it’s the best one
FascinatingFacts 28 kun oldin
The green is my favourite flavour. The green apple is soooo good.
Nighthawk 28 kun oldin
cute, funny, can cook, and has probably the coolest hair for a brunette. how is she not sporting a ring?
naturesmuse 25 kun oldin
I believe she is married, I remember seeing a ring on that finger
karolineanne 28 kun oldin
Nighthawk we don’t know much personally about the chefs, but also to keep a sterile environment they would have to take of jewellery like rings and bracelets.
Mini Mouse
Mini Mouse 28 kun oldin
One of the funniest episode
kaltag7 29 kun oldin
Vegetable glycerin can help you keep the candy inside soft without fat.
julieee f
julieee f 29 kun oldin
Sophia Garcia
Sophia Garcia 29 kun oldin
What a helpful food director.
I’m not Perfect Neither are you
She should try to make Coke a cola
Carlene  bryan
Carlene bryan Oy oldin
How to eat lots of candy and not get hate
myabadass _
myabadass _ Oy oldin
Who in the hell washing all them dishes
Presley Myers
Presley Myers Oy oldin
I ship Blaire