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Hello! I am Kendall (Kennie) that brown girl that talks about Makeup, KBeauty, skincare, and all that. other great stuff. I consider myself to be hilarious but... y'know. Join the Fam and find out.

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7-Yan, 2019

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Tiya Xz
Tiya Xz Kun oldin
Jesus Christ kennie
Elizabeth Post
Elizabeth Post Kun oldin
Yaaaas our girl got sponsored! Get that dough honey
ThaCow19 Kun oldin
Ohhhhh Do a wet n wild makeup haul. That would be interesting.
Valérie Sharp
Valérie Sharp 2 kun oldin
3:54 "care for it as if it were a newborn child" kennie says right after throwing it up in the air five times
Andrea Ortiz
Andrea Ortiz 3 kun oldin
I was able to get a lipkit at sephora last year and ahhhh I'm so glad I did because they're always sold out on her website
Nikki O
Nikki O 3 kun oldin
I just love your personality. I can’t remember when i subscribed but I’ve been binge watching all of your videos. The MILK MAKEUP made me subscribe ☺️. Keep up the great content
SSB_Arko 4 kun oldin
That eye look was it. Definitely it.
Crystal Chandaleer
Crystal Chandaleer 4 kun oldin
Can you try shea moisture make-up
Veronica dos Santos Domingues
Definitely the most beautiful look you ever did, Path really give us the best a shame I'm broke
Valeatrah Lyn
Valeatrah Lyn 4 kun oldin
Imagine being this gorgeous. 😩😍❤️
Fion Huang
Fion Huang 4 kun oldin
sO here for this look
JLovesLu 5 kun oldin
You are my spirit animal ! Ugh it was like you were talking thru me & my spirit & soul ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! There is something special about mother pat & how she brings out the inner artist in us all ! I also agree that with her makeup you just feel inspired to play & color outside the lines (as with makeup there are no rules) & using her stunning makeup is in a word an EXPERIENCE ,,, just found u & I subbed ... you are stunning btw ,,, that is all xoxo
Imani Hakim
Imani Hakim 6 kun oldin
Hey girl! Okay so Pat McGrath came out with a collection for the MET Museum in new york like last year. It's gorgeous but sooooo expensive! Butttt I think you would love it! You should look at it on the MET website!!! :)
JAYLANI 7 kun oldin
"or maybe its just the mood..." GIRL U MADE IT A MOOD
miss Magoma
miss Magoma 7 kun oldin
OUT HERE FEELING HER OAAATS. Such a beautiful look I love the lip look the most. Please do another show casing the other mother ship pallet. The oil slick look is gorgeous.
zahin labiba
zahin labiba 7 kun oldin
i want to be your friend
Bodine Victoria
Bodine Victoria 7 kun oldin
So happy I found your channel! You are the only person that I've seen use a black base for Pat McGrath shadows! You look soooo Fabulous!
Tyler N
Tyler N 7 kun oldin
you look like a literal goddess with that look
Newo Ikkin
Newo Ikkin 7 kun oldin
The look gives me old school michelle phan videos. Love it
destiny garcia
destiny garcia 8 kun oldin
Every time you say it doesn’t look as good on camera i always wait for a picture to show up of the look lol but the look is so gorgeous
Eliza Grown
Eliza Grown 9 kun oldin
Please try lush stuff it seems so nice but it’s expensive lol
Mary Am
Mary Am 9 kun oldin
Loll I do the swear pants thing
Kasairei 9 kun oldin
Kendall, why don't you model? You're tall, you like to travel, you do your own makeup, free clothes...why not?
Natalie Campbell
Natalie Campbell 9 kun oldin
I want to try that look one day
SimplyRach 9 kun oldin
I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ her highlighter trio!
Melli Sh
Melli Sh 9 kun oldin
Your make up is not even that good for how much money you spend on it lmao
SimplyRach 9 kun oldin
I know you are a strong black woman lol but has anyone ever told u that you give them Kimora Lee Simmons vibes?
Tiana Lokelani
Tiana Lokelani 9 kun oldin
omg this look is so stunning 😭 literally want to buy a palette now omgggg 😍
robynn marrr
robynn marrr 9 kun oldin
*we love a luxury sis*
Maria Thelin
Maria Thelin 9 kun oldin
Pretty please try out H&Ms new eyeshadow pallettes. Their glitter shadows are amazing af
White Radish
White Radish 9 kun oldin
LIVING for that eye look!!
Simone D.
Simone D. 9 kun oldin
I touched one of those eyeshadows instore and it yelled back at me to take my poor ass home. It was beautiful!😭
Lolo’s World
Lolo’s World 9 kun oldin
Yesssssssssssssssss ggggiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrlllllllllll
amaya hill
amaya hill 9 kun oldin
This is definitely my fav look you’ve done
C'est Moi Sheila
C'est Moi Sheila 9 kun oldin
What Happened to your fingers?
Natalie Neff
Natalie Neff 9 kun oldin
That look gives me LIFE. Makes me want to spend my check immediately😍😂
dancehoe 9 kun oldin
i literally wipe my brushes on my thighs lol
Cali Lovett
Cali Lovett 9 kun oldin
That's, like, a red carpet look. Gorgeous! You're very skilled! And your laugh is awesome 😁
H B 10 kun oldin
Sis I love every single lip product. Ngl I love those shades too!
n0cternalNERD 10 kun oldin
This look!! Omggggg the fact you could make such a flawless oil slick look! I’m obsessed!
Bianca Guerrero
Bianca Guerrero 10 kun oldin
1969Vanessa G
1969Vanessa G 10 kun oldin
I don't care for Pat McGrath line because she goes to the extreme with color with not enough emphasis on the everyday basic colors.
Nicole Van Cleef
Nicole Van Cleef 10 kun oldin
Perfect timing on this vid, thank you! Great point about the shimmers and metallics vs. the mattes.
Annalise Wojcik
Annalise Wojcik 10 kun oldin
$640? Damn, it's a shame you only got two things.
Sar. Ah
Sar. Ah 10 kun oldin
Can you make another video for glossier?
nneka_ 10 kun oldin
omg 💀 when you were tossing the palette up and down, i physically felt my chest start to hurt lmao
fithlin 10 kun oldin
Hey Kennie, I’m probably like the only person that wants this but could you do a 3ce haul sometime?
Dram76 10 kun oldin
She just creamed her pants at 9:14 and tbh me too... that shit looks beautiful
TatzRules Yay
TatzRules Yay 10 kun oldin
when her hair is longer than my lifespan
Grace Miles
Grace Miles 10 kun oldin
you loook soooooooooooooo good im dying im dead & gone & yr still here looking like a oil slick goddess 🖤