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Have to wait until 9.2 to see actual changes I guess, outside of the Sejuani bomb and possibly Ornn jungle. Really sad to see this given KespaCup provided a lot of valuable information I'd have thought.
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8-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 365
Boomer 2 kun oldin
If Poppy becomes more.....Poppylar?
Colton Lohr
Colton Lohr 3 kun oldin
youve never been so wrong about a patch
ho disperatilor
ho disperatilor 4 kun oldin
Locodoco did it better
MitsuSuSushi Gamer
MitsuSuSushi Gamer 4 kun oldin
The patches let me down so many times waiting for crit item reworks or changes. I would like to play GP viably again riot.
Maxyboy2099 4 kun oldin
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Derek 5 kun oldin
Joaquin Messano
Joaquin Messano 5 kun oldin
I need my ls tierlist :(
Wulfris 6 kun oldin
aR0ttenBANANA96 6 kun oldin
Why do Riot forcefully push champs into being meta by making them busted. Why can't they just focus on making every champ fair and then people can play whatever they like.
Ian Rattray
Ian Rattray 6 kun oldin
Absolutely wrong about Hail of Blades btw.
Dee Roberts
Dee Roberts 6 kun oldin
When he says "bomb" and you know Twitch Chat is spamming some racist shit lul
The Brass God
The Brass God 6 kun oldin
Not sure 100% percent if I agree with the comments about the Hail of Blades changes. If you think about some of the champions who might be potentially taking this rune (like Xin for example) who are early game to mid game bullies these changes will feel these changes quite more.
sadfasdf dfasf
sadfasdf dfasf 6 kun oldin
Omg can i now cast my spells as zyra then set a seed and Not look like i'm garbage because the seed is still a seed
LILN8Y 6 kun oldin
LS are we going to see some sejuani and ornn jungle ? Would you recommend Sej for low Elo like gold ? What about orn jungle ?
poppetjin 6 kun oldin
still no adc changes = another patch where i dont play league to win
solarsofar456 6 kun oldin
mangkii Entertainment
Hail of blades darius ? Gnar?
mangkii Entertainment
Shiv into Ie Vayne inc
mangkii Entertainment
Sivir op now
mangkii Entertainment
Jinx op now
mangkii Entertainment
Top sejuani viable
Verlisify 6 kun oldin
I was hoping for MUCH more for this season start. Riot just went "turret plating" and that was it. We need major rune overhauls and diversity since there are still some strategies that are just completely nonviable because there are no Keystones for that champion. I also wanted to see some Jungle changes since its been years of these forced items which was just a band aid fix to gold sharing back in the day. Also support items need a complete tear down
Rias Gremory
Rias Gremory 6 kun oldin
30 extra armor is still 30% more efficient health, regardless if you're getting it at lvl 1 or 18.
Mitchell Cassani
Mitchell Cassani 7 kun oldin
If the final cell was his the fat form xD
Four4 7 kun oldin
is Kalista a jungler now too?
Siervena 7 kun oldin
Steven Arvizu
Steven Arvizu 7 kun oldin
I judge my knowledge of league by seeing how many times I can assume what LS is gonna day and be right
Morgan Guenot
Morgan Guenot 7 kun oldin
Every time a patch comes out and low gold high silver players see this they jump on the bad wagon even if they have 4 kalista games 3 orrn games and they main support and then they get shit on in lane flame that the jungler is not ganking lane and just give up. I main mid I've seen this happen like 10 times In 3 days I play alot about 10-13 games a day so that's a good that's a good percentage of retards
KAichi Sendou
KAichi Sendou 7 kun oldin
Aatrox skin splash art vs in-game model is the same as before vs after u take her swimming for the first date
XBOXMOON partingty
XBOXMOON partingty 7 kun oldin
What? He said you take hail of blades so it comes online late in the game? Horseshit, you take hail of blades to kill your laner in the early levels with the huge attack speed buff then snowball from there.
nicolaj 7 kun oldin
so glad i just deleted this game.
just a bbygal
just a bbygal 7 kun oldin
10,000 subscribes but no videos ?
But he isn’t even the best I Don’t think just because ur a high elo doesn’t mean you can shit on other people
Chipaddict 7 kun oldin
Pretty much mained Sej in season 7 but have played mostly top lane for season 8. Psyched to go back to Sej in jg or top once this patch hits
benjamin pevzner
benjamin pevzner 7 kun oldin
Nasus jungle is back!
Connor Griffin
Connor Griffin 7 kun oldin
im really sad that they took off the shield from ornn. I can no longer duel people in top lane with him. the passive change is amazing and it was much needed. But why touch his W shield?????
Valkaneer 7 kun oldin
7:50, Of course, it's a nerf. Phreak explains this quite simply. uzvid.com/video/video-GdZ24NcUVnY.html?t=887
FELIX GIL 7 kun oldin
still waiting for zed buffs
Pain 7 kun oldin
3:01 OOOOoooohhhhh
Daniel Zang
Daniel Zang 7 kun oldin
LS everyone, it's hey
blade5643 7 kun oldin
fuck me the sej buffs holy shit
CrittingOut 7 kun oldin
The Nameless Exile
The Nameless Exile 7 kun oldin
The only reason why I played Sej top was to counter Tryndemere and assassins. The reason why she was good into them was that her passive gave her 200 armor at 5 minutes to counter their burst. With the changes, she's probably going to be a B- to A- tier tank
Dankie 7 kun oldin
will ban sej perma :)
CrittingOut 7 kun oldin
It's like getting promised something and then recieving nothing
Domo arigato
Domo arigato 7 kun oldin
Thankfully they will buff shen in patch 9.2 they're either gonna decrease his R cd and enhance his W and Q or add 5 movement speed
ghostface 7 kun oldin
Marcin Kosakowski
Marcin Kosakowski 7 kun oldin
Now my ban order is: galio seju graves riven irelia lucian brand zyra
sisuphos 7 kun oldin
Prestige skins suck dick. It was with Kai'Sa. Now everyone the roster gets basically a 20 dollar chroma. I saw the prestige Akali skin in the shop and I immediaetly regreted that I bought a pass and grinded the Kai'Sa skin. They're just straight up fucking with us.
Harambe Chef
Harambe Chef 7 kun oldin
League of legends OMEGALUL
Brock Sernoski
Brock Sernoski 7 kun oldin
Celerity no one cares? it and water walking are both must bring on most jg right now
Phil Swift Religious Sect
At least the 1% attack speed buff that the attack speed rune got somewhat benefits Volibear
Jona Van Enk
Jona Van Enk 7 kun oldin
I mean Nasus should get counterjungled, but else he has an easy 500 stacks pre-20. That is fine...
Roberts Polis
Roberts Polis 7 kun oldin
9.1? more like 9/11
ashryver 7 kun oldin
Give back old Sejuani pls riot AP Sejuani was one of the only fun things in League along with old AP reksai. All the niche stuff gets removed :( (Though AP sej lasted for a long time until a stupid diamond one trick got a popular thread on reddit years ago)
Marcin Kosakowski
Marcin Kosakowski 7 kun oldin
Why is something not fun cuz its popular,
Eldritch0Golem 7 kun oldin
13:37 you can hear the moment his heart broke
HFTD 7 kun oldin
sej buffs are disgusting. we already had to watch that champ a full YEAR in pro play. brain dead trash
Neku900 7 kun oldin
Linards Žagats
Linards Žagats 7 kun oldin
You are dumb if you think Vayne dont matter. Just take 2 supports in your team like zilean mid and other support and you have won the game eazy lvl 6 vayne q cooldown with r acctive is 2 seconds in lvl 9 with essence reaver she has 0,4 sec cooldown on Q
Jasy 7 kun oldin
Coach btw
FireGod 7 kun oldin
the frozen fist might be able to be nice if there is a ez or something on your team
ohana means family nigga
i really hope they implement those insane crit item changes. they'll freshen up the game
NIg ga
NIg ga 7 kun oldin
ohana means family nigga so only marksmen build them and we back to babysitting bot lane no ty
Alex 7 kun oldin
2:58 when it turns out she is a man
WildAlban 7 kun oldin
Annoyed by clicking in the back :/
Techy Plays
Techy Plays 7 kun oldin
They buffed sej dmg by like 300. And made her no longer tanky and shes a tank how is that great?
Techy Plays
Techy Plays 7 kun oldin
Frozen fist seems broken considering he also gets buffs and gets it for free
I'm green
I'm green 7 kun oldin
Vayne: literally has a 0 second q cooldown timer. LS: "sO gUyS I tHiNk OrnN iS nOw a JuNglEr"
Kendrick Vickers
Kendrick Vickers 7 kun oldin
I'm green she had like 2 secs anyway lategame
000Monck 7 kun oldin
FeelsBadMan :gun:
Chao Zu
Chao Zu 7 kun oldin
AND..... LeBlanc R bug giving her 0xAP ratio on her empowered Q still not fixed. I think they do that on purpose to force me play broken stuff like Kassio and Gallio...
marucs bremander
marucs bremander 7 kun oldin
"hOw dOeS lS pAtCh rUnDoWns gEt vIews?" - The Rain man, professional idiot (aka teemo main)
just a bbygal
just a bbygal 7 kun oldin
haha writing like that is so funny
Kieran okmzx
Kieran okmzx 7 kun oldin
i was thinking the exact same about the aatrox skin lmao
Skase 7 kun oldin
Eyo just enough time to hit diamond abusing galio
Sireclip 7 kun oldin
So they're trying to kill Kalista's pro play dominance and make her a soloq champ?
ja ca
ja ca 7 kun oldin
I want bottom lane changes so much. Nowadays I cant play ADC because I get smashed by Cassiopeia or Heimerdinger lol
Ethan McRoy
Ethan McRoy 7 kun oldin
The Youmuu's one can be amazing.... if you didn't get it at 14 mins
Ethan McRoy
Ethan McRoy 7 kun oldin
Level 14*
Birdy 8 kun oldin
"SEEEGAAAAA", I laughed so hard
L cut
L cut 8 kun oldin
Rita Rubary
Rita Rubary 8 kun oldin
I missed 1 minion when I was walking back from base to lane as Irelia because of the MS nerf :( Her nerf is a huge deal!!!
Ashen Moon
Ashen Moon 8 kun oldin
I'm thinking of getting piss drunk doing some heroin, lighting myself on fire then jumping off a very tall building while holding a boom box and a revolver then popping myself just before hitting the ground. That's what I think about that.
Pog Champ
Pog Champ 8 kun oldin
8:38 "wut" hahahahahahah
L cut
L cut 8 kun oldin
3:18 really good for ezreal tho
Aaroneiro 8 kun oldin
LS: The Sivir's actually looks quite good. Looking for any Eastereggs, not really finding any Eastereggs there. Me: The real Easteregg would be a new Sivir cosplay for Sneaky lmao
Sumo Nok
Sumo Nok 8 kun oldin
wtf sejuani lmfao im a sejua main btw WTFF THAT E DAMAGE XDDDDDDDDDD
Noblesse Oblige
Noblesse Oblige 8 kun oldin
Do you guys not have hands ?
Andy Jacobs
Andy Jacobs 8 kun oldin
couldnt be more right on the aatrox skin
Daniel Turner
Daniel Turner 8 kun oldin
15:36 Shudderwock.exe
Marcin Kosakowski
Marcin Kosakowski 7 kun oldin
Andy Jacobs
Andy Jacobs 8 kun oldin
~ 4:00 yes resistence loses effectiveness on increase but also decreases armor pen effectiveness since you will only remove the useless excess armor
André Felsch
André Felsch 8 kun oldin
i guess sejuani is a jungler now!
Games FTW
Games FTW 8 kun oldin
Someone make the Butterfly meme please
GGRalleezy 8 kun oldin
Why does LS just focus so much on making everything a dam jungler.
Boxigami 7 kun oldin
GGRalleezy jungle is probably the easiest role to attribute to new champions. They have good aoe abilities, so they must clear jungle well. You can never really tell what role something will be until you try it out in the game though.
alkaliaurange 7 kun oldin
or a support KEK
Verccc 8 kun oldin
11:02 - fucking KREYYYYYYYGASSMM
Bobby K
Bobby K 8 kun oldin
Hey everyone, it's depression
CH Leo
CH Leo 7 kun oldin
Hey everyone, it's darkness, your old friend
MVP_KZ 8 kun oldin
Ornn is probably going to become a meta champ. He's way too op now. Typical riot balance team. :)
NeonSloaney 8 kun oldin
nasus succ 2019
astrologikal xx
astrologikal xx 8 kun oldin
0:07 kalista 1:40 ornn 7:14 sejuani 9:18 - ashe 9:23 - jinx 9:39 jayce 9:41 katarina 9:50 nasus 11:16 sivir 11:27 vayne 11:57 xayah 12:03 zyra
Serkong 5 kun oldin
Why not Wukong?
Buy Slap City!
Buy Slap City! 8 kun oldin
14:20 Super Smash Bros Melee right there. I enjoy the concept of imbalance creating an even more fun and balanced experience so long as that imbalance does not break the rules of the game or at least everyone else gets to break them too, just not as good.
x 8 kun oldin
still waiting for crit itemisation so I can play adc again... hurry up 9.2
x 8 kun oldin
+Peter White not wanting to play something because unfun, = bad, good logic
Peter White
Peter White 8 kun oldin
If you cant play adc youre just bad
Fire Fist
Fire Fist 8 kun oldin
Blade of the Ruined King shoudnt be an upgradable item because it got a really good lore behind it.
Relptica 8 kun oldin
Haven't played League in a while, but do I get that correct that the meta is still the same since, like, the scuttle patch?
Peace Pham
Peace Pham 7 kun oldin
Relptica No?!
Anthony Hanna
Anthony Hanna 8 kun oldin
Will T.
Will T. 8 kun oldin
"if everything sucks, he sucks a little bit harder, but he's sucking you"