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Paul McCartney: Live from NYC

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#EgyptStation calling! Paul McCartney performs an historic set live streamed from New York City celebrating the release of his album, Egypt Station.




9-Sen, 2018



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Giovani Santos
Giovani Santos 21 soat oldin
AxlRose310 2 kun oldin
Going to see Paul live for the first time in March, here in Brazil. I can't wait!!
Cleidiany Silva
Cleidiany Silva 2 kun oldin
Brasil 🇧🇷
brenda gnias
brenda gnias 2 kun oldin
I love you Paul ❤ Thanks
Mr Schmeltz
Mr Schmeltz 3 kun oldin
Really I'm over that.. Let Paul ... he's not going to do this for much longer... Let the end rock and roll ride into the sunset... Cause there's nothing left... He even let his natural grey come out... That's a indication.
malia skeen
malia skeen 4 kun oldin
All of the people complaining just go some where else. This man is a living legend. He has had to deal with the death of two of his closest friends, and a wife, legends of their own. He has managed to rock, and inspire millions, for years, he will always inspire people. He is truly a star, years after he has gone his light will still shine bright on each and every one of us. He is 76, still rocks, and is still happy with what he is doing. For those of you who don’t like him, or his stuff you can go watch something else. This man, Sir Paul McCartney is perfect in every way the way he is. He doesn’t need to change, some of you do. I’d like to see one of you man up and put on a show like he does. For as long as he has, and go through what he has. I don’t think any of you could do it. Please don’t spread any more hate around this wonderful man. If you would just listen to the lyrics of one of his songs, you would know how wonderful, peaceful, and funny he is. So please do the entire world a favor and go watch something else.
Steve Jeffries
Steve Jeffries 4 kun oldin
Paul Mccartney You are brilliant Tha kyou very much !!!
Light Autumn
Light Autumn 4 kun oldin
Chats deviate about 40 minutes. Should be repaired.
steve w
steve w 5 kun oldin
He can still scream awesome like he used too!
steve w
steve w 5 kun oldin
The bottom line is Paul is so inspiring, and the fact that he lends himself to us is extremely generous, because chances are if I was him I would be hid away far from the public eye and just sit at home and enjoy my family, but here he is , sharing his art, and he really does sound great .
Stanley Lin
Stanley Lin 7 kun oldin
Paul McCartney for next Superbowl Halftime please!
Marie Kokline
Marie Kokline 7 kun oldin
I love the Beatles for the past 60 years. You're awesome Paul, an amazing man... you touched so many hearts.. love from Ottawa Ontario Canada
kalcho kalchev
kalcho kalchev 7 kun oldin
Helter skelter, heavy and heavier over the years, hats off!
PQN Audio Float Sales
he seems to be the happiest kid on the planet.
Jordi Sanabra Valle
El abuelito Paul.....me lo quiero taaaantooo!!!!.......
Jan Zijlstra
Jan Zijlstra 9 kun oldin
Geweldig!!! keer op keer
yNamonik k
yNamonik k 10 kun oldin
o cara nunca foi o mesmo sem os beatles
Izzy Nat154
Izzy Nat154 11 kun oldin
i really wish i was there
atleast he doesn’t use autotune or playback
james lloyd
james lloyd 12 kun oldin
Ridiculous excuse for a musician. God knows how he managed to turn so little talent into so much money.
Ted bundy
Ted bundy 13 kun oldin
Maxy Andler
Maxy Andler 13 kun oldin
Setlist: 0:54 : A Hard Day's Night 7:20 : Can't Buy Me Love 22:14 : Come On To Me 35:37 : From Me To You 38:21 : Love Me Do 47:40 : Blackbird 58:03 : Who Cares 1:05:43 : Fuh You 1:09:25 : Back In The USSR 1:21:35 : Lady Madonna 1:24:21 : Let It Be
bizzcola1 13 kun oldin
Beatles forever young
Agustian Aldy
Agustian Aldy 13 kun oldin
If you guys complaining about his voices, you should listen to this uzvid.com/video/video-HC3GlU9FjVQ.html Which one is better? Old man with 76 yo or old man with 56 yo? The world will remember you guys (Paul McCartney & The Beatles). We love you Paul You're truly legend No one can replace you.
Bianca Becerra  Ballesteros
Just having you is a bless !!!
unionveganatv 16 kun oldin
Descomunal músico y persona, impresionante compositor e interprete, él y los Beatles cambiaron la música del planeta. Además es un gran activista por los Derechos de los Animales, realmente un ejemplo excepcional en un mundo que hace agua por todos lados. Gracias Paul McCartney por todo, por la música, por el compromiso con el respeto hacia la vida, gracias por el activismo vegan, gracias por la campaña #MeatFreeMonday que promueve internacionalmente y que aquí llamamos #LunesSinCarne, → facebook.com/LunesSinCarneArgentina/
David Janota
David Janota 16 kun oldin
56:46, Jon Bon Jovi in the audience
Junior Florentino
Junior Florentino 17 kun oldin
merci beaucoup Paul...!
Katiúscia Martins de Araújo
I have difficulty with English, have someone tell me how to call the song 1:14:00 ???
avril chavril
avril chavril 9 kun oldin
Ob la di ob la da
Cristofer Bueno
Cristofer Bueno 14 kun oldin
Scotty Sevens
Scotty Sevens 18 kun oldin
Hey, this man is a knight..:)
franciscoaltamir freitas
March 30 Show in Curitiba - Brazil!
Orlando Vitali
Orlando Vitali 18 kun oldin
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brubeck_108 18 kun oldin
i really like his band , paul never wanted to stop touring , the other 3 did .
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez 19 kun oldin
Linda would be proud.
Janice Barrett
Janice Barrett 19 kun oldin
Great concert!
Silvano Silvestre da Silva
claire amer
claire amer 22 kun oldin
I watched him in concert at the O2 lately in London and I was mesmerized by his outstanding performance. It was a 3 hours show and he did great! He’s a living legend and an inspiration to many 💜🎼 i then went to the Beatles museum and Liverpool and to his household,school and college. All worth it. His legacy will live forever.
Bentertainment Productions
Paul McCartney.......What a legend..........
Fabián Cáceres Viteri
Mariella Usai
Mariella Usai 24 kun oldin
Tobias Clarius
Tobias Clarius 25 kun oldin
I'm so glad, you're still on stage!
Inna Mustafina
Inna Mustafina 26 kun oldin
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Dave Corleone
Dave Corleone 26 kun oldin
only paul would think of singing through a megaphone, such a creative genius and he pulled it off. hats off to him 👏🏼
Vernon Christian Marquez
From me to youuuu~
Manami Bhunia
Manami Bhunia Oy oldin
Who is complaining about his voice !!! I was scrolling down and the only thing I see is love, loads of loads of love for this man !!!
Karine Buinier
Si un français 🇫🇷 passe par là : vous pouvez signer une pétition contre l'expérimentation animale sur le site 30 Millions d'Amis
paparoncha Oy oldin
paparoncha Oy oldin
esqueaya comenpe rros
paparoncha Oy oldin
perdón fue mi primo de tailandia
sergio piccaluga
ciao Paul !
nicole fortin
nicole fortin Oy oldin
Thank so so much to enjoy my life.
joel maqueira
joel maqueira Oy oldin
Radiorockonline Rj
Paul is the best
Space Bunny
Space Bunny Oy oldin
su voz es perfecta y suave como el terciopelo como siempre, cómo se atreven a cuestionar a esta leyenda que tiene mas vitalidad y rock en la punta de la uña del dedo meñique que muchos de nosotros , love you Paul
Dary Vidal
Dary Vidal Oy oldin
1:06:00 name this song plus?
Haunted Props
Haunted Props Oy oldin
We are all blessed to have Paul McCartney in our life's
valvox vo
valvox vo Oy oldin
Faul is amazing
Ever Wood
Ever Wood Oy oldin
Xx_ TheBeatleManiac _xX
Does anyone have a song list?
Alessandro Oy oldin
Paul, nos vemos em 27/03 em São Paulo
Mary MusicalSoul
Forever Paul 💖😍🤩🎵😘 @PaulMcCartney
So incredible to live a life and bring so much joy to others. So talented. And amazing how among those as talented always kept it together and stayed a real and normal guy. Wish I could come see you in Orleans. God bless :)
Luc-Rosaire Cournoyer
Voix chevrotante.... Mais un excellent mélodiste avec des bons musiciens.
Jenna Mitchel
Jenna Mitchel Oy oldin
I get made fun of for being a Beatle fan too! Love ya macca, this gave me quite a laugh❤️
Jackie Lest
Jackie Lest Oy oldin
Wow !! Marvelous !! Loved hearing a lot of the the older songs. It's Wonderful some of the album's doesn't have to be purchased sea's as it was ounce before when I was collecting in late 80s . I saw 1 live concert in 2003 in Raleigh Durham NC. And it made it nice to go being we live near Leland NC. Hopefully we will get to see another one live again. So happy everything on UZvid can be live also . Thanks a million!!😊
susan brandt
susan brandt Oy oldin
Arthur foxtrrot
Beautiful performance Wish I could have been there to see him but he’s to far
Robert S.
Robert S. Oy oldin
At 76, he still is great!
Ian Hamilton
Ian Hamilton Oy oldin
Too many record company executives and friends in the front sitting on their hands. Arrogant pricks haven't a clue to what they are a witness to.
Edwin Jr
Edwin Jr Oy oldin
Alexis Brabo
Alexis Brabo Oy oldin
shane r Mcmahon
Who cares
Norman Bretz
Norman Bretz Oy oldin
Thank you Paul for the decades of great music!
Jesus de Nazaret
Donde esta el men que pone las canciones de cada minuto?
+Jesus de Nazaret jajajjajajajajajaJ
Jesus de Nazaret
Jesus de Nazaret 11 kun oldin
+Octavio RS trabajo en ponerle tumores a niños de 6 años y no me da tiempo para eso :v
Octavio RS
Octavio RS 11 kun oldin
Se supone que eres Jesús ponlas tu nmms >:v
weona Oy oldin
/-97((;7&7);374&:83),f \ /
Kiky Putri
Kiky Putri Oy oldin
Sir Paul is the verry best singer, always love the beatles forever
Don's travels and rants DON
Mrs. Awesomesauce
777danid Oy oldin
thanx !! for posting this wounderful concert
Claudio Serra Brun
Thank you for the idol of my youth Paul McCartney, for the continuous gift of your music and exemplary vegan life, as I am... Thanks for spreading it to the Internet, our loved music is communicated throughout the world, in a new global perspective and universal brotherhood. Best regards from Yecla, Murcia, Spain ClaudioSerraBrun .(64 years,2018) uzvid.com/u-poesur
Lorewalkers Warcraft
The fact that Paul can still entertain such a mixed audience at 76 shows just how much he means to music. His legacy is undeniable.
Vladimir Esionov
Vladimir Esionov 2 oy oldin
Да, Пол уже не тот... или простужен не хило. Но за старые заслуги прощается. Дослушал до конца, музыка в стиле Hand Made. Спасибо, Bravo, muchas gracias
Jan Van Uytvange
Jan Van Uytvange 2 oy oldin
Best Christmas present in years.
Jan Van Uytvange
Jan Van Uytvange 2 oy oldin
The oldest songs sound so fresh and so beautiful, simple and authentic. They sound like an eternal spring.
Jan Van Uytvange
Jan Van Uytvange 2 oy oldin
His voice becomes weak, but his songwriting genius is intact!
Jan Van Uytvange
Jan Van Uytvange 2 oy oldin
Thank you Paul, you and your mates John, George and Ringo have written and still write the soundtrack of my life. It all started with my godmother buying me Sgt. Pepper's. Since then, we're together. Beatles forever! And Egypt Station is fabulous!
Xx_ TheBeatleManiac _xX
(1:13:11) Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. I just love that song...
Silmara Sant Anna
The best!!
Ricky Fachriawan
Ricky Fachriawan 2 oy oldin
paul still young for 74 years old as a musisian,good perform
Перископ обзоры
Вот Макк молодец! Любит выступать в необычных местах и близость народа! Супер! Supergood!
SANY 3000
SANY 3000 2 oy oldin
Great concert by an even better artist.
Grimsby Reapers
Grimsby Reapers 2 oy oldin
I always get a tear at 'The End'.
Grimsby Reapers
Grimsby Reapers 2 oy oldin
Can anyone get me the name and number of that gorgeous black girl that was bouncing, I mean, dancing on stage?
Павел Морозовский
177мтпджабадь Усарадж
AJ 2 oy oldin
I'm seeing more people complain about those complaining about Paul's voice than people actually complaining about his voice. Take your own advice and go somewhere else.
David Robinson
David Robinson 2 oy oldin
O.K., his voice is not as strong as it was but you can't expect it to be. And even if it's not what it was this was a great gig from a true legend who still sounds fine. The highlight for me was Golden Slumbers at the end. Just superb. I have to admit to getting a bit emotional during that. Rock on Paul.
james sollazzo
james sollazzo 2 oy oldin
there's finally cracks in the armour!!! mac can't go on beyond this year!!
bismarck Nicaragua
Mighty Lonesome
Mighty Lonesome 2 oy oldin
See, it says Paul not Faul McArtney.
Anna D
Anna D 2 oy oldin
Love you Sir Paul!
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