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Paul McCartney: Live from NYC

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#EgyptStation calling! Paul McCartney performs an historic set live streamed from New York City celebrating the release of his album, Egypt Station.




9-Sen, 2018



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ballsyrocker 2 soat oldin
A lot of negative jealousy here and my guess is that those people did not grow up with the Beatle era but are lame 2nd generation losers that don't know anything .but thrashing guitars and lousy modern day music..at least they call it that. lol
Noam David Wright
Noam David Wright 2 soat oldin
I've heard that McCartney apparently supports Generation Identity. Is this true?
Aquiles Hernández
Aquiles Hernández 3 soat oldin
Peter Cram
Peter Cram 4 soat oldin
I see a lot of people defending his voice and no one criticizing it
SuperBullies1 5 soat oldin
I'd rather have this Paul than NO Paul. I can't believe it took 76 years to hear cracks in his voice. He's a living legend.
Bowie Djati
Bowie Djati 5 soat oldin
Paul I flew long way from Jakarta to Melbourne just to see you .. thank you for such a great night
timrs2001 6 soat oldin
Outstanding job Paul. As always in the past and always to come, you are the best.
Ray Zor
Ray Zor 6 soat oldin
You All will never ever see the likes of such ARTISTRY , SIR PAUL The sound of GODs breath ,there are others SIR PAUL is of the first ! know it enjoy ittttt PEACE
CM Laki
CM Laki 6 soat oldin
Got a question - will this be available to purchase soon? Will it be for sale?
You Tuber
You Tuber 7 soat oldin
Paul's voice was great on his early 2000's tours and up until around 2010, but it's really starting to go now, love him but this needs to be the last tour, it just sounds weak now.
剛史yukichao 7 soat oldin
いくつになっても ポールはポール 最高 リッケンバッカーも最高
Eric Andersen
Eric Andersen 7 soat oldin
Wow! Such good music, what fun to listen and so generous to share like this. Who are the stage musicians that accompany him? The blonde guitarist reminds me of the guitarist in the Saturday Night Live stage band.
Climate State
Climate State 7 soat oldin
One of the best live camera directions, great performance too!
cyberian2007 9 soat oldin
Blackbird 46:40........sorry we have Trump to vote for dude. He will and is making America great again. Sit back Sir Paul and enjoy the ride.
Péter Bendur
Péter Bendur 9 soat oldin
CÉSAR LEITÃO 9 soat oldin
Alaa Eltayeb
Alaa Eltayeb 10 soat oldin
you should be grateful he still make music for us, we dont deserve you Paul , you're from out of this messy world god bless you
Vincent Torrieri
Vincent Torrieri 10 soat oldin
Jude Marsden
Jude Marsden 11 soat oldin
I love this version fourfiveseconds
Rohit Lalwani
Rohit Lalwani 11 soat oldin
wow I can't believe Paul has uploaded a whole concert from his official channel and people are complaining!
Paola Presentini
Paola Presentini 12 soat oldin
Come to Italy, please!!! Rome is waiting for you, we ❤ you
Paola Presentini
Paola Presentini 12 soat oldin
Marco Cardoso
Marco Cardoso 12 soat oldin
O mundo pode ser dividido em 2 épocas,: antes dos Beatles e depois dos Beatles!
Brickatmyhead 12 soat oldin
Simon Groves
Simon Groves 13 soat oldin
A life long Beatle fanatic and lover of Paul's best songs... I think his voice has gone too far beyond performing quality. Keep writing the songs Paul, I still hope for some more gems... but the true performing days are gone. Retiring when the voice has gone is pretty natural and healthy you know!. Grateful for your legacy of songs....regularly played by moi. uzvid.com/video/video-yYvkICbTZIQ.html
LogOnFixIt.Com, Inc
LogOnFixIt.Com, Inc 13 soat oldin
Gennady Saenko
Gennady Saenko 14 soat oldin
Old but Hot. Love you forever, Paul
Jens Lorenz
Jens Lorenz 14 soat oldin
Respect, deep respect.....
Lani Malu
Lani Malu 14 soat oldin
Thought this was Angela Merkel
Pratik Mesvaniya
Pratik Mesvaniya 14 soat oldin
Love you man...you still have the energy like it's still 1965... blessed to see you singing...Let it be....so much respect and love....
Justin McCartney
Justin McCartney 15 soat oldin
1000 comet
Justin McCartney
Justin McCartney 15 soat oldin
So nice
Justin McCartney
Justin McCartney 15 soat oldin
Константин Орлов
worldofelectronics 16 soat oldin
Did anyone stop to think that maybe it was the video production company's audio equipment or the acoustics of Grand Central Station.
Aziz Dhanu
Aziz Dhanu 17 soat oldin
always spread the love, McCartney
Savva Morozof
Savva Morozof 18 soat oldin
Предпоследний из Могикан!
Jan Kooren
Jan Kooren 19 soat oldin
Ram on!
Fer Dominguez
Fer Dominguez 21 soat oldin
Gidesp 22 soat oldin
Une Légende. Je vous salue bien bas Sir McCartney
bajak laut
bajak laut 22 soat oldin
76 years old, that's just a number..
Emmanuel Gracian
Well he was just 76!
Paul Patton
Paul Patton Kun oldin
Thank you, Paul and your Band, the crew and everyone envolved. Great show!
Chris Keck
Chris Keck Kun oldin
Is it weird that I'm disappointed that he didn't open with something off of the new album?
Snowfirel Kun oldin
We love you Sir Paul McCartney.
Andrew Hunt
Andrew Hunt Kun oldin
Wow... In Golden Slumbers you can hear a hint of his 27 year old self in there
Andrew Hunt
Andrew Hunt Kun oldin
Amazing that he still does what he does. 60 years and still going
neychev Kun oldin
I seems to me that american crowd was not really aware who that celebraty was
Bob Merc
Bob Merc Kun oldin
Quite the setlist for a 76 year old wouldnt you say? =) Glad to have grown up with The Beatles
Zor Dur
Zor Dur Kun oldin
La Mermelada
La Mermelada Kun oldin
Te queremos en Chile,Paul 😙
Денис Бутенко
Начал как и положено петушку с ко-ко-ко...
Mirtes Mesquita
Mirtes Mesquita Kun oldin
Paul you're just amazing and always surprise your fans singing better and better!🎶🎸🎶🔥Love you so much💓😘💙God bless you!🌠💙🔥
1:37:26 Jimmy Fallon in the audience lol!!
El Ruso y sus Cometas
Paul until the end of time!!!!
Dave Tone
Dave Tone Kun oldin
Solid !!
Guitar Villain
Guitar Villain Kun oldin
Bad mix.....maybe he can’t hear his vocals. Sounds like a champ. Genius the moment he was born, genius till the end. Rock on Paul!
Valerie Gruber
Valerie Gruber Kun oldin
Yellow family roughly once retirement consultant time.
Pili Castillo
Pili Castillo Kun oldin
omg!!! ...por fin buena musica!!!
Taylor Wall
Taylor Wall Kun oldin
Open Space
Open Space Kun oldin
Amazing. Just amazing.
Žarko Čubrinoski
Sounds awful. Being old is not an excuse. Why you perform if you can't? The money is sweet,well try if you can stand the criticism.
Murilo Nóbrega Filho
Mr Mateo Aguilar
I wonder where did all these people with as say on Paul's voice put their hatred before the youtube comments existed?
scott welsh
scott welsh Kun oldin
McCartney at 1% vocal capabilities is still better than 99% of the musicians out there today #Fact
this has so far gotten quite a lot of views, since we will never have the Fab Four play together again, could we not have the remaining two play for us again ? I know would not be the same, do not expect that, Ringo still plats, must be to painful for the two? what other reason ?could there be. I respect
mery centineo
mery centineo Kun oldin
Grande Paol
ralphus44 Kun oldin
Hey, this guy was in the Beatles.
Hiraki Koizumi
Hiraki Koizumi Kun oldin
The Geatest ! LOVE Paul(^-^)/
Ian Boyter
Ian Boyter Kun oldin
I love a man that still loves doing live gigs.
Gotten Kul
Gotten Kul Kun oldin
Number ONE!!!! Congratulations!!!
Steven Harris
Steven Harris Kun oldin
What a legend!
Swarnangi Dash
Swarnangi Dash Kun oldin
What are people talking about... He sounds absolutely amazing like he did and like he always does.. I don't see a 76 year old man... I see the same Paul who used to sing with his Beatles mate... John George and Ringo... #beatlesforeverandbeyond #lovethebeatles #loveyoupaulmccartney ❤
german chochabot
Los más de 60 años cantando, ya le pasan factura en su inmortal voz.
jasmine wok
jasmine wok Kun oldin
Paul McCartney still sounds great. I loved Wings.
Jürgen Naeve
Jürgen Naeve Kun oldin
PaulMcCartney earns first No. 1 album in over 36 Years on Billboard 200 Chart with 'Egypt Station' and in Germany No.1 and where else...???
jeremic dejan
jeremic dejan Kun oldin
to je muzika balavci!
Ivan Pastene Alvarado
The big four...beatles.
Fred jyrwa
Fred jyrwa Kun oldin
H Kay
H Kay Kun oldin
Mart Pas
Mart Pas Kun oldin
Next stop central station Amsterdam
MatteottiOtto 2 kun oldin
leave cars and take trains - you could meet an angel. It happens at Egypt Station
crush537 2 kun oldin
A few fubs, but not bad for buskers. I would throw them a buck every time.
Randy Martinez
Randy Martinez 2 kun oldin
God bless you
Greg Halk
Greg Halk 2 kun oldin
God bless you Sir Paul.......Thank you for all you've given us!
ARNE HENRIKSEN 2 kun oldin
felipe alvarado retamal
You are my hero Paul... i really love you
evan nash
evan nash 2 kun oldin
you people complaining about his voice must not be Dylan fans
Mark Parker
Mark Parker 2 kun oldin
The single come on to me by paul is at number 6 and climbing and his new album is at number 1 its his first number 1 sinse tug of war
Aiwass Shears
Aiwass Shears 2 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-RZMw0iTyh1g.html - PAUL IS DEAD - JIMMY FALLON CLUES 2018!
Mark Parker
Mark Parker 2 kun oldin
New album just hit number 1 his first number 1 album sinse tug of war
Catholicus 2 kun oldin
William Campbell is a great performer.
Mark Raum
Mark Raum 2 kun oldin
......The sound track of my life, although he has lost a little on his fast ball he still puts on a great show
Edward Stack Sr
Edward Stack Sr 2 kun oldin
Paul McCartney needs to grow up.....with all his wealth he achieved by singing nonsense he now is singing about climate change! Note to Paul.........MOTHER NATURE controls climate change you idiot and NOT politicians! It has been going on for MORE centuries than YOU can count! Grow up, Richie Rich!
Ron Milch
Ron Milch 2 kun oldin
All you have to do is look at the latest picture of him and you can see that he has Myasthenia Gravis. His mind is fried as well with all the illicit drugs he has taken throughout his life. He is a sick man getting sicker.
Island Music Girl
Island Music Girl 2 kun oldin
wonderful live performance!!
Glenda Cox
Glenda Cox 2 kun oldin
Dude rocks!
Will7312 2 kun oldin
Incredible concert; he's still got it going on. Thank you so much for sharing.
Творческая студия GILM777
*Hello! My name is GILM777.* I write music and songs. Subscribe to my UZvid channel - uzvid.com/u-Gilm1977
Sam Haynes
Sam Haynes 2 kun oldin
brand new mix of a classic mccartney song - uzvid.com/video/video-yEFqQI8FXS8.html