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Peachette CHANGES EVERYTHING for Mario, the Mario universe, and Mario lore! Are the 7 star children real? Is Toadette the Peach replacement!? What does it all mean!? Also Bowsette is pretty nice. ;)
BUT REALLY THOUGH! Lets cover this new Mario phenomenon.
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4-Okt, 2018

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Lockstin & Gnoggin
My clickbait ways. Was the thumbnail too much? I had a lot of internal debate about it. Idea is the video towards the end enters "crazy over the top theory" mode, so the thumbnail reflects that bit rather than the whole thing. Thoughts?
The duck Doodler
The duck Doodler 12 kun oldin
Too much clickbait
afroblademaster 28 kun oldin
i watched this video about 12 days after it posted because I thought it was a game theory video at first lol. I have nothing agents game theory, it's just that matpat's videos just feel like they're getting lazier and lazier because they're soo easy to disprove or answer.
August Bumbalough
me too I was lil sad haha
Electric Pikachu
Finally Gnoggin actually does something right 13:24
Mophead Kun oldin
dalek 305
dalek 305 3 kun oldin
The toads in the strategy guide look like earthbenders lol
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 5 kun oldin
Dude, you and Matpat should compare notes, your guys’ theories are SUPER similar.
Lightning Underpants
Super Woody Bros
Super Woody Bros 5 kun oldin
Mario is from Italy you know
RoboticArm64 6 kun oldin
9:37 Okay no, that's absolutely ridiculous. If they really wanted to make Peach playable, they should have went with taken Super Mario Run's take on it. unlocking her by beating the main story. aka, beating Bowser and rescuing her and being able to play as her in her in the post game. But that is if they really had to, they shouldn't have made her playable at all. seriously, who the f*ck wants to play as Peach? she's one of the worst characters in the franchise. she's not a likable character in the slightest. they should have went with more deserving characters like Wario and Waluigi. don't look at me like that, i know somebody who damn well agrees with me. that's right, i'm looking at you Bandy. heck they even could have went with Yoshi... if you couldn't already ride him in the game. but they could very well make him playable in New Super Mario Bros Switch. oh wait, there isn't going to be a New Super Mario Bros Switch because Nintendo decided to take the lazy route and port New Super Mario Bros U to the Switch. boo Nintendo. boo.
Friendly Pootis
Friendly Pootis 6 kun oldin
*My Theory:* It's just Mario and we're all over thinking it. (I think Mario has no in depth law only the law between odyssey, sunshine, 64 ect.)
Spider Man
Spider Man 6 kun oldin
congrats you beat MatPat too the bee theory
Mark Rokhlin
Mark Rokhlin 6 kun oldin
yay arlo
Yuiop Yams
Yuiop Yams 6 kun oldin
Did you forget that Toads don't have genders?
Merlin Ambrosius
Merlin Ambrosius 6 kun oldin
Using a Spore creature made to look like mario to talk about a spore mario theory. I see whatcha did there. And I approve greatly.
Nastasja Perry
Nastasja Perry 8 kun oldin
Peach is half blood
Hunter Spalenka
Hunter Spalenka 12 kun oldin
"cute peachy void" sounds ways dirtier than it should.
Spore Summit
Spore Summit 12 kun oldin
Nice arlo t-shirt my dude
Linus Parker
Linus Parker 12 kun oldin
This was ridiculously stupid. I loved it!
Soldier From the Surface
6:26 toads: oh no smurfs
i.e 14 kun oldin
In what way is that ending not Planet of the Apes?
Vyhox 18 kun oldin
Geez, what's with all the shots at Game Theory?
Luna Herron
Luna Herron 18 kun oldin
Nintendo wanted a peach like character to play while peach was kidnapped. Oh no who could ever could be that peach like character. maybe just maybe DAISY. IM JUST SAYING
Devin Via
Devin Via 19 kun oldin
So game theory copied this video hard.
Amanda Dixson
Amanda Dixson 19 kun oldin
You see the parents ONCE in a comic from the 90s.
Alex Urankar
Alex Urankar 19 kun oldin
Nice shirt.
LDBlokland 19 kun oldin
Peach could be elected monarch, the Holy Roman Empire worked that way, the Emperor/Empress would be elected and keep it for the rest of his/her life.
Evan Axel
Evan Axel 19 kun oldin
Personally, I peachaboo (booette) ewe
rachel s
rachel s 20 kun oldin
couldn't she just be wearing the crown underneath the hat
Abe Sallison
Abe Sallison 21 kun oldin
long known lore goombas original inhabitants of mushroom kingdom
Abe Sallison
Abe Sallison 21 kun oldin
toad is the krillon of the mario universe
MJ Cadiz
MJ Cadiz 22 kun oldin
Zelda is better
Sonicbot 22 kun oldin
Here's some food for thought. Bowsette shouldn't be human. She should be a Koopa. A Royal Koopa like Bowser.
Quinton Craig
Quinton Craig 22 kun oldin
Wrong, my favorite princess is [Redacted].
munromister777 23 kun oldin
Look, I know Missouri is a weird state, but I swear that Truman was human.
Potato Patato
Potato Patato 23 kun oldin
Actually, it’s apparently canon that Toads have many genders beyond the human spectrum, and that some just possess characteristics we label male and female. Each colour is its own gender, or something...
angeldude101 24 kun oldin
Did you forget that Toads have been confirmed as genderless?
ZoixivTheCat 24 kun oldin
I don't think the mushrooms give power instead I think "big mario" is marios normal state and the mushroom heals him
Lester Roquefort
Lester Roquefort 25 kun oldin
Or they didn't evolve into toads from humans that like mushrooms a lot and nintendo just thought the latter was stupid.
Yooran 25 kun oldin
Game Theory Rip-Off
Epic Ninfia
Epic Ninfia 26 kun oldin
Toads are genderless They just have the appearance of a gender
Epic Ninfia
Epic Ninfia 26 kun oldin
Matpat compares it to bees
Epic Ninfia
Epic Ninfia 26 kun oldin
Nvm your video came first Great minds think alike Didn't know it's exclusive to toadette
Epic Ninfia
Epic Ninfia 26 kun oldin
Is this a response the gametheory
Snow Gamming
Snow Gamming 27 kun oldin
Game theory wanna be, you used the exact thumnail
Bella Swan
Bella Swan 27 kun oldin
What if Peach’s crown is a special version of the mushroom crown that won’t turn her back into a Toad when hit?
Russell Elton
Russell Elton 28 kun oldin
You copied off of MatPat's theory...
Masuel Platinum
Masuel Platinum 28 kun oldin
When I saw this in my subscription box I thought it was matpats, also watching this after matpats is weird
Art - amations
Art - amations 29 kun oldin
You stole Game theory's Idea
Juno Okubo
Juno Okubo Oy oldin
Um..game theory thumbnail much?
Misha Moo
Misha Moo Oy oldin
James Funk
James Funk Oy oldin
KittenLove536 Oy oldin
“Oh i like this channel. I’ll sub....” “.... what do you mean i’m already subbed? Then why isnt the bell rung?” “.... I subbed a while ago? Ooooh.” “Oops...”
Ernest Lam
Ernest Lam Oy oldin
Goombas are chestnuts
All of those explanations for odyssey are very weak, and there’s honestly more evidence for her being human than against if you look for it
Jonathan Brooks
Soooooo, :"The End of Us" as a fun video game. Mario and friends are just whay is left when originals absorbed.
B O Oy oldin
13:10 the evidence is there sheepeople
Ferris Brunner
Did he say sheepl I think he did
mr jonman
mr jonman Oy oldin
Bro you look so much better since you lost weight
Micah Fitz
Micah Fitz Oy oldin
Travis Shaffer
I can smell dat art of her coming!
SkyTech RTS
SkyTech RTS Oy oldin
Mario evolves into Wario CONFIRMED Bowser Jr did 9/11 wake up
oudcast Oy oldin
yellow is my favorite colour cheeky cunt
Lion P-F
Lion P-F Oy oldin
Gummy Girl
Gummy Girl Oy oldin
Wait the thumbnail wasn’t from game theory???
Jackpot21100 Oy oldin
I bet Maxill's been wanting to do that for a long time.
Bobby Coghlan
Bobby Coghlan Oy oldin
Just here for the matpat hate
TaoScribble Oy oldin
...I want that shirt.
Mamamew TheRani
Pretty crazy that you and MatPat came up with the same theory.
Xivitai Oy oldin
5:15 theory #4 - her crown is still on her head, beneath her hat.
Gunshot scared me
Sam Lindberg
Sam Lindberg Oy oldin
Hot hot theories
8-Bit Raptor
8-Bit Raptor Oy oldin
Arlo merch?
TiagoTiago Oy oldin
If the release dates weren't so tight, it would look like Matt Pat watched this video before making his...
Bloom Potato
Bloom Potato Oy oldin
And then a day ago Game Theory uses a similar thumbnail and says how this spells danger for the Mushroom Kingdom You have predicted the future my friend
TeeJay Oy oldin
I feel like this man has the type of hair style he's going to look back on in about ten years and just....shake his head and ask why
LoNeWoLF 1020
LoNeWoLF 1020 Oy oldin
How bout Super Mario Bros. Caught (Boo [vs Haunter/Cloyster/Shellbro/Electrode] , Chain Chomp , DK Punch n banana atack , Blooper ink , Kirby :sword slash. Hard Crush like in SSB absorb attack, Yoshi egg attack[Dash Yoshi ]) Battle vs Red/Link ......
Satvik Kalgundi
MatPat much ?
Ssin SYTJ Oy oldin
just add more variety of characters ez
Kayana Koe
Kayana Koe Oy oldin
I think a lot of people forget that in the very first game, one of the plots mentioned in the manual was that Bowser essentially changed her kingdom up when he came to kidnap her. The change from human to toad was probably his fault.
Londonlink Oy oldin
Or maybe toadette is a stunt double for peach instead of always getting kidnapped sometimes toadette takes the kidnapping instead
Dr. Toad
Dr. Toad Oy oldin
hmmm this video came out a few days before matpats did matpat steal this???
Roaring Thunder115
8:14 ok this is exactly what game theory is saying
Roaring Thunder115
Maxill will be so upset Also theory 3 doesn’t make any sense!
Roaring Thunder115
4:02 Don’t steak from dorkly!
Roaring Thunder115
The more you think about it, Peachette is OP. Besides enemies she can’t be stopped because pits bounce her.
Roaring Thunder115
0:11 My Favorite princess isn’t peach.... it’s Daisy
Praise The Grape Soda
Would that make peaches toad name toadstool
Treesicle Oy oldin
Damn dude, sexy shirt ;)
Adrestia Oy oldin
You and MatPat should collab
XerasDezarrys Oy oldin
Rare for a country to have a ruler from a different country? You're totally taking the piss on that one. You're ignoring most of human history to make that statement
Masaim Oy oldin
Why isn't anybody talking about his shirt and colour of his other apparel? The real question that should be taken from this video is does this channel have something to do with Arlo, because Arlo talked about Lockstins underwear in a video that was posted a couple of days after this. Have we always known who Arlo is in human form? (Ok that might have been a stretch.)
Exen Drawrrens
Actually its creepy and makes sense.. he dies and revives as the mushrooms take control over his body and restart his brain and organs and take him to the last place he was that they could recover in his memories cuz when he dies his short term memories fade before being marked into his brain :0 and he wakes knowing nothing happened as the mushrooms need him to live.. the toad warrior of the hive.. and he doesnt even know °-° the hat it the powerup..
Exen Drawrrens
Well.. toads have no sex v: they are all equals like idk if a red spores on a blue it has a baby v: idk gcyvyvhuyvhu but all those "girl toads" had no sex degine but maybe they were liberals who wanted to be girls!? :v idk lol altho peach has a mom and dada in the lore so idk its a pretty fkd cannon lol
Alex R
Alex R Oy oldin
"Toads are a genderless race that take on gendered characteristics." Also, the Super Mario universe involves actual magic. So the "magic mushrooms" have literal magic properties like the other power-ups. Bowser and Peach both have magical powers that are expressed in various ways. Honestly there's no reason aside from her appearance to assume that Peach is a normal human
Exen Drawrrens
They do show the king and queen in a cutscene in a game lol they are mushroons v: but look waaay more human in features and hair but they use a mushroom hat v: so maybe.. just humans with a stolen head of dead mushroom people :0
Nikki Oy oldin
I once theorized that Rosalia and King Boo(her dad died) were Peaches parents. To sum it up it’s because of their king/queen appearence, Rosalia looking similar to peach etc. I can’t remember all I said. But if my theory were correct the mushroom people would accepted her regardless of rave because she’s part galactic being.
Josh Alexander
Lmaooo I tweeted about this a week ago trying to figure if Peach is a Toadette lol
Emalthya Oy oldin
On your assertion that an outside leader is very rare- no? Not really? Look at the monarchs of Britain, they've been foreign since at least 1066 and just changed which place they came from every time one line ended- Normans, Welsh, Scots, William of Orange, up until today- Prince Phillip was a Greek prince! And the Japanese rulers? They are foreign, like majority Japanese, there are ethnic Japanese from before the Chinese colonised Japan. And the people of countries where there was colonisation and are now ruled over by someone who doesn't look like them, and, in some cases, speak the same language? But yeah, not important to the overall theory.
Turk Smith
Turk Smith Oy oldin
tods wuthrth is her dad
Anuran Oy oldin
Scoobert Doobert
random comment i just noticed how beautiful his eyes are