Penn and Teller were FOOLED by a Phone Charger!

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25-Dek, 2018




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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 3 779
lyokofans 3 daqiqa oldin
Boring. Battery in the charger, magnet on his hand to activate a reed switch to allow power to flow.
Kayden Furgason
Kayden Furgason Soat oldin
What if he had a different type of phone
bob bob
bob bob 3 soat oldin
woo . too easy
Jefferay 3 soat oldin
Why does he pretend to spin that charger around, but have such a tight grip with his left hand? 2:58
Nick. 3 soat oldin
i figured it out,, he was holding the block by the usb when he touched it to tellers hand,, thats why it wasnt working when teller tried to do it after because he wasnt holding it in the right spot
Nick. 3 soat oldin
creating a complete circuit with a battery inside*
The Ultra Reaper
The Ultra Reaper 4 soat oldin
But Wait!, If you call now, youll get a 2nd one free!
Tc 4 soat oldin
I think the best theory I have of how he charged the phone without the outlet is that the box was modified and it has a rechargeable battery inside of it, when you touch the prongs on the box, it closes the circuit. He just modified the box so it could do it.
Martin Ma
Martin Ma 4 soat oldin
But wait, we'll double the offer!
Corksucker 5 soat oldin
Probably just had a battery wired up to himself somewhere under his coat, using skin to complete the circuit
Bernardo Santos
Bernardo Santos 6 soat oldin
Battery in brick, programmed to only activate the number of times he used it on the hand. That's why he was able to give Penn and Teller the charger after.
AscendtionArc 6 soat oldin
A good act, I assumed there was a secret button on the cable, to trigger the stored charge, but the 'rope' bits were just skill.
Steven Morrison
Steven Morrison 6 soat oldin
Those credit beatz tho
Bernardo Santos
Bernardo Santos 6 soat oldin
3:43-3:44 that cut in the video changed the cable.
Mr T bomb
Mr T bomb 6 soat oldin
I think there is a battery inside the box and the prongs are some sort of button so it will just activate and deactivate the battery when something presses the prongs
Jeremy Imig
Jeremy Imig 7 soat oldin
So he wins a trophy with a big 'F U' on it? Awesome.
Joshua Grambusch
Joshua Grambusch 7 soat oldin
Why is everyone so focused on the charging aspect of the trick. That was the least impressive part and I highly doubt that was what fooled them. Everyone understands how thee mechanics of that would work, you are not a genius for thinking of it.
Kota 7 soat oldin
Everybody's pointing out the fact that it's a power brick.. but nobody is talking about the whole switching of the ends of the charger trick
Guy 7 soat oldin
That lady looks familiar
Jared S
Jared S 8 soat oldin
very enjoyable act. i was humored, and with the trick, instantly impressed. "refreshingly unique." "nonstop laughter." "fun for the whole family." ....
Cliff Sheets
Cliff Sheets 8 soat oldin
Did I win the $15 Gift Card?
TheMaverick 8 soat oldin
they have no idea how this charger thing works? WHAT?! I do! wtf!
Patensoxa Show
Patensoxa Show 8 soat oldin
9ine9ine1ne stoopid
9ine9ine1ne stoopid 8 soat oldin
These mother fuckers get fooled everytime!
JetlinerDtj 8 soat oldin
Thanks buddy I hope you’re having a great day
Chris Bitney
Chris Bitney 8 soat oldin
I think he holds the two ends of the charger in one hand and when he wraps the short one around the long one he hides the short one in his hand and releases the long ends. then the charger has a battery in it that when the two contacts are connected, activates the battery and charges the phone.
Thefifthjack05 8 soat oldin
Yeah I think you got it! Now SHHHHHH don’t let people know
J V 9 soat oldin
Prop magic always just comes across lazy. Also his jokes were awful.
Thefifthjack05 8 soat oldin
Oh sorry to hear you did not enjoy it
Hindo Nohj
Hindo Nohj 9 soat oldin
SPOILER HE PULLS IT OUT OF A CATS ASSHOLE I haven't watched the video yet
Oop Soop
Oop Soop 3 soat oldin
Hindo Nohj ok
Ireallyreally Hategoogle
He got the big F U trophy.
Thefifthjack05 8 soat oldin
Best trophy you can get
Joshopoke 10 soat oldin
ITT: 1) People thinking a circuit closer needs to conduct phone-charging voltage through your skin (no it would just conduct an activating current) 2) People not realising if it was that simple then why couldn't they reproduce the result?
Thefifthjack05 8 soat oldin
Shhhh don’t let them know
kyle mckinney
kyle mckinney 10 soat oldin
Magnet switch, pulls it out instead of push in
kyle mckinney
kyle mckinney 7 soat oldin
It's an assumption, they tried pushing it in when they left it with them after. Other options leave room for error and more tech. Magnet is low tech and only has to be close (ring, watch, or sleeve)
Thefifthjack05 8 soat oldin
Where do you see that?
Fat Bastard Pipes
Fat Bastard Pipes 11 soat oldin
I can't believe people fall for these asinine shows, it's all scripted BS.
Fat Bastard Pipes
Fat Bastard Pipes 8 soat oldin
+Thefifthjack05 Prove it? : )
Thefifthjack05 8 soat oldin
It’s not.
Captain Doomsday
Captain Doomsday 11 soat oldin
Okay, sure, the charging part was a battery, but I want to know how he metamorphed giant loops of cable out of actual chargers. How did he HIDE the bigass actual cable?
Thorgraum 12 soat oldin
holy shit how could that fool them lmao
Thorgraum 8 soat oldin
Thefifthjack05 its a basic rope trick and a battery in the chraging plug. Propebly a sensor that detect the restistance change between the 2 contacts when you touch both the pins at the same time triggering the battery. Are you fucking kidding me bro?
Thefifthjack05 8 soat oldin
Do you know how it was done
James Kaplonek
James Kaplonek 13 soat oldin
So I just need to put a wireless charger up there to fool Penn and Teller since they have no idea how it works and is pretty much 'magic' to anyone who doesn't understand it. Ok booking my tickets to Vegas right now.
Thefifthjack05 8 soat oldin
Shhhhh don’t let everyone know your plan
Holland C
Holland C 13 soat oldin
the female host has gained some serious weight
Thefifthjack05 8 soat oldin
XD bruh dont. Stop it 😂😂😂😂
john murdock
john murdock 13 soat oldin
Electro boom has a really great video on these kinds of tricks
Sassy The Sasquatch
Sassy The Sasquatch 14 soat oldin
What was the outro song?? I know it's by sh?m/shem but can't remember the name
Michael MacDonald
Michael MacDonald 15 soat oldin
Yeah, this one was really obvious how he did the whole thing. Usually when Penn and Teller get fooled it's not as easy as this one.
Foggen 15 soat oldin
The plug bit is a simple bit of engineering. USB gives 5V DC, which is easy to replicate for short durations with small batteries. That plus using the plugs as a capacitance switch explains the whole thing. Good presentation on some basic rope tricks and one gimmick device.
Yorgan Yog
Yorgan Yog 15 soat oldin
I built a toy wich made the same thing, I guess I know, it's pure electrical engineering. Nice thought.
Tuncay G
Tuncay G 15 soat oldin
You can basically anybody fool by a wireless w-lan cable.
Thefifthjack05 8 soat oldin
Umer90o7 18 soat oldin
Who knew Penn and teller by the TV show Tanked
High Overlord Snarffie Beagle
kick them in the face until they die,,,, I'll give you 37 nickels if you do!
DXS 5 21 soat oldin
Maybe penn and teller are actually just charging ports!?!?!?
Maxi ?!?
Maxi ?!? 22 soat oldin
How to fool old people, use technology
Thefifthjack05 8 soat oldin
Lmao word.
Richard Mickelson
Translation: We know the trick... you made it better
Thefifthjack05 8 soat oldin
I know! It was so entertaining to watch him perform
Mr. BananaGaming
Okay UZvid I watched it, are you happy, now get outta my recommendations
Noah Salcido
Noah Salcido Kun oldin
She’s fine
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
XD shhhh!
Gamer Caleb
Gamer Caleb Kun oldin
Lily from how I met your mother?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
maybe :0
Moroni 10:23 Book of Mormon 23 And Christ truly said unto our fathers: If ye have faith ye can do all things which are expedient unto me.
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
lmao XD
Queen Celebration Live
Dude looks a bit like Weird Al. Cool.
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
Still a good trick right?
Steven T
Steven T Kun oldin
So whats the explanation
Steven T
Steven T Kun oldin
+Thefifthjack05 Cool I'll look those up thanks Edit: oh a power bank like a battery not some special trick Also I don't see any classic rope trick that looks like this.
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
Classic rope trick + power bank
Anastasios Benias
And the electrical engineer laughed, cause the electrical engineer knows... (how this charger works xD)
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
sssshh keep this a secret
Chansamai Ly
Chansamai Ly Kun oldin
rope tricks + charging block battery pack (every time he pushes the brick into the guy's hand it retracts a little, which is the switch to turn on the battery pack) magicians that don't even understand real magic (technology)
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
word ahaha
Scrunch Cakes
Scrunch Cakes Kun oldin
Call him jesus
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
word aha it was a good trick
Newbie4Hire Kun oldin
I always come to the comments on these videos to see how it was done.
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
did you find your answer?
David Deeley
David Deeley Kun oldin
Hmmm his sexual inuendoes during the entire presentations makes me want to grab his charger all by myself. He sure looks chargeable
David Deeley
David Deeley Kun oldin
And oh boii his voice
drake domke
drake domke Kun oldin
trophys have a big FU on them
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
Favorite moment
Sir Piken
Sir Piken Kun oldin
This was lame, he didn't fool them with magic. just made a little conductive gadget that has some cell batteries inside a fake phone socket plug.
Emdee Kun oldin
Fooling or no the performance was very fun
TheMinimumPC Kun oldin
Battery in the charger. Configured to turn on when the resistance between the plugs is roughly that of human skin or less
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
yeah ahaha you got it
Kurtis Stryker
Kurtis Stryker Kun oldin
Okay fine I watched it UZvid are you happy now?
Cabal's Victims
Cabal's Victims Kun oldin
I Know how he did it well at least one part where it actually charges the phone so its like the light bulb trick where when you touch it the conductivity from your hand turns it on well its a simple circuit its basically like a switch connected to a battery connected to an output so the conductivity from your hand turns on the output and which the battery in side the wall plug then send that charge to the phone simple but very clever.
2011laughmaster Kun oldin
Seriously? Brick is packed with small button batteries. Need less then 5 volts to make the phone light up like it is charging. Want to know how you make it light up the phone like that? Look up Magic Chirping Chicken on youtube too. Same principal.
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
Ryan B
Ryan B Kun oldin
Does the host ever change dresses? She's always in that blue dress.
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
they dont pay enought it seems
RazorKillBen Kun oldin
The loop isn't a loop. Watch his right hand, he never moves it when holding the 'loop'. In his hands are both ends. When he wraps the little cable, watch the end go in his right hand where he pops it out. Very clever but if you watch his right hand the whole time you can work it all out.
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
Didn't even notice
William Kilpatrick
Hook me up with that Cordmaster 2000™
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
amazon will prob find something
SuperKingson12 Kun oldin
4:13 He can almost literally alter the size of a phone charger and fool Penn and Teller, but he still can't get the USB in on the right side on the first try...
Robert Petrarca
Robert Petrarca Kun oldin
I know how this was done but I can't divulge it.
AlchemistNZ Soapmaker
Does anyone know, do the foolers have to show P&T how the trick works later?
DojoReporter Kun oldin
I've been recommended this so many times and finally clicked on it.
ElNico 666
ElNico 666 Kun oldin
Benjinator2000 Kun oldin
Ok so making the long charger short, he palmed the short charger when he took it out of the box, and hid it in his hand, then just used some slight of hand to move it around, also ik this has been said, but for the one where it charged the phone he had a battery pack somewhere on him and just completed the circuit.
Ronnana 69
Ronnana 69 Kun oldin
Who's the host she hottest red heaf
Andrew Oltmanns
Andrew Oltmanns Kun oldin
So, I've only seen this show on YT, but just realized, when did they start giving out awards? Also, did they not think over the fact that emphasizing the "F" in Fool and the "U" in Us may be misrepresented? @7:33
Justin Halford
Justin Halford Kun oldin
3:44 FAKE!! Holding 2 cables in left hand then camera cuts to a view of showing 2 cables in right hand.
Dougal Murray
Dougal Murray Kun oldin
Okay I can figure everything out apart from the bit at 3:43 can someone please explain. TIA
Nemisis 007
Nemisis 007 Kun oldin
They’re so stupid 🤦‍♂️
Kevin Sørensen
Kevin Sørensen Kun oldin
This show is fake. Something weird happened at 3:45
BassManqk Kun oldin
Some millennial magician: Watch me as I install an app on your phone, after which I restart the phone and voila, the app is now gone. Penn & Teller: What the fuck???
so Manu
so Manu Kun oldin
Nice haha need this charger
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
where can we buy it!
Arnold Schwarzenegger
6:49 - 7:12 Every iPhone user ever
morgan demone
morgan demone Kun oldin
Battery pack wall plug that has a sensor set in the prong to activate it when it's touched. That would be the easier part as for the cord no idea
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
yeah no kiddng
Oynxxx Kun oldin
*Has this been patched?*
Oynxxx 20 soat oldin
+Thefifthjack05 thanks
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
brain.exe hasn't been patched. maybe look for patch next ime, check the patch notes please
Sairs 14
Sairs 14 Kun oldin
F U .... this is the joke right there 😂
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
thats the whole trick
TheBright Kun oldin
I leave a comment here to receive my 5 minutes of fame as an author of a comment U_U
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
U_U should be a new emoji
DotDash.- Kun oldin
5:45 The ginger woman is from american pie i cant take her seriously, i keep thinking about what she has done in band camp.
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
lmao stop it bruh XD
Elvings92 Kun oldin
OMG just fooled by technology, the phone charger was the easiest part...
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
age + tech = doesn't mix
Gianluca Tkach
Gianluca Tkach Kun oldin
hey man...Y'comedian? orrr Y'magician?? get on with it
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
or both
AOTanoos22 Kun oldin
Wait, so he is literally using iCharge 2.0 for the charging trick and no one noticed this ? LOL
eugkra33 Kun oldin
Thumbnail looked like Jim Carrey
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
MrAndersonmm Kun oldin
I love how, at 3:33 it cuts the shot in such a way you can't see what he's actually doing. Either super coincidental or he botched it bad enough the editors gave him a break.
Leaky Kun oldin
He just used a wireless charger it's not that hard.
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
no he used a powerbank
Erick Nava
Erick Nava Kun oldin
Keep an eye on his left hand and his middle finger.
Erick Nava
Erick Nava 23 soat oldin
+Thefifthjack05 2:41 He already had the shorter cable in his right and with sleight of hand he uses his left to create the illusion of a complete loop of cord. Had you told him to freeze and open his left hand he would have been exposed. At least I think.
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
at what time?
LoveIsTheAnswer 2 kun oldin
The battery inside the charger would not work since Penn and Teller both used their hands to complete the circuit and it did not light up the phone so it was a legit trick. @5:52 you can see Teller touching it to his hand and he is looking directly at the phone screen in Penn's hand. He fooled them!
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
yeah word
NatanisLikens 2 kun oldin
The rope tricks and slight of hand are stellar! The comedy, magic, and infomercial work extremely well together. Love this watched it twice now. As for the charging of the phone it's "simple". The wall plug has been modified so precisely that once a bare amount of pressure is put on the end it completes the circuit. However, it's not enough to pass the inspection you briefly see them do... the precision of modifying the charger is extreme. Most likely it has a couple of batteries (RFA-188 or smaller) tucked into it. Along with percussion wiring that again only completes the circuit with just a bare amount of pressure. Don't forget the weight would have to be close enough for them not to think it's to heavy. That alone is insane to think about if you realize just how well that one prop would have been made in order to fool someone else... that isn't Penn or Teller!! Amazing, love it!!!!!
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
shhhhh don't give away the secrets
KornShaDoW097 2 kun oldin
One thing that seems to fool everyone else is... The fact a USB Cable isn't a "charger".. Yet everyone refers to them as such.
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
Brandon Hicks
Brandon Hicks 2 kun oldin
For a minute, I thought I clicked on a stand up comedy video by accident
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
He was good though right?
Dave Micolichek
Dave Micolichek 2 kun oldin
Oh man, the charger act is simple. There is a small battery in the "charger" and a simple touch circuit is connected to the ac plug, so that when you touch them, it turns on the power. It wont charge your phone for very long, and it would blow up if you plugged it into the wall. The cord tricks were just slight of hand. But, well done...
Dave Micolichek
Dave Micolichek Kun oldin
+Thefifthjack05 Nope, no clue...lol. I'm just an electronics guy. Not a magician.
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
yeah. do you know how the rope trick was done?
Nic Gregorich
Nic Gregorich 2 kun oldin
There was a battery in the block ant the two prongs used the dudes hand to conduct the electricity.
Thefifthjack05 Kun oldin
word you got it. now SHHHHHH