People Read Strangers' Darkest Secrets

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We all have secrets. We had people write down their biggest ones and read someone else's to create understanding, connection, and empathy amongst strangers. Consider online counseling from BetterHelp by visiting: 👉betterhelp.com/jubilee 👈
We're so excited to be partnering with BetterHelp for this season of Seeking Secrets. We strongly believe in the power of therapy and counseling for everybody, in all walks of life. Be sure to check out BetterHelp. Their private, online service is super convenient and is more affordable than traditional counseling, plus their counselors are all certified and ready to help!
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19-Iyl, 2018

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Jubilee 6 oy oldin
Hey Jubilee family 👋Seeking Secrets is finally back. This series has a soft spot in our hearts and we know how much it means to you all. Thank you so much to our sponsor BetterHelp. If you or anyone you know is struggling or just need to talk to a trained professional about life, please consider BetterHelp ( betterhelp.com/jubilee ). We're so proud to partner with them; we truly do believe in the power of therapy to bring healing and comfort to anyone, in all walks of life. Love you Jubilee fam! ❤️
Donna Vella
Donna Vella 6 soat oldin
Nathaniel Stickle
Nathaniel Stickle 7 kun oldin
Jubilee scam
Anna Louise
Anna Louise Oy oldin
Jubilee One of my friends told me he had attempted suicide the night before and was going to try again that night. I didn’t tell anyone and didn’t know who to tell. The next day when i got to school I was informed by my friends that he had succeeded.
Lavonte A
Lavonte A 2 oy oldin
0:00 That girl is really cute who is she????
GoneFlying 2 oy oldin
I’m not trying to be negative or trying to ridicule you but, may I please ask you to take down the link. If you haven’t seen news about better help, pretty much it’s just a scam. The terms of service claim that their not responsible if your counselor is bad and if the counselor can’t handle your situation, they throw you to someone else. It also says that they don’t check to see if their actual counselors in which, obviously, is bad. Also please look up more on this. I’ve only touched the surface of the the situation.
Alexa Arias
Alexa Arias Soat oldin
*The first one tho*
carlee saunders
carlee saunders 2 soat oldin
Realize that it happening as a child is the one of the worst thing that break you. As a child one is molested for me i dont even realize what people are say around me was what was happening. It started young so I had to slow grow to understand what rape was by figure it was happening to me
Kookie TaeChim
Kookie TaeChim 2 soat oldin
The first one punched me harder then the word hard itself..
Χαρά Παπαδοπούλου
I think that the girl on 1:35 is charlotte's daughter from sex and the city....
T. Ang
T. Ang 5 soat oldin
1:34 got me hard. I feel that pain
Jenny Daisy
Jenny Daisy 6 soat oldin
I really like this series. New sub here
XXXgacha WolfXXX
XXXgacha WolfXXX 8 soat oldin
My darkest secret is deeper than any of theirs,Mines is cruel,Cold hearted,Broken,a mistake,To be sorry for...I-i regret what i did💔
돈Dawnn 15 soat oldin
I have a friend who was really close to a male teacher. I felt something was wrong but I didn't warn her because I was afraid that I was wrong. It turns out the teacher was later prosecuted of raping a 16 year old student back in 2016. I felt so guilty of not warning my friend because she might have been one of his victims.
Suzi Stone
Suzi Stone Kun oldin
OMG I'm a woman but I'm pan so my body doesn't belong to men it belongs to who I love same to everyone else
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Kun oldin
One of my greatest regrets, was one day when one of my friends was talking about her baby cousin, how she was very ill, and doctors asked if they could experiment to try to find a cure. My friend didn’t totally understand what the doctors meant by that, because when I agreed with the doctors, she said “so you think its a good idea to have the doctors all “what happens if we smash this hammer on her stomach?”” I told her it didn’t work like that, but I said something I have regretted since. I told her “given the circumstances, she will probably die anyway, so shouldn’t she die while helping others not suffer?” I hadn’t understood the magnitude of what I said, because she burst into tears right after, and I only said “what’s the point in crying? You know it’s true, don’t you?” I never had friends until 4th grade, because I was always wrapped up in a book, and I’d shut others out. When kids at school would try to talk to me, I’d tell them to shutup because I was trying to read. Eventually I was asked to show a new kid around, and that was the very friend who I said that horrible thing to. I hadn’t interacted with people, so as a result, I couldn’t understand why what I said upset her so much. I only knew what I have read in books, and I only really ever read books that related to animals, because I wanted to study them, and someday discover a new species. I figured that the other kids in my class would only slow me down, because they aren’t as a smart as I am. I’d help them on math and such, but I never really felt connected with them at all. I still don’t. I’m still bad at interacting with others, but, I’m getting it.
I backstabbing my own best friend, and blamed it on someone else.
Sakarias Bäckström
add life is strange music and it'll be complete
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Kun oldin
I’m 12 years old and I’m suffering from depression. But I always act happy and hyperactive, because I don’t want someone to get suspicious. Last week, I told my mother. But all she did, was laugh at me. Saying: “It’s just a phase.”
Imaani Steelez
Imaani Steelez Kun oldin
My worst heartbreak ..... My mother was an alcoholic that impacted on mine my older sister and younger brother a lot. We all have different dads... my little brothers dad was abusive and cheated on her this made her go into a deep depression( I was 9 my sister 16 and my brother 3) I got sent to live with my dad not being able to see my mum a lot because of her addiction... my sister when my to go and live with her dad and my little brother got left with my mum. Not all my life or times with my mum were bad she was one of the best women ever. Fast forward to Jan 2017 she went to rehab for a year... this impacted on me and my little brother the most I developed anxiety and my little brother attachment issues he also went o go live with my aunt. She came out of rehab in jan 8th 2018... everything was great until she started drinking again 6 months later... she went back into depression and started to just sleep the days I care which weals normally the weekend leaving me and my little brother to look after ourselves.... about Easter we had an argument... I told her I hated her and I never wanted to see her again...we stopped talking.... in may 2018 she died of a hemerge cased bu her hitting her head during a seasure... my last words to her were I hate you I wish I could turn back time and hear her laugh one more time. This all happened at the ages 9-11 for me (turning 12 this year) 1-5 for my little brother and 13-18 for my big sister
Nuzhat Baig
Nuzhat Baig Kun oldin
"He drowned in September" i just broke down.
Panioszka xd
Panioszka xd Kun oldin
Me too 😟
Romi Wright
Romi Wright 2 kun oldin
“He drowned in September” I’m crying.
Sleepy Queeu
Sleepy Queeu 2 kun oldin
omfg this is so sad.
mY wIg SHiStEr
mY wIg SHiStEr 2 kun oldin
My darkest secret my cousin did molest me when I was 4 and 5 and forced me to watch porn if I every told my parents they wouldn't believe cause and now till this day I deal with depression , anxiety and anorexia
XxTwistiess 2 kun oldin
Me: in 15 seconds 💔 Brain DON’T CRY Me: i canttttttt Brain: FIGHT IT. Me: noooooo Brain: oh god here comes the water works... Me: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔
Azure Wing
Azure Wing 2 kun oldin
The first one made a lump in my throat.
Nastelle Van Niekerk
South me a happy without me specially chats and the same so I just wanna say goodbye UZvid goodbye before you lose hope they are to this reading this I just wanna say goodbye
heather 2 kun oldin
ok off topic, and i dont mean to be rude but how do people just not know how to swim?
RadioPusheenCat 3 kun oldin
Come here 🥺 ^-^ ( -~-) /> >\. U needs a huge
Khalil Covers
Khalil Covers 3 kun oldin
*he drowned in september* i was literally crying... 💔
Kaylah B.
Kaylah B. 3 kun oldin
My heart hurts for these men & women😭
Jared Adam Christensen
The first one hits home for me. My best friend was driving home drunk from a house party. I should have told him not to but I thought he was going to be okay and not drink and take an uber back home in case he was. I found out the next day, september 5th, he was in a one man car collision with the bumper on a highway. His car rolled down the hill and was on fire for 20 whole minutes. He was 19 years old. He just graduated highschool one year prior.
Paigey Pop
Paigey Pop 3 kun oldin
The first one hurt my heart! May he Rest In Peace
Samual Palmer
Samual Palmer 3 kun oldin
Around 3.19, I cried my eyes out when she said it about being out of your control, and it’s something that you think you know, but when she said it I just couldn’t help but react, because it only ever be. Me saying it to myself, even if she’s not saying it to me specifically (that was quite a mess of a comment sorry if it makes no sense)
black wolf
black wolf 3 kun oldin
My biggest regret is bieng alive cuase IAM a failure and I always had been I always realy on people and I hate that IAM like a parasite I feel like a mistake like IAM in a would that don't want me no more how would I survive I wonder bieng a failure means you won't survive
Ava Mars
Ava Mars 3 kun oldin
I am ashamed of my body and I tell people to love themselves. THAT HIT ME HARD
Annissa Henderson
Annissa Henderson 3 kun oldin
Way to break my heart and less than a minute 🥺🥺😓
Just Me
Just Me 3 kun oldin
Wow I thought my life was hard until I watched this vid and read all these comments.....
Lily J
Lily J 3 kun oldin
These ppl who wrote their secrets to be read were consensual
Delirious 0923
Delirious 0923 3 kun oldin
Ohhhh why am I watching this? Oh Jesus please someone get me some tissues please.
Hall Pie
Hall Pie 3 kun oldin
I just encountered this kind of videos today and I think they'd be a great method for therapy too. I always thought that sometimes being able to share your problems/secrets anonymously is much more helpful than meeting therapists and having to have face to face talks. Although participating in online forums is another way, I think these videos really help bring the atmosphere and make you sympathize with the senders more. Also you could see opinions from many other people in the comments, not just from specifically someone. And even when this couldn't help much and they still couldn't find the solutions, I really appreciate the fact that there's more meaningful interaction here compared to just writing your problems online.
Rody 3 kun oldin
What’s the soundtrack in the background??
Mo0nie Pie_
Mo0nie Pie_ 3 kun oldin
i have some darkest secrets too... my friend told me she was sick but i say she was faking sick but the next day she sick until she had headache, she been cut her arms cause of bullies. now she gone forever...she dies in 7 april 2016 if u think this is lie. then where u proof. we was 15 years old. i miss bella , that's is her name..
lucy d
lucy d 4 kun oldin
wow. the first one 😥
Nixus Tales
Nixus Tales 4 kun oldin
My dark secret, I want to go to school, and get away from my family. My friends are really the only ones there for me, and my family doesn’t give a damn about me. Lately, my mom and dad have been going on business trips for what feels like forever, and now i’m stuck with my 3 brothers that constantly try to sexually assault me and try to rape me. Anyway, I’m still going on with life, learning new things, auditioning for a job and other things. I just want to leave this mess. I’m tired of telling myself I’m strong, when I know that all of it’s a lie. I’m just really tired of it all.
Ordinary Lara
Ordinary Lara 4 kun oldin
This is my secret.. For year my grandpa had been sick a lot but in 2017 it was really bad this time, he had to stay at the hospital and as time went by he got skinner and looked different, as months went by of him in and out of the hospital i hadn’t seen or talked to him in around 5 months, i guess i was afraid of seeming him like this. finally on 25th Oct, 2017 he passed away.. i regret not seeing him, the last thing i can remember saying was “i love you” it was on the phone.. my mum said it for me. Now i have no grandparents who are here with me.. :((((
Paige *
Paige * 4 kun oldin
My biggest secret: Every time someone ask me what's wrong, I don't tell them, because I don't even know what's wrong with me. 😞
Karis Kroeker
Karis Kroeker 4 kun oldin
My darkest secret is: I told my friend that I didn't have time to help her with homework even though I did.... (This was a few years ago) she failed and was so discouraged she told her parents, ashouldnt gave her a lecture about why she shouldn't fail, and about why they were mad that she failed. She committed suicide a day later.
Karis Kroeker
Karis Kroeker 4 kun oldin
Oops. Not ashouldnt. I meant: and they.
Emo Nightmare
Emo Nightmare 4 kun oldin
"My friend asked me to teach him how to swim." "But I didn't because I was too lazy." ... "He drowned in September...." BEN Drowned??? IS THAT YOU??? (I'm trying to lighten the mood, here ;3;)
Emo Nightmare
Emo Nightmare 4 kun oldin
Alien BEN Drowned is a Creepypasta :3
Alien 4 kun oldin
I don't get it
Selppa C
Selppa C 4 kun oldin
The first one tho....😳😢
Epileptic 4 kun oldin
My biggest secret is that I dream about suicide every night...
Orsan Sami
Orsan Sami 4 kun oldin
Well this is me 1:48
sanji vinsmoke
sanji vinsmoke 4 kun oldin
The secret at like 2:25 is obviously a lie. No father would do that, even a century ago.
Canned Bread
Canned Bread 4 kun oldin
Yes they would. Some father's are just shitty.
Theo Aaron
Theo Aaron 4 kun oldin
I've been in and out of foster homes since I was 2weeks old I'm 16 (over 38 homes) I have atypical anorexia and chronic illness that prevents proper movement in my hips I have heirshbrungs at 13 I fired my adoption social worker because I lost all hope in the future I started cutting and over doseing on the hour and I lost hope in someone loveing me especially after I came out as queer I'm 3years strong with my partner and getting adopted this summer I'm finally (after 3 years) getting a service dog I'm still copeing with my sexual assult but I know it's not my fault things get better just hang in there
PatrickIV 4 kun oldin
1:02 now your an angsty, self centered, adult
Canned Bread
Canned Bread 4 kun oldin
People change.
gypsi ortiz
gypsi ortiz 5 kun oldin
I had a friend when I was 6 years she call me to her house and when I got their I sole her parents fighting and when I went to her room she graded her father gun and shot herself right infrount of me I sole her letter it said " I told many time that I was depressed I sole my parents fight so much that I'm tired of it i can't handle it I'm sorry (my name ) " i always wonder if I could have done something and this just stick in my head so much I try doing the exact same thing but the doctor brought me to life but that doesn't mean I'm not still depressed
Xuffle 5 kun oldin
One word to describe this video: oof
samuelsav 5 kun oldin
1:18 relate but I don’t have pressure from my mom I’m just very sad sometimes because my parents are split up and I never see my brother 😭❤️
Tuna Betta Fishhh
Tuna Betta Fishhh 5 kun oldin
A secret of mine...? I've had 12 suicide attempts, and still contemplate suicide, and I still haven't told my parents. I also started cutting, and I was happy because of it. I knew it was wrong. But... it made me feel in control of myself. I felt better. 3 of my friends had died from suicide. One of them was when I was eight. The day before, we were in a huge argument, and the last words I said to her was,"I hate you!" And left. The next day, all I saw was her hanging dead body. This was just unlucky placement. In her diary, it said she was planning it on her 15th birthday for quite some time, but I still felt like I was a huge part of it. My other two friends never really liked or cared about me. They usually talked between themselves and left me out of everything, and always took their anger out on me. But I still loved and cared for them. One committed suicide in a terrible way, and the other.... was caused by hers. I still miss them dearly though... Even though they always talked terrible behind my backs and always made everything seem like my fault. If I told them to stop, then they would keep teasing me, and if I threatened to leave, then they would guilt me into staying. Nevertheless, rest in peace Claire, she died in 2013, and Alexandria and Madeline, who both died last year...
Ryan Walker [That One Guy]
I just told myself to always be '' fine '' but I wasn't my family would often fight each other.. breaking myself apart. I'm selfish but i'm not selfish around those in need. I don't care what other people say about me perhaps I do by the fact that i'm selfish enough to not care about others. This is all they have told me past these years...
Xxxtentacion xX
Xxxtentacion xX 5 kun oldin
I'm too busy helping people solve their problems to forget about my own...
Laiba Imran
Laiba Imran 5 kun oldin
God made your body. Treat it well. Love yourself.
Gloria Otako
Gloria Otako 5 kun oldin
I copy others, I except hate not because I’m strong but because I suck I hate not having the ability to help especially when I’m getting all the luck while others are suffering
King Gabe Gomes
King Gabe Gomes 5 kun oldin
X O 5 kun oldin
Rape is always out of the victims control
Hung Le
Hung Le 5 kun oldin
My darkest secret... One of my parents is a molester. I don't know how to feel about that.
Tyler Yoongi
Tyler Yoongi 5 kun oldin
1:49 is deep.
the outsider
the outsider 5 kun oldin
Geez. that first one reminds me of into the ocean by blue October.
chiquita bochito
chiquita bochito 6 kun oldin
j e s u s
mc. nuggie aka gay boi
Better help rejected me from therapy because they thought that I needed to see a face to face therapist....but I don't have the time or the money....
Kiera Sullivan
Kiera Sullivan 6 kun oldin
I had chills the entire time😭💔
bryer06 6 kun oldin
Why can I relate to this so much I was crying while watching this...
BlaBlartur 6 kun oldin
putri kim
putri kim 6 kun oldin
indonesia cc, please
Nemwar R
Nemwar R 7 kun oldin
Innerpeace Love
Innerpeace Love 7 kun oldin
My darkest secret is... when I was in the 3rd grade. A kid named Jacob was the new kid. He really caught on for being well liked in class and everyone wanted to be his friend. So one day when the whole class was watching ‘The Polar Express’ it was close to the end. And he asked “can I sit by you”? I bluntly said “no, someone’s sitting their” *when there really wasn’t* he left and cried. In my young mind I didn’t think I did anything bad at the time. But I guess as you get older you learn from your mistakes. But back to the story. After I had said that, about 2 days later, I was in my mom’s friends salon that she owns and we were watching the news on a dad that shot his whole family and then himself. And among the victims was Jacob... to this day, I still cry and legit mentally punish myself for not being nice to him and I should have let him sit by me. That will haunt me forever. The morale of the story is that... learn from my mistakes and to be kind to others. -T
Kitty Cats
Kitty Cats 7 kun oldin
My darkest secret is that, since, my family isn’t that rich to buy fancy and trendy things so at school... I feel as if nobody accepts me but my closest friends
Molly Claire
Molly Claire 7 kun oldin
1:20 this guy made me feel better tbh
Memey_ GachaGirl
Memey_ GachaGirl 7 kun oldin
The first one tho...
My darkest secret is that I have a kink on a teddy bear. The second one...I don't know how to say it in English...le tengo un miedo terrible a expresar completamente mis sentimientos, porque no quiero perder lo que logré, no quiero que me rechacen...
Simon Chilaka
Simon Chilaka 7 kun oldin
In my opinion, I don't feel these are darkest secrets and these are painful secrets. But it is really heartbreaking to see what one human can do to a fellow human!
cutedalready 7 kun oldin
Why is it that most of that majority of the readers look.Asian
Acuna Matata
Acuna Matata 7 kun oldin
My biggest and darkest secret is That I was abused when I was really young by my half brother, half sister, a family friend, and by my babysitter over the years until 2015 I never told anyone and I struggle with depression what hurts the most is that my mom works so hard to keep a roof over our head, food in our stomach, and tries to keep us safe and she never knew what happened to me in her own home 😞
Adriana Hristeva
Adriana Hristeva 7 kun oldin
Sometimes i am glad that I’m not that pretty At least nobody wants to rape me
Rebecca Harrison
Rebecca Harrison 7 kun oldin
I remember I promised to train one of my friends how to do multiple laps out on the field. A few years later he was transfered to an American high school. I didnt keep my promise and he was killed in a school shooting because he couldnt run away fast enough...
xTinax xSalvatorex
xTinax xSalvatorex 7 kun oldin
1:35 me...
AvaThat_robloxPlayer !
That immediately killed me in the first 5 secs
Margaret surendren
Margaret surendren 7 kun oldin
“I’m ashamed of my body, but i tell other people to love themselves” I couldn’t relate more
London Pairett
London Pairett 8 kun oldin
My huge secret I’m about to tell you if your scrolling through the comments: I didn’t cry when my dad died in his sleep in the room right next to me.
CaptainDress 8 kun oldin
I was molested by my cousin, and when his sister and aunt found out, they accused me of lying and wanting attention. No one really liked him and they knew that and so they said that someone put me up to it. *I was 5 when it started and it didn’t stop until I was 6. Now tell me that I was to blame*
Binhao Wu
Binhao Wu 8 kun oldin
the one about not deserving love really hit me hard
acey edits
acey edits 8 kun oldin
me and my sister were fighting june 3rd 2015. i told her i don't like her anymore and i would move away and never talk to her again. as a 9 year old i was just messing around. my birthday was june 5th, later thatt day in school she had a heart attack. now i didn't get called down to the office until about 1:30. my mom broke down and couldn't even manage to tell me. my father had to tell me, i always wondered why ' two days before my birthday?. because i deserved it. '
Idania G
Idania G 8 kun oldin
2:14 this just gave me chills if he believes this about woman imagine what he is capable of doing to a female by having that mind set
Arielle Dickson
Arielle Dickson 8 kun oldin
This made me cry🙁
RG lAlicial
RG lAlicial 8 kun oldin
The first one hit me like a bus. All of these bring back all hidden emotions
Official TitusRbx
Official TitusRbx 8 kun oldin
Why I September that’s my birthday month 😩😩😩😩
Ashley cook
Ashley cook 8 kun oldin
I was sexually Assualted by my step brother a few months ago in 2018. He is a year younger than me. Now I feel like it's my fault for letting it happen, and that I should've been stronger.
CandySwirl Arts
CandySwirl Arts 8 kun oldin
“Listens to the first one” Ok well I’m done now
iiLxrana 8 kun oldin
ROW 15
ROW 15 8 kun oldin
My darkest secret, “ I’m hungry “
Ana Payan
Ana Payan 9 kun oldin
Woah, these comments are also very deep. ☹️
Areli A.M
Areli A.M 9 kun oldin
*" I'm ashamed of myself, but I tell other people to not hate themselves "*
Emilia live sanchez centeno
Here a secret.. my father died. When I was 10. I was still mad at him till this day because he left my mom for another women.. I always feel so terrible never for not for giving him.. every day I wish I can hear him say "I am sorry".
Wowie that first one was darker than hell
Sciamachy -
Sciamachy - 9 kun oldin
My secret is that I always act happy and energetic around my family and others but in reality I have really bad panic attacks and anxiety. I can never tell anyone because they wouldnt see me as myself anymore, so I just keep quiet and cry...