People Read Strangers' Darkest Secrets

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We all have secrets. We had people write down their biggest ones and read someone else's to create understanding, connection, and empathy amongst strangers. Consider online counseling from BetterHelp by visiting: 👉betterhelp.com/jubilee 👈
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19-Iyl, 2018



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Jubilee 8 oy oldin
Hey Jubilee family 👋Seeking Secrets is finally back. This series has a soft spot in our hearts and we know how much it means to you all. Thank you so much to our sponsor BetterHelp. If you or anyone you know is struggling or just need to talk to a trained professional about life, please consider BetterHelp ( betterhelp.com/jubilee ). We're so proud to partner with them; we truly do believe in the power of therapy to bring healing and comfort to anyone, in all walks of life. Love you Jubilee fam! ❤️
Nikk Benson
Nikk Benson Oy oldin
I'd love to be a part of your videos. Seriously how can I apply for one
Mercy Fae
Mercy Fae Oy oldin
Where could I submit a secret for this?
Donna Vella
Donna Vella 2 oy oldin
Nathaniel Stickle
Jubilee scam
Anna Louise
Anna Louise 3 oy oldin
Jubilee One of my friends told me he had attempted suicide the night before and was going to try again that night. I didn’t tell anyone and didn’t know who to tell. The next day when i got to school I was informed by my friends that he had succeeded.
Hiz Raph
Hiz Raph Kun oldin
I have a problem that is really haunting me now. So here it is: When I was a kid, I used to have many friends. Those my friends were having the same characteristics with me: we all closed to society and only talk with each other. We only having fun together, discussing together, etc. It's a really good time. But, as long as we grown up, we changed. Well I mean they changed, not me. They became more active, they are liked by society, they can get a new friend so easily. And I'm the only one who is still being closed to society. And it's not only my friends, ALL people around me are really a social person. By this time I don't have any friends. I've tried many times to become a social person, but what I got is that I always anxious when talking with anyone. Stuttering is inevitable. And the real problem is that I'm scared of how my future will be. Will I have any friends? Or not at all? That mind always haunting me to this day. Right now I'm in the 9th graders so I will move to a new school. It's the last hope that I will have any friends. Wish me luck!
Hiz Raph
Hiz Raph Kun oldin
+George Cosarba Yeah, I hope I will find someone who I shared my passion with. Anyway, thank you for your advice!
George Cosarba
George Cosarba Kun oldin
Being uneasy in social scenarios is not a problem you alone face. As a person who had to watch his friends leave and never come back, as well as be unwilling to make many more out of fear, I tell you that if you only do what you’re passionate about, you will find someone, and someone will find you. One of my best friends as of now didn’t know me and didn’t care about me until we started lifting together, because we both shared a passion for it. Just don’t try too hard to force a change in yourself, because you may have an identity crisis later down the line. As cliche as it is, just be yourself, and be willing to accept those that come into your life.
Sangay Sherpa
Sangay Sherpa Kun oldin
I was also molested when I was 8-9 and I still haven't told anyone about it..... it's just hard opening up
George Cosarba
George Cosarba Kun oldin
It’s so unfortunate that nowadays, it’s actually common to hear these kinds of stories. Common enough that jokes are made about it. As time goes on, I can only say that you must not keep yourself from potentially meeting the right people. They can’t take the pain away, but they can ease it. Some day, they may be able to hear your story, and I hope they do. God help you.
Sangay Sherpa
Sangay Sherpa Kun oldin
my best friend called me up late at night, said he loves me and not to be mad at him so I told him " u little dork, love u too and just go to sleep".....they found his body in his bathroom the next day. This is my secret So I kinda feel the first one
Bowman Steph10
Bowman Steph10 Kun oldin
“He drowned in September.” This hit really hard. I can’t even imagine what the person felt and if they started saying “what if?” What I do want to say is that if that person, or anyone for that matter, is reading this I would like to tell you it’s NOT your fault. I know it may seem like it is since you’re thinking “what if I had done this” or “I should I have done that.” Don’t. Don’t blame yourself. You could’ve have known it would happen and even if they did know, there’s no guarantee they would’ve still survived. Basically what I’m saying is I know there are time we blame ourselves for something, thinking we could’ve prevented it. Truth is, we don’t know if we could’ve, it’s completely out of our control. All we can do is to slowly accept what’s happened, and move on. It’s not easy, nor will it ever be, but at least you know you’re trying for yourself and for them.
harrison eguasa
harrison eguasa 3 kun oldin
My reactions to the first one was 🙂😁😂🙁🤐☹️😥. I really felt guilty right after
Sun 3 kun oldin
Is it bad that I actually kinda find the sad storys kinda funny? Well I do still feel bad of course but i just cant take the comments seriously.
Tommy Raj Sanjaya
Tommy Raj Sanjaya 3 kun oldin
3:08 real talks
Poopy Face Tomato Nose
Kirsty Wilson
Kirsty Wilson 4 kun oldin
My darkest secret is, last year on the 6th of march i was coming home from school with my friend. And this girl chased me and my friend with a knife all the way up to my house, And she did that to us because.... She was getting sexually abused by her dad and nobody around my town would belive her. And now i feel so bad that i didnt help her even though i never knew about it until after the incident. Good news she is safe now but i still feel so bad that i didnt help her and i still think its my fault. And I still think i deserved to get chased with the knife that day.
*I'm ashamed of my body but I tell other people to love themselves* That one hit me hard...
Isabella Moore
Isabella Moore 5 kun oldin
My biggest secret was when I lied about be molested to my family. I was 7 or 8 at the time. There was this boy that lived in the same apartment complex as me. He bullied me physically and emotionally. Although he was only a year or two older than me he was taller and stronger than I was. One day he grabbed me and pulled me behind one of the other buildings and started touching me. He told me to be quiet or else. This happened for a few months. The touching got progressively more sexual. He would put his hands inside of my pants and would grope me. He flashed me. I ended up running home and locking myself in my room. The only thing that I told my mom was that he showed me his penis. I was too scared to tell her about the past months of touching. My parents and I moved to Texas due to family issues. I had gone to a different school before he molested me. Since we've moved back, I have gone to the same school as him for 5 years. I see him in the halls all the time. His brother is in several class with me. He tried to label me as a whore at the age of 11. I'm just glad I ran home that day instead of staying there.
Amz H
Amz H 6 kun oldin
2:50 unfortunately relatable 💔
ARIEL NGUYEN 7 kun oldin
I remember reading somewhere that.... sometimes telling a secret to a stranger is easier than telling it to a friend.
Andriana Semeniuc
Andriana Semeniuc 7 kun oldin
I feel ppl ab the grades bc I get some decent grades and my mom is yelling at me bc my grades r not good enough even tho i got an 85 and sometimes a 92 isn't good enough
do you like gatchavers
i think that when you say "love yourself" i dont know how or "be strong and egnore someone" it's difficult because every one around you juges. some day i fell so depressed
BillieEilishStan 00
1:59 That’s heartbreaking
Honestly, the pressure for good grades is intense. These days everything is based on grades. Also, I guess the reason we put so much pressure on ourselves is because of the people around us. They act as if getting bad grades is a sinful crime. Honestly, the education system is fucked up.
Milla paues
Milla paues 9 kun oldin
HEY!!!! Don’t forget to love yourself
Aaliyah Goodman
Aaliyah Goodman 9 kun oldin
My darkest sercet? I was pregnant at 16, I had a miscarriage and i was all alone, im 18 and I'm trying for a baby because Its hard to sleep at night with the reminder of the choices i had during my pregnancy
Sude K.
Sude K. 10 kun oldin
My secret is that everybody in my family had the same dream before they died. It’s always the one who died before them. My grandpa died almost 2 years ago and in his dream his mom said to him “ we are all waiting for you in heaven! Where are you?“ a month later he died. My dad told me my mom dreamed the same. My grandpa said it to her in her dream. I’m afraid
לב שיכור
לב שיכור 11 kun oldin
My secret:I always think about killing my self
yonk yikes
yonk yikes 14 kun oldin
my deepest.. darkest secret.. was and is that when i was younger my cousin had molested me and my mother always told me family was important and i never told anyone and to this day act like nothing ever happened.
nekochuu 15 kun oldin
what if jubilee's darkest secrets is that these "strangers" read their own letters?
¿EF IN? 16 kun oldin
Anyone; 7 mars 2019?!? Also, i have no dark secrets.
Pygmy Puff
Pygmy Puff 16 kun oldin
2:37 is relatable which makes me really sad. I'm crying right now because that's such a relatable feeling.
I am a person
I am a person 18 kun oldin
Oh.. the first one.. 😢
Maxi crash
Maxi crash 18 kun oldin
*Be the angel you always wanted to have* I have a lot of secrets I help people when they need it But i have never been helped I don’t even know how it feels like to get help I am always alone but I want to be with others and be happy but instead i help others to be happy
skylivelove22 18 kun oldin
2:50 ik how it feels cause when i was at the age of 10 i learned what rape was and i was crying my eyes out because at the time it happen i was 5 and i am 13 right now
Cody Stokes
Cody Stokes 19 kun oldin
I can’t express how great these videos are. Makes me REALLY deeply realize that there is not one person on this damn planet that has zero hardships/issues in their life. We are all struggling with something. These videos make me feel closer to everyone. ❤️❤️❤️ you aren’t alone
Jiff Pop
Jiff Pop 19 kun oldin
Not to be insensitive but I genuinely wonder why people think rape is one of the worst things that could happen to you. I think it's gross and weird but could someone explain to me what makes it so bad please?
혜기성 20 kun oldin
At the beginning I was like 'Yo,wtf,BOY WTF IS THIS WORLD'
Morgan Kane
Morgan Kane 20 kun oldin
My darkest secret is that boyfriend raped me when I was 16 I never told anyone because it was my boyfriend so I felt it wasn’t considered as rape to this day my new boyfriend can play fight with me or lay on top of me because it gives me immense anxiety I wish I told someone
chad arnold
chad arnold 20 kun oldin
Man I wish I could put mine on there
Alexa Levon
Alexa Levon 21 kun oldin
Being the daughter of a rapist.
shoeless shou
shoeless shou 24 kun oldin
The first one was so dark
This video is great and has some powerful confessions. Of also be interested into hearing more legitimately "dark" secrets. Like its one thing to say you regret saying you wouldn't cry if your mother died. But to me its way more interesting to hear from the person who actually wouldn't care if their mother died. Just my opinion.
Abu Dhakal
Abu Dhakal 24 kun oldin
I don't know who needs to hear this. But you are cherished, and you matter.
Liv Tone Grødeland
Liv Tone Grødeland 26 kun oldin
I am 14 years old and I have 4 siblings. Two younger brothers, one younger sister and one older brother. My parents are divorced, and I don’t see my father anymore. When I was around 10 or 11 years old, me and my siblings would often be at my mom’s house for 1 week, and then go to my father’s house the next 5 days or something. When we were at my father’s house, my youngest brother, which was about 5 or 6 years old, couldn’t controll when to go to the bathroom, and would often pee himself. My father got really sick of it always happening, and starting swearing a lot. And we were not the “type” of people to have parents swear all the time, so we were a bit afraid when he got mad and did swear. The swearing later turned to beating. He got so mad and upset by my little brother never “controlling” himself, that he started beating him/slapping him at his face. We would hear crying all the time, and all my siblings, including me, would get really scared of him. He never beat me or any of my other siblings except my youngest brother. He would also often tell us to go to bed without having dinner, when it was like 4-5 P.M. And later come to our bedroom apologizing. My sister once went to the school nurse and told everything that had happened. Me and my older brother actually got mad at her for telling the school nurse, because we were afraid that our father would find out and get mad at us too. The child welfare and the police got contacted, and there was this period of time where my father only could be with my younger siblings at a public place with another adult (from the child welfare) for about two hours. And he could be with me and my older brother at his house with another adult (again from the child welfare). Now we can’t be with him anymore. My father still sends me and my siblings good morning and good night messages, and messages like «how are you doing». I am the only one that answers to his texts, and it makes me really sad. I really do miss him and I often cry myself to sleep while thinking about him. I’m sorry that this got really long, and I’m sorry if there’s any writing mistakes, english isn’t my first language.
Leon Kuwata
Leon Kuwata 26 kun oldin
y’all don’t watch these in school i’m sitting here bout to cry
cool marshmelløw
cool marshmelløw 26 kun oldin
cool marshmelløw
cool marshmelløw 26 kun oldin
سعد الدوسري
Oh yeh yeh
Flamethrower270 27 kun oldin
My darkest secret is that I stole my sisters sprite
JustMe MSP
JustMe MSP 29 kun oldin
"as a female,your body is for men" OMFG that is so offensive as a female my self im and fuming he thinks that is true thats just shows how disgusting some people are
My nan abuses me
The first one was just too much
Songart Breezy
Alexia Lewis
Alexia Lewis Oy oldin
2:18 was just so sweet I nearly broke
I have a broken family, never had my own home, am not good at school, so every now and then i would stare blankly at a wall, i live in a fantasy world in my head were i have a home and a complete family... And sadly im enjoying it, i enjoyed living in a nonexistent world.
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Oy oldin
I'm ashamed of my body and myself and my face, but I tell other people to love themselves.
Magical Mia
Magical Mia Oy oldin
1:59 had me in tears
hugmedols xx
hugmedols xx Oy oldin
2:13 i completely lost my breath and cried. I don’t even relate to it at all
Pharaoh Legend
My biggest secret is that I am related to a Pedophile. And I’m drawing a girl he raped.. we are happy. But when I found out, all I wanted to do was send a bullet his way. But I can’t go near him. Because I am a girl
Angel Yang
Angel Yang Oy oldin
0.30 so the baby sister was a man?!?! Gosh!
yee Oy oldin
this is heartbreaking
AT Star
AT Star Oy oldin
If I was told to read...I would have immediately burst into tears 😣
Kim Yoon Jin
Kim Yoon Jin Oy oldin
Now i’m crying on my cat☹️❤️
Midnight Oceanus
my darkest secret is a fear. a fear that if a girl kissed me I might like it.
U don’t need To know my name
“I’m ashamed of my body, but I tell others to love themselves” I just questioned everything... ❤️😔
Zein Abu ein
Zein Abu ein Oy oldin
Im so lonely
Jackson Wanga
Jackson Wanga Oy oldin
I am ashamed of my body too, but after this I am beautiful no metter what others say.
tea •
tea • Oy oldin
my biggest secret is that i tell others not to selfharm or try suicide, yet when i look at myself i wonder how i am still alive after all the suicide attempts and selfharm scars on my arms and legs.
xNicky xox
xNicky xox Oy oldin
My IG is @poetrypotato_ , I write poems and short literary stories about all sorts of stuff(depression, heartbreak, self hate etc.) I express my oppressed emotions and make it into art, please check me out if you have the time! ❤️
My best friend is very, very christian and homophobic. I'm pansexual, and she doesn't know.. She thinks I've never dated anyone when I've dated three people in the past two years.
Hữu Định Nguyễn
*This video broke my heart*
Kim Jonghyun
Kim Jonghyun Oy oldin
*My secret* : I'm ashamed of my body and my looks, I'm ashamed that I'm broken and yet I tell people to be happy, I'm ashamed that I'm too afraid to tell my family how I truly feel, I'm ashamed that I hate everything about myself but I get angry at my friend's for saying they hate themselves, I hate myself and I hate that I can't admit it to the people I'm closest to.
Cassie Taylor ASMR
_I feel bad for the guy who didnt teach his friend how to swim. He must have so much guilt._
Jade Snow
Jade Snow Oy oldin
My darkest secret was... I always thought about the possibilities that I don't belong here. That there might be some other place, planets, or universe where I probably belong to. I know it sounds crazy but I also know some people can relate to this. I am not depressed but I guess I kind of... not because I've got lots of burdens on my back. But because I don't... I'm not asking for it... but being cared by someone so dearly just because you've gone much through such difficulties... I almost wish I can have theirs (mostly worst ones)... I know that's bad. But yeah. That was my biggest secret. I told my friends about this a lot of times but... they didn't seem to care at all.
fly away
fly away Oy oldin
The first one shouldn't feel guilty. It's not his/her fault. If that friend went swimming when he knew that he can't swim, then that's his own fault.
Dani Rabjohn
Dani Rabjohn Oy oldin
This is really sad
PurpleAlePop Oy oldin
I cant watch the video? Does anyone know why?
Spill Some Tea
“I’m ashamed of my body. But I tell other people to love themselves.”
Ranjan Biswas
Ranjan Biswas Oy oldin
What kind of dad say to his daughter " Your body is for men"?
SteveO Oy oldin
Can't stop thinking about killing myself 😢 freaking tired
Cee Bee
Cee Bee Oy oldin
These videos actually make me cry but I love them. They’re helpful for me because it’s comforting to know that there are other people like myself who are also struggling and have been through so much. I really appreciate these videos and they help me not feel as alone in the world. Thank you.
Salma & Janie
Salma & Janie Oy oldin
"i'm ashamed of my body but i tell other people to love themselves " relatable me
Sincerely, Alexis
What if all of those people were reading each other’s secrets ... 😕
Taylor Lindsey
My dad was on life support and i had the power of attorney and i dident blink at the idea of pulling the plug....he abused me and i just wanted him to know the feelings
Adil 1234
Adil 1234 Oy oldin
I literally got goosebumps from the first one.. I cried..
No one owns you, whether you're a guy or girl, you're not an object to be owned
Prostě Sandra
My darkest secret: I'm not happy even I look like that. I always smile but I'm not.. My grades at school are bad and my mom thinks that it's because of my mobile phone. lol.. Or I'm at home all days.. And my friends thinks that I'm always watching series and I don't want to go out with them.. But it's not like that... I just.. I don't feel good.. And It's so much things on me.. I'm telling others to love yourself or be happy.. I wanna help others but I don't care about myself.. And it's wrong.. I must work at myself.. I must be happy, right?
Mincepie Mizpah
These hit me hard ~right in my heart~
Lee Joy
Lee Joy Oy oldin
You know some people shouldn't reproduce but they just mass produce
prince bee
prince bee Oy oldin
I was find that father that told his daughter that her body was for men and drive my sword into his scrotum
- Spaced Out - & - Space Bound -
That first one just..
Ghosteal Oy oldin
Depression rises to 100%
I have a lot of pressure for school and wanting to be a veterinarian my parents try and push me beyond my abilities. They slip up and I barely see me dad. Totally understand that guy.
Chloe Mitchell
I’m over here sobbing
Moulishri Shukla
"I wish grades didn't have to define someone's worth " I relate to this line mentally and spiritually
SW33ToXic Oy oldin
I hope you keep going with these series, it's nice to hear that some people are sharing the same pain as you do.
Bushy brows
Bushy brows Oy oldin
I was NOT ready for any of this. The first one nearly stunned me.
Clark Flores
Clark Flores Oy oldin
1:34 why can I relate to this.
Can we get to 1000 subs With no videos?
I’m dying This is sad. My fam has broken English bc they aren’t English OoF Most of these are sad Now I’m worried about my SAT’s
Lexi M.
Lexi M. Oy oldin
first one hit me hard because I can’t swim and i’m ashamed of it and that’s why I told no one
Lexi M.
Lexi M. Oy oldin
Ella Campbell same. But I for sure know the will mock
Ella Campbell
Ella Campbell Oy oldin
Lexi M. That’s what I do,I feel like people will mock me
Michelle Graff
Every single of one of these episodes makes me tear up. This is such a great series
Robin Murphy
Robin Murphy Oy oldin
Who am I to tell others to love themselves, and that their body is beautiful? I have starved myself, purged and self harmed all because I can’t even love myself.
Caden Oy oldin
My biggest regret was my own isolation
TheUnknown life
Either right wrote all of these or people have parts of my life but it still seems that no one else has all the troubles as I do
IndigoCat Oy oldin
I had a fight with my friend. She texted me an apology on Christmas day but I never replied because I was still angry with her. She died of unknown causes two days later.
I broke down at all secrets.. But that with the father... Omg.
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