People Read Strangers' Deepest Family Secrets

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4-Noy, 2018



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Jubilee 4 oy oldin
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Tokyo Ghoul Fangirl
Jubilee I
Ligeia D.Aurevilly
Thank you, Jubilee. Have you think starting a chat forum for lonely people? Perhaps with a partner? The reactions are many times related to social isolation
Katja Pia
Katja Pia 2 oy oldin
Unfortunatly a free Version isnt available within Europa??? Try to charge 7.92 € 🤔
Kideto Hellfire Mibu
I was wondering if I could use your video concept for a class project I’m doing for students in school out task is to make a video and I like this idea but I’d like permission first before going about making it
Arianna H
Arianna H 4 oy oldin
Beautiful people being torn apart by miserable disgusting people who have no self worth so they destroy others.
Oriento 123
Oriento 123 37 daqiqa oldin
My grandmother blames my mother for my dad killing himself and I have a half brother on my dads side I’m scared I’ll never get to meet cuz his mother refuses to tell him anything about her because he left her as soon as he found out she was pregnant I’m terrified of my brother I’m 16 and lock myself in the bathroom while he bangs the door till my mom comes home
Javier Ibarra Pineda
Javier Ibarra Pineda 10 soat oldin
Go hear a song Castles by Tom MacDonald. It is a touching song.
Anandi Ganguly
Anandi Ganguly 15 soat oldin
I thought it was gonna be like gossip like "I'm actually the biological daughter of my brother".
the boy next door
My dad blames me for everything if he breaks it I get the blame if he done something I got the blame he has stole from me endless times always hit my mom I try my best to sort stuff out and help everyone I’m not a mean person I’m not a ungrateful person what so ever I always give and never ask for anything back just a little bit of help but tbh that’s to much for a lot of people so I’m on my own
Teddy !
Teddy ! Kun oldin
Ok im sorry but this is really out of topic but the first girl that talks SHE HAS THE SAME NECKLACE JOJI HAS whsydgshi
Jung Kook
Jung Kook Kun oldin
My mom had three different man impregnated her. She married the second man but ended up with divorce. My mom married a foreigner in which they had a daughter (my second sister). Before that, she had a relationship with a native and had a daughter as well (the eldest), then there comes me, from another man of another country. I did nothing wrong but every time I explain this situation to other people I feel being judged. It wasn’t me who got pregnant and delivered a baby. I was one of the babies. The thing is I don’t want them to judge my mom. That’s why I decided to keep it a secret. None of my friends know about this and I’m so scared once I open this topic to them I’ll be judge. They wont tell but of course back on their minds they will. I have a very lovely relationship with my mom and my sisters. For my father, we’re very civil. He supports me financially and occasionally asks how I am. We met a few times during vacation too. But he doesn’t know I am using a different surname. The surname I am using is from a man who married my mom and he’s also the man named in my birth certificate. Everything is just a mess and I hope one day when I grow old I’ll be able to fix this mess.
Valeria Seymore
Valeria Seymore Kun oldin
That first one was fucked up
Tara Bolin
Tara Bolin 2 kun oldin
This comment might just go unnoticed but if just somebody can reply or possibly help me that would be appreciated.. so my grandparents have been telling me to break up with my boyfriend of over a year (grandparents are christians) they dont believe in Muslim relgion which is what my boyfriend is.. I have kept the se ret that I'm not Christian from them for a few years now.. umm.. I'll probably get a lot of hate but I have switched to Muslim relgiok and my grandparents told me yesterday that they never wanna see me again and that I cant be around my family. Then my brother got down sick and is currently in the hospital due to a rare disease and I'm just hoping he is ok so also gonna ask for prayers or something so please help guys.. it's very appreciated
Esther Kariuki
Esther Kariuki 2 kun oldin
Adoption hit home with lightning speed. Its sad knowing that no one you live with has your blood and your parents aren't your own.
Esther Kariuki
Esther Kariuki 2 kun oldin
The second one hit home hard⏭
Esmee Jones
Esmee Jones 3 kun oldin
The one about the mom in the room for 2 minutes really hit the heart
Ainnia Adnan
Ainnia Adnan 3 kun oldin
Dear mom, I do everything as I can. I always love you. I wish you make time for me. I feel sick and suck because keep everything alone. I always think about suicide and always depress about it. I dont have anyone to share my problem. Dear mom, Please love me.
Aurora Allison Anderson
Everyone complained about my weight .... seriously every one in my family
YouStole MyJams
YouStole MyJams 4 kun oldin
My sister abused me but never had the courage to tell everyone.
Yutz 5 kun oldin
0:45 literally me and my dad..
Erick Perez
Erick Perez 5 kun oldin
Watching these videos really makes me think about everything I have said to everyone in my entire lifetime. Weird how little things make a big difference.
Rose 6 kun oldin
My biggest family secret is that my brother is actually my half brother. I never knew he was my half brother until I was 12. (He is 8 years older than me.) My mom told me how his biological dad left him, but she never told me why. I just cant even imagine how alone my brother felt until my dad showed up.
nina Colunga
nina Colunga 6 kun oldin
I have a secret my parents smoke and do weed they have been doing it since I can remember it’s scary because I found out when I was 9 I still to this day am terrified of the fact that I knew what it was, I remember it saying it was medical marijuana yet they have no conditions or diseases but I remember them going to this apartment complex around every week I assume that’s where they got it from they now vape it and I’m afraid that one day they’ll get caught and I won’t have parents
applejuicyjuice 6 kun oldin
Why are you smiling so hard about adoption?
minsocrazy312 7 kun oldin
I've never had an adult that I could honestly depend on since both of my parents have issues and I always have to be brave and have a strong face for my little sister. I feel so alone because I've always had to be the adult. I wish my parents were more mature.
James S
James S 7 kun oldin
Can I have someone to talk to and ask for advice? I have a secret that has been weighing on me.
ra gamers
ra gamers 3 kun oldin
Actually my rplies were not shwing thts why had four of thm thought they arent getting send to you
James S
James S 3 kun oldin
+ra gamers you're kinda freaking me out rn lol
ra gamers
ra gamers 3 kun oldin
ra gamers
ra gamers 3 kun oldin
Yess .
ra gamers
ra gamers 3 kun oldin
You can tell me. Its okayy..
Jamie Woods
Jamie Woods 8 kun oldin
Just because you’re born into a family, doesn’t mean that that’s YOUR family, no matter what you think, blood doesn’t always represent your real family
lil bby
lil bby 8 kun oldin
*i too am physically and emotionally abused by my own family*
Easy Andy
Easy Andy 9 kun oldin
Everyones got issues maybe we should be nicer to eachother
Aaliyah Goodman
Aaliyah Goodman 9 kun oldin
None of my siblings have the same dad. There are 6 of us and none of us have the same dad. My mum had my oldest sister at 18. My mum was dating my dad at 38, he was 28 and my sister wad 18. My sister had an affair with my dad and ruined my family. I can never forgive her
sky scrayper Messick
1:42 i never told my parents either bc i was scared if they go to the school and scream at the kids who bulliedme bc i thought it makes everything worse. I was bullied 4 years
genesis matute
genesis matute 10 kun oldin
the intro. wow.
Alina Vasile
Alina Vasile 10 kun oldin
"we all want to show our parents that we are strong even when things aren't fine" that hit me hard. even the fact that that is true..just..
ZestyFruit Loops
ZestyFruit Loops 10 kun oldin
2:18 what do they mean not related? If they both came from their mom the would be right?
xiokay. 8 kun oldin
i don't understand too :/
fuck, bitch, shit! Mobamba
My secret is that my dad used to abuse my mom, and I never knew until now.
ItsPoppy 11 kun oldin
I constantly lied to everyone I knew by saying that I was fine that happened for 4 years until my mum noticed I "looked sad" and I have been getting help for the past year. It hasn't helped but i say it does. And I'm only 14
Oletram Ekaf
Oletram Ekaf 13 kun oldin
How does it simply happen that anonymous secrets are so often similar to things that random people reading them have been through? Is this really not staged?
Anika Ahmed
Anika Ahmed 14 kun oldin
Family can either be your best friend or the cause of your pain...
c h e r r y & s t r a w b e r r y
I cried everytime my parents yells at me, because i always have the thought that they will hit me....they always hit me.
Books & Solitude
Books & Solitude 15 kun oldin
_this hits _*_home_*
Pygmy Puff
Pygmy Puff 16 kun oldin
That first one was deep.
DiSoPoInTmEnT 17 kun oldin
Me Wan 3k like $$$
Drizzy 18 kun oldin
Wow the intro
BoBa_ vibes
BoBa_ vibes 18 kun oldin
Oooohhh Mexican household watch out for the chancla
Gabrielle Ferrell
Gabrielle Ferrell 19 kun oldin
2:15 happened to me twice but one with my sister and one with my “dad”
DiSoPoInTmEnT 17 kun oldin
Can me subscribe
ιт'ѕ кιωι
ιт'ѕ кιωι 20 kun oldin
When it’s your own family it’s worse....
Billy The Kid
Billy The Kid 20 kun oldin
Nothing like an uncle who stole everything from your grandfather by power of attorney? No sister you've never met at 35 cuz your dad gave up his rights before you were born? Gimme a break. These are weak.
Billy The Kid
Billy The Kid 20 kun oldin
You called your sister retarded?! Are you serious? That's the worst you got?!
Lucy T
Lucy T 20 kun oldin
Self love
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 20 kun oldin
i was physically and verbally abused by my mom and sister and i still am. there are often bruises on my arms and i pretend that it was an accident so i dont get in trouble when my mom and siszer hear it.
Cloaked _
Cloaked _ 20 kun oldin
I gotta secret when I was 5 my sister uhm well raped me I guess like she made me finger her and like I didnt know what I was doing then but I sure as hell do now and we are cool somehow but there's always this dark gloom I think of her sometimes... I think she thinks that I dont remember but I do
人生を去る年_2生涯 〈3
I'm still a bad person
Ugly Rat
Ugly Rat 23 kun oldin
0:47 is something I can relate too...
Dᴀɴɪᴇʟ 23 kun oldin
It is the worst being put up for adoption when you’re big enough to realize it. Leaving your family who you have formed a relationship with for so long. And then being put in someone’s home who you have never seen before, and basically start a new life. I was put up for adoption when I was 9 years old, I’m 13 right now, and it sucks. I haven’t seen my family in over 4 years. They basically abandoned me. And it sucks because I felt like we TRULY loved eachother as a family. But I guess not, and I hope it will get better...💔
Hailey Andrew
Hailey Andrew 23 kun oldin
1:37 I actually can relate that a lot, I got abused from my Sister verbally, mentally, emotionally, and physically
Koda Kent
Koda Kent 23 kun oldin
The first person who wrote the first secret shouldn't be ashamed of what they said we all say stuff we dont mean sometimes and thats just wrong that the parent said she degraded her little sister she probably didn't mean to say what she said
AT Star
AT Star 24 kun oldin
Once I told my mom in a fight... That she deserved her miscarriage I still can't get over that
Anisa Barbie
Anisa Barbie 9 kun oldin
AT Star oh my God
BTS trash Bin
BTS trash Bin 24 kun oldin
This is messed up...
brionna scales
brionna scales 25 kun oldin
i don’t really understand the first one, can someone explain?
brionna scales
brionna scales 22 kun oldin
Fabián A. Faget Amaral that’s so sad 😞
Fabián A. Faget Amaral
brionna scales There dad didn’t want them. So, what the mom did was that she payed him to stay with them. She stopped paying him, and since he didn’t want them, he just left. (That’s what I got from it)
Latrice Lorraine
Latrice Lorraine 26 kun oldin
Can someone please explain the first one?
Fabián A. Faget Amaral
Latrice Lorraine There dad didn’t want them. So, what the mother did was that she payed him to stay with the kids. So, when she stopped paying him, he just left. (That’s what I got from it)
Annonamus Person
Annonamus Person 26 kun oldin
Dad left....Abused me when I went to visit...Told me I wasnt allowed to see him anymore and never come back...Brother took on the role of big brother and father...I love him so much...But he doesnt love me nearly as much...He gets mad when I cry thinking about him leaving or dying....I would lose a dad and brother.....I tell myself to just stay away to make him happy...But everytime I forget and he tells me to leave...Its a reminder that he will never love me the way I love him...That he doesnt want a daughter...Maybe not even a sister...And I am just a burden
LilMama InPajamas
LilMama InPajamas 27 kun oldin
My "family" has a lot of abuse and mental illness...it's a huge part of why I hardly talk to or spend time with them anymore.
Forbidden Pandora
Forbidden Pandora 27 kun oldin
I'm still verbally emotionally and physically abused by my family.
LM5hassnatchedme already
0:48 is literally my story. My mom hates me. She made me hate myself too.
Sabine Meyer
Sabine Meyer 28 kun oldin
I feel like when the last persons secret was shared they were referring to the fact that maybe one parent cheated on the other and was then covered up?? I don’t know, that’s just how I interpreted it.
Khaled Jaber
Khaled Jaber Oy oldin
I feel like I have to share this with you I don't need to be anonymous. I was born in Chicago Illinois in 1992, I spend like 5 years of my childhood there, and for some reason my dad had to move to saudi arabia for work, sooner or later am gonna come back to my birthplace, and am too shame to say that all what I know about the US is from watching movies, and am not sure if the society is going to accept me or no, my biggest fear is that am gonna be treated like an outsider or unwelcome, am really confused and don't know what am I suppos to do
Alexis Hayashi
My dad thinks he's harry potter. It blew up at school. Other students found my dads story on Facebook and posted it so my whole junior class could see. They ridiculed him. They called him crazy. I wasnt bullied, but I bullied myself. I tell myself that everyone thinks that im crazy because my dad is crazy. So depression hit hard. I just want him to disappear.
Fabián A. Faget Amaral
Alexis Hayashi Oh, my bad. I thought you were insulting him because you were being ridiculed by him everyday. I didn’t realize you just wanted him to leave so that people stopped ridiculing him.
Alexis Hayashi
Alexis Hayashi 22 kun oldin
+Fabián A. Faget Amaral well he is being ridiculed. That's the reality. Of course I appreciate the life lessons he taught me. But what he claims isnt something that he just "enjoys" doing. It's an actual living style hes adopted. He will never let this go for the rest of his life. One day I guess I'll learn to accept it, but it hurts to see people hate on him. And I dont want that for him.
Fabián A. Faget Amaral
Alexis Hayashi Why would you want your father to disappear? He’s the one that shows you most of life’s lessons along with your other family members. Just because he enjoys doing something doesn’t mean that he should be ridiculed by your classmates and yourself. Sorry, but you’re a pain in the ass if you don’t let people enjoy themselves.
prevalent or prevalent?
Troubled Chavy
❤️ ❤️❤️ this is for anyone struggling Ur not alone 🤦🏼‍♀️
Maya Is Here
Maya Is Here Oy oldin
The very beginning.... oh my god.
Eadie Fuller Xx
These make me depressed but help me think of how easy I’ve got life compaired to these other ppl 😕
Lovey Mills
Lovey Mills Oy oldin
I have autism. I didnt talk when i was little. My family didnt wonna deal with me, so they would lock me in my room. Sometimes they would hit me. A family friend called CPS but i couldnt talk, and i didnt wonna be taken from my mother, so nothing happened. When i started talking, they would put duct tape over my mouth and restrain me. As i got older, they would hit me more, my dad would even choke me. Sometimes my mother would hit me with a leather belt, leaving marks on the backs of my thighs. My mother pushed me to diet with her, even tho i was underweight and would constantly comment about they way i looked and the things i ate. (I am now a recovered anorexia) I never said anything because i thought this was all normal. When i got older, my best friend (who was also in an abusive home) and I would help each other cover marks and bruises with makeup so that no one at school would say anything. One day, when i was 16, my sister punched me repeatedly in the face during a verbal arguement. It was so bad that makeup wouldnt cover all of it. When the school called CPS i didnt tell them about how my parents treated me. And no one outside of school believed when i told them that my adult sister had hurt me. Not CPS. Not my parents. If people here knew about all of this, they would either turn on me and call me a psychotic liar (like they did when i told them about my adult sister punching me), or they would turn on my parents and my parents would be left seen as horrible people. My fiancee still cant touch my face, or touch my neck at all, even though we have been in a very safe relationship for 6 years, because i start to panic.
Emma Omolaiye
Emma Omolaiye Oy oldin
When I watch these type of videos I honestly feel so much heartbreak for the authors of these secrets. I guess this is making it about me but I feel so grateful to have family that even though, I got frustrated with sometimes, always tried their best to make me feel loved and show me what agape love looks like and I just wish that kind of upbringing upon everyone in this world
Jett wright
Jett wright Oy oldin
My siblings all have wavy hair and lighter skin. Which is confusing, because they want my curly hair and brown skin, and I want their wavy hair and lighter skin.
Haileigh G0511
1:50 😭 that was so-
Daniel Hobgen
Daniel Hobgen Oy oldin
I imagined Jackie 'The Jokeman' Martling and Gilbert Gottfried reacting to these stories.
JJ nasif
JJ nasif Oy oldin
0:51 relatable
fuc nibbas
fuc nibbas Oy oldin
My family is dysfunctional, they always have secrets and they think you don't know because I was the "little naive girl". I was always curious, but I wish I wasn't. All the terrible things they put each other through and the fact that I only scratched the surface! They treat me like a servant, but I am this close to snapping 👌 so y'all pray for my family🙏.
David Garcia
David Garcia Oy oldin
im crying on how some of these i relate so much too.
Palina Maruek
Palina Maruek Oy oldin
How you always have gay in video...where do you find. Gay market
Palina Maruek
Palina Maruek Oy oldin
I knew before gay one get sometjing with bullying
jupiter 111
jupiter 111 Oy oldin
my mum told me on my graduation day from an ivy league that if I didn't return to God, I would never succeed on my own in life. That I was doomed in every thing I did.
AridiaEditz Forever
My twin is autism >:(
Thot Patrol
Thot Patrol Oy oldin
Lillian Earls
Lillian Earls Oy oldin
It feels like the world is against me when I'm with my family. I have a very sweet dad and even though i know my mom loves me, the way she shows it is sick. She talks to me in a very condescending way and has made me afraid of adult and yelling. My sister shames me for not liking her, i love her but i don't know how to like her after she has made me feel like such a burden.
omu* Oy oldin
the one about the mom & the dad fighting then moving in with their aunt & uncle who also fought hit me so hard. i live in a very small apartment with my family and my parents fight constantly. it sucks since the walls are so thin and me & my little sister sleep in a room right next to them. i get sick of being cooped up in that place hearing them argue all the time and the only other place i can stay at is at my grandparents' place, but they fight just as much as my parents, if not worse. the thing about it being like a domino effect struck me because that's exactly what i'm terrified of. i don't want my relationship in the future to end up like them.
Zeenat Ullah
Zeenat Ullah Oy oldin
The one with the girl not being able to talk to her mum because she calls her worthless........that one is deep
es4 es
es4 es Oy oldin
this made me cry
Maryam Khalid
Maryam Khalid Oy oldin
I have a happy family but still i'm not happy i don't know why maybe because my father shows dominance over my mother and treat her like he owns her.i love them both but this just disturbs me
brianna s
brianna s Oy oldin
1:18 I felt that tho
It’s not fine.... I’m not fine, I want people to know but I just can’t tell them
Honey Oy oldin
If you're depressed, tell someone, anyone or any trusted person so they can help you seek help
D. Oy oldin
That last girl with pink hair, pushing through the pain. Extremely strong, carry on fighting whatever you're going through everyone !❤️
Squishys games etc. Toys
All I can is wow...
Traven Garnett
My older sister would constantly degrade me, hit me, and told me to die. My mom didn’t believe me. I still don’t talk to her. Thank god she moved away
Brooklyn Oy oldin
I thought one was gonna be like "my dads a serial killer"
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I was diagnosed with cancer, and my parents were really only focused on my health. Three month later, into the treatment we found my sister hung off the loft balcony. I can never stop thinking it was me who made her hang herself. I am still fighting cancer, and it hurts, but what hurts worst is knowing my sister is gone because of me.
Lil kid with dreams
One of my close friends parents died when he was 3-4 months old. He was adopted by a couple that look like they could be his parents. He told me, his girlfriend, his ex girlfriend (back when they where together), and the school counselor. His brother didn't know and I accidentally told him. I paid my friends brother to keep quite. When my friend found out his brother and I blamed it on his ex ( when they were still together). They broke up, and I blame myself that I ruined a happy relationship.
Slay Ace
Slay Ace Oy oldin
If anyone ever wants to talk about their experience with a break up, sexual assault, depression, bullying, mental illness, the loss of a loved one, family problems, personal issues, well being, bad friends, life decisions, domestic violence, trust issues, the past, dark things you have done in the past and want to better now-(bullied, cheated on someone, lied to someone etc), anxiety, phobias and fears, nightmares or good or bad friends. Even men, if you’re scared to speak up about something that bothers you because it might make you look or feel wimpy and weak. There are no judgements here, honestly. So just in general if anyone wants to tell their story to someone who is willing to listen, I’m all ears and would like to help you go through tough times and would honestly try my best to help out. I’ve been through some stages of my life where I had no one to support me or listen and I’d never wish that on anyone else so please dm me on instagram @twoway_c I don’t want anyone to go through the feeling of being alone like I did ❤️
prince bee
prince bee Oy oldin
When I got bullied I just gain more friends to back me up
- Spaced Out - & - Space Bound -
No matter how bad you think your life is, there's always someone going through something worse. These people have gone through things that I have, thankfully, never experienced. I am so sorry for these people who have. This makes me feel so bad because I've always been in a good home and had a pretty good life, granted I've gone through some things, but none of them compare to some of these.
my parents has recently split and I was the first one out of my three older sisters to know the true reason why. My mom has been saying that she just didn't love my dad anymore which was true, but the other reasons because she slept around with other men for many years before splitting up with my dad. It's hard to look her in the eye, but I always have to pretend that everything's normal.
{Dawn} Oy oldin
2:08 I wanted to show my parents I was strong so I kept all my feelings and emotions inside, after 6 years of doing that I was diagnosed with clinical depression.
Simbaholic Oy oldin
I recently found out that my older sister has struggled with depression, anxiety and bulimia for years, and our mom would make it all about herself and how hard it was on her. She told my sister she was just making it all up for attention. My sister also had to wait until she was 18 to fill her antidepressant prescription because our mom wouldn't let her. And all this was kept secret because Mom thought it would make her look bad to other people. I also found out that my sister is autistic like me, and she suffered the same emotional abuse I did - being forced to act normal and being told that we didn't matter, we didn't have a right to an opinion, our parents didn't care about our feelings, etc. Basically our mom sees us as extensions of herself whose only purpose in life is to make her look good.
lol lipop
lol lipop Oy oldin
...my deepest secret is.. I never showed my 6. grade school report to my mom
OREO Oy oldin
The very first one hit hard
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