People Read Strangers' Money Secrets

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2-Dek, 2018

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Jubilee Oy oldin
Thank you everyone for watching and to the people who trust us with their secrets. Thank you so much to our sponsor Simple Habit (mental wellness app) for making this season possible. Take just a few minutes out of your day to improve your life by using Simple Habit. They've given all of you one week FREE of their premium version ( simplehabit.com/jubilee ). Thanks for watching! ❤️
Chibi qwertyuiop
Chibi qwertyuiop 18 soat oldin
Living in a country where education is free is a thing I'm thankful for almost every day. Having to live with a debt just for wanting education sounds crazy to me. I feel so bad for people born into capitalism. My heart goes out to you and I hope you're able to enjoy life despite the money struggle.
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny 2 kun oldin
Making my mom pay lots of money to cure my ilness, and not always with results showing up. As a result, seeing her care less and less about herself, wear the same clothes she wore for ages and see her look older than what age she actually is.
Cassie Brittny
Cassie Brittny 7 kun oldin
Can really relate to the last one.. I'm not crying you're crying
ASOT Forever
ASOT Forever 7 kun oldin
I like the ending (the reaction of the person) cuz that's how we have to think. We are alive and safe now. So if we actually have the need of help, we have to search it also
Kim Kissang
Kim Kissang 7 kun oldin
When I was young I took my dads wallet and took the money and evened the money in my moms purse so they had the same amount I got in a lot of trouble but I was young and I didn’t know but know .
Almighty D
Almighty D 11 kun oldin
I feel jipped!! I thought they were gonna tell us their secrets to getting rich.
Kristina Petrov
Kristina Petrov 11 kun oldin
What did that first girl meant by that hand signs? 👀
Dem Fish Sticks
Dem Fish Sticks 13 kun oldin
The thing is, I'm a really young person. Even though I'm very young, I'm already in debt. I've begun blackmailing people I don't like, but I feel really bad because of it, but I don't know any other way to get money at this age.
J W 13 kun oldin
college is just a money debt trap... it's a business!!... and the path we all blindly follow because it's what everyone else does or it's what you're supposed to do... and the larger scale problem continues
Rose ŕøśë
Rose ŕøśë 13 kun oldin
Omg The Asian guy's voice is just like butter 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ I
Skittle Barf
Skittle Barf 15 kun oldin
brandon johnson
brandon johnson 16 kun oldin
I never say no to a purchase because of my 80 hour work weeks.
Lucifers Librarian
Lucifers Librarian 19 kun oldin
I’ve based my existence around money, since an early age my family has struggled financially, money has dictated our lives, as it does. Growing up things that others would take for granted, ie. hot water, food, doctors visits, were regarded with scarcity. I once forced myself to endure incomprehensible amounts of pain for hours, in an effort to conserve money, as my mom could not afford a hospital visit, though I ended up requiring emergency surgery. I didn’t care about the surgery in the slightest, all that I would say to my mom was “I’m sorry” repeatedly, because I knew we couldn’t afford the copayment. I cannot stand materialistic people as result of this upbringing.
HELLO-hello-ello 20 kun oldin
Whisper app come to life.
THE DREAM 22 kun oldin
People be around me because I have money after lost mom and my dad no one stop with me from this people I help !! Just some true friends show and support
maggie 23 kun oldin
oh god. I know this is gonna be sad 😞.
Typical Jay
Typical Jay 24 kun oldin
I have a secret savings account so I can paint myself white
Lena Covello
Lena Covello 24 kun oldin
Money liberated me. Gaining an income grants you independence and an identity. Lack of money can take those away. Just a pure fact of living in this world.
itss.rachel_ 24 kun oldin
I fear that I’m not going to make in life
Cyantha Key
Cyantha Key 26 kun oldin
this series is awesome, I have so many secrets that I keep, thanks for sharing this idea with the world.
Yousef Ahmed
Yousef Ahmed 27 kun oldin
Damn this is deep
audy like the car
audy like the car 27 kun oldin
Primitave 29 kun oldin
One of societies biggest failures is how much money matters.
LeafPandaxx Oy oldin
Have problems with money. As a kid, it’s really hard...
Marsha Creary
Marsha Creary Oy oldin
a.d.w. n.
a.d.w. n. Oy oldin
Im thinking of going back to school for a psychology degree. I want to work with individuals with special needs anf handicaps. Anyway. I just dont want the debt. I will have to look for many grants and scholarships and also work on the side. Dont want the debt.
Natsu Dragneel
I graduated last year videos like this make me think if i should go to college guys, should i??
Simply Because
I love this series so much, please don't ever stop. It gets me through my sad days and makes me remember that it's not just me struggling 🙏🏼
Debbie M
Debbie M Oy oldin
I know this is off topic but has anyone noticed they are wearing the same clothes per video
Olivia Suarez
Olivia Suarez Oy oldin
What if the people reading the secrets are the people who wrote them
L U M A T I C Oy oldin
1:46 Well it depends on where that person was working. Because if it was a small business, like a local shop, the owner would have had to undergo a hard time... Its great to take care of your family, but you shouldnt harm others who are innocent in order to do so.
AAA 305
AAA 305 Oy oldin
I stole $20 from the offering basket at church when I was 6 so I could buy ice cream from the ice cream man
tk lele
tk lele Oy oldin
2:04 that hit me harder than I expected
Money is a tricky subject :/
Godel Escher Bach
Why are all of these money secrets negative? Here’s my positive money secret: when I was 24 I started making $75,000 as a software developer because I’m self taught. I try to keep this away from everybody because those that have known have tried to use me.
Kelly Cahill
Kelly Cahill Oy oldin
Why did this make me cry
Nathan Cox
Nathan Cox Oy oldin
That woman snapping was cringey
Nathan Cox
Nathan Cox Oy oldin
Andrea Ibori I’m not upset, you just read it like I’m angry
Andrea Ibori
Andrea Ibori Oy oldin
Nathan Cox Chill out. Second comment didn’t have your name on it for a reason.
Nathan Cox
Nathan Cox Oy oldin
Andrea Ibori Your the one who got so offended by a comment that you needed to reply twice, so don’t talk about who is awkward
Andrea Ibori
Andrea Ibori Oy oldin
You seem like an awkward person anyway so it shouldn’t make a difference.
Andrea Ibori
Andrea Ibori Oy oldin
Nathan Cox ...Or snap.
V Fly
V Fly Oy oldin
@1:49 is that the girl that catfished chris birdman andersen??
Shermal Jones
Shermal Jones Oy oldin
this hits harder than a cross-fitter beating me to death with a sledgehammer.
Joshua D
Joshua D Oy oldin
I don't think HE's a bad person lmfaoo
Sanja Bošković
My advice to native english speaker who cannot find job, look for online english teaching schools, they pay well and many do not require anything other than being native speaker, and good internet :D
white 148
white 148 Oy oldin
I can totally relate! My money secret: I'm a college student and my allowance doesn't cover my necessities. Because I pretend having enough money every time my dad asks me if i need some. Just because he has been paying back a debt since 1994 and that is the only way i can help him....
Andrea Ibori
Andrea Ibori Oy oldin
white 148 I’m a college student too! As a pre med student an easy job for me to get was a Pharmacy Technician and the pay is great. Before that I made money by doing STEM internships, and that type of work is available for nearly every major. Go to your guidance counselors and get involved, you can even qualify for work study through your school. Save that money while you can!!
WoodyWoods428 Oy oldin
My money secret. Workplace Closed and I have been living on $20 for 3 months. lol
KevinCummings Fitness
I want to be on your channel. This would be awesome to do
My money secret: went into the mafia sold tons of drugs ran away with the money. Still running.
Marbrydav Oy oldin
When you hear the word "money" try to replace it with "ability to acquire resources" and you'll have a different perspective in life. The key word is perspective though, not mindset.
Blxck Oy oldin
Everybody was saying weed is bad weed is bad because the media brainwashed peoples, they were told it's a gateway drug and now they are trying to become the dealer! medical companies were hiding cure to cancer so they make a lot of profit off meds....and the customers keep coming back once in a while...Smoking herb is still illegal at most of the place but it's starting to become legal
Blxck Oy oldin
Remember slavery was legal
Isaiah Harjo
Isaiah Harjo Oy oldin
I am Christian it's my job to help these people no matter the situation and not be judgemental only loving caring as seeing them as another friend in need ♥️🙏
Carbin Shalon
Carbin Shalon Oy oldin
So much of this hit home for me. I guess I should be appreciative about my job (I wasn’t for a while), and I’m choosing trade school, those 35-100k debts scared me so bad XXXDDD
Alex Scarcella
JUBILEE! I challenge you to have a middle ground talk between people from the LGBTQ+ community and the Westboro Baptist Church...
Princessy Kitty
Are you guys trying to make me cry??
정아영 Oy oldin
great video as always, and thank you for introducing SIMPLE HABIT.
Helena Aleksandra
Once when I was 8 I used my parents credit card to spend 90 dollars on wizard101 and I lied to them about it and told them they were hacked and eventually they had to delete my account so that the “hacker” couldn’t use their card anymore
Pirate_ Princess9
Can i share a secret? I was a shaken baby and its very hard to be a normal person as people see me and i dont even mean to. Its hard to do things that a 20 year old should be out doing when you cant even handle saving money, or moving out, having friends that arnt 40 years older then me, or to even drive because you cant trust your judgement on some things. It hurts when my parents watch the news and complain about how people my age wont go and do things when im one of thoes people but they dont blame me because of something that happened to me when i was 3 months old. I could keep going buy this post is already so long.
M D Oy oldin
This video is too short wtf. I didn’t even cry yet.
osnat shemtov
osnat shemtov Oy oldin
Ppl only see the successes stories , they forget they must of us fail b4 we succeed
Elizabeth Calderon
Ruger Oy oldin
My secret is that I have been paying tax on my premium snapchat account
Kassandria Oy oldin
This isn’t a secret, I’m so bad with money 😂
Will you consider opening up a place where people can submit these secrets online?
Alice Crayonle
Unemployed for 2 years but have $300 per month, where is that money come from I need to know
angel Oy oldin
Should’ve gone to a trade school
Lauren Oy oldin
my dad barely makes enough for the house note itself and never can get himself anything and he works every single day. i love him and im sorry that i wasn't always appreciative of his commitment and hard work.
Larissa Fong
Larissa Fong Oy oldin
People always ask me why I want to work at the legal age (14 and 9 months) and I always say "to buy clothes and stuff" but my real goal is to help my grandma and parents who are struggling financially and I feel like it's my fault that we are in this situation because they have to pay so much for school. But it doesn't get better because my mum and dad have never had a good relationship and I'm afraid they'll have a divorce.
asianite Oy oldin
Why do you guys make them so short man
Love Stars
Love Stars Oy oldin
Love.these videos. My favorite videos on UZvid
Random Rednecks EH
You should be careful with the flashing colors thing at the start of some of your videos. As someone with severe epilepsy, I was not expecting it the first few times and it gave me auras and sharp pains! I do love the content though!
Toad Frog
Toad Frog Oy oldin
To all my homies drowning in student debt...you can be free! Hang in there and learn the lesson.
Good Living
Good Living Oy oldin
For the person that stole 2,000 dollar I think that was wrong. I get that you were in a bad position but just because you were going through something doesn’t mean you have the right to steal from someone who worked for it. I don’t think they’re are a terrible person but I do think that shows what there character is. But karma will do its thing.
i love you min yoongi
The fact that going to a good college or even getting primary and secondary education is so expensive sickens me to death. Though it may be free in some countries some places like mine its not. Everyday at school we were told we are one of the lucky ones to be able to afford* good education. It gives me goosebumps. Not having education in this society is like going to a calculus class without knowing 1+1
Dozie Margiela
This hits home
Ruth Phaviset
Ruth Phaviset Oy oldin
Omg 2M subs!! Yay!
Roselyn Gwendo
I actually downloaded Simple Habit because of you guys😍
Jayden Smith
Jayden Smith Oy oldin
When I was 15,I had sex with a man for 200.i got a nice laptop with the money, and I dont regret doing it.
Seerat J
Seerat J Oy oldin
I mean ya'll call people who want money 'gold diggers'. But let me remind you guys something, money is important. I've seen people who are living such a bad life because of financial crisis. They can't raise their children. They're homeless. There are family fights and arguments going on in over 50% of the families just because of money shortage. I've seen women who've to stay with their abusive husbands just because they don't have a job and hence no money so they can't leave them as they can't stand on their own feet. They depend. Basically money makes people depend on other people and those other people take advantage of the poor money need-ers. We're living in 2018, it's absolutely difficult to survive about money. That being said it's just as important to realise the worth of money and not waste it if you've a tonne of it. Just give it to someone who needs it.
Dylan Oy oldin
2:19 Is so accurate to me. ❤️
Adnan A
Adnan A Oy oldin
I was hoping this would be about money tips 😢
R TR3WAY Oy oldin
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Oy oldin
I know I am living a fucked up life when I can relate to all of them.
ThaLigua999 Oy oldin
At 1:45 she assumed a person who stole 2000$ was a man, just saying I'm jk ok, If u still wrote a comment and pull the see more tab late, fat dab for you
CoilyPrincess 1008
My money secret... I'm broke.
Golden Ramsay
Golden Ramsay Oy oldin
Amuletas Oy oldin
2:08 ..damn, this really did hit home..
Mochi! Oy oldin
Students are out here in college struggling to afford decent food and it’s dismissed as part of the “college experience” rather than a huge issue surrounding the way academic institutions exploit their students
Mochi! Oy oldin
Student loan is awful..... like damn
Sai Ren
Sai Ren Oy oldin
Yeah no taking money that doesn't belong to you is theft no matter what, how would your family feel when they find out how you got that money or if one day the cops knock on your door and cuff you in front of them? There is a saying in my mother tongue, a person should have their values even with an empty stomach.
daunderdog Oy oldin
i see some same faces in these episodes are they still counted as strangers
Grog Oy oldin
1:45 Did she just assume his gender because they broke the law!? Because statistically, men are more likely to break the law than women, oh okay that makes sense then. You go girl for accurately assuming someone's gender
Marcos Alcala
Marcos Alcala Oy oldin
Damn I didn't know many people had these thoughts in their head I can relate to almost all of these and it was affecting my mental health I landed on depression and from that it led to drugs I been thru so much this past year (2018) I'm no longer doing drugs but still waiting for those better days I been working on my self just wanted to add this comment for those who are going thru situations like this cause I used to think I was alone with my inner struggles
GravityGames Oy oldin
I'm glad I didn't go to college, and I honestly don't feel like I missed anything.
tiffany Oy oldin
where do these stories come from? how do people find these submissions??
Dana Bongard
Dana Bongard Oy oldin
Im so grateful education is free in my country ): 💓
Dana Bongard
Dana Bongard Oy oldin
I changed schools 2 years ago and i like the new school but everyone is so rich and it's just normality for them.. I sometimes feel left out and especially now that Christmas comes around it's even more present ): one of my best friends invited me to their family christmas last year and although theyre all really nice im just not used to hear them talk about money like its nothing.. i got 200€ for Christmas last year (which im really grateful for!!!) and she got things worth over 1k € + a boat and a boat's drivers license 😭 another friend got an iphone X when it just came out and jewelry and more but like i said this is normality for them and it makes me feel strange .. (no one's probably gonna read this but i thought this is still the right video for commenting such things)
Inebriatd Oy oldin
I wonder what the poor people are doing today.
Amy Duong
Amy Duong Oy oldin
I'm currently in post secondary. I want to be a writer but I feel like I'm throwing all my money away and idk what I'm really doing with my life bc making a sustainable living as writer is a stretch... being an adult is hard 😔
Heng Hui Mei
Heng Hui Mei Oy oldin
I just wanna tell all students (or non-students too) reading this that student loan debts are part and parcel of being a student, and everybody's tryna pay off those loans, so as long as you are not extravagant in your purchases (prolly a part-time job will help), you will be able to settle it soon enough!
Lena Xox
Lena Xox Oy oldin
Wait does anyone know where you post you confessions, thought they had a site for it.
Isela D. Medina
This hit really close to home I just turned 18 a few months age and I've been looking for a job non stop for almost 5 months. I really hope I get this job on Monday if not I'm homeless again.
Groovy Maria
Groovy Maria Oy oldin
I've been going through the same situation, I'm sorry :( I hope you get the job ! ❤
Earl Jared Banaga
My mom was robbed of $3000. I'm never gonna know what the rest of the story is, but i do knoe that my mom knew who she was. The robber got reported to the police. But the robber lied about something. Time goes on, never heard about that incident again, nor the results. I do know that my mom never got back that $3000. Now, she's forgiven the robber and moved on, but still has issues with giving somebody else money other than family and friends.
I think what needs to be taught more to people, especially kids, are the failures, mistakes, and struggles made instead of just showing the final result of it all like at 2:22. We focus so much on the end result we don't realize how far it is and how much we may have to fall to get there or if we can get there.