People Read Strangers' Race Secrets

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19-Dek, 2018

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DistortedV12 4 soat oldin
No offense, but why would anyone want to be white?
False Info
False Info 10 soat oldin
I love how this video shows more than just white people being racist
Chibi qwertyuiop
Chibi qwertyuiop 18 soat oldin
As someone who actively speaks out against racism I've been shut down by people of all races. White people who want to sah the n word, black people who want to make fun of white stereotypes and asianamericans who wont let anyone but them wear asian clothes. Its sad that racism is such a big part of humam culture that people form all races take part. Skin colour is like hair colour. Its a part of your genes and culture doesnt belong to skin colour but to what community you were raised in. Racism just makes no sense.
goldn’ Chille
goldn’ Chille Kun oldin
I wanna be in these
Floppy Potter
Floppy Potter Kun oldin
It pisses me off so much that still race matters.
julia d.
julia d. Kun oldin
Being born in China, I’m too Asian for Americans but being raised/adopted by a white family and mainly all my life is in America, I’m too white for Asian people and it hurts that I’m just not good enough for anyone
Jordan Hynes
Jordan Hynes Kun oldin
This makes me hate being white.
Roger is Daddy
Roger is Daddy Kun oldin
2:52 *bish were??*
MMONLY Kun oldin
i am white, and i cannot believe that things like this still exist, in the most developed countries. stay strong and beautiful💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿
circuswannabe 2 kun oldin
You shouldn’t have to fit in with your race or be separated. On a kinda funny note i was one of the only white kids in my class and the teacher said it was my first year of not homeschooling and she introduced some other white kid and said he just moved from new york and people asked if we were siblings 😂 didn’t even look like him.
ApRiL3706 2 kun oldin
I am proud of my olive skin and I love my naturally curly hair. Stop telling me I look better when my skin lightens during the winter and that my hair used to look better when I straighten it. I am beautiful the way I am
Rahul Singh Yadav
Rahul Singh Yadav 2 kun oldin
What’s wrong being an Indian. Be proud that you got a brown skin that you can take up to paint this world with a different colour, because it sucks to see a colourless world anyway. If you are having problems than confront them head on see there reactions and make them feel how lowlife they are.
Hazard 3 kun oldin
I love how they completely ignore white people like they are not looked down upon by all races pretty much every race thinks white people are racist when they get picked on by different races just like every other races
Crisperbus 3 kun oldin
This video was made for the sole purpose of shitting on white people
Ilannysh Rodriguez
Ilannysh Rodriguez 3 kun oldin
Is there a way to submit secrets?
Zayy Star
Zayy Star 3 kun oldin
*White people need to watch this.*
Allison Cardenas
Allison Cardenas 3 kun oldin
I love being Latina I wouldn't trade it for anything
The Nug Life
The Nug Life 3 kun oldin
Linking to the one about “not being black enough”, if a person of mixed race, as in half white British and half Egyptian, got braids would that be acceptable in your opinion or seen as cultural appropriation since they don’t have Afro hair? Asking because little things like this have almost caused me to have an identity crisis because of the fear of being labelled “racist” and “thinking I’m black”.
Shante1019 3 kun oldin
Me being a Black woman, we (including Black men) get so much hate from the world, & it's very anti-Black across the globe.. but I will NEVER trade my Blackness for anything in this world. I love being an African descent woman. & I absolutely love & adore my beautiful melanin complexion, hair, features & all. There's nothing like it.
adrienette 4 kun oldin
i feel like people just want to be white like it'll be easier, honestly i think that too..
Sxphie 4 kun oldin
I’m asian but I’m Aussie as well cuz I’m born there but to a lot of people I’m not Australian because I’m not white I’m asian, when people tell me I act more white than asian I feel somewhat proud because I’m “blending” in and it’s ruining me honestly because I honestly hate it.
Sinathi Kunene
Sinathi Kunene 5 kun oldin
That first one....😢
Vampz0r 5 kun oldin
thank god i'm white
PrinceKade 5 kun oldin
"what does it mean to be black or white?" I love that this is my favorite episode its just amazing
BelieveDa Hype
BelieveDa Hype 5 kun oldin
I don’t get why it’s so much hate towards everyone that isn’t white I just don’t because at the end of the day we all bleed the same color blood.
Namjoon_is_perfect 5 kun oldin
Someone tell me I'm not the only one who gets shamed for being "too pale" and that I look like "milk" and I should "go get tan or something, you look sick" First off you insensitive buttwipes, I don't leave my house and I stay in the dark of my room for medical reasons . Second off, milk is very opaque and I am pasty af so
Hybrid Mind
Hybrid Mind 5 kun oldin
Wow this is hard to listen to. I appreciate the realness and rawness of this video.
宇hika 5 kun oldin
I laughed at 0:10 "dirty mud skin", pretty sure im going to hell But i also have dark skin, so maybe not
Hope Terrell
Hope Terrell 6 kun oldin
i thought the last girl’s comment was absolutely beautiful
toasty 6 kun oldin
The media is an evil place
3:27 me
Nia C.
Nia C. 6 kun oldin
I get called a white black girl ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the time I don’t say anything to the people who say it to me but good lord do I hate it
No Name
No Name 6 kun oldin
You shouldn't look a person how it looks . Black or white is a color , it's anything else. You should love each other , look their personality, look how they are helping other people or smth like that . " See in their hearts not in ther face "
Panda Bear
Panda Bear 6 kun oldin
When I was younger I despised my culture and hated being Indian. I remember people always said why do you sound white? What does that even mean? I wasn't Indian enough for the brown kids and was too Indian for the white kids apparently. Now that I'm older I realise your skin colour is nothing to be ashamed or proud of because you have no control over it - it simply is the way it is.
Gracie Hart
Gracie Hart 6 kun oldin
I hate being white, and because of that, I hate myself.
solarium 7 kun oldin
As a person who’s not American, I can relate to most of these. From my experience, I’ve never really liked my race because of what “level” I belong on and how I was treated. In our society, Americans “matter more”. I’ve wanted to be white for the longest time. But now I understand to value your race and just appreciate who you are. Race doesn’t matter. Our race doesn’t earn us some sort of title or “level” overall because in the end, we’re all humans who breathe the same
ASOT Forever
ASOT Forever 7 kun oldin
02:43 Exactly, when you feel upset, tell the person(s) no matter if you would sound angry or weird or something else
Anarita Bie
Anarita Bie 7 kun oldin
i was three minutes and eight seconds in and i started to cry
Mesliac Alenn
Mesliac Alenn 7 kun oldin
‘I’m brown but I wish I was white because I don’t want to be associated with all the violence portrayed in the media.’ This made me cry. My cousin is also brown and I hope he never felt this way.
Change the world
Change the world 7 kun oldin
A girl in my class one time put brown paint on me and said that i should suffer for what other white people did....
BillieEilishStan 00
My friend got beaten up by her boyfriends mother because she was white We all bleed the same blood, and who we are is not skin deep. Why do people judge others by the color of their skin Black and white is just words, just labels i hope that we can get past that some day
Mas Mann
Mas Mann 7 kun oldin
That was so beautiful ;)
D I S C Ø V E R 8 kun oldin
When we learned about 9/11 and how the terrorists came from Muslim countries, everyone made jokes about me bombing the school. I just go along with it, but it does hurt.
Jojo C
Jojo C 8 kun oldin
I completely HATE being white. The history that we have created with so much negativity and racism is disappointing. The fact that so many people want to be white makes me sad because it’s white people who made this negative standard.
Husky SM
Husky SM 8 kun oldin
I think many people dont get it. White doesnt mean you are not put in a group its just your nationality than. I am german and as like some people call black people slaves or brown people terrorists and rapist they call us nazis. Being white doesnt change anything. The only thing that is diffrent. They only know what you are if they hear you speaking and not if they just see you.
narutosbelievin 8 kun oldin
I honestly have never gotten the point of racism. It's just as that one girl said, a color. It's the color of someone's skin. If someone is going to be prejudice against someone else for their skin color then they also should be prejudice against people for their hair color, eye color, etc. And also animals. Animals come in different colors too. You don't see people going around saying white dogs are better than black dogs. Who even cares what color skin you have? Why does it matter? It has nothing to do with who that person is on the inside. And THAT'S what matters.
SaySkygBlake 8 kun oldin
I want to say to that girl that doesn't feel beautiful and desirable as a white woman, I'm white and I feel black women are more beautiful than us. That's just my opinion, but the thing I want to say is: who decided what MUST be desirable? Don't let others say what you are and don't let others decide how you should percieve yourself
Rebekah Rosman
Rebekah Rosman 9 kun oldin
Who do they get the answers from, like who is in the crowd that they are interviewing?
hannah spencer
hannah spencer 9 kun oldin
i’m white ,, i do not want to be at all i feel ashamed of being white n. being white means i’m racist n rich n spoiled etc .. i go to a very diverse school n racist jokes are told to me all the time n i have to find them funny bc i’m white n i can’t be offended n when i am i feel ashamed
cool jazz
cool jazz 9 kun oldin
"I wish that I could just be white" 😭😭
destiny w
destiny w 9 kun oldin
we are all humans with the same body parts. we aren’t different species, we’re just different but beautiful colors.
aGgIe B.
aGgIe B. 9 kun oldin
my white friend thought I had a sickness because I was black.
Creeping Shooter
Creeping Shooter 9 kun oldin
People in the comments of this video do 1 thing right and one thing wrong. The thing they get right is that racism and stuff like these are wrong. The thing they get wrong is the belief that this is happening so frequently and on such a large scale. They believe that racism has somehow gotten worse, while in reality, its getting more and more minuscule.
Annie Zikianda
Annie Zikianda 9 kun oldin
this was so powerful
SS Robs
SS Robs 9 kun oldin
Wtf is a "race secret"?
Princess Valdez
Princess Valdez 9 kun oldin
I used to want to be white because as a child I thought that being white meant that I would automatically become rich.
Kay Gideon
Kay Gideon 10 kun oldin
Everyone wants to be white, why? Other races thinks you’re privileged, racist, entitled, “have it easy”...it’s just like thinking the grass is greener on the other side.
Chizal White
Chizal White 10 kun oldin
As a Black person, I’m not for interracial relationships. We have too many problems within our own community to be distracted and go elsewhere. We have to repair the damage done to ourselves by white society.
Rea Jay
Rea Jay 10 kun oldin
I'm half asian and my best friend's grandmother told me to my face that mixed races were a sin. This happened in 2018 and I cried a bit even though I know it isn't true.
Valeria Nicole Perez
I feel uncomfortable leaving in a zone where is very little Latinos... Some stereotypes and the all this over-sexualized view makes me uncomfortable as a Latina girl
Bella D
Bella D 10 kun oldin
Bro growing up Hispanic in elementary I used to be told to go clean houses or make tacos or go mow and do landscape and it hurt me but I would change my race I love my roots and family
Halimah Yahaya
Halimah Yahaya 10 kun oldin
all white peoples fault
SS Robs
SS Robs 9 kun oldin
Halimah Yahaya no u
Rebecca 10 kun oldin
3:15 hmu with his @
Brittany Ramon
Brittany Ramon 10 kun oldin
I’m Hispanic and growing up my family would always tell me to stick to my race or go for a white guy... My husband is African American and we have two beautiful babies together, I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING. Love is love!
Kaylie Knudsen
Kaylie Knudsen 11 kun oldin
Jubilee, thank you for making this. This somehow made me respect people’s color more, before this I still did respect color but this made me appreciate people’s personality more than their color. They’re all beautiful people. I also have a question, what is the music you use in the beginning and in the background? I love the music!
wxlf 11 kun oldin
My mother is very racist to Asians even with my cousin who is very Asian. I love my cousin to death and I tell her very time that she doesn’t appreciate it. It’s gotten so bad that my cousins other side of the family won’t even come see us because of her
Pl3xus99 11 kun oldin
Yh I get called a coconut, cuz I don’t like KFC / Nandos... fam I don’t care & u lot shouldn’t care either it’s a joke albeit built on stereotype, but my friends know that I’m black, I don’t have to reinforce my blackness by acting or cleaving to certain attitudes my skin does the talking. I can be black & be addicted to Tea & I am lol. You mandem gotta chill out & stop taking everything to heart or feeling like you NEED to fit into something.
Brian Franco
Brian Franco 11 kun oldin
That black guy in the red jacket has like a nice ass voice. The type of voice you hear when listing to an audio book
Almighty D
Almighty D 11 kun oldin
TBH alot of these people sound weak. My beautiful black people need to realize we are thee most powerful race on the planet. IF YOU WEREN'T THEY WOULDN'T NEED TO TRY SO HARD TO HANDICAP YOU!!!
SS Robs
SS Robs 9 kun oldin
Almighty D If you were so power as a person you wouldn't need to be so concerned about something so irrelevant.
mishael johnson
mishael johnson 11 kun oldin
upsetting to say that the majority of the stuff they were saying i felt that...
mishael johnson
mishael johnson 11 kun oldin
“I just want to be me” I love that
Ali Abdulghani
Ali Abdulghani 11 kun oldin
1:55 thats me saddly
Bellens_drawings 11 kun oldin
I don’t like it when people use the word race instead if ethnicity. Because we are all the same race, human.
Gunnar Warner
Gunnar Warner 11 kun oldin
I hate that being white is a bad thing obviously there is discrimination but sometimes i wish i was a different color because of the way people feel about us wish we all could just see love not color
Robert Hurtado
Robert Hurtado 12 kun oldin
And im here to tell you bieng lightskin doesn't get you anywhere either. Still got haters
Calico Cat Jimin
Calico Cat Jimin 12 kun oldin
I wish I could feel happier about myself. I hate my race and constantly think about ways I could lighten my skin color. I’m even ashamed to tell anyone my identity. now I know that my race doesn’t define me but i still hate my color.
_Jian_ 12 kun oldin
"Don't bring a white girl home" Brings white guy instead
America’s MostWanted N&J
I absolutely love being BLACK!!!!!!!
PhetoloP 12 kun oldin
I truly wish racism can be cancelled completely from peoples’ lives I refuse to live my life as a colour only
Grace ?
Grace ? 12 kun oldin
Maya Acosta
Maya Acosta 12 kun oldin
I used to be ashamed of being Mexican as a child, I would always lie about my race when people would ask where I am from and talk about my accent. Now that I'm older, I've developed medical issues that causes me to be very pale. Now that people assume I'm white and find it funny that I'm not, I can't help but feel angry. I used to feel so uncomfortable in my own skin but I want it back. The moment I became proud of my race is also the moment in which I felt detached from it.
Kamille Daniel
Kamille Daniel 12 kun oldin
Black man always want a white girl and a mix baby
Hannah McGrath
Hannah McGrath 13 kun oldin
As a human, I think that no matter what skin color you have, it shows nothing about who you really are. Races shouldnt be praised or hated on and im not talking about the black race or white race, I'm talking about every race in general because every race will eventually be commented on how she/he looks, be made fun of, looked down upon, or praised in any way.
Alana Alana123
Alana Alana123 13 kun oldin
I get bullied at school because I’m white I hate myself it’s just a Color
Ryan P
Ryan P 13 kun oldin
Wishing you were white or another race to get away from the hate is a shame. Be proud of who you are and your race regardless of being black, white, tan or brown. Denouncing who you are is more low than what anyone can say or do to you
Clash King
Clash King 13 kun oldin
Everyone should proud of their race or ethnicity 😊😊😊
Bre Bre
Bre Bre 13 kun oldin
This is pretty sad and harsh
Isabel Coca
Isabel Coca 13 kun oldin
It’s terrible people are judged and criticized for something they can’t control, like at the end of the day we all are part of the human race
A Thot?
A Thot? 13 kun oldin
I am literally 1 of the 4 black kids at my school. I hate school because of all the people that talk about me being black I wish I could just be like everyone else so people treat me like I’m normal.
Natasha 13 kun oldin
that sucks. theres not a lot of black kids at my school either. idk why race makes people stand out so much its weird. we’re all just kids trying to learn.
Fig the Nig
Fig the Nig 13 kun oldin
Cut us all open, no matter what color we are at the end of the day we bleed the same blood
westboy 13 kun oldin
Why do Americans focus on race so much? It's literally something nobody can change.
Hannahhh 14 kun oldin
I’m Bengali but I look black, but I live in an area where black people are looked down upon, so I often get discriminated. But if I say anything, I could end up getting stabbed.
Jay Wavvy
Jay Wavvy 14 kun oldin
Forever Loving
Forever Loving 14 kun oldin
White people are cool and all but I like the way God made me.
Forever Loving
Forever Loving 14 kun oldin
I would have told my parent faster than you can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
#pandas4rlife 14 kun oldin
"I don't wanna be black enough or white enough, I just want to be me." Aww💞
Haley Wilson
Haley Wilson 14 kun oldin
as a white woman I believe that no one no matter what color you are, you shouldnt feel like you have change your race to live a better life. White woman dont get any "perks" for being a woman and being white.
Natasha 13 kun oldin
Haley Wilson they kind of do but go off i guess. youre ignorant of your privilege if you dont see yourself as having any
Reyna Rojas
Reyna Rojas 14 kun oldin
I’m not crying you are
Jordan's Pet Sloth
Jordan's Pet Sloth 14 kun oldin
In this society we live in now I feel like I'm the enemy of everyone just for being white. I feel as my opinion won't matter, or that people will think I'm vile for being white.
Jann Montejano
Jann Montejano 14 kun oldin
I'm latino and white my mom never really spoke Spanish around me but I can still relate to the culture and a lot of other stuff but other kids around 5th grade wouldnt believe me theyd say stuff like "your only mexican if you speak Spanish" so I forced myself to learn Spanish just so i can fit in