People Read Strangers' Race Secrets

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19-Dek, 2018



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Fikrlar 2 785
r e
r e 16 soat oldin
3:32 she just said what’s on my mind ❤️❤️and she’s pretty tho
Meme Morgue
Meme Morgue 21 soat oldin
I’m offended by there not being white males
Eric Luzan
Eric Luzan 22 soat oldin
1:55. I can relate to all the time. I'm Hispanic, and every now and then I'll get the comment like " sorry there's no tacos or burritos." When I'm at a luncheon or lunch room at work. Everyone else (non Hispanic) will laugh and I'll just laugh with them, to not make them feel bad. But on the inside the stereotype actually hurts a little.
KidFrenzyy Kun oldin
2:50 hold up....
W & Nikki R.
W & Nikki R. Kun oldin
it never occured to me that anyone would want to be white in this day and age until now. i feel a bit ignorant in that regard. models in the west have predominately been white for so long that as early as being a little kid, it is implied that white is "perfect". but things are changing. people are realizing that beauty does not just come in the "perfect white" form. i hope that anyone who is feel self conscious about themselves remembers that. embrace yourself, not society's standards
Nala Makhathini
Nala Makhathini Kun oldin
I feel like no guy will ever be interested in me cause I'm not white and most of the guys in my school are into white girls, making me wonder if only I was white...
Rehena Begum
Rehena Begum 2 kun oldin
The Indian one hit home
Taurus 11342
Taurus 11342 3 kun oldin
Couldn’t agree more with the well educated woman at 4:05. Only if the whole world was full of people like her
Dimitri 3 kun oldin
I'm black. I love being black, but I don't feel like I fit in with others of the same race, that also goes onto other people as well. I also haven't traveled much either and I've barely seen anything in this world personally
manny purple
manny purple 3 kun oldin
My own friends made jokes about how there skin is so fair while mine was extra burnt and took videos of it
Amani Arts
Amani Arts 4 kun oldin
I relate to the "not black enough" statement. Sometimes I wished I was darker so people would know that I'm black. Because we are so beautiful. And it kinda hurts when someone tells you that you don't fit in with what they perceive. We're amazing in all shades and attitudes. And we are so much more than stereotypes
SuB tO PeWDS 5 kun oldin
Is it normal for me to feel bad about being white even though I never did anything. I’m only 11 but I am fascinated by race and people’s backgrounds. If I see something I say it. Whenever I say something like you shouldn’t say the n word to a white guy African Americans attack me. I don’t understand how you’re attacking me when she just said the n word. (She’s white) Idk can someone tell me if this is normal? Tnx
Soultana Tsianakas
Soultana Tsianakas 5 kun oldin
My grandma used to say not to change the Greek blood yet again she didn’t even know her husband had African blood (my great great grandma is Nubian Egyptian)
ShowMeState 5 kun oldin
Rose 6 kun oldin
Im still in school and I know this sounds weird but I wish I was black. Because these hispanic girls in my classes keep on calling me a racist, a trump supporter, and white privileged. Im still bullied by them and no one seems to care.
Remy I
Remy I 7 kun oldin
I'm an arab women, when the comment said "I will never be as beautiful as a fully white woman," I can relate. In this world, people admire more white futures. Swedish and Russian woman are considered the most beautiful woman. I barely hear Arab women are considered beautiful.
ckamo10 7 kun oldin
I would never wanna be another race I’m proud of my culture
Loc Tran
Loc Tran 7 kun oldin
Be happy of who you are people
DJ StaRyu
DJ StaRyu 8 kun oldin
i only clicked cos the thumbnail is the meme guy
Books & Solitude
Books & Solitude 8 kun oldin
I was bullied in Kindergarten because of my skin color. That resulted in me giving myself hateful racist comments whenever I look in the mirror. My friends are white.
Chloe Knight
Chloe Knight 8 kun oldin
“I just wanna be me” AMEN
Ju 9 kun oldin
Whenever a teacher would talk about north Korea and everyone look straight at you cuz your Korea🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷100%
Jaydan 9 kun oldin
I’m mixed but mostly Mexican, my skin tone is a pretty light tan. I live in California where there are many Mexican people who are bilingual and into the culture and I am always asked if I’m white because I don’t speak Spanish.
I’m Asian and I’m happy but just a paler tone might be nice idk but we should all be happy and not rude
Xhxpexedits Yoll
Xhxpexedits Yoll 10 kun oldin
I remember when someone told me that I’m “too white for a black girl” like wtf I hate when people tell me that
Ranjan Biswas
Ranjan Biswas 10 kun oldin
Only happens in USA
NovahIsHere 11 kun oldin
Growing up I've ALWAYS been told by black people that I "act white", "talk white" and that the things I'm interested in "aren't things black people like/do". I've been told by white people who I considered friends that I'm "not like the rest of them". I felt very conflicted as a kid (and still do today) about who I am or what I should be etc. I feel like I do not fit in and that I'm not accepted by my own community because I'm "not black enough".
N T 12 kun oldin
So every 'race' is represented in this video. Very inspiring to see people of all colors or heritage be heard. Morons
Manny Forde
Manny Forde 12 kun oldin
Everyday at school people call me white. Because I have AirPods and an Apple Watch. They think just because I’m black I’m not capable of having certain things and if I do have them... I’m automatically white? When I was 12 I thought it was a compliment to be called “whitest black person” but over the last 5 years I’ve realized it’s hurtful
MS17 13 kun oldin
"I don't want to be white enough or black enough. I just want to be me." Amen!
Rose_X 13 kun oldin
Personally I love darker skin even though I’m white
Nykia Sweets
Nykia Sweets 14 kun oldin
I would always get called a burnt cookie in elementary school. I wish I was light skin or Hispanic
K C 16 kun oldin
Everybody. Everyone. Is beautiful. Love yourself despite what others are telling you. No matter what your skin color is. You matter. You are worth it. Your color of skin does not define you. Be proud of what and who you are.
Shannon& Jason Kuether 03/17/09
"Desirable as a White woman" is a horrible way to feel about yourself😢. As a White Woman I can tell you wholeheartedly that being white or a White woman is NOT cracked up to what it is made seem like. Caucasians get flak like every other race does on Earth. Yes the flak we get isn't QUITE AS MUCH other races but it's still there, if you were a white person you might not get treated the way other races do but you will STILL have the feeling you have now as the race you are. I'm not trying to sound like im trying to make it seem like white people get all this negative towards us like other races because I SURE IN HELL AM NOT!! I am just being honest and saying it REALLY is not this great amazing thing to be white cause A LOT of people hate white people as a whole because of what our ancestors did decades ago or what some white people are doing thesr days and it DOES NOT feel good to be lumped into a whole cause of what a percentage of whites have done to other races. I'm just being honest and saying how I feel because other races say they DO NOT want to be lumped in with all the bad people in their race but in the same breath will lump white people into a whole.
QilinBLKEYES 16 kun oldin
It's intriguing to me that in all the commentary rhetoric below that I've read so far, I have yet to see anything mentioned at all about Asians and Asian/American racism. In the U.S., views toward Asians are translated differently than most other ethnicities. Most people I think would say that Asians only hear positive racial stereotyping. It may be true to an extent, but it also unintentionally hides a lot of the negative. Growing up as an American Asian halfsie, I was never really gave thought to my ethnic heritage until high school. But to my friends, I quickly became part of the “Asian” crowd. All and any jokes or cracks made about Asians being smarter than everyone else, always being good at math, being made of rice, etc. were directed at me just as often as full Asians. I didn't mind it at all, and found it funny most times. But as years went by I began to feel pressure from such comments to “fit” the Asian mold. If I ever did something “unasian” or say something unasian like “I don't like seafood” people always questioned my tastes, likes or dislikes with the comeback “why not?! your Asian aren't you? ” I've felt like my caucasian side is totally invisible. I can relate to how the mixed girl in the video feels. When i'm visiting family or friends in Asia, it's as if all they can see is the caucasian blood in me. The fact that I am not full Asian gets in the way of me being fully accepted a lot of the time. And critical comments can be harsh and frank since that's culturally acceptable in some Asian countries. Bottom line-even though i'm personally very comfortable and in love with my ethnicity mix, on a strictly race basis, I feel like I never entirely belong to either world and yet am never seen for both at the same time either. Where do the halfsies and the mixes go? What is our “race”?
AKnot Knows
AKnot Knows 16 kun oldin
This is so sad. I feel so lucky for living in a diverse area that isn't violent against Asians. And I would never know what it's like hating having dark skin because I'm pale. All shades of skin are beautiful and tell a story, of love, of humanity, of culture, and history. That's all I can ever say, I have no idea what it's like to be any other "race" to be any other color, to have even a little darker skin. And I know that, but everyone must learn to come to terms with something about themselves.
Keo Kurai
Keo Kurai 17 kun oldin
idk why these ppl think being white is perfection. I mean there are plenty white girls/boys that aren't the best in looks. Forget about looks for a second and just embrace who you are. You can't change it and if you keep gawking over how you will never be as beautiful as another race then you will never find urself beautiful and you live continue to live life thinking ur ugly when rlly ur not.
SandraAndrea 20 kun oldin
Somebody for who i tried to be the best version of myself and do my best, one day told me "I would not want to have kids with dark hair" - I got dark hair, Brown eyes... Not typical in my country. He is blonde. And he prefer blonde girls. So, in his eyes i will always be worthless and not good enough. And i dont deserve to have family with someone like him. And he was my perfect one... His words destroyed me. I think about it every single day, how worthless i was for him. I love my type of beauty but every single day im afraid that one day, i will be again trated like that... And today, he have two kids with light skin, blonde hair and blue eyes...
Scout LaFoe
Scout LaFoe 20 kun oldin
I’m white, but sometimes I hate it because I get reminded daily of what my race did to people of color. I am not proud being white and if I could change I would, but I cannot. I cannot go back in the past and stop slavery and if I could I would, but it is impossible.
Zodiac K
Zodiac K 21 kun oldin
I hate it
Zodiac K
Zodiac K 21 kun oldin
My dad tells me to not have a relationship with someone out side my race
larry logans
larry logans 21 kun oldin
I'm white and I had friends that were of darker colour that made me feel so bad for my heritage and would call me names in their native language that I considered quitting my favourite sport.
L 21 kun oldin
Why can’t we all just be identified as Americans. We seem to be too distracted by the fact of beingwhite, black, Latino, Indian, Asian, etc. We forget who we truly are which is and will always be Americans. We get so caught up in race we forget the most important thing about us and which unifies us all which that we our first and foremost Americans. I think that us putting Race/Nationality is one of the biggest or maybe the biggest reason for the racial divide in this country.
Candice Neel
Candice Neel 22 kun oldin
Since my first years of school, i was made fun of for my race (I'm half asian). Since I was so young I didn't realize that this was wrong and took it as a normal thing, and started denying my asian side completely. I cut off all Asian traditions and refused to learn mandarin from my Mom. Everytime someone mentioned that I looked a little Asian i immediately said no! I'm completely white! As if I was insulted. Every enrollment paper or survey i never put mixed. Once I got to 8th grade I met an old friend from elementary school who is Vietnamese. I saw how she was proud of her origins and i was slowly put into her friend group of asians. Seeing how every asian in the school stuck together in some way or another and how they embraced their culture and ignored racist comments... even making stereotypes as a joke, really made me realize what it meant to be asian. So what if some kid pulled their eyes back at me? I'll widen my eyes in a ridiculous manner. I started being proud of the fact that i was half asian and was proud to be a part of the incredible community. I knew that i was going on a trip to Taiwan soon to visit my family so i downloaded numerous language learning apps and practiced mandarin everyday with my mom and myself. After a few months, I went to taiwan and I was able to fully experience my asian side's culture and was able to communicate with my relatives(I wasnt fluent though of course). Yes, it can annoy me when someone says "ur just smart cuz ur asian" wrong, I'm smart because of my own efforts. But I cope with this by joking around using asian stereotypes with everyone. Now it annoys the hell out of me when someone says "im not Asian enough" but I know its not true. Now, when someone makes fun of an asian substitute for having a thick accent I dont just watch and stay quiet. When I have to put in my race for something i proudly mark White and Asian or mixed with a smile on my face. I can't imagine how I would be if hadn't have met that friend again... im so glad I embraced what makes me different!
Vrezzly 22 kun oldin
Im white and im ashamed that we are the racist race and that i have no real culture.
JJ Marie
JJ Marie 23 kun oldin
"I don't want to be black enough or white enough. I just want to be me. " Perfection
Abhi Thakral
Abhi Thakral 23 kun oldin
This happens the other way where I am from. It happens to white people there. Blood is red everywhere just know this
Diana Gonzalez
Diana Gonzalez 23 kun oldin
I'm native American but my cousins and my older sister call me "white girl" Sometimes I forget that I'm actually native American I usually just tell people I'm Hispanic since some people usually assume that. I'm mostly native American and part Hispanic
DonTeeVee 24 kun oldin
When I was a teenager in the 90s, my parents bought me my first mobile phone. Every week, I would receive voicemails from a group of guys throwing racial abuse at me, about being hung, picking cotton etc It didn't stop for months. I never told anyone, I wish I did, maybe I would of had more self worth growing up.
Connor Darden
Connor Darden 24 kun oldin
As a white guy, It really does hurt to see and hear this "image" of us as something you consider "better". I never want someone to feel negatively about themselves because of me. idc what the hell anyone tells you, or does to you, understand this; some of us honestly, naturally, HATE this hatred on the daily. Genuinely. Not in a "pitied" or "selfish" way either, in a "Please-don't-hurt, you're so much more special than you're giving yourself credit for"-way.
PhilVce 24 kun oldin
The day we all get together, racism will end. I personally see no color but I understand, I was born Latino but that doesn't mean I'm less or more than anyone. ☮️
Fawna Johnson
Fawna Johnson 24 kun oldin
...So, I'm 1/4 Alaska native but I got my paper white skin complexion from my dad. Sometimes I wish I looked more native just so I wont feel like the odd one out while attending events. I was never bullied, I just wish that more of my history was more apparent than "oh, just another white kid."
audi 24 kun oldin
i know anytime my mother or father say something even remotely offensive i tell them straight out, that shits not right. because i don't want my parents being "those" kind of people.
hexlgaming 25 kun oldin
Jason at the end needs to stop talking. It just ruins everything they've built/beautifully crafted before..
Megan Axelía Carrington-Ráðvarðurdóttir
I love being Icelandic/Germanic Scandinavian. I wish everyone is proud and happy of their identities and can appreciate and respect others existences. Sad the world is trying to destroy each other and rid our differences. It’s our individuality and global diversity that makes this planet and humans so interesting, meaningful and beautiful!
Raphael Florenzi
Raphael Florenzi 25 kun oldin
(Sorry for my English) I am racially italic, Italy native, I like all your people across world, stay strong🇮🇹❤️
Bastien Müller
Bastien Müller 25 kun oldin
Respect from Germany you both! 🇩🇪
Sai Acharya
Sai Acharya 25 kun oldin
Yes I agree. With respect from India😊🇮🇳
寒冷的冬天C O L D H A N D S
I am Asian and black so i git bullied by every category i am not black enough i am not asian i am not white all i wanted was to relate to a group
Elder Amor
Elder Amor 25 kun oldin
I grew up in a predominately white town. I think I've heard it all. I've been asked if it was pink down there. I've been told that I'm pretty for a black girl. This one kid asked me if I get white blemishes because I'm black. I've been told by several guys (black and white) that I'm pretty but they wouldn't want to date me because I'm not light enough. I've been told that I shouldn't wear certain colors, I'm too dark to wear blush. I even had a girl question me for having a white dog because I'm black. I naturally talk very proper and a lot of black people in my community assumed I was trying to be a white girl so they didn't accept me. The worst I've heard came from a dark skinned girl in the bathroom. Her friend was telling her something funny, and she said "No, don't make me laugh. Only light skinned girls look pretty when they smile." Like I swear I'm homeschooling my kids. I will never put them through what I went through.
Space V
Space V 25 kun oldin
race is one of the most beautiful things about humans imo
Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson 26 kun oldin
I'm white and am scared to be proud of it...
R. S.
R. S. 26 kun oldin
I relate so much to this video. I am Native American, but I’d rather be white. I hate being Native American. I get stereo type everyday because of the race I am. Whenever I go shopping the employees at the entrances always check my receipt, but I see all these white folks walk buy with more than what I purchased.
ComicsBae 26 kun oldin
I often think about how much easier my romance life would be if I was white. I feel like black women are so often overlooked as women to settle down and grow families with and that men of all races, even black men would just rather be with women of other races.
Hannah Bajaj
Hannah Bajaj 26 kun oldin
i am an indian who is punjabi and have light skin. growing up, everyone used to think i was either hispanic or arab. i got comments in school like “are you gonna shoot the school?” it never really offended me personally but it really opened my eyes to see how different races deal with different comments. it is truly heartbreaking seeing how people cannot even be comfortable in their own skin because of the hatred from the outside world. i have always been intrested in different cultures and regions of the world. it would be amazing if all of us could embrace the fact that we are different and unique, that we are beautiful all together. but this is something that is part of life and something that everyone, no matter the race, can experience. :/
Mythical Chihuahuas
Mythical Chihuahuas 27 kun oldin
I am currently in 5th grade I am a Mexican with brown skin. My best friend is black. This girl in my school bullies us every day sometimes I just don't go to school then get in trouble for it. I've told my teacher but he doesn't care. he only picks on the Mexican kids in school. My told tells me to change schools but I don't want to leave my friends. Any advice?
benji. 27 kun oldin
3:22 I feel that. I struggle everyday with what has impacted me from the past. I was always told “You act so white for a black boy”, “You would be so much more handsome with a little lighter skin”. This affects me to this day and I still deal with the feeling that my skin color is what makes me undesirable to others.
Stanley Curtis
Stanley Curtis 28 kun oldin
find way to love yourself nd be proud of who you are well that's not easy considering when everyone things the colour of your skin is a curse
sarbear 28 kun oldin
i always got the repetitive “i like that you’re the whitest black person ever” from white people all the time implying being educated is associated with being white, they have some sort of superiority complex that’s so irritating. every time i hear it i want to break their nose.
Star Gazed
Star Gazed 28 kun oldin
Im puertorican and Dominican. But i feel guilty because for a long time i wished i couldve been born in a rich white family😔. But know i am happy my parents work very hard to provide for me
Alyssa Nguyen
Alyssa Nguyen 29 kun oldin
There are days that I feel im not living up to the Asian American mold. That maybe I'm a white girl in yellow skin. I'm whitewashed
Arianna Russo
Arianna Russo 29 kun oldin
two things.. that girl who said she loves being a person of color is not a person of color. and secondly.. im grown enough and we are now in a time where (as a black person) i dont wish i was white... i just wish i was a lighter skinned black person, perferably of hispanic/ latin desent, who had looser curls that could be brushed down straight...
Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps Oy oldin
I get bullied at my school for being native american. It hurts because the whole school is full of racist rednecks. I'm powerless.
Brittany Maximé
I completely understand 1:17. My parents don’t want me to date inside of my race, and my two older sisters who are married, married a Chinese and Indian man, and I just feel stuck, like I understand that it’s not my parents’ life, but I just don’t want them to be disappointed in me or upset with me. Like, my other sister is dating a black man and he’s still kept a secret from my parents because she knows that they’ll give her and him hell because he’s also black. Like I don’t care what race I end up with, but if it’s a black guy, what will I do? Will he not be accepted by my parents? I don’t want him to feel like an outsider in my family. I think everyone should just be able to love anyone, no matter their skin color❤️.
Alyssa Bryan
Alyssa Bryan Oy oldin
I had to leave my small town, hillbilly, majority white school because the racism and harassment was so bad for me as a Mexican-American. 🙎🏽‍♂️
eve eve
eve eve Oy oldin
I related to the first one read so much, something similar happened to me
Simon C
Simon C Oy oldin
I’m black and handsome , intellectual too 😄where them white girls at ❤️😂 y’all cute af hmu
Misty Cook
Misty Cook Oy oldin
I’m constantly told that I’m not Mexican. I’m half Mexican and if I say anything in Spanish I have white accent and people always call me a gringa (a white, spoiled rich girl) and I’m not I love being Mexican. If anything I’m more Mexican than I am white I only know like four white people besides my dad and I only know Mexican but I don’t speak Spanish and I’m constantly called to white
Yum Yum
Yum Yum Oy oldin
White pride ♥️ not every white person is racist and not every black persons is racist. Racism works all ways
Surina Gill
Surina Gill Oy oldin
I’m Indian and I use to go to a school that had majority of white people and then I switched schools and then the majority was brown people, I’ve been in that school for 3 years now and people are starting to call me whitewashed for no reason it breaks me if I tell anyone they just think it’s funny and I just laugh it off with them, I need help please give me advice
I really love being black it the most beautiful thing
Korlover queen
Haruto ismysunshine
Black enough one really remind me of myself cause I have the same problem, like "why..she dress like a white girl?" Or "she's to lig ht skinned and her dad is like a white man so you can t understand being black. It really hurts sometimes but I try not look to deep in the pond you know. 💔 I'm greatful being the person I am and thank god for it , I just like being me. Sometimes I feel like I rather just walk around with no skin on.
Khaled Jaber
Khaled Jaber Oy oldin
I feel like I have to share this with you I don't need to be anonymous. I was born in Chicago Illinois in 1992, I spend like 5 years of my childhood there, and for some reason my dad had to move to saudi arabia for work, sooner or later am gonna come back to my birthplace, and am too shame to say that all what I know about the US is from watching movies, and am not sure if the society is going to accept me or no, my biggest fear is that am gonna be treated like an outsider or unwelcome, am really confused and don't know what am I suppos to do
Kayley Colon
Kayley Colon Oy oldin
this needs to be a one hour show on tv. they need to screen this in schools
savanna Oy oldin
i honestly don't like my skin. i'm mixed, african american and caucasian. but i envy my sisters. my older sister and younger sister both have the pretty olive/light brown skin. i, on the otherhand, am very light. if anyone looks at me, they assume i'm caucasian based on the shade of my skin. i get mad and hate myself for being too light. my mom tries to say it's obvious that i'm mixed, due to my dark features, my dark hair, curly hair, dark eyes, etc. but i don't see it. so what i have dark hair and dark eyes, some caucasian people do. it sucks because i don't feel like i fit in with anyone. a lot of times i think i'm too black for the white kids and too white for the black kids. i even feel too white for the mixed kids, all due to my skin color. one of my best friends is also mixed like me, yet she has the darker skin like my sisters, and i still don't feel like i fit in with her, i sometimes forget that she's also mixed, and due to her skin, i sometimes just think she's black, even though she's mixed. i still don't like my skin, i'm 15. i know i have a lot of time left to accept myself, but i'm not sure if i will. i just don't like how i look, personally. this isn't to any offence to lighter skin mixed people either, just my opinion on myself.
80xbabyyy Oy oldin
Anyone else feel like they're reading their own secrets.
Adrian S.
Adrian S. Oy oldin
But nobody talks about the racism of being white or "not american enough" and being hated on because of your nationality
mynegaims Oy oldin
The people who wrote those things have some seriously self esteem self conscious issues. It's almost disgusting to me
Bleh Cats
Bleh Cats Oy oldin
My mom’s side is Japanese, and my dad is Irish. I look as white as they come, and other white people mock me and say I’m lying. I have features from my mom that are difficult for people to recognize, because I don’t have the stereotypical monolid eyes. My dad used to make fun of me. He called me a rice cracker, he would tell me I’m almond eyed. And even though he was married to a Japanese woman, he expects me to be in relationships with white men. He doesn’t want mixed grandchildren, but he has a mixed daughter. I love a Mexican man, his mother doesn’t speak English, but I know we have her support. I wish my dad would just respect the fact I found a man who loves me and is good to me, rather than degrade me because I chose to be with someone from another country too. It’s hypocritical.
Edie the cheerleader
The girl at 3:31 is stunning and her eyes are pretty
What's wrong with the black dad not wanting his son to mess with other races?
Sarah Nwosu
Sarah Nwosu Oy oldin
I know this about to f up my day but imma watch anyway.
Chernelle Eliard
No I’m not crying.
Alvaro Montano
Is it weird I’m crying at 10:09 PM
Ian Butler
Ian Butler Oy oldin
I'm surprised there were no white people feeling sorry about their skin color because of the hatred aimed at them even though they're on the side of colored people. That is definitely a race secret of mine. I feel ashamed of my skin, even though I am not racist in the slightest. I don't care what anyone says, just because I'm white, doesn't mean you can call me racist or say somewhere inside my being that there is a piece of me that is racist because of my skin color.
Immi Oy oldin
‘Race secrets’ but not white, no.. that’d be racist
justcallme... Oy oldin
@1:54-yes, that is a TOUGH ONE AND SO TRUE!
Elia Ortega
Elia Ortega Oy oldin
Don't say color that's wrong.
Azerrz Oy oldin
Sadly at this rate it feels like it'll take like 500 years for racism to really diminish on this planet
Gula Rednose
Gula Rednose Oy oldin
We had girls vs boys tag in elementary. When I asked one of the girls if I could join she said "I dont chase Africans." I salvaged my confidence before this took a toll, but I still think about it sometimes.
Jasmine Nalani
i’m half native american and since i look white i’m always asked to prove that i’m part of my tribe and that i have native american in my blood so a lot of times i just say i’m fully white because i can pass as white
King BB
King BB Oy oldin
The girl with the navy blue button up shirt totally to the comment and turned it in to something it wasn’t. Whoever wrote it never said anything about not like her ethnicity for what it is but they didn’t like it because of how people of color are “violent” as shown on tv.
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