People Read The Most Recent Texts From Their Parents

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We had people dig into old texts to find the last text they received from parents.
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6-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 817
April Félix
April Félix 4 soat oldin
Eve Kelso
Eve Kelso 5 soat oldin
My parents don’t respond to me . my friends parents text and tell them everything and tell each other they love them. I remember the day my mom hugged me (she hasn’t hugged me in years). I was sick from school but was feeling better but still was acting sick, and she came up behind me when I was in the fridge and hugged me while saying , “I hope you get better soon” . ugh my eyes are watering just thinking about it :/
Cereal Box
Cereal Box 5 soat oldin
My last text from Mom: Are you on the bus? Dad: *cup pong iMessage game* 🤣💀
Sisters *Quake
Sisters *Quake 5 soat oldin
my mom texted me saying “your foods ready i’m not a maid”
Ruby y
Ruby y 11 soat oldin
Last text from mom:ok. Last text from dad:open the door please ok thank you. OOF THE PERIOD
The song makes this video so frikin sad
carden james
carden james Kun oldin
Me and my mom have a thing where if I text her from a new number she responds with lyrics from the Beatles song Hey Jude and I finish the lines so she knows it's me.
Gacha MysticalWolf
Most recent text from my dad: “Omg I love it and I love you see you later from dad” From mum: “Love you too xxx bye”
it’s bri
it’s bri Kun oldin
last text from my mom: ok, I’m going to go pick her (my sister) up last text from my dad:
Thank You For Shopping At Giant
Last text from mom: What?! Last text from dad: I love you too Generally, I say ily to my mom more than I do to my dad, so I’m very happy that that was the last text I got from him.
Thank You For Shopping At Giant
Ya like that?
paranoid android
paranoid android 2 kun oldin
YLT guy deserves the world
jordane clarke
jordane clarke 2 kun oldin
The black girl is beautiful where can i find her
michael meza
michael meza 2 kun oldin
Last text from dad: Me: 1998-present waiting for his first text
Zayy Star
Zayy Star 3 kun oldin
Brooke Harries
Brooke Harries 4 kun oldin
Dad- do you want to watch Halloween Mom -are you home
Ivett 5 kun oldin
My last text from my mom is " Do you want to be like this forever? Hating your family? Don't you think, that you were wrong too? Don't you see, that you changed in the wrong direction?"
Playlist Man
Playlist Man 5 kun oldin
Guy looks like j cole and the as an guy UZvidr haga
Fariha 0202
Fariha 0202 6 kun oldin
2:11 why does that guy look like J cole tho? 🤔
Mel Mancheno
Mel Mancheno 5 kun oldin
Hot J. Cole
Anabelen Oporta
Anabelen Oporta 6 kun oldin
Last text from my mom: “Ya están cerca? Para salir.” which means “Are you guys close? So I can leave.” Last text from my dad: “Dale” which means “Hurry up”
simply me
simply me 6 kun oldin
Last text me: mom i cant find my glasses Mom: it probably is in your drawer *Minutes later* me:its not there *no reply*
Adam Seddon
Adam Seddon 6 kun oldin
lol my last text message to my dad is saying *can you come to the changing rooms?* and he didn’t reply lol
Júlia Lilla Baktay
Is that the girl in green the girl from that Ben Shapiro interview?
Hishita Shah
Hishita Shah 6 kun oldin
2:05 what a cool mom
Jacqueline Aguero
Jacqueline Aguero 6 kun oldin
do moree
Zygimantas Adomavicius
Actions are louder than words
Nana Nastic
Nana Nastic 6 kun oldin
From my dad: (myname) did you call your grandma? I said I am on my way to call her From my mom: I am not trying to be rude or nothing I have been working for hours but when I get home I will call you I love you so much.
Sanemi 6 kun oldin
Me: mom i love you Mom: do you want something?
Peter Hanna
Peter Hanna 7 kun oldin
my last texts to my parents were that im punished for not cleaning my room lol
Ashley Gray
Ashley Gray 7 kun oldin
Last text from my mom: here Last test from my dad: 2 gifs of Keanu Reeves
Alharbe01 7 kun oldin
Why do I always read “jollibee”
Glory Muindisi
Glory Muindisi 7 kun oldin
0:53that guy's voice tho omg😍😍😍😱
DARNELL . TOQ 8 kun oldin
They really ask the black guy do you ever text your dad
Quitel Cartwright
Quitel Cartwright 8 kun oldin
Never heard of "ylt" as a text response before now and I think it's super rude. If your mom/dad have to tell you to say "me too" it's not cool or a joke to her/hom.
Aero 111
Aero 111 8 kun oldin
Very entertaining video...
Ons Mdhafer
Ons Mdhafer 8 kun oldin
my last text i got for my mom is : you gonna prep some daunut me : hell yeah lets do it together mom: 👏
Mi vida en la India
I don't text my parents. I talk to them every day. I live far away from them and there is not a day that I forget to tell them how much I love them and miss them.
iTzTati 9 kun oldin
Last text from my mom: "👍" Last text from my dad: "👍" Guess what's the last text from my brother
psychopath 9 kun oldin
Last time i told my mom i loved her was in 2014 i was 11. My mother and my biological father got divorced when i was 5 yrs old now im 15 i meet my biological father once in 3 or 4 months and i have an abusive mother and step father and my brother is speech disabled and has behavior problems
Aruther Morgan
Aruther Morgan 9 kun oldin
Last text from my dad “don’t forget to ask the painter for extra colour”
sarah x
sarah x 9 kun oldin
Im watching this and like realized how lucky I was to have great parents, like WOW, Im so sorry for the people who don’t have strong relationships with their parents :(. Also would just like to point out that gender does not matter my older brother says I love you to both my parents, its not weird to show that you love your parents.
sarah x
sarah x 9 kun oldin
last text from my dad “ Good morning☀️ hope you have a great day Im so proud of you” last text from my mom was “Ok” ( I just asked her to pick me up from this place )
Julio Johnson
Julio Johnson 9 kun oldin
I see you opening up your text message looking at the last text from your mom an dad 👀
Carley Whitney
Carley Whitney 9 kun oldin
my last next from my mom is :xoxo and my last text from my father is: You didn't call me... Happy New year. I love you very much.
i think i ate a fly
I thought the parents died, Thought it would be a sad vid ,Thank god it wasn't
lauren vee
lauren vee 9 kun oldin
Just tell your mom you love her often! They won’t be here forever and your gonna regret not saying it when she dies...
Sanad Amad
Sanad Amad 9 kun oldin
What if they cleared their chat??!?
Dr_jack 9 kun oldin
“You’re adopted” - my great father
Kathulhu 9 kun oldin
Mom: I won’t visit you for your birthday (I think she said she would, I live 3 hours away from her), but give me your address so that I can send your gift by mail. I think we just talk on messenger more often than via text, does that count lol?
Chri Mitc
Chri Mitc 9 kun oldin
What a goon, ylt
Dest Mae
Dest Mae 10 kun oldin
I dont get how people dont text there parents they love them! I dont talk to my dad but i text my mom i love her at least 4 times a day!!!
Katrina Oliveros
Katrina Oliveros 10 kun oldin
These are not like the LAST as in LAST? Right?
DrBlackSmith :]
DrBlackSmith :] 10 kun oldin
😂 Idk if it’s just me but when that Asian dude wrote “YLT” after he wrote “ILY” to his Mom, ya kinda get that creepy vibe 😂 and that giggle 🤭 I hope he was just nervous 😂 Idk, cause that end-giggle just makes it seem like he’s just fooling his Mom into thinking he loves her when maybe he just did it for the video 🤷🏽‍♂️.... I hope he truly does love his Mom 👑 though
Audery Tierce
Audery Tierce 10 kun oldin
Mom-Right ?!?!?!? Super Cool! Dad-Up by the cups
bangtan hearts
bangtan hearts 10 kun oldin
my last texts from my parents- mom: when did Josh come home last night? (josh is my brother lol) dad: okay, see you later :)
Human of 2k18
Human of 2k18 10 kun oldin
Watching this and knowing that both my parents passed away 😒 y’all tell em you love em while they’re still here! ✊
Last Patriot
Last Patriot 10 kun oldin
Black Kid with glasses deserves his ass beaten
_*Queen Malak RBLX • Coolawesomekid1013*_
*Before the first girl talked, I swear I thought it was a boy. Wtf.*
trickster 204
trickster 204 10 kun oldin
My mom and I watch this show called the 100 and between scenes it would cut to the Polis tower. There was a joke in the fandom that Lexa's tower was just a gigantic candle (because there's a joke that she's obsessed with candles) and so every time it would cut to the tower as like a "filler" she would yell out "CANDLE" Then we started watching this other show where during EVERY filler it would show the Empire State building/Chrysler building. (mind you we also had another inside joke about the two buildings from a trip we took a little while ago) so she would yell out "EMPIRE STATE BUILDING" or "CHRYSLER BUILDING" and I would respond laughing with "CANDLE" as a joke from the previous show we watched. so the last text from my mom was, "The "candle" I mean Chrysler Building is for sale. We should buy it." And I said, "Oh yes definitely, we should get on it right away" Idk it may not be funny to yall but it made me laugh
Dominic D’Onofrio
Dominic D’Onofrio 10 kun oldin
Ughh I wasnt ready to cry 😭😭😭
Clara Mariano
Clara Mariano 10 kun oldin
Me: hey mom I miss u Mom: how much money ?
Butterfly Clips
Butterfly Clips 10 kun oldin
I felt bad for the parents that were left in read so sad ;(
Trif Daiana
Trif Daiana 10 kun oldin
*My mom* : "Angel" because it was 12 pm and I wasn't awake *My dad* : "Happy new year with lots of health and joy. Dad loves you!"
xitssimplymex 10 kun oldin
My mom: you better come home before you yet bait Me:ye ok My mom:don't be cheeky with me missy
Aleksa M
Aleksa M 10 kun oldin
“if he’s slanging cocaine he better be a baller” 😂😂
abby whitehead
abby whitehead 10 kun oldin
Creationists vs. Evolutionists
Daniellee Murphyy
Daniellee Murphyy 10 kun oldin
Y’all need to stop hating on the emotionally distant people. We weren’t all raised the same as you, my grandparents have always told me they love me but never my mother, my mum is pretty cold and emotionless and because of her influence, I’m the same so the thought of me saying I love you too to people is weird and uncomfortable for me, that’s just not me. Maybe that guy’s mum tells him she loves him but you don’t know who else has influenced him in his life.
Mysterious Woman
Mysterious Woman 10 kun oldin
Sometimes love is an unspoken thing, but I have been trying to make an effort to say it more
Mysterious Woman
Mysterious Woman 10 kun oldin
Every time I text a selfie to my dad, he always comments "gorgeous!" or "beautiful!" and it honestly makes my day
Goon Soul
Goon Soul 10 kun oldin
the YLT dude needs therapy....
Isla Claire
Isla Claire 10 kun oldin
Mom: I get him Dad: LoL
Murat Uysal
Murat Uysal 10 kun oldin
Alec Niyonkuru
Alec Niyonkuru 10 kun oldin
my mom: FOOD!! my dad: Hi, Food is ready
Mauz 7
Mauz 7 10 kun oldin
Don’t get that guy replying “YLT” to his Mom saying “I love you” Seems to be a very arrogant guy taking his parents for granted
Mauz 7
Mauz 7 10 kun oldin
Never have conflicts with your guys Cherish them while they are alive Love them and pray for them❤️
einfach ich
einfach ich 10 kun oldin
The message from the thanks giving one made me emotional
Annika Heydl
Annika Heydl 10 kun oldin
3:20 she has a beautiful accent
Finding Nimmo
Finding Nimmo 10 kun oldin
I'm stealing that Eagle quote fam
Can we hit 10k With no videos?
Damn these people have some weird ass parents
SleepyDoopy 1
SleepyDoopy 1 10 kun oldin
dimitra 10 kun oldin
Lmao I don't even talk to my parents 💀
Jaiden Itis
Jaiden Itis 10 kun oldin
Soooo........... everyone is going to ignore the “YLT” and the obbi one kanobbi 😂
csliwa 10 kun oldin
asking black guy about his dad is very rude
Owen Skywalker
Owen Skywalker 10 kun oldin
Wow, nice one guys. now I'm in my feelings. I'm grateful but upset with you for hitting me with that out of nowhere.
ADITI 10 kun oldin
I liked how the 3rd guy focused on the punctuations like exclamation and period, most people don't realise their impact..
Fadek A
Fadek A 10 kun oldin
I will never understand how people can hide their love for their parents, like you'll never know how much longer they're gonna stay in this world y'know. Like seriously what would it cost you to just say "I love you" it's just 3 words but it means everything to them. So please go tell them before it's too late, you won't regret it I swear 🙏🏼
Katlego Lech
Katlego Lech 10 kun oldin
Is that girl South African? 🇿🇦
Serra Kamanga
Serra Kamanga 11 kun oldin
My dad takes the cutest pics of my daughter. He usually shares them out of the blue after some months and these are moments I'm not around for, and appreciate them. She's five and he's fifty-eight and she's the first grandchild so he dotes on her
SlimeBuilder101 11 kun oldin
The last texts I had with my mom is: Mom: Your car is ready to pick up. They close at 5:30. You have to come back at 5:00. Me: ok Me: Can we pick it up tomorrow? Mom: NO
Anna Badarch
Anna Badarch 11 kun oldin
ylt 😏
SyndicateAllTheWay 11 kun oldin
2:09 Why this dude look like J cole mixes with Kyle
Unliveliness 11 kun oldin
"But then he said *"You're welcome, exclamation."" *shakes head** First world problems amirite?
Sarah morsi
Sarah morsi 11 kun oldin
this got me sad
F7// Faded7 Clan
F7// Faded7 Clan 11 kun oldin
Kee 11 kun oldin
All the black folk man with the issues & their dads like come on guys ..gots to do better
SwirlieStudios 11 kun oldin
Aww this was so sweet
Kaiti 11 kun oldin
the guy at 3:50 breaks my heart.
Tahani Parris
Tahani Parris 11 kun oldin
I always say I Love You to my mom if we're texting or ending a call because it could be the last words I say to her
Shooketh 11 kun oldin
I wish the comments were 420 instead of 620 😔
Douglas Kim
Douglas Kim 11 kun oldin
hi i'm the YLT guy, and i feel i have to clarify. YLT is an acronym that some of my friends have been using and it's more of a throwaway phrase loosely meaning "do you also enjoy this moment that we are sharing currently" which derived from a movie quote from Rounders (Ed Norton's character says the phrase to Matt Damon's). some of my lingo has evolved and changed over the years (this particular acronym is almost a decade old). anyway, while my relationship with my parents is somewhat complicated, i wouldn't describe myself as emotionally unavailable. i do love my parents though, i even put them in a TV show i created, titled Just Doug, on Facebook Watch. unfortunately my character does not tell them YLT, perhaps in future episodes.
creamy jalepeno
creamy jalepeno 5 soat oldin
everytime i hear you say it i think of barry b benson live for it though
r vega
r vega 7 soat oldin
+Douglas Kim thats a weak comeback and you know it is. show our mother some love - and some respect while you are at it.
Douglas Kim
Douglas Kim 8 soat oldin
r vega I'm not pleased or impressed with your face but do I say anything
r vega
r vega 9 soat oldin
dissrespectful and rude, you should be more upstanding given you are from asian descent, you are giving us a bad reputation and im not pleased or impressed with that kind of slang being used to your own mother.
Mel Mancheno
Mel Mancheno 5 kun oldin
who's the guy in the red bomber jacket who looks like j.cole I need his @