People Read The Most Recent Texts From Their Parents

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We had people dig into old texts to find the last text they received from parents.
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6-Yan, 2019



Yuklab olish:


Saqlab olish:

Mening pleylistlarim
Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 881
* tova *
* tova * 13 soat oldin
my most recent texts from my parents: mum: good for you... see you later (i got out of school early so i was gonna take the bus home instead of her picking me up) dad: a thumbs up emoji
Morgan Brown
Morgan Brown Kun oldin
That one girls mom joking about drug dealers was so funny to me. She sounds cool as hell😂
losttobefound 2 kun oldin
I was starting to get all emotional and then the guy at the end killed me Lol YLT
Isa Efron
Isa Efron 4 kun oldin
3:29 oh my god she's soo pretty
Sphesihle Mpho
Sphesihle Mpho 11 kun oldin
The black girl is definitely South African.
Kev Moore
Kev Moore 12 kun oldin
YLT hahaha
aesthetic tea
aesthetic tea 14 kun oldin
Mariah Lauren
Mariah Lauren 24 kun oldin
I love these episodes!
emily claire
emily claire 24 kun oldin
my last recent text messages: mom: “sorry lovebug..” and no others bc my dad’s dead 😔💘
Retarded Boyz
Retarded Boyz 25 kun oldin
I thought it meant dead parents
LittleMurMurder 25 kun oldin
From my dad: ”If your grandma said your boyfriend is welcome there, then there’s no problem” My mom: ”Do you have Spring anxiety??” I’m depressed with diagnosed PTSD
Akire etak
Akire etak 27 kun oldin
Why do these make me cry
vika 29 kun oldin
Barry Allen
Barry Allen Oy oldin
the black guy wo a dad....
szechuan dipping sauce
Wtf I have never heard of YLT
Jules Crawford
From my mom: on the way to get you now. Dad wants some Herbert Sherbet I don’t have any from my dad because I cleared my phone and he doesn’t use his phone often because he’s really sick (I think it was something about him wanting mint chip icecream)
KB 24
KB 24 Oy oldin
Mom: Get out of your room you lazy bum Dad: Ok
Trine Hemmelig
Me: "I just booked flights to Japan, you coming?" Dad: "Yes, but only for a week."
julianna Oy oldin
the last thing my mom sent me was “i made rice and beans” or something like that
Kim_Ber_Leigh O
For lack of better discription... does anyway know who the black girl is and where she is from?
Kamogelo Mokoena
Kim_Ber_Leigh O 🙏🏽
Kim_Ber_Leigh O
Nice. Best of luck!
Kamogelo Mokoena
Kim_Ber_Leigh O yep 🇿🇦☺️
Kim_Ber_Leigh O
+Kamogelo Mokoena South African?
Kamogelo Mokoena
Kim_Ber_Leigh O Instagram @kamo_palate
미소 Miso
미소 Miso Oy oldin
Last text from my mom You act mature Last text from dad u got it just keep studying baby and if u don’t understand something don’t be afraid to ask for help
Cats Aredefinatlybest
Last text from mom: “2.5” Last text from dad: “Time to come clean kitchen”
Heather Oy oldin
2:26 - 2:56. 2:45 His body language; you could tell he felt vulnerable. It was beautiful. 2:52 MY HEART. My eyes produced this watery substance within those 30 seconds and it took me several minutes to type this out: just so everyone else can indulge in those beautiful, endearing seconds as much as I did.
It’s Me Nyah
My last text from my mom is Mom: how are you failing computer science what is the grade Me:
galapagos Oy oldin
Only reason I clicked on this video was because I thought that was Jcole in the thumb nail
Female _tiger
Female _tiger Oy oldin
The black girl’s mum’s texts is my mum’s to me and my siblings 🙏🏽😭♥️
It's Sophie
It's Sophie Oy oldin
My last texts: Dad: "ask mum" (big news) Mum: "tell your father to turn on the hoven"
Antonette Liebermann
my mom passed away last year in april. i miss this. i miss her asking where im at or what time im coming home. i`d be annoyed but i miss it. i miss sending her any pictures i had recently taken so she can make me her profile picture. i wish i had more than just 18 years of my life with her. Lmao i had blocked mom on facebook bec she always shout at me about things i posted which were not even bad. Also on instagram and twitter lmao i feel like an ass. Text your parents back, apreaciate them while you can and dont take their love for granted.
riya Oy oldin
the guy in the thumbnail looks like j cole
Nick Gray
Nick Gray Oy oldin
They should do a video of people reading their last texts from their ex best friend
Amahni Oneal
Amahni Oneal Oy oldin
2:57 bro she is so beautiful😭😂😍
Elizabeth Tod
Elizabeth Tod Oy oldin
Last text from my Dad: “You best come say hi to your grandfather”
Tara Brown
Tara Brown Oy oldin
I don’t think I have ever said ‘I love you’ to my parents or brother but I say it all the time to my son
*S c r e a m s*
I don't have my dad in my contacts but my last text message from my mom is a picture of me as a toddler with my cat (kitten at the time) Siouxsie sleeping next to me.
Jerilyn Remigio
YLT guy is def single lol
crying TM
crying TM Oy oldin
My last texts from my pearents Dad: Hey!🤓👌🏿 Also why did you make my emojis black? How do i change it!!! Mom: How do you make the emojis not black on your fathers phone?
Adelyn Bennett
I text my grandparents "I love you" and "good night" to them every night.
Nakio Oy oldin
I wish I had a close relationship with my family
Miaou Oy oldin
I don t get messages from my parents but lot of video callings...
NPC Voter
NPC Voter Oy oldin
This is my favorite
December Oy oldin
Recent text from my dad: your going to school tomorrow Recent text from ,y mother: (my name) wth!
janey jade
janey jade Oy oldin
Last text from my mom Mom:Please take out the chicken from the fridge 🌜
levorne Oy oldin
LOL the guy’s mom who sent him back gif reactions. Loved it.
Words Of my choose
Mine to my mom would be: "If you really cared for me, Why aren't you here for me." My dad would be nothing he passed and I didn't have a phone at 8.
Nini N.
Nini N. Oy oldin
The last text my mom sent me were three pictures she took of the cats sleeping
Elijah Clerge
Elijah Clerge Oy oldin
Last text from mom: Don't forget to clean your side of the room Last text from dad: Ok be careful ok
isabella  garvin
last text from my mom: are u trying out for soccer academy? last text from dad: don’t have any cuz he passed away when I was 4
Monica Chavez
Monica Chavez Oy oldin
The last messages from my dad says "I love you guys" "I need to get better so you can bring my grandbabies over" (my dad usually calls me) The last text from my stepmom says "Monica I would be honored to be with you when you pick your wedding dress. I just teared up when your dad said something. Thank you I love you so much"
7srebels Oy oldin
Go tell your family you love them friend or crush
savvy Oy oldin
my most recent text from my dad _idk my dad_ my most recent text from my mom “what happened? wtf is going on answer me right now”
Elena Peterson
last text from my mom is "hang in there" ((i was complaining abt my lecture class)) and last text from my dad is "hey, can you run the kitchen garbage out to the gray can - its on the street..." hahaha
Heaven Locklear
Last text from my mom: yes and with BBQ sauce and it’s so gd. Dad: imma call
Getting RISKy
Getting RISKy Oy oldin
Mom Did you check the store yet?????!?! Dad Join *dad* apple music plan
Isabella W.
Isabella W. Oy oldin
I just wanted to hop onto one of the 20 videos I’ve watched today from your channel and say that as someone who watches UZvid content of all varieties, this is one of my absolute favorite channels I’ve ever come across. You have a mix of truly heartwarming and touching content as well as lighthearted and inspiring content, I love the way it’s done, and I’m really grateful to have found Jubilee!
Tiffany Lynn
Tiffany Lynn Oy oldin
Who’s that guy who sent that thanksgiving message ♥️♥️🗣😩😩😘😘😘 😍😍🥰
Delete Key
Delete Key Oy oldin
Mom always sends me random images and videos :v And my dad most of the time calls me to see how am i doing and go out to eat something , i can gladly say that my relationship with both of them is pretty solid and im glad they have a good relationship too after the separation :3
please help me reach 50,000 subs
Why dont the people in the back ground, filming dont laugh? I mean...
Calicokinz art
Mom: Go to sleep Dad: (hasn't texted me in years, called me in years, or seen me in years😡)
Marianita Bustos
To the guy who is still angry at his dad over a fight: Kid, let it go, one day he'll be gone and you'll regret not talking more to him.
brontosaurus the egg
most recent text from my mom: Love you 😍!! most recent from my dad (im gonna cry): Don’t feel too good about yourself. Its not like I wanted you anyways.
Jazmin Oy oldin
most recent from my mom: Tell lex (my little sister) to brush her teeth ...on my way!!! my dad: Moms gonna pick you guys up later um yeah
TaeTae_226 Oy oldin
I understand the dude who replied ylt tho. Sometimes expressing emotions over a text can be rly weird and it doesn’t seem genuine. Like when he said he’s “emotionally stunted” or something, that’s honestly rly relatable tho.
Micaela Banks
Micaela Banks Oy oldin
Stacey Conway
Stacey Conway Oy oldin
Dad : thanks they’re beautiful ☺️🥰🥰😍 Mom : 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 ask about lift to foroige
Lilly's Covers and Originals
Mine is: your appointment has been cancelled (since I need S&L help)
Opal Wolf
Opal Wolf Oy oldin
My last from my mum was saying to call her after I asked how to use the air fryer And the last text from my dad was asking me where I was eating that night since I was at my friend’s the night before
Becca Williams
last text from mom: “here” last text from dad: “Or the other option is you will have to volunteer somewhere soon”
Leanne Armstrong
Just got a 300:36 ad....
Odette Eacandon
People should appreciate more there parents 🥺
Hannah DeLay
Hannah DeLay Oy oldin
They guy thanking his dad made me cry
Marija R.
Marija R. Oy oldin
mom: okkk dad: i can’t i’m studying sorry :(
Mandy Hockenberry
Nope. Dad is dead and mom changed her number and didn't let me know. If you have parents that care for you, APPRECIATE THEM!
Lily Grace Cash
Last Text from my mom: It’s okay.. use a towel to clean it up.. I love you, I will be home soon! Last text from my dad: I’m changing my number bye
bayleyandbeckylynchfan huggerstraightfire
From my dad: (Few years ago because my phone lost service) I love you too Emma From my mom: Is that that same bee? (We were emailing each other)
?????? Oy oldin
Almost half the video I was wondering why they weren't all sad and then I found out that it was the most recent text from their parents
Violet P
Violet P Oy oldin
3:25 she is so beautiful wow 😅 glowing
Lily Smith
Lily Smith Oy oldin
You ever text “I love you” Uhhhhhh NO.
Shasmeen H
Shasmeen H Oy oldin
that one with the obi wan kenobi jesus thing tho XD
Karlee Oy oldin
Shouldn’t it be “LYT?”
Kelly shaba
Kelly shaba Oy oldin
Last text from mum: Last text from Dad: (I don't know them and never will)
Napoleon Remington
Dad: who is dude Mom: before 5 lol
Moni Lailah
Moni Lailah Oy oldin
Dad: Have a great day Love u Mom: Yes. I’ll be there in 20 minutes
Christina Stanifer
I like what her mom said about the eagles. It’s smart.
Mismatched Minds
These are dope!!
Sunehra Khan Sajin
Mum : Happy birthday. Always stay happy and prosper in life ( in Bengali) Me: where's my gift
Katie Koko
Katie Koko 2 oy oldin
Most recent text from mom- You girls ok? Xxx Most recent text from dad - more than welcome to ours for New Years x & I’ve been ignored since that text on 19th of December HAHA
gxldeniya 2 oy oldin
im emotionally stunted honestly so i cant blame the guy. I can barley say i love you to my mom without just laughing nervously and having a nervous fit. Im just not emotionally there with my family even if i do love them.
Kitty Kha Lynx
Kitty Kha Lynx 2 oy oldin
the dude who texted his dad about the premier...so many unsaid things in that 10-second moment, wow. i hope he and his dad can reconnect.
kimchi •
kimchi • 2 oy oldin
oh wow is this how parents are supposed to text their kids
Angel 2 oy oldin
It is OKAY TO TELL YOUR PARENTS YOU LOVE THEM. No matter how much you do or don’t talk to them. What they’ve done wrong, whatever the case... forgive. Make sure they know. It will make their day. ❤️
Luwam Alem
Luwam Alem 2 oy oldin
YLT?! 😂😂
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera 2 oy oldin
That dude with the YLT clearly has a misinterpretation for love. It's not like he was never around it when his mother texted it to him and it doesn't sound like the first time. He's just childish.
hope giver
hope giver 2 oy oldin
I came here to cry , for some reason i can't cry and anything emotional would help me rn so...💔 ( ps: this video didn't help tho cause i thought last message before they died haha)
Erin Noe
Erin Noe 2 oy oldin
I never could understand people who don't tell their parents that they love them :/
kayla trapp
kayla trapp 2 oy oldin
so that sound that happens when you send a text happened to me when they were showing the sound and i was texting my dad lmao
Aleksandra Djordjevic
ylt? jesus
Madds hayes
Madds hayes 2 oy oldin
Maya 2 oy oldin
0:12 SO SUE ME FOR LOOKING TO PRETTY TONIGHT stream Singular by Sabrina Carpenter
EliteCaca 2 oy oldin
The girl with the dimples is sooooo gorgeous 😍 her smile her laugh !! She is beautiful plain and simple
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