People Try Ridiculous Skin Care Techniques From History // Presented By BuzzFeed & Proactiv

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“You want me to touch the poop on your face?”



25-Iyl, 2017



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Larry Leighade
Larry Leighade Yil oldin
Sakura Yamane
Sakura Yamane Yil oldin
Isn't nightingale poop supposed to be good for your skin? again idk but didn't buzzfeed do another video on the poop facial thing
Riona Henry
Riona Henry Yil oldin
Not including Proactiv because the benzoyl peroxide will make me break out more because of my allergies. They need to make a version with salisilic acid and maybe I'll chance it.
Allison Yil oldin
I would rather see someone do an old one for 2 months and someone do a new modern face stuff and see which one actually works better
Betsy Suzanne
Betsy Suzanne Yil oldin
I have never heard of harry styles doing a bird poop facial nah uh
Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston Yil oldin
feces have diseacessssss
Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston Yil oldin
butter on your face???? oh lord no.....
Snm Meeps
Snm Meeps Yil oldin
But did she get pink eye?
Brianna Cobian
Brianna Cobian Yil oldin
but feces have diseases
Alexa Bella Muerte
Aryani Justina
Aryani Justina Yil oldin
that priceless reaction of the girl saying "10 minutes??!!" LOVE her
QUEEN BEE Yil oldin
If that's really how Harry Styles gets his clear skin I'm gonna be pissed
Della Risa
Della Risa Yil oldin
wow hold up, is that really him on 1:00 the one who always said "oh yes" by the end of all recipes?
DirtyBrownieMix Yil oldin
Can you guys do something for rosacea
Lulu Cruz
Lulu Cruz Yil oldin
I absolutely love this Argan Life oil! It makes my skin look so healthy and has even improved the way my stretch marks look. I will definitely order this again! It makes my skin so soft and leaves a beautiful glow.
Tech Solutions
Tech Solutions Yil oldin
Proactiv ad
Roob Trulso
Roob Trulso Yil oldin
That girl with the bird poop in her mouth bahaha
Leighmeow Yil oldin
Watched the entire video. Realized it was just an advertisement for proactive at the very end. SAD.
kaye higgs
kaye higgs Yil oldin
pro active is a waste of money, didn't help my skin at all
Amber Ortolano
Amber Ortolano Yil oldin
Sour milk is literally lactic acid, which is an AHA that is used today, so it's really not that weird tbh
Ada Wong
Ada Wong Yil oldin
I think that guy used to date Allison. JBU 4 LYFE!!
Steven Randy
Steven Randy Yil oldin
If it's the last thing I do I will kill every buzz feed video, product, and anything with the word buzz and feed In the same sentence. Yes even this comment.
safiaa Yil oldin
Best thing about buzzfeed sometimes is how people are so unaffected by things and immediately reply smart or funny things
ryehaaan Yil oldin
i cant even smell sour milk, i would vomit X__X
Alexis Sweeney
Alexis Sweeney Yil oldin
dammit! how did I get to the end of this video without realizing it was an ad????!?
San Zain
San Zain Yil oldin
Q. What did you do today? A. I put Bird poop on my face. Voluntarily.
Kelsey Sultan
Kelsey Sultan Yil oldin
Why have people with perfect skin in a skincare video
Malin Ö
Malin Ö Yil oldin
'cause people with bad skin know not to mess with stuff like this, and that proactiv doesn't work
Dicky Tom
Dicky Tom Yil oldin
what's with japanes loving poop?
lacey grubb
lacey grubb Yil oldin
if harry does it, ill do it
Caroline L.
Caroline L. Yil oldin
I feel really bad that they had bird poop put in front of them and had to put it on them. I doubt that was mentioned on the sign up sheet.
Ann Yil oldin
That guy wearing blue longleeves & sitting next to a girl wearing light pink shirt, WAS HE THE ONE WHO MAKES THAT "OH YES" SOUND FROM TASTY VIDEOS at 1:00??? Or was that just edited? Not sure since the logo of tasty appeared.
M 17
M 17 Yil oldin
Definitely sponsored
Manof Yil oldin
who is this Dan guy?... hes cutee
Scott Animation
Scott Animation Yil oldin
When the white girl said, ''the ancestors'' i died
SarahJ48 Yil oldin
I got prescribed Proactiv for my acne something like six years ago and it dried out my skin so badly it started to peel and it looked like I had a sunburn on my face. My face wasn't permanently hurt or damaged by it but I'm never trying it again.
karla francis
karla francis Yil oldin
Cotton grows on trees. They just roll it in a ball to get it like that. 😓
Niha Ahmed
Niha Ahmed Yil oldin
I used to feel really self conscious about my acne ,I even felt scared of going outside. But then I accepted my self for who I am and learnt that I look beautiful in every single way. Acne is hard to live with but living with fear is worse.
Ria Rodriguez
Ria Rodriguez Yil oldin
but feces have deseasies
Motivating You26
Sour milk works for me I tried it 😍
Brittany Brown
Brittany Brown Yil oldin
from an actual skincare professional, proactive is not good for your skin. your welcome.
nnjddr Yil oldin
But feces have deceases
justas komza
justas komza Yil oldin
Why didnt u give Swasti Ka te as a partner?
Cloud of Reverie
Proactiv did not work for my asian skin plus I live in a mostly tropical climate. My acne got worse. Ill just stick to korean beauty products since it works for my skin type.
Ermigus Yil oldin
I love my honey and nutmag scrub mask remedy when my skin is upset. It's a half/half mixture that you leave on your face for about 15 minutes followed by a few minutes of exfoliation and a rinse with cold water to shrink the pores. I also use the gender bender chunk from perfectly posh as my daily cleanser - I'm not a rep, but it works wonders for me and my adult acne! Wish I had it as a teenager when I had cystic acne breakouts.
Ainsley Nielsen
Ainsley Nielsen Yil oldin
Proactive literally burned my face like no thanks I'd rather put bird poop on my face
Emily Gibson
Emily Gibson Yil oldin
I know I'll get hate for this but the girl with the old lady glasses looks so pretty without them!
Dana's #1 Fan
Dana's #1 Fan Yil oldin
*Proactiv is crap*
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley Yil oldin
I found out a long time ago, if I only use H2O on my face, I don't break out much.
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly Yil oldin
did the chick at the beginning just say ancient Esia?
Noorie Yil oldin
Swasti+Jessica= Swastica
Ritz Crackerz
Ritz Crackerz Yil oldin
I used to have a crazy skin care regimen until I finally went to a dermatologist! It's the biggest step to clearing skin. I've been using prescribed Epiduo for months now, and my skin has no pimples anymore :)
Lexi Nichols
Lexi Nichols Yil oldin
I seriously love Proactiv MD. I was using adapolene anyways, and this gave me SPF as well. I used to get cystic acne, and this has helped me a lot. Huge relief that there is no benzoyl peroxide in this formula and my face is so much better after starting this whole process. #IMOLDFORACNE #THANKGODFORTHIS
Ava Murray
Ava Murray Yil oldin
the poop is actually really good tho
Isabel Yil oldin
if you're going to do ads at least try to make it feel less uncomfortable (I know it's fake)
aszialove Yil oldin
I use black soap and coconut oil. ^_^
Emma LeAnn
Emma LeAnn Yil oldin
No I put a crystal on it, should be fine 😂
Toqa Badran
Toqa Badran Yil oldin
Putting eastern music as the background of your historical or past themed videos perpetuates the idea that these eastern societies aren't current or modern or something... problematic
Addie And Thugger
Annabel Rhodes
Annabel Rhodes Yil oldin
I just use benzac cream/facewash and witchhazel toner, works for me!
Skelespook Yil oldin
Wow, a funny video from buzzfeed. "Feces have diseasees"
ktran8191 Yil oldin
Michaeloll Yil oldin
who is Robert and why is he so handsome and flawless? i'm in love omg
Michaeloll Yil oldin
someone give me my new crush's social medias plz
Jesse DeBear
Jesse DeBear Yil oldin
I've been using ProactivMD and it's THE BEST!
shibbyxoxo Yil oldin
Proactiv is such a trap, it works great in the beginning but you have to use it forever otherwise your skin breaks out like CRAZY for like a month, it's horrible
TeoTheLostBoy Yil oldin
They said ridiculous but included modern day Japan. Is there a Buzzfeed Japan? They must be mad
Multifandom is My hobi
Why is there middle eastern music in the background??
Toenail of Doom
Toenail of Doom Yil oldin
I'm gonna put some butter and flour in my face now
Kris Fenato
Kris Fenato Yil oldin
That was genuinely a real solid way to advertise a face care product with a clickbait video. I appreciate this.
Emily hancock
Emily hancock Yil oldin
in fairness the sour milk actually kind of makes sense - lactic acid is a really good exfoliant
Zainab Habib
Zainab Habib Yil oldin
"We're getting shitfaced" 😆
Glitter_190 Yil oldin
Definitely not sponsored
Selena Lee
Selena Lee Yil oldin
Any r/skincareaddiction subscribers here 💁🏾
amelia kitty
amelia kitty Yil oldin
I was wondering why this video seemed so rushed, then I realized it's an ad for proactive. So they probably had a deadline and just sped through trying all the face masks. Hopefully, since they recycle ideas, they will do this concept again; but do one mask at a time and maybe do it over the course of a week so we can really see if they work or not!
Bunny God
Bunny God Yil oldin
How tf is butter gonna help???
Humanbeing Ikr
Humanbeing Ikr Yil oldin
cassifier Yil oldin
"this is literally how you get pink eyes!" *immediately searches up how people get pink eyes* *what comes up is totally different*
destinyh97 Yil oldin
2:11.. feces have Diseases 😂 I Died laughing
Crystal Rod
Crystal Rod Yil oldin
Butter gives pimples smh
Filbie Yil oldin
Man...skin care=/=acne products, it's so much more than that 😑
SuperWho Yil oldin
"I'll rub butter on my whole freakin' body if you want me to." "Honey, relax."
tear728 Yil oldin
Up next, People Rub Period Blood on Face to clear Acne.
Sara B
Sara B Yil oldin
The Egyptian/Middle-eastern music playing in the background at the start
Holly Rees
Holly Rees Yil oldin
Am I the only one who feels like they have posted this video before
fandore12 Yil oldin
here's something that actually works, Honey, it is well known that the Egyptians used honey to help everything from burns to infections, honey is well known to speed up the process of healing and help encourage proper cell growth reducing scar tissue. Manuka honey is known to also help cure staph infection (mrsa) as well through the process of osmosis.
Mizz Bella Kitty
I don't see any acne on their faces though! They all have pretty nice skin!
mini anna
mini anna Yil oldin
listen I genuinely and honestly dont care about these skIN CARE TECHNIQUES DID SHE GET PINKEYE JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION
Raylan Jackson
Raylan Jackson Yil oldin
But the real question is..... what's in the proactive products 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Miaou Yil oldin
Always a pleasure to watch Swasti smiling :3
Yzatis Arango
Yzatis Arango Yil oldin
None of them had bad acne, and proactiv doesnt work for everyone cuz it contains alcohol and other superficial ingridients, for me it just made my skin dry
The Cotton Barn Loretta
Ari Bandek
Ari Bandek Yil oldin
Hi the firts máscara is the worste
Donia Gonzales Copeland
Thanks for sharing and have an awesome Tuesday.
minerva's wife
minerva's wife Yil oldin
why is this unlisted?
Person Yil oldin
Amethyst huh? Talk about Steven universe.
Konstantinos Michailidis
Who's watching without socks?
Rocco Conte
Rocco Conte Yil oldin
A Yil oldin
The only part I liked in this video was 1:00 just because of Tasty.
Cindy Tong
Cindy Tong Yil oldin
Dont like this new people they dint have tge personal for this
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