People Try Vintage Candy

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“I can see why this one did not stand the test of time.”
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20-Dek, 2015

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Lucy T.
Lucy T. 19 kun oldin
Dude I didn't even know big hunk and Boston baked beans were vintage candy like, I eat this all the time. They're my favorite
Zerologk Oy oldin
RIP New England’s own, NECCO (New England Candy Company.) I’ll never be able to buy a skybar in a convenance store again. The wafers are still around, but those were stockpiled in the billions.
F13at Cat
F13at Cat 2 oy oldin
I would legit just watch a skit with Candace and the tall glasses guy talking in that old timey talk. It’s so cute!!
Laurie 3
Laurie 3 2 oy oldin
Sky bars are only in new england
alli 2 oy oldin
i like how you can buy these all from cracker barrel for like 80 cents and theyre all like '*WOOOAhhh*'
Phoenix Garcia
Phoenix Garcia 2 oy oldin
Still eat Charleston chews and boston baked beans lol
Gore & Everything Creepy
I remember hating Charleston chews and then I had one a few months ago and I said “WHY DID I HATE THIS?” And ate the whole thing.
Desiree Hill
Desiree Hill 4 oy oldin
I love Charleston chews
Raya Xx
Raya Xx 5 oy oldin
Sky bars are still my favorite chocolate bar out of everything!!
Red Fam
Red Fam 5 oy oldin
I hate her voice is know I'm not the only one
Dizzy 5 oy oldin
This made me want a Charleston Chew, I'm so hunting one down tomorrow!! They're so yummy 😋
john cameron
john cameron 5 oy oldin
where can you buy these
Maria Santos
Maria Santos 6 oy oldin
I love Boston Baked Beans 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Jon Treekin
Jon Treekin 6 oy oldin
❤️ Boston baked beans
Carinya 88
Carinya 88 6 oy oldin
You always have those people in videos who pretend to hate everything to look cool and healthy
Budgie Whisperer
Budgie Whisperer 6 oy oldin
can we go one youtube video that includes the 50s, without someone banging on about housewives and Misogyny?
Darren Spohn
Darren Spohn 7 oy oldin
I don't know if it's vintage but I mis wig wag.
MONEY MONEY 7 oy oldin
I eat jumbo Charleston chews from my freezer alot but the rest of this I can't deal with lol
Park Jimin Asthetic
Baked beans and the Charleston chews are my all time favorite Also Mochi and dango
han w
han w 8 oy oldin
we have frozen charlestons at camp sometimes, tbh the strawberry ons are sooo good frozen
Molly Jennings
Molly Jennings 8 oy oldin
I feel like the slow poke would pull out my filling.....
K B 8 oy oldin
My Pawpaw gets me the charlston chews. I freeze them
Polly !
Polly ! 8 oy oldin
In Australia, we have the sky bar type thing. It is called Snack and the sections are fruit flavoured.
Lps Melanie
Lps Melanie 8 oy oldin
I have been eating all this candy and more and I'm 10
Zoey Strickland
Zoey Strickland 8 oy oldin
Charleston chews are blessed
Tessa DAlton
Tessa DAlton 9 oy oldin
How did they get them...
J Tovar
J Tovar 10 oy oldin
This is why I f****** hate video game's. It appeals to the male fantasy.
otterlover95 10 oy oldin
rock candy and candy buttons. Ribbon candy and chewy cinnamon candy.
otterlover95 10 oy oldin
candy corn and butterscotch candy
Grace Perry
Grace Perry 10 oy oldin
What Charleston chew vintage I can get that at Walgreens
Bootea Likher
Bootea Likher 10 oy oldin
1:56 She wouldn’t last in tha south cx
Who knows?
Who knows? 11 oy oldin
“It looks like Ibuprofen!”
Blitzkriegwaltz Gaming
And why do they pay people working in buzzfeed to eat types of candy
Blitzkriegwaltz Gaming
They still have the Charleston chew out
Blitzkriegwaltz Gaming
CheeseWithToastOn 11 oy oldin
Frozen Charleston chews are amazing
FunMiaLoL's StopMotion Films
how come kristen bell colored her hair like a unicorn??
emilio 11 oy oldin
I’ve been eating a Charleston Chews since I was a child. I also live in the south where these were eaten a lot
Phyloseum DiRyn
Phyloseum DiRyn 11 oy oldin
Of course buzzfeed had to slip in some "sexist" abuse in this video.
Tecnovlog 11 oy oldin
is chocolate a candy?
Velveteenmoon Yil oldin
Charleston Chew is really delicous, very rare where I live but some store still has it sometimes :3
Annabelle Stephens
I tried the big hunk with my friend and it was gross lol
Okay so I decided to buy a Skybar because of this and...it's gross. The chocolate is super low quality...
SpideyXV Yil oldin
I’ve seen all that candy at hobby lobby
P Heart
P Heart Yil oldin
Am i the only person who thinks Slo poke sounds rather..erm..odd?
Burt Toast
Burt Toast Yil oldin
guess what i was eating charleston chews while watching this (They were frozen)
W-_-T Yil oldin
Girl in pink top looks like Kristen Bell with nicer boobs?
Andrew Stevenson
ARE YOU HIGH?! Charleston Chew HAS stood up to the test of time. It's literally the only one of these readily available in most grocery stores that I've looked around in. It's also VERY tasty.
My mom came home from Boston and brought home an Assorted Chocolate Box that was filled with with Boston Beans. I said "These remind me of Peanut M&M's if someone had ate all but the red ones. Minus the white "m".".
Roberto a
Roberto a Yil oldin
Sky Bars, charleston chew, and boston baked beans were pretty popular when I grew up. Also every candy ever made is better than sour punch straws. The end.