People Try Weird Kardashian Food Hacks

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Ya'll Didn't Start Breaking Off a Kit Kat!
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Premiere of Open Road Films’ ‘The Promise’ - Arrivals
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Khloe Kardashian Kicks Off KYBELLA Movement At Allergan Event
Cindy Ord /Getty Images
Kylie Jenner Appearance At Sugar Factory American Brasserie
Ethan Miller/Getty Images



7-May, 2017

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TsalagiAgvnage Daqiqa oldin
The thing is ummm.... 1. Yes, for space because you can make more fit. but ain't nobody got time for that. 2 I already do something similar. I used to hate them, but since I love wafers and chocolate, I figured out that the problem was that I didn't like the stack. It wasn't hard to figure out because I used to do it with the Nutty Bars. It also improved the taste of them. I just hate masses of sweet stuff. and 3. it is like a standard Belgian waffle. In Belgium they are made with dough and not batter. My guess is that she learned that while walking the streets of Brussels.
Emily Whitfield
Emily Whitfield 5 soat oldin
Kourtney eats Kitkats similar to how I eat them
Alexia Lopez
Alexia Lopez 6 soat oldin
Anyone else notice that youtube is slowly removing being able to skip ads
Call Me Dad :3
Call Me Dad :3 Kun oldin
imagine having to put MINI OREOS into a large jar neatly
Minah N10ir
Minah N10ir 2 kun oldin
How is putting cookies in a jar a “hack”
nour S Hilal
nour S Hilal 4 kun oldin
I do that a lot but it is not her idea(kitkat hack)
Jennifer Lara
Jennifer Lara 5 kun oldin
Essence really hates the Kardashian’s LMAO
Don’t hate me but I do the KitKat thing.
aaliyah ouppn
aaliyah ouppn 7 kun oldin
i cant believe im saying this but ... kylie had the best hack ... *KILL ME* 😣😂 edit: wait i just tried the kit kat thing and ... i like it .. i think im losin it
Queen 1985
Queen 1985 8 kun oldin
K.I. R
K.I. R 9 kun oldin
“You just throw them joints in there, like so.” - finally, directions I can follow that make sense
K.I. R
K.I. R 9 kun oldin
Lmao this intro?! I live!
widad el haddad
widad el haddad 10 kun oldin
They say KARDASHIAN hacks but the tumbmail is Kylie JENNER
RandomThoughts 11 kun oldin
I just bite the whole thing even if there’s more than 1 in there..
Ronald Bilius Weasley
Essence was the only reason I continued watching the video man...
BADDIED D 11 kun oldin
Kylie’s geniuse
Pranav m
Pranav m 12 kun oldin
I wanna eat hal
Kat Mahtzy
Kat Mahtzy 13 kun oldin
I eat wafers wafer by wafer
kayla dutson
kayla dutson 14 kun oldin
I ain’t on no ones side, but fr the kardashians may have weird ideas, but it’s better then taking other ppls video ideas🤔🤫 like b u z z f e e d
Ayati Bhatnagar
Ayati Bhatnagar 14 kun oldin
"This isn't even a hack" 😂😂😂
Saimoom Shaheen
Saimoom Shaheen 15 kun oldin
At 2:12 she says no like six times and say that is not a thing then at 2:44 she’s like hold up Kourtney might be on to something
Pop Heart
Pop Heart 15 kun oldin
Have to say the kit kat one is the best hack or whatever it is is amazing!
Sara Vargas Perez
Sara Vargas Perez 15 kun oldin
Shniya Miller
Shniya Miller 15 kun oldin
I ate kit kats like that and I didn’t even know they made a video on how to eat them like that😂😂😂
Ava Danaei
Ava Danaei 15 kun oldin
WOW!! A Kardashian ate a Kit KAT!!! I have never seen such talent!!
Peyton Rivas
Peyton Rivas 16 kun oldin
She said hackiest.😂😂
The Diamond Pug
The Diamond Pug 16 kun oldin
1:06 Looks more like a Loki wig
skydive2k18 16 kun oldin
Bruh I was just eating a KitKat
James Alphaleone
James Alphaleone 16 kun oldin
Its not the first time a kardashian taught us how to eat a big black thing
Radwan Fallah
Radwan Fallah 17 kun oldin
Kardashian life hacks (puts Kylie Jenner)
Helina Boz
Helina Boz 17 kun oldin
Khloe left the chat
Gacha Life
Gacha Life 17 kun oldin
I love the kardashians
Sami Rendel
Sami Rendel 18 kun oldin
I love essence throw them joints in there that’s me lol these hacks are low key stupid except Kylie No count 100
Gacha! Katie
Gacha! Katie 18 kun oldin
Omg sooo watermelon
PerfectPopplio 18 kun oldin
She did not invent the KitKat hack I have been doing this for years
sO i aM cOnFuSIoN
sO i aM cOnFuSIoN 19 kun oldin
The Kardashian’s left the chat
Bella Jones
Bella Jones 20 kun oldin
I eat the kit kat just like kim
Asia Grace
Asia Grace 20 kun oldin
I've done the KitKat thing and I haven't done it a different way since 😂😂😂😂😂
Butterscotch Chords
Butterscotch Chords 21 kun oldin
Khloe:Guys lets go put a cookie in a jar * Puts it in * People:Talent wooooooh 👏
Camren Ortiz
Camren Ortiz 22 kun oldin
Pug Lover
Pug Lover 22 kun oldin
I don’t break the KitKat 😂
Sofia Molina
Sofia Molina 23 kun oldin
Damn, Kourtney can eat a kit kat, I wish I could do that
Alex Bell
Alex Bell 23 kun oldin
Kardashian: this is how to walk Pepole:1 million views
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez 24 kun oldin
Why do i eat kitkats like that..?
1smash12 AJ
1smash12 AJ 24 kun oldin
I eat kitkat like that thou
Aaron’s 2nd Account
Jesus did NOT die for the Kardashians
Unicorn Toots
Unicorn Toots 25 kun oldin
The cinnamon roll waffle thing is literally one of the ideas they give you on the box
Gatcha Studio Female
Omg. I was about to ask is the dude wearing a wig then he snatches it off😂
Emily Burgum
Emily Burgum 27 kun oldin
I eat the kit jar like that even before I saw the video
Riley Toews
Riley Toews Oy oldin
I've been eating kit kats like that for a long time And nobody cared about it
Rowan I have a boring last name
I eat a Kit Kat like that
Wynne Feliciana
This was published on my birthday
Dani's World
Dani's World Oy oldin
No No No No No No No No count 7 🤣😂😭🙃
Allison Sun
Allison Sun Oy oldin
Kardashian‘s: eats People: OMG, talent
Bobbie Jo's Corner of laughs And more
"I feel like a squirrel."
Ximena Solorio
Damn Essence it's their MOTHERFUCKING time 😫😫
Horrorfav Oy oldin
I actually do kourtneys kitkat trick I feel like I ate 10 kitkats
Linsay Watson
Linsay Watson Oy oldin
Ha on the co outer it says sushi
Kenyatta Harrison
Honestly I don't know why but I do this same thing with a kit kat
reagan roberts
“ i feel like a goddamn squirrel “
reagan roberts
“ throw them joints in there “
Loren Gray
Loren Gray Oy oldin
Prove that kardashains are brainless
Rxe Mxp
Rxe Mxp Oy oldin
I don’t break the kit kat I just eat it
SaltLifeChick 2 oy oldin
Marioma Tube
Marioma Tube 2 oy oldin
OMG this video is soooooo beneficial for me, at last i learned how to eat kit Kat😂😂😂😝😉😂
Paola Santos
Paola Santos 2 oy oldin
I have ate a KitKat like kortnie my. Whole life
Isabelle Lockie
Isabelle Lockie 2 oy oldin
OMG the kardashians are my idols
Nicole Havener
Nicole Havener 2 oy oldin
She did not start the cinnamon roll hack
Azzurra 2 oy oldin
The girl of colour was so sassy lmao i love her😂😂
Catherine Tenorio
The blonde girl annoyed me
Safa Ahmed
Safa Ahmed 2 oy oldin
This blonde is so annoying
makeup and PR
makeup and PR 2 oy oldin
Kylies was the best
smarathi1 2 oy oldin
that's an oldie cause we been putting cookies in jars for years !!! and there aint no magical hack !!! just open the kit kat and just eat it's no rocket science peeps !!! rather eat freshly made waffles from scratch !!!! just my opinion each to their own cause i'm board just looking at & hearing about the kardashian's !!!!!
Snakeboy46 36
Snakeboy46 36 2 oy oldin
Hey guys that looks like glue
Mr Ismail The RANDOM GUY 246
I actually eat the KitKat somewhat like that 😂😅
Faith Buenacosa
Faith Buenacosa 2 oy oldin
Rare Mono
Rare Mono 2 oy oldin
I tired the kit kat hack and the wafer does taste better I SWEAR but it’s too long to eat a kit kat
kiara g
kiara g 2 oy oldin
Lmaooo Essence was petty, but in a funny way. Her name is so unique too😍😍
drawing-llamas 3 oy oldin
*most hackiest of the hacks*
Angela Gabrielle
Angela Gabrielle 3 oy oldin
These people are haters
Leah Ginsburg
Leah Ginsburg 3 oy oldin
Lol Love the Kardashians❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ But not their hacks 😂😂😂
Rylee Payne
Rylee Payne 3 oy oldin
" not a one "
definitely Brendon Urie
That one girl with the gold earings was perfection tbh
Athena Fairley
Athena Fairley 3 oy oldin
I actually ate my KitKat the wY kourtny ate it during this video
Bb 3 oy oldin
Why they got to be so aggressive
ChildOfNamgloom 3 oy oldin
The cinnamon roll waffle is amazing but she isn't even close to inventing it.
Liana x
Liana x 3 oy oldin
you guys picked such haters yikes!
Abbie Fogg
Abbie Fogg 3 oy oldin
The guy who wears the wig looks like an older Marcus Butler🤣
Trinity ! Duhh
Trinity ! Duhh 3 oy oldin
That's how I eat my kit kats
Princess Lavender
Lmao I watched Kourts videos and I tried it 2 years ago and I do agree that it takes better and I would never eat it differently.❤️❤️
danielle devine
danielle devine 3 oy oldin
bahahah i love essence
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 3 oy oldin
Sometimes why I wonder; what the heck is up with the future, we’re supposed to have self drying clothes and methods of saving the world, not watching pretty people organize cookies. I’m sorry, I don’t hate the Kardashians, I just hate how those are just a waste of time. The only thing that was a hack was a bloody cinnamon roll waffle thing.
Gracie Miller
Gracie Miller 3 oy oldin
I tried the KitKat one and it’s actually so good I don’t know if I’m ok with that 😂
Dila Sg
Dila Sg 3 oy oldin
They are so rude
JJ Vlogs
JJ Vlogs 3 oy oldin
I ate kit kats like that already it aint a hack but it makes it feel better
Randomly Ramune
Randomly Ramune 3 oy oldin
I actually like the kit Kat one
Ariana Aranda
Ariana Aranda 3 oy oldin
If anything kendall is smart then the others
Tweeny T
Tweeny T 3 oy oldin
OK here's the thing I eat kit Kats just like kourtney did LOL but like I didn't watch the video first
1M Subscribers Without Any Videos
That is how I eat a KitKat before, I eat the chocolate sides but I don't separate the wafer layers lol😂
Enya Epps
Enya Epps 3 oy oldin
How is stacking some cookies a hack?
•Gucci Dolce•
Of course their getting mad cause they think the Hacks are stupid....
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