People With Albinism Review Albino Characters From Film

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"Oh, he's supposed to be the albino?!"
Devin Clark @_devinclark_
Jennifer Renée @jreneejrenee
Colleen Young @coroyo
Keenan Javon @keenanjavon
Rosemary and Christina Alubankudi @stylebytwinology
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7-Yan, 2019



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Sokhena Samb
Sokhena Samb Kun oldin
Black lightning is a good show on netfilx and it has an actual albino person in it
Steven Correa
Steven Correa 9 kun oldin
You look just fine to me 😍 well if we go only balance R Kelly out with Jerry Lee Lewis
May Abdu
May Abdu 9 kun oldin
I've never heard of Albino until now so I'm just learning, but what's the difference between black albino people and white albino people, like how do you know if they're black or white?
Delilah Concepcion
Delilah Concepcion 11 kun oldin
In the movie industry they often exaggerate and stretch these characters albinism, Mexican, blacks whites. Its all of us. Its tv its a movie its a show its not real not everything should be taken to heart. Im so sick of hearing...”ive never seen( for instance) a puerto rican woman portrayed exactly like me and how I want them to be portrayed in movies before.” Very annoying to hear, you wanna see some history on my background pick up a book at your local library
G 11 kun oldin
Not gonna lie, I felt like there are a lot of points about appearance in the video. Now, what do we say about appearances? About making opinions just based on appearance? Other points were certainly valid I guess
Shiny Turd
Shiny Turd 12 kun oldin
the only albino charcher i knew is black lighting but that tv show
Starseed-bb 14 kun oldin
why are americans kinda just incapable of seeing a certain kind of person in a movie and then immediately upon seeing a real person like that assume they must be just like the movies
Boiling Hot Tea
Boiling Hot Tea 14 kun oldin
albinism is BEAUTIFUL
Ink Isolation
Ink Isolation 14 kun oldin
Ohh that girl with the long hair and blue hairband around her wrist has beautiful red eyes!!
Casey Roy
Casey Roy 14 kun oldin
most of these albinos are ignorant af
Allen Sickle
Allen Sickle 15 kun oldin
And that's why Domino should have stayed an albino in Deadpool 2.
Don't subscribe to me
2:57 Because they hire people for their talent skills, if no one with albinism can play that character that is it. They don't do it for the sake of being politically correct. Geez that's just a movie
Don't subscribe to me
You don't see much of you on screen because there is not that much of you in real life
Laqueeshous 15 kun oldin
uglahh boi
HeereAndQueer_ AndPeggy
*Gasp* you forgot the most amazing albino in a(n anime) movie! *ZE AWESOME PRUSSIA!!*
l3luue0z3 16 kun oldin
pause at 1:02 and tell me that that girls eyes are not purple
Hot Cocoa
Hot Cocoa 16 kun oldin
The lady with the brown hair was NOT albino.
Hot Cocoa
Hot Cocoa 13 kun oldin
+Lauren Wild What do u mean?
Lauren Wild
Lauren Wild 14 kun oldin
That is naive hun
Elena Coutinho-Taylor
"They're not albinos, they're ghosts"....ehhhhhh but if they thought they might look slightly like albinos....I mean, yeah they are ghosts, rebel programs, but you make a film for the public, not just yourself. You can't make a cupboard for someone and when they're unhappy with the quality call it a table lol
Mckenzie Mahal
Mckenzie Mahal 17 kun oldin
I enjoyed this .. The clips werw funny. .. But the conversation was informative .. Thnks !
Christina M
Christina M 17 kun oldin
I always thought people with albinism looked really cool.
Mia Case
Mia Case 17 kun oldin
Well... I hate to be that person, but actually the twins from The Matrix: Reloaded are really ghosts, non albinos. The Merovingian is famous to have gathered old software who was created in the previous iteration of The Matrix, and all his servants are what people knew as monsters. Werewolves, vampires and, of course, ghosts. As an example of that, Persephone (Merovingian's wife) killed one of her husband's servant with a silver bullet just few scenes prior to the fight between the twins and Morpheus, specifying it was an effective method to kill that kind of creatures.
Pulso 17 kun oldin
These are the real aryans that Hitler loved.
Jack K
Jack K 18 kun oldin
That red eyed albino might have intestinal inflammation.
Yora Uslescunt
Yora Uslescunt 18 kun oldin
This video is a good reason not to racemix
Jada Doll
Jada Doll 18 kun oldin
black women have eve genes to create albino
Leander Dato
Leander Dato 18 kun oldin
"nobody in society is looking up a condition and research it for themselves" That's literally what I do as a hobby
Scáth HelioPhobia
Scáth HelioPhobia 3 kun oldin
That's what I was and still am doing, since I was little -- and in case of, one might even be able to ask a person with a condition, politely about it.
Pretty Roses
Pretty Roses 18 kun oldin
Real question: Are any of the people in this video blind? I only asked because I noticed their eye movements were very similar to those who are blind, but then when they mentioned that they've seen the movies and the characters I was surprised to know that they aren't or is that a affect from them being albino? THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A RUDE COMMENT! Thank you.
Margarita S
Margarita S 16 kun oldin
as far as i figured out, it differs. Some have really bad eye sight and some are crossed-eyed (some more some less). And some have neither of that. Apparently that condition can affect their eyes aswell, but like i said it is different from person to person. The main point is that the eyes aswell are missing melanin. Basically like other light eye coloured people, just far worse. I have really light eyes and tend to have trouble when the sun is out. My eyes wiggle around some times when there is to much bright light around. So i could imagine that happens to them too but like faaaaaar worse. Not sure tho, just a suggetion
Risingofthephoenixx x
My mom has a similar skin condition called Vitiligo the condition Micheal Jackson and Winnie Harlow has so I relate very well with people with Albinism and defend them as well. They need better representation and these horrible stereotypes need to cease at once they are no different than any of us they just lack pigment in their skin and hair. I hate how people like my mom has been treated unfairly all their life just because of the way they look which btw they look extremely beautiful in an ethereal way to me always have always will. It's probably because the one who gave birth to me has different skin then 90% of the planet and she is my mom and "mother is god in the eyes of a child". So to anyone with vitiligo or albinism you are beautiful beings just so you know
Angela A
Angela A 19 kun oldin
"No one in society today is going to look up a condition and research it for themselves." I don't think that is generally true. Especially with how accessible info is.
Indi blogs xx
Indi blogs xx 21 kun oldin
Why is everybody saying the ‘black’ albinos can say the n-word but there white 🤷🏼‍♀️
Nathan_Play Lemon
Nathan_Play Lemon 19 kun oldin
Black blood. 50%+ is alk that matters
Danny Groening
Danny Groening 22 kun oldin
They just white lol
Yas 22 kun oldin
My friend is black and has albinism and she hates when people call her white
Abraham The Bad Badger
Is it time to say the N word now?
Mal K
Mal K 27 kun oldin
The guy from Benchwarmers wasn't albino, he had a phobia of the sun and other weird traits for comedy. He is jokingly referred to as one but it isn't actually true in the movie.
haille powers
haille powers Oy oldin
I’m kind of sad they didn’t react to the albino from “The Heat” they joke how he’s probably the bad guy throughout the movie to find out he’s just another guy.
Miles Arroyo
Miles Arroyo Oy oldin
Just when I thought no one else could get offended
Kpop Origami
Kpop Origami Oy oldin
I understand that it would be cool for an albino person to be played by someone who is actually albino, but considering the small amount of albino people in the world and the large amount of people trying to be actors and actresses... it's just not always feasible. That's why in movies with people with chronic illnesses, thry are typically played by people who do not have that illness. Also if someone was playing a drag queen character, or even playing somebody who is gay, the actors themselves may not actually be this way. It is acting, not real life.
Trippy Hoe
Trippy Hoe Oy oldin
5:55 This guy is cute af tho
Daily dose of Animals
I know those twins
I have albinism you don’t now the struggles I’m my and every ones live every one has stuggles but I can’t even see it’s hard
Lilian Alvarez
The netflix version of the jungle book “mowgli” has a albino animal
anakin skywalker
to be honest the dude from powder is what I thought albinos looked like because I'd never seen an albino before but then I actually met an albino person and realized they're nothing like what the movies show them as again I had never seen nor met an albino person before then so I was ignorant
Sarah McMullin
Where are the clips from Black Lightning with Tobias Church? That character might be the embodiment of evil, but he's still oddly compelling...and the actor playing him has albinism, too!
Bix lov
Bix lov Oy oldin
Oh come on... you can't expect the film industry to shove a forced albino actor in movies...they're talking like albinino's are a race thats being discriminated against or something... yea albino is kind of a weird condition so excpect for them to be the "exception" in some movies and maybe even the villian ,whats bad about an albino playing a villian? it's just a movie lol
Mermaids of the Sea
*eyebrows have left the chat*
L U M B A G O Oy oldin
So they're like the white version of black ppl
Nagi ' Eh
Nagi ' Eh Oy oldin
Why does their eyes move around like that? Nothing offensive, just noticed it. Seemed like they all were doing it?
Maxim Cypher
Maxim Cypher Oy oldin
As soon as I saw Benchwarmers, I immediately questioned the rest of the video. He is not an albino. My guess is that they wanted the get a reaction to the "offensive" sunscreen joke. Great research buzzfeed (sarcasm)
wanderingbumb Oy oldin
Albinos are kinda like Ishvalans tho...and they're badass
Just Nuwen
Just Nuwen Oy oldin
what if they just dye their hair and eyebrows? :thinking:
Tazjukie Gaming
"i don' like seeing people play characters with albinism when they don't have albinism". but that wont change. because it is like, why do they get gays to play straights. vise versa, or men to be woman. it is a job, sometimes they wont find someone fitting.
Woube Kebede
Woube Kebede Oy oldin
0:28 Someone poured bleach on Travis Scott
niles reeves
niles reeves Oy oldin
That guy looks like an albino boomhower!
EC GaMiNg Oy oldin
We know that you want albino actors, GET ON WITH IT, you dont have to disagree of agree on a movie, just because thw actors are albino or not.
Stoned Sloth
Stoned Sloth Oy oldin
Whos the cutie with the purple eyes. Wowza.
Linolól Oy oldin
Tubular Turnip
Smh black people even stole our whole skin pigment
Her red eyes are so gorgeous !
Morph Oy oldin
do all albinos have that "running/wandering" eye thing? i notice they all have it to some degree.
barbz chunli
barbz chunli 26 kun oldin
yes, they do. they tend to have eye-related problems as well. every albino either has weak vision,has a lazy eye,has crossed eyes, or eyes that move uncontrollably and so on. due to the lack of pigmentation they have a loooot of eye problems
Säsch Oy oldin
I actually never saw an albino in reallife
Kasterborous Oy oldin
I do find it a bit annoying when people of minority communities (trans, non-white, albino, etc.) complain about not having as many characters. They're minorities. Being that there's not that many people with those traits, you cannot expect to just see those types of people represented like a white, or normal person.
barbz chunli
barbz chunli 26 kun oldin
i kinda agree, but non-white and trans representation is good for society. WAKANDA wasnt THAT good but the reason people hyped it up is because black boys and girls will be able to see people who look like them in movies. gay representation is also very much needed....idk thats my input on that.
Roy Savage
Roy Savage Oy oldin
Why are they complaining, they have white privilege.
Ragnar xdxd
Ragnar xdxd Oy oldin
North_ 1337
North_ 1337 Oy oldin
lmao these people dont look albino they either look white or lightskin the only two that look albino is the twins and that one lady with the albino white dude.
TheINfinityWarden 775
I've never seen an albino in real life
Error Oy oldin
We had a couple Albino's in my school when I was a teenager. First time I had seen anyone like that. I was a little confused by the white hair but I just shrugged to myself since it's not that strange. What really grabbed my attention however was the red eyes. They popped vividly even in dim lighting to the point where it was almost a little unnerving. I remember googling what causes that when I got home and learned about Albino's. Had no idea they existed before that. Honestly thought it was a bit neat that a red eye color was possible. I think the people here may be over stating the affects of these movies just a bit.
Aquafina Perez
3:00 ok but that doesnt mean they're good actors does it .
ABL36 Oy oldin
Let's all get offended.
scarbro saint
scarbro saint Oy oldin
I will chop their limbs off and make a soup
Dan Oy oldin
oh god they looked way too cool
Sabin Sovrea
Sabin Sovrea Oy oldin
Is it a common thing for people with albinism to have a squint?
Sabin Sovrea
Sabin Sovrea Oy oldin
+Meme Iselfaneye i mean not really a squint, but i noticed they move their eyes a lot
Meme Iselfaneye
Sensitivity to light is a common trait of albinism.
frtnt fan1
frtnt fan1 Oy oldin
Big fuckin deal
They would've been mad as hell if they were shown Kevin Hart's character from Epic Movie LOL
R33P3R Oy oldin
that girl at 1:03 has a lazy eye
OsOanxious Oy oldin
This stuff can be considered black face of a different color
mAJOr Oy oldin
whats wrong with their eyes i dont mean the color i mean the moves they look so unnaturall like robots
nu eks
nu eks Oy oldin
honestly who cares
nu eks
nu eks Oy oldin
So the twins are asian, black and have albanism
nu eks
nu eks Oy oldin
white chicks 2 confirmed
marco fassetta
ehi, wasn't jared leto in fight club supposed to be albino too?
dice dragon
dice dragon Oy oldin
Dont forget chappies adopted mom
SlimesDesigns Oy oldin
are their any other diseases these albino characters have?
Carmel Kiss
Carmel Kiss Oy oldin
People in these comments are so rude tbh. None of y’all know what having albinism feels like so you can’t expect to know how they feel (everyone’s sensitive when it doesn’t directly affect you apparently) and having that one albino friend is not a representative of how all of them feel. There are approximately 402,500 albino people in the world so I can agree w them that it’s not hard to find an albino who wants to act and cast them.
hi im presli
hi im presli Oy oldin
is that bard simpson irl
krewzy Oy oldin
white mike tython?
Max Guardian
Max Guardian Oy oldin
Tobias?Black Lightning?Ring any bells?
I always thought of the "Ghosts" as "The twins" nothing albino about them, they are in all white whereas everyone else is wearing black
I didn’t know being albino was that serious. I’ve always seen them as normal imperfect human beings like the rest of us.
Alice's Husband
What I learned from this was albinos have fked up eyes.
Alexandre Simard
That Tim Bundy movie, it better be played by Tim Bundy or im going to be triggerd.
Nathan Pallen
Nathan Pallen Oy oldin
Does albinism come with some king of eye disorder or face disorder, or is that just the people BuzzFeed pick?
John Jack
John Jack Oy oldin
Africans murder albinos on the regular. But hey, I'm sure Wakandah receives them just fine.
chuck falcon
chuck falcon Oy oldin
pffft no one cares if yer white
Roger Scott
Roger Scott Oy oldin
Where is the outrage from the lefties that the albino characters are not being played by real albinos actors? Similar to the new outrage about trans characters being played by real trans actors.
RealShit HipHop
That African American dude in the black jumper is a real cool guy. He's appreciating the character for what they are and taking into account things like historical and narrative context. The chick who keeps going on about how Albino characters should be played by Albino actors is a bit near-sighted. There are many other factors that could play into why a character isn't played by an actual Albino person, whether it's acting ability or availability. She has no idea how hard it might have been to find a pair of Albino twins to perform in the Matrix. That said, it would be very nice to see more positive Albino characters in general on TV and film as they legitimately are a very misrepresented and misjudged community.
Tina Bunn
Tina Bunn Oy oldin
I went to school with the women with the long hair!! I cannot remember her name, but do remember how beautiful I thought she was. I think she moved not too long after I met her. I think her name is Beth?
Well, hello there, fellow human!
*They didn't have Caliban from Logan!?*
cXrtis Oy oldin
people who aren't albinos and pretend to be is technically like black-face
Well, hello there, fellow human!
I guess, but being an actor _portraying_ someone else isn't the same, just saying
Xephyr Oy oldin
is voldemort albino?
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