People With Albinism Review Albino Characters From Film

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"Oh, he's supposed to be the albino?!"
Devin Clark @_devinclark_
Jennifer Renée @jreneejrenee
Colleen Young @coroyo
Keenan Javon @keenanjavon
Rosemary and Christina Alubankudi @stylebytwinology
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7-Yan, 2019

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BlackGoku 26
BlackGoku 26 2 soat oldin
I love their hair 😍
TJ McCaw
TJ McCaw 3 soat oldin
OI! Where is the guy they had in Black Lightning, he was an Albino Villain, his name is Marvin Jones III (AKA: Krondon), he played Tobias Whale on the show.
Nigel 5 soat oldin
2:56 "it bothers me when i see people who don't have albinism play characters with albinism" *Well isnt that the point of acting? Playing another character which you are not?* "i have friends who are performers with albinsim and they're not offered these rolls" *Well cause they cast people for rolls you don't normally get "offered" a roll unless you're johnny depp or leonardo di capri for example.* 4:46 color the hair differently? So now its a color thing again.. its just a bit of paint jeez Im sorry but this is weird logic to me.
SupDeep 6 soat oldin
I get called albino cause im a bit pale but i didnt know alibinism gives you a kinda red skin interesting
Jalaam Stewart
Jalaam Stewart 6 soat oldin
Wow over sensitive albinos
Mortal.jaxon 1
Mortal.jaxon 1 7 soat oldin
There’s no such thing as white albino😂(jp)
Topheye 10 soat oldin
What about the Logan's character?
Potassium Cyanide
Potassium Cyanide 11 soat oldin
Those superstition were true tho
Rabbit chill
Rabbit chill 12 soat oldin
Oof buzzfeed accidentally becoming hypocrites by adding the 'Benchwarmers' character to the react list for how Hollywood portrays albinism. The character isn't even suppose to be portrayed as an albino, but its ironic that buzzfeed's stereotype of albinism says otherwise. Buzzfeed is literally the impetome of someone saying something racist, and trying to cover it up by using the excuse 'I have a friend of that race'.
Λinobolic 13 soat oldin
Wheres sheamus!
Leigh Gleeson
Leigh Gleeson 13 soat oldin
TomMy 15 soat oldin
They look so ridiculous..
DeanPlaysVideoGames 16 soat oldin
Bart simpson
Dalton Spitzer
Dalton Spitzer 17 soat oldin
The real life wiggers
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper 17 soat oldin
What’s the difference between albino people and blonde people??
Scott Swift
Scott Swift 17 soat oldin
These people are as sensitive as their skin is too the sun. I thought they were just red heads with dyed hair.
Mr. Richardson
Mr. Richardson 18 soat oldin
What makes a white person an Albino ?
Lrys Py
Lrys Py 18 soat oldin
wish they would have shown them the albino characters in american horror story
Hawkshadow12345 18 soat oldin
My best friends brother is albino but I’m very close to him too and he says a lot of what these people says.
well well Navarro
well well Navarro 18 soat oldin
Christian Southwick
Christian Southwick 18 soat oldin
4:49 Wtf they are thug mercenary ghosts. They don't resemble albino people at all.
Nach ox
Nach ox 19 soat oldin
you forgot geralt of rivia
Zinvex 19 soat oldin
What about the dude in “black lightning”
Travon Fisk
Travon Fisk 19 soat oldin
Black lightning Tobias he's albino
Charles Gossett
Charles Gossett 19 soat oldin
I was wondering why the people are complaining about dumbshit, Then I realized it was buzzfeed.
Robert Ambrose
Robert Ambrose 20 soat oldin
Lotus Auer
Lotus Auer 20 soat oldin
Justin, you know what this is? It's- it's just like Bart.
Thumbnail Finder
Thumbnail Finder 20 soat oldin
Does Albinism come with rapid eye movements?
Bigballer RTG
Bigballer RTG 20 soat oldin
they forgot to put in the albino from black lightning
Daniel Donchev
Daniel Donchev 21 soat oldin
they got crazy eyes … disgusting piece of filth
J McCoy
J McCoy 21 soat oldin
0:24 he kinda looks like Vic Van Lier from 2k16
Ed Childs
Ed Childs 21 soat oldin
The villian from the Cell?
Damien Ferrazzano
Damien Ferrazzano 21 soat oldin
if they aren’t good actors they aren’t getting the part.
Hiren Walia
Hiren Walia 21 soat oldin
Why are their eyes shifting so much
Jordzda ill 07
Jordzda ill 07 22 soat oldin
The thumbnail made me puke so I clicked
Purehatred1992 22 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
MoneyGod vG
MoneyGod vG 22 soat oldin
There are rules like in game of thrones I'm sure they could have used an all white person in movies it's an angelic Civilization
Kaan Karataş
Kaan Karataş 23 soat oldin
Oh wow the girl has serious red eyes!
Max Holtz
Max Holtz 23 soat oldin
Whats up with their eyes?
C_S_Richards 69
C_S_Richards 69 23 soat oldin
Do they get the n-word pass?
Lavko. 23 soat oldin
I wanna see a person with black skin and white face characteristics
ツAtomic -FNBR
ツAtomic -FNBR Kun oldin
Wtf the Benchwarmers really? He’s not Albino
Jaiye Ayling
Jaiye Ayling Kun oldin
Has someone dared to play an Albino in a movie?...
The GBO Show
The GBO Show Kun oldin
A person without albinism playingbsome one with albinism is like a white guy with a black man or a black man playing a white man
Lil Underrated
Lil Underrated Kun oldin
Oh yeah yeah
DJ Jacrispy
DJ Jacrispy Kun oldin
Bruh the twins look like the twins from the Matrix
Overit Bye
Overit Bye Kun oldin
What language are they speaking?
Truth seeker
Truth seeker Kun oldin
This is priceless.
Tyler Witkowski
Tyler Witkowski Kun oldin
Let’s take a moment to remember Kevin Hart playing as an albino called the white bastard in epic movie 😂😂😂
Rei 黎 Guro
Rei 黎 Guro Kun oldin
I swear Albino people look like angels, like from renaissance paintings