People With Natural Hair Get Perfect Curls

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"I learned that my hair can be silky!"
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29-Noy, 2017



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ErinDylanAnderson 4 soat oldin
but wait wait tho...what are all of their hair types??
Fun fact: there is such a thing as 4d hair it's just rare
Kalaya Sriver
Kalaya Sriver 12 soat oldin
Admit it. She did a really good job
Monique Heart’s laugh
"People with natural hair"... Is that not most people??
Ja'Lynn Shanaè
Ja'Lynn Shanaè Kun oldin
You did good ma'am
Look like my hair is a whole new category
Rebel Love
Rebel Love Kun oldin
Wow, according to the comments Im not the only one to speak on it..... but still. As long as a person is well educated & knowledgeable in their field, race doesn't matter. That goes without saying.
Rebel Love
Rebel Love Kun oldin
This is the 1st time I've ever seen a NON-BLACK person specifically specialized in black hair care. Excuse my ignorance but I've just never seen it. I've had non-black people do my hair before, sometimes it works out & other times it's a COMPLETE nightmare (which is why I do my own hair now and don't trust anyone on it). But this was cool to watch. 👍
Curly ChickenPower
Curly ChickenPower 2 kun oldin
4d 😱
Kimshi4242 2 kun oldin
What’s 4d?
Jazmine Jewels
Jazmine Jewels 2 kun oldin
I think the wash and goes make sense to turn out that way because freddy and the guy was 4a/4b but the way she separated the twist out lost the curl definition.
Jamesline Jeudy
Jamesline Jeudy 2 kun oldin
there's no such thing as 4d hair
Leera 3 kun oldin
This not new IN 4C HAIR COMMUNITY tho 🙄
*Mentally screaming inside*
What products were she using?
Eno 3 kun oldin
dang where her salon at thooo
Harleigh 4 kun oldin
She did a good job for what I expected. The thing is this is never the hair style I go for...and everything she said I knew or I felt was a bit off (but everyone is different). I'm always a bit surprised the people in this video "learned something" because I already knew 1) Curly hair is usually dry 2) Detangle your hair when wet and you dont need a comb 3) Use conditioner (your hair is dry) 4) Stretch hair with twists. Nothing was really...new, she knows the basics of black hair, kinda. I want to see her try to silk press hair, that's what I need to learn.
XOMINXX 4 kun oldin
She did an absolutely great job and I'd go to her
Teasha Collins
Teasha Collins 4 kun oldin
Does anyone find it odd that there are two Caucasian woman explaining this to them ? You guys could have found a black hairstylist (or even someone who is biracial) who specializes in natural hair while at the same time giving promo to that hairstylist to increase their business ! We have to help each other or we won’t get anywhere, all that aside informational video just weird in MY opinion
Monique Heart’s laugh
She went to school to learn how to do this hair type. She should not be penalized for being her race
Zaynab Pizza
Zaynab Pizza 2 kun oldin
Teasha Collins I don't see how this matters. They went to school for this, they should be able to do their jobs without having to be black.
KamBQueen 4 kun oldin
KamBQueen 4 kun oldin
girl with the twist out needs to sit under a dryer.
KamBQueen 4 kun oldin
ok i thought we got rid of the "4d' Stuff
YoungDymisty 5 kun oldin
4D?? Never heard of it lol thought 4C was the end of the road haha 😂. They all came out beautiful though ☺ x
So pink women are an expert on BLACK/ORIGINAL hair now.....???? Yeah ok🙄
Zaynab Pizza
Zaynab Pizza Kun oldin
*NOSUNBLOCK* *NEEDED* I can @ whoever I want when they sound like idiots.
I said what I said so don't @ me because I wasn't talking to you.....
Zaynab Pizza
Zaynab Pizza 2 kun oldin
*NOSUNBLOCK* *NEEDED* Yeah, because they've learned these things. Didn't know the color of your skin changed what you could and couldn't learn.
D'Aijha Lawrence
D'Aijha Lawrence 6 kun oldin
I'm confused I have natural hair and it's really big visible curls
Zaynab Pizza
Zaynab Pizza 2 kun oldin
D'Aijha Lawrence Maybe you're leaning to the 4A 3C?
Dale Hall
Dale Hall 7 kun oldin
I was 1st like why not get a sista to teach natural black curls but this woman did i great job. . she knows hair period
Monnniiieee 7 kun oldin
There’s no such thing as a 4d or am I missing something?
thunder 7 kun oldin
Maybe she meant 4B?
emperess 7 kun oldin
This is surprisingly kind of good !!
YOUNGpoet 8 kun oldin
All they had to do was watch a kxdsheldy video to get those CURLS POPPIN"
sweet dreams
sweet dreams 9 kun oldin
not all black woman hair is curly sometimes is kinky and thats OKAY. im tired of woman with curls being the face of the natural hair movement and not woman with 4c hair and calling curly hair "good hair". this vid is a mess.
Zaynab Pizza
Zaynab Pizza 2 kun oldin
sweet dreams Kinky and curly are the same thing 🤦🏾‍♀️
King DAmnJoon
King DAmnJoon 10 kun oldin
Who lied to Freddie and said she's 3c
Zaynab Pizza
Zaynab Pizza 2 kun oldin
King DAmnJoon They were almost right. We have almost the same hair type, mine is somewhere between 3C 4B.
Desaiae Defour
Desaiae Defour 11 kun oldin
Is it bad that I feel a way that's not a coloured woman that is teaching thsn how to take care their hair .......I'm not being racist or anything I just feel a kinda a way not to offend anyone but I'm a little hmmmmmmmm....
Xidiga 11 kun oldin
1. White stylists don't know how to do black/african curly hair...they just mimic whatever african women are doing online. A little copy paste.
Zaynab Pizza
Zaynab Pizza 2 kun oldin
Xidiga I read it, and it made no sense.
Xidiga 2 kun oldin
+Zaynab Pizza re first. Comment second.
Zaynab Pizza
Zaynab Pizza 2 kun oldin
Xidiga That doesn't make sense.
mom's spaghetti
mom's spaghetti 11 kun oldin
I'm whitest white but i have 4b hair😂i absolutely don't know why, because my whole family is from sweden and they all have super straight, fine hair.
Ajonye 2 kun oldin
That’s super unusual ... You should probably talk to your family about that
Isis Rogers
Isis Rogers 12 kun oldin
No offense but how a white person gonna tell three black people how to take care of their hair when the lady hair has a wave like cmon
Winston Peldon
Winston Peldon 12 kun oldin
The prices of those products are ridiculous. $28 for a CONDITIONER??!!!?!?
jgreening 12 kun oldin
🤔 what is really going on here
Fuck you Thats why
Fuck you Thats why 15 kun oldin
I think it’s hilarious that people who learned most about their hair online and through videos are protesting against what a professional hair stylist said. It’s hilarious. Before someone says “I’m black so I know EVERYTHING about our hair type” no you don’t. Just because she has straight hair doesn’t mean she can’t know more about our hair then we can. That’s like saying because you have breast cancer, you know more about breast cancer then a trained professional who went to school for years. See how stupid that sounds, that’s what you people are sounding like.
jennifer moiwa
jennifer moiwa 16 kun oldin
It doesn’t matter the color of her skin omg yll gotta stop this nonsense if she’s a trained professional then she’s obviously worked with different types of hair , their hairs looked more healthier after and you can see the curls popping yll just want to hate , same thing with makeup it doesn’t matter the skin color of your MUA if they are good they are good dang
Sarah sulwey
Sarah sulwey 20 kun oldin
Black Hair is Pure Magical , look at the power Woah🤩
Brianna James
Brianna James 23 kun oldin
It just seems like they’re asking...the wrong person questions about their natural hair. Not that she wouldn’t know, and it’s her job to know all hair types, but no one would know about the true various personalities of a specific hair type if they can’t relate/don’t have it. My issue isn’t her race so don’t even go there. She just has somewhat wavy hair and they have this complex and variously textured hair.
Diamond Ross
Diamond Ross 26 kun oldin
She did a great job! All of this extra bs because she isn’t black is unnecessary!
ZoMbie Boy25
ZoMbie Boy25 28 kun oldin
Why y'all so rude. She did a good job. Leave her alone.
Holly Rose-Farquharson
The hair stylist is more patient than my Mom. Lol
Zoe Morgan
Zoe Morgan Oy oldin
Am I the only one who likes frizz :)
Maxwell Oy oldin
This should be called black people feel them self
Artist God
Artist God Oy oldin
Don't @ me but that wpmrn who owns the store doesn't have personal experience with kinky hair But good for her for being kinda educated
lilredpsycho Oy oldin
It must be so difficult having natural hair, I have mad respect for the ladies that have to do all this work, you guys looks perfect though so the work is really paying off.
Golden B
Golden B Oy oldin
I have similar hair to frankie is she mixed?
The Burdened Societies
THERE’S A 4D????
Ja-Vanie Stephens
lol bye
Javon Graham
Javon Graham Oy oldin
4C or 4D? 🤔🤔 misdiagnosis
MrsChe Oy oldin
She said that is ur hair is moisturized hair equals looser curls? You curl pattered is not supposed to change just because ur hair is moisturized it dry.
reneedooma Oy oldin
Not me! My curls start straightening as it gets further from wash day.
Tsunade Hime
Tsunade Hime Oy oldin
She did a great job... finger detangled, used sulfate free products, gets that our hair needs to be gently handled, I didn’t see a lot of pulling, I saw tons of moisturizing and massaging which our scalp loves. I’ve never been to a white stylist that is confident and can educate about black hair. I HAVE been to black stylists that are phenomenal AND those that don’t practice great hair CARE that promotes hydration and growth
Monick Oy oldin
0:20 you are not 3C 😂
chan lady
chan lady Oy oldin
Just because someone went to hair school doesn't mean that they can do hair. I know of a hair stylist that cant braid and have heard of stylist ruining peoples hair all the time( which is why when they are good they are considered talented). Im not gonna trust her just because she went to school sorry
cameron frempong
I have a 3a and a 2c AFRO!!!!!☻
Estée Zeller
Estée Zeller 2 oy oldin
something tells me this is sponsored by devacurl but i can't put my finger on what exactly
Connie 2 oy oldin
Unpopular opinion... but I prefer what their hair looked like before. The end results looked kinda flat and lifeless to me, in my opinion, afro hair looks more beautiful when it is full and looks a little less effortless and uniform.
Roxanne Tega
Roxanne Tega 2 oy oldin
*4D* okie I’m learning?
Hold up she told the dude he had 4c, 4d hair. Boo, I know for a fact that is not 4c
Alice Wills
Alice Wills 2 oy oldin
I love that these ladies knew how to do our hair types! Great work!
3672doug 2 oy oldin
I'm a white dude with 3c hair, which is tight curls and it shrinks after I wash it.
Queen M
Queen M 2 oy oldin
See... 👎🏽 I’m good...😒
Christian K
Christian K 3 oy oldin
Why are y’all going to white girls for this? They are learning from UZvid like the rest of us. Well, I guess if they pay for the promotion, you guys show up, huh?
NappyFu TV
NappyFu TV 3 oy oldin
Hmmm I'm puzzled as to why does the blonde "hairdresser" have on gloves for Bianca's kinky hair? But not for Freddie's curly/coily hair? Actually theres quite a few things I am puzzled over with this video but I'll just say this.....when you go to hairdressers who don't really understand the beauty of kinky and coily hair you receive misguidance. These hairdressers should take a course on knowing how to care for African American hair in it's natural state. I'm not discrediting them. Im just saying there is room for growth. 🤷🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♀️
Terena Rosa
Terena Rosa 3 oy oldin
Of course the girl with 4c hair is forced to wear a twist out. I guess my life will never be easy. I really want to wash my hair daily, but it seems impossible to do with mid-back length 4c hair that shrinks up 98% with water.
R riri
R riri 3 oy oldin
I would never let a white woman do my hair lol, they are stupid for letting her do there hair lol
ByAriNicole 3 oy oldin
She got those type 4 curls poppin!
Brigitte Cesar
Brigitte Cesar 3 oy oldin
4c, no pattern? Excuse me???
Malory Desrivieres
She did an amazing job on their hair. She really new what she was talking about
Danielle Belleza
Danielle Belleza 3 oy oldin
Freddie’s hair turned out amazing
G R 3 oy oldin
Great video - I have been using a vitamin for natural hair call hair n me to help me grow hair -> check them out here at www.hairinme.com
Thobile Thwala
Thobile Thwala 3 oy oldin
O:20 i was like girl, nah
Jai Rodriguez
Jai Rodriguez 3 oy oldin
I only came for one person! love you Freddie ❤️
mejaydu02 3 oy oldin
4D curls??? What she talkin’ bout, Willis?
Jesús •
Jesús • 3 oy oldin
“Perfect” 😴
dan tan
dan tan 3 oy oldin
i think curls are overrated on type 4 hair. i think its more about the silhoutte and the directionality.
Vashti Perry
Vashti Perry 3 oy oldin
Great job and the information is on point. People are always asking me about my hair and I follow most of her ideas. I always massage my scalp and spray water everyday as well as massage the products in the hair. I use conditioner and a little oil . I never really comb my hair. 👌🏾
penelope momberere
this lady...knows her thing w afro hair....i love tt
Fa1th Fa1th
Fa1th Fa1th 4 oy oldin
Why do people with tighter curls are called people with “natural” hair instead of curly haired??? It’s frustrating, and a genuine question
ChildoftheKing 777
I have 4c hair and I was said to have curly hair by a white woman.
sylawi 4 oy oldin
Natural hair are amazing!
emo pubby
emo pubby 4 oy oldin
Y’all just really love to hate on white people doing black hair
Allyy235 4 oy oldin
4d??? Am I the only one who thought 4c was the curliest??
Person 4 oy oldin
I’m the only one in my family with natural curly hair but when I was little it was more wavy than curly. My mom says it’s cuz I never liked to brush my hair and had to use wide tooth combs and that made my curls come out more.
Person 3 oy oldin
T H I C C 3 oy oldin
Person lol that ain’t true at all, your hair type just changed when u got older
Sarah T
Sarah T 4 oy oldin
I have maybe 3c hair and I'm white but I'm really scared to wear my hair loose because the few times I have people say its fake and I'm trying to be black and these mean things and now I feel bad when I wear it loose and I just wear it back all the time
Sabra Bourey
Sabra Bourey 4 oy oldin
She did there hair so well.
Reychell Brooks
Reychell Brooks 4 oy oldin
If Tristan is a 4c, then I’m probably a 4zx (x for extra😂)
Reychell Brooks
Reychell Brooks 4 oy oldin
0:29 my 4c hair work the other way round
MeryAnn u
MeryAnn u 4 oy oldin
4D? Took him out the chart 😂
qpsoftyq3 4 oy oldin
I love donatella :) she did amazing with my big chop in April
izzy beans
izzy beans 4 oy oldin
4D where? I could see that s/z on his head before she wet it
Crystal Wasewe
Crystal Wasewe 4 oy oldin
I- I just realized that their 2 different hair stylists.💀 Oml. I would’ve clicked off this video thinking it was only one lady but I then read the comments and someone mentioned it
C. M.
C. M. 4 oy oldin
Open Honest
Open Honest 4 oy oldin
I learn black people do not explore themselves. I’m shocked she didn’t know her hair can feel silky. It’s like you have to explore all of you to know you and to love you.
Amara Villalobos
Amara Villalobos 4 oy oldin
Being a 3a, I hated by hair so much, I’ve always wanted straight hair
djevangelene 4 oy oldin
Tha'ts a 4D now? Wow, I didn't know. everybody's hair turned out perfect
House of farts
House of farts 4 oy oldin
These people could’ve done this at home
Jefferson Rodriguez
Why doesn’t the blond lady even have curls 😂
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