People With Natural Hair Get Perfect Curls

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"I learned that my hair can be silky!"
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29-Noy, 2017

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Vicky photographs
Vicky photographs 6 soat oldin
Did I just hear 4 D??
Kyra Yasmine
Kyra Yasmine 14 soat oldin
Freddie is 4a
Ethan Butler-Paige
Ethan Butler-Paige 2 kun oldin
Their natural hair is beutiful. My hair is 4c type and it’s super thick. If his hair is 4c/4d mine Idek anymore cause my hair looks thicker than his. I barely have “curls” I have tangles that coil super tight around each other. And also when their hair gets wet it looks curly and shiny but mine looks matted all the time. I do shed a lot but I think my hair is dry and I haven’t found a good hydrating product for me. If anyone has some products for me pls let me know.
bri-matics _m
bri-matics _m 2 kun oldin
Fendra Glasgow
Fendra Glasgow 7 kun oldin
Their hair is so cute when they leave like she did a good job
Ryan Carpenter
Ryan Carpenter 12 kun oldin
As/Is whyyyy would yall send them to these Caucasian ppl
B.S. Bernasconi
B.S. Bernasconi 12 kun oldin
I always laugh so much when someone with dark skin is called Bianca. It’s my name and in Italian it means “white-skinned” or white in general lmao.
Janet Hill
Janet Hill 13 kun oldin
I would love to be a teenager in THIS day and age instead of 20 years ago when everything I am now that's celebrated was frowned upon and shunned. I went through SO MUCH to straighten/hide my hair. Now if I had it, I'd ROCK my 'fro xx
youknowwhatflav 15 kun oldin
She don't understand hair typing
Atisha Paul
Atisha Paul 15 kun oldin
I have an online beauty supply store called Beauty B. Go check it out www.beautyb.org
Arden Rose
Arden Rose 22 kun oldin
My dream job. I just love curls so much
living meme
living meme 22 kun oldin
there’s no way Freddie is a 3c. she’s maybe a 4a/4b but rly there’s no way she’s a 3c.
JQuiet 8 kun oldin
You can have multiple textures on your head sis
TAO TAO 27 kun oldin
Bianca is gorgeous. IMO, her hair looked best in the beginning. 👸🏾
Obviously Trey
Obviously Trey 27 kun oldin
She came for him talkin about 4d 😑😑
Wife McCartney
Omg she needs to do my hair
Aubrie Williams
Anyone else wish their was a black hairdresser
Sheila Big Black Beauty
I wake up at 6 am and I need to hurry up and get to the office, I don't really have time this. I'm tired of my hair, yep.
Prince Blake
Prince Blake Oy oldin
there is NO way they can keep up this routine at home
Brigitte Cesar
4c: No pattern. Excuse me!
Ricardo Martinez
Winter Falls
Winter Falls Oy oldin
No Poo
Michael Clay
Michael Clay Oy oldin
J. •
J. • Oy oldin
There’s a 4D? I didn’t even know
Azula Oy oldin
4C does have curls!!!! They are just very small and coily (or s shaped for some people)!!!!!!
Azula Oy oldin
Boom Girl World TV
The fact that you tikd US what is the meaning of perfect girls is irritating
MusicallyFly Oy oldin
There's no such thing as 4D hair unless I've missed something. 4c is the tightest curl. Some people like to say 4z. Also i don't trust a white person doing my natural hair unless i see many many many examples of satisfied customers with natural hair.
Ayran Hudson
Ayran Hudson Oy oldin
Can she diagnose my curls?
Cassandra Stallings
lollllll start from the root?? nah sis
Hoodoo Queen Scorpio
Ooo no baby what is you doin?
aesthetic Oy oldin
Do they not understand different hair porosity levels
Anne Cuthers
Anne Cuthers Oy oldin
4D??? Huh???does she know that doesn't exist
Natalie Bowen
Natalie Bowen 2 oy oldin
I watch the video & had to rewatch to see that there were 2 hair dressers omg,they sound so alike
Semana Naseer
Semana Naseer 2 oy oldin
My grandma sad on of the holy books said black people never had curly hair they had hair like everyone else but they slaughtered sheeps to much that god made thete hair like sheeps fur that what i heared not being offensive though if it hurts your feelings im sorry i mean no disrespect i was just telling what i heard
Jho Petion
Jho Petion 2 oy oldin
Ive recently learn this but hair type/curl pattern is not going to help in understanding how to take care of you hair and keep it healthy, it’s the porosity, density, and thickness of the strands that help determine. The 4a, 3c crap is just a way to divide hair into the softer looser curls which is more desired and the courser more frizzy/kinky hair which is perceived as hard to manage and undesirable. Putting things into categories will just create a divide so try not to worry what your curl pattern is and more of what the porosity is.
Jocelyn Harris
Jocelyn Harris 2 oy oldin
Well I didn’t like them because the way it came out was mediocre I have 4c hair and my twist outs have been approving since being natural but that twist on on the darker skinned lady hair was just not good and idk about the man hair it looked weird to me but the looser curled woman hair looked like a nice wash and go but everything else seemed mediocre. It’s not because of the race of stylist it’s just because of their training or technique a lot of black hairdressers cants do natural hair and a lot of white people cant do natural hair race doesn’t effect technique and I think that if you like the way their hair is styled that’s fine. Because STYLE IS SUBJECTIVE. I wouldn’t leave the shop like that I would need to toy with it
Glenn Thompson
Glenn Thompson 2 oy oldin
Separating my curls after a twist out is why I’m weakest at. Always creating frizz
Rechel Zapata
Rechel Zapata 2 oy oldin
Go fluffy sanea
Go fluffy sanea 2 oy oldin
Who else doesn’t wash there hair every day cause I wash my hair once a month
Go fluffy sanea
Go fluffy sanea 2 oy oldin
Who else doesn’t wash there hair every day cause I wash my hair once a month
Your Genie
Your Genie 2 oy oldin
This video definitely has elements of texturism (preference for loser curls) as the goal seems to be having defined curls rather than keeping your hair moisturised and healthy. Also the stylists seem a little bit misinformed, more moisture doesn't always equal loser curls, for some people with 4C kinky hair, they don't see any curls even when their hair is moisturised.
knari J.
knari J. 2 oy oldin
I not judging lol but I would think more people would know how to literally wash your hair and twist your hair up and take it out the next three days oh and also add product while you're twisting your hair Its not that hard trust me I thought it was hard too then I practiced twist for like two days then I got it and I'm only 11!
Iyahna Ruiz
Iyahna Ruiz 2 oy oldin
All of them have beautiful hair !!
Colorfully 2 oy oldin
she didn't need a twist out to show great texture
Charlie Charlie
Charlie Charlie 2 oy oldin
I dunno...why would men WANT long hair? I believe men should keep it short and therefore you don't have to take as much time to groom like a woman.
LivingThe VeganLife
4D? 😂😂
LameBff 241
LameBff 241 2 oy oldin
Onision should watch this
Jazmyn 2 oy oldin
That twist out had SO MUCH SHINE AND DEFINITION before she separated it a lil bit too much but whatever she used I NEED. This was a great video I learned something.
leluna 2 oy oldin
The tighter the curl, the harder to manage! I would know, I have 4c hair. I can’t just wash my hair, throw it up, & walk out the door...
Rumbi Munemo
Rumbi Munemo 2 oy oldin
So your saying there’s such thing as imperfect curls
Alyssa Wilson
Alyssa Wilson 2 oy oldin
I feel like she told them to do everything that I, and alot of natural people already knew
What do you mean “people with natural hair get perfect curls” they’re hair is already perfect
GApeech08 2 oy oldin
They did a good job.
It’s Naturally Destiny
Get “perfect” curls🤔
nbj_2 2 oy oldin
suddenly she did a bodyswitch in 1:53
AnnaSmee 2 oy oldin
lol, what the hale is a 4d...
MrsChe 2 oy oldin
i don’t agree with this video because you know your hair the best and that girl doesn’t know what ur hair needs plus she doesn’t have curls like black people so how would she know everything black people curly hair??
aden 2 oy oldin
this may be an unpopular opinion but i think one of the best things about this video is that these non-black women knew so much about black hair. Hair stylists should be educated in how to deal with ALL hair, including our tight curls. This is how we break down cultural barriers.
Malissa White
Malissa White 2 oy oldin
Being a Black woman and natural, I don't think I would be getting information from someone who isn't in my same culture.
zamina. 2 oy oldin
it’s so refreshing to see a nb hairstylist that knows how to do black hair
anna marie
anna marie 2 oy oldin
never did they think they were gonna have a white girl teaching them about their black hair lmaoo
PlusSizedintheCity Taylor
I’m really glad to see that there are hairstylist who aren’t black who know how to not only do natural black hair but take care of it 👏🏾👏🏾 I️ don’t see it often where I’m from🤷🏾‍♀️
Tonya Young
Tonya Young 3 oy oldin
I love the diversity of the video. I let my barber shave my hair off 4 weeks ago and already have enough hair to dye...which I died ginger blonde. Loving it. This video was full of educational information that a person new to being natural can understand.
Lola Jackson
Lola Jackson 3 oy oldin
Ok for all of you idiots that don't know nothing 4D type hair is a real thing. For the love of God I have it. And let me tell you it sucks.
Khi 3 oy oldin
Uhhh imma keep it a bean....she didn't do a good job,😂 I feel like she gave them a routine for a looser curl pattern
eamcbmsc 3 oy oldin
I would give her an A-/B+. It looks good, but she could've separated a little more. All in all great job.
One Dollar Bleach
I like the end results but I question her knowledge on natural hair...🤨 first off the video stated that 4c had no pattern...that’s impossible because if that was the case 4c wouldn’t exist because it is a *curl* pattern. Then the biggest fault I’ve notice is that she says you classify your hair wen it’s dry but then wen she’s washing the dudes hair she proceeds to say he’s between 4C and 4D. Idk if that was a joke, but if not...smh 4D does not exist 🤦🏾‍♂️ and then at the end she says he is 4A. She needs to brush up on natural hair before giving advice
SlayLikeRe' 3 oy oldin
I live in LA and I have 3c hair. I have been wanting to go to this salon for a minute but they are expensive. They are one of the most renowned curly hair salons in LA and everybody (celebs, athletes, etc) goes here for their curls
X-RYA 3 oy oldin
They really said 4D, like ❓
Mi Mi
Mi Mi 3 oy oldin
Freddie 😍
mark Johnson
mark Johnson 3 oy oldin
Why is a female from another culture telling people of African Descent how to wear their hair ????? M
aden 2 oy oldin
there's literally nothing wrong with that. if anything, MORE people who are not black but want to pursue a career hair styling should be as familiar with black hair as those lovely women. It's actually ridiculous how little non-black hair stylists know about black hair. Educating them on all hair types is a great way to break down the culture barriers that separate us.
Chili Women
Chili Women 2 oy oldin
mark Johnson why do they ask her? Maybe because she knows
Wise Weirdo
Wise Weirdo 3 oy oldin
I absolutely love learning new things about my hair. However the problem for me is every time I do the wash and go my hair ends up too short and frizzy Does anyone have any tips on how to keep the length in my wash and gos, and how to keep the frizz at a minimal please.....my hair type is 3b,3c,4a btw, it’s 4a in the back, 3c in the middle, and 3b in the front. I would really appreciate it if you could help me👏🏽💯
xPlatybelodon 3 oy oldin
everyone's hair is natural. What even is this description
Duke and Dirk Peachy
Love the message! Hair is hair! Gorgeous, healthy, and in need of moisture and nourishment.
assduffqueen 3 oy oldin
I'm white w curly hair and I wouldn't let either of these two ladies touch my hair :/ I don't trust hairdressers who don't have the same hair type as I do
Anica Roper
Anica Roper 3 oy oldin
Idk if i would be comfortable with the opposite race doing my hair i start from ends to roots not roots to ends
Rijena Jackson
Rijena Jackson 3 oy oldin
What... It is not okay if you have lots of hair come out in the shower... I deep condition my hair once a week and virtually have NO hair come out... AND I don't use water to spritz my hair... I use hair milk.. water has too much chlorine and is very trying to our hair...
aden 2 oy oldin
water should not have chlorine ?????
{insert interesting and cool name here}
My name is Bianca and my hair looks just like Bianca's
Spearette Nah
Spearette Nah 3 oy oldin
I love the channel. I think it's sad that Chocolate People are going to Non- Black People for advice. Hey, errbody knows way more about our hair than us. We should all take that journey to learn about our own natural hair individually. Learn your hair first then it shouldn't matter whether you put chemicals in it or not. Research! The hair is dead anyone. Hey I have gotten great tips from Non- Black stylists who sometimes refer to us as Chocolate clients, heey. I took that advice on how to moisturize my scalp better
Kalua Lauber
Kalua Lauber 3 oy oldin
Great job on the hair. Loved this video.
【ɐpɐɹıP ɐuɐʇıdɐC】
4D? That exists? 😱 I thought the range was from 1a to 4c!
andi678 3 oy oldin
Perfect hair
lorettalynn Davis
Naabiah Haqq
Naabiah Haqq 3 oy oldin
i NEED her to do MY hair! where do i find her?! 😱😱😱 This is beautiful!
Britt Lyn
Britt Lyn 3 oy oldin
Why is curly hair so fascinating? Like, I’m a 2c/3a but I love watching videos about type 4 hair it’s so fun and interesting to watch
So glad I saw this video
Langston Richardson
What tf is 4d hair?? Sure it only goes to 4c🤔🤔
for the aesthetic
yes guys 4D does exist! it's just very rare.
Kxng Kat
Kxng Kat 4 oy oldin
Kxng Kat
Kxng Kat 4 oy oldin
Oh damn, it's a thing... maybe that's the type of hair I have because my hair is kinkier than 4c
ChikaCherry / Artist of Trash
I need this
Eyes_Wide _Open
Eyes_Wide _Open 4 oy oldin
I want the both of them to wash my hair forever
DirectorxMizuki 4 oy oldin
I went to “black” salons where every stylist wore relaxers religiously and gave bs advice on natural hair. I believed their genetics superseded education and training which made my hair suffer. I will gladly go to any professional with experience, regardless of their ancestry.
aden 2 oy oldin
THANK YOU. My black hair stylist is a lovely person but when I told her I was hoping to go natural she told me it was a horrible idea. But if a hair stylist of any other ethnicity is educated on black hair and is going to encourage me to embrace my natural hair, then that's where I'm gonna go.
Hope Happy
Hope Happy 4 oy oldin
Can't stand when kinky hair is called curly. Curly hair is not better than kinky hair, so why deny that you have kinks and not curls? Your calling your hair something it's not because curly is more accepted. The phrase kinky needs to be just as knownand popular
Welcome's House
Welcome's House 4 oy oldin
Ok u get a white woman to tell u those lies about 4c hair 😂
dkc 4 oy oldin
This video was light weight ASMR for me
BabbyKissy Saadiq
I like my natural hair as an afro anyways. I never liked having curls because it's not my pattern
Farhiya Ali
Farhiya Ali 4 oy oldin
I feel like she could’ve done way more with the guy and really moisturized his hair she kept saying less is better but t when you have so much hair you need it and hair is different some ppl can add hecka product and still have volume it doesn’t weigh the hair down completely bc the hair absorbs that moisture , their hair kind of still liked dry in the end tbh , but for a non-black person she did alright I guess
kris kuki
kris kuki 4 oy oldin
I think she meant to say 4B, not 4D . She did an awesome job though! Awesome to see her appreciating a different type of texture than her own natural one .
Sister Gia
Sister Gia 4 oy oldin
Lol I have natural hair and perfect curls 🤗🤗👌🏾