Pepsi Saves the World

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Kendall Jenner & Pepsi save the world
Interview with Prank Invasion Actress ►goo.gl/zFRLxi
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9-Apr, 2017



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h3h3Productions Yil oldin
Sorry guys, I know we're a little late to the Pepsi party, we were out to lunch like the Ubuntu girl and only just got back. Appreciate ya. Interview with Prank Invasion Actress ►goo.gl/zFRLxi
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man 2 oy oldin
Indeed it does
Quit shit talking Pepsi
Watermelon With Sunglasses
I meant suger
Mees 2 oy oldin
The intro 😍
kyle J-L
kyle J-L 2 soat oldin
11:54 My GOD... Re: watch 2019
Caldoosh 16 soat oldin
3.05 "at a time when we were soda vided"
Kaspar Jõgiaas
Kaspar Jõgiaas 20 soat oldin
M. Y. Najjar
M. Y. Najjar Kun oldin
Pepsi. Live, for now...
Andre Kluyver
Andre Kluyver Kun oldin
Ethan Klein works for Coca Cola - Change my Mind
gettogirl105 2 kun oldin
Honestly what the hell is h3h3! Ive been binge watching their videos for 3 days straight, where is my life going?
Dalton Walker
Dalton Walker 2 kun oldin
Someone handed out Pepsi at an actual protest and antifa use them as weapons
bez 3 kun oldin
*this video was brought to you by PEPSII*
LEFTi 5 kun oldin
Would've made more sense if it was weed instead
Trisaucey 5 kun oldin
Pepsi Bepsi Besi Benis
boomerang 6 kun oldin
In this commercials world they have banned Pepsi and that was a protest against the ban but thats just my theory
boomerang 6 kun oldin
I love Pepsi its delicious
bling bling boy
bling bling boy 7 kun oldin
This is why i prefer coke...
July Juls
July Juls 7 kun oldin
That intro was priceless.
stephen mckenzie
stephen mckenzie 8 kun oldin
Pepsi has human imbrial kidneys in it
Alejandro Legra
Alejandro Legra 8 kun oldin
Bad PR for huge corps. is still good PR. i hadnt thought about Pepsi in months. Suddenly i feel like drinking one.
Daniel Stevenson
Daniel Stevenson 9 kun oldin
I watched a bit of coverage about this dumpsterfire of a commercial and I don't see what is so wrong with it that it had to be taken off the air. Sure it's garbage, but ad campaigns are garbage.
Boyd Valdivieso
Boyd Valdivieso 10 kun oldin
Your best video yet XD
Dan Hendrickson
Dan Hendrickson 10 kun oldin
This made me open up a nice Coke
Ez Griefing
Ez Griefing 12 kun oldin
"In a time when we are soda vided" - gg h3 :D 3:04
Steven Oman
Steven Oman 13 kun oldin
Liam Williams
Liam Williams 13 kun oldin
i really feel like a pepsi now
BHarbiegril 13 kun oldin
live and live 2 different meanings
Lil Vacationland
Lil Vacationland 14 kun oldin
Legit had a stream of tears to this intro. I cant breathe.
good boi
good boi 14 kun oldin
i be here only to say: fuck pepsi coke iz da best drink
Aztec_Monkey35 14 kun oldin
uraganas viesulas
uraganas viesulas 16 kun oldin
Imagine an actual animation of spiderman raping elsa
ItsMafia Boss
ItsMafia Boss 17 kun oldin
Im a bit angry and sad bc if all pepsi shops were closed.. Id shoot myself
JeepZJ 101
JeepZJ 101 17 kun oldin
Drop Pepsi drink seltzer💦
Tamar S
Tamar S 17 kun oldin
I like Pepsi
Itsjust _Lofi
Itsjust _Lofi 17 kun oldin
Yo can u make a review about Dr. Coke
Sam Greenlees
Sam Greenlees 17 kun oldin
Pepsi- went from the 6th largest navy in the world, to... well.. this
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 18 kun oldin
I'm a Coke guy my self
weenie boi
weenie boi 19 kun oldin
the thrust of a jewish spider god.
John Smith
John Smith 19 kun oldin
It would be better if it was just a music video
revvslel 21 kun oldin
My whole school uses teddy fresh
ANDREW VADNAIS 21 kun oldin
I haven't laughed this hard in a fat minute
Oh yeah yeah Yeah
Oh yeah yeah Yeah 21 kun oldin
“If your mother didn’t love you if your father when out for cigarettes and never came back” Ela cracks open the Pepsi 😂
Zelro 21 kun oldin
*pepsi wants to do a collab*
Owl of the Man bill
Owl of the Man bill 21 kun oldin
Dude i just saw eathan rape hila
DaMemesAreSoGood 22 kun oldin
That dudes cello bow hold was shit
randomgnarleyshitbra yeet
I think skip Marley made that song dude lol
Pancake Empire
Pancake Empire 22 kun oldin
North Carolina or Georgia or Texas
Ruben Immanuel
Ruben Immanuel 23 kun oldin
what am i watching in the first minute
Renato C.Francisco
Renato C.Francisco 23 kun oldin
Live for now
xAnthony 222
xAnthony 222 24 kun oldin
Just me or the semi molesting ela part a lil bit on the bad side now
Nortli 24 kun oldin
this may sound weird, but i kinda want a pepsi now
Alex Wright
Alex Wright 26 kun oldin
this is why coca cola is better
Ace04869 26 kun oldin
No one liked it because it appeals to liberals. Who are the loud minority. No one wants to see this gay multiculturalism BS. The country as a whole is mainly conservatives and people who don’t give a shit about politics
Cekeybula 27 kun oldin
You realize, that was set up from pepsi market managers, to make commerical that triggers people, then pull it off, and left people talking about pepsi, giving them free advetising (one you won't be capapble of skipping by using addblock because it's everywhere), you fall right for it.
AIDS 27 kun oldin
now i want soda
Raoul Herskovits
Raoul Herskovits 27 kun oldin
Pepsi: live (for now)
George W Bush
George W Bush 28 kun oldin
Am I the only one who hates how they have a guitar playing while they show a guy playing the violin which is an insult to all musicians who play guitar or the violin
Gayson Lol
Gayson Lol 28 kun oldin
Did they just buy these costumes just for the beginning of the video
The mighty zom
The mighty zom 28 kun oldin
Is that the gta Pier
VInce Lowndes
VInce Lowndes 28 kun oldin
This has the best intro of all of H3's videos
LIVE FOR NOW WON FOR EVIL Ladies and gentlemen, we‘ve got ´em!
Beatriz Pacheco
I wanna drink some *vodka* right now
Mr. MadMan
Mr. MadMan Oy oldin
Wait no natives NO NATIVES! Ok who wants to go protest and stamp on Pepsi cans
50% Off
50% Off Oy oldin
After this video Pepsi sales went through the roof
Adrielle Rivera
Ale Stone
Ale Stone Oy oldin
The part i hate about the commercial is that they dub the electric guitar over the cello
Mongoloid Mike
Pepsi is trash
Ben Glad
Ben Glad Oy oldin
My problem with this video is that people are commercializing the actual efforts of people who are really trying to make a lasting impact on earth.
B-MAL85 Oy oldin
after hearing all the symptoms that Pepsi cures, I could really use one right about now
XxBruhxX jah
XxBruhxX jah Oy oldin
I think this is one of the best videos H3 ever made
jordanzish Oy oldin
Can somebody source me that dope tourist snap back?
SquidGuy Oy oldin
What is Little Theodore going to think if he ever sees this??
Bill Beis
Bill Beis Oy oldin
live ... for now.
Ann Oy oldin
His care taker has to put up with too much
Rob Oy oldin
I wanna know how they let him have the drink on the rides. That's never happened to me haha
Duckzilla Oy oldin
0:27 oh...so this is how Hila got pregnant
Francisco Ambriz
this funny af
Moltenomnivore 5
"Live for now". Can I live for later?
megaFAUCET Oy oldin
Live... *FOR NOW*
MrSchemele Oy oldin
I don't understand why some titles of english/american videos are getting translated into German?! What's the point??? I watch your content because I'm capable of understanding and reading that language. And of course because it's funny af
mUorpa Oy oldin
What about Monstet Energy
beat meat
beat meat Oy oldin
The fuck is the was that intro
Tito Oy oldin
pepsi better than coke
no green cola better
Ner-Ner Beastman Neo
Ethan you should be the next Spiderman!!
Ner-Ner Beastman Neo
This always makes me laugh!!!
Grace Nation
Grace Nation Oy oldin
"It's sYrUp"
End it please. Just end it.
Pepsi tastes disgusting anyways.
Del R
Del R Oy oldin
This video makes me want an ice cold Coca Cola
Anissia Rain
Anissia Rain Oy oldin
Why didnt no one get mad at bob marleys SON for selling out so bad and letting them use that song?
I don't understand why everyone was so triggered by this commercial lol
Live. For now...
labbel456 Oy oldin
Pepsi S(l)aves the World
I don't even like Google Plus
Actual props to Ethan and Hila for always enduring the stares of the public for those awesome skits *keep it up, proud of you*
ZOMBIE Oy oldin
I’d fuck her
Adam The Tattooing Dad
Lmao! This fucking got me!
Daniel Stevenson
This doesn't make me want to drink pepsi, this makes me wish I was dead.
Carl Fritsch
Carl Fritsch Oy oldin
Aaaaand here we have my daily dosis of cynicism! Love it
hi ok
hi ok Oy oldin
I died 9 times watching that intro
Fast DazE
Fast DazE Oy oldin
Wait what's so bad about the ad? I'm not supporting it but what is going on?
Nicholas Oy oldin
It’s just another shapeless ad that is trying to market off of “equality”
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata Oy oldin
Spiderman is pregnant
AJ407 Oy oldin
What happens when little fupaccino stumbles across this video
chintan Malikpetkar
1:26 closer GOT DAMMIT!!!!!!!! Thats fucking rude dude
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