Pepsi Saves the World

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Kendall Jenner & Pepsi save the world
Interview with Prank Invasion Actress ►goo.gl/zFRLxi
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9-Apr, 2017

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Sorry guys, I know we're a little late to the Pepsi party, we were out to lunch like the Ubuntu girl and only just got back. Appreciate ya. Interview with Prank Invasion Actress ►goo.gl/zFRLxi
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man 12 kun oldin
Indeed it does
Quit shit talking Pepsi
KingOfTheLions 20 kun oldin
I meant suger
meess vanderhoeven
meess vanderhoeven 21 kun oldin
The intro 😍
FBI • 25 kun oldin
wE aRe tHE liOnS
Joshua Gapaz
Joshua Gapaz 42 daqiqa oldin
Gillette watched the Pepsi ad and said to themselves. "We can do worse that this shit".
Daniel Boles
Daniel Boles 9 soat oldin
I want Ethan and Hila to be political commentators
Joshua Naranjo
Joshua Naranjo 10 soat oldin
That ending tho xD
GuyGamer217 11 soat oldin
Die for Later
Rurush 13 soat oldin
Wow I tought I'd laugh about the commercial, but I'm actually feeling a bit angry. I usually don't give a shit about what others do unless it directly affects me even when I don't like it. But as someone from a country ruled by assholes, I feel angry about that commercial. As if people who protest do nothing, they think it's a fucking party wow i'm just amazed at how insencitive they are... Anyway, Waaaw Ethan great move, keep it up
Jimmy Rustling
Jimmy Rustling 17 soat oldin
Seeing Ethan in Spiderman costume is what i've deserved for all my sins and misdoings. I am sorry, I AM REALLY SORRY!!! Just please no more...
Koiji Kun oldin
this video hurts my eyes to watch
aye b0ss
aye b0ss Kun oldin
Turns out it's a Coca-cola add
samradford2005 Kun oldin
I actually thought that piece sight was a Pepsi logo at first.
Bobcatethan Kun oldin
So many fucking cops got pelted with Pepsi cans because of this comercial.
Lord Maximus
Lord Maximus Kun oldin
I'd fuck her 😂
Cii Kun oldin
Gotta admit; Pepsi is gross, but that black Pepsi can was pretty cool, aesthetically.
Euram 2 kun oldin
Why are in this diversity comertials never white deverersety represented. There is one whithe person at most. But there are so many kinds of whithes. And they just set on in place beside dozen nig-races. Why
Tethys 2 kun oldin
5:58 top 20 anime betrayals
Lydia 13
Lydia 13 2 kun oldin
TBH vegans are ALWAYS protesting something somewhere so I'm sure you can find a protest somewhere in Cali lol
Spearin' Skittles
Spearin' Skittles 2 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Skitmaster 2 kun oldin
Coke is better
Irish Potato
Irish Potato 2 kun oldin
Im drinkg coke wile watching this
Ethan Neljovic
Ethan Neljovic 2 kun oldin
Mohammed Medhat
Mohammed Medhat 3 kun oldin
0:20 ohh man, i laughed so hard at this.
one glove gamer
one glove gamer 3 kun oldin
Me after watching this video wow I didn't know Pepsi was this bad for u *takes sip of Pepsi*
Jordan Pallotta
Jordan Pallotta 3 kun oldin
Wrythil Valice
Wrythil Valice 3 kun oldin
Glad to know corporations can market off of the outcries and protests of a nation were protesting against corporations like you!
Tomas Aguilera
Tomas Aguilera 3 kun oldin
Live... for now
ethan fields
ethan fields 3 kun oldin
Of course all the police are white men though
Nathnael Fida
Nathnael Fida 4 kun oldin
What a waste of a good song
Someone Nonexistent
Someone Nonexistent
the wacky ass sound effects really make it
JoeyPalumbo 4 kun oldin
The ending was so great lol
Angry Thumb Thumb
Angry Thumb Thumb 4 kun oldin
0:28 Uhhhhh should i wait outside for a minute? ........
Nikbecool 4 kun oldin
Srsly tho whats the chance that kendall spiked the pepsi before giving it to the cop
Nikbecool 4 kun oldin
Coke tastes better anyway
Joe Jonas Troops
Joe Jonas Troops 4 kun oldin
that was more dramatic than the real ad lol
Lafever Stoneberg
Lafever Stoneberg 4 kun oldin
I could not breathe at the intro
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 5 kun oldin
I think that junk food comercials should have all those crazy disclaimers that medicine comercials have
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 5 kun oldin
Mfw I’m drinking a Pepsi
mil mil
mil mil 5 kun oldin
Pepsi: We'll let you *live............ for now.*
Tira misu
Tira misu 5 kun oldin
Spiderman got Elsa pregnant :)))
pizza cringe
pizza cringe 5 kun oldin
You know what I find funny about this video Is that They don't talk about Coca-Cola at all When you literally can clean toilets with it
XxLegendxX Report
XxLegendxX Report 2 kun oldin
Because Coca-Cola didn't fuckup. Also the fact that coke can clean toilets means that it's good for you right? It kills the bacteria found in toilets, that means it will kill bacteria in the body! Yeah, this is how you sound like.
redarrowhead2 6 kun oldin
It's as healthy as any other soft drink which means it's not healthy at all but it won't matter if you drink it maybe once a week or so
Shadilay 6 kun oldin
Jesus in America you have 41 grams of sugar in Pepsi?
Thomas Shunick
Thomas Shunick 6 kun oldin
Live, for now. -Pepsi, 2017 gotta love what a comma can do.
jffyhff Jankowska
jffyhff Jankowska 6 kun oldin
Who cares about protests, diversity and trans issues?😂
George Koro
George Koro 7 kun oldin
hila was hitting the sauce hard
Gubzs 7 kun oldin
Watching this video in 2019 feels like an ancient throwback and it's not even been 2 years yet technically
Joltz The Gamer
Joltz The Gamer 7 kun oldin
What a manspreader lol
b_whiteman 8 kun oldin
40 grams in Pepsi is a lot but have you seen fucking mountain dew it has like 70
TheCring3 L0rd
TheCring3 L0rd 8 kun oldin
Hannah Looney
Hannah Looney 9 kun oldin
they're walking towards a sale at gap lmaoooo
Isaac Schreiber
Isaac Schreiber 9 kun oldin
the girl wearing the hijab was holding a 60 thousand dollar medium format camera. Heres whats wrong with that, that camera has an extremely slow autofocus, and is very heavy, which means that when covering an event not only will you be tired, but your pictures will be out of focus, and you look like a buffoon!~
Dcvbkyrsscbgdsxcgf 6 kun oldin
Yea almost buddy...
S Casillas
S Casillas 9 kun oldin
I’m sippin on some Pepsi while watching this 😂
Dr. Disco
Dr. Disco 9 kun oldin
I have diabetes and I can confirm that Pepsi tastes exactly like it
Klugetijl 9 kun oldin
Imagine their kid watching this
Deku Izuku
Deku Izuku 9 kun oldin
Is he dead?
Selden27 9 kun oldin
fuck monetization.
m_ khanster
m_ khanster 9 kun oldin
those sound effects are just fire.
Ryan M
Ryan M 10 kun oldin
Damn spidey look thicc
Twizted Samurai
Twizted Samurai 10 kun oldin
If they were being honest, the protesters would be wearing black with their faces covered while they torch the neighborhood and loot stores.
Badr Bakouch
Badr Bakouch 10 kun oldin
Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson 10 kun oldin
Pepsi brought this country together, When we are "Soda"vided. 3:06.
Lovin Uhlin Landh
Lovin Uhlin Landh 10 kun oldin
Jesus needs our help, go to him
Luke Schneider
Luke Schneider 10 kun oldin
Ethan, lets be real. You have the most sex appeal.
the jeffield
the jeffield 10 kun oldin
pepsi saved my parents marriage
James Iyer
James Iyer 10 kun oldin
And don't forget kids: Pepsi cures Hep C!
Jhon Smithers
Jhon Smithers 11 kun oldin
Imagine Pepsi in the past, the fall of Romanian communism with the president giving a Pepsi to the working class by the bodies that litter the street.
Alpha_ Wolfie
Alpha_ Wolfie 11 kun oldin
Without the pepsi it would be awesome
Carl Brown
Carl Brown 11 kun oldin
Somebody did this in real life with a Pepsi and he got his ass kicked
GRAWLIX 19xx 11 kun oldin
"Closer gawd damnit"
Joku Tyyppi
Joku Tyyppi 11 kun oldin
Drink pepsi You'll live,for now
Annika Jewel
Annika Jewel 11 kun oldin
Pepsi also burnt Mj’s head. Let’s not forget that gem
Thomas L
Thomas L 11 kun oldin
Having myself a nice Pepsi™ while enjoying this video, keep it up Ethan and Hila!
MatCrew7 !
MatCrew7 ! 11 kun oldin
Sponsored by coke
Ultralight Gaming
Ultralight Gaming 11 kun oldin
I was drinking a Dr. Pepper while watching the lol
Mersa316 11 kun oldin
He talks so much shit but doesn't he love Pepsi max
i need monyyz
i need monyyz 11 kun oldin
Best ad in the world great work
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan 11 kun oldin
I love you guys
The Dinosaur Heretic
Gets rickets epic style
Tank 12 kun oldin
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 12 kun oldin
Wow umm. The intro was interesting
Emilia Betancourt
Emilia Betancourt 12 kun oldin
Levente King
Levente King 12 kun oldin
*Pepsiman want you know your location*
Areku 12 kun oldin
where the heck am i? did i click those kids contents again lol
Frederick Röders
Frederick Röders 12 kun oldin
The song is as cancer as the ad. Lame ass plastic pop songs. Normies protesting is absolutely cringeworthy. Ofcourse its fake. Everything about normies is fake. Never thought Id use the word normie unironically.
Jamie Fitz
Jamie Fitz 12 kun oldin
12:42 LMFAO when the can came back to him ❤️
Yazan Drury
Yazan Drury 12 kun oldin
What bout coke
TryHardNoob 12 kun oldin
This is hilarious.
Illuvatar2k 13 kun oldin
Ethan, Hela actually got u on the girl thing lol
Omega 13 kun oldin
All cultures where’s the defaults
Omega 13 kun oldin
Scorpionmk765 —
Scorpionmk765 — 13 kun oldin
Mrs.Michelle is pretty proud of those “MOVES”
Spidertrooper HD
Spidertrooper HD 13 kun oldin
0:00 to 0:56 is literally every "kids channel" ever made
Phumbles 13 kun oldin
11:20 was the funniest shit ever the dude on the bench is in disgust.
Nick 13 kun oldin
So wait...were they protesting the cops cuz they don't drink Pepsi? I'm so lost. I better join the conversation.
Alvaro Rivas
Alvaro Rivas 13 kun oldin
That cop was just really thirsty is all, that’s what the protest was about, and goddamnit mission accomplished!
Haig Mazloumian
Haig Mazloumian 13 kun oldin
Wanna sprite cramberry
Justin Aragon
Justin Aragon 14 kun oldin
2001copish 14 kun oldin
I really like the melody of the song when ethan dies in the water, somebody got the name of the song?
Faith 14 kun oldin
Great content!
GamerShovv 15 kun oldin
He got her pregnant with this costume