Phone Booth with Miley Cyrus

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Miley face off in a trivia game where a new mystery guest gets shoved into their phone booths after each wrong answer.
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Phone Booth with Miley Cyrus
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17-Sen, 2016

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krystyna7597 10 soat oldin
OK, I was never a Miley fan, but she was killing me! Sooooo funny, I have a new respect for her.
Batiehope MSP
Batiehope MSP Kun oldin
I love how singers just say they take drugs lmao
Batiehope MSP
Batiehope MSP Kun oldin
I love how singers just say they take drugs lmao
M Cruz
M Cruz Kun oldin
LMFAO, Kai Greens face at 8:46 when the Avatar lady went in. I see what she did there 😂 👀 🍆
Nicole J NZ
Nicole J NZ Kun oldin
I watch that show
Caleb Regi
Caleb Regi 3 kun oldin
Can this be an actual game show
Daniel CS
Daniel CS 3 kun oldin
A lot of people want to get in Mylie booth.
Tosha Trujillo
Tosha Trujillo 3 kun oldin
I like how the big guys are just totally into it and laughing lol
BrandonRL 4 kun oldin
"I'm a Vegan I love all animals" Fuck off
Emma Harper
Emma Harper 5 kun oldin
Y'all, I would've taken that spider and thrown it out of the booth! I hate spiders with a burning passion! 🤢😰
Arzo Younos
Arzo Younos 5 kun oldin
Miley Cyrus suck
Ge Jo
Ge Jo 5 kun oldin
That was great, except for Higgins, can't stand him!!!
MakeMoney Online
MakeMoney Online 6 kun oldin
Wtf happened to her she’s so ugly now
Native Wombat
Native Wombat 6 kun oldin
Vegans always gotta let you know smh
Mikey Thing
Mikey Thing 7 kun oldin
Why tf do they have to zoom in on the fucking tarantula every 15 sec. I’m horrified of them
Chloe Lucich
Chloe Lucich 8 kun oldin
what is THE most common word? Miley: like? THE most common word!!!
Easter Morgan
Easter Morgan 9 kun oldin
good thing Jimmy's not claustrophobic
Xjim Official
Xjim Official 10 kun oldin
Id fvck her with that clothes on 😂
Kelly Law
Kelly Law 10 kun oldin
5:10 who else thought from behind that curtain thing he was a girl with curly hair
Macie Hixson
Macie Hixson 12 kun oldin
6:37 jimmy can you breath
Strawberrycake*-* 12 kun oldin
Her hair looks so nice.
Strawberrycake*-* 12 kun oldin
Miley’s outfit is so beautiful.
Ralph Dustin Samonte
R/B The Toku Hufflepuff
Mikey looks wayyy better than she does a few years back
Merey Imasheva
Merey Imasheva 13 kun oldin
Naira Jane
Naira Jane 13 kun oldin
Who's here after finding out about Miley's marriage?!
Brooklyn Malert
Brooklyn Malert 13 kun oldin
Bryan Bissambhar
Bryan Bissambhar 13 kun oldin
The avatar girl is soffi dossi
Sophia1137 14 kun oldin
Did anyone else hear Miley say "Ew" when saying Hi to Jimmy?
katethewolfqueen 15 kun oldin
Jimmy Fallon or Kimmel
Haylee's Gameplay :3
Rip Jimmy lol
Kenya Alonso Ontiveros
He so fancy. His pinkie is all out as he talks on the phone. Like if you do that too
Mudzy G
Mudzy G 16 kun oldin
I hate miley Cyrus
Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson 17 kun oldin
Kye Green has longer hair than me!!!!!!!😂lol
Some Random Kid
Some Random Kid 18 kun oldin
Poor Jimmy XD
Yuri Boyka
Yuri Boyka 18 kun oldin
What if someone fart in that toolboth...
Norwegian Frida
Norwegian Frida 19 kun oldin
I love miley, she’s so real.
Icha cw
Icha cw 19 kun oldin
Jimmy always said "Miley stop saying that !!!!" 😂😂😂
poke digger 1
poke digger 1 20 kun oldin
Jimmy off the chain 😎
Alekaalex Jesmer
Alekaalex Jesmer 21 kun oldin
Miley os a vegin? :
WWE WWE 21 kun oldin
You should phone booth with Ariana grande
Yo gurl Pelloowww
Yo gurl Pelloowww 21 kun oldin
Ali Jafari
Ali Jafari 21 kun oldin
Jimmy pretending he doesnt know the rules XD
TRUNKS Briefs 22 kun oldin
When they were announcing the beard guy I thought James harden was about walk in
Alex Reniel Capada
Alex Reniel Capada 22 kun oldin
avatar girl is thotty
CarlFazu 23 kun oldin
Put me in Miley's booth
Boog Butt
Boog Butt 24 kun oldin
Time square Elmo xD
Bri& Gab
Bri& Gab 25 kun oldin
Did he just the “world” and say the entire English language??? English !!!!!!! Like if u know what I mean
Someone BOSS
Someone BOSS 25 kun oldin
Was anymore else screaming "12" at Jimmy/their screen? Just me? Okay
t gay
t gay 25 kun oldin
If she loves animals so much why does she eat their food?
Katelyn Is BTS A.R.M.Y
I’m smarter than jimmy
Jon Petrovich
Jon Petrovich 25 kun oldin
I love Miley inside I was her
Jon Petrovich
Jon Petrovich 25 kun oldin
I wouldn't mind the bodybuilder in my booth😙
Cindy T
Cindy T 25 kun oldin
bruh miley is dumb asf
Wävÿ Ävÿ
Wävÿ Ävÿ 25 kun oldin
*ι ѕυяρяιѕιиgℓу києω ιт ωαѕ 12 ℓσℓ*
K-pop Robot
K-pop Robot 26 kun oldin
*she used to be a talented singer*
Annelize Troskie
Annelize Troskie 26 kun oldin
That Guy
That Guy 26 kun oldin
I always get every question right lmao
CaptainAmerica322 27 kun oldin
I'd be thrilled to be stuck in a confined space with miley….
ckrause81 28 kun oldin
Sophie Dossi? Avatar?
King Gio
King Gio 28 kun oldin
6:42 His laugh and the way he apologizes!
Jennifer Mendoza
Jennifer Mendoza 28 kun oldin
Higgins is the best
Jennifer jo
Jennifer jo 29 kun oldin
I was never a big fan of Miley
Irene Destiny
Irene Destiny 29 kun oldin
I love Miley so much
Bethari Paramanindia
Hmm the avatar looks like sofie dossi??
Rochelle N
Rochelle N Oy oldin
Isabella D
Isabella D Oy oldin
That girl had no shirt on😖
Elena Diament
Elena Diament Oy oldin
Awesome Izzy
Awesome Izzy Oy oldin
I knew there were 12 0’s in a trillion and I am not even in high school yet
wethehiddles Oy oldin
Omg I could not do that I would be having the biggest panic attack
sky pa
sky pa Oy oldin
Skin is the largest organ
Diptesh Sarkar
What is the na'vi wearing?
Ryuuch Oy oldin
Et looks like he just released his new book
Michael Chambers
I would die if i was that close to miley
Sado Ali
Sado Ali Oy oldin
Miley is a queen 👑
Just Mera
Just Mera Oy oldin
Jimmy keeps getting those nba stars😂😂
Julia Becker
Julia Becker Oy oldin
I love how Elmo has duck tape on his face!!!! Lol
Zargielay Rabeh
Is it just me or did she change not to be rude though
Akaki Akhobadze
the last one was hint :D What is THE most common word cmon :D
A Complete Nerd
Oh my god the nets guy is all arms
funny friends fails and wins
Damn Miley Cyrus looking like a 70's mom
Samantha Dunayer
Who gets “Jimmy Fallon” and “Jimmy Kimmel” confused?
Ashita Mehroke
I HATE miley
Glorious Jorjious
I have a pet tarantula her name itsy-bisty-spider she is not so itsy anymore and she is Himalayan short hair
You know it is Maya
Now I know why Miley sticks her tong so much out is because her parents washed her mouth with soap and she is used to her tongue being sticked out
Giselle Prado
Giselle Prado Oy oldin
Why does the blue girl remind me of Sofie
Marlen Aleman
Marlen Aleman Oy oldin
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Oy oldin
miley she a vegan and not a virgin.
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Oy oldin
oh my god is miley going to sleep with the spider too😮.
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Oy oldin
Miley is cheating she didn't close the phone booth door.
Danielle Trumbach
Is it weird when the spider climbed on miley i screamed 😂😂😂😷😣
Seven Seven
Seven Seven Oy oldin
Shhhiiiittt I love Jimmy....
Raseon Hansen
Raseon Hansen Oy oldin
These remind me of the secret door scene in Willy Wonka.
John Spinelli
John Spinelli Oy oldin
“ I love animals” love ya Miley but it’s an insect
fortnite man beast
In 7:43
Kim_ Jae Rin
Kim_ Jae Rin Oy oldin
And look how Miley Cyrus is so different now!!🤣❤️
Emily McKindley
2:47 Billie eilish is SHOOK
Zetlux JR
Zetlux JR Oy oldin
No ,the most common word in English is "made in china " LOL😂😅
Kaitlin Larson
Riley Cline
Riley Cline Oy oldin
There was zero seconds left how did Miley win