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We take Ping Pong Trick Shots to the CRAZIEST level yet!
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2-Iyl, 2018

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Drus 13
Drus 13 2 soat oldin
How many times have Cory spin the Whell of Unfortunate? I hope he is again... he funny
John Artiga
John Artiga 3 soat oldin
Well howdy
Seth Strabel
Seth Strabel 3 soat oldin
rc edtion 2 no
Ben Ewing
Ben Ewing 3 soat oldin
Hockey puck because I’m Canadian
Hung Nguyen Manh
Hung Nguyen Manh 3 soat oldin
So amazing
Quốc Huy Phạm
Quốc Huy Phạm 4 soat oldin
nice and I like HoverKup
Janelle L
Janelle L 4 soat oldin
I wonder how much of a pain it is to set everything back up if they fail the intro 😂
Yatendra Sharma
Yatendra Sharma 4 soat oldin
Why don't you try crazy ball trick shots
악청자 5 soat oldin
Toshy McTosharoo
Toshy McTosharoo 5 soat oldin
Why does the fag with the beard overplay everything
Lhei Uy
Lhei Uy 5 soat oldin
U guys are pros
STUPID STUFF 5 soat oldin
南方核电 5 soat oldin
jojo pascua
jojo pascua 5 soat oldin
Are Cob and Cor are brothers
Pjong Trương
Pjong Trương 5 soat oldin
Cái vietsud to quá k cần to v đâu che bố nó mất video r
ZabookaHD 6 soat oldin
Can they say c’mon any more times???!!!!!!!
Bonn Bautista
Bonn Bautista 6 soat oldin
My favorite use:the puck Because i seem to forget where i put them
A. Amaya
A. Amaya 7 soat oldin
Hola guetal mi nombre es José y les tengo una pregunta si como sellama esa cosa al final del biedeo
TheEpic Gamer
TheEpic Gamer 7 soat oldin
Dude perfect is perfect
Camilo Alias
Camilo Alias 7 soat oldin
I wanna see the bloopers
Trudie Macphee
Trudie Macphee 8 soat oldin
I can do all your tricks dude perfect my is not its Connor
Kunuko 9999
Kunuko 9999 8 soat oldin
shannon hevel
shannon hevel 8 soat oldin
if you make a nother I will kill my self
Ethan John
Ethan John 9 soat oldin
How about everyone likes this video subscribes
David Whit
David Whit 9 soat oldin
You guys have the best “job” in the world.
Lucx Malfatti
Lucx Malfatti 9 soat oldin
Here before trending that’s a shock
jason范 10 soat oldin
quolity stuff
Кузя CsGo
Кузя CsGo 11 soat oldin
Minino du ceu
Minino du ceu 11 soat oldin
John Bernardo
John Bernardo 12 soat oldin
that takes so long to build
JayAjith Vlogger
JayAjith Vlogger 12 soat oldin
plz sub me
Jan Lewis
Jan Lewis 12 soat oldin
Man they are good
MarGuy Thatguy
MarGuy Thatguy 12 soat oldin
It’s been a while I like the new intro graphic
JAZZGHOST melhor 13 soat oldin
Hajira Agha
Hajira Agha 13 soat oldin
This is amazing how did you do that?
Civix YT
Civix YT 13 soat oldin
Mahbub Ali
Mahbub Ali 13 soat oldin
Everybody knows that. They even say their method is to keep on trying so how does that make them assholes?
Civix YT
Civix YT 13 soat oldin
It takes them ages to hit these shots cus they suck
Mosa Abduljalil
Mosa Abduljalil 13 soat oldin
Just amazed.
Moover Cat
Moover Cat 14 soat oldin
this are the best trick shots.
train channel channel
train channel channel 14 soat oldin
I loved the LONG BALL
Angry Boi Bakugou
Angry Boi Bakugou 14 soat oldin
my favorite use for the hover cup is the fact that ty has to use that voice advertising the thing
ALL TRICKS 4 14 soat oldin
Do real life trick shots 3
Mufaddal Patanwala
Mufaddal Patanwala 15 soat oldin
dude perfect😃😃😃😃😃 im your biggest fan
王柏程 15 soat oldin
idea ocean
idea ocean 15 soat oldin
hi friend i new on UZvid so friend plzzzzzzzz. subscribe my channel please subscribe my channel plzzzz I am a villager I don't have any high tech mobile. I have lyf. MRP. is 4000 so friend subscribe my channel
Jebel28 16 soat oldin
About 100k money in 2 weeks I get £2 in 2 weeks
Aly Rasyid
Aly Rasyid 17 soat oldin
sarah berges
sarah berges 17 soat oldin
at 2 28 ty didn't throw it
Nkandla Style
Nkandla Style 17 soat oldin
You gotta have perfect timing AND aiming to do that .....incredible!!😨😱
Bluez Yeet
Bluez Yeet 17 soat oldin
Why do you call your UZvid Channel dude perfect
Ganz The skeleton
Ganz The skeleton 18 soat oldin
Man the intro takes a long time man dude that is perfect
what the hell
McLarenZ109 9
McLarenZ109 9 18 soat oldin
Make blooper channel
Nick Karnyski
Nick Karnyski 18 soat oldin
Damn these guys must be really good at beer pong
Jawad & Lara World
Jawad & Lara World 18 soat oldin
Maybe one of you is a scientist that’s why you get everything right 👍
Julia Fernandes
Julia Fernandes 19 soat oldin
สุริยา เหมรา
ใครดูเป็นคนไทยมั้ง บอกหน่อย
สุริยา เหมรา
Ball WOLF คับ
Ball WOLF 18 soat oldin
Jillian McCarthy
Jillian McCarthy 19 soat oldin
Nice job guys I have always wondered how long dose it take u do that
belly346buster 20 soat oldin
Wow u nearly always get 1m subs
rutwik jadhav
rutwik jadhav 20 soat oldin
This sucks....
Loredana Tartea
Loredana Tartea 21 soat oldin
Sameer Sehgal
Sameer Sehgal 21 soat oldin
You all guys are Amazing. Love you brothers 😊👍
Moksh Mehta
Moksh Mehta 21 soat oldin
I love your chanel toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
Moksh Mehta
Moksh Mehta 21 soat oldin
You are awesome
The YEET Master
The YEET Master 21 soat oldin
Hf 34 mill views
CARLO PALLADINO 20 soat oldin
dghrsvhi @😈😤😮😦😦😑😮🐮🐓🐱
Grayson Weber
Grayson Weber 21 soat oldin
I didn’t find this entertaining
Ali Salman
Ali Salman 22 soat oldin
Im huge fan of you guys
Menna Williams
Menna Williams 22 soat oldin
Cody is wearing f2 merch
Arcade Gamer
Arcade Gamer 22 soat oldin
Badminton trick shots
NOOB U WANA GO M8 22 soat oldin
50 mill subs panda fave reveal? Like if agree
Eason Ting
Eason Ting 22 soat oldin
You should do the ping pong competition
илькин гусейнов
John Rovic Cruz
John Rovic Cruz 22 soat oldin
How do u guys do dis teach me pls let me now ur secrets
Adam Mehager
Adam Mehager 23 soat oldin
Nailed it! Love ur vids!!!!! P.S. Thanks for giveaways from hangouts. I can't have them bcs of country where I live but thanks anyway!! Who love dude perfect like👍
Mikey and Annabelle’s house tour! Mikey
Dude that’s perfect
Mini Marianna
Mini Marianna 23 soat oldin
Question, how long (on average) does it take you to make a trick shot video?
Michael Benavides
You know your app add add add yells cries nobody dies
my nigga
my nigga Kun oldin
my favorite use of the hovercup is how can i play with it
my nigga
my nigga Kun oldin
nice shots
Muha Joker
Muha Joker Kun oldin
Idi nahui
Yanti Hong
Yanti Hong Kun oldin
I tap the hoverkup but not just hepening
sheryas Jairaj
sheryas Jairaj Kun oldin
play hockey please
An Tran Minh
An Tran Minh Kun oldin
Ae like đi hay quá
Emerson Delossantos
Holy god idont bilieve at this moment
용갈 Kun oldin
oh! is very good nine!
SHAMIL MS Kun oldin
king Minecraft
king Minecraft Kun oldin
No looker 7 tile bounce
Gabriela Solorio
Ngoc Tran
Ngoc Tran Kun oldin
OMG this is so perfect 😲😲
Jorge Moya
Jorge Moya Kun oldin
important african-american reflection never timing essence chinese society venture.
Knowledge, Fun and Faith ki dunya
You guys are really cool
Technical Kun oldin
To do. This you work har very much
Dmx Tgdd
Dmx Tgdd Kun oldin
Luis Herrera
Luis Herrera Kun oldin
DUDE decent is better SIKE!!!!
Emma Berquist
Emma Berquist Kun oldin
Can you try to do daily videos
KeSt Kun oldin
hold up hold long did it tack for them to make that giant contraption
plz send your video to you have been warned
Amister Gaming
Amister Gaming Kun oldin
You guys are the best!😎
i, Serna
i, Serna Kun oldin
Who's panda?