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We take Ping Pong Trick Shots to the CRAZIEST level yet!
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Comment: 4 Million likes for Ping Pong 4!
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Pound it. Noggin.
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2-Iyl, 2018



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Fikrlar 54 813
Boys Studio CZ
Boys Studio CZ 3 soat oldin
Kdo cz?
Yo I’ll give you 10m like if I cod
Jonathan Salcedo
Jonathan Salcedo 9 soat oldin
You guys are freaking awesome
Jack Beavins
Jack Beavins 10 soat oldin
pda (pig latin)
Alex Su
Alex Su 11 soat oldin
how much time do you guys have to make these intros!
Michael Schnellbacher
Michael Schnellbacher 13 soat oldin
I subscribd and likt
Benjamin Tran
Benjamin Tran 13 soat oldin
1:05 Way better than Coby's rocket
Alexa Delgado-Jocelyn
Alexa Delgado-Jocelyn 13 soat oldin
Legends on the loose!!!
Alexa Delgado-Jocelyn
Alexa Delgado-Jocelyn 13 soat oldin
Mabye they have been training their whole life! :3😉
Dylan Holland
Dylan Holland 13 soat oldin
Cup slider
Lori Orenstein
Lori Orenstein 14 soat oldin
Bordan 15 soat oldin
I like the plane one
Luise Hoffmann
Luise Hoffmann 15 soat oldin
Brenden Mitlyng
Brenden Mitlyng 15 soat oldin
tudo sobre tudo
tudo sobre tudo 15 soat oldin
Alguém Brasileiro??
Juan pujol
Juan pujol 16 soat oldin
emidash 123
emidash 123 16 soat oldin
Shemshedin Dauti
Shemshedin Dauti 18 soat oldin
Tyler is the best
nathan morales
nathan morales 18 soat oldin
Magnus Nissen
Magnus Nissen 18 soat oldin
Best 6 mins of my life
Shaneka Phillip
Shaneka Phillip 19 soat oldin
make new video
Maddie Moo
Maddie Moo 19 soat oldin
I wonder how many times they lose their voices
Roland Polai
Roland Polai 20 soat oldin
I’m your biggest fan ever!!!!!!!!!!!! SO COOL ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️
M S 22 soat oldin
NIT MAM 23 soat oldin
march 2019!😁
Dakshin Vamsi
Dakshin Vamsi 23 soat oldin
TNC Teaghan, Nanuk and Cian
Where is ty from in like a coutry
Leanne Message
Leanne Message Kun oldin
play fonite
Kun oldin
if you get the start wrong how do you set it all up again
Bayley Giblin
Bayley Giblin Kun oldin
it must of took days to set up the first shot
Morgan Stoodley
Morgan Stoodley Kun oldin
lol, it's 2019 and they don't even have 3 mil likes, let alone 4!
Threatless Kun oldin
Favorite hovercup use: to drink out of
DP you guys inspired me to make my own trick shot video its called fire orange trickshots
성준윤 Kun oldin
이사람들 누구인지 아시는분?
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell Kun oldin
How long does it take u guys to build these contraptions in the intros?😂
_mamaKid_ Captian
Play pingpong with...Pan
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan Kun oldin
I believe DP is the most professional youtube channel and deserve alot of credit
Jake Sooley-Orfalian
Hi I love you 🤟
SIFT Kun oldin
Меня больше удивляет 39 млн подписчиков
Basir Xd
Basir Xd Kun oldin
Who Watching Now.....
samuel oluwadamilola
Tataly don't dislike 44 thousand
Anisha Syed
Anisha Syed Kun oldin
2019 anyone
Alo Nkgf
Alo Nkgf Kun oldin
My nam is hussein
Alo Nkgf
Alo Nkgf Kun oldin
Welike togams
Kiran Mai
Kiran Mai Kun oldin
Very nice
7 7
7 7 Kun oldin
Choco and Mixy Plays
It would be an interesting twist if they had failed.
Булат Гареев
И вот оно стоило того
reshma khatun
reshma khatun Kun oldin
First is superb
Toby Manaton
Toby Manaton Kun oldin
Lol pause at 3:22 Cody is officially an alien
Mauricio Garcia
Mauricio Garcia Kun oldin
How come coby can do trick shots but he loses in battles
Clare Khan
Clare Khan Kun oldin
Sub to dude savage
Levushka Levin
Levushka Levin Kun oldin
Сукааа переведите это все ваши действия монтаж наёбщики сосните хуй!
KelkyJr 07
KelkyJr 07 2 kun oldin
When the into takes up half of the video Amazing
Lucas Riley
Lucas Riley 2 kun oldin
Best intro
AL FATAH Chanel 2 kun oldin
Subc me and i'll subc back
Shwe MawMaw
Shwe MawMaw 2 kun oldin
Sandon Schultz
Sandon Schultz 2 kun oldin
Basically the first 20% of the video is the first trick shot.
Gabriel M
Gabriel M 2 kun oldin
these guys say too much yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Ethan Taylor
Ethan Taylor 2 kun oldin
I use it for air hockey
Kristyn McFarland
Kristyn McFarland 2 kun oldin
Hello random person looking through the comments.😂😂😂😂
Jayden Deister
Jayden Deister 2 kun oldin
How long does it take you to set up those intro trick shots they are amazing😀😀
GravityZero 2 kun oldin
4mil likes lol
Charly Brown
Charly Brown 2 kun oldin
No entiendo ni madres pero están chingones los vídeo 😁
Rock That Kitchen
Rock That Kitchen 2 kun oldin
My name is Ty!?
Jekku 2 kun oldin
Hyping for maybe getting 4 million likes in the video, its over 8 months later and they have not even achieved 2,7 mil likes :rolling_eyes:
Ryan Lane
Ryan Lane 2 kun oldin
9:59 don’t let the fire alarm go off
TAMMY LANE 2 kun oldin
Ned huge fan
Brayden Taylor
Brayden Taylor 2 kun oldin
Is anyone watching this in 2030? Like if you are!!!
Ernesto Barrera
Ernesto Barrera 2 kun oldin
Have you ever missed a shot in a video
Hot shots
Hot shots 2 kun oldin
I wonder how long the beginning took😂
Gjurgjica Markoska
Gjurgjica Markoska 2 kun oldin
10000 attempts minimum
BVB Boy 2 kun oldin
Everybody who gave a dislike ist stupid
Devan Reed
Devan Reed 2 kun oldin
Hey do you perfect your videos are super cool .♥️🇺🇸
gabriel gamer box
gabriel gamer box 2 kun oldin
Quem é do Brasil deixa o like no meu comentario
Melaku Abrha
Melaku Abrha 2 kun oldin
Hi I'm your fun from Ethiopia. I like your videos and I feel happy when I watch it.
Gordon Dryden
Gordon Dryden 2 kun oldin
my favorite use is the hockey puck I am so good at hockey I won a trip to San Jose California to go ton the all star events I was VIP I went on the red carpet
Банан Банан
Либо у них было около 1000 дублей либо они сделали с фотошопом
Амир Бази
Амир Бази 2 kun oldin
Красавцы )))
MariaCraft 2 kun oldin
Note to self: dont play beerpong against dude perfect lol
faisal bali
faisal bali 2 kun oldin
Crazy team won
Pokéfan XYZ
Pokéfan XYZ 2 kun oldin
2:23 clever coby
Assadullah Qureshi
Assadullah Qureshi 2 kun oldin
Akhelesh Raajpoot
Akhelesh Raajpoot 2 kun oldin
Anna Lock
Anna Lock 2 kun oldin
alamin sikder
alamin sikder 3 kun oldin
One more video in 2019 plzz!!
T4 3 kun oldin
Everything use is my favorite
Liam Rogers
Liam Rogers 3 kun oldin
Imagine not making the giant ping pong ball in the bucket in the last shot of the video...
GalaxyGirl439 3 kun oldin
Joko Tingkir
Joko Tingkir 3 kun oldin
wow 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Emira Mustafi
Emira Mustafi 3 kun oldin
Newest 2019 comment?
Robloxisawesome112 3 kun oldin
Nerf hovercup
Goaliebro 7513
Goaliebro 7513 3 kun oldin
How long did it take you guys to do that first trick shot
Cp 952 Fortnite
Cp 952 Fortnite 3 kun oldin
DudePerfect you’re awesome 😎
Gage Hardy
Gage Hardy 3 kun oldin
🔴2019 Anyone?🔴
Alexander Babina
Alexander Babina 3 kun oldin
my favorite use is the beverage one and the hockey one
Owen Cimo
Owen Cimo 3 kun oldin
People who dislike are stupid dumb dumbs
FuturisticLion 3 kun oldin
Dose one of you guys know how to do a back flip if one of you do I want you to do a back flip while holding a ping pong ball to the cup
Pastaprotector 3 kun oldin
Pastaprotector 3 kun oldin
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 3 kun oldin
When 1/3 of the video was the intro
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