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28-Sen, 2018

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Daleigh Haug
Daleigh Haug 9 daqiqa oldin
Poor baby😥
I'm Deformed
I'm Deformed 2 soat oldin
Tie it at the tree again, could be funny.
Anna axb
Anna axb 2 soat oldin
Why do people do that WHY I just don't get it how could you do that HOW
Emina XD
Emina XD 5 soat oldin
One of my dogs was severely abused, we got him when he was one years old and he had been abused by his previous owner since he was a pup... he was a show dog, he had cigarette burns and scars all over him, we had beaten and burned every day until his owner just sent him back to the breeder. His anxiety was so extreme that we thought we might need to put him down, when we brought him home he practically shut down in the corner of the room every time someone tried getting near him.... we had pretty much lost hope, but eventually, he turned around! He is now 6 years old and we got another dog named jellybean (she was a stray) and his confidence has boosted and he was really opened up to us, yes he doesn’t know what a ball or a toy is, and yes his anxiety isn’t the best, but he is living his best and happiest life, and that’s all that matters!! (His name is josh and he is a Saluki, and jellybean is an Italian mastiff, aka; a cane corso)
Elias Cruz
Elias Cruz 7 soat oldin
Who would leave her int the woods she is beautiful
Jacob 201
Jacob 201 8 soat oldin
Ok but why would u be jogging in the woods at night, now wayyyy sir
Samantha Ashley
Samantha Ashley 8 soat oldin
Has she been adopted yet
PunkBunny 10 soat oldin
She’s so young wtf
Mincenchez 11 soat oldin
Dogs are so bloody awesome
Jane Marie
Jane Marie 15 soat oldin
That’s one happy ass dog
Jose Molina
Jose Molina 15 soat oldin
🐶. God blessed. You
Stacy Vasquez
Stacy Vasquez 19 soat oldin
Were was this dog found ?
Mr large mouth bass
Mr large mouth bass 22 soat oldin
Looks like a "game Pitbull " Full blooded
onebabyguerilla Johnnysparks
Dude no homo, but I love you man, and I've now subscribed to your channel after watching a few of your videos. Also both of my pits thank you as well.
Queen Nicky
Queen Nicky Kun oldin
Saulius Butas
Saulius Butas Kun oldin
I got a dog and when i went to the animal shelter they said they were going to make him go to sleep. I immediately took the dog but if it bites me or anyone we will sell it. Turns out he is an angel
Erson Velasco
Erson Velasco Kun oldin
This guy deserves an award! Kudos to you and your team! Hope more dogs will be saved...
paul soares
paul soares Kun oldin
That's so awesome man ! Thank God for people like you !
Anechka Slownest
I Have An Argentino And if That Was Him I Would Try Untying him as fast as possible
Björn Johanson
Björn Johanson Kun oldin
"Happy Ass" xD Love her
Angela Woolfolk
Angela Woolfolk Kun oldin
The only thing that's bad about a pittie is the tail 😂 when there excited ik this because I have two of them
the best username ever
There is a special place reserved in hell for those who abuse animals. No animal deserves pain and the true hero’s are those who chose to help. Also THAT DOGS SOOOOOO CUTE!!!
Planet Dolans
Planet Dolans Kun oldin
My friend did that to the dog he’s not my friend anymore and I saw her in the woods and stayed there until someone found her she was there for 3 days before the jogger came I still fed Mel but she didn’t know me so I was cautious but she was scared I was there until the jogger was there with the team and then I left when she was gone I miss her so much xxx
Who Cares
Who Cares Kun oldin
Am i the only one that cried out of joy?
JFsythe Trooper
JFsythe Trooper Kun oldin
Who would do Such mean stuff
Ruby Hale
Ruby Hale Kun oldin
My dog hasn't been happy for the past year or so, she always has her years down and is always shaking, I want to make her happy again, how do I do it?
SpaceMan Cuber
SpaceMan Cuber Kun oldin
*a t a c c d o g g o*
Addison B
Addison B Kun oldin
Poor Pitbull I LOVE pit bulls I have two
people who put fortnite skin as pfp are virgins .p
The pitbull later went on to bite a little kid
Sammy Sears
Sammy Sears Kun oldin
these videos make me feel so good
Michael Torres
Michael Torres Kun oldin
Judge me however you want but stuff like this makes me not give a crap about humans dieing
MisterDragelof Kun oldin
Say what you want about how good and kind Pit Bulls are but you can see the face of the vicious killer she hides inside over here 2:11
Walked in the woods found a d-dead dog found a d-dead dog walked in the woods found a d-dead dog found a d-dead dog I've got my Yeezys on In the woods, (nice) I've got my Yeezys on I'm feeling good, (woo!) Everyone clicked the video to see a scared hurt dog and you guys know you did your just trying not to show it lol you poor sick people
Ben Yulo
Ben Yulo Kun oldin
She deserves a wonderful loving home I hope the best for u 😊❤️
12345 LuckyTheWolf
12345 LuckyTheWolf 2 kun oldin
god bless the jogger :D
Mia Gladwell
Mia Gladwell 2 kun oldin
My eyes are sweating
Mia Gladwell
Mia Gladwell 2 kun oldin
My heart aches for animals in this situation! I’m so glad people like those in the rescue team exist
GigiSaid Oof
GigiSaid Oof 2 kun oldin
Whoever would dare abandon a dog like that, with shelters available, is sick. They are some of the worst scum of the earth, they could give her up to adoption, but instead they let them starve, I hope they rot in hell.
Shaila .C
Shaila .C 2 kun oldin
I love her beatiful smile
darepow 2 kun oldin
aww you're such a big guy but you're really a teddy bear..
Lemon67 X
Lemon67 X 2 kun oldin
Shout out to the people who do this
Bill Villanueva
Bill Villanueva 2 kun oldin
dont leave the trash men
Emmett S.
Emmett S. 2 kun oldin
The irony of feeding an oppressed, thinking, feeling individual the body parts of an oppressed, thinking, feeling individual... Nice work fellas, but we can do better. Go vegan.
Megan Kim
Megan Kim 2 kun oldin
lol "happy ass"
andres munoz
andres munoz 2 kun oldin
I wonder how long the dog has been in the woods
FIVE LEMONS 3 kun oldin
Thanks 🐅😚😙
GraffitiTurtle 3 kun oldin
I myself am really nervous around dogs but it’s so nice that there are people out there, better than me, who are willing to rescue and rehabilitate them no matter what. That man is one of those amazing people.
Gacha crazy !
Gacha crazy ! 3 kun oldin
Awww my 14 yr old dog does the same trick she does
Xendez 3 kun oldin
Happyass gets lost in the city "HAPPY ASS COME HERE" Random person:What is wrong with you Me: That's my dogs name
Valentina Fangirling
I love her so much what kind of monster just abandons a chained baby
Libby Campbell
Libby Campbell 3 kun oldin
Poor dog
Manuel Madrigal
Manuel Madrigal 3 kun oldin
I have a mean dog really can't control him .need ur help pls .
fezrayoos 3 kun oldin
And you guys just left your plastic bag there? Cool
GGALLIN1776 3 kun oldin
Bat ears.
Kimberly k
Kimberly k 3 kun oldin
Kimberly k
Kimberly k 3 kun oldin
How can people be so cruel I bet whoever put here there wouldn't like it if they were tied to a tree. DUMB a$$
jaike hogenhout
jaike hogenhout 3 kun oldin
nice safe, sadly they just throw the plastic bags on the ground
Llama llama _
Llama llama _ 3 kun oldin
Omg who would ever tie this really cute puppy up in the woods wow welp shame in the person who did that hope this works and he gets bad luck
tom hecht
tom hecht 3 kun oldin
You are a hero. Love pits. What a smile she has.
B Ecks
B Ecks 3 kun oldin
Damn thats a beautiful pit bull too
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz 3 kun oldin
I commend you for saving her your a good human being God bless you.
Christy Dunlap
Christy Dunlap 3 kun oldin
I can tell why someone left that beautiful dog there?! Cause they're a dirty piece of filth that needs to be hung by their fucking balls
ICU ICU 3 kun oldin
Take your plastic trash with you next time instead of polluting the area, dumbass!
bread 3 kun oldin
It wasn't fear based tho, if it was then her tail would've been tucked. She was wagging her tail, aka she was happy. She just had an aggressive sounding bark
bread 3 kun oldin
Wait why would someone be jogging at 9 or 10pm
bread 3 kun oldin
Omg he was there for so long that he made a circle of dirt around the tree
I Love Math
I Love Math 3 kun oldin
Whoever did this to this dog. Seriously needs to be killed.
GhOsT 420
GhOsT 420 3 kun oldin
New York Bully Crew out here doing good work, love them
Camerons Music
Camerons Music 3 kun oldin
*-Happy ass-*
Michael Simmons
Michael Simmons 4 kun oldin
Fellow New Yorker and fellow Bxer, love the things this group does. Though he sounds like he has a Boston accent.
rosiage 4 kun oldin
Look at her beautiful smile 💗
Another Kid On YouTube
Not mine apparently my dad and me tried to help our aggressive dog after he bit 3 people but we couldn’t do anything don’t feel bad
lele and pups
lele and pups 4 kun oldin
My pit bull is an "happy ass" too and currently she is an sleepy ass!😂😂😂
maddie macrae
maddie macrae 4 kun oldin
hey just listen that's not right you guys I feel that yo are letting people hurt animals if you let that happen I will get you arrested but at the same time I know you guys wat to save animals and care for them bless the gods you guys you are alive and I am really glad your alive
Christopher Williams
What a great guy!!! Thank you.
Effy Siale
Effy Siale 4 kun oldin
Humans can be so cold heartless animals this breaks my heart
Jorge Gamer boy
Jorge Gamer boy 4 kun oldin
I just want to shoot all the animal abusers
thAt SPeCiaL snoWFLAkE
jumpmomongaable 4 kun oldin
So many Bronx residents have pit bulls, it’s been almost like trend, and most pit bulls in Bronx ended up getting abundant, abused killed etc. I don’t understand why police doesn’t do anything...
ilikecheesesoupNEW 4 kun oldin
It would’ve been nicer if he picked up his trash too 1:45
Mirage Mashud
Mirage Mashud 4 kun oldin
I hate how some people are so cruel to their pets that they would leave them tied up
Rumbleroooaaar 4 kun oldin
Is anyone else on that side of UZvid where every video just makes you sob? Cause same.
CR clash royale GR
CR clash royale GR 5 kun oldin
everyguy do a dislike dude he\she have no life leave a like if you are with me guys
Ruby Smith
Ruby Smith 5 kun oldin
That dog is so pretty thanks for people like that
Kitteh Kat
Kitteh Kat 5 kun oldin
Happy Ass... XD
Jack McNamara
Jack McNamara 5 kun oldin
What kind of monster would have done that to such a dog?!
Blessed Mother
Blessed Mother 5 kun oldin
She is so cute!!!
Kendall Briggs
Kendall Briggs 5 kun oldin
you stole someone dog
PenguinLord234 _
PenguinLord234 _ 5 kun oldin
Happy ass lmao
Chihiro Fujiwara
Chihiro Fujiwara 5 kun oldin
This video tells me, that there will always be an animal in need! :)
carolina bigelow
carolina bigelow 5 kun oldin
wow happy ass ok their are diffrent names out there but you had to call the dog happy ass
The world according to Reese
Soooooooo cuuuuuuute
Jesse c
Jesse c 5 kun oldin
What a beautiful female pitbull
Chris Finta
Chris Finta 5 kun oldin
Nice story
OKOZE * 5 kun oldin
People put such bad names on pitbulls but it’s really just how there raised 😴
Leroy J
Leroy J 6 kun oldin
name adress of the previous owner??. i will beat his ass
Ilijas Ramic
Ilijas Ramic 6 kun oldin
Thats not a pure breed pitbull
Dianna Harris
Dianna Harris 6 kun oldin
*Happy Ass*
papyrus undertale
papyrus undertale 6 kun oldin
When i met my first dog he was left alone at a lake and he had a collar and he is terrified of brooms so i think someone use to hit him with a broom or some did something to him with a broom