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Pit Bull Left Tied To Tree In The Woods | Someone tied this pit bull to a tree deep in the woods - but luckily a jogger heard her cries and called for help
To sponsor Llana’s ongoing care while she searches for a forever home, you can support @NewYorkBullyCrew: thedo.do/nybc.
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For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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28-Sen, 2018



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Jane_ Soat oldin
People who help and love animals are ALWAYS goodhearted and decent human beings.
Frothy Tea
Frothy Tea 7 soat oldin
To all those people who keep saying that pitbulls are killers: no, it's not like dog is born a killer. Dog is trained to be a killer. That's the difference. Pitbulls and other have some predispositions but still. Think about it
animals animated
animals animated 8 soat oldin
Going through all that just to be named happy ass 😂
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 12 soat oldin
Who would do this
jazzzmine rodriguez
jazzzmine rodriguez 14 soat oldin
I prefer to leave a human tied up to a tree instead of an animal. Sick bastards. At least some water and food would have been nice. SOBs
jazzzmine rodriguez
jazzzmine rodriguez 14 soat oldin
Beautiful doggy
It’sAmyRequena 19 soat oldin
XaiOfRelief Kun oldin
Did he leave his garbage in the park?
Zzcooljammar 420zZ
I hate people thinking that dogs are really dangerous the thing is they CAN be but they just aren’t
KaoshiBeyonce Doll
NYBC are awesome!! 😍❤️👍🏽👍🏽
MrSpiderKitten Kun oldin
Who can sleep at night knowing that they left a dog with emotions and feelings in the middle of the woods
Drawv Kun oldin
Nice name
Jay Sharpy
Jay Sharpy Kun oldin
I don’t really like dogs but I like this one 😇😇😇
Alex Kun oldin
Lmao, Happy Ass... That works I guess ?
Caitlin Proctor
Caitlin Proctor Kun oldin
Lookin like a lil gremlin.
ROY DESIGN Kun oldin
Leonard IsNotALolicon
This is why i hate humans.
Illusionen Kun oldin
I’m crying happy tears at 3 am 😢
John 3.16
John 3.16 Kun oldin
That was the BIGGEST smile on a first dog walk ive ever seen.
Yo wassup B
Yo wassup B Kun oldin
To the people who disliked, you hate animals. I will also come to your house and murder your family. :-D
KDog1998 Bo4 and fortnite
Who would do that. The person who did that are monsters
debs1ful 2 kun oldin
All dog abusers must go like if u agree
Miekjeswereld 2 kun oldin
Omg! SHE A DREAM ! 😱🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️ beautifull ! It must have hurt her spirrit to be tied to a tree . That face she had in the pictures afther you had her trust 🤪❤️🥰 sooooo cute ! I cant wait untill we are ready with the Garden here , so that we finally can ADOPT! ❤️🥰 we are so ready for a doggy in our life , and saving a dogs life would be the best thing to do . 😘🥰
Grape Guy
Grape Guy 2 kun oldin
People who abuse dogs should be put on death row
gachalexis 2 kun oldin
Everything is cool but the name why is there an a thing on the end
Queen Aj
Queen Aj 2 kun oldin
Every one that abuses animals *DOES NOT DESERVE THIS EARTH!*
fire rider
fire rider 2 kun oldin
Why did we deserve dogs?
J A 2 kun oldin
God bless you. I wish more people were like you. “I don't believe in the concept of hell, but if I did I would think of it as filled with people who were cruel to animals.” - Gary Larson
Keko_Oz 2 kun oldin
I will never ever understand how such cruel people can exist on this earth ..breaks my heart 😭
Boston Hippy
Boston Hippy 2 kun oldin
Thank you to The Good Samaritan and Thanks to the Bully Boys! I am never surprised at how low we humans go and treat our animals. My heart breaks on the daily! May you get all your good Karma for all of your good deeds! And I know that’s not why you do it, Much Love and Respect! ♥️💫♥️💫♥️💫
Apples 4363
Apples 4363 2 kun oldin
I hate that people do these kinds of things to these poor, helpless creatures. Animals like dogs and cats depend on humans to survive. And if we treat them badly, they come to the point where they can’t trust humans anymore and they end up dying because they won’t let humans take care of them.
Issac Granada
Issac Granada 2 kun oldin
He is legit
WeThe Bean
WeThe Bean 3 kun oldin
let me at the dude that did this
Elizabeth Valentine
😭😭😭😭 I’m so happy people saw him!!!!!!!!!!!
Ervan Royce
Ervan Royce 3 kun oldin
Temple Rodgers-Bernal
Nice joke, but this was a serious matter... 👍
Emma Shewan
Emma Shewan 3 kun oldin
I love how happy she got with all the time she had
꧁ღ๑TheSecret - PlayzRBLX๑ღ꧂
I feel happy for Happy Ass :) good job saving her!
Ekarda 3 kun oldin
Why is the human race allowed to still exist?
Bori-chan Kendo girl forever
Just look at her face!😍 How cute is she smiling? I wanna have her! (We've got a dog who was adopted and she's one of the pieces of my heart. I love her!❤🐶 But..she's selfish...to other dogs or...flowers and toys!😑😂 She's cute when she's turning her head to not see that I'm petting flower and laughing.)
FJF1085 4 kun oldin
The person who did this should be tied to a tree in the middle of the woods.
Red Lion
Red Lion 4 kun oldin
if you can´t handle a pitbull, you shouldn´t get one
Temple Rodgers-Bernal
If they couldn't handle a DOG, then they shouldn't have gotten one.
Angelina Nicole
Angelina Nicole 4 kun oldin
NasianADS 4 kun oldin
"Happy Ass"
Wyeth Juezan
Wyeth Juezan 4 kun oldin
This game is DODO
Boa_ Mamba
Boa_ Mamba 4 kun oldin
awww happy ass
jack_da_niels 4 kun oldin
Did he just left the trash in the woods...
Niki Cap
Niki Cap 5 kun oldin
I hope whoever left that gorgeous dog tied up gets the same or even worse treatment. Who’s awful enough to do that? Why not an animal shelter? Or give it away? Noooo the easy thing was to leave that poor dog tied up far away to starve? 😭
Lyna Toumi
Lyna Toumi 5 kun oldin
She’s so cute ❤️❤️❤️
Wassan Rajab
Wassan Rajab 5 kun oldin
I died when he said i call her happy ass 😂😂😂
setapakberbatu 5 kun oldin
You guys are so brave and kind. But you left your plastic bag in the wood :((((((
Fake Preston Garvey
You people in the comments are more brutal and cruel than the man who abandoned the dog. Think about it. The man: I will abandon the dog, I don’t care. People in comments: I want to tear his flesh and kill him slowly and painfully and watch it and laugh and I will break all his bones and gouge his eyes out. How ironic. It’s like Hitler calling someone an evil person.
Linda Nadeau
Linda Nadeau 5 kun oldin
I'm so glad she was found.
Peace 5 kun oldin
This is not nice to do animals like this. Thanks for rescuing this dog!!!❤❤❤🙏🏾
Michael Castillo
Michael Castillo 5 kun oldin
Chris Mowery-Bell
Chris Mowery-Bell 5 kun oldin
you guys working out of the NYC area? would love to get involved somehow
Lovely Graal
Lovely Graal 5 kun oldin
Jennifer Jenkins
Jennifer Jenkins 5 kun oldin
Nice job good humans!
Neko LetsPlay x3
Neko LetsPlay x3 6 kun oldin
This happend to my dog before we had him. How can someone be so bad to an animal.....thats so sad.
Karlee Meier
Karlee Meier 6 kun oldin
food is the universal mediator
Derek Ortiz
Derek Ortiz 6 kun oldin
Is that Lebanese el prez?
Airsoft Guns
Airsoft Guns 6 kun oldin
If I saw some one hurting a dog or something I would fucking kill them
Allie Foley
Allie Foley 6 kun oldin
Who ever abanded her or he are sick
Laszlo Official
Laszlo Official 6 kun oldin
Dog's fucking LOVE cheeseburgers
Jeyy Jamil
Jeyy Jamil 6 kun oldin
Shayla Mitchell
Shayla Mitchell 6 kun oldin
Thank you guys for rescuing that poor dog
Juan Estrella
Juan Estrella 6 kun oldin
These terrible people, but the people who save them, I love them, and they to wonders to this world
Candee Bee
Candee Bee 6 kun oldin
643 dislikes from people who abandon pets
Pistoff 76
Pistoff 76 6 kun oldin
Good job, fellas!!
Cara Trump
Cara Trump 6 kun oldin
The humane thing to do would let them be free to find food and shelter..geeeeezee
Steamy Sulixx
Steamy Sulixx 6 kun oldin
she looks like such a sweet and amazing dog, even when she was barking at him in fear. whoever did this should get life in jail.
Natasha Fernandes
Natasha Fernandes 6 kun oldin
Everyone say pit bull are dangerous but I never never believed that. U guy changed a life every day. I LOVE U GUY
honey phantomhive
honey phantomhive 6 kun oldin
Karma will come for them
AnimeT0getherEU 6 kun oldin
Why is he thanking an invisible, non-existent sky daddy for the rescue of this dog. Thank him for people living terrible lives along with that.
hacker888 7 kun oldin
God bless that jogger
sir potatoe
sir potatoe 7 kun oldin
Happy ass 😂😂
fortnite squeakers
fortnite squeakers 7 kun oldin
2:15 Tried to do it with my girl still no work 😥 Edit: Just figured it said dog not girlfriend 😂
Psychedelic Drug User
Honestly, any person that would hurt a cat or dog, i wouldn't hesitate before blowing their brains out. The world would be a much better place if we cleansed it from all animal abuser scum.
Alpha Lighting
Alpha Lighting 7 kun oldin
We must save all animals because what we have today belongs to them We have just stolen there world from them
Beataw Wisniowski
Beataw Wisniowski 7 kun oldin
I feel like maybe the owner left her tied so the owner could food and the owner maybe died? Or the owner was abusive.
Callum Bush
Callum Bush 7 kun oldin
Beautiful dog!
kyrie irWing
kyrie irWing 7 kun oldin
What if something bad happened to the owner like he got murdered or kidnapped
Fake Preston Garvey
kyrie irWing Some people are so quick minded. They see 1 frame of the picture which is a dog tied to a tree and than they try to complete it there selves like the man is automatically evil.
Kifflyn Hoyles
Kifflyn Hoyles 7 kun oldin
Oh look she's so vicious she was petrified , pitbulls are probably one of the most loving dogs all u haters are dumb
John Madinald
John Madinald 7 kun oldin
A dog way’s home. Lmao
Dennis Bird
Dennis Bird 7 kun oldin
Other than leaving the trash where the dog was so glad these people rescued the dog. . Good job.
overlayz 7 kun oldin
Sad to think most dogs who are abandoned or abused aren’t saved
Sebastian Ibanez
Sebastian Ibanez 7 kun oldin
Humans are the worst creation.......
Fake Preston Garvey
Sebastian Ibanez You’re shooting yourself on the foot. You are a human so that means.. your evil.
JustLooseMe 7 kun oldin
God she is absoulutely beautiful! o.O
foXx_Cryptic 8 kun oldin
Mr Schneebly
Mr Schneebly 8 kun oldin
I hope they picked up that trash they left…..litter bugs!
bloopblipable 8 kun oldin
She's sooo cute
90s Candy
90s Candy 8 kun oldin
People are the most horrible creatures!
90s Candy
90s Candy 5 kun oldin
+Fake Preston Garveyhave a nice day 😉
Fake Preston Garvey
90s Candy Good luck getting a job or life or dog family or non human wife and stop using your phone and get out of living in your house because these were all made by the “things” you hate..
90s Candy
90s Candy 5 kun oldin
+Fake Preston Garvey still, I'm not gonna change my opinion 🤷
Fake Preston Garvey
90s Candy You are shooting yourself on the foot. You are a person too so your evil
SupDev 8 kun oldin
You’re a good man! Happy he rescued her!
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday 8 kun oldin
So when will it be legal to kill the people that do this?
GoldenDoodle Gaming
That’s so said that mean person doesn’t deserve a dog
Emberlace Autele
Emberlace Autele 8 kun oldin
Her smile 😍 omggg
Brandon Schneider
Brandon Schneider 8 kun oldin
All animals should be registered to their humans. Then if someone abandons them the police can hit them with the law hard AF. I'm so thankful for the NY Bully Crew they are so brave to do this, thank you for helping out the planet.
SammaLammaDingDong 8 kun oldin
. . . So, did he pick up the trash he left in the woods?
Lillian Earls
Lillian Earls Kun oldin
JigzGotcha 8 kun oldin
I'll never understand how someone could abandon or mistreat an animal. Especially one as loving as a dog. She looks like such a sweetheart
torch1028 8 kun oldin
So fuggin Brooklyn
Katisrad 9 kun oldin
I love this ❤️
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