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Can Rhett name three things he'd give to the Goodwill in 5 seconds? Rhett and Link test out the 5 Second Rule game and their answers are LOL-worthy. GMM #1265.4
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31-Yan, 2018



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Ansel James
Ansel James Kun oldin
the u.s
Me, Myself And Mary
Carleigh Brubacher
Carleigh Brubacher 6 kun oldin
5:27 Rhett only laughed at his answer because saying Jamaica made him think of the nations of the world song, which is why he said Peru next
Dodge trucks 876
Dodge trucks 876 10 kun oldin
I googled as soon as u said don’t and you guys were definitely right
Crappy_dragon 12 kun oldin
I literally did it right before rhett said I probably did 😂
Bunch Of Random
Bunch Of Random 13 kun oldin
Oh my God they're horrifying.... PLEASE don't Google 19th century Halloween kids!
sol1angel 14 kun oldin
Candie Underwear 😂
Kieran Graupe
Kieran Graupe 14 kun oldin
I own this game
Lily Fleisher
Lily Fleisher 16 kun oldin
They're right don't Google 19th century Halloween kids
Jack fox _ official
Jack fox _ official 17 kun oldin
5:39 Billy corgan
saneh lata
saneh lata 17 kun oldin
Does anyone else Google the "Don't Google That"
HorseGirlz13 18 kun oldin
“Excuse me”...”sorry”....”would you like more fries?” Lmao 😂
Rejoice Canto
Rejoice Canto 20 kun oldin
Bald famous person...ummm "The Rock"😆
Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick 23 kun oldin
Omg this game was MADE for them 😂😂
Ana Domingo
Ana Domingo 24 kun oldin
What was the google thing
Gabriella Maierle
Gabriella Maierle 24 kun oldin
Niko 25 kun oldin
Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas Johnson 26 kun oldin
Three comedians was easy, I just said the 3 Stooges.
Jillian Darby
Jillian Darby 29 kun oldin
Love your videos! You guys are SO FUNNY!!! Also, I googled it and I had nightmares
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia 29 kun oldin
Love how link keeps messing up the timer.
ifollowrivers Oy oldin
Layla Johns
Layla Johns Oy oldin
Lol alotta ppl google those halloween kids because as soon a I put in the 1, it popped up in the 3rd most recently searched
Rocky Brown
Rocky Brown Oy oldin
i googled it ... im ashamed of myself
Molly Pritchard
“Name three polite phrases” “Excuse me”, “Sorry”, and “Would you like more fries?” OH MY GEEZ ITS SO FUNNY 🤣 If you agree with me please hit like!
Molly Pritchard
Destiny Ellison
I googled it...it’s 2am...help 😂
Morgan D
Morgan D Oy oldin
I had only written 19th c into google when 19th century hallowing kids popped up
Joseph Bleasdale
I guess Link saw that ludicrous display last night? The thing about Arsenal is...
Carters Kitchen
If your under the age of 10 and are in a dark room about to go to sleep DONT search 19th century Halloween kids
Jet Girl
Jet Girl Oy oldin
Link is so bad, I love it.
Kaiya Skipworth
How was the rock not one of the first thinge he said
voldebean Oy oldin
Football not soccer
Link learned how to use knifes himself
Drew Hahlen
Drew Hahlen Oy oldin
Link is dumb sometimes like I can't believe it. He's really dumb and It shows it. He always loses against Rhett like how!!!!
Zach Hunzeker
Zach Hunzeker Oy oldin
Rhett: “Don’t Google that” Me: pauses video, googles it, resumes video Rhett: “You already did it, didn’t you?”
"Would you like more......fries?" LOL 😂😂😂
Kathryn Shaw
Kathryn Shaw Oy oldin
I have totally seen undies, bras, and bathing suits at a goodwill before.
M G M Oy oldin
Thumbs up for Black Sabbath answer.
? Oy oldin
Name Three Bald People. 1.Johnny Sins 2.Johnny Sins 3.Johnny Sins
Sethster’s Bench
Hada, hada hada ski 😆😆😆
shelley Griego
shelley Griego 2 oy oldin
Oooooooh I know a parade the black parade lol 💀💀💀☠️☠️☠️🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻😂😂😂😆😆😆 PS. Like and comment this ☠️.if you get it
Logan Summers
Logan Summers 2 oy oldin
Name three bald people vin diesel, Jeff bezos, and tyrese Gibson
Ava B
Ava B 2 oy oldin
I got my little sis this game for xmas and we played it and i am super good at it 😂
Makayla 2 oy oldin
“here’s my underwear, you can wear them because i’ve really washed it”
Matthew Krier
Matthew Krier 2 oy oldin
To be honest those kids rocked those costumes
SharmaineDORK 2 oy oldin
Please play this more!!
FaZe Official
FaZe Official 2 oy oldin
Whens the mixtape dropping?
Trinity Frye
Trinity Frye 2 oy oldin
I died when he said "Candy underwood"
Sadnezz 2 oy oldin
“You learnt to shave 2 weeks ago?” Link reads next question *mOvInG oN*
Nooby Lasagna
Nooby Lasagna 2 oy oldin
and how to wipe ur butt
Nooby Lasagna
Nooby Lasagna 2 oy oldin
i have that game acept its a board game
Mia Fitzpatrick
Mia Fitzpatrick 2 oy oldin
I googled it
Jake Clifford
Jake Clifford 2 oy oldin
Oilers fan not a soccer man good hank jr reference
Judy Damas
Judy Damas 2 oy oldin
A way to wish someone Merry Christmas would be: Mele Kalikmaka. It's the same word in Hawaiian
Justin Brooks
Justin Brooks 2 oy oldin
19th century Halloween kids wasn't even all that bad
Last act of kindness
Name three parades My brain: black parade
Ruthanne Marie
Ruthanne Marie 2 oy oldin
my 2 yo niece loves that game just cause she shakes the little timer...
Mohammad Hussain
Mohammad Hussain 2 oy oldin
Do they not know there is a hard and an easy question on one page back to back
danica stewart
danica stewart 2 oy oldin
guys i cantttt wait to go on the “confession stand”
Omar Ceja
Omar Ceja 2 oy oldin
S/o UC Davis 💯
Lpsfrenchieworld Lps
Wow I googled it thanks for scaring my no seriously I can’t sleep....... lol ✌🏽😺
Emily Wuest
Emily Wuest 2 oy oldin
This is the funniest episode for sure!!!!
Bonnie B.
Bonnie B. 2 oy oldin
5:37 MR. CLEAN, STEVE HARVEY, AND THE ROCK they were the first people that popped into my head.
mood 2 oy oldin
"Ive seen the inside of your underwear" Um link? Expsoed?
Breanna Lelewski
Breanna Lelewski 2 oy oldin
"neneaaahhhh face-off " -Rhett 2018
Reaganflipz06 2 oy oldin
When you don’t get three it goes to the next olayer
HotDog Water
HotDog Water 2 oy oldin
Name 3 parades: The black Parade
Justin Kneas
Justin Kneas 3 oy oldin
"Look at you, you've already done it." I did 😂😂
Just CHAOS 3 oy oldin
Rhett: Name 3 amusement part rides Link: Roller coaster, tilt-a-whirl and CONCESSION STAND😂😂😂
Numayam 3 oy oldin
I love Link. But he's kinda stupid...
Adam Sagers
Adam Sagers 3 oy oldin
Metallica, Whitesnake... and Black Sabbath!
Samurai Gaming
Samurai Gaming 3 oy oldin
Yup should have not google that
theblaackdahlia 3 oy oldin
this GMMore is rivaling the Bop It one 😂 nah, that one still wins.
Trex264 3 oy oldin
Name three rock bands and he names metal bands smh
Michelle ‘
Michelle ‘ 3 oy oldin
Three things you learned on your own- How to pee, How to poop and how to talk probably
Cuber Eric
Cuber Eric 3 oy oldin
Soccer teams: Real Madrid, fc Barcelona, Monaco, Villarreal, Man U, Man city, Liverpool ect.
Jer S
Jer S 3 oy oldin
I googled it
Kiraro The Kitsune
I will now greet people with "Would you like more fries?"
GhostlyStitches 3 oy oldin
*wrong time of year he says* *is watching this 10 months later in December* Me: O.O XDDDD
Erin Olson
Erin Olson 3 oy oldin
Three ways to wish someone a merry Christmas: 1. "Happy Hanukkah"
Riley Grace
Riley Grace 3 oy oldin
I googled it
Lps Lexi Tv
Lps Lexi Tv 3 oy oldin
7:47 link does it again
jess mckenzie
jess mckenzie 3 oy oldin
*yeah, its Candy Underwear* 😂
PS2Damon 3 oy oldin
I don't know any soccer teams either
Flower Pot
Flower Pot 3 oy oldin
Metallica's a rock band? Okay, so that means Black Sabbath is a Symphony Orchestra, right?
Colton Rogers
Colton Rogers 3 oy oldin
Emily Allen
Emily Allen 3 oy oldin
What in the world were those 19th centers children thinking?!
Hunter O
Hunter O 3 oy oldin
I want links jacket!!
Ruka's Quest
Ruka's Quest 3 oy oldin
Stan Kane
Stan Kane 3 oy oldin
link you sucker pun intended. that is futbal pun , just to be clear
Olivia Faas
Olivia Faas 3 oy oldin
i love these videos because they’re so organic and funny. i really feel like i’m just observing two best friends play a game, not watching a youtube video
Official Tre D
Official Tre D 3 oy oldin
link always manipulating something
xydoit 3 oy oldin
I won't google that. Is not interesting.
pey 3 oy oldin
wait if you know link's background the answer for things they learned on their own was so sad
impinator maxima
impinator maxima 3 oy oldin
Rhett: Dont google that *immediately googles that*
Lit Cat
Lit Cat 3 oy oldin
8:03 the vine merry chritmas merry crisis merry cheysler
Lit Cat
Lit Cat 3 oy oldin
Rhett’s polite phrase is “ would you like some more fries?”
Lit Cat
Lit Cat 3 oy oldin
Ahhh ahh ahhhh altalian
Be Yourself
Be Yourself 3 oy oldin
I know this is doesn’t match the video topic but... It’s 11:11 and my battery percentage is 11%. NaNi?!
assmane999 3 oy oldin
Definitely GOOGLE that! Fascinating!
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