Playing Giant KerPlunk

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Rhett and Link play a gigantic round of KerPlunk. GMM #1322.4
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20-Apr, 2018

rhett and linkgood mythical morerhett and link good mythical moregood mythical more rhett and linkseason 13rhettlinkmythicalrhett playing giant kerplunklink playing giant kerplunk



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Zedeye 23 soat oldin
I've pretty much trained myself to like bananas, I used to hate them... I'm enjoying one right now 🍌.
M Kun oldin
Banana 1:07 & 9:30
Coldninja 45
Coldninja 45 2 kun oldin
thepotatopact :D
thepotatopact :D 2 kun oldin
At 5:02 Link looks like he's trying to build a rake and failing
thepotatopact :D
thepotatopact :D 2 kun oldin
Rhett: You know what? Link: What? Rhett: Now that I've got this corsage, I feel like I've gotten everything I ever wanted out of life. Rhett: I quit. *fourteen seconds of silence later* Rhett: Did you know we had bananas here?
Katie Elise
Katie Elise 3 kun oldin
That polka music is %100 played at das festhaus at Busch Gardens and all around the German part of the park. That just took me waaayyy back for a second 😆
Isaiah Duran
Isaiah Duran 8 kun oldin
8:33 links’s rage
Alex Shupert
Alex Shupert 9 kun oldin
Link: if they all fall you are a real loser *proceeds to drop all of them*
Oilycat Furkitten
Oilycat Furkitten 9 kun oldin
He keeps saying Splatoon wrong :/
Dawson Hobbs
Dawson Hobbs 9 kun oldin
8:31 best accidental pause
DJ Seva
DJ Seva 9 kun oldin
7:48 pure disappointment 8:30 pure amazement and pure anger, I laughed so hard
Muthana Hussain
Muthana Hussain 11 kun oldin
I cant wait for the show after the show after the show after the show after the show after the show after the show after the show
BEGONE MEMES unleashed
link was stalling lol
Alexander Telling
Alexander Telling 12 kun oldin
*Did you know we have bananas here?* 🍌 Best topic from the wheel. 👏🏻😂
Mr Gurto
Mr Gurto 12 kun oldin
Links face when you left was priceless.
kylie cailes
kylie cailes 12 kun oldin
The amount of times link almost pulled out an orange stick when they were talking about sad music was unbelievable
Moody Noodle
Moody Noodle 13 kun oldin
I feel like this game represents Rhett and Links lives, or lots of situations in them, Rhett is winning and Link is just wondering how he managed to screw himself over this much
** _
** _ 14 kun oldin
“If they all fall then you’re a real loser” Link Neal-2018 GMM kerplunk loser
Bluue Fork Tongue
Bluue Fork Tongue 14 kun oldin
It sounds like the soundtrack to Skyrim
Kayla Stevens
Kayla Stevens 15 kun oldin
Aww, Rhett tried to save link from having to drink that, cute.❤
hi 15 kun oldin
You know when he’s faked quitting his job when you hear hahahae in the background
Your Mothers Lost Handbag
That little ‘green’ was the most adorable thing I think I’ve ever seen link do
Ninjas Hyper
Ninjas Hyper 15 kun oldin
5:40 im petrified Edit: links face
psychostar animation/gaming
Link looked so sad when rhett left but when link quit rhett got high and changed his name to damnyell
therainbowderpyface 16 kun oldin
ARMY T 16 kun oldin
4:26 play back 2x speed 5:35 😂
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson 16 kun oldin
"I go to block buster a lot" -Link 2018
ITZ YO BOI VLOGS 18 kun oldin
Iris Teraš
Iris Teraš 18 kun oldin
I'd teach them dancing polka like nothing
JOSHUA CREMEENS 18 kun oldin
That is not you play!!!!!
Erin Roberson
Erin Roberson 19 kun oldin
Everything Link does makes him more like Garth...
Zoe O'Brien
Zoe O'Brien 20 kun oldin
Rhett is the BaNaNa MaN what about BeN
library of dragons
library of dragons 21 kun oldin
I would not be suprised if someone took Link's scream and stick whip for a remix or focus in on the whip stick and dub it in to a video.
Jackson Trevino
Jackson Trevino 22 kun oldin
They seem so sad.
Maggie Wilcox
Maggie Wilcox 22 kun oldin
I’ve played this before
lailinshale Oy oldin
Link: "These are dessicated testicles of my suitors" Me: *rapid surprised blinking* Normally Rhett makes the intense/sexual jokes.
Petmalakas 15
Petmalakas 15 Oy oldin
I love links face when he lose 😆😆😆😆😆
Dash Lukky
Dash Lukky Oy oldin
8:30 is a rollercoaster of emotions
Damein Barrett
I like root beer
Wylden Cox
Wylden Cox Oy oldin
Green Day reference
James Marshall
Watch from 8:27 at 0.25 speed and watch Link's face.
Revasha Khan
Revasha Khan Oy oldin
Tries to get sad in the game make me laugh in real life
Sam I Am
Sam I Am Oy oldin
6:10 link,don't u always
“Yeah we got plenty man, *only here* “ 😂😂
Connor W.
Connor W. Oy oldin
Grelle Sutcliffe
Bend Oregon has the last one
Catie Cox
Catie Cox Oy oldin
You should play games the opposite way there supposed to be played 🏓🏆🎲.......good luck 😂❤️
BluJellu Oy oldin
1:44 you’re welcome
Rebecca Wu
Rebecca Wu Oy oldin
No Don't watch
Atticus Dillard-wright
You did look like a fool Rhett
Hannah Dzura
Hannah Dzura Oy oldin
The first song is straight up Skyrim music
Alessandra Schoenbachler
I need to say this, when they were talking about the sad sound thing, everytime link would try to pull the stick, Rhett would talk and like would stop, like pull the frikin stick link
jorge arias
jorge arias Oy oldin
2:50 just pull it link
Bob Erikson
Bob Erikson Oy oldin
Link looked so upset when he actually thought Rhett was gonna quit.
Thomas Mango
Thomas Mango Oy oldin
I could totally watch you guys play KerPlunk more lol
BitPlane Oy oldin
I came for Green Day! ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)
Watch from 8:28 at 0.25x speed! XD
Marley Rhiannon
I loved the beginning I wish there was a whole episode That
AnaThe Drache
AnaThe Drache Oy oldin
The intro was genuinely funny and made me belly laugh ❤️ (though Link did look heartbroken)
And his face looked so happy when he came back 💛
Sky M
Sky M Oy oldin
Anyone else came here after watching youresoloud's video on link being an angry boi?
Alessio Monari
Ana Gonzalez
Ana Gonzalez Oy oldin
Is there a compilation of all the times Rhett has “quit” the show cause I love it when the wheel lands on that.
TealFox Oy oldin
2:16 oh my god *can you PULL THE STICK*
Patricia Teachey
Probably taste better than macsilu
Evan Conklin
Evan Conklin Oy oldin
8:29 I could watch their faces ALL DAY 😂😂😂 so good guys!
ReeveKraft Oy oldin
8:31 I'm laughing at how links face went so quickly from a smile to terror XD
Tiffany Zhu
Tiffany Zhu Oy oldin
I kept replaying the part when Link lost lol it was too funny.
just watch link at 8:29 at 0:25 speed and seeing his smile drop. Feelsbadman
Itisella Oy oldin
9:58 seconds... Respect
Cathrine :3
Cathrine :3 Oy oldin
How'd u guys meet
you Gay
you Gay 2 oy oldin
Kerplunk? More like kerchoo
William1234567890123 Cook
too excitious for saddity
emilycool Vinnikova
2:37 proof that link can't work while talking 😂
Preston Obremski
Preston Obremski 2 oy oldin
What is the polka song called
Elina Syara
Elina Syara 2 oy oldin
foop 2 oy oldin
0:19 - 0:33, Damn, looking at Link's face honestly made me depressed.
Mr Waves
Mr Waves 2 oy oldin
8:31 is the best
harry heart
harry heart 2 oy oldin
Let's pick some sad music hmmmm THE LAST POST
Genesis Flores
Genesis Flores 2 oy oldin
link: "so you changed your mind?" rhett: "yeah cause we got bananas!"
Sophia Brown
Sophia Brown 2 oy oldin
Why’d you change it back to polka that was very rude
thiev__v 2 oy oldin
Whose thought of Green Day this entire video
Noreen Hussain
Noreen Hussain 2 oy oldin
The music isn't sad. It's more patriotic than sad.
Colinn Vanvoudenberg
Wow. Link look so sincerely sad at the beginning when Rhett left
Contour 2 oy oldin
I was waiting for the "yall n*ggas hiring" vine :(
Bonnie Rose Sardi
I used to love kerplunk as a kid! Its been forever since Ive even THOUGHT about this game
William Cooke
William Cooke 2 oy oldin
Check your homework jeff
William Cooke
William Cooke 2 oy oldin
Skittle Kids
Skittle Kids 2 oy oldin
what's with the big lips ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
Skittle Kids
Skittle Kids 2 oy oldin
Jay Nikki
Jay Nikki 2 oy oldin
I still have my blockbuster card in my wallet.... holding out hope
Antonija Bubanko
Antonija Bubanko 2 oy oldin
Tipicna zagorska muzika u pozadini lmao
xydoit 2 oy oldin
Link bad at games.
Fatima 17
Fatima 17 2 oy oldin
why does Rhett ALWAYS WINS
Antitoine 2 oy oldin
It not fun i dont understand
Dr. Roskelly
Dr. Roskelly 2 oy oldin
Root Beer
Nicole Pannell
Nicole Pannell 2 oy oldin
The polka music really sets a mood.
Nicole Pannell
Nicole Pannell 2 oy oldin
Seriously, I LOVE you guys!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Will Sanchez
Will Sanchez 2 oy oldin
The white dad dance 😂 @ 6:02 and 6:45 🕺🏻
Ashton Montanez
Ashton Montanez 2 oy oldin
Only gmm makes a video 2 seconds from midroles
K and the Bunch
K and the Bunch 3 oy oldin
At 8:30 link’s facial expression switch was priceless😂😂😂
grace 3 oy oldin
that was more dramatic music than sad
M&E Productions
M&E Productions 3 oy oldin
you should have played this with water ballons!!
Bridget Darby
Bridget Darby 3 oy oldin
Gotta do this again