Playing Wet Head (GAME)

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2-May, 2016



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Fikrlar 2 446
FoxLover50 25 kun oldin
5:59 I thought he said i'm a weener
Basket Case Bryce
Basket Case Bryce 28 kun oldin
rhett with the hat on looks like a dog wearing clothes that doesn't move when it wears clothes
Jonathan Tran
Jonathan Tran Oy oldin
Now that training's over, lets try it with a real gun.
fire Gamer
fire Gamer Oy oldin
Emmie Waterman
i love how they both put the chin strap on each turn
Stacy R.
Stacy R. Oy oldin
Why’d they put towels around their waist???
Devon Sampson
Devon Sampson 2 oy oldin
Just gunna dislike this video because Link said Deer Hunter WASN'T a great movie. DeNiro, Walken, Streep, Cazale? SO GOOD. How DARE you, Lincoln Neal!
Ruben Jimenez
Ruben Jimenez 2 oy oldin
Link annoying af
Khusleen Kaur
Khusleen Kaur 2 oy oldin
Did y’all notice that Rhett almost said a *bad word* at 4:04?
Kevin Beaune
Kevin Beaune 2 oy oldin
“We’re both wet, that’s mega cool”
Douglas Freeman
Douglas Freeman 2 oy oldin
9:01 10:09
Noah Langmead
Noah Langmead 3 oy oldin
This show would literally be 10x better without the gay pre school teacher
Lunar Skies
Lunar Skies 3 oy oldin
In this episode of Good Mythical More you see links nipples!!
chancegoondavis 3 oy oldin
In Alabama it is so humid that sweat doesn't cool you down so you continue to sweat prefusley so that much sweat isn't rare
Daphne Tett
Daphne Tett 3 oy oldin
Link: It’s on your britch! Your upper right britch! Rhett: (You’re a britch.)
DBU BRANDON 3 oy oldin
1:25 Rhett respectfully and discreetly wraps a towel around himself... 2:44 link pulls his shirt up for the world to see. 😂😂😂
Lord's Path
Lord's Path 4 oy oldin
Watching two grown men wetting themselves on camera
Mark D
Mark D 4 oy oldin
4:52 “Gay Police”
Keith Wayne Jones
get sturgill simpson on the show
Alex Summers
Alex Summers 5 oy oldin
For someone so obsessed with germs, I'm astonished that Link took so long to start changing his underwear every day.
Lisa Young
Lisa Young 5 oy oldin
does anyone else see a picture on the wall behind link that possibly looks like Judge Judy?
Bridget Burns
Bridget Burns 5 oy oldin
Those growths are called love handles. XD
Kggawesomeness 5 oy oldin
These videos are never long enough
Pink Trifecta
Pink Trifecta 5 oy oldin
Link showing off that puffy nipple ;3
J Cee
J Cee 5 oy oldin
Did no one else notice that Link got a higher number but still got Rhett to go first? I got a 2, you got a 1 so you gotta go first, haha Also why did you put the towels under your shirts around your waists, that's a good way to keep the towels dry.
Thomas Richter
Thomas Richter 6 oy oldin
Wow! That was mega cool!
El Jefé
El Jefé 6 oy oldin
Deer urine + this game= horrific
Mia Nel
Mia Nel 6 oy oldin
Pause @ 7:22 :D
The potato sandwich 89
i really like getting my head wet
Sally Otley
Sally Otley 6 oy oldin
"Alright we're both wet... thats mega cool"- Rhett 2016
L BossPig
L BossPig 7 oy oldin
PoshFerret 7 oy oldin
Anyone know what water bottle that is?
ramona lynn
ramona lynn 7 oy oldin
Yep the crotch is wet
Delaney Hoyt
Delaney Hoyt 7 oy oldin
Rhett looks like Bob the Builder with the helmet on.
Rhettro-ish 7 oy oldin
My dad has the same green coat as rhett and my dad has a beard like rhetts
dr. Hannibal Lecter
I feel pretty *MEGA*
soop girl
soop girl 7 oy oldin
jace samford
jace samford 7 oy oldin
Link was very unenthusiastic
One Nation Under God
“Alright we’re both wet... that’s mega cool”
MissGeek Monique
MissGeek Monique 7 oy oldin
King of Mau
Sarah Rigdon
Sarah Rigdon 7 oy oldin
I hate being sick
miserable 8 oy oldin
Wear neverwet
Anna Kim
Anna Kim 8 oy oldin
Anyone know where I can get that water bottle
A Guy
A Guy 8 oy oldin
I also have a wet head
Lydia Mayer
Lydia Mayer 8 oy oldin
why is juge Judy there
Jazmine Swofford
Jazmine Swofford 9 oy oldin
u should say mega cool more often
Why am I here
Why am I here 9 oy oldin
The amount of jokes in here is overwhelming
Itz Fries
Itz Fries 9 oy oldin
Is judge Judy next to the link and the Guitars
josh6962 josh6962
Play fortnite
Rodney Crawford Jr
It was Pull one pin and spin the Hat again
devan merry
devan merry 9 oy oldin
I truly miss gmcrew !!
Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum
Before Link pulled the final pin, I remembered someone told me when you have a 50/50 chance, choose one and go with the other. 😂
J1972CORVETTE 10 oy oldin
What was the intro
Anthony Weise
Anthony Weise 10 oy oldin
Rhett cheated. Lol
Eric Boss
Eric Boss 10 oy oldin
The chances are 50/50 what are the chances UZvid logic
Gutz 1234
Gutz 1234 10 oy oldin
Why did yall use water. Yall should have used something gross.
Lillian Lunt
Lillian Lunt 11 oy oldin
Who had a life alert ad before this? Because I didnt
Ayo Bunni
Ayo Bunni 11 oy oldin
God, link is so cute stOP
Gavin Mulherin
Gavin Mulherin 11 oy oldin
This was on my birthday
Savage_banana-808 11 oy oldin
I like turtles
Sir Poopsalot
Sir Poopsalot 11 oy oldin
Rhett: Okay Link, now you got a 50% chance. Still Rhett: What are the chances? What are the chances? Ah, gotta love it.
Samuel Martinez
Samuel Martinez 11 oy oldin
Great video but would have been better if y'all refrigorated the water
The Mediasbest
The Mediasbest 11 oy oldin
so it wets your head if you lose
Nikki McNiff
Nikki McNiff Yil oldin
"We're both wet. That's mega kool." -Rhett McLaughlin
Sindragozer Yil oldin
Maybe you could make a segment called "Mega-Cool Monday" save the name in some way!
Moustafa Fathy
Moustafa Fathy Yil oldin
OzGamingFTW Yil oldin
You should put an ice cube in there
HUZKYSS7495 Yil oldin
You guys should put pee in the wet head
Ozzyoz Turner
Ozzyoz Turner Yil oldin
You should put pee in it
Brady Wolff
Brady Wolff Yil oldin
Marco A
Marco A Yil oldin
Hopefully you guys don’t mind when i make a channel called Mega Cool Evening 😂
Brandon Nemon
Brandon Nemon Yil oldin
U guys should put nasty stuff inside of that helmet
Kendra Verrier
Kendra Verrier Yil oldin
Link looks sooooo much like my dad
Leafy Kibbles
Leafy Kibbles Yil oldin
We played wet head with ice water 😬 not fun
joe blair
joe blair Yil oldin
Gay police. Wtf link
#1gamer Yil oldin
You should do this with urine
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter
That was funny "doctor I got a growth here."
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter
Rhett says " hmmm very strange, I really thought that it was not going to rain today."
Sir Poopsalot
Sir Poopsalot Yil oldin
Rhett: So now you have a 50% chance. What are the chances?
heath ashley
heath ashley Yil oldin
Sturgill Simpson!!!! =)
Papi Chullo
Papi Chullo Yil oldin
Why does this remind me of balloon boy?
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha Yil oldin
This is the 3rd video I watched an liked all 3 in a row so I suscibed to you guys thumbs up 👍
NyuPenyu Yil oldin
wearing women's bikinis or leotard
Hattie McClelland
I am loving link´s water bottle
kelly gibson
kelly gibson Yil oldin
My son and i have this game and play it all the time with ice water. 😀 you should also invest in egg head similar and still suspenseful
Pharaoh V1
Pharaoh V1 Yil oldin
They need to bring back the old wheel suggestions
meanmug04 Yil oldin
Is it just me or is Link getting more & more annoying/ nerdy by the seasons lol.. at least he got rid of that horrible hair cut 😄
Dayegamer Yil oldin
Girls keep it even boys keep it odd gl guys
Riley Floyd
Riley Floyd Yil oldin
you should put random juices in the wet head helmet and who ever loses gets like pee or lets say milk or something
Riley Floyd
Riley Floyd Yil oldin
on thier head
Brook A
Brook A Yil oldin
why is judge Judy on the wall
Merlyn Hirtentreu
Link youre so funny when youre fooling around whit your shirt😂
Brandon Ornelas
Brandon Ornelas Yil oldin
I went to the gmc channel and nothing on the sweat collection. Looked at the description under this vid too and nothing... how do you mention something like that and not link the video
panda chan :3
panda chan :3 Yil oldin
vote unicorns,peguses,alicorns,or dragons I vote peguses
Samirang Yil oldin
WATER the chances
Thog Yil oldin
I got wet head...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ToxicMask889 Yil oldin
rhett has the exact same jacket i had when i was in 3rd grade
Venaben Yil oldin
Who else thinks they should do a video where they switch sides the whole time but don't mention it
Ice Glow
Ice Glow Yil oldin
"Ah! Can't get up! I gotta push my Life Alert!" - Link ahahahaha 😂
Nick Frangiamone
9:04 It's De Niro
Jack O'Reilly
Jack O'Reilly Yil oldin
It was deniro
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