Pocophone F1 - How Is This Smartphone Possible?

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The Pocophone F1 just arrived and it's almost unbelievable.
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At $300 the Pocophone F1 may be the most compelling smartphone on the market. Packing a Snapdragon 845 chip, 4000mAh battery, dual camera setup, 20 megapixel selfie camera and 6GB ram the Pocophone F1 is going to be tough to beat for the price.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 4 oy oldin
Is the Pocophone F1 the new budget smartphone champion?
Sanjay M
Sanjay M 24 kun oldin
better than your laptop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
danish shaik
danish shaik 3 oy oldin
This looks like the best.. and thanks for your review, really helped me buy this ph.. feels like I have saved millions by buying this 😊
YeMumGeyLol 3 oy oldin
Idk Whatronamethis
Unbox Therapy a
Syntact 12 soat oldin
I am a new Xiaomi fan. I started with Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X and I am thinking to get this Pocophone F1. Should I get it? :)
Marife Maravillas Paden Cabales
Watching through my Pocophone and yup.. am sooo lucky
Afnaan Anwar
Afnaan Anwar 20 soat oldin
299? But do you know you can get something else also for 399?
alan coyne
alan coyne Kun oldin
Hi dude .. I have a mi a1 phone that Just updated to Android 9.1 pie .. and not I don't need fingerprint to unlock phone it will unlock by pressing emergency number ???? Have you heard of this and how can I fix it please ??
pewdiepie's chair is more expensive lol.
Vocx Studio
Vocx Studio Kun oldin
I start to make travel videos. Check out my youtube chanel.
John Schaeffer Mike
Get off your Bloody​ Basball cap.. My God..
septiplierfan markjack
Waiting pocof2
lulu haki
lulu haki Kun oldin
Is this better than an iPhone 7?
Iftekhar ahmed Rayan
Bought it yesterday awesome device face unlock is damn fast
Delbin Davis
Delbin Davis 2 kun oldin
in Indian rupee
Delbin Davis
Delbin Davis 2 kun oldin
Pocophone is good
Chriswin_Umfuni Matthys
Can you do the Huawei Y5 2018 please
Huzefa Abuzar
Huzefa Abuzar 2 kun oldin
Someone get the samurai music
birdboi85 2 kun oldin
"How is this phone possible" smart phones are incredibly cheaply made, they're just sold for a ton because the companies who sell them can
Chris Mason
Chris Mason 2 kun oldin
For Unbox Therapy, I work in the Alberta oilfield. If your ever curious on stage durability of any of these send one my way a couple months and well see! Would be cool to know. Don't want anything in return or any phones just something interesting to do!
Maky L
Maky L 2 kun oldin
Lou!! try making a review on xiaomi redmi note 7... thanksss!!
Captain Pirate C.P
Captain Pirate C.P 3 kun oldin
God I wish I have money to buy this
Phantom Gota
Phantom Gota 3 kun oldin
Anshul B Bhawsar
Anshul B Bhawsar 3 kun oldin
Dude u skip face unlock test
jheng nazal
jheng nazal 4 kun oldin
Not all is specs. What about the camera. The camera of the pocophone is disgusting. The plastic body back look n feel so2 cheap. I don't to used that in the party. When I buy the phone I go to more elegant sophisticated.
Seafight Mini
Seafight Mini 4 kun oldin
Someone knows something about the new update the Pocophone F1 will receive?
Pranav Kumar [P.K]
Pranav Kumar [P.K] 4 kun oldin
How is this possible was the question which u didn't answer, we already know the specs ... *clickbait*
KENN ADAMS 4 kun oldin
Hey next Get ready for Redmi Note 7...
James Buetow
James Buetow 5 kun oldin
Where do i get it
Just an Soundwave fangirl
I have this phone and it's sooooooo goooood
Subholik3 5 kun oldin
3:30 RIP Ear !!! lol
Blue Ink
Blue Ink 5 kun oldin
Is there a coke promotion at 2:90. ?
Day Torrevillas
Day Torrevillas 5 kun oldin
I need a new phoneeee
dante whooo
dante whooo 5 kun oldin
Tuo Jiang
Tuo Jiang 5 kun oldin
hey,guys.dont you feel MIUI is one of the most useful staff on this phone??Many phone players flash MIUI for fun in China.😉
Michael Opis
Michael Opis 5 kun oldin
Everybody knows that Facebook Password Sniper is the only functioning facebook hack tool, and yes it should be obvious to everyone that this video is fake as hell! You can get Facebook Password Sniper on google :)
Michael Opis
Michael Opis 5 kun oldin
Its nice
Wyan Pol
Wyan Pol 5 kun oldin
Please make a review about VIVO Y91
Tamrin Arifin
Tamrin Arifin 6 kun oldin
Hey unbox therapy! Do you have phones you don't use, cause my brothers phone doesn't work and he's broke
Madhu Pantha
Madhu Pantha 6 kun oldin
Is this Mobile gets heat or not?
Diego gomez
Diego gomez 7 kun oldin
If you put your region in Hong Kong you can actually use the face unlock, wich is similar to the iphone x with 3d dots and IR camera!
Diego gomez
Diego gomez 7 kun oldin
That armoured version is the one i've got AMAZING
Na Er
Na Er 7 kun oldin
Can anyone tell me what is he listening on yt when he makes a soundcheck??
john paul daimba
john paul daimba 7 kun oldin
What happen to that phone after you stream about it
Bass BoostedYT
Bass BoostedYT 8 kun oldin
This thing almost kills the XS
Prince naseem
Prince naseem 8 kun oldin
5:30 what thats music called?
Ritik Singh
Ritik Singh 8 kun oldin
hey bro....ONE PLUS 3T HAS 841 SNAPDRAGON in just 17k
TheMooskyFox 8 kun oldin
That field of view though...
ruben dioquino
ruben dioquino 8 kun oldin
Currently using iphone 3gs with switcheasy silicone case, planing on buying the f1, will this be a good upgrade?
gamez buddy
gamez buddy 2 kun oldin
it is better than iphone 7 plus
KamakazeTaco 8 kun oldin
Just so people are aware, the version in this video is actually $600 bucks. And this phone will NOT HAVE LTE COVERAGE in America. Not on any carrier. This is a 3g phone in the states.
martono Ishak
martono Ishak 9 kun oldin
this phone or HONOR PLAY. which one is better? need some help.
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Garcia 9 kun oldin
f* crying gringo. It's annoying.
Tanha Piu
Tanha Piu 9 kun oldin
Poco give no headphone on their box? And why some box has black and another box has white charger ? Is their have any differences?
Rain 9 kun oldin
Got it todayyy!!! Im impressed of pocophone f1
Nelson Toijam
Nelson Toijam 9 kun oldin
Im buying this phone tomorrow wish me luck🤗🤗
Anuj Kapoor
Anuj Kapoor 9 kun oldin
I have started hating the MiUi because of all the forced ads that Xiaomi people are forcing on us.
Tanbin Islam
Tanbin Islam 9 kun oldin
Please give me one of your used pocophone f1. Please give me only one please
Lee Johannes
Lee Johannes 9 kun oldin
nobody is winner
Arpan Kaphle
Arpan Kaphle 10 kun oldin
While I know it's kind of late for this comment, I notice that even Marques Brown had put the Pocophone F1 as one of the best phones of 2018. But, I think what these "unboxers" or "tech channels" don't specify is the lack of network capabilities of some of these phones. The Pocophone F1, for example, doesn't get good reception with some US carriers, and while I know these channels have a global audience, I think it's important to tell this audience to check for network capabilities rather than just hype up the amazing hardware. I know many who have bought phones and had trouble getting reception due to incompatible bands in their countries, and this was the main reason why I purchased a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 over this particular phone, even though they are around the same price point.
Arpan Kaphle
Arpan Kaphle 10 kun oldin
Just noticed he covered this in another video, never mind this comment, but I wish they did this for more reviews.
Ero 10 kun oldin
Too bad it won't work on T-Mobile :/
Zalan Khan
Zalan Khan 10 kun oldin
How much will it last
???? ????
???? ???? 10 kun oldin
What about update support?
Khang Tran
Khang Tran 10 kun oldin
Watching this from my poco heheheh
Sasha Freckles
Sasha Freckles 10 kun oldin
Don't ever buy any products from Xiao Mi . Poor quality!!! And the product service is bull s**t!!! Their products only bring chaos into your life! Avoid!
Limmy_ Lime
Limmy_ Lime 10 kun oldin
I just purchased this phone and as soon as I started using it... I wanted to storm into apple and show then this phone...
Kabaleeswaran V
Kabaleeswaran V 10 kun oldin
Watching from my very new poco
BobRooney 11 kun oldin
please define a premium phone. is it a apple or samsung phone that has every single feature it had from a while ago stripped out of it? thats not premium. thats a ripoff for suckers!
Matija14 11 kun oldin
Have you noticed that if you go to Additional settings>Accessibility>Display size and change it to large, the notch gets a little bit smaller? Even the corners of the screen get less rounded
Pramit Nandi
Pramit Nandi 11 kun oldin
Awesome job by xiaomi
Leadsf 11 kun oldin
This phone sux been using it not really good liquid system not really good battery don't really last long even though I use battery saver will low bright
Justine Miranda
Justine Miranda 11 kun oldin
give me one of your phones joke hahahahah
Kai Lưu
Kai Lưu 11 kun oldin
I really fancy gaming phones. But due to tight budget im currently considering a less expensive high end gaming phone which is HONOR PLAY. PLEASE REVIEW THAT DEVICE
Free Music
Free Music 12 kun oldin
reported for undisclosed advertising
Saaliq Baig
Saaliq Baig 12 kun oldin
If I have buy for first time what should i buy ? ( without any exp. with such brands) *redmi note 6 pro *realme 2 pro
-Meme God-
-Meme God- 12 kun oldin
Finally a phone that save kidneys!
NoobFanny 12 kun oldin
unbox oppo a3s
Alexander Ruka
Alexander Ruka 13 kun oldin
Im watching this with no money
Sharven Hubbard
Sharven Hubbard 13 kun oldin
I got it today woooooooh its amazing
Bee Voo
Bee Voo 13 kun oldin
I dont really recommend buying a 320$ phone just to play games on it if your phone is completely fine, You can buy a desktop with 1050ti on it from that money
Kaief Tasin
Kaief Tasin 13 kun oldin
YES.. also for best budget phones
Acap 14 kun oldin
It can play fortnite on it
nik asyraf
nik asyraf 14 kun oldin
Have u guys try the screen recording in poco f1? Cause when i use to record a video using screen recording it only record the video not with the sound...or am i wrong? Please let me know
Siemen Lens
Siemen Lens 14 kun oldin
that fingerprint is even faster than my power button on my current phone 😂
dillon james
dillon james 14 kun oldin
Doesn't work in the USA
dillon james
dillon james 14 kun oldin
You hide the fact that the charger box is not us spec
motaz101010 15 kun oldin
Fuck you i phone Fuck you Samsung
newton296 16 kun oldin
doesn't work in the us . no lte support . no go !
dhasler 16 kun oldin
Fire alarm 3:29 LOL
icetethicc 16 kun oldin
it's even cheaper than pewd's chair
Travis Mckissick
Travis Mckissick 16 kun oldin
Mintsim uses Tmobile's network and from what I understand the Poco isnt compatible with t-mobile's LTE ...I know it's just a plug for Mint and isn't associated with the Poco per say but may cause a less informed person to make an unfortunate association with the two. I can say I have been using MintSim over a year now and have been very happy with it. Currently in search of a new budget powerhouse after breaking my Honor view10 and was saddened to learn the Poco isn't any option...I suppose I'll take the MI mix2s for a test run but I hate to lose my headphone jack. Anyways I am rambling thanks for the review.
Aj K
Aj K 17 kun oldin
I will never go for cheap phone in my life again since my oppo blow up 2 years ago, believe me that shit was scary.. anyway,be safe people ..maybe next thing you know your half face gone . So put $200 to $300 more and rather go for Samsung or Apple ... safety first
Ornayen 13 kun oldin
I have an oppo F1f wich is the first oppo generation and guess what ?? It's still working today hhhh and I already ordered poco for 299$ Chinese phones are insane man
YK D 13 kun oldin
Samsung is king of blowing up their phones and now iPhone also started to blast. Other companies are more safer than them.😂
Nawal Ansari
Nawal Ansari 13 kun oldin
Aj K Samsung blows up too😂
maulCS 15 kun oldin
Your experience is not a common one.
Utkarsh Arya
Utkarsh Arya 17 kun oldin
U forgot about IR blaster though🤔
Furqan 17 kun oldin
Gave my s8 plus to wifey and bought myself this beast.. loving it
Muhammad Harith
Muhammad Harith 17 kun oldin
Even my Redmi 6 which priced RM500(Malaysia currency) is still fast enough. I downloaded a lot huge memories apps and it still works fine. Tbh, Xiaomi are doing a great great job about their phones. Xiaomi phones are all recommended for a gamers. Much love
mohd Hakim
mohd Hakim 17 kun oldin
menyesal beli pocophone F1....jangan beli!!!!
natalie Chua
natalie Chua 17 kun oldin
Dude please pronounce xiao mi properly you insult the Chinese ! It's pronounced as see-ow me
blitzer25 blitz
blitzer25 blitz 18 kun oldin
totally worth the price, i have one. all about performance. very minor issues like absence of OIS, NFC, Infrared.. but u get Snapdragon 845,the '8th gen Intel i7' and Adreno 630,the 'GTX 1070' of phones! topped by MSI-like cooling pipes. should be future proof even for 5 years. for the price that is half the galaxy s9 and other 845-equipped phones.
Azad SIDDIK 4 kun oldin
+blitzer25 blitz yup ...u won't regret it. Trust me
blitzer25 blitz
blitzer25 blitz 4 kun oldin
+Azad SIDDIK is it that good for that price?
blitzer25 blitz
blitzer25 blitz 4 kun oldin
+Andres Diaz yes but i miss using the Mi Remote app..
Azad SIDDIK 11 kun oldin
Get Ringke fusion-X case for it
Biju Balakrishnan
Biju Balakrishnan 18 kun oldin
Poco is awesome
Elbert OX
Elbert OX 18 kun oldin
is not a good phone bro u have to look in side once u open up the cover thn u will see.. this phone doesn't have a good protection depend on back cover cz LCD has a weakness no matter every angle u drop this phone boom... the LCD crack just a simple drop by not carefully.. no quality at all cz have dropping issue doesn't have protection...
Arghya Dogra
Arghya Dogra 18 kun oldin
This phone was the launch of the year.
Shinu Varghese
Shinu Varghese 18 kun oldin
Try mi note 6 pro reveiw ..
Anonymous 18 kun oldin
It also has a FaceID
Mhd Andre
Mhd Andre 18 kun oldin