Pokimane Reacts to Sylas: The Unshackled - Champion Trailer

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I reacted to the NEW League Champion Trailer for Sylas: The Unshackled! He can turn into every champ 🤯 That's OP! I also played Neeko Mid with Offline TV!
New Video ➡ Pokimane Reacts to Sylas: The Unshackled - Champion Trailer
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Yesterday I reacted to the New League Champion Trailer for Sylas: The Unshackled! I thought Jayce may have been the hottest champ, but i'm not sure anymore 😳 😅 It's so cool how he can turn into every champion! I also played Neeko Mid lane with my Offline TV roommates!
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THE HOTTEST CHAMPION IN THE GAME!? Ft. LilyPichu! ➡ uzvid.com/video/video-GoB2ZKe_Yn0.html
Sylas: The Unshackled | Champion Trailer - League of Legends ➡ uzvid.com/video/video-L6tWvy3JvFI.html
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9-Yan, 2019



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Pokimane 3 oy oldin
What are your thoughts on the new champion? ^_^ He turns into the other champs 😳
MAD TEAM 27 kun oldin
Poki I love you so much. Can you also add me in fortnite? My nickname is miltosdentpro08
ITZ YA BOY sh Oy oldin
Poki is hot snd cute also she is good at fortnite
awsome luke Izzard
Pokimane I would say he's the best
Carolina Estacio
Carolina Estacio 2 oy oldin
Pokimane I love you
ayanoshi 34 daqiqa oldin
ye he is sexy, but I prefer kayn uwo
xXSakura ChanXx
xXSakura ChanXx 6 soat oldin
Brand is the hottest champ. Get it????
SeanPlays YT
SeanPlays YT 12 soat oldin
3:38 rip pokimane
Stone_ Edge_
Stone_ Edge_ 15 soat oldin
Can people shut the fuck up about copyright claiming this video
Stone_ Edge_
Stone_ Edge_ 15 soat oldin
Fed is disappointed
Færless ß
Færless ß 17 kun oldin
I guest that aoe is Attack On Enemy Buy it is..... I forget it
noobfortnite Hernandez
noobfortnite Hernandez
i like you
Otaku 27 kun oldin
make babies! make babies! 😂 Btw Nice Aoe Splash Poki😂
just for troll
Guys calm down a girl should not be harm (specially verbal ones) but be to be loved
Johnferson Juacalla
AOE drink
Bubbly Popsicle
Yay League with Pokimane uwu
Victor Martinez Bernal
i ludhd0😒😒😣😍😍😍😍😍😍
Clebuen Saburnido
oh no the new mouse😂
EPICmoh Oy oldin
King James Laurel
I love you 😘 hahaha
Accretia Alpha
\\//- Hitler Youth! Please join us in Church. You know what Christian I am. I am you. I am. Thank you Pokimane. Will you kill us?
Layla Rathbone
Layla Rathbone 2 oy oldin
Nice aoe
The OnlyCheb
The OnlyCheb 2 oy oldin
Another one sorry if I’m commenting way too much and probably won’t even this but hey pokiman and I would like more mobile legends stream.
The OnlyCheb
The OnlyCheb 2 oy oldin
But just let me know if you do play mobile so I honestly will follow you. Also this is a bit of topic can we like you know squad up? 😋
The OnlyCheb
The OnlyCheb 2 oy oldin
Pokiman! Wtf you play mobile. Joking but honestly do you play mobile legend cause I saw your message of one follow one skin
Pyke 2 oy oldin
666k visites
Karl Diaz
Karl Diaz 2 oy oldin
Intro killed me
Mega OOfs
Mega OOfs 2 oy oldin
U have no idea what its like to havr ur name in ur favirote streamers video. My name is Sylas.
Gian Bo
Gian Bo 2 oy oldin
Zayden Mendez
Zayden Mendez 2 oy oldin
Albert Serrano
Albert Serrano 2 oy oldin
It’s like mobile legends
PonyPlays2014 2 oy oldin
Still thinks she's entertaining af xD
PonyPlays2014 2 oy oldin
Too much muscles for my taste xD
Lmao_ Jelence135
Lmao_ Jelence135 2 oy oldin
Make more league of legends vids pls pls pls pls
DamnDaniel 2 oy oldin
Julius Napaa
Julius Napaa 2 oy oldin
smite players would say morrigans ult
Net Phant
Net Phant 2 oy oldin
Its my first time watching your vids and i love you
M4UR1C10 GAMESXD 2 oy oldin
Owen Howling Reacts
Owen Howling Reacts
hi there i also play league and i wanted to know if i could play against you one time
Bertu Van Zyl
Bertu Van Zyl 2 oy oldin
@pokimane please play more league. Or apex legends
Carolina Estacio
Carolina Estacio 2 oy oldin
Hi ate nga ta
Cậu_ Vàng
Cậu_ Vàng 2 oy oldin
Đố chị biết tiếng việt
Zwei 25
Zwei 25 2 oy oldin
Congratulations on digging your own grave Good bye
copernik smash
copernik smash 2 oy oldin
Nguyễn Đạt
Nguyễn Đạt 2 oy oldin
Ai ở vn mà xem điểm danh
Hyper 2 oy oldin
I cant watch this shit because of that cancerous editing
TheoLOLxD 2 oy oldin
play more LOL plzzz
RezoGaming [GD]
RezoGaming [GD] 2 oy oldin
lux "husbando" is sylas?
Fernando :v Bv
Fernando :v Bv 2 oy oldin
Salu2 :3
[UnZero2126] [ ]
[UnZero2126] [ ] 2 oy oldin
LesioJunior1 2 oy oldin
Im so sorry that you took somebodys clip and make money from it, it must be Damn hard to right click and save Riot Games clips and put it into premiere...
Tyjuan Phillips Jr.
Aoe hahaha 😒
Tyjuan Phillips Jr.
Aoe haha
Robber 2 oy oldin
9:42 you are welcome :3
Merlyn Tuñacao
Merlyn Tuñacao 2 oy oldin
Poki lux and sayals are best freinds best friends i swear Trust me woman
Dangelo Chapa
Dangelo Chapa 2 oy oldin
Poki continue doing your thang honestly peeps going to be peeps and not everyone is perfect nor normal and I imagine you try your best to not let the negativity get to you or at least bother you and that’s all you can do you know I mean I don’t know what the people are taking about copy strike and pew dee pie peeps coming for you means but just be ready for a world of hurt or just be like a pure savage and not even be fazed from all the b.s but I think you awesome but than again I don’t want all your videos just some but I can say is that your a weird human but interesting and funny odd but satisfying idk if that make sense but fuck it all you’ll probably won’t read this anyways so peace homie with your nerdy ness mastermind haha 😂
Pedro Almoradie
Pedro Almoradie 2 oy oldin
We can make a baby
Axel Acevedo
Axel Acevedo 2 oy oldin
And I am your biggest fan
Axel Acevedo
Axel Acevedo 2 oy oldin
Can you add me as a friend in fortnight and my name is axelsocoolbro1
しゅShu 2 oy oldin
Space Music
Space Music 2 oy oldin
Can i add friend you the name is hyperocstar and i already have that sylas
Filip krakrak
Filip krakrak 2 oy oldin
I think I will stop playing leauge.
User Zero
User Zero 2 oy oldin
Is it possible to delete a UZvidr?
User Zero
User Zero 2 oy oldin
What even is Pokimane? This content is trash. Stop streaming on Twitch/UZvid and try PornHub. You'd have better luck as everyone's cum dumpster. (That's what at least half of your followers/subscribers want from you anyways).
aninexxx 2 oy oldin
dont forget he is using their stats
Lumijo gaming
Lumijo gaming 2 oy oldin
Im jealous
Zach Rusch
Zach Rusch 2 oy oldin
3:32 this is why you dont do drugs Jk just get a lid lol
Carl John
Carl John 2 oy oldin
No you fooool she used lux's ulti to escape 👍
Omega Drake
Omega Drake 2 oy oldin
He’s so ez because he reminds me of out god of war which I played a lot of lol
Kastouri.PvPro. 2 oy oldin
Go suck a dick bitch i hope you die in a fire with your other Chinese firends.I have adblock btw
Can u play mobile legends its like LOL (leage of legends) but its mobile
Y ur weird at 2:30 =p
BoneChewerX 3 oy oldin
9:39 does anyone hear the dragon ball theme song or is that just me
Maj Burgess
Maj Burgess 3 oy oldin
Your super hot and pretty and also good at fortnite
Maj Burgess
Maj Burgess 3 oy oldin
Maj Burgess
Maj Burgess 3 oy oldin
Um mybad
DanK TreeS
DanK TreeS 3 oy oldin
Oh yeah yeah UZvid
D M 3 oy oldin
Poki I like you are cute baby
cole mcleod
cole mcleod 3 oy oldin
Get a boy frend ur lonnly we no
cole mcleod
cole mcleod 3 oy oldin
U love an Gay from a Game WTF
cole mcleod
cole mcleod 3 oy oldin
jeremiah Brown
jeremiah Brown 3 oy oldin
Me with my parents 0:23
i like lux but she is too young
Jamison Smith
Jamison Smith 3 oy oldin
U play
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Jae'Sean Jackson
Jae'Sean Jackson 3 oy oldin
is the a crop top
nuttgaming 3 oy oldin
the only thing that would make this video a great video is if a copy right strike came out of no where for no reason oh wait this will never happen because this is the source of bullshit copy right strikes
Jeuk Gt
Jeuk Gt 3 oy oldin
noice aoe
Josiah Lau
Josiah Lau 3 oy oldin
Aoe drink lmao
Pokimane your so 🔥 hot I love u
Aryai_lol Silver
Aryai_lol Silver 3 oy oldin
That intro was cringe I love it lol
Jane Kim
Jane Kim 3 oy oldin
RIP New Mouse
NINJA MOBILE 3 oy oldin
Make babies? Where is your home lets make babies how many you want LMAO
Fevee Meriell Tunacao
Me to im scared saylas
FaTe- X
FaTe- X 3 oy oldin
Fantastic videos
FaTe- X
FaTe- X 3 oy oldin
Fantastic videos
Noblewoman Charlotte
Hi Poki! That last part is Sylas wanted to kill Lux in that cinematic. He did promise to kill all demacians. Poor Lux(My GURL)
Rose Ferreira
Rose Ferreira 3 oy oldin
DCNATION 1o1 3 oy oldin
Naruto and undertale music best vid yet
agentmew2 3 oy oldin
when you thought this was a fortnite videos
Luxar 3 oy oldin
our ult
flashie zero
flashie zero 3 oy oldin
Everyone stop hating everyones made mistakes and ur one of ur mums so get a life and just stop
TSP Tony
TSP Tony 3 oy oldin
Hasan The Unshackled
CelestiaSun 101
CelestiaSun 101 3 oy oldin
Lux's husbando....is ezreal right...???
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Who is Sylas?
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