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The world’s top assassin, Duncan Vizla, aka The Black Kaiser (Mads Mikkelsen), is settling into retirement when his former employer marks him as a liability to the firm. Against his will, he finds himself back in the game going head to head with an army of younger, faster, ruthless killers who will stop at nothing to have him silenced.
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Polar | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix




7-Yan, 2019

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Fizul Davinci
Fizul Davinci 29 daqiqa oldin
john wick brother...
Gerhart Vondrivesabus
Gerhart Vondrivesabus 35 daqiqa oldin
this looks like what the punisher SHOULD have been
benihanah 2 soat oldin
Bringing a one eyed ex special forces mercenary dude out of retirement? Kojima's ghost writing this show boys, Snake is back! Thank you Boss!
Xavier Tan
Xavier Tan 2 soat oldin
Getting tons of John Wick vibes here...
Gregory Zinchenko
Gregory Zinchenko 2 soat oldin
Just casual bullshit for normies
Lund Verlust
Lund Verlust 3 soat oldin
Ana behzat abi ana ana
Erdbeer Milch
Erdbeer Milch 4 soat oldin
I am so excited for this. Mads Mikkelsen is alwys a win
Preethem Vidur
Preethem Vidur 7 soat oldin
John wick spinoff
Tim Custer
Tim Custer 10 soat oldin
fuck yes
Furion can you TP Top
Furion can you TP Top 10 soat oldin
Hannibal becomes Ultra Instinct
Lord of The Pings
Lord of The Pings 10 soat oldin
Mads should have been Geralt Netflix. Wanna trade leads?
bentep0511 10 soat oldin
John Wick and Equalizer kind of films are my guilty pleasure. So pretty much excited for this.
g00d_K1Dx 10 soat oldin
So..... let me think .... Polar .... the punisher s2 .... john wick 3 ... true detective s3 ....Avengers Endgame.... MAN THIS YEAR GON BE SO GOOD
Calvo A.
Calvo A. 10 soat oldin
John Wick 4: retirement
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 11 soat oldin
He looks so much like Old Snake. It'd be perfect if he ever played him
Navada Jones
Navada Jones 11 soat oldin
So John Wicks father has been found. Great now if someone can get taken Bryan Mills can step in.
EuTravel 11 soat oldin
Мадсу идёт такой типаж хладнокровного убийцы
sunshine blue
sunshine blue 12 soat oldin
Solid Snake
warrior 12 soat oldin
Mads mikkelsen same dude playing the villain in death stranding. Damn that games gonna be awesome.
RINUM khan
RINUM khan 12 soat oldin
RagnarTheRed 12 soat oldin
Kinda feel like Mads Mikkelsen could play Big Boss in the Metal Gear movie even if it is about the shadow moses event. Though I've always thought Kurt Russell (since he's the inspiration for snake) or Anthony Hopkins (Who with an eyepatch would look quite similar to MGS4's Big Boss) would make great candidates, seems Mikkelsen could nail it too.
HongKongPhooey89 13 soat oldin
John Wick? Meet Mad Mick.
hello 1
hello 1 13 soat oldin
I wonder if he knocks on walls and the people looking for him say, "huh what was that noise" haha, Iroquois pliskin
Muhammad Isa
Muhammad Isa 13 soat oldin
There own version of John wick
Sairaj R. Kamath
Sairaj R. Kamath 13 soat oldin
So basically, Leon the Professional meets John Wick? I'm down for that.
Jesse Watson
Jesse Watson 14 soat oldin
Hmm looks interesting
bear24D 14 soat oldin
LAGERTHA !!!! Heck yeah and the guy looks salty as well...
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 14 soat oldin
My 2 favorite actors . Nice
omar lakhdari
omar lakhdari 16 soat oldin
hannibal lecter meets lagertha
Summit Halder
Summit Halder 16 soat oldin
Does john wick know you all are here?
Ben Hunter
Ben Hunter 16 soat oldin
In reference to all the John Wick comments, this looks A WHOLE LOT BETTER than John Wick! Like critically acclaimed even.
Yes, you're right.
Yes, you're right. 17 soat oldin
So, is this film PG13? Don't roast me pls... Lol
Skeptical Slim
Skeptical Slim 17 soat oldin
Seriously, guys, ditch Sups and hire Mads to play the Witcher!!
MISTRZ MISTRZÓW 17 soat oldin
Doron Dsilva
Doron Dsilva 17 soat oldin
Hannibal is back ❤️❤️❤️❤️
S 17 soat oldin
Great ! This i want to see.
Dimitris Moumoglou
Dimitris Moumoglou 17 soat oldin
Katheryn Winnick! Sssuch a damn hot woman! Hot hot hot!
Kaan Yilmaz
Kaan Yilmaz 18 soat oldin
A Wick story: The lost way of an 80's pornstar.
House Nebula
House Nebula 18 soat oldin
So leon and john wick had a baby?
PeanutWing 18 soat oldin
John Wick The Final Chapter looks good! 👌👍
Quincy Casey
Quincy Casey 18 soat oldin
Vanessa Hudgens where ya been girl
Achell Joshua
Achell Joshua 18 soat oldin
liki 18 soat oldin
Well this'll be fun
Shahbaaz Imam Khan
Shahbaaz Imam Khan 19 soat oldin
I can see Geralt in him
Aaron Brindley
Aaron Brindley 19 soat oldin
Looks good. The Snake Pliskin Eyepatch is a little much, but whatever.
booty child69
booty child69 19 soat oldin
fuck u im booty child
Deadpoolio 7
Deadpoolio 7 20 soat oldin
Guess hannibal lector skipped out on the whole serial killer business
glen poy
glen poy 20 soat oldin
I realy get the feeling he hates portals very much!!
Joe Dragon
Joe Dragon 20 soat oldin
The name...is snake.
anKniteOwl 20 soat oldin
His archenemy is Pompidou? Woe
don mega
don mega 21 soat oldin
Sampopankki 21 soat oldin
Sooooo, you're making a John Wick ripoff huh? Well good luck...
Dominque Rex
Dominque Rex 22 soat oldin
A weapon... to surpass metal gear.
Some Aussie
Some Aussie 22 soat oldin
This confirms without a doubt mads is the best suited to play euron crows eye from asoiaf game of thrones has missed the best opportunity for the entire series
Ninoy Taheer
Ninoy Taheer 23 soat oldin
Geralt snake wick
CRUZEOO Kun oldin
MGS Big Boss
Berkay Üce
Berkay Üce Kun oldin
Katheryn Winnick ❤️
Jay Bacay
Jay Bacay Kun oldin
hannibal and lagertha? noice!
solomun Pascal
solomun Pascal Kun oldin
Hannibal we miss you
UcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel
Netflix is proving that we dont need theaters nor do we need to wait months just to watch a new release in the comfort of home.
Jirakid klythongkam
Big boss
Majed Alyousif
Majed Alyousif Kun oldin
First and don’t Press read more you will have bad luck for three years but to break the bad luck you will have to press the like button
Malcolm Marshal
Malcolm Marshal Kun oldin
There's gotta be wrong with Mads eye in every movie...
S Rennie
S Rennie Kun oldin
Time to put this premise to bed for awhile...
KVTpop 5
KVTpop 5 Kun oldin
Love it
David Kuhn
David Kuhn Kun oldin
John Wick is going to be pissed Netflix has stolen his look, and his deadpan delivery, and his fighting style, and his story... and yea I'm going to watch it anyway.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User Kun oldin
Johnny Knoxville is a reason alone just to watch it
Alex Wright
Alex Wright Kun oldin
This looks incredibly fucking stupid.
Solomon McTavish
B C Kun oldin
can you imagine a polar and john wick crossover.... sheiiiit
Valery Kos
Valery Kos Kun oldin
I'm sorry, but hasn't there been hundreds of movies like this?...
Dennis Noe
Dennis Noe Kun oldin
can we have him play snake in the metal gear solid
Francis Moses
Francis Moses Kun oldin
Woooohoooo this is warm up for John Wick later this year.
Darthtrice 12
Darthtrice 12 Kun oldin
Ok I wanna see this just for Madds. Hes such a great actor! Hands down my favorite especially after hannibal.
Brandi Trimble
Brandi Trimble Kun oldin
Mads ❤️🙌🏾 u giving me serious JW vibes
Solid Snake meets John Wick with less budget...
HeavyArms Kun oldin
I'll watch anything with Mads in it
Phil Kun oldin
2:00 Bowl with fruits on the left side, when bullet penetrates the bottle. 2:01 Bowl on the right side when bullet penetrates the bottle...just...how. I mean how could they fuck this up?
Max Powers
Max Powers Kun oldin
I can't friggin wait, Mads is my favorite.
TSM Kun oldin
the look of this film is really fucking pushing it (never been a fan of the weird stylized noir looks that graphic novel-inspired films sometimes have...), but it looks really good!
DarkLord Kun oldin
Oh so this is where Lagertha disappeared
Kimmo_Sweden Kun oldin
Is the boss guy in yellow the "the only gay i the village" guy from Little Britain?
Jax 49
Jax 49 Kun oldin
Solovino Juntoseva
John Wick without the cool martial arts moves.
Mr Taff
Mr Taff Kun oldin
god bless netflix, when theres a release date, youll know that its up for download or stream basically the same day;)))))
Mr Taff
Mr Taff Kun oldin
I would say that this is a Metal Gear Solid movie but that game franchise just cant make up their mind which eye has a patch=DD
hachem kechida
hachem kechida Kun oldin
he look like rugal from kof
taekwandokid89 Kun oldin
Kathryn winnick mmmm
Darcsyde Kun oldin
So he’s in a movie called Polar on Netflix where he saves a dark haired girl from dying... and a month later he’s in a movie called Arctic on Netflix where he has to save a dark haired girl from dying
Cole Tesafaye
Cole Tesafaye Kun oldin
John wick? More like taken
Rob Kun oldin
release date? huh ?
Super Pacino
Super Pacino Kun oldin
He looks like an older Dante
rukki hakkurei
rukki hakkurei Kun oldin
He`s more like Big Boss from MGS than John Wick
the grapist
the grapist Kun oldin
I didn't realize how much I needed a movie with Mads playing Solid Snake until now
Jarrod Rivett
Jarrod Rivett Kun oldin
Mmm Katherine Winnick is fine! The movie looks good too lol
ColdSouth Kun oldin
Imagine making what looks to be a good movie only to have it ruined in the grade.
Aoleon Alegunn
Aoleon Alegunn Kun oldin
John Wicks meets Taken
NyCJT62 Kun oldin
John wick & Punisher had gay sex while Cable watching