Political Shift Puts President Trump In Weak Position In Speech Exchange | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and Nicolle Wallace discuss the contrast in speech from Donald Trump and Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, noting that Trump used an argument that failed in 2018 while Democrats applied leverage to end the shutdown.
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Political Shift Puts President Trump In Weak Position In Speech Exchange | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC



9-Yan, 2019



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Dennis Pennington
The baby Trump blimp wearing diapers should be flown over the White House. I'm sure Donald would have it shot down.
Roger Wabbit
Roger Wabbit Oy oldin
Ok Rachity MadCow, nuttin' but silence from the left after da' TrumPED's speech. You're all outta gas.
James Curatalo
This Madcow guy is a fool. What’s with him? Always negative.
Mark Becker
Mark Becker Oy oldin
TRUMP 2020!
Sidleone Oy oldin
Why All new Postings Getting Pulled or Deleted?
Ronette Shelby
Ronette Shelby 2 oy oldin
Rachel you are 1 big liar and a big big C U Next Tuesday!!!!!!
Tom Gabany
Tom Gabany 2 oy oldin
Hey Rachel, you are an abomination to journalism. Reporting with prejudice to the American people daily. You should be ashamed.
Bonnie Baker
Bonnie Baker 2 oy oldin
Paid actress but, not a very good one. Type cast. Script writers are obviously just ditto stampers from other soap opera dramas like this one. Not original at all really quite boring show. No commercial value I can see.
Wonder Wonderful
Wonder Wonderful 2 oy oldin
McConnell and Trump are not worried about their Morg. Payments nor are they concern about where their next meal is coming from for them and their families. Why would these two wealthy men ask people to make such a sacrifice?? Sad!
Len Ovo
Len Ovo 2 oy oldin
Once you come to understand that Rachel Maddow is obsessed with hurting President Trump politically, you cannot see her show in any other light. It's like when you realized that those shiny legs were actually white paint, you just cannot unsee it.
Nebekenezer Gnomegeezer
The modern Three Stooges.
Richard Nance
Richard Nance 2 oy oldin
Individual-One's useless, obsolete border wall is nothing more than a monument to himself and, a different symbol of the confederate flag of hate, fear, evil and, racism for heathenous, quasi-religious, racist bigots with ideals that are antithetical to Bible Doctrine and, Christian beliefs, blaspheming the Word of God by referring to themselves as, "Christians"...
Rob Perry
Rob Perry 2 oy oldin
Thank goodness, a president cares about sovereignty. Something the traitor Maddow has no concept of.
Jim C
Jim C 2 oy oldin
Extended government shutdown, unbelievable fear mongering, talk of using emergency powers -- things keep getting crazier and crazier. All this makes total sense if you consider the fact that Trump's legal problem keep looking more and more serious. The more serious his legal problems get, the stranger his behavior becomes, doing whatever is necessary to divert attention away from the legal problems. The logical conclusion of all this is, of course, is the firing of Mueller.
Flavor Station
Flavor Station 2 oy oldin
This is fake news hahaha
F M 2 oy oldin
Trump has already bragged, publicly, about not paying for work done. He doesn't care about employees, and there is no guarantee that workers would get paid for a wall even if trump got the money he wants to build one. Trump would find a way to pocket the money.
Dave Salimeno
Dave Salimeno 2 oy oldin
Hasn't anybody banged this half man yet. I didn't think so.
optic140 2 oy oldin
Things must be really bad at the southern border. Just look at all the citizens from border states fleeing their homes and heading north.
Jason Casteel
Jason Casteel 2 oy oldin
Jason Casteel
Jason Casteel 2 oy oldin
We all need to stop listening only to the news. Read, educate yourself. The wall has negatives and positives. I don’t believe so many should be without pay during a shutdown, unless only affecting high paid politicians. Of course a couple months of loss pay won’t hurt them. It’s design is for the people of the US to pressure the leaders to take pass legislation for border security rather than having a political agenda.
Jason Casteel
Jason Casteel 2 oy oldin
Jason Casteel
Jason Casteel 2 oy oldin
Nader Bijarchi
Nader Bijarchi 2 oy oldin
Leana Carter
Leana Carter 2 oy oldin
Teach RACHEL RACHEL Teach ..
Mike Woods
Mike Woods 2 oy oldin
Being a blustering bully has worked for him all his excremental life. Why change now. It works for his MAGA Morons, the real problem with the country. All would have supported Hitler back in 1933 Germany.
bobby hoffman
bobby hoffman 2 oy oldin
damm you just stupid , He has public support , you are wrong just like you said Trump can not win
Ora Broughton
Ora Broughton 2 oy oldin
If Mexico is paying for the walls by trading, or trades then why the Government is still closed?something is wrong , with misunderstanding.
Katie Bistiglione
Alison Jansink
Alison Jansink 2 oy oldin
The "GENIUS" Trump cannot even get an older woman to say YES to him. Tantrums will not work on adults with a brain, unlike Trump supporters.
Alison Jansink
Alison Jansink 2 oy oldin
With all the "witches" being caught by Mueller in dealing dealing with Russia, the obvious take is that is all about removing Russian sanctions, and making money while the US is damaged. This bunch of traitors in the WH need to be held to account and jailed.
Maria Fadli
Maria Fadli 2 oy oldin
Who's going to pay for the wall? Mexico will pay for the wall. Who's going to pay for the steel barriers? The new trade deal with Mexico is going to pay for the steel barriers. Who's going to pay for the barricade? The barricade will pay for itself. Who is going to pay for the fence? The American blackmailed tax payers will pay for the fence. Who's going to pay for the mural? The hostage federal workers will pay for the mural. Who's going to pay for the fortification? The scammed Pentagon emergency funds will pay for the fortification. Who's going to pay for the enclosure? The fake national emergency crisis will pay for the enclosure. Who's going to pay for the wall, steel barriers, barricade, fence, mural, fortification, enclosure? The gaslighted voters will pay for everything and anything, real or imaginary, now and forever, never ending, multi-billions Don the con scam.
Straight Whitemale
Here is some of the real truth. uzvid.com/video/video-zO7nJsILsZA.html
irish rover
irish rover 2 oy oldin
Those democrats who shut down the government are stopping middle and lower government employees getting their wages this month.. I doubt those rich elite politicians care though. Its all an agenda, they dont really care they just want in office. You fools swallow it everytime.
irish rover
irish rover 2 oy oldin
Do you silly brainwashed yanks know that Mexico built a wall to stop guatemalans getting into Mexico, wheres your outrage at that? Oh wait its all just an agenda because your side lost.
optic140 2 oy oldin
That wall worked really well.... not.
Unga unga3fingerz
Our resolve is strong... Wr will havr our wall for a safer tomorrow
anthony b
anthony b 2 oy oldin
anthony b
anthony b 2 oy oldin
These people are the enemy trying to brain wash you from the truth, we don't need to import criminals.
N S 2 oy oldin
The Trump temper tantrum government shut down is a distraction from Trump's treason. Follow the money from Russia, through the NRA to the RNC, and arrest all Republicans involved for treason! Arrest Agolf Twittler.
N S 2 oy oldin
The only wall needed is the wall around Trump with bars on the windows. The border wall is a distraction from the Russia investigation.
Ed Cristales
Ed Cristales 2 oy oldin
How much money is he going to make off this wall deal? He wants to sell it soo bad.
ixamxmsright 2 oy oldin
The Leftist WON'T tell you the CARAVAN immigrants just SET a station on FIRE in MEXICALI Mexico,or that THOUSANDS of Mexicans are out IN THE STREETS PROTESTING the INVASION by the illegal immigrants in Mexico! Mexicans SUPPORT the WALL on BOTH sides. Estos izquierdistas no le importa un carajo lo que le pase a Mexico ! Solo les quieren hacer dano a Trump.Y no le importa si le hacen dano a nuestra patria ! No le importa un carajo de nuestro pais o cultura no se dejen enganiar!
Craig Oliver
Craig Oliver 2 oy oldin
I would be willing to see the money spent for the wall if Trump was placed on the other side of the wall
Me Too
Me Too 2 oy oldin
Open the borders, let all Muslims in so they can finish what the Nazis started.
cattigereyes1 2 oy oldin
The president is above the law! Felonies, obstruction of justice! Collusion! Conspiracy! Miss use of campaign funds and miss use of foundational funds! Abuse of powers! The list goes on and on!
God will prevail In the end
Obama used his exec order on National Defense Resources Preparedness to shutdown many true journalists and hand agendas to Climate Change. We fund military 78 million to military to defend other countries and we can’t fund our own borders. So distorted. Where is the commonsense?
Alex Maurer
Alex Maurer 2 oy oldin
When will this ray meddle guys gender bender surgery be completed. He looks like he's sitting on a watermelon and sand is the lube.
Yrgg2004 2 oy oldin
Wish all Americans would call this garbage propaganda enemy of America! This guys sucks please boycott sponsers.
Charles Brewer
Charles Brewer 2 oy oldin
The Republicans in the Senate need to decide whether America will be run as a Dictatorship or a Constitutional Democracy. The Senate needs to do it's job and assert the true power of Congress. The way the Constitution requires it to do. They are answerable to the Electorate, not Donald Trump. The real power of Government lies with the Congress. The President has various powers but they are limited and restricted. They are subject to veto by Congress. Donald Trump needs an education.
JAYDIE5EL 2 oy oldin
Speaking for TSA agents in Nashville. We don't care about not getting paid, we are tired of our neighborhoods being decimated by illegal immigrants.
Ticky Tocky
Ticky Tocky 2 oy oldin
Madcow is an ugly little man.
Fun Trump-fact
Fun Trump-fact 2 oy oldin
Trump distorts facts and spews lies to suit his fantasy narrative. It's axiomatic.
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 2 oy oldin
Empeach this unfit Liar and traitor. More than 7500 lies in 2 years are more than enough!
Allard Freichmann
The orange ape abuse of power. Jail Time.
shane mcdaniel
shane mcdaniel 2 oy oldin
Who are these idiots?
GringoGoiano 2 oy oldin
Trump wasn't even in the oval office -- he was green-screened in some studio somewhere and overlaid on a backdrop image of the oval office. You can tell from how wrong those wispy-orange-pendejo-hairs look against the background.
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy 2 oy oldin
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gdvibes1 2 oy oldin
Pelosi should give up some of her 300 million to help the unpaid workers and show them dems are for the people
Ken Troutman
Ken Troutman 2 oy oldin
Owen Oulton
Owen Oulton 2 oy oldin
President Trump is the grandson of an immigrant who had been stripped of his German citizenship for dodging the draft and is a draft dodger himself. His current wife worked illegally on a tourist visa and his parents in law are beneficiaries of chain migration. Dammit, you have to keep those dirty immigrants out!
धनंजय गजानन परुळेकर
Madow secretly voted trump over hillary
Stewart Joe
Stewart Joe 2 oy oldin
That one dumb and ugly Shemale
Red Stater
Red Stater 2 oy oldin
Dear "Mainstream Media" and American dumbocrats: always keep this in mind -- we with common sense use you as a sure-fire barometer for what is right and wrong...good and bad. If you are this much against President Trump, we know he's on the right track. When you start agreeing with him, then we'll know he's straying off course. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't stop doing what you are doing! It makes things MUCH easier.
ElPocho DelMundo
ElPocho DelMundo 2 oy oldin
The most significant point NOW is not even anything about the wall, but rather, you don't shut the government down simply because you don't get your way with the budget. You do with the budget as the Senate and House already did and what Trump said he was going to do, which is pass the budget with all the government working, but on the disputed lines, just pass it for a fe months so they can come back and debate it,. We all know what's going on, and that is, Trump wants to be able to say "I built the Wall." This is childish. Yes, we need high fences in some areas, but we don't need what he promised his followers during the campaign, we do not need "The Walll", some long meandering thing through deserts, whether they don't really do any good. He doesn't want to admit that cuz it means he was spouting b.s. all the time. Tough. Don't keep the govt shut down because you spouted b.s. during your campaign. Yes, we may need a few more miles of fencing, but mostly what we need right now is airport screening and screening of drugs coming through ports of entry, and above all, we need judges to decide who deserves refugee status and who does not.
poptoppup 2 oy oldin
Can't stand THE NPCBS channel.
Rich Kapson
Rich Kapson 2 oy oldin
fake news
Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen 2 oy oldin
Look REPUBLICANS have no other tools in the tool box they are losing the fight on every turn. Now it's raining more fear down because of desperation. Look at the midterms. It's proof that the people don't like all this nonsense. Let me be the first to say I'm more scared of not having health-care than illegals.
poptoppup 2 oy oldin
This dude is playing games with the facts. Let's give 150 billion to Iran but not 5 billion for our own country. Cause they know this is the end of using these poor folks for politics. Dems will have to find new folks to use as this one is going to dry up.
UKindness4 2 oy oldin
Bull! This is Mitch Mcconnell's shut-down now and the people of Kentucky that kept sending this despicable man to Washington, they are responsible too. He and any Republican that does not override this President is grossly negligent and responsible for destroying millions of lives of government workers and their families for a Trump ego circus. The wall is not needed and effective idiots.
Steven Willis
Steven Willis 2 oy oldin
For The Disenfranchised
This Manthing Madcow is absolutely disgusting, you have far too many traitors in your country, I hope you all get what is long overdue coming to you. God bless Donald Trump!
Alun Churcher
Alun Churcher 2 oy oldin
ladies and gents oh and Russian trolls i give you don the cons song its all about him. The Fool on the Hill The Beatles Day after day, alone on a hill The man with the foolish grin is sitting perfectly still Nobody wants to know him They can see that he's just a fool But he never gives an answer But the fool on the hill Sees the sun going down And the eyes in his head See the world spinning round His head in a cloud The man with a foolish grin is talking perfectly loud But nobody wants to hear him They can see that he's just a fool But he never gives an answer But the fool on the hill Sees the sun going down And the eyes in his head See the world spinning round But nobody wants to know him They can see that he's just a fool But he never gives an answer But the fool on the hill Sees the sun going down And the eyes in his head See the world spinning round But the fool on the hill Sees the sun going down And the eyes in his head See the world spinning round lol so perfect a song to sing to don the con, the fool on the hill.
Alun Churcher
Alun Churcher 2 oy oldin
someone needs to as for the full costings breakdown for this wall and i do mean full thus land purchases, roads, materials, labor and transportation and security for the builders. the cost would be closer to $1 trillion than $25 billion. a wall would require footing at regular bases along the wall otherwise a strong wind will just force it over. and they would have to be reasonable deep as much of it is desert, in other words sand areas and unless a good solid footing was achieved the wall would due to its weight. just sink and eventually crack and fall apart. they should also receive min of 5 costing estimates from 5 companies, then investigate them for links to don the con.
George Papafilippou
I really admire the whole process of the Mueller investigation but still wonder about the time taking for the possible impeachment ??
Rodrick Evans
Rodrick Evans 2 oy oldin
Build a wall around Rachael Maddow
Walt F.
Walt F. 2 oy oldin
I wonder what Trump's final solution will be to the so-called "immigrant problem"?
pica 2 oy oldin
Thanks, MSNBC, ET AL, for your wonderful work and keeping us up to date concerning the ORANGE IMBECILE. This BEING knows nothing about running a government!!! He's trying to run it into the ground, though!!!! People must rise and be heard!!!!!
Jennifer Slack-Smith
Reminds me of Hitler and what he did to the Jews.
Brian Greene
Brian Greene 2 oy oldin
urbanimage 2 oy oldin
Turns out it was basically a fund raiser ploy.
Mr.Dr.Kaiser 2 oy oldin
Orange man bad, am I right my fellow leftists?
Thomas Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher 2 oy oldin
How do they know , "most drugs come thru Ports of Entry " ? How do you call that a fact ? Who has proved that is a fact ?
colin chinsammy
colin chinsammy 2 oy oldin
How in the blazes does America allow one man to have the power to hold so many of its own people hostage?
Terri Kukla
Terri Kukla 2 oy oldin
Contact your SENATORS!!! Tell them to open the government!
Ticky Tocky
Ticky Tocky 2 oy oldin
Contact your senators, tell them to build the wall.
nina nadir
nina nadir 2 oy oldin
America is so sooo screwed.
Jerry 2 oy oldin
Bonnie Robinson
Bonnie Robinson 2 oy oldin
Trump blew this chance to make his position. Federal workers are hostages of the Republican party. Trump nastiness could not be hidden by him sitting in the Oval Office. Children are being held without their mothers and fathers at the border. Anti-American policy that is shameful. Republicans need to get the President under control, he is acting like a dictator. America will hold you accountable for Trump. The. Next generation will hold you accountable for your poor performance.
Wayne Kirby
Wayne Kirby 2 oy oldin
Why has Pelosi and Schumer flipped on funding the border ? Both wanted it before and talked the same points Trump talks now. WHAT HAPPENED ????
ALL immigrants hurt poor people that were born in this country. Specially the ones that drive down wages, steal jobs from citizens, work under the table while wifey stays at home and shoots out children that slurp up all medicare. We need to worry about the people born here FIRST!
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 2 oy oldin
I bet shes got a big, gnarly beaver!
bernard blanchard
bernard blanchard
POOR YOU! I wish you luck with Trump....hahaha
Ticky Tocky
Ticky Tocky 2 oy oldin
good, GTFO+bernard blanchard
bernard blanchard
Better then USA right now!
Ticky Tocky
Ticky Tocky 2 oy oldin
maybe you should move to kenya then.
Maxx Q
Maxx Q 2 oy oldin
Cheeto-Head-Chump is using the wall and border security as an excuse to indirectly obstruct the various investigations into him and his criminal family...period.
Josephextreme 2 oy oldin
Didn't Chuck and Hillary approve of border control in the past?
Charla Factor
Charla Factor 2 oy oldin
He,Trump has no problem with the Saudi’s dismembering a reporter and carrying him out of the building but go ballistic over crimes at the Boarder. We also had such horrific crimes in our own country and not by immigrants. What’s the deal Mr. Trump. We think you might be playing a nasty game with the American people. We think your motives are not to be trusted.
Be B.
Be B. 2 oy oldin
Trump is a weakling shamed into doing whatever Coulter and Limbaugh etc. order him to do. He cringes when they threaten him. Meanwhile Bannon is in Europe cultivating more nationalism and hate... don't fall for it Europe! The focus needs to be on stopping human and drug trafficking as well as murderous criminal activity already taking place inside the US by people who are American citizens and who have established criminal records.
Dan Lee
Dan Lee 2 oy oldin
He's like an insecure child in middle school trying to convince his peers to allow him to sit at their lunch table.
K Pee
K Pee 2 oy oldin
IRS shut down so trump can burn his tax records...
K Pee
K Pee 2 oy oldin
Whats trump got on mitch mcconnel?
Tua Chee
Tua Chee 2 oy oldin
Trump humiliates and embarrasses everyday. He does not intend to do that but he cannot help it. BTW, these three anchors totally outclass the entire Fox News outfit.
Ticky Tocky
Ticky Tocky 2 oy oldin
Madcow is an ugly little fella.
K Pee
K Pee 2 oy oldin
Here's why trump keeps beating a dead horse...because someone with some power has "the dirt" on him. This is how he has conducted himself his entire life, and now it's coming right back at him. He is not afraid of the FBI, DOJ, The American People...so WHO IS HE AFRAID OF? When you answer that, all the crazy behavior of trump, and the entire gop leadership will begin to make sense...
L W 2 oy oldin
Whatever Russia is blackmailing him with. Hope it comes to light, so we can see what he sold out his country for.
It's not his WALL it's OUR WALL
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