POOKA! (2018) Explained

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Digging into the bizarre nightmarish world of POOKA! where a struggling actor gets a life changing job as the mascot for a hot new kid's toy. But the suit starts taking on a life of its own, and things are not what they seem as Wilson's entire reality begins to unravel. Learn about the hidden meaning of the film, some interesting tidbits you might have missed, and explaining the big twist at the end.
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20-Dek, 2018

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Bloxman 6636
Bloxman 6636 7 soat oldin
Hi there! I know this movie was scary, so I’m also hiding down here in the comments! I made some cake! 🎂 🎂 🎂
The Puppetteer
The Puppetteer 9 soat oldin
kryptic explosion
kryptic explosion 12 soat oldin
I don't get it
Timo Kun oldin
Holy shit...I don't think there's enough weed in the world that could keep me on this train. Good lord! How high would you have to be for this shit to make sense. Too Deep.
The Tillman Review
This is actually a brilliant horror movie. A monster that genuinely doesn't realize that he's the monster.
Meephen Kun oldin
Pooka you in the kidney with a knife
Eric Torres
Eric Torres Kun oldin
"Making sweet love" aka viciously humping the bed
Fandork Kun oldin
fabian acuna
fabian acuna Kun oldin
Pooka me pooka you
Leighton Nunn
Leighton Nunn Kun oldin
This reminds me of fnaf lol
NooBEST - Gamer
NooBEST - Gamer Kun oldin
7:09 oh no he is becoming a furry
Hello Bigboy
Hello Bigboy 2 kun oldin
You forgot the part where pooka was straight up Beatin’ his meat
TheCrazyGamer 2 kun oldin
Pooka me, pooka you!
Roy epic
Roy epic 2 kun oldin
The name reminds me of the show pucca
Katie Whittier
Katie Whittier 2 kun oldin
Wow, so many people getting inspired by five nights at freddy’s and somehow managing to make it so similar yet so different.
The f2p Pyro
The f2p Pyro 2 kun oldin
Better hope pooka doesn’t see my history
Peter Danielsson
Peter Danielsson 2 kun oldin
Noora Saralehto
Noora Saralehto 2 kun oldin
2:45 is that the woman who is Emma's granny in true blood?
mr no no
mr no no 2 kun oldin
Fnaf movie
Terrell Cole
Terrell Cole 2 kun oldin
LOL! Any other black people who saw the title "Pooka" and thought this movie was going to be something totally different?
Austin Burcina
Austin Burcina 2 kun oldin
do 1408
MYNOR ALVAREZ 3 kun oldin
I liked pooka
ironwolf56 3 kun oldin
Look at all the pretty lights...
Xion Dion
Xion Dion 3 kun oldin
Can you do The Body next?
Zaelen Hughes
Zaelen Hughes 3 kun oldin
*screams like a girl cuz im a girl😨🙈😩
Kawai Love
Kawai Love 3 kun oldin
Carmen from South Park:Respect my athourity!
TeArur Beepgod7
TeArur Beepgod7 3 kun oldin
iDerpy Wolfy
iDerpy Wolfy 3 kun oldin
Hey guys should I do a pooka text prank on one of me friends? I'll just tell them "Look at all the pretty lights" and see them respond 😂
Shrapnel 3 kun oldin
Good lord, *WAY TOO COMPLICATED* The director trying to make some kind of art house thinking horror movie? I didnt even get the explanation until 15 minutes in. Found flix saves me another 90+ minutes
thatrandomdude 3 kun oldin
Kobato Hanato
Kobato Hanato 3 kun oldin
Bruh I still don't get it 💀 but I still good movie
elfenlied _girl123
elfenlied _girl123 3 kun oldin
Anyone else think ‘pooka’ is a child demon stupid ass mascot version of five nights at freddy’s
alucrash1 4 kun oldin
20 minutes just to not say this man is clearly having a mental breakdown
Eddie G
Eddie G 4 kun oldin
Sounds like a mashup of Donnie Darko, The Mask and A Christmas Carol. With Pooka taking on the concept of Silent Hill, in that it draws him to it and only exists as part of his own mind. He manifests a darker or alternative version of everything associated with his wife and sons death, most of which he created out of guilt.
Fast Harbor
Fast Harbor 4 kun oldin
Pooka raping paper? I think you mean POOKAPAPER
Jumpy Pancake312
Jumpy Pancake312 4 kun oldin
Not gonna lie this was a good movie
apollo crater
apollo crater 4 kun oldin
Neat story progression, creepy though.
Harold Nazario
Harold Nazario 4 kun oldin
This is him in hell and showing him all his important points in his life all his mishaps and low points dude you missed this ending again he is not dreaming he's in hell duh
Harold Nazario
Harold Nazario 4 kun oldin
He's in hell duh
Jason CALDWELL 4 kun oldin
POOKA: "Just play along- the people from the sanatarium said they'd be here at nine..."
Jason CALDWELL 4 kun oldin
He learned a valuable lesson (he probably killed himself at the earliest opportunity). That being said...I kinda want to make a Pooka doll now. Still not half as creepy as a Furby.
Wants you go black You don’t go back
It’s a drug basically
Donkey King diddy is worst clan/ Steampunkstuff
Tattletale the movie
Josip Pavičić
Josip Pavičić 4 kun oldin
Five nights at pooka
Adrien Tanori
Adrien Tanori 4 kun oldin
I love his pooka fetish
Kratos gaming
Kratos gaming 4 kun oldin
Pooka I choose u use rage
The supersoldierstudio
Thats so intresting so bassically he keeps lieing to himself to be a good guy but forgets about being bad kinda portraying yourself as a good person and ignoring your mistakes
Daniel Borg
Daniel Borg 4 kun oldin
that hulu show just looks like a shitty black mirror
Dead Channel
Dead Channel 4 kun oldin
More like Spook-a
Fabric Sterling
Fabric Sterling 4 kun oldin
...? This reminds me of a certain pizza munching bear..
Vinluv Handesbuk
Vinluv Handesbuk 4 kun oldin
The mask:But it’s the comic without the cartoon logic or normal magic.
Love Thy Neighbor
Love Thy Neighbor 5 kun oldin
Makes sense. Struggling actor. Buys a StarBucks daily.
DogeGamer1467 5 kun oldin
The new tattletail movie looks awesome
ZECTCustomUnit 5 kun oldin
All the Ghost Type Pokemon to Pooka: You win!
Ninjacooky 5 kun oldin
not to mention pooka fucked his wife
the alpha of the pack named funtime
Pooka looks like an animatronic in the thumbnail for no reason
Cynth 5 kun oldin
Note that Red drinks in her apartment- Wilson’s subconscious reminding him that she may’ve been drunk on the night of the crash?
Mallaballa ding dong
5:17 thats A PORNSTAR.
What do you mean this isn't what furbies will be in 20 years
Andie Kennedy
Andie Kennedy 5 kun oldin
he like an furry
Diamond The Hedgehog
It should also be mentioned that Pooka gets its name from the Celtic folk lore creature, the Púca, a being that seemingly randomly brings either good or bad fortune, reflected by Pooka's naughty vs nice personalities.
Paper Mario
Paper Mario 5 kun oldin
Is the news reporter Katie Wilson on YT?
Paper Mario
Paper Mario 5 kun oldin
Thank you for the video. I must’ve missed a few scenes because I was confused by the end. Now it makes more sense. I really like the actors in this.
Liam 5 kun oldin
Púka is Irish for ghost
Black-Yam Block
Black-Yam Block 5 kun oldin
Pooka: The emotional Lie detector
Weed Men
Weed Men 5 kun oldin
Pooka boo!
Doge :3
Doge :3 5 kun oldin
Pooka! Upside down is bookai
Awesomefox555 5 kun oldin
It’s kinda like stories untold.
Dilardo 6 kun oldin
I dont get it
undertale papyrus
undertale papyrus 6 kun oldin
2019 anyone
Elana Wills
Elana Wills 6 kun oldin
This seems black mirroresque
Ken Pickard
Ken Pickard 6 kun oldin
5:15 which one's the toy?
Aj Ransom
Aj Ransom 6 kun oldin
Bruh I'm beating theee fuck out of POOKA
Raptor Emojie
Raptor Emojie 6 kun oldin
I thought this was five nights at freddys
tiredtbh 6 kun oldin
This movie was so unsatisfying brooo
Animated Terror
Animated Terror 6 kun oldin
... TATTLETAIL! That’s what this reminded me of.
Mark Timothy Quinns
lone wolf
lone wolf 6 kun oldin
Nigga what? I'm so confused rn
Zak's game Dimension
Tattletale the movie
CLAY FACE 6 kun oldin
Well atleast he got pooka with him 😐
ZipperBomb 6 kun oldin
It’s a furry
SpongeBob SquareHead
Yo. Pantera or Meshuggah?
Chris Coull
Chris Coull 6 kun oldin
That is a moshi monster you cannot fool me
Demetrius Jeffreys
Demetrius Jeffreys 6 kun oldin
I get a wilfred vibe amyone else see what i mean? Or am i trippn
Jelani S
Jelani S 6 kun oldin
God you're the best
Ignis 745
Ignis 745 6 kun oldin
Is this the real life is this just fantasy caught in a landslide no escape from reality
Andrea Burke
Andrea Burke 6 kun oldin
I always knew Furbies would take a dark turn...
NoizyGnar 6 kun oldin
Kinda getting tattletale vibes
2coolgames and challenges
do a hug explaned
Mario Caez
Mario Caez 6 kun oldin
Director Not so big but long though.
jofrey roculas
jofrey roculas 6 kun oldin
The new fnaf movie half Pokémon
Anna Makara
Anna Makara 7 kun oldin
Wow, they really made a movie about Furby's huh?
TheIronAntelope 7 kun oldin
This is a really good premise for a movie
exterminater MK1
exterminater MK1 7 kun oldin
I feel like is a furry movie
Nik Fury
Nik Fury 7 kun oldin
wow... i did NOT see the face of pookah being the front of the car... damn
Donnie Darko vibes, anyone?
Your Mom
Your Mom 7 kun oldin
FNAF on crack
X 7 kun oldin
Pooka loves garuu
Eloisa Camacho
Eloisa Camacho 7 kun oldin
I want to be scared but..... It's a teddy bear
Czar Abrupt
Czar Abrupt 7 kun oldin
Nooooo, Pooka was a Japanese cartoon about a girl who likes a ninja