POOKA! (2018) Explained

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Digging into the bizarre nightmarish world of POOKA! where a struggling actor gets a life changing job as the mascot for a hot new kid's toy. But the suit starts taking on a life of its own, and things are not what they seem as Wilson's entire reality begins to unravel. Learn about the hidden meaning of the film, some interesting tidbits you might have missed, and explaining the big twist at the end.
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20-Dek, 2018



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จอมมารเหมียว จ้าวแห่งแมว
Me after watched movie: what the heck? Me after watched this video: still.. what the heck?
Random Guy
Random Guy Kun oldin
Yeah but why the fuck is a pooka jerking off to a corpse
Juliana Wong
Juliana Wong 2 kun oldin
Pooka reminds him of the good old times when he started dating Melanie and everything was great. After his Pooka gig was over, that's when he probably moved on to bigger acting roles and became a red carpet worthy actor (as seen in the living room portrait), but that's also when his relationship with Melanie started decaying, ultimately leading to his family's death. So it makes sense that he seeks refuge in his Pooka days memories, where he feels happy and safe (even though "naughty" Pooka represents his anger issues), but unfortunately he can't change the events that happened afterwards, so, even in reliving his memories, things are still bound to go downhill eventually. Ps. Or maybe he was a big actor first, met Melanie, became a failed actor, and then became Pooka. Or, maybe he never had a job as Pooka and this whole Pooka gig only happens in his imagination as a coping mechanism, trying to rewrite the past in his mind.
Kūpaʻa Kaleo
Kūpaʻa Kaleo 3 kun oldin
guys Im still pretty lost here
Endy 4 kun oldin
I am high asf rn. What did this man say. I am gobbsmaked
Noddiga norpan
Noddiga norpan 5 kun oldin
I dont really understand what kid would want an evil teddybear?
Noddiga norpan
Noddiga norpan 5 kun oldin
Nurf .
Nurf . 6 kun oldin
Pooka= Chucky
K9 Lagger
K9 Lagger 6 kun oldin
poo ka
Mark Zuck
Mark Zuck 6 kun oldin
Your acctually a really cool guy thank you
ThatOneT H I C C  Pug
Personally i prefer the ones that are realistic and could actually happen the scariest one so far was flesh and blood
Todd Pickens
Todd Pickens 6 kun oldin
It's like a Gremlin mixed with a furbie. Someone please understand my analogy lol
Hanz Schmitz
Hanz Schmitz 7 kun oldin
My fatass thought this was a rip off of fnaf.
TwoWheeledAnimal 7 kun oldin
Wow this looks.... awful.
G4mbit 7 kun oldin
Kinda cool how Pooka is the anglicisation of a gaelic word for spirit.
c miner
c miner 7 kun oldin
Pokemon go 2 pooka edition
Madolyn Dufrene
Madolyn Dufrene 7 kun oldin
No offence but I watched this movie during Christmas and its the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life
t series NPC gey
t series NPC gey 8 kun oldin
pookamon gotta kill em all
chinablue who
chinablue who 8 kun oldin
Just for a few moments I thought a black guy was gonna be the bad guy in a film , was quite a shocking few moments fro me to think left wing Hollywood would do that but nope it was all the fault of that drunk old nasty white chick .
Kawaii Ghost ._.
Kawaii Ghost ._. 9 kun oldin
So basically: mimikyu coming for you
Michelle Woods
Michelle Woods 9 kun oldin
That's an interesting explaination but therapy can help as well. It seems no one with anger problems ever gets help or u don't hear bout it. It's always a restraining order, prison or death. It would be nice 2 hear 4 once someone gets help 4 their anger problems and become a better person. Doubt that will ever happen.
Midnight Shine
Midnight Shine 9 kun oldin
Chronos 10 kun oldin
simple set them on fire
The Irish Crusader
The Irish Crusader 11 kun oldin
POOKA pronounced means ghost in Irish
GoldenLuck 11 kun oldin
I think Wilson’s a furry, not sure
Dallion Coker
Dallion Coker 12 kun oldin
He WACKED OFF his pooka
Allison Phillips
Allison Phillips 12 kun oldin
it could be that the Pooka is a play on the púca, a creature of mischief from Celtic folklores that could either be benevolent or malevolent. Even more fittingly Pooka is an alternate spelling for it.
Em’s Randomness
Em’s Randomness 13 kun oldin
Pooka is the Elmo meme in one section of part of the video.
Lemon Cake
Lemon Cake 14 kun oldin
If you watched the movie the fire eyed pooka was raping his crush😂
Cursed Gaming
Cursed Gaming 14 kun oldin
I didn't like the movie, it was confusing and really..... (NON-ADVERTISER *F* *R* *I* *E* *N* *D* *L* *Y)*
Bobby The dog
Bobby The dog 14 kun oldin
I don’t understand what’s happening is it a good or bad ending it’s confusing
Hector Castilleja
Hector Castilleja 14 kun oldin
They look like gremlins
Daniel Massey
Daniel Massey 14 kun oldin
This is messing with my mind 😱
Jimmydanerd 14 kun oldin
this just seems like something out of black mirror
Troll 15 kun oldin
7:15 Furries be like
Lettuce  Killer
Lettuce Killer 15 kun oldin
I’m stupid, can someone please give me a simpler summary? Thanks
JJ CC 15 kun oldin
0:55 what was that?
Wicked One
Wicked One 16 kun oldin
This movie was terrible but Pooka was cool tho 😎
Marcus Jackson
Marcus Jackson 16 kun oldin
The other into the dark movies Hulu makes are waaay better than POOKA. review the other Into The Dark titles please
John Tough
John Tough 17 kun oldin
Reminds me of "The Twelve Days of Christine" from Inside No. 9.
StuuDude 18 kun oldin
Chucky 2.0
stablepaddock 18 kun oldin
Bullet Bra Grannies tho!!! These ads next to the actor poster are hilarious.
Peace Of Mind
Peace Of Mind 19 kun oldin
Lol any Telugu ppl 😂😂😂😂
Bread Doggo
Bread Doggo 19 kun oldin
Spooder man
Spooder man 20 kun oldin
Pooka hate nikka
Jacob T
Jacob T 21 kun oldin
It had me interested but I never got to finish It so here I am
Rice Crispeee
Rice Crispeee 22 kun oldin
The furries will take over,not robots
Martha Harter
Martha Harter 22 kun oldin
I think Wilson is in a coma and dies afterwards.
Samuel Farrar
Samuel Farrar 22 kun oldin
i honestly hated watching this movie, but this recap helped lol
tdc 23 kun oldin
watch the other episodes dude
Basketbomber Slackingson
Reminds me of Pucca... on Disney XD... the XD is part of the name don’t judge me.
chilrad 24 kun oldin
Pooka Explained = Dead End 2003, Reeker 2005 & Inside No.9 Se2 E02 - "The 12 Days of Christine". Fundamentally, all three have the same plot, though none was as as artistically executed as Pooka, which I very much enjoyed, along with the rest of the series so far!
Colin & Co
Colin & Co 25 kun oldin
Its pooka time! *FIRE!!!!!!* Its Poo Time!
Colin & Co
Colin & Co 25 kun oldin
Luckily he beats up the kid instead of killing it.
Colin & Co
Colin & Co 25 kun oldin
Pooka looks like fnaf
Arctic KittenDoesYt
Arctic KittenDoesYt 25 kun oldin
Kid: mom let’s get pooka Mom: no it’s a furry. Kid: ok mom furries are very scary. Mom: yes. Yes yes my child. Yes they are.
Arctic KittenDoesYt
Arctic KittenDoesYt 15 kun oldin
Empty Emperor XD
Empty Emperor
Empty Emperor 15 kun oldin
+Arctic KittenDoesYt Kys
Arctic KittenDoesYt
Arctic KittenDoesYt 25 kun oldin
i exist because twigs exist
Five Nights at Freddy's: The Movie
Mr Wagster
Mr Wagster 29 kun oldin
niggas really be over hear being fuckn furries in movies
falling rock studios
Imagine someone remaking this movie but with kevin hart
Barbin Animations
When I first saw this I immediately remembered the game Tattletail with the little furby things that do....things
PluT0iD 733
PluT0iD 733 Oy oldin
To anyone who is wondering about the name of the movie. It comes from the Irish word "púca" pronounced the same, which is a word children would use for "ghost". It kind of translates as "spook" or "ghoul".
Kami Kisses
Kami Kisses Oy oldin
Fun fact: Pooka means ghost in Irish!
Adrian Achong
Adrian Achong Oy oldin
I really like this show. Each episode is like a movie. So it’s more fleshed out etc. the writing, production and cast etc is really good.
• Prince Zomboツ •
Blue Plague
Blue Plague Oy oldin
I didnt know this existed and now im so glad
yolo21 noodles
Elizabeth’s Box
Kung Fu Kisses anyone?
Indrik Bean
Indrik Bean Oy oldin
discount fnaf
Ax Bu
Ax Bu Oy oldin
Summer of 84
Muly Muly
Muly Muly Oy oldin
I wish I was pooka
Jack Rickman
Jack Rickman Oy oldin
Yesss! I’ve been waiting for you to do this one
brandon moya
brandon moya Oy oldin
Holy crap. Youre amazing
Rocky From bfb
My 3ds friend code is 4356 4668 4559
Nightpony inRface
Anyone else think this sounds like Donnie Darko?
shenGaoren177 Oy oldin
Love your movie analyst
Stephen Spark
Stephen Spark Oy oldin
I like to believe that he will be a better person.
Rey Montalvo
Rey Montalvo Oy oldin
So he had split personality he got too involved into his character he was just evil begin with by him wearing suit alter ego manifested classic case dumb horror movie..... 🤣
Rach Frisella
Rach Frisella Oy oldin
I don't understand how a child could want a toy like that...it scares me...
Anirudh Dantu
Anirudh Dantu Oy oldin
What did I do after watching this movie!!??? PUKEaa
Mike Soto
Mike Soto Oy oldin
Donnie darko
Kohlton Miller
chris topher
chris topher Oy oldin
Great explanation man I finally understand this ominous ending
Yusuf Ahmed
Yusuf Ahmed Oy oldin
Btech fnaf
Krazy Genius
Krazy Genius Oy oldin
Le what
Sam Oy oldin
Mr Hatman
Mr Hatman Oy oldin
GOD i love Pooka!
Jaelu Alec
Jaelu Alec Oy oldin
Hey baby, let me see your pooka.. :D
Cinnamon Roll Defense Force
Do you think that the lights of 'good pooka' and 'bad pooka' might be red and blue to represent the cop car lights? Because that's what I initially thought but idk.
Nelly Young
Nelly Young Oy oldin
If this movie isn’t an explanation for furry idk what it is.
Alexis HI
Alexis HI Oy oldin
Lots of red and blue everywhere
Alexis HI
Alexis HI Oy oldin
You need to cover the other movies you showed
Adam Pezzutti
Adam Pezzutti Oy oldin
I thought this was some kind of Five Nights at Freddy movie. 😂 Like look at that thumbnail.
Kitty Shine
Kitty Shine Oy oldin
I am whatching this in 20:00 pm.And I AM CREEPED😑 (Like this if you are in this situation)
puro Oy oldin
*newest movie 2020 oh wait it's a furry outbreak sh*t
No_Image Oy oldin
Marcus Gaming
Marcus Gaming Oy oldin
I luv your vids I almost already saw all of your videos in one day
Cyphon Oy oldin
I should not watch this at 12 am But I am
Savannah Hernandez
did anyone get tattle tail vibes from this tattle tail THATS ME! it even has the catchy song.
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