Popcorn Milk Taste Test

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We're adding our own spin on the movie theater classic by making custom popcorn "milk" cocktails! GMMore #1455
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7-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 1 821
Jay M
Jay M Kun oldin
now i need y'all to milk cooked ground beef and let everybody know if it tastes like MILK
Caitlin Zhou
Caitlin Zhou Kun oldin
What about actual cow milk - beef/steak milked?
Adrestia 2 kun oldin
You should milk chocolate.
Shankar Katragadda
Shankar Katragadda 4 kun oldin
Daynen McCarthy
Daynen McCarthy 5 kun oldin
Rhett, the catch phrase king! 🤔😎
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 5 kun oldin
M.Z.T Gold
M.Z.T Gold 6 kun oldin
French fry/ tatter tot/ hashbrown type milk
Luise Horn
Luise Horn 6 kun oldin
I would love it if you guys actually made beef milk, just to be meta XD
Susie Morgan
Susie Morgan 7 kun oldin
According to google a scelerat is a villain or criminal
Rob Khonsu
Rob Khonsu 7 kun oldin
Should try Beef Milk.
ABC DEF 7 kun oldin
White people are weird lol.
Pacvalham 7 kun oldin
Cow milk: take beef, boil it for safety, let it soak for a while, then squeeze it out of the bag.
Daniel Cross
Daniel Cross 7 kun oldin
Good point! Why didn't you try Beef Milk?
Raneika Mittelstadt
Shoulda done cheeseburger milk
8th Circle
8th Circle 8 kun oldin
Scelerat is French for villainous...thanks Google.
Ella Robberstad
Ella Robberstad 8 kun oldin
The only thing one should be putting on their popcorn is butter and salt. All that other stuff is nasty
TheGamingBlob 8 kun oldin
Jalapeno = Ha-la-payn-yo
Judy Jay
Judy Jay 8 kun oldin
i love the new GMM mug
Angela Scheiber
Angela Scheiber 8 kun oldin
Will it popcorn/puff? Next please, also do another one of will it milk, I would love to try those milks ^^ also happy new year to all of you!
Pedro Quiles
Pedro Quiles 8 kun oldin
Milk a snickers
Annelise Pronschinske
Can chef josh do an asmr? Cause 😍🔥
Makin Bacon
Makin Bacon 9 kun oldin
I prefer pop corn chocolate milk
Laurie E
Laurie E 9 kun oldin
Speech jam an opera singer!
Eden Ruthenberg
Eden Ruthenberg 9 kun oldin
Destiny Lowery
Destiny Lowery 10 kun oldin
Eric can, will, and is REQUIRED to smack the taste out of your mouth if you're on your phone during the movie
suprapawa 10 kun oldin
We have a *Nasty sacks of popcorn tasting homo milk*
nobody Uknow
nobody Uknow 10 kun oldin
ahh, the "Will it..." episodes. Gotta *milk 'em for all they're worth!* 😜
RIGman0497 10 kun oldin
I watched this video while in a VR movie theater.
Gabe Richmond
Gabe Richmond 10 kun oldin
how does it have over 1k dislikes already they apperently do not like gmm but that does not matter because i love your conttent keep it up guys
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia 10 kun oldin
It’s hall-a-pain-yo, not hall-a-peen-yo.
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog 10 kun oldin
Are these 2 a couple?
Dieter Bletten
Dieter Bletten 10 kun oldin
Cinema popcorn in Germany is 90% sweetened and very rarely there is a salted option. Just sugar sweetened actually and very rarely caramel sweetened.
All Abored
All Abored 10 kun oldin
My stomach literally turned as they drank.
UltraRadicus 10 kun oldin
Never heard of Raisenettes in popcorn buuuuut snowcaps, on the other buttery hand, is a must try.
Sarah M
Sarah M 10 kun oldin
I am living for links outfit.
Alexander Thegreatest
Liked for Rhett's scelerat definition and how it was delivered with panache.
Johno's World
Johno's World 10 kun oldin
Jalapeno milk?
Charles Potter
Charles Potter 10 kun oldin
Bunch a crunch is the best topping for popcorn
bnenomore 10 kun oldin
Say what you want, ArcLight has nothing on Cinépolis
Victoria Bage
Victoria Bage 10 kun oldin
Cow milk = grass milk
boobookittyfuck789 10 kun oldin
Lol these make my day
Arthur Stein-Tarnowski
Cellar rat
shakethatbo 10 kun oldin
Why are there so many dislikes on this video? 15k likes to 1k dislike. About 1 in 15 people, am I missing something others didn’t like?
Sa Mat
Sa Mat 10 kun oldin
Link hates just about every food on the planet but likes raisinettes...
warriorthekid 11 kun oldin
Y'all should for sure milk cereal
HelloOutsiders 11 kun oldin
I've never had sound issues at a theater lol
Malkavian 11 kun oldin
starting 2019 with sucking chocolate fingers. 😂😂
Shellyz2u 11 kun oldin
Schooney Tunes
Schooney Tunes 11 kun oldin
pretty sure i stinkin' live wif a SCELERAT
yummaliciouswater 11 kun oldin
I dip my popcorn in milk all the time
Lady Blooming
Lady Blooming 11 kun oldin
The amount of innuendos in this episode has me shook.💓😆👍🏻
Ali Amirdivan
Ali Amirdivan 11 kun oldin
Scelerattadoo Flooradu ?
Jess Johnson
Jess Johnson 11 kun oldin
Twink-a - licious...?
JACK MAXIMUS 11 kun oldin
New clothing
FartMaginty 11 kun oldin
S. H.
S. H. 11 kun oldin
Jacob Gamble
Jacob Gamble 11 kun oldin
Will it scelerat?
wolfishxwillow 11 kun oldin
I'm partial to peanut m&ms with my popcorn, personally :)
Nightbots boyfriend no homo
Make petscop 2
Geisel Diesel
Geisel Diesel 11 kun oldin
5:25 is when they drink
Dutch Van der linde
Dutch Van der linde 11 kun oldin
Chris M
Chris M 11 kun oldin
why would you put raisinets in popcorn? if you wanted chocolate mixed in your popcorn use sno caps.
KryshaSyrin 11 kun oldin
Well now you have to do Beef Milk to see if tastes like cow . . . Or milk . . . Or gravy
Tyler Merritt
Tyler Merritt 11 kun oldin
Scelerat, noun. (Archaic) villain, rogue, criminal
Queenzy Melanie
Queenzy Melanie 11 kun oldin
These guys are too much😂😂💀
Alexandra Delliou
Alexandra Delliou 11 kun oldin
Queenzy Melanie
Queenzy Melanie 11 kun oldin
Muthana Hussain
Muthana Hussain 11 kun oldin
God didnt make popcorn milk satan did
S O 11 kun oldin
Cook beef then milk it
TheCptCoy 11 kun oldin
So its like rapscallion?
HENRY THE RC CAR 11 kun oldin
Digging the sweater 😅
Sgt.Krakatoa 11 kun oldin
2 things on the trending list dang GMM
CandeeWolf 11 kun oldin
I’ve heard people say it halipainyos. I was so confused lol i
coco baker
coco baker 11 kun oldin
this is akward
Eylence TV
Eylence TV 11 kun oldin
Good Mythical MORE - Popcorn Milk Taste Test 0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 9:00 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻ 👍20 B 👎2 B 👑
Julia Saltonstall
Julia Saltonstall 11 kun oldin
Josh...I respect you as a chef but please stop putting raisinets in your popcorn...it should be M&M's!!!
Ericca Wall
Ericca Wall 11 kun oldin
Rhett, it’s JalapEño, not JalapIño 😂 ❤️❤️❤️
Diego Balcells
Diego Balcells 11 kun oldin
jalepeño isn't pronounced jalepeeño, its an eh sound after the p
Jared Townsend
Jared Townsend 11 kun oldin
"What else can we milk" you ask.... TESTICLE. MILK.
Reese Jeffery
Reese Jeffery 11 kun oldin
That wouldn’t work in movies cause it would make u pee to much
KaAliyah M
KaAliyah M 11 kun oldin
I thought you guys were gonna soak the popcorn in milk 😂
Back2Life 11 kun oldin
Y'all need to watch some of my Mukbangs lol that'll be some mythical taste tasting for ya hahaha -Back2Life
Daniel 69
Daniel 69 11 kun oldin
I know link will be like ooo it’s to greasy
PAPA12680 Xbox guy
PAPA12680 Xbox guy 11 kun oldin
Brian Okech
Brian Okech 11 kun oldin
drip it dink it sink it
Tetra Sky
Tetra Sky 11 kun oldin
How are you still alive
Про100 Человек
Pizdec rebyata wы molodci.Holoso pisec ,.piska poet
Roc Essex
Roc Essex 11 kun oldin
What's The Word? is just a PG-13 version of Cunning Linguistics.
Adrian Adrian
Adrian Adrian 11 kun oldin
What does this guy do with his life, like seriously
kasra fallen
kasra fallen 11 kun oldin
Few Minutes Gameplay
What the..
Lazy_ much_
Lazy_ much_ 11 kun oldin
Chris Tough
Chris Tough 11 kun oldin
Kobe beef milk
paperwaitforittowel 11 kun oldin
I miss them how have I stayed away for so long
10,000 Subscribers With No Videos
New intro is FIRE
Natelly P
Natelly P 11 kun oldin
Why is this #8 on trending?
Kevin Dominguez
Kevin Dominguez 11 kun oldin
5:25 thank me later
Meve76 11 kun oldin
the word is almost always French^^
Anyman USA
Anyman USA 11 kun oldin
What is WRONG with you people?
Lexi K
Lexi K 11 kun oldin
I've done m&m's not raisinets