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pops dies regular show WTF!!! the end of regular show regular show memorial

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23-Fev, 2017

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TaxiJack 5 oy oldin
New Adventure Time memorial video uzvid.com/video/video-Kg2mQVfZjDA.html
*SteamedSinner* 2 oy oldin
It's an end of a Era...
TaxiJack 2 oy oldin
Stefano Guido yeah?
Stefano Guido
Stefano Guido 2 oy oldin
Yogward 5 oy oldin
TaxiJack 😢😢
Chak Choi Lawrence Cheung
TaxiJack 日本安摩
Alan damala
Alan damala Soat oldin
Wtf? Are you for reals.....
Project 3 soat oldin
Who hates pops died and the park co-workers changed and ended the show, like cmon Cartoon Network, you could have made it a little better, when our childhoods die, it’s honestly sad enough
TFS Goat
TFS Goat 8 soat oldin
All the good shows are dying and it sucks all the new show are nothing compared to regular show adventure time and stuff
Mr.kirms ;3; Singal BI
At least he did the good he needed to and they did not let that take them down that still stood tall and never stoped
Jake Jones
Jake Jones 16 soat oldin
Ajax Gamer
Ajax Gamer 21 soat oldin
What happened to thomas
Gamerquest2 Kun oldin
Fucking best show ever
God Kun oldin
박태현 Kun oldin
ㅠㅠ 감동.......
TedDoesStuff Kun oldin
First word of Regular Show: Meeeelk Last word of Regular Show: Ahh.. Jolly good show.
thiccctor Kun oldin
I forgot Skips is Immortal.
Dapperbot TM
Dapperbot TM Kun oldin
No... My soul burns so much right now I can’t take it...
Woken Lunatic
Woken Lunatic Kun oldin
Regal show was awesome I miss it but hey all good things mush come to the end
Kurt Joseph Dator
I don’t feel so good
Sniper 2000
Sniper 2000 Kun oldin
Where was Margaret ?
Cabbage Vurtal
Cabbage Vurtal Kun oldin
OOF everyone quit but not skips XD
Kenneth Mensis
Kenneth Mensis 2 kun oldin
I thing im gonna cry about pops
If u dont subscribe 2 me Ur ded
3:59 i thought u guys like pops
Seth Wright
Seth Wright 2 kun oldin
You know who else is crying? Me, it’s me
Diana45251 2 kun oldin
He was the best there ever was
ItsMeDeath 2 kun oldin
Badang Tribal Warrior
Damn I'm getting old
Microsoft t
Microsoft t 2 kun oldin
he is in hell for suicide
MinuteSeven 2 kun oldin
im not crying, your crying
SCP Personnel Mobile Task Force
God dammit i cried again
M4TT 2 kun oldin
My childhood
Liezl Lazo
Liezl Lazo 2 kun oldin
😭😭😭😭😭😭 its so beutiful
Liezl Lazo
Liezl Lazo 2 kun oldin
1 like pops will.be alive again
Yeeter yeet
Yeeter yeet 2 kun oldin
Poor skips he's still alive for ever and ever he has to live and see his friends die one like = hope for pops and skips:(
Sup Kanibal
Sup Kanibal 2 kun oldin
I liked this cartoon and adventure Time I watch the ending thoo
biggy poppa
biggy poppa 2 kun oldin
I honestly cried
Jonas Winter
Jonas Winter 2 kun oldin
The T posing Sheen
The T posing Sheen 3 kun oldin
This makes no sense wouldn’t they be dead the sun blew up
The twins 03
The twins 03 3 kun oldin
I’m to young to feel this old
Joseph Silva
Joseph Silva 3 kun oldin
Ebelt torres silva
Ebelt torres silva 3 kun oldin
Black hat knows what was the true ending of this
ZeR0 XD 4 kun oldin
Rigby saying "a terodactyl with a really big!?" What could he mean by really big? Heheh
Myles 4 kun oldin
RIP for Pops 😕
Jaxon Wilkins
Jaxon Wilkins 4 kun oldin
Well that’s like all my childhood I have been apwatching for ages now at least 5 years or more
Joshua Alexis
Joshua Alexis 5 kun oldin
So is no one going to mention how Rigby was about to say a pterodactyl with a really big dick?
Bucket Of Fire
Bucket Of Fire 5 kun oldin
With a really big what?
BTFO Eric 5 kun oldin
We can be heroes. Just for one day
Crystal Cove Gaming
They said it was a regular show But it never was it was ........The best show ever Goodbye regular show I’m gonna miss you
Sergio Galvan
Sergio Galvan 5 kun oldin
I remember having my best friend because of regular show that friendship only lasted about 7 years
ExileStriker 5 kun oldin
Phineas and ferb Adventure time Almost spongebob The original teen Titans And now this My childhood is now gone, in just 2 years.
SteppedBeast 307
SteppedBeast 307 5 kun oldin
Teen years all over again
LavaDrinker 5 kun oldin
"A pterodactyl with a really big..."
Jennifer Henry
Jennifer Henry 6 kun oldin
Rose Pagare
Rose Pagare 6 kun oldin
Why didn't Margaret hug mordecai
hholaj12321 Aswd
hholaj12321 Aswd 7 kun oldin
Wait though margeret supposed to marry mordecai
Zach Ary
Zach Ary 7 kun oldin
benson hugs a pig
Scooby Da Dawg
Scooby Da Dawg 7 kun oldin
Wow a fourth wall break in the end
Scooby Da Dawg
Scooby Da Dawg 7 kun oldin
It was better when they didn’t wear clothes
Justin Gaming 08
Justin Gaming 08 7 kun oldin
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 7 kun oldin
16:52 is so sad.
TaxiJack 7 kun oldin
Its sad when arthur dies too 😥
Sans The skeleton
Sans The skeleton 8 kun oldin
Zachary Clubb
Zachary Clubb 8 kun oldin
I cried for hours
Cesar Adolfo
Cesar Adolfo 8 kun oldin
Was there any alternate endings to this show? I somehow recall watching something different to this, but I may be confusing the ending
TaxiJack 7 kun oldin
This is the only ending
Apex Playz
Apex Playz 8 kun oldin
This show is so weird ewww
Pro Master
Pro Master 9 kun oldin
One like for pops
Rafael Suprayogi
Rafael Suprayogi 9 kun oldin
2:25 *NANI?!*
MassiveBirdLad 9 kun oldin
regular show will crossover in the new series they're making
Ofir Leon
Ofir Leon 9 kun oldin
Press f for respect
Huh? 10 kun oldin
Young_David27 .-.
Young_David27 .-. 10 kun oldin
i love dragon ball super xd
My childhood
Christine Bin Ensil
Christine Bin Ensil 12 kun oldin
Haven't watch this cartoon and I see this😑😑😑
TaxiJack 7 kun oldin
You see it and clicked the video anyways
Katsuki 9 kun oldin
Nathan Lewis
Nathan Lewis 12 kun oldin
Thanos 12 kun oldin
9:26 Shaggy’s true enemy
TaxiJack 7 kun oldin
Dragonsons336 Fire is my game
I remember this 😫😫😫
Dozy Gamer
Dozy Gamer 12 kun oldin
God, this was such a good show
Achmad Sai55
Achmad Sai55 14 kun oldin
Haiden Killebrew
Haiden Killebrew 14 kun oldin
Made my childhood perfect
Haiden Killebrew
Haiden Killebrew 14 kun oldin
We will never forget you pops
Haiden Killebrew
Haiden Killebrew 14 kun oldin
I'm crying
Regino De Leon
Regino De Leon 14 kun oldin
Soggy Toes
Soggy Toes 15 kun oldin
This was my favorite show now it’s gone I miss this it was the only good show but now it ended
Donutia Gacha!
Donutia Gacha! 15 kun oldin
Well at least rigby kissed eileen and became a family
Jimin Biased
Jimin Biased 15 kun oldin
I haven't watch the Regular Show in years, and now I find out Pops died!? WHY!? He was my favorite character.......
SlimeWing 101
SlimeWing 101 15 kun oldin
彡Depression 15 kun oldin
Did u guys remember when Pops gave lollipops to mordecai and rigby for the first time
haotao 15 kun oldin
dam i remember when this was on the TV commercials, REGULAR SHOW!
river carson
river carson 15 kun oldin
I actually cried
river carson
river carson 15 kun oldin
Thanks pops for keeping the crew alive😭
John eric Taplan
John eric Taplan 16 kun oldin
did every body notice or it just me that the channel 6 (i think ) there trying to do a 666
It'sYaKing 16 kun oldin
I'm litterally crying.....
Limonlu Soda
Limonlu Soda 16 kun oldin
I cried 😭😭 I really love Pops and when i was 8 or 9 he was my favourite character, i love him so much and i gave his name to my teddy bear when i was 8
ky_un 16 kun oldin
steven universe and amazing world of gumball is the only left...
Sabertooth Tooth
Sabertooth Tooth 10 kun oldin
SU sucks
Noidea Whatsoever
Noidea Whatsoever 16 kun oldin
Pops is the light in a world of darkness and pain, I used to think that pops was just a softie but he really is the person that could help anyone shine and feel like they are the world R.I.P Pops maellard
slender King
slender King 16 kun oldin
Why regular show why??! 😢
Franco Vlogs too
Franco Vlogs too 16 kun oldin
I cried the whole time
Richard Rothschild
Richard Rothschild 16 kun oldin
2:08 me when u get back up when the school bully says u and what army and then you kick and slap him silly
Zax Temporal Star
Zax Temporal Star 16 kun oldin
R.I.P. Pops
Tiyo Schaffer
Tiyo Schaffer 16 kun oldin
I'm sorry tony....it was the only way
Twicefan 1
Twicefan 1 16 kun oldin
What ending next...
TaxiJack 16 kun oldin
The simpsons
Probably a box
Probably a box 16 kun oldin
I graduated highschool around the same time rigby did That fucked me up As my journey through adolescence ended, Regular show ended as well I was legitimately upset when quintel announced that regular show was going to end with it's 8th season I understand from a writing perspective that this is all they got, there's nowhere else they can go from here, or maybe that quintel knew that he wouldn't have as much heart in writing more episodes that could stand up to the regular show quality But when Heroes played I was fuckin upset 1. Bowie died, and a song like this really hurt me because it reminded me of how late I was to discover his music 2. IT was a fitting song to end the show (also the verse they used was used as a callback to 3 in the am pm to this 2 second scene when benson and mordecai turned into dolphins ) I didn't grow up in the 90s so I didn't really understand what made the vintage aesthetic cool, but when this show premiered, Well I learned to appreciate art strangely enough because of regular show Idk why regular show put me in this direction, maybe it's because mordecai was an artist and I thought that was cool And I also...Felt what made vintage cool I personally don't know why vintage is cool, I just know it feels cool, I'm not nostalgic for the grunge fashion style as I didn't grow up in the 90s anyway, off track It's been what, 2 years since regular show ended? Yeah I'm still pretty damn sad
Sans The skeleton
Sans The skeleton 16 kun oldin
He sacrificed himself
The Dreamer
The Dreamer 16 kun oldin
The boi Joshua
The boi Joshua 16 kun oldin
Best ending
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