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Post Malone “Better Now” and “Psycho” Medley (Live From The AMAs / 2018)

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Better Off and Psycho (Live From The AMAs / 2018)

Get “Better Off” and “Psycho” off the album “beerbongs & bentleys” Here: PostMalone.lnk.to/bbYD
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Aired October 9th, 2018

Music video by Post Malone performing Better Now and Psycho. © 2018 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




10-Okt, 2018

Post MaloneAMAs performancePostyBetter OffPsychoPost Malone performance



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Ronhova12345 2 soat oldin
psycho performance was week AF Better Now was a little Better.......Now
Justin Dennis
Justin Dennis 3 soat oldin
Who is she @ 2:17?
Suit & Tie
Suit & Tie 8 soat oldin
better than BTS
Bu Pay
Bu Pay 13 soat oldin
1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 12:30
Zara aisha
Zara aisha 13 soat oldin
bilitoni irawan
bilitoni irawan 16 soat oldin
As Piores Machinimas do Overjorge
Post Malone is the best singer 4ever
Baylea Hamilton
Baylea Hamilton Kun oldin
2:18 Lauren’s so cute
Hannah Barrett
Hannah Barrett Kun oldin
I love Post Malone, he's really good in concert
Carl Hammill
Carl Hammill Kun oldin
Post Malone voice not same live. Not saying its worse just different.
Siemen Steegmans
Anyone recognizing the drums in the background? Damn they sound nice
Sham Md
Sham Md Kun oldin
I can't breath 😩
Tracy Aohikeni
Tracy Aohikeni 2 kun oldin
Vinz90Low 2 kun oldin
Great musician but need to work on his live performance..
Ish Gas
Ish Gas 2 kun oldin
When fellow rappers and other artists sing and bop to your music 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
GAMR 2 kun oldin
Mood really jumped when Better now came on 😂
Mina Lee
Mina Lee 3 kun oldin
Bella Bling
Bella Bling 3 kun oldin
I'm mowing... lol soon... fuck this shit.lol jokes
Bella Bling
Bella Bling 3 kun oldin
I never ment to let you down.let you down,.. would have gave you anything .. everything..😞👿🤧🦄..my favourite lyrics.now i feel like a massive bloody sooky I just hope they happy no bad feelings
farisha sykes
farisha sykes 3 kun oldin
Best performance doooo
Haleigh Prickett
Haleigh Prickett 3 kun oldin
I love his music
Jon's nora
Jon's nora 3 kun oldin
andrea orsmond
andrea orsmond 3 kun oldin
Love you Posty.
Cooki Pug34
Cooki Pug34 3 kun oldin
2:42 wow john stamos likes it. I have no words. huh
Artsy Dust
Artsy Dust 3 kun oldin
Lauren thoughhhh hot
Morgan Jones
Morgan Jones 3 kun oldin
i'd love to just give him a hug and ask him how life's treating him tbh.
Tòp Maïn
Tòp Maïn 3 kun oldin
I’m sorry but Ty$ shouldn’t even have been in this... it’s such two different kinds of rappers. Ty can’t sing and ruins the feeling of the song
Dew U Blaze
Dew U Blaze 4 kun oldin
Whos that chick in silver trying to dance at 3:08? Please stop
Desirèe Saladino
Desirèe Saladino 4 kun oldin
Love You!❤
Daz R
Daz R 4 kun oldin
Love this kid. So happy for him.
Shubam Roy
Shubam Roy 4 kun oldin
@2:19 it took me a while to realize its gigi
MARCELO SILVA 4 kun oldin
Oscar music!!
MARCELO SILVA 4 kun oldin
Oooooh yeahhh!!!
Johnny 13
Johnny 13 4 kun oldin
This was fucken dope
A’ lifornia
A’ lifornia 4 kun oldin
This style like a legend
Neon Robloxian
Neon Robloxian 4 kun oldin
Sounds better on radio and phone..
Andrew Schulz
Andrew Schulz 4 kun oldin
why does the video description have the song name wrong
SG1 5 kun oldin
i love how raspy his voice gets in spots with his live performances...
alesha watson
alesha watson 5 kun oldin
When he says give ugly girl a sip all I can imagine in my head is him handing me alcohol and telling me “here take a sip” and me going “thank you! ........ Wait that means I’m ugly”
Ethan K
Ethan K 5 kun oldin
Ty's coat is bigger than my future.
Nguyễn Hải Minh
0% Auto Tune
10,000 subs Cribers without a video?
He actully got a nice voice
Andjeli. R
Andjeli. R 5 kun oldin
Love the part of Ty Dolla. CAN`T WAIT FOR FEBRUARY 26
V1p3r Progamer
V1p3r Progamer 5 kun oldin
Does post read comments?? xD
Rocket Fingle
Rocket Fingle 5 kun oldin
I love the auto tune in better now
Rocket Fingle
Rocket Fingle 5 kun oldin
I am a fan of you post malone👌👌🎧
BIGLEE 5 kun oldin
Yes postie lil Donnie
Vignavy 5 kun oldin
Ty Dolla $ign 2:26 😍
Andrea Esteban
Andrea Esteban 5 kun oldin
I love you Post Malone😘😘 You are the best -Tala
Eli Dominguez
Eli Dominguez 6 kun oldin
They have the fire in the bg bc this is so lit...
tiltingpoppies 6 kun oldin
john stamos is like WUTT
tiltingpoppies 6 kun oldin
ok someone fucked up on his hair im literally depressed
Katie W.
Katie W. 6 kun oldin
I saw this on tv
ivR bone
ivR bone 6 kun oldin
devil worshiping piece of shit if you ask me . sell your soul its all good and gravy now but once you're dead and you're in hell forever and ever won't be so great will it . what , just cause you sold your soul you think the devil and you are best friends now ? I will be the first to admit right now the devil is winning the battle . but the day will come when the devil has to face the person that can put him back where he belongs . and when that day comes god will have the last laugh .
Raul Reis
Raul Reis 6 kun oldin
The best after Mariah!
Bronson Chapo
Bronson Chapo 6 kun oldin
your legend Post Malone
Brenna Maklary
Brenna Maklary 6 kun oldin
Bruh they sound SSSSOOOOOO DIFFERENT I’m not used to it
Goveel Krishna
Goveel Krishna 6 kun oldin
Who’s the girl singing here heart out at 3:07
Ronnie Grace
Ronnie Grace 7 kun oldin
I want to marry him.
Cat Senpai
Cat Senpai 7 kun oldin
John Smith
John Smith 7 kun oldin
That's it, I'm buying the album
Davon Smith
Davon Smith 7 kun oldin
Respect he goes out to do the damn thing
Tom Marshall
Tom Marshall 7 kun oldin
I can’t stop watching this shit
GStar 7 kun oldin
he seems like he was pretty cooool
Bartosz Lubryczyński
He go talent
Let's Golf
Let's Golf 7 kun oldin
WOW! Can't think of a better live performance
ThatIncredibleJay 8 kun oldin
i ruined this song
Untamesoul5555 8 kun oldin
I understand he had to sing with his recording a little bit 😂😂😂
Moon child
Moon child 8 kun oldin
Katerin Guillen
Katerin Guillen 8 kun oldin
3:14 🔥
Jason FlashFire
Jason FlashFire 8 kun oldin
This sounds like he's lip syncing. 0:41
Genesis Escobar
Genesis Escobar 9 kun oldin
U should collaborate with Bts ❣❣💜💜💜
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 9 kun oldin
The description says better off 😂
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers 9 kun oldin
His voice is actually pretty fucking great I mean most rapper or singers suck at live but he is a great
Dino Kim
Dino Kim 9 kun oldin
Unicorn Kitty
Unicorn Kitty 9 kun oldin
Good Job Post
MR ImTheBoss
MR ImTheBoss 9 kun oldin
Post should get more than 9million sups.🤔❤
Cossy Dos' santos
Cossy Dos' santos 9 kun oldin
Lots of love #posty😍😍
Mister Physics
Mister Physics 9 kun oldin
he's no Mike Patton but i love Posty
Mister Physics
Mister Physics 9 kun oldin
the ugly girl, that me
Luís Stíve
Luís Stíve 9 kun oldin
Hoku 9 kun oldin
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Madhav Chhetri
Madhav Chhetri 9 kun oldin
Damn. Posty you a legend already!
냥냐훙 9 kun oldin
Luv his crackin voic
APFootball 9 kun oldin
No need of remix!This is already the best music for me!❤️
Alton en Jean
Alton en Jean 9 kun oldin
Post Malone should stop smoking ...he's losing his actual singing ability
Grace Hoppus
Grace Hoppus 9 kun oldin
Stamos was like who's this agian !
E R 9 kun oldin
This is a terrible performance and he has a nasty pancake ass and terrible skin
E R 9 kun oldin
Post needs to loose like 20 lbs and stop smoking. He’s is so unhealthy and looks like crap for 25
E R 9 kun oldin
The modern music industry - where women have to wear a bikini at most and men are allowed to go on stage in a legit coat. This is not talent
Hydra Plays
Hydra Plays 9 kun oldin
eranulu Always
eranulu Always 10 kun oldin
Fuckin Cool
Jonny Price
Jonny Price 10 kun oldin
His voice is so good when he isn’t plastered hahaha
ryan brutally
ryan brutally 10 kun oldin
TimeLord's Channel
TimeLord's Channel 10 kun oldin
Jeff Ross
Jeff Ross 10 kun oldin
Oran Rodgers
Oran Rodgers 10 kun oldin
Him and x are the best
kaiko1337 10 kun oldin
Honestly one of his best performances so far! It sounds so much better without auto-tune...
SoFired 5 kun oldin
There's autotune
Rena Sanchez
Rena Sanchez 10 kun oldin
Sign me Mitch dalllas James is nacy ready to wrk out
Ella Mai - Trip
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