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Post Malone - Better Now

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Better Now (Official Video)
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Video Director: Adam Degross
Video Producer: Bobby Greenleaf
Video Editor: Robert Henry
Coloring: Travis Brothers
Music video by Post Malone performing Better Now. © 2018 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




5-Okt, 2018




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Cody Womack
Cody Womack 16 daqiqa oldin
I could be friends with this four loko genie...
Ronav Kumar
Ronav Kumar 19 daqiqa oldin
It’s good
jiminseyesmile uwu
jiminseyesmile uwu 34 daqiqa oldin
after listening to this I feel better now
Neeshanthan Sundararajah
Great song!!
Clint Green
Clint Green Soat oldin
I can rap this song g it easy to raps g 😎😝🤑🖕👌
Munashe Mukono
Munashe Mukono Soat oldin
if you repeat this song 5times a day..thumb up
Kade Fuck you
Kade Fuck you Soat oldin
Better now....... Untill.....2019
Yliana Chalon
Yliana Chalon Soat oldin
Kuatro Tiempo Jr.
Kuatro Tiempo Jr. 2 soat oldin
Speed 0.75 thank me later
Nicole Gabrielle Pingol
I like kpop but this is my favorite song
mohaned elmahdy
mohaned elmahdy 4 soat oldin
23 /2/2019
Anastasia Kudrjavceva
Fuck all love that exists! There shall be no more couples left in the entire world from now on!
Monique Newbery
Monique Newbery 5 soat oldin
2019 :)
Luciana Cabral
Luciana Cabral 6 soat oldin
Brasil 😘🇧🇷
kat rose
kat rose 7 soat oldin
woulda gave you anything, woulda gave you everything
kat rose
kat rose 7 soat oldin
I have not broken with anyone but this song hurts and at the same time it puts me in a good mood wtf
Anny Caroline
Anny Caroline 7 soat oldin
samira sayeed
samira sayeed 7 soat oldin
Bestest song eeeevvvveeeer
Max TheMillian
Max TheMillian 7 soat oldin
Anybody Feb- Jk i'm not autistic
1000 subscriber challenge With no videos
1:28 He’s a beautiful 👑
STONEYY 8 soat oldin
Stay better now!
Lexie Crandall
Lexie Crandall 8 soat oldin
Xay And Jay
Xay And Jay 8 soat oldin
I meant to say this song is lit
Xay And Jay
Xay And Jay 8 soat oldin
The song is lit
RighteouSinner 9 soat oldin
Post Malone inspired me to start making Music again - I aspire to make a song with him some day. Mark my words!
Aldebaran Soat oldin
Good luck on ur way :)
Anastasia Kudrjavceva
Best of luck dear.
Guizin TTS
Guizin TTS 9 soat oldin
Brian Beckett
Brian Beckett 9 soat oldin
Idk why I post about you cause you dont care but fuck girl I can't forget you
Adrian loor
Adrian loor 10 soat oldin
El Rey
Aiden Mahan
Aiden Mahan 10 soat oldin
everyone go watch congratulations its about to get 1,000,000,000 views
Arnaud 5
Arnaud 5 11 soat oldin
Post malone in ghost aventure woooh !
Ma D.
Ma D. 11 soat oldin
what are they saying / shouting / cheering at the beginning? it doesn't sound like his name?? :) love this song!
Ma D.
Ma D. 10 soat oldin
Mel B Lol maybe that’s cute
Mel B
Mel B 10 soat oldin
The12thAvatar 11 soat oldin
I like to call him Post Salami.
dylan louden
dylan louden 12 soat oldin
Who hurt you post
ΔPΩLΩ 12 soat oldin
Cadê os BR?
Kash Fultz
Kash Fultz 12 soat oldin
post malone is not a woman he is a man and one of the best singers
XxM83xX 13 soat oldin
3:20 best ending
NasYT _
NasYT _ 13 soat oldin
Who wanna play minecraft? If u do then i would feel better now
Brent 14 soat oldin
Imagine spending 10k on a camera, and then ruining the video with this static black and white effect
c Fretez
c Fretez 14 soat oldin
Tadaman 361
Tadaman 361 15 soat oldin
Our new XXXTENTACION??????????
Luiz Medeiros
Luiz Medeiros 15 soat oldin
Арина Козлова
Dustin St-Martin
Dustin St-Martin 15 soat oldin
it so gay that my mon side so
MooN 16 soat oldin
Post malone is such a beautiful woman.
Maria Rus
Maria Rus 17 soat oldin
Like 2019
ben cohen
ben cohen 17 soat oldin
you made me cry so many time with this song!
RageSaiyanRugBoi 18 soat oldin
Back here again, huh? I wonder where I keep going wrong... Maybe it's the person I love.
Ruthmeli Charles
Ruthmeli Charles 18 soat oldin
Hey UZvid can we get a ❤ button for songs like this. Thanks.
Savage Gurl
Savage Gurl 19 soat oldin
1:28 umm.....
Jonathan Lewis
Jonathan Lewis 19 soat oldin
Well you got some catchy new chords, and the lyrics aren't to bad, but theres just to much dang auto tune man!
constabel 19 soat oldin
I got goose bumps!
Games Memes
Games Memes 20 soat oldin
How says his voice is like dkotaz
Konni Birnir
Konni Birnir 20 soat oldin
Best workout song ever!!! trust me
Shaikh Yasir
Shaikh Yasir 21 soat oldin
Adriana Dumas
Adriana Dumas 22 soat oldin
Melhor agora! better now 💃🇧🇷
C H A R G E 23 soat oldin
DEVELOPERS HAVE JOINED THE CHAT name = input(" name ur best song") best_song = " better now " if name == best_song : print("hey human how ya doin") else : print("Man u alive?")
Parei Kun oldin
You Probably said that u are better now.....U gave me nothing..But I gave u everything...Life goes on....AM IN LOVE WITH THE LYRIC..😘
cf vd15
cf vd15 Kun oldin
Is it just me or are the people saying coffee for the first couple of seconds
Zamir Zaqwan
Zamir Zaqwan Kun oldin
post malone ♥️
Broseidon: Lord of the Brocean
It still baffles me to this day how such a nice clean voice comes from a dusty looking character.
Diamond Muthingw
Smoke some weed and listened to this song ..son u will feel the music
Yokai fan 676
Yokai fan 676 Kun oldin
after listening to this I'm better now
TheGamer 2019
TheGamer 2019 Kun oldin
TheGamer 2019
TheGamer 2019 Kun oldin
A person with 2019
Katerine Shante
Katerine Shante Kun oldin
Better Now 😎🎵🎶😎🎵🎶👽🎵🎶👽😎
Fryda Arce
Fryda Arce Kun oldin
Victoria Kun oldin
only 32k dislikes on a 100+ million viewed song? Daaang thats pretty good
Favian 7
Favian 7 Kun oldin
Ñu Ñu Heri
Ñu Ñu Heri Kun oldin
Hey what,s this
RDH Kun oldin
Pickles0711 Kun oldin
Who broke your heart Posty.
Imagine disliking this video 💀 i cant because thats wack also yall notice this video got 32k dislikes wtf this somg fire
Chris Bennington
This deserves 1B. 😭 #Justice #ThisSongDeservesBillionBetterNow
Marisol Molina
Marisol Molina Kun oldin
Priscila Ribeiro
0:48 - 0:50 Jimmy Fallon??!
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Kun oldin
Either you have a dick or you don’t. You can’t change your gender. Deal with the dick you were dealt
Ghostridertheboss 123
0:00 if you wanna restart cost nothing but a subscribe if ya want...
Jammin’ Jax
Jammin’ Jax Kun oldin
I showed this to my cat now he’s a cat
Jarrett Jamieson
Love this song brother,much love from indigenous australia 👊
Olivier Maltais
Olivier Maltais Kun oldin
It's cool to be happy. Just be happy.
Crystal Mickey- Best
I love your songs keep it going there so good i love wow,better now i love all of them
Crystal Mickey- Best
Wow the song and better now
Jhonnyboy v
Jhonnyboy v Kun oldin
Remind me of my girlfriend😎😎😎😎
Pandi2019 Jimenez
Beter Now!!!!!❤❤❤
Tice 91
Tice 91 Kun oldin
Did he really throw a beer bottle on the crowd?
pedro jacobo moran
I like men
Sarah jane Sanchez
the crown 😅
Todo Barot
Todo Barot Kun oldin
Favorite song by post Malone 🤘 🤘
Jeff selck
Jeff selck Kun oldin
Just so you know... i don't think i am better now!
Todo Barot
Todo Barot Kun oldin
U probably think you are better now
Cibele Silva
Cibele Silva Kun oldin
Graham Amiscaray
I guess card b is scratch of the list cuz post malone is better:)
Maria Tays
Maria Tays Kun oldin
Shut the fuck up Raykit
FBRGOD Kun oldin
Wow listening to this song and got a message from my girlfriend saying we’re over after 2 years but great song
Kurt Lawrence
Kurt Lawrence Kun oldin
FBRGOD rough
ADX 19
ADX 19 Kun oldin
ShustyRant _
ShustyRant _ Kun oldin
I played this song in my dog's funeral now he's alive
Orion E
Orion E Kun oldin
1:18 Damn post really wants to give me a seizure
salama kaskaval
salama kaskaval Kun oldin
I think he likes tattoos, but Im not sure
Susanna Towle
Susanna Towle Kun oldin
Madison Padavano
How the girl
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