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Post Malone - Better Now

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Better Now (Official Video)
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Video Director: Adam Degross
Video Producer: Bobby Greenleaf
Video Editor: Robert Henry
Coloring: Travis Brothers
Music video by Post Malone performing Better Now. © 2018 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




5-Okt, 2018




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Pablo Ortiz
Pablo Ortiz 23 daqiqa oldin
Best song he ever made😍
Buckman7001 29 daqiqa oldin
i feel like im going through a breakup but im not because my gf is awesome
Fallout MGTOW
Fallout MGTOW 31 daqiqa oldin
white power 😍
Kiana Winston
Kiana Winston 40 daqiqa oldin
he is not a woman 👩
Armskie Aden
Armskie Aden 42 daqiqa oldin
Mosies Gonzales-Flores
Mosies Gonzales-Flores 50 daqiqa oldin
Jammin to this 🔥🔥🔥
Youssef ACHEK
Youssef ACHEK Soat oldin
Post Malone is a POOR Guy who has a lot of Money.
Youssef ACHEK
Youssef ACHEK 8 daqiqa oldin
+DarkWinter thanks for sharing your pathetic opinion, im too lazy to give a fuck right now sorry.
DarkWinter 14 daqiqa oldin
Youssef ACHEK stfu everyone said this
Joshua Stewart
Joshua Stewart Soat oldin
I know right
Jebac was
Ernesto Villafañe
I discovered this song and caught feels for a heroin addict chick this week. 🤷🏼‍♂️
kevin oluoch
kevin oluoch Soat oldin
true story no 1 fan in kenya Africa bleed d@
Melanie Crevier
Melanie Crevier 2 soat oldin
Little Star
Little Star 2 soat oldin
românii mei pe aici?
Fora do normal
Fora do normal 2 soat oldin
vício pqp
SARA Is Here
SARA Is Here 3 soat oldin
Cool ✌💓
izda fortnite
izda fortnite 3 soat oldin
I like it
Sad depressed Prick
Sad depressed Prick 3 soat oldin
What are you guys on about this song is about my connection.
Sad Girl
Sad Girl 3 soat oldin
Cadê os br?
Kenda 3 soat oldin
what a beautiful person
Samantha Dunn
Samantha Dunn 4 soat oldin
Love this song
Thiago Dupont
Thiago Dupont 4 soat oldin
Musica muito radical adoreiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii post gostoso me engravida
Thiago Dupont
Thiago Dupont 4 soat oldin
vc é mais radical cara
Cathryne Farr
Cathryne Farr 4 soat oldin
Here's Johnny
Here's Johnny 4 soat oldin
Malone doesn't like to take showers!
Камила Оланиенко
Камила Оланиенко
Крутящий! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ruxor 5 soat oldin
Favorite posty song ❤❤❤
oziel Paredes
oziel Paredes 5 soat oldin
Heey heeay
yvettecrisologo 5 soat oldin
This dudes song are lit boi make more of this stuff😎
Oliwia Romańska
Oliwia Romańska 5 soat oldin
ItsjustmemyselfandI 5 soat oldin
So.... he’s not a rapper?
Sandra Williams
Sandra Williams 3 soat oldin
I really don't know I just call him a musical artist because he does so many things in music😂
Chris Alvarez
Chris Alvarez 3 soat oldin
Still better than li'l potty yatti what ever his f**king name is and that whole mubble rap crap
Hamza Dana
Hamza Dana 6 soat oldin
I'm here and it's only 76 million views
Defensive Wounds
Defensive Wounds 6 soat oldin
Meh, bring on the next generation to usher in metal again to flush this shit down the shitter....
Karo-640 _546
Karo-640 _546 6 soat oldin
it's beautiful
Karen Bauer
Karen Bauer 6 soat oldin
Lo amo 😍
first name
first name 7 soat oldin
Rockstar should've had a video like this
Guna Rathnam
Guna Rathnam 7 soat oldin
he doesn't deserve to be a homeless lady
Miguel Rodríguez
Miguel Rodríguez 7 soat oldin
Me gustaría pipi
Dylan Benson
Dylan Benson 7 soat oldin
We just going to act like Jimmy Fallon wasn't lit back stage
Reese The Ghost
Reese The Ghost 7 soat oldin
👻📝💯👁️ tell the truth
Juliano Francis
Juliano Francis 8 soat oldin
This song is the best in the world
Power C
Power C 8 soat oldin
Joshua Sabah
Joshua Sabah 9 soat oldin
Why Don't You Love Me
Joshua Sabah
Joshua Sabah 9 soat oldin
What the heck
Arroz Da Xesta
Arroz Da Xesta 9 soat oldin
Pam Massie
Pam Massie 10 soat oldin
When he sings he really gets down to business.. AWESOME💕💕💕
Pam Massie
Pam Massie 10 soat oldin
Look at all that crowd !! He is so AMAZING💕💕💕
Jay Heredia
Jay Heredia 10 soat oldin
20 candles blown then open your eyes We were looken forward to the rest of our lives You use to keep my picture by your bed side Now its in your dresser with the socks that you don't like Now im rollin rollin rollin rollin drinking henny and im tryna forget But I CAN'T GET THIS SHIT OUTT MA HEAD 😔😔.. I seen you with this other dude He seem like he was pretty cool Oh im so heart broken over you But life goes on so what can you do.... I BEEN FEELIN THIS EVER SINCE MY LOVE LEFT ME SINCE MONTHS AGO
BRO LEAP 10 soat oldin
I'm from Cambodia I like you
المعاقب المعاقب
المعاقب المعاقب
Lia Morris
Lia Morris 11 soat oldin
hes a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scarblade 333
Scarblade 333 11 soat oldin
Seizure warning to anyone who has epilepsy. There are plenty of flashing lights in this video and I'd hate to hear that someone was affected like that by this video. Have a nice day :)
xThe Matchless
xThe Matchless 11 soat oldin
He looks rich and poor at the same time.
Oldschool Cyborg
Oldschool Cyborg 12 soat oldin
Andrea Mourani
Andrea Mourani 12 soat oldin
he is such a amazing artist but can be dramatic😂 but what r rappers for❤️😂
Shreyas Markad
Shreyas Markad 12 soat oldin
Whenever I watch this I feel like am better now!!!!!
ella Joness
ella Joness 15 soat oldin
If you see this i want to let you know that you helped me through a lot.
portcon the grate
portcon the grate 15 soat oldin
He is one of my fav artist ever😉
WH!TES SKULL 15 soat oldin
Пішли нахуй
Christian Ponce
Christian Ponce 16 soat oldin
Esther Melchor
Esther Melchor 16 soat oldin
I do like this song but his appearance scares me.😧
jason jones
jason jones 16 soat oldin
A couple of months ago I decided to listen to post Malone for shits and giggles........ now I can't stop giggling and it is giving me the shits......
Cindy Diepenbroek
Cindy Diepenbroek 16 soat oldin
Post Malone is a sexy and handsome man, the beauty comes from inside! Smooches ;)
Thusithanjana Thilakarathna
Top hits of 2018 youindex.blogspot.com/2018/12/2018-english-hits.html?m=1
Shnobbs Studios
Shnobbs Studios 17 soat oldin
Alex Havier
Alex Havier 17 soat oldin
TEXAS MADE!!! Greetings from RGV South Texas
jake walker
jake walker 19 soat oldin
We lost mac miller rip the rap game would be fucked without you post malone ur all we have left
basir ed
basir ed 19 soat oldin
AnimeChilly 20 soat oldin
Don't break the Replay Button!!! I have a 10 hour loop of this song.
xRU4Nx #BREAKMEN 20 soat oldin
Nice song
Pencil Sticc
Pencil Sticc 21 soat oldin
this makes me want to install roblox and buy a bunch of robux to buy radios from games and just blast it
Brandy Avila
Brandy Avila 21 soat oldin
Love you
whitenugget 22 soat oldin
finna look like an instagram edit wtf
gabriel judah
gabriel judah 22 soat oldin
Mano as músicas dele é muito boa, pelo amor de deus doido!!!!
ไป เรื่อย
Roy Twiddy
Roy Twiddy 22 soat oldin
I’m a ugly post wannabe I don’t listen to him enough he inspires me I guess
ไป เรื่อย
YUGO GAMES 22 soat oldin
1:28 "I don't really smoke anymore" sure you don't buddy
Rafael Duarte
Rafael Duarte 22 soat oldin
Can't dislike this guy
Malena The Meme Queen
Malena The Meme Queen 22 soat oldin
This my I'm in the shower jamming song
Brandon Diaz
Brandon Diaz 23 soat oldin
you think that your hungry now hungry now you only say that when pizzas around , around i could have never let you down let you down could of give cheese ah or mushroooom i got to take it slowww dip my ice cream in fro-yo
Randall Pablo
Randall Pablo 23 soat oldin
Lokey Ross
Lokey Ross 23 soat oldin
Blahblahblah..... yeah I'm good. Ask & dont assume peeps
MineBlox Rocraft
RayKit Post is NOT a girl Post is a Boy and I love his music too
420 Hashish
420 Hashish Kun oldin
He's a good rapper but he's overrated.
осама бензаара
Plz Guys Subscribe to my channel plz
opossumdingus 22 soat oldin
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez Kun oldin
I love u post mulon
piotroli gamer
piotroli gamer Kun oldin
I love this song
Mahan man
Mahan man Kun oldin
Sub to pewdiepie
Εγώ Είμαι
This guy OMG his music is amazing 🤩
Ronald cortes pranks music beat
ladies I'm single!
Naser Is
Naser Is Kun oldin
These effects gave me eyecancer
Jon Wilkinson
Jon Wilkinson Kun oldin
its not rap
Why Not
Why Not Kun oldin
This guy is gonna change the game. Mark my words.
Umar Touheed
Umar Touheed Kun oldin
Luv dis🖤🖤🖤
Albin Kun oldin
Posty really looks poor and rich at the same time
Niklas Scheidler
Niklas Scheidler 2 soat oldin
u suck
I Hate minority's
I Hate minority's 8 soat oldin
Albin comment thief.
Albin 9 soat oldin
Preston Kerr thank you
Preston Kerr
Preston Kerr 16 soat oldin
nigga you the person below you literally said the same thing
fhdnfhdman3 RBLX
Posty's songs have such a unique vibe
David Molyneux
David Molyneux Kun oldin
This song is an absolute banger 💣
bitch lasagna
2 oy oldin
92 Explorer
7 oy oldin
Eminem - Venom
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Over Now
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